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  Monica Lewinsky was sitting in a Manhattan auditorium last month, watching teenage girls perform a play called “Slut.Ms. Lewinsky was in blue jeans and a blazer, her hair pulled out of her face with a small clip. She was wiping away tears.上个月在曼哈顿,莫妮卡·莱温斯Monica Lewinsky)坐在观众席中观看一出名叫《Slut)的话剧,演员都是十几岁的女孩子。她身穿蓝色牛仔裤和运动上衣,头发用一枚小夹子别着。她抹着眼泪。In the scene, a young woman was seated in an interrogation room. She had been asked to describe, repeatedly, what had happened on the night in question when, she said, on their way to a party, a group of guy friends had pinned her down in a taxi and sexually assaulted her. She had reported them. Now everyone at school knew, everyone had chosen a side.在一场戏里,一个年轻女人坐在审讯室中,被要求一再描述某个夜晚发生的事情——她说,那天晚上,从派对回家路上,一群男性朋友把她堵在出租车里强暴了她。她举报了他们。如今学校里所有人都知道了这件事,所有人都对自己的立场做出了选择。“My life has just completely fallen apart,the girl said, her voice shaking. Her parents were in the next room. “Now I’m that girl.”“我的人生完了,”女孩的声音在颤抖。她的父母就在隔壁。“现在我成了‘那女孩’。”The play concluded, and Ms. Lewinsky fumbled through her purse for a tissue. A woman came and whisked her to the stage.剧终后,莱温斯基从手袋里摸索出纸巾。一个女人走过来,很快引着她登上舞台。“Hi, I’m Monica Lewinsky,she said, visibly nervous. “Some of you younger people might only know me from some rap lyrics.”“嗨,我是莫妮卡·莱温斯基,”她显然有些紧张。“有些年轻人可能只是从说唱乐歌词里听过我的名字。”The crowd, made up largely of high school and college women, laughed. “Monica Lewinskyis the title of a song by the rapper G-Eazy; her name is a reference in dozens of others: by Kanye, Beyoncé, Eminem, Jeezy. The list goes on.台下的观众主要是高中和大学女生,她们笑了起来。《莫妮卡·莱温斯基》是说唱乐手G-Eazy的一首歌;另外坎Kanye)、碧昂斯(Beyoncé)、埃米纳Eminem)、Jeezy等几十个歌手也都唱过她。“Thank you for coming,Ms. Lewinsky continued, “and in doing so, standing up against the sexual scapegoating of women and girls.”“感谢你们的光临,”她接着说。“感谢你们反对女人和女孩成为性事件中的代罪羔羊。”She walked back to her seat after speaking, and a woman behind her leaned forward. “I saw you, but I didn’t realize I was sitting next to Monica Lewinsky,she said.说完这番话,她回到自己的位子上去,身后的女人凑过来对她说。“我先就看见你了,不过真没想到你就是莫妮卡·莱温斯基。”A line of girls soon approached. “Thank you for being here,said a teenager in a striped shirt and gold hoop earrings. She asked if she could take a photo, and Ms. Lewinsky winced a little, then politely told her no. “I totally understand,the girl said.几个女孩很快走过来。“感谢你的光临,”一个穿条纹衬衫、戴金色圈圈耳环的十来岁女孩说。她问莱温斯基能不能拍照,莱温斯基微微有些迟疑,之后礼貌地拒绝了。“我完全理解,”女孩说。When she was asked later about her reaction to the play, Ms. Lewinsky said: “It’s really inspiring to hear people bring awareness to this issue. That scene in the interrogation room was hard to watch. One of the things I’ve learned about trauma is that when you find yourself retriggered, it’s helpful to recognize when things are different.”被问到对这场戏的看法,莱温斯基女士说:“看到人们意识到这个问题,这真的很令人振奋。审讯室中的那一幕非常令人难过。我从自己的创伤中学习到,当痛苦的回忆再度被触发时,如果你能意识到如今一切都已经不一样了,这会非常有帮助。”A LOT IS DIFFERENT for Monica Lewinsky these days, starting with the fact that, until last year, she had hardly appeared publicly for a decade. Now 41, the former White House intern once famously dismissed by the president as “that womanholds a master’s degree in social psychology from the London School of Economics.现在,对于莫妮卡·莱温斯基来说,很多事情的确都已经不一样了,到去年,她已经十年没怎么公开亮相。这位现1岁的前白宫实习生,曾是总统口中著名的的“那女人”,并因此遭遣散,如今她拥有伦敦政治经济学院的社会心理学硕士学位。She splits time between New York and Los Angeles, where she grew up, and London, and said it’s been hard to find work.她从小在洛杉矶长大,如今在纽约、洛杉矶与伦敦三地居住,并说找工作很难。Mostly she has embraced a quiet existence: doing meditation and therapy, volunteering, spending time with friends.大部分时间里,她安静低调地生活:做冥想、接受心理治疗、做义工,和朋友们在一起。But the quiet ended last May, when she wrote an essay for Vanity Fair about the aftermath of her affair with Bill Clinton the story a result of a years-long relationship with the magazine and its editor, Graydon Carter. (She was first photographed in its pages by Herb Ritts in 1998.)但是去年五月,平静的生活结束了,她为《名利场Vanity Fair)撰文,写了自己与比尔·克林Bill Clinton)的性丑闻之后发生的事情——这篇文章是她与《名利场》主编格雷顿·卡特(Graydon Carter)合作一年的结果998年,《名利场》曾经刊登过她的照片,摄影师是赫布·李特斯(Herb Ritts)。In the essay, which was a finalist for a 2015 National Magazine Award, she declared that the time had come to “burn the beret and bury the blue dressand “give a purpose to my past.”这篇文章最终入015年国家杂志奖,她在文中宣布,如今已是时候,“埋葬那顶贝雷帽和那条蓝裙子”,并且“为我的过去赋予意义”。That new purpose, she wrote, was twofold: it was about reclaiming her own story one that had seemed to metastasize but also to help others who had been similarly humiliated. “What this will cost me,she wrote, “I will soon find out.”她写道,这个新的意义是双重的——她的故事已经广为流传,如今,她要对之进行重新讲述;不仅如此,她也希望能帮助那些曾经遭遇类似羞辱的人们。“这样做将会令我付出什么代价,”她写道,“很快就会知道了。”It hasn’t appeared to cost her, at least not yet. In fact, the opposite has occurred.这件事似乎没有令她付出代价,至少到目前还没有。事实上,完全相反的事情发生了。Over the last six months, she has made appearances at a benefit hosted by the Norman Mailer Center (she and Mr. Mailer had been friends), at a New York Fashion Week dinner presentation for the designer Rachel Comey, at the Vanity Fair Oscar party and as her friend Alan Cumming’s date at an after-party for the Golden Globes. (Mr. Cumming has known her since the 1990s.)在过去的六个月里,她在很多活动中亮相,包括诺曼·梅勒中心主办的慈善活动(她是诺曼先生生前好友);设计师瑞秋·科米(Rachel Comey)在纽约时装周上的晚餐招待会;《名利场》的奥斯卡派对;在金球奖的庆功派对上,她还作为艾伦·卡Alan Cumming)的女伴出席,卡明是她的朋友,两人90年代就认识了。Recently, she took part in an anti-bullying workshop at the Horace Mann School, and joined a feminist networking group. (“I consider myself a feminist with a lowercase ‘f,she told me. “I believe in equality. But I think I’m drawn to the issues more than the movement.最近,她到霍瑞斯曼高中参加了一个反欺凌的研讨会,并参加了一个女性主义网络组织(“我觉得自己是一个低调的女性主义者,”她告诉我,“我相信平等,但我更关注议题,而不是行动”)。Perhaps most interestingly, in October, onstage at a Forbes conference, she spoke out for the first time about the digital harassment (or cyberbullying) that has affected everyone from female bloggers to Jennifer Lawrence to ... her: “I lost my reputation. I was publicly identified as someone I didn’t recognize. And I lost my sense of self,she told the crowd.最有意思的或者是去年10月发生的事,她在一次福布斯会议上登台,讨论网络骚扰(或者说网络欺凌)问题,这个问题影响着所有人,从普通的女客写手到詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence),乃至……她自己:“我名誉扫地,在公众眼中,我成了自己也认不出的样子。我丧失了自我意识,”她对听众们说。She just took that declaration one step further on the main stage at TED in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Thursday, where she issued a biting cultural critique about humiliation as commodity. The title of her 18-minute talk (and, perhaps, the line that best sums up her experience), which received a raucous standing ovation: “The Price of Shame.”星期四,她在加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华做了TED讲演,把自己的宣言又向前推进一步,演讲中,对于羞辱成为一种商品这个问题,她做出了辛辣的文化批评。她的讲演时8分钟,题为“蒙羞的代价”,这句话或许正好可以用来总结她的经历,讲演结束后,听众们长时间起立,热烈鼓掌。THIS IS NOT Monica Lewinsky’s first attempt at reinvention. But it’s also not the Monica of more than a decade ago: the one who created a handbag line and tried her hand at reality TV.这并不是莫妮卡·莱温斯基第一次努力获得新生,但是十几年前的莫妮卡和现在还不一样:当时她创立了一个手袋品牌,还开始涉足真人秀电视节目。This iteration is a bundle of contradictions: warm yet cautious. Open yet guarded. Strong but fragile.她的转变充满矛盾:既温暖又审慎,既开放又警惕,既坚强又脆弱。She is likable, funny and self-deprecating. She is also acutely intelligent, something for which she doesn’t get much credit. But she is also stuck in a kind of time warp over which she has little control.她可爱,风趣,有些自我贬低的倾向。同时她也非常聪明,这一点并未充分被人称道。但她同时也无法自拔地陷在一个时空隧道里。At 41, she doesn’t have many of the things that a person her age may want: a permanent residence, an obvious source of income (she won’t comment on her finances), a clear career path.41岁的她并没有许多同龄人可能会渴望的东西:永久的住处和一份明显的收入来源(她拒绝评价自己的财务状况),以及一个清晰的事业蓝图。She is also very, very nervous. She is worried about being taken advantage of, worried her words will be misconstrued, worried reporters will rehash the past.她也非常非常紧张。她担心被人利用,担心自己的话被误解,担心记者会一味重复她的过去。She is prepared, almost always, for doomsday: the snippet of a e that might be taken out of context; questions about the Clintons, whom she declines to discuss. “She was burned ... in myriad ways,said her editor at Vanity Fair, David Friend.虽然并非时刻都在提心吊胆,但她的确常常准备着迎接厄运:她担心自己的话被断章取义地引用,或是被问到关于克林顿夫妇的问题(她拒绝谈论他们)。“她受着……许许多多的煎熬,”《名利场》负责她那篇文章的编辑大卫·弗兰德(David Friend)说。Ms. Lewinsky wouldn’t call this a reinvention, though. This, she says, is simply the Monica who in spite of the headlines, in spite of the incessant paparazzi-style coverage, “was seen by many, but truly known by few,as she put it on the TED stage.不过,莱温斯基并不把自己的经历称之为脱胎换骨。她说,现在的她只是一个不在乎报刊头条,不在乎没完没了的仔体报道的莫妮卡,“很多人都见过她,但没有什么人真正了解她”,在TED演讲中她这样说道。“This is me,she told me. “This is a kind of evolution of me.”“这就是我,”她对我说,“这是我的进化。”I had approached her after the Vanity Fair essay in part because I was intrigued, but also because I had a tinge of guilt. I had come of age in the Lewinsky era; my first job out of college was at Newsweek, where the story of the reporter who had uncovered the affair then saw his story leaked to the Drudge Report was legend.《名利场》刊出那篇文章后,我开始同她接触,因为我对她感到好奇,不过也是因为我心中怀有一丝歉疚。莱温斯基事件的时代,我已经步入成年;我大学毕业后的第一份工作就是在《新闻周刊Newsweek),正是《新闻周刊》的记者发现了这桩性丑闻,之后这个故事被泄露给网站“吉拉德报道Drudge Report),这个故事如今已经成为传奇。I distinctly remember my high school self, wide-eyed, poring over the soft-core Starr report with friends.我还清楚地记得高中时代的我,睁大了眼睛,和朋友们一起狼吞虎咽地读着《斯塔尔报告Starr Report)中那些香艳的内容。None of us had the maturity to understand the complexities, or power dynamics, of the president’s affair with a young intern. When I was 16, one dominating image of Monica Lewinsky seemed to overshadow all others: slut. Of course, that 22-year-old intern was only a few years older than me.我们都不够成熟,没法理解总统与年轻实习生的风流韵事之中也包含着复杂的东西,或者说包含着权力的变数。我16岁那年,莫妮卡·莱温斯基以姿态出现,这样一个显著的形象似乎遮蔽了一切。当然,那个22岁的实习生其实只比我大几岁而已。And so I emailed her. I told her I was interested in her effort to re-emerge, and had been particularly fascinated by the reaction to it, as if there were a kind of public reckoning underway. Feminists who had stayed silent on the first go-round were suddenly defending her, using terms like “slut-shamingand “media gender biasto do it.于是我给她写了电子邮件,告诉她我对其尝试复出的努力很感兴趣,人们对她复出的反应也让我觉得有意思,公众对这件事的认识好像在不断发展。女性主义者们一开始对她保持沉默,突然又开始用“把女人贬为slut-shaming)、“媒体的性别偏见”等字眼为她辩护。The late-night host David Letterman was on air expressing remorse over how he had mocked her, asking, in a recent interview with Barbara Walters, “With some perspective, do you realize this is a sad human situation?Bill Maher said of ing Ms. Lewinsky’s piece in Vanity Fair, “I gotta tell you, I literally felt guilty.”深夜秀节目主持人大卫·莱特曼(David Letterman)公开在节目中表示自己为曾经嘲笑她感到后悔,他最近访问芭芭拉·沃尔特斯(Barbara Walters)的时候问道:“从某些角度看来,你是否意识到这是一种悲哀的人类处境?”比尔·马Bill Maher) 读了莱温斯基在《名利场》上的文章后说,“我得告诉你,我真的感到内疚。”And young women were embracing her: rushing up to her after public events, messaging her on social media, asking if they could take selfies. (“Meeting her felt like meeting a pop culture icon,said Amari Leigh, 17, a cast member in the “Slutplay. “It’s crazy to think that one thing she did, when she was not that much older than I am now, impacted her whole life.年轻女人们接纳了她:她们在公开活动之后涌向她,在社交媒体上给她留言,要求同她合影。(“见到她就像见到流行文化符号,7岁的艾美莉·李[Amari Leigh]说,她在《》话剧中出演角色。“她在比我大不了多少的时候做了一件事,结果影响了她整整一生,想想真是太疯狂了。”)“However you felt about the actual event, the way it played out was pretty grotesque,said Rebecca Traister, a senior editor at The New Republic who was just out of college when the Clinton scandal broke and wrote about it later.“不管你当时对真正的事件有什么看法,它呈现出来的方式实在非常怪诞,”《新共和The New Republic)的资深编辑丽贝卡·特雷斯塔(Rebeccca Traister)说,克林顿丑闻曝光时她刚刚大学毕业,之后写过关于这件事的文章。Ms. Traister said she was taken aback when she re her own article: “Whether it’s guilt, or sophistication, or thinking a little harder about sexual power dynamics, I think people have started to think: ‘Oh right, she probably does have a right to tell her story. And that’s a good thing.”特雷斯塔说,重读当时写的文章令她自己也感到吃惊:“不管是出于愧疚也好,还是因为成熟了也好,抑或是对于性权力的变数有了更深入的思考也好,我觉得现在人们开始觉得:‘对啊,她可能确实有权利讲出她自己的故事。而且这是好事。’”This time, Ms. Lewinsky appears determined to tell it on her terms. She has a P.R. agent screening requests and approaches media as one may expect: with the caution of a woman who has been raked over the coals.这一次,莱温斯基显然决心从她自身的角度来讲述。不出所料,作为一个曾经遭受公开谴责的女人,她有一个公关代理来帮助她,审慎地过滤各种媒体的要求和接触。She has reason to. Just weeks ago, a short interview with the artist Nelson Shanks was published online. In a question about which portrait subject he had found most difficult to capture, Mr. Shanks noted that his painting of Bill Clinton, which hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, had a shadow as a metaphor for Ms. Lewinsky created from the shadow of an actual blue dress he had placed on a mannequin. The piece posted on a Sunday. By the next morning, it was everywhere.她有理由这样做。就在几个星期前,网上登出了一则艺术家纳尔逊·尚克斯(Nelson Shanks)的小采访。采访者问他,什么样的肖像画最难处理,尚克斯提到了比尔·克林顿的画像,这幅画目前挂在国家肖像画廊,画上有一重阴影,是关于莱温斯基的隐喻——他让模特穿上一件蓝色裙子,投下阴影,据此创作了油画上的阴影。访谈是在周日贴出来的。翌日清晨,就已经传得到处都是了。Ms. Lewinsky woke up to a flooded inbox and panicked.莱温斯基一觉醒来,收到无数电子邮件,顿感惊慌失措。She was really, really sorry, she told me, but she simply couldn’t move forward with an article.她告诉我,她非常非常抱歉,但她真的没法再接受一篇文章了。We exchanged emails and calls. The article was back on, no it wasn’t, yes it was.我们互相写了几封电子邮件,打了几通电话。那篇文章被淡忘了,还没有,哦,已经被淡忘了。You want to know what it’s like to live in Monica Lewinsky’s world? This is it.你想知道生活在莫妮卡·莱温斯基的世界里是什么感觉?这就是了。I MET MS. LEWINSKY the following Tuesday at her apartment.一周之后的星期二,我来到莱温斯基的家中。She was rehearsing in front of a small metal music stand. Her speech coach, Pippa Bateman, was on Skype from Britain.她对着一个小小的金属制乐谱架排练。她的演讲指导老师皮帕·巴特曼在英国,通过Skype指导她。I quietly sat on the couch and noted the details in the room: a bookshelf blocked off the bedroom area; on it, photos of friends and family, Monica as a child. On an end table were roses, crystals and a lit candle.我静静地坐在沙发上,观察着屋子里的细节:一个书架隔挡出卧室区,书架上有朋友和家人的照片,还有莫妮卡的童年照片。桌子一头放着玫瑰花、水晶饰品,燃着一蜡烛。She handed me a script. “It’s changed a bit, so you can follow along,she said. (By the time she appeared onstage at TED, in front of a packed room, she was on Version 24 of her speech.) On the back, she had scribbled a reminder: “Push in arm muscles, engage back and neck.”她递给我一份草稿。“改动了一点,你可以看看,”她说。(在TED的演讲台上对着满满一屋子人发言时,她的讲稿已经改到4版)在讲稿背后,她写下了一点小提示:“运用胳膊上的肌肉,绷紧后背和脖子。”She was working through the middle of the speech, where she would describe her questioning by investigators in a room not unlike the one we saw portrayed in “Slut.It was 1998, and she had been required to authenticate the phone calls recorded by her former friend Linda Tripp. They would later be released to Congress.她当时在练习讲演的中段,在这一段里,她要描述自己当年如何在一间屋子里接受调查者的提问,这情景有点像《》里的那一幕。那是在1998年,她被要求实她以前的朋友琳达·特里Linda Tripp)录下来的电话对话。这段话后来被送交国会。“Scared and mortified, I listen,she said.“我听着,又惊恐又窘迫,”她说。“Listen as I prattle on …“我听着自己天真的喋喋不休……”“Listen to my sometimes catty, sometimes churlish, sometimes silly self, being cruel, unforgiving, uncouth …“我听着自己的声音:时而狡猾、时而粗鲁、时而愚蠢、时而残忍、不可原谅,粗俗不堪……”“Listen, deeply, deeply ashamed to the worst version of myself.She paused. “A self I don’t even recognize.”“我听着,为自己最恶劣的一面感到深深羞耻,”她停顿一下,“这是我未曾认识到的自己。”“How did that feel?Ms. Bateman asked. “You’ve got to own it.”“感觉怎么样?”贝特曼问道,“你得把它背下来。”Ms. Lewinsky doesn’t have a speechwriter; she wrote the speech herself. But she has plenty of advisers: journalists, editors, new friends, old friends, her lawyer, her publicist, her family. Which is great, if everyone is in agreement. Except that no one is ever in agreement.没有人帮莱温斯基写演讲稿,这是她自己写的。但是有不少人给她建议:记者、编辑、新老朋友、她的律师、公关、家人。如果大家意见一致那固然好,但是根本没法达成一致。The major disagreement was over the opening: a joke about a man 14 years her junior, who hit on Ms. Lewinsky after she spoke at Forbes.最大的反对意见集中在演讲的开头:是关于一个比她小14岁的男人的笑话,莱温斯基在福布斯做过演讲之后,他来向她搭讪。“What was his unsuccessful pickup line?she would ask rhetorically. “He could make me feel 22 again. Later that night, I realized: I’m probably the only person over 40 who would not like to be 22 again.”“他到底是哪句话说错了?”她自问自答,“他说他能让我重2岁的感觉。后来我才发现:‘在年过40的人里,我可能是唯一一个不愿意重拾22岁感觉的人了。’”It was funny, yes (even hysterical, judging by the reaction at TED). But did the joke sexualize her off the bat? For a woman ingrained in the public psyche as a “tart, slut, whore, bimbo,as Ms. Lewinsky put it onstage, should she try to avoid the innuendo?这话的确很有趣(TED讲台下的观众们的反应甚至有点过于激动了)。但这个笑话是否一下子让她显得性感了?正如莱温斯基在演讲中所言,她在公众心理中已经被固定为“轻佻女子、、、蠢女人”,她难道不应当避免做出这方面的暗示吗?Maybe she should cut that part and go straight to the next line, somebody suggested: a question for the audience.有人建议,也许她应该把这段删掉,直接说下一句话——对观众提出一个问题。“Can I see a show of hands,she would ask, “of anyone who didn’t make a mistake or do something they regretted at 22?”这个问题是:“你们当中有谁在22岁那年没做过错事,没做过令自己懊悔的事,请举手好吗?”Ultimately, she stuck with the joke. (The question would stay, too.)最后,她还是说了这个笑话(那个问题也保留下来了)。She performed that opening later that day in a practice session downtown, then again a few days later in front of a large gathering of friends, over wine and cheese. She would practice the speech walking down the street, running errands, on a flight from Amsterdam to Oslo. As she joked on Twitter: “If you see me walking down the streets of nyc muttering to myself, don’t worry ... just practicing my TED Talk.”当天晚些时候,她在市中心的家里排练了这个开头,几天后又在一大群朋友们面前说了一次,桌上有葡萄酒和奶酪。这段演讲她走路也练、出去办事也练、从阿姆斯特丹到奥斯陆的航班上也在练。正如她在Twitter上的玩笑:“如果你看到我走在纽约街头,嘴里喃喃自语,别担心……我是在练习TED演讲呢。”TED approached Ms. Lewinsky about speaking at the conference, whose theme this year is “Truth and Dare,after watching her Forbes speech. Kelly Stoetzel, TED’s content director, said, “Part of what I think makes this story interesting is that people will get to see all the dimensions of Monica, not just the person who was reported on 17 years ago.”TED主办方看了莱温斯基在福布斯的演讲后,邀请她在大会上发言,今年的主题是“真相与勇气”。TED的内容编辑凯莉·斯托泽Kelly Stoetzel)说:“我觉得这个故事会很有趣,部分是由于这样可以让人们看到全方位的莫妮卡,而不仅仅7年前那些报道中的那个人。”The idea had been marinating for years. Ms. Lewinsky often thought about the toll that shame had taken on her own life; in graduate school, she studied the impact of trauma on identity.这个主意已经酝酿了很多年。莱温斯基经常思考那件事如何让羞耻占据了她的整个人生;在念研究生的时候,她学习了有关身份创伤冲击的课程。Then Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers freshman, killed himself after being recorded by his college roommate being intimate with a man. It was 2010, and Ms. Lewinsky’s mother was beside herself, “gutted with pain,as Ms. Lewinsky said onstage, “in a way I couldn’t quite understand.”后来出了泰勒·克莱门Tyler Clementi)事件,这位拉特格斯的大一新生同一个男人的亲密行为被大学室友录像,之后他自杀身亡。那010年,莱温斯基的母亲对此异常激动,“她内心充满痛苦,”莱温斯基在演讲中说,“并且是以一种我不太理解的方式。”Eventually, she said she realized: To her mother, Mr. Clementi represented her. “She was reliving 1998,she said, looking out over the crowd. “Reliving a time when she sat by my bed every night. Reliving a time when she made me shower with the bathroom door open.”最终,她还是明白了:对她的母亲来说,克莱门蒂就像是自己的女儿。“她仿佛又重新回998年,”莱温斯基抬起头来望着观众们,“她仿佛回到那个每晚坐在我床边的时候,回到那个我淋浴她都要把浴室门打开的时候。”She paused, becoming emotional. “And reliving a time both my parents feared that I would be humiliated to death.”她停顿一下,语气变得充满情感。“她仿佛重回到那个父母都担心我会因为羞愧而死的时候。”“It was easy to forget,she said, “that ‘That Womanwas dimensional, had a soul and was once unbroken.”“人们很容易忘记,‘那女人’也有很多面,她也有灵魂,她也曾经坚强。”She doesn’t like to talk much about the past, but she will talk about residuals of her trauma: having to leave the movie theater every time a cop on a screen flashed a badge (a flashback to being ambushed by federal agents in the food court of the Pentagon shopping mall); the studying and ing about it, as a way to ease it.她并不愿意谈很多关于过去的事,但她愿意谈创伤带给她的残存影响:去看电影时,每当银幕上出现戴着徽章的警察,她都会想起自己曾在五角大楼购物中心的露天餐饮场所遭遇联邦探员埋伏的经历,只得匆匆离开影院;为了平复创伤,她研究和阅读了许多相关材料。“I had to do a lot of healing work and rehabilitation to get to what transpired over the course of the past year,she said. “Anybody who has gone through any kind of trauma knows it doesn’t just go away with a snap of the fingers. It lives as an echo in your life. But over time the echo becomes softer and softer.”“我得做很多事情来让自己痊愈,想办法振作起来,这样才能做到去年那些事,”她说,“任何经历过创伤的人都知道,这不是打个响指就能好起来的。它就像生命中萦绕的回声。但随着时间过去,这道回声也变得越来越温和。”And yet this isn’t simply about her story, she said. This was about using it to help others. As she put it, shame and humiliation have become a kind of “commodityin our culture with websites that thrive on it, industries created out of it, and people who get paid to clean up the mess.她说,她要讲的并不仅仅是自己的故事,她想用自己的故事来帮助其他人。她说,羞愧和耻辱已经成了我们文化中的某种“商品”——有些网站就靠着它来兴旺发达,有些工业在创造着耻辱,有些人专门靠着善后赚钱维生。What happened to compassion? she asked up on stage. “What we need,she said, “is a cultural revolution.”人们的恻隐之心去哪儿了?她在演讲中问。“我们需要的是一场文化革命,”她说。THE WAY MS. LEWINSKY tells it, she was “Patient Zerofor the type of Internet shaming we now see regularly. Hers wasn’t the first case ever, but it was the first of its magnitude. Which meant that, virtually overnight, she went from being a private citizen to, as she put it, “a publicly humiliated one.”按照莱温斯基女士的说法,如今我们常常在网络上见到各种羞辱事件,而她正是“第一位受害者Patient Zero)。她并不是第一例,但在重要程度上却是空前的。也就是说,一夜之间,她就从一个普通公民,变成了“遭到公开羞辱的对象”。“She couldn’t go to a restaurant and order a bowl of soup literally without it being reported the next day,said Barbara Walters, who said her interview with Ms. Lewinsky was one of the most watched segments in television history.“这么说吧,哪怕她到饭馆去点一碗汤,第二天都会上新闻,”芭芭拉·沃尔特斯说。她表示,自己对莱温斯基的采访是电视史上收视率最高的片段之一。The story was the perfect combination of politics and sex. “It was like ing a really wonderful dirty book,Ms. Walters said, “except it was her story and her mother’s story and her aunt’s story.”她的故事完美地结合了政治与性。“简直就像读一本精的黄色小说,”沃尔特斯说,“只不过这是她的故事,是她母亲的故事,也是她的阿姨的故事。”It was before the days of the Internet sex tape, but barely: Princess Diana had been photographed with a hidden camera while working out at the gym; Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s honeymoon sex tape was stolen from their home and bootlegged out of car trunks.当时网络性爱视频还没出现,不过也快了:戴安娜王妃在健身房健身的照片被暗藏的摄像头拍到;帕梅拉·安德Pamela Anderson)与托米·李(Tommy Lee)的蜜月性爱录像从家中失窃,以盗版的形式被四处售卖传播。“It was at the tip of the spear of this invasive culture,said Mr. Friend, who is working on a book about the 1990s.“这是这种侵害性文invasive culture)首当其冲的武器,”弗兰德说,他目前正在创作一本关0年代的书。And so it went from there. Ms. Lewinsky was quickly cast by the media as a “little tart,as The Wall Street Journal put it. The New York Post nicknamed her the “Portly Pepperpot.She was described by Maureen Dowd in The New York Times as “ditsyand “predatory.”就是从那时开始,莱温斯基很快被媒体定位为“轻佻的小妞《华尔街时报》就是这么称呼她的。《华盛顿邮报The New York Post)给她起外号叫“小胖胡椒罐”。在《纽约时报》上,莫林·道Maureen Dowd)说她“愚蠢”、“掠食成性”。And other women self-proclaimed feminists piled on. “My dental hygienist pointed out she had third-stage gum disease,said Erica Jong. Betty Friedan dismissed her as “some little twerp.”还有一些女人——有些自称是女性主义者——也加入进来。“我的牙医说她有第三期牙龈炎,”艾丽卡·荣格(Erica Jong)说。贝蒂·弗里丹(Betty Friedan)说她是“小蠢货”。“It’s a sexual shaming that is far more directed at women than at men,Gloria Steinem wrote me in an email, noting that in Ms. Lewinsky’s case, she was also targeted by the “ultraright wing.“I’m grateful to [her],Ms. Steinem said, “for having the courage to return to the public eye.”“这种性耻辱针对女人远胜于针对男人,”格劳丽亚·斯坦尼Gloria Steinem)在给我的电子邮件中写她指出,在莱温斯基的事件中,她也成了“极右翼”的靶子。“我很感谢她有勇气重新回到公众视野之中,”斯坦尼姆写道。Had the Lewinsky story unfolded today, certainly the digital reality of it would have been worse (or at least more pungent). “They would have dug up her private photos,said Danielle Citron, a law professor and the author of “Hate Crimes in Cyberspace.But there would have also been avenues to push back: more outlets, more varied voices, probably even a #IStandWithMonica hashtag.假如莱温斯基的故事发生在今天,网络曝光肯定会更加严重,至少会是更加刺激。“他们肯定会挖出她的私人照片,”法律教授丹妮尔·希特Danielle Citron)说,她还著有《网络空间里的仇恨犯罪Hate Crimes in Cyberspace)一书。但是,也同样会有人回击:会有更多人出来说话,会有更多不同的声音,twitter上甚至会有我持莱温斯基”的标签。“If it happened today, I think the consensus that she deserved to be thrown under the bus would be considerably weaker,said Clay Shirky, a journalism professor at N.Y.U. who studies Internet culture. “And the key thing that’s changed is not information there were credible press reports about Cosby for years, just as Clinton’s denial was ridiculous on its face but the ability to coordinate reaction.”“如果这件事发生在今天,我觉得不会有那么多人觉得她活该被扔到汽车底下去,”纽约大学专门研究网络文化的新闻学教授克雷·舍Clay Shirky)说。“最重要的改变并不是信息——关于科斯比(Cosby,指影星Bill Cosby强奸案——译注),多年来也有可靠的媒体报道,正如克林顿的矢口否认非常可笑——但是人们的相应的反应能力已经发生了变化。”In that respect, Ms. Lewinsky may finally be in a unique position to tell her story. “I don’t know exactly how you combat cyberbullying,Ms. Walters said. “But at least she’s fighting back. I do think it’s about time we gave her a chance.”因此,现在的莱温斯基可能是置身一个独一无二的处境来讲述她的故事。“我不知道……你们是如何应付网络欺凌,”沃尔特斯说。“但至少她反击了……我觉得现在应该给她机会。”THE NIGHT BEFORE TED, Ms. Lewinsky began a ritual. She lit candles. She set up a table of crystals. She debated which necklace to wear, then ordered dinner and tea.TED演讲的前一天,莱温斯基进行了一项仪式。她燃起一蜡烛,在一张桌子上摆满水晶饰物,仔细盘算该戴哪条项链,然后叫了晚餐和茶。She would be in bed by 9:30 and up at 5 a.m.; Amy Cuddy, the Harvard researcher whose TED talk on body language clocked nearly 25 million views, was meeting her in the morning. They would power-pose together.她应该在晚上9点半上床,上点起床;哈佛大学研究员艾米·卡Amy Cuddy)关于肢体语言的TED演讲有将500万人观看,翌日,她俩将会见面,一起摆出“高能量姿势power-pose)。Ms. Lewinsky had a friend from Los Angeles there with her, and Ms. Cuddy stopped by to wish her luck. The two had never met in person.莱温斯基身边有个从洛杉矶赶过来陪她的朋友,卡迪过来拜访,祝她好运,两人之前从未私下见过面。“If you had told me a year ago I was going to be delivering a TED talk, I would have laughed in your face,Ms. Lewinsky said, seated on the carpet.“如果一年前你告诉我我会做TED讲演,我肯定当时就觉得很可笑,”莱温斯基坐在地毯上说。She looked at her friend.她望着那个朋友。“A year ago. …she choked up. “Well, you were there. It was so, so hard. There were times I thought I wouldn’t make it.”“一年前……”她声音哽咽。“啊,你也在,实在太艰难了,有时候我觉得自己实在挺不住了。”“I’m just so grateful,she said. “I’m at once grateful and surprised.”“我很感激,”她说,“我现在又感激又惊喜。”Earlier, I had asked Ms. Lewinsky what she hoped to accomplish with a platform like TED. She asked if I had the David Foster Wallace book “Brief Interviews With Hideous Men.In it, there is a chapter about suffering, and the story of a girl who has survived abuse.早先,我问莱温斯基,她希望通过TED这样的平台取得什么样的效果。她问我有没有看过大卫·福斯特·华莱David Foster Wallace)的书——《对丑陋人物的简访Brief Interviews With Hideous Men)。书中有一个章节是关于痛苦的,讲述了一个挺过虐待的女孩的故事。What the young woman endures is horrific, said Ms. Lewinsky, but by going through it, she learns something about herself: that she can survive.那个年轻女人的经历非常可怕,莱温斯基说,但是经历了一切,她也更加了解自己,她明白自己可以挺过去。“That’s part of what I thought I could contribute,she said. “That in someone else’s darkest moment, lodged in their subconscious might be the knowledge that there was someone else who was, at one point in time, the most humiliated person in the world. And that she survived it.”“我觉得这就是我能做的贡献,”她说。“在其他人生命中最黑暗的时刻,他们或许会在某个时刻下意识地想起,有人曾遭受世上最大的耻辱,但是她活下来了。”来 /201503/366745。

  Shinzo Abe’s plans to allow Japanese forces to defend allies have drawn fire from Beijing, which has accused Tokyo of “undermining regional peace and stability But they have also heightened tensions back home.安倍晋Shinzo Abe)让日本自卫队保卫盟友的计划招致中国批评,被指“损害地区和平稳定”。但安倍的计划也在日本国内加剧了紧张气氛。Since the prime minister started public briefings on the move last month, his cabinet’s approval rating has sagged to 45 per cent, the lowest rating since it was formed in December 2012.自这位日本首相上月就此举开始公开吹风以来,他的内阁的持率已跌至45%,这是安倍政府自20122月组建以来最低的。Polls taken by three national dailies within the past week showed that at least half of respondents opposed the idea of Japan exercising its right to collective self-defence, with a third or fewer in favour.三份全国性日报在过去一周进行的民意调查显示,至少一半受访者反对日本行使集体自卫权的主意,三分之一或更少的受访者赞同。On Sunday a man set himself alight on a pedestrian footbridge in the busy Tokyo district of Shinjuku, having spent an hour denouncing Mr Abe’s plans through a megaphone, said eyewitnesses. He was taken to hospital but his condition is unknown.目击者称,上周日,一名男子在通过扩音器谴责安倍的计划一小时后,在东京繁忙的新宿区的一座人行天桥上自焚。此人后被送往医院,但目前状况不详。Thousands took to the streets near parliament on Monday and yesterday, some waving posters depicting Mr Abe with a swastika tattoo#8201;and#8202;Hitler#8201;moustache.周一和周二,成千上万人走上街头,在日本国会附近抗议,其中一些人举着安倍晋三刻着纳粹纹身、留着希特勒式小胡子的海报。Many Japanese are not fundamentally opposed to what Mr Abe is attempting to do. The prime minister’s more assertive foreign policy including the visit last December to the Yasukuni shrine, where Japan’s wartime leaders are honoured has played well among voters. And some see problems with existing restrictions on the country’s Self-Defence Forces. At the moment, for example, troops on overseas relief missions are allowed to discharge their weapons only if they themselves come under fire.很多日本人并不是从根本上反对安倍试图采取的行动。这位日本首相更为自信的外交政策——包括去2月参拜供奉日本战死者亡灵的靖国神社(Yasukuni shrine)——在选民中反响不错。同时,一些人认为,日本自卫队目前面临的限制确实存在各种问题。例如,目前在海外执行救灾任务的自卫队部队只有在自己遭遇敌方火力的情况下,才被允许使用武器还击。“If NGOs very close to Japanese camps are attacked, the SDF may not be able to help,says Yoshiki Mine, a former diplomat in charge of talks with North Korea. “This is very, very odd.”“如果非常靠近日方营地的非政府组织遭到攻击,自卫队未必能提供帮助,”曾负责与朝鲜谈判的前外交官美根庆树(Yoshiki Mine)表示,“这是非常、非常奇怪的。”But many resent the way the prime minister has gone about it. Critics argue that the shift amounts to, in effect, a rewriting of Japan’s constitution, but without any attempt to clear the requisite hurdle of a two-thirds majority in both houses of parliament, followed by a national referendum.但是,很多日本人对首相在这件事上的具体做法不满。批评者提出,解禁集体自卫权实际上是对日本宪法的重写,但并没有寻求按正式程序在国会两院以超过三分之二的多数票通过、然后举行全民公投。Article 9 of the constitution states that “the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as a means of settling international disputes The charter has not been revised since it was adopted in 1947.日本宪法第九条声明:“日本国民衷心谋求基于正义与秩序的国际和平,永远放弃以国家权力发动的战争、使用武力或武力威胁作为解决国际争端的手段。”这部宪法自1947年通过以来从未修订。The Japanese are still “very attached to the principle of pacifism in the postwar regime says Jiro Yamaguchi, a professor of political science at Hosei University, who is among a group of more than 500 scholars opposed to the move. “We are against the amendment of the constitution without formal procedures.”日本法政大Hosei University)政治学教授山口二Jiro Yamaguchi)是00名反对此举的学术界人士之一。他表示,日本人仍然“非常重视战后政权的和平主义原则……我们反对不走正式程序的修宪行为。”Mr Abe’s supporters claim the SDF’s looser mandate is nothing to be afraid of. Shinichi Kitaoka, a former Japanese ambassador to the UN who served as the deputy chairman of a panel advising on reinterpreting the constitution, says the shift should be seen as a continuation of the government’s efforts to beef up its defence policy, including the creation last year of a US-style national security council and the introduction of tougher laws to penalise leaks of classified information.安倍的持者称,放宽自卫队的权限没什么可怕的。日本前驻联合国大使、就重新解释宪法提供建议的顾问委员会副主席北冈伸一(Shinichi Kitaoka)表示,这一转变应被视为政府加强国防政策的努力的延续,这些努力包括去年组建一个美国式的国家安全委员会,以及出台惩罚泄密的更严厉法律。Mr Kitaoka also notes that there have been reinterpretations of the constitution before, allowing Japan to establish the SDF in 1954, for example, and to support US forces overseas in 2001. But to many, defending allies even when Japan itself is not under direct attack stretches the definition of the “minimumlevel of armed strength enshrined in Japan’s fundamental concepts of national defence.北冈还指出,以前也有对宪法的重新解释,比954年允许日本建立自卫队,以001年允许自卫队在海外援美军。但对许多人来说,在日本自身没有直接受到攻击的情况下去保卫盟国,这与日本国防根本概念中神圣不可侵犯的“最低”水平军力的定义实在难以吻合。“It is reckless that [Mr Abe] rushed to decide on this very important issue without thorough discussions,says Shigeaki Matsuda, a 66-year-old exhibition curator who joined the protest yesterday. “There is no democracy here.”“(安倍)在未经深入讨论的情况下,匆忙在这个非常重要的问题上做出决定,这很鲁莽,”昨日参加抗议的66岁的展览策划人Shigeaki Matsuda表示,“这里没有民主。”Prospects for a legal challenge are not encouraging, as Japan’s Supreme Court has a history of deferring to the government on security matters. So as Mr Abe tries to push supporting legislation through the Diet in coming sessions, says Prof Yamaguchi, the onus falls on opposition parties to mount a challenge. “We’ll keep fighting,he says.法律挑战的前景并不令人鼓舞,因为日本最高法院在安全事项上曾多次顺从政府。因此,法政大学的山口教授表示,在安倍接下来试图推动国会持配套立法之际,只有依靠反对党来发起挑战。“我们将继续斗争,”他说。来 /201407/309872

  Is fat really an electoral issue?肥胖真的影响竞选吗?Even before Bridgegate and questions around his conservative credentials began to erode Chris Christie’s poll numbers, his weight was a point of contention in discussions about whether the New Jersey governor would make a credible presidential nominee.甚至在桥门事Bridgegate)之前,在针对克里斯·克里斯Chris Christie)保守政绩的质疑开始影响他的持人数之前,这位新泽西州长的体重已经是他能否成为总统候选人的讨论焦点。Back in 2012, Barbara Walters asked Mr. Christie whether “you couldn’t be president because you’re too heavy?And in a Rutgers-Eagleton Poll released in February, 53 percent of New Jersey voters found that he did not have the “right lookto be president despite the fact that he had lost significant amounts of weight after lap-band surgery in 2013.2012年,芭芭拉·沃尔特Barbara Walters)问克里斯蒂“你是否会因为太胖而无法成为总统”。今月发布的拉特格斯-伊格尔顿民意调查(Rutgers-Eagleton Poll)发现3%的新泽西投票人认为,克里斯蒂没有总统的“样子”——尽管他013年接受胃束带手术后,体重已经下降了很多。But while that in turn gave way to all sorts of editorializing about whether the ed States was a fattist country, and so on, it turns out that the weight thing, when it comes to political campaigns, is not in fact solely an American question.由此出现了各种社论,讨论美国究竟是不是世界上最胖的国家。不过,事实明,在政治竞选中,体重不只是美国独有的问题。It has popped up in Britain, too. And as its electoral cycle kicked off last week, when Prime Minister David Cameron officially asked the Queen to dissolve Parliament, it was front and center, thanks to an interview Mr. Cameron gave to The Times of London, in which it was revealed that he had lost 13 pounds in three months by renouncing peanuts and cookies and cutting down on carbs.这个问题也出现在英国。上周,英国首相戴维·卡梅David Cameron)正式提请女王解散议会,启动大选。体重问题成为当时的一个焦点。卡梅伦在接受伦敦《泰晤士报The Times)采访时称,通过不吃花生和饼干、减少碳水化合物的摄入,他在三个月里减了13磅。This came after an earlier pledge to lose weight made in January on B Radio Sussex, in which the prime minister called his efforts to slim down “a great patriotic struggle.”今月,首相卡梅伦在B萨塞克斯电台节目中发誓减肥,说自己的减肥是“伟大的爱国行动”。And it was followed by praise for Chancellor George Osborne’s previous and significant weight loss, achieved by going on the 5:2 diet (the one made popular by the Jennifers Aniston and Lopez in which you eat what you want for five days, and then effectively fast for two).之前,财政大臣乔治·奥斯本(George Osborne)通过5:2减肥法(随心所欲吃五天,然后有效禁食两天,这种方法因被詹妮弗·安妮斯顿[Jennifer Aniston]和詹妮弗·洛佩兹[Jennifer Lopez]采纳而广为流行)明显减轻体重,获得人们的赞扬。As the race to become the next prime minister begins two years of Western electoral cycles, with Canada expected to go to the polls later this year, America about to descend into a 16-month race that began last month with the Ted Cruz declaration, and France gearing up for its 2017 election, the weight card is shaping up pun intended into something of a modern strategic tool. At least (and this is particularly interesting) among the men.英国首相选举拉开了西方国家两年大选期的序幕:加拿大有望在今年晚些时候开始投票;上个月,特德·克鲁Ted Cruz)宣布参加美国总统选举,标志着为期16个月的美国大选开始;法国正在017年大选做准备。“体重牌”正成为一种现代战略手段。至少在男竞选人当中是这样(这一点特别有趣)。In 2012, part of Fran#231;ois Hollande’s pre-election makeover involved a public promise to diet (one of his less flattering nicknames was “Flanby and a subsequent 15-kilogram (33-pound) weight loss. In 2006, Mike Huckabee, a potential candidate from Arkansas, actually published a diet book, “Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork.Jeb Bush has revealed he follows the Paleo diet. Such history would suggest that where Mr. Cameron has gone this time around, all three may soon follow. (Mr. Huckabee, who has gained a fair amount of girth in the last few years, certainly has opportunity here.)2012年,弗朗索瓦·奥朗Fran#231;ois Hollande)的预选策略包括公开承诺减肥(他的一个不太好听的绰号是“Flanby牌焦糖布丁”),后来他减了15公斤006年,阿肯色州潜在总统候选人迈克·赫卡Mike Huckabee)出版了一本减肥书——《不要再用刀叉自掘坟墓了Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork)。杰布·布什(Jeb Bush)曾透露他采用旧石器时代饮食Paleo diet)。这样的历史表明,既然卡梅伦能实现诺言,这三个人可能很快也会减肥成功(在过去几年里,赫卡比的腰围已经减了不少,他肯定能成功)。Fitness, for obvious reasons, has always been part of the leadership arsenal, with the workout photo op seeming almost de rigueur, be it jogging (Bill Clinton, Mr. Cameron); golf or basketball (Barack Obama); or hunting (Vladimir Putin). But the public discussion of executive waistline issues is a relatively new development. And presumably a calculated one.显然,健身始终是展示领导能力的武器,发布锻炼照片几乎是常规做法,不管是跑步(比尔·克林顿[Bill Clinton]、卡梅伦);打高尔夫球或打篮球(巴拉克·奥巴马[Barack Obama]);还是打猎(弗拉基米尔·普京[Vladimir Putin])。不过,公众对国家领袖腰围的讨论是相对较新的发展——很可能是一个蓄意策划的发展。Party leaders need to use every tool at their disposal, including personal weight battles. At least judging by how it is working in Britain.政党领袖需要利用自己能够配的所有手段,包括个人减肥。至少,目前看来,这种手段在英国有用。After all, one of the biggest complaints about Mr. Cameron is that he is part of the old-boy network: a former member of Oxford University’s exclusive Bullingdon Club and hence too removed from the experience of average Britons to be able to understand their concerns. Admitting to a shared human weakness (and on the human weakness scale, a yen for fatty food is relatively harmless) serves to render him accessible. He can relate. Your problems are his problems.毕竟,民众对卡梅伦最大的一项不满在于,他是老伙伴关系网中的一员:他曾参加牛津大学极度排外的布灵顿俱乐Bullingdon Club),因此与普通英国人的生活离得太远,无法理解他们关注的东西。承认自己有一个人类共同的弱点(在人类弱点的天平上,喜欢吃油腻食物相对无害)能让他显得更可亲近。他跟你有关系。你的问题也是他的问题。Paired with Mr. Cameron’s admission in Woman amp; Home magazine that his wife, Samantha, buys his clothes for him, the diet discussion casts the Tory leader pretty neatly as a regular Joe.卡梅伦接受《妇女与家庭Woman amp; Home)杂志采访时承认,他的衣都是妻子萨曼Samantha)买的。再加上关于减肥的讨论,让这位托利党领袖看起来很像普通人。A regular Joe who has (this is key) won the battle. Stuck to his plan. Did what he said he would do. Exercised discipline. And otherwise exemplified qualities that are generally considered desirable in a leader. Especially one engaged in justifying an austerity drive.一个能战胜自己(这是关键)的普通人、坚持计划、实践承诺、严于律己。这些优秀品质通常是人们希望在领导人身上看到的,尤其是对一个推行紧缩政策的领导人来说。Indeed, it is probably not a coincidence that the political weight stories are all success stories.具有政治用意的减肥故事都以成功告终——这很可能不是巧合。Just as it is probably not a coincidence that the one thing that is never mentioned regarding a female candidate, be it Hillary Clinton or Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party or Marine Le Pen, is her weight. Clothes and hair are fair game, it seems, but weight is the off-limits topic.人们从来不提女候选人的体重——不管是希拉釷克林顿(Hillary Clinton)、苏格兰民族Scottish National Party)的妮古拉·斯特Nicola Sturgeon),还是玛丽娜·勒庞(Marine Le Pen)——这很可能也不是巧合。谈论她们的装和发型似乎还算公平,但体重是禁忌话题。Indeed, when the Christie-poundage brouhaha began, there was some Twitter noise about the discrepancy (“Just wondering why the press always makes an issue of Chris Christie’s weight but never mentions Hillary’s ampleness?shannon allen @usacsmret), but it never found any real traction. Weight is so bound up in classic questions of gender discrimination, identity and eating disorders that no one dares go there. (Except, maybe, Susie Orbach.)的确,当关于克里斯蒂体重的争吵开始时,有些人在Twitter上质疑这种差别待遇(“只是不明白为什么媒体总是讨论克里斯·克里斯蒂的体重,却从不提希拉里的丰满?”shannon allen@usacsmret),不过,这样的质疑从来没有引起很大反响。体重问题太容易触发性别歧视、身份和饮食紊乱等老生常谈,所以没人敢碰(当然,也许除了苏茜·奥巴赫[Susie Orbach])。Unless the subject is a man.除非谈论对象是男人。We go on and on about how unfair it is to women in positions of authority that their fashion statements are endlessly discussed and dissected, as opposed to their vocal statements (though I would say the two are related).权势女人的装风格总是被没完没了地讨论和剖析,而她们的主张却没有引起那么多关注(虽然我认为这两者是相关的)——我们经常抱怨这样的不公平。Yet here is a case of appearance-centric talk that is men-only. And it is a discussion that has been started largely by the candidates themselves, to their own ends. Which is why I would guess it is going to continue.围绕外貌的讨论仅限于对男士。这些讨论大多是候选人自己发起的,是为了实现他们自己的利益。所以我觉得这种情况还会继续。At least if Mr. Cameron comes out on top on May 7. After all, Jim Messina, one of the masterminds of President Obama’s 2012 re-election, is working with the Cameron team. He’s going to be looking for another candidate to coach soon enough. This may give him something to chew on.至少如果5日卡梅伦获胜的话,情况还会是如此。毕竟,目前卡梅伦团队中有吉姆·梅西纳(Jim Messina),他曾是巴拉克·奥巴马2012年第二次竞选总统时的主要策划者之一。如果卡梅伦获胜,他很快将再找一位候选人进行指导。这是他大做文章的一件事。来 /201504/371233


  China has launched an investigation into Volkswagen as the diesel emissions scandal engulfing the German carmaker reached the worlds biggest car market. 笼罩在大众汽Volkswagen)头上的柴油车尾气造假丑闻蔓延至中国这个全球最大的汽车市场,中国有关部门已对这家德国汽车制造商展开调查。The environmental protection ministry said on Monday that it was ;highly concerned; about the issue. However, it added that an initial investigation revealed that only 1,900 imported VW cars included the so-called defeat devices designed to fool emissions tests. 中国环保部周一表示,对这一事件高度重视。但该部又表示,初步调查结果显示,中国只900余辆进口大众汽车搭载了旨在欺骗尾气检测的所谓“减效装置defeat device)。It said VWs locally produced vehicles, which account for the bulk of its sales in the carmakers biggest single market, were not affected. 中国环保部称,大众在华生产的汽车没有受到影响。中国是大众最大的市场,中国市场销售的汽车中有很大一部分是大众品牌的汽车。VW said on Monday that it was recalling 1,950 imported diesel vehicles in China in order to ;correct the engine software;. 大众周一表示,将在中国市场召950辆进口柴油车,以“修正发动机控制软件”;After the internal evaluation Volkswagen is now working full speed on a technical solution,; it said, adding that ;all vehicles are technically safe and roadworthy;. 该公司称:“内部评估完成后,大众汽车目前正在全力开发相应的技术解决方案。”它还表示:“所有车辆在技术上均安全可靠,完全适合上路行驶。”The German car company is in the midst of a global recall of 11m cars that were fitted with illegal software to cheat emissions tests by regulators. 这家德国汽车制造商正在全球召回1100万辆安装了非法软件欺骗监管机构尾气排放检测的汽车。While diesel is widely used in China to power trucks, the vast majority of cars sold in the country run on petrol. 尽管中国的卡车普遍使用柴油发动机,但在中国市场销售的绝大部分乘用车是以汽油为动力的。John Zeng, an analyst with LMC Automotive in Shanghai, said he expected VW to ;have some PR issues; but not much material impact given that its diesel sales in China are tiny. 上海LMC Automotive分析师曾志凌(John Zeng)表示,他预期大众将“遭遇一些公关问题”,但鉴于它在中国销售的柴油车数量很少,它不会受到太多实质性影响。He added that VW would be cushioned from reputational blows because its production and sales are managed through joint ventures with SAIC and FAW, two state-owned vehicle companies. 曾志凌补充称,大众在华的生产和销售是由其与两家国有车企上SAIC)和一FAW)组建的合资企业管理的,因此其声誉受到的冲击会有所减轻。VW on Monday said it wanted to ;sincerely apologise; to its customers and would do ;everything humanly possible to win back trust and take care of any concerns;, noting that ;Volkswagen has been at home in China for more than 30 years;. 大众周一表示,它对客户“深表歉意”,“会尽一切努力重新获得客户的信任,并帮助消除他们的各种疑虑”,该公司还指出“大众汽车根植中国市场三十余年”。来 /201510/403000

  North Korea is to establish its own time zone to celebrate its liberation from Japanese rule 70 years ago, state media said on Friday.朝鲜官方媒体周五表示,为庆祝摆脱日本统治70周年,朝鲜将设立自己的时区。The change will reverse Japan’s intervention in 1912, two years after annexing Korea, when it moved the colony’s clocks forward by 30 minutes to bring it in line with Tokyo time.此举912年日本对朝鲜标准时间的干预刚好相反912年,吞并朝鲜半岛已两年的日本,将它这块殖民地的标准时间拨0分钟,以与东京时间一致。“The wicked Japanese imperialists committed even such unpardonable crimes as depriving Korea of even its standard time while mercilessly trampling down its land with 5,000 year-long history and culture,said a decree from the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly, North Korea’s parliament, according to state media.朝鲜官方媒体表示,朝鲜最高人民会议常任委员会(Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly)颁布法令称:“邪恶的日本帝国主义犯下了不可饶恕的罪行,无情践踏朝鲜拥000年历史和文化的国土,甚至剥夺了朝鲜的标准时间。”It said the country would revert to “Pyongyang timeon August 15. North Korea celebrates this as the day in 1945 when its first leader Kim Il Sung completed his conquest of the Japanese occupiers although the consensus among foreign historians is that he was brought to North Korea by occupying Soviet forces more than a month later.法令称,朝鲜将在85日回归“平壤时间”。朝鲜此举是为了纪念1945年的85日,那一天朝鲜民主主义人民共和国的首位领导人金日Kim Il Sung)击败了日本占领者。The time zone change follows North Korea’s adoption in 1997 of the “Juche calendarnamed after Kim Il Sung’s signature ideology which numbers years according to a system that begins with Kim’s birth in 1912.1997年,朝鲜开始采用“主体”纪年,以金日成出生912年为“主体元年”去年5月朝鲜与日本关系的试探性改善如今已陷入停滞。来 /201508/391380。



  Moscow (CNN)Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared in public Monday for the first time in about 10 da ys as he met with Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.( CNN )俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔普京首次出现在公众面前,他周一在圣彼得堡会见了吉尔吉斯斯坦总统阿尔玛兹别克。Putin isnt generally one to shy away from the limelight posing with a (tranquilized) tiger, riding a horse while shirtless, earning a karate black belt.普京一般不介意成为各类焦点的中比如,同一只温的老虎一起拍照,光着膀子骑赢取空手道黑腰带。So his unexplained absence fueled speculation about his health, grip on power and even his love life.所以,他毫无缘由的消失于公众的视野中,让人们对他的健康,他的权力掌控,甚至他的爱情生活产生了怀疑。Although the Kremlin and the Russian state media released photos and footage of Putin last week, they did not quell the rumors about his whereabouts, because it was unclear when they were taken.即使克里姆林宫和俄罗斯联邦媒体上周发布了普京的照片和视频片段,仍然无法压制有关他行踪的传闻,因为这些信息并不明朗。So all eyes were turned to St. Petersburg on Monday for Putins scheduled meeting with Atambayev of Kyrgyzstan.所以,所有的眼睛都在关注着普京在圣彼得堡与乌兹别克斯坦总统阿尔玛兹别克的会面。His appearance before the press, looking healthy and relaxed, should help put some of the rumors at least to rest.他出现在公共媒体,看起来健康和轻松,应该有助于在某种程度上平息一些谣言。And he made light of his absence, saying: ;It would be boring without gossip.;不过,他看起来满不在乎,并且说:;如果没有谣言就太无聊了;In another sign Putin has a firm hand on the tiller. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said the President h ad ordered Russias Northern Fleet to be placed on full combat alert from Monday morning for snap check: Russias state-run Tass news agency reported.另一个普京依然牢牢掌权的信号俄罗斯国营塔斯社新闻报道,国防部长谢尔盖邵谊伊古说,总统已经命令北方防舰队从周一早晨开始进入完全的战斗警戒状态,准备接受检査。The checks are intended to test the fleets capacity to ensure Russias military security in the Arctic, Tass said. Also on alert are Russias Western Military District and certain airborne units, with some 38 ,000 military personnel involved in total.塔斯社说,这次险査是测试舰队的能力以确保俄罗斯在北冰洋的军事安全。同时进行测试的还有俄罗斯西部军区和空降部队,共8000名军事人员参与。What is going on?接下来呢?Heres what gave some doubters grist for the rumor mill: On Friday -- three days before the scheduled meeting -- a Russian state media broadcaster prematurely aired a report that Putin had a meeting with Atambayev -- although the event had not yet occurred.下面这些就是怀疑者曾经的依据:周五——会面开始前三天——一名俄罗斯国家媒体播音员提前发布报道,称普京已与阿尔玛兹别克会面——虽然当时事情还未发生。The station acknowledged the error, but it only heightened the speculation over Putin and his whereabouts.媒体承认了错误,但是,却炒热了对普京地处何处的怀疑。Social media has been swirling with questions, with hashtags such as #Putindead and #putinmissing. Was he ill? Was he holed away somewhere with his girlfriend and a new baby, as some in the European media speculated? There were even dark rumors of a palace coup in which various Kremlin factions vying for power might have ousted him.社会媒体推波助澜,提出普京可能已经死亡或失踪。他可能生病了。一些欧洲媒体推测,他可能带着女朋友和一个新生儿隐居到山洞里。甚至有人怀疑发生了政变,一些追逐权力的派系推翻了他。The Kremlin vigorously denied that anything was amiss, with Putins spokesman saying the President was healthy and that his handshake ;can break a hand.;克里姆林宫坚决否认任何有关普京出现不测的传闻,普京发言人说,总统很健康,他握手时;能捏爆别人的手掌;But his absence came at an uneasy time as the country deals with economic turmoil and strained international relations over the war in Ukraine.但是,在他露面时,俄罗斯并不平静,国家正在应对经济危机和因乌克兰战争带来的国际关系困境;Does Putin ever catch a cold? Does he ever get sick? The Kremlin doesnt want to allow Putins image of virility and strength to become tarnished by the weaknesses of mere humans,; CNN analyst Frida Ghitis wrote.CNN分析家弗里达吉提斯写道,;普京曾经感冒了?他曾经患病了?克里姆林宫并不想让普京硬汉的形象变成一个虚弱的男人形象;;Putin rules in the old-fashioned style of a personality cult. The system requires propaganda and image control. It needs Putin to be larger than life.;普京用旧的个人崇拜的方式统治国家。这需要政治宣传和形象掌控。这要求普京比普通人更强大Moscow always has been a center for rumors;莫斯科总是谣言的中;Last week, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov sought to allay questions, telling Russian radio station Echo of Moscow that people should not worry and that Putin was ;absolutely; healthy.上周,总统发言人德米特釷佩斯科夫试图缓解这些担心,他告诉莫斯科的俄罗斯回声电视台,人们不应该担心,普京非常健康;No need to worry, everything is all right. He has working meetings all the time, only not all of these meetings are public,; Peskov said Thursday.佩斯科夫周四说,;别担心,一切安奀?他整天都在工作,不是只有这些公开的会面;He also dismissed European media reports that Putin had a love child.他也无视了欧洲媒体关于普京有一个新生儿的报道;I am going to ask people who have money to organize a contest on the best media rumor,; the Kremlin spokesman said.这位克里姆林宫发言人说;我想问下,到底是谁在出钱制造了这些媒体流言;Rumblings about Putin began last week after a meeting in the Kazakh capital, Astana, between the Russian leader and the presidents of Kazakhstan and Belarus was postponed at short notice. A Kazakh official told Reuters that Putin had fallen ill.这些流言是从上周普京在哈萨克斯坦首都阿斯塔纳与哈萨克斯坦和白俄罗斯总统的会见被短暂延期后开始的。当时,一名哈萨克斯坦官员告诉路透社,普京病了。On Thursday, he missed his meeting with the Federal Security Service, Russias counterintelligence agency.周四,他缺席了俄罗斯联邦安全局的会议,这是俄罗斯的情报部门。Putins last public appearance was supposedly on March 8, International Womens Day. But some keeping track say he hadnt been seen since even earlier -- March 5.普京最后一次公开露面可能日国际妇女节。但是,一些线索表明,他在更早日开始就不再露面了。In the course of his many years in power, Putin has cultivated the image of a strong and vigorous leader. His exploits, captured on film and released to the media, have been many.在多年的掌权过程中,普京给公众创造了一种硬汉形象。他被影像捕捉的和发布到媒体的各类壮举,数不胜数。And he enjoys a whopping 86% approval rating, although some critics question the validity of polling they say is carried out in a climate where people are afraid to voice opposition to Putins government.他的持率高达恐怖的86%,虽然有一些批评家质疑,投票的准确性在人们害怕反对普京政权的整体气氛中被扭曲;Moscow always has been a center for rumors and speculation,; said Jill Dougherty, an expert on Russia at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and a former CNN correspondent. ;As soon as the President does not show up, which is really kind of rare for him, people begin to question.威尔逊国际研究中心的俄罗斯专家和前CNN记者吉尔多尔蒂说,;莫斯科总是谣言和炒作的中心;只要总统没有露面,虽然这对他很罕见,人们就开始乱猜了;You have to look at this in terms of, why all of this insanity? And one of the problems is, people are very nervous, legitimately. Where is Putin? Is he in charge?;;你不得不想,为什么这些人像疯子一样?一个主要问题是,人们通常容易紧张,比如,普京在哪?他还在掌控权力吗?; /201503/364970

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