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Here is a detailed guide on how to grow beautiful blueberries. They can be grown in the ground or in a pot. Just be sure to follow these tips.这段视频指引你怎样种植漂亮的蓝莓。蓝莓可以在花园或花盆中种植。请遵循以下建议。Today, we#39;re going to talk about how to plant blueberries. Blueberries need a sunny spot, although, they will tolerate some shade. High-bush blueberry will grow to between four and six foot tall so they need a fair bit of room and they also need an acid or ericaceous soil.今天,我们来讲解一下怎样种植蓝莓。蓝莓需要阳光充足的种植环境,不过也能承受一些阴凉。植株较高的蓝莓能够生长到4英尺至6英尺高,因此需要相对较大的空间。同时,蓝莓还需要酸性土壤。If you#39;re planting in the ground, you need to make sure that they have a good feed of sulfate of ammonia, sulfate pot ash,and bone meal. And then, mulch the whole area in ericaceous soil to keep the acid level up. Alternatively, you can grow them in a pot and you can buy ericaceous soil from any garden center.如果是在花园中种植,确保施放足够的硫酸铵,硫酸锅灰和骨粉作肥料。然后,将酸性土壤的整个区域覆盖地膜,使酸性增强。你也可以在花盆中种植,从任何园艺中心购买酸性土壤就可以了。Make sure that they#39;ve got enough room. Not too big a pot but not two pot pounds, and they need to be kept moist. High-bush blueberries will grow to about four to six-foot tall.确保蓝莓有足够的生长空间。花盆不要太大,但是也不能太小,而且必须要保湿。较高的蓝莓能够长到4英尺至6英尺。Blueberries are deciduous, which means they#39;ll lose their leaves in winter. In spring, they have these lovely, little white flowers and in autumn, the foliage goes a fantastic scarlet red colors. They really are quite an asset to have in the garden,not just for the fruits but, also for the foliage and the look of the plant.蓝莓是落叶植物,这意味着在冬季要落叶。春季会开出可爱的白色小花,秋季,枝叶会变成耀眼的猩红色。花园中拥有一株蓝莓是非常好的财产,不仅仅是因为它的果实美味,而且整个植株的颜色也非常美观。You need to keep the blueberries moist and the best thing to do is water them with rain water. The reason for this is that ordinary tap water is really quite hard and full of scale, whereas with rain water, the acidity level is aly higher. And that#39;s how to plant blueberries.蓝莓必须保湿,最好用雨水浇灌。因为普通的自来水水质比较硬,而且有很多水锈。而雨水的酸性比较高。以上就是种植蓝莓的一些技巧。Thanks for watching How To Plant Blueberries感谢收看“怎样种植蓝莓”视频节目。 Article/201211/207143

China's new maglev train begins teat runsMaglev trains come in various speeds, not only high-speed trains. Low and medium-speed Maglev trains are more suitable for running in urban city areas, similar to subways or light rail. China's first domestically-made low-and medium-speed Maglev trains are now undergoing test run operations. This is China's newest Maglev train. The test runs began in Tangshan in Hebei Province on June 15th about one week ago. The train has three carriages. And each carriage has between 100 and 120 seats.Maglev trains float on a magnetic field and are propelled by a linear induction motor. There are no wheels running along a track, so there is no wheel noise. Just like this newest Maglev train shown here, its working noise can hardly be heard five meters away.The Maglev train has a designed speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour. That's faster than light rail trains, which can attain speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. The Maglev train also has stronger power going uphill and turning corners. The Maglev train will offer more convenience and faster service for urban transport. Article/200906/75235

6.;Democracy Dies In Darkness; (The Washington Post, Washington, D.C.)6.“民主在黑暗中毁灭”(《华盛顿邮报》华盛顿.D.C)The 140-year-old Washington Post revamped its journalistic brand with a new slogan, ;Democracy Dies in Darkness,” labeling its reporting as a friend of American democracy, not the enemy.拥有着140年发展历史的《华盛顿邮报》以修订新闻标语树立了自身新闻品牌。“民主在黑暗中毁灭”给自己的新闻报道贴了个美国民主的朋友的标签,而不是美国民主的敌人的标签。Popularized by legendary investigative journalist Bob Woodward, WaPo Communications Director Shani George said the media organization has internally used the alliteration-bent slogan for years. The paper claims it is not necessarily anti-Trump, but seeing as though they (and other news organizations) have been targets of the current administration, we think it#39;s somewhat likely.《华盛顿邮报》因为著名的调查记者鲍勃·伍德沃德而声名大振。华盛顿委员会会长沙尼·乔治说媒介组织内部已经使用押韵的标题好多年了。报纸声明,我们没有必要去反川普。但是看到他们(还有其它报纸机构)把川普作为美国的准总统,我们也觉得似乎有希望。The new slogan has not reached the actual front page copy of the paper—yet. However, George said WaPo expects to integrate it across different mediums in the upcoming weeks. (Source | Photo)这个新的标语还没有刊登到头条上,然而,乔治说《华盛顿邮报》希望能够在未来的几周内通过不同的媒介将这个标语与报纸融合起来。7.;The Gimlet—It Bores In; (The Edmonson News, Brownsville, Kentucky)7.“螺丝锤——它钻进来了”(《埃德蒙森新闻》,布朗斯维尔,肯塔基州)The Edmonson News slogan ;The Gimlet—It Bores In,; is likely to do with the paper#39;s tenacity in getting the story. A gimlet is, in fact, a tool that pokes holes in wood without splitting.《德蒙森新闻》的标语“螺丝锤——它钻进来了”象征着他们执着追求新闻的精神。事实上,螺丝锤是指一个能在木头上钻个洞却不让木头炸裂的工具。8.;All The News That#39;s Fit To Print; (The New York Times, New York, New York)8.“所有适合出版的新闻”(《纽约时报》,纽约)To set his paper apart from its more sensational competitors, publisher Adolph Ochs adopted the slogan “All the News That#39;s Fit to Print” (first used on October 25, 1896) and insisted on reportage that lived up to that promise. Despite an early shortage of capital, he refused advertisements that he considered dishonest or in a bad taste. The slogan is still very much a part of the The New York Times to this day and is likely the most famous in the world.为了把他的报纸从那些耸人听闻风格的竞争对手中分离出来,出版商阿道夫采纳了这个标语“所有适合出版的新闻”(在1896年10月25日首次使用)而他们的新闻报道一直坚持着这个原则。尽管一开始紧缺资金,但是他还是拒绝了那些他认为不诚恳或者低品味的广告商。这个标语至今都还是纽约时报中很重要的一部分,并且可能是世界上最为出名的一句标语。9.;Covers Dixie Like The Dew; (The Atlanta Journal, Atlanta, Georgia)9.”像露水一样覆盖了美国南部”(《亚特兰大日报》,亚特兰大,乔治亚州)In 1982, two competing, century-old papers, The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution combined their newsrooms into a twenty-four-hour operation but continued to produce two newspapers under distinct mastheads. In November 2001, as the Journal#39;s circulation eroded, it and the Constitution were merged into a single newspaper published daily under a joint masthead, and the slogan was retired.1982年,两个有着百年历史的竞争报刊,《亚特兰大日报》和《亚特兰大宪报》将他们的新闻编辑室结合在一起,但是他们仍然继续生产两份有特色的报头的报纸。在2001年11月,当日报的销量减少后,日报和宪报就被合并为一家报刊了。此后,这个标语就没有用过了。10.;A Lively, Dashing Saucy Spirited And Independent Paper—Wide Awake At All Times And On All Subjects; (The Wide Awake, New York, New York)10.“一个生动活泼的华丽的不雅的并且独立的报纸广泛地在所有的话题上随时被激起。”(《The Wide Awake》,纽约)The Wide Awakes formed a significant subgroup of a then Nativist movement known as the American Party (also known as the Know-Nothings). The movement arose in response to an influx of migrants and promised to ;purify; American politics by limiting or ending the influence of Irish Catholics and other immigrants. It was empowered by fears that the country was being overwhelmed by such immigrants, who were seen as hostile and controlled by the Pope.《The Wide Awake》形成了反移民运动的一个重要子群,它被称为美国政党(也称为不可知论者)。这个运动被发起去应对大量涌入的移民,并承诺能够通过限制或结束爱尔兰天主教徒和其他移民的影响来“净化”美国政治环境。是由担心美国会让被视为敌对和由教皇控制的移民进入美国。Mainly active from 1854 to 1856, the movement strove to curb immigration and naturalization but was met with little success. (Sound familiar?) The paper above, with its spirited slogan and ornate masthead, is believed to be the only one still in existence.主要活动从1854年到1856年都在进行,运动努力遏制移民和归化,但收效甚微。(听起来很熟悉吗?)巴勒斯坦权力机构上头的文件,其精神的口号和华丽的报头,被认为是唯一一个仍然存在的报头。Interesting sidenote: The party was represented in the 2002 film Gangs of New York, led by William ;Bill the Butcher; Cutting (Daniel Day-Lewis), who was the fictionalized version of real-life Know Nothing leader William Poole.有趣的旁注:党被展现在2002年的电影《纽约黑帮》中,由威廉“比尔屠夫”(丹尼尔·戴·刘易斯),现实中,谁是小说版本领导人威廉·普尔,我们一无所知。 /201706/514954Poor Madame de Maintenon had to do everything.可怜的德·曼特侬夫人身兼数职She had to act as a cook, plumber, gardener,她是厨师 水管工和花匠as well as a teacher and nursemaid.同时还是教师和女佣It was exhausting, and she did this so well尽管很辛苦 但她表现出色that Louis began to pay attention to her.路易开始注意到她He noticed this, this intelligent woman, this calm presence.他注意到了这位聪慧安静的女性Slowly, slowly Madame de Maintenon began to seduce the King.德·曼特侬夫人开始慢慢诱惑国王Rejected mistress Montespan was distraught.受到冷落的蒙特斯潘夫人心烦意乱I think it was the rise of Maintenon in the first place起初曼特侬的晋升惹怒了她which really riled her because she found she#39;d made a mistake,因为她发现自己铸下大错she#39;d underestimated another woman.竟然低估了另一个女人Maintenon was poor, and a widow曼特侬是个贫穷的寡妇and innocuous and very pleasant and intelligent.和蔼聪明 似乎对她没有威胁And she didn#39;t spot但她没有想到that Louis might actually fall in love with a woman路易真的爱上了like that, you know,那样的女人and it might be a very seductive thing to him,她对他来说充满诱惑in quite a different way from her own seductive past.与蒙特斯潘的诱惑截然不同And I think, for a couple of years at least,她的怒气she was extremely angry.至少持续了好几年When Louis#39; long-suffering queen, Marie Therese, died,被冷落多年的王后玛丽·特蕾兹去世后he was free to marry again.路易终于可以再婚了And he turned to the quiet governess.他把注意力转向了安静的女教师She#39;d not only won his heart,她不仅赢得了路易的心she#39;d convinced him she could help save his soul.也让他相信她能拯救自己的灵魂 Article/201204/177519Professor Uvnas-Moberg believes oxytocin尤纳斯·莫伯格教授坚信后叶催产素plays a similar role in the bond between dogs and their owners.在与主人之间起了同样的作用A lot of people would say, ;Oh, it#39;s not possible,很多人或许会说 这不可能dogs and humans, we#39;re not the same.人和 我们又不是同类;it#39;s very, very different.;这可是非常非常大的差别But I would say that people who have dogs,但我敢说那些养的人who are used to animals and used to interaction with animals,那些习惯与动物相处的人They would say, ;Oh, that#39;s not so strange.;他们就会说 噢 这并不奇怪To test the theory, blood samples were taken为验这一理论 我们在一段爱抚之前From dogs and their owners before and during a petting session.采取了与其主人的血样标本#39;we had a basal blood sample and there was nothing and then we采集到的原始血样 后叶催产素含量为零#39;had the sample taken at one minute and three minutes.#39;然后1到3分钟后重新采样You could see this beautiful peak of oxytocin.后叶催产素的释放达到了高峰#39;the fascinating thing is that the peak of oxytocin is similar更令人惊讶的是 那股高峰看起来非常眼熟To the one we see in breast feeding mothers.就如同我们见到正在哺乳的母亲一样Surprisingly, it#39;s not just the owners who are affected.令人惊奇地是 不仅是主人受到了影响Blood samples taken from dogs reveal a similar burst of oxytocin.的血样也表现出类似的后叶催产素爆发It is a mutual kind of interaction, you know.这是一种相互间的影响The owner touches with her hands and they both smell,主人用他们的手触摸 可以闻到Hear and see each other. That is a very听到 看到彼此 而这是触发nice way of triggering oxytocin release in the two of them.后叶催产素在两者身上释放绝佳途径 Article/201302/224846

If you spent the night around the campfire or with a friend who likes to smoke, your clothes might smell like an ashtray. You can save yourself a load of laundry or a trip to the dry cleaners by removing the odors the easy and natural way. Follow these easy steps and find out how to remove smoke odors with vinegar.如果你在篝火旁度过一晚,或者和喜欢抽烟的朋友在一起,你的衣闻上去就好像烟灰缸。以自然简单的方式清除衣上的异味,你可以不用耗费大量时间来洗衣,也不用大老远拿去干洗。遵循以下简单的步骤,学习怎样用醋除去衣上的香烟味。Step 1: You will need1.你需要White Distilled Vinegar,Hanger,Bathroom蒸馏过的白醋,衣架,浴室Step 2: Hang It Up2.悬挂Put your clothing on a hanger and hang it on the shower curtain rod in your bathroom. Close your drain and turn on the hot water as hot as it will go and let it fill your bathtub.把衣用衣架挂在浴室的挂帘杆上。关闭排水管,打开热水,温度尽可能的高,让热水装满浴缸。Step 3: Just Add Vinegar3.加醋Pour four cups of white distilled vinegar into your bathtub. The vinegar vapors will penetrate the smoke smells on your clothing and remove the odors, leaving your clothes smelling fresh.向浴缸中倒入四杯蒸馏过的白醋。加入白醋的水蒸汽会渗透衣上的香烟味,消除异味,让你的衣气味清新。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of Smoke Odors In Clothes.感谢收看“怎样清除衣上的香烟味”视频节目。 Article/201211/210469Not long ago, just going to the movies was a luxury for the average Chinese. But now, Chinese people aren#39;t just watching movies, they#39;re making them, too. Chinese actors, directors, producers, and even movie theater companies are making a splash on the world scene.不久前,走进影院看电影对于普通中国民众来说,还是一件奢侈的事情。但是现在,中国人不仅仅观赏电影,还制作电影。无论是中国演员,导演,制品人,还是影视公司都在国际影坛大放异。We are now joined in the studio by Mr. William Feng, General Manager and Chief Representative from the Motion Picture Association of China.今天,我们邀请到中国电影协会总经理冯威廉做客我们演播室。Q1: China and the ed States, two cultural powers in the world, have over the years been strengthening their collaboration on movie productions. And the results are evident. We have many projects together, like the Chinese American Film Festival held every year. What are your thoughts on the growing exchanges between the US and Chinese film industries?中国与美国,作为世界文化大国,多年来一直致力于加强双方在电影方面的合作。我们有许多合作项目,比如每年举办的中美电影节。那么对于中美之间越来越密切的电影合作交流,您是如何看的呢?Q2: What has the Motion Picture Association of China doing, both now and in the future, to help Chinese movies continue to grow on the global market?为使中国电影在国际影坛走得更远,中国电影协会目前和未来的工作方向是什么? Article/201211/208659

With China#39;s Spring Festival period drawing to a close, traffic departments across China are coping with the post festival travel rush.The back-to-work travel rush started on Friday, with all major cities across China seeing an upsurge of passengers on the railways and highways.In Shanghai, however, it started two days earlier than usual, as people hurry to get back to work. A passenger said, ;I came here to start work. And I want to prepare for work earlier.;Many tickets on long distance routes are aly sold out, as migrant workers leave home as they return to the cities.Liu Wenhong, deputy secretary of Taiyuan Railway Station, said, ;Taiyuan railway station had the first peak of the post-Spring Festival travel rush. We saw 52 thousand passengers on January 26th, and estimated 60 thousand on 27th. Today, the number will reach 80 thousand.;With the rush for the train, many migrant workers have chosen to take the bus back to the cities. This had led to more buses on the roads, and ticket offices extending their opening hours.Xiao Daqing, head of Santai Bus Station, said, ;The post-Spring Festival travel rush started from Juanuary 26th, and will end on February 7th. Our bus station will transport an estimated 1 million passengers during the period.;There is expected to be a slow down on China#39;s transport systems on Sunday. Over the 40 day Spring Festival travel rush, over 3 billion trips will be made, by bus, train, plane and car. That#39;s a nine per cent jump on last year.随着春节已接近尾声,全国交通主管部门应对春节后返京高峰。返京高峰于周五开始,在各主要城市以铁路和高速公路为主,乘客以安全,快速的方式回到他们熟悉的工作岗位上。 Article/201201/169420The next day the crew finally reach the coast.第二天 队员们终于抵达海边The hunting camp is now just 30 miles away离捕猎者的帐篷只有48公里across a bay, but the crossing could be risky.在海湾另一头 但跨海而行风险很大The frozen sea is melting fast春日里 阳光普照in the spring sunshine.海面冰层迅速融化Confident it#39;s safe?你确定这安全吗It#39;s not going to break underneath us?我们脚底的冰不会裂开吧Is that the decision, 50/50?你要这么想 有一半的可能50/50!一半的可能The locals employ several generations of arctic transport,当地人一直沿袭使用古时from the ancient to the merely antique.或已破旧不堪的极地交通工具With the sea ice cracking up beneath them,随着冰块破碎在脚下Dan has to trust the crew丹不得不将全部队员and a ton of filming gear及大量的拍摄器材的安全to the experience of the locals.寄托在当地人丰富的经验上Even by their standard即使对于他们this was fast becoming a risky journey.这仍是趟异常冒险的旅程Where the first sleds crossed雪橇刚经过的地方just minutes before is now impassable.几分钟后便无法通行 /201212/215702

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