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宜春市人民医院痘痕痘坑青春痘痘痘痤疮哪家便宜价格宜春络腮胡脱毛价格中文:永远记住你 Chinglish说法:remember you forever 地道英语说法: always remember you(没有人能活到forever)宜春麦格假体费用 7 steps to finding a job onlineDear Annie: I have two questions for you. First, I graduated from a top engineering college in June and have been applying for jobs all summer with no luck. I've targeted five companies I'd especially like to work for who I know are hiring entry-level engineers. I sent them my resume online and registered on their web sites, but have heard nothing from any of them. I don't want to be a pest, but should I call or e-mail to make sure they have seen my resume? My second question is, am I right to leave my grade point average (GPA) off my resume? I excelled in my engineering classes, but my overall GPA isn't very good (2.8), mostly because I worked my way through school by doing three part-time jobs, so I didn't have much time to study. But should I put it on my resume anyway and then hope I get a chance to explain why it's not so hot? --Wondering in Waukegan Dear Wondering: Your resume may be getting tossed aside by the computerized screening systems that most employers use these days to winnow huge numbers of resumes down to a manageable few, says Mark Lyden, who wrote a book aimed at new grads called "Do This! Get Hired!" (.00; see www.dothisgethired.com) that's jam-packed with insider tips on getting the job you want -- from how to get an interview to coming out on top in salary negotiations. "If your resume doesn't contain the exact same keywords and phrases as the job description for a given opening, using precisely the same terms, you are probably going to be invisible to these systems -- and to the people using them," Lyden says. Yikes. Luckily, there are ways to make sure you show up on employers' radar screens, says Lyden, a veteran college recruiter at Boeing. The key is what he calls "reverse engineering" your resume, and you can do it in seven steps: 1. Pinpoint the jobs you might want. Before you do anything else, go to the websites of the five companies you have targeted and get the job descriptions of specific openings that interest you. 2. Take your cue from the job descriptions. Next, "mark the precise words and phrases that describe the skills and knowledge someone has decided are necessary for each job," Lyden says. 3. Rewrite your resume for each opening. Use the keywords and phrases you highlighted when describing any relevant experience you have. Be precise. Let's say a job description s "Must have experience with finite element analysis," an engineering specialty often abbreviated as FEA. If your resume says "Experience in FEA," you could be counted out. "The person doing the screening may not know that FEA stands for 'finite element analysis,' so your resume may never get a second glance," says Lyden. "It sounds crazy and unfair, but it happens all the time." Tailor each resume you submit to match those exact key phrases from the job description. If you have no training or experience in a given area of the job description, concentrate on the ones where you do have some knowledge. 4. Create a heading on each resume that says "Interest Areas." Take all the keywords and phrases you highlighted from the job description and list them under this heading, even if they've aly been mentioned in your resume's "Experience" or "Education" sections. It seems redundant, but some computer screening systems are set up to scan the "Interest Areas" part first, so again, it's a way to not get tossed aside in the first round of screening. 5. Rewrite your profile on each web site. When you register on employers' websites, make sure your online profile includes those same keywords and phrases -- especially if the company asks for your "interest areas." 6. Then -- and only then -- apply for the jobs that interest you. If you've aly applied for specific jobs, follow the five steps above and reapply. 7. Keep customizing your resume, and updating your online profiles. As you apply for more jobs, repeat the process above for each one. Now, about your second question, regarding your less-than-stellar GPA: "For some reason, employers are stuck on 3.0 as the lowest GPA they will consider," Lyden notes. "So a 2.8 cumulative GPA may be a problem for you." Some college career centers advise students to leave a low GPA off their resume altogether, but "this is a huge mistake," he says. Instead, since you mention you did well in your engineering courses, he suggests listing your GPA in the major. Simply list "Major GPA: 3.6" (or whatever the number is). That should help you get a foot in the door, so that if anyone asks about your overall GPA in an interview, you'll have a shot at explaining that you held down three jobs to pay for school -- quite a feat, by the way. Good luck! /200909/84478丰城无痛隆鼻收多少钱

万载县妇幼保健人民医院下巴短小后缩歪嘴整形歪鼻整形要多少费用A lot of women in politics (we’re not naming names!) have been criticized for spending too much time and money on their hair, but Hillary Clinton certainly isn’t one of them.很多政治女性 (我们不指名道姓!)已经为花太多的时间和金钱在她们的头发上而遭受批评,但希拉里克林顿显然不在其中。“I do not travel with any hairdresser, or anybody, to help me do that,” Clinton said during the Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012 special, which aired Wednesday night on A News.“我不和任何理发师一起出行,或任何帮助我做头发的人,”克林顿在2012年特辑芭芭拉·沃尔特斯十大最精人物上说,周三晚上于A新闻上播出。And get this: She doesn’t even stop by a salon while traveling to get her hair done before a big event. “It just got to be really burdensome to try to find a hairdresser in some city, somewhere, oftentimes not being able to speak English, that at least I could communicate with,” she added.因此结论是:在一件大活动之前去做头发时她甚至不会为一个沙龙而驻足。“这只是会真的压力很大,在某个城市某个地方试图找到一个美发师,通常不能说英语,那至少我可以与之沟通,”她补充道。That’s why Clinton decided to take matters into her own hands. “It became simpler to just grow it.”这就是为什么克林顿决定把问题交到自己手里。“随它生长就变得更简单。”But Clinton made it clear that hair styling is not her forte. “I’m not very competent myself. I’ve been admitting that for years, which should be obvious to everyone,” she joked.但克林顿明确表示发型设计并非她的专长。“我自己并不是很能干。多年来我已经承认这点,这对每个人都应该是显而易见的,”她开玩笑说。And though she deals with much more important issues than what she wears or how she does her hair, Clinton doesn’t mind that her appearance is often a hot topic. “It’s fascinating to me how people are so curious about it,” she shared. Tell us: Are you surprised that Clinton does her own hair?尽管她要处理比她的穿著或她自己怎么做头发更重要的问题,但克林顿并不介意她的外表往往是一个热门话题。“吸引我的是人们对此是多么好奇,”她分享道。告诉我们:你对克林顿自己做头发惊讶吗? /201212/214595宜春医学整形美容整形整形医院美容美容医院要多少费用 A Dutch man has confessed to stabbing to death a young British woman holidaying in Indian Kashmir while under the influence of drugs, police say.根据印度警方的消息,一名荷兰籍男子供认自己在毒品作用下刺死一名年轻英国女性,该女性当时正在案发地印度喀什米尔度假。Richard De Wit, 43, told police he had murdered Sarah Groves, who had been staying on the New Beauty houseboat at Dal Lake in the Indian Kashmir city of Srinagar for two months.43岁的罪犯理查德·德威特向警察坦言,是他谋杀了英国女游客萨拉·格鲁夫丝,过去两个月,该名女游客长住在案发地印控克什米尔斯利那加的达尔湖新美船屋。;He has confessed that he committed the murder under the influence of some drug. We have sent his blood sample for testing to ascertain the facts,; deputy inspector general of police Afadul Mujtaba said on Sunday.“罪犯承认自己在药物致幻作用下犯下谋杀罪行。我们已经将他的血样送检以确认事实。” 副检察官阿法德·穆佳巴周日表示。De Wit was arrested on Saturday as he tried to flee in a taxi near Qazigund, 75 kilometres south of Srinagar, soon after the 24-year-old was found dead in a pool of blood in her houseboat cabin.年仅24岁的受害人萨拉·格鲁夫丝被发现死于船屋。凶手德威特在作案后企图乘出租车逃离,周六他在斯利那加南部75公里处靠近卡齐古恩德的地方被捕。Police, who have yet to establish a motive for the crime, said they had spoken to De Wit#39;s wife in Holland who told them that her husband has had a history of psychiatric problems.印度警方正在寻找犯罪动机,也已与嫌犯身在荷兰的妻子取得联系,得知该名罪犯有精神病史。De Wit, who had been staying in an adjacent room in the same houseboat as the victim after arriving on Thursday, broke the latch on her cabin door and tried to escape in a small boat after killing her, police said.德威特周四抵达达尔湖,住在与死者临近的相同船屋,随后他破门入室行凶,杀人后企图乘小船逃走。The Kashmiri boyfriend of Ms Groves has told how he confronted de Wit begging for answers, the Daily Mail reports.根据英国《每日邮报》报道称,受害人格鲁夫丝的喀什米尔男友一直在质问凶手德威特:为什么要谋杀自己的女友?Saeed Ahmed Shoda, 25, claimed he managed to to meet de Wit in his cell and begged him for answers.这位名叫萨伊德·阿哈姆德·休达的25岁年轻人表示,他一直前往监狱恳求德威特给出。He had met and fallen in love with Miss Groves, from Guernsey, in the first week of January in Goa. Saeed said: ‘I don#39;t understand why he killed her. He had no reason to kill.萨伊德和死者格鲁夫丝在一月的第一个星期相识于印度果阿地区,萨伊德说自己对这个来自英国根西岛的姑娘一见钟情。他说:“我不明白他为什么要杀她,他没有理由这么做。”The gruesome incident comes after a 39-year-old Swiss cyclist was allegedly gang-raped and robbed by six men in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh last month.在这一奸杀案之前还发生过骇人的犯罪案件,上个月在印度中心地区玛德哈亚·普拉德西州,39岁的瑞士自行车旅行者据说被六个男性抢劫轮奸。Also last month, a British woman dental hygienist suffered leg injuries when she jumped from a hotel balcony in the northern tourist city of Agra, fearing a sexual assault by hotel employees.同样是在上个月,一名英国女牙齿保健员在印度北部阿格拉度假时,因为害怕被旅馆工作人员性侵从旅馆阳台跳下去摔断了腿。The safety of women in India has been in the spotlight since the fatal gang-rape in December of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student on a bus in New Delhi, which sparked nationwide outrage.去年12月在印度首都新德里,23岁的理疗专业大学生在巴士上被轮奸,此事激起了社会公愤。从这件严重轮奸案件开始,印度的女性安全问题成为关注焦点。 /201304/233917奉新县治疗痤疮多少钱

宜春疤痕体质去疤 Do violent games trigger real-world violence? It#39;s easy to believe that they might, especially in the wake of recent tragedies like the fatal shooting of an elderly woman allegedly by an 8-year-old who had been playing ;Grand Theft Auto.;玩暴力游戏会不会在现实生活中也变得很暴力?是的,最近一个八岁的孩子因为玩“侠盗猎车手”,之后混淆了现实生活与虚幻的游戏场景,将一名老太太打死了。But despite decades of research into the possibility that the mayhem depicted in ;Grand Theft Auto,; ;Mortal Kombat,; and similar games is turning our kids into merciless killers, scientists have yet to find a smoking gun. At least they haven#39;t been able to agree which way the gun is pointing.尽管几十年以来,很多研究都指出,像《侠盗猎车手》和《真人快打》之类的暴力血腥游戏有可能会影响未成年人对真实世界的判断,以至于最后杀人,成为犯罪分子。然而,科学家还没有确凿的据明暴力游戏可以直接导致未成年人犯罪,至少说还不能对暴力游戏就是犯罪的元凶这一点上达成一致。The research has yielded conflicting results, with some studies showing a link between the games and real-world violence and others showing no such link.关于暴力游戏与现实中的暴力之间的关系的研究出现了争议。一些研究认为两者间有着必然联系,而另一些研究认为两者间没有必然联系。The American Academy of Child amp; Adolescent Psychiatry maintains that ;studies ofchildren exposed to violence have shown that they can become #39;immune#39; or numb to the horror of violence, imitate the violence they see, and show more aggressive behavior with greater exposure to violence.;美国儿童和青少年精神病协会认为“有研究表明,儿童长期接触暴力可以导致他们对暴力或恐惧免疫,或是对暴力和恐惧不敏感。他们可能会模仿他们所接触过的暴力场景,在暴力环境里成长的孩子会更好斗。”But not everyone is convinced.但是这一点不是所有的人都同意的。Research ;has really not provided much evidence for links between game violence and youth violence, at least not within general samples of kids,; Dr. Christopher Ferguson, professor of psychology at Stetson University in DeLand, Fla. and a leading expert on the psychological and behavioral effects of game playing, told The Huffington Post in an email. ;At this point the evidence has pretty well ruled out the idea that game violence causes #39;normal#39; kids to behave violently.;佛罗里达州迪兰的斯泰森大学心理学教授Christopher Ferguson是心理学领域的专家,同时也是研究行为与游戏之间的联系的专家。他在给哈芬顿邮报的邮件中讲到:“所有的相关研究没有提供足够的据来说明暴力游戏和青少年暴力行为之间的关系,至少这些研究没有针对广大的普通儿童。”“这些相关的据也排除了暴力游戏会造成普通青少年暴力行为的直接联系。 The same may also hold true for ;vulnerable; children -- those with emotional and neurodevelopmental disorders. A new study by Ferguson and a colleague showed thatkids with symptoms of depression or ADHD who played violent games were no more likely than other kids to become bullies or delinquents. In fact, playing the games seemed to have a mild calming effect on youths with attentional deficits, reducing their aggression and bullying behaviorThe study involved 377 American children from various ethnic groups, with an average age of 13. It was published online in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence暴力游戏可能对某些情绪化和神经发育障碍的孩子造成影响。费格森和他的同事的研究表明患有抑郁症和多动症的孩子相比正常的孩子更容易受暴力游戏的影响变成恶霸。其实,游戏对于正常孩子来讲有轻微的镇静作用,将暴力情绪转移到游戏中,从而减少在现实生活中的暴力行为。费格森的研究对象为377名平均年龄13岁的不同种族的美国儿童。这一项研究发表在在线杂志《青少年》上发表。Ferguson acknowledged that the new findings might not apply in extreme cases, such as those involving youths who commit mass homicides. But, he added, ;Statistically speaking it would actually be more unusual if a youth delinquent or shooter did not play violent games, given that the majority of youth and young men play such games at least occasionally.;费格森承认,他的研究不针对一些极端个案,比如说一些青少年杀人犯。但他补充道:“从数据上看,品行不端或杀人的青少年一般都玩过暴力游戏,然而大多数青少年或多或少地都玩过此类游戏。”Adam Lanza, the 20-year-old responsible for last year#39;s Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, reportedly was obsessed with games.20岁的Adam Lanza,是近期圣地胡可小学击案主犯。根据报道,他曾沉迷于游戏。What#39;s a parent to do? ;Learn the ESRB ratings,; Ferguson said, referring to the ratings issued by the Entertainment Software Review Board. ;If parents understand the ratings systems, they may be less worried about not having control over their children#39;s media access.;父母应该怎样做呢?“要对游戏分级有意识” 费格森说道。游戏分级是指软件审核会对游戏的定级。如果父母明白游戏的分级, 父母就不用那么担心对孩子在多媒体方面的管控。That might not help a -game-obsessed child get fitter or earn better grades, but it could protect parents from what Ferguson calls the ;moral panic; that stems from the misguided assumption that shoot-#39;em-up games turn kids into shooters.这个方法可能对游戏上瘾的孩子没有太大的帮助,但是确实可以帮助父母不会那么恐慌游戏对孩子的负面影响,不会觉得射击游戏就会把孩子变成手。本译文属 /201308/254720袁州区妇幼保健人民医院鼻软骨鼻尖鼻翼鼻孔价格宜春做双眼皮价格



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