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With summers getting hotter every year, keeping your armpits dry is quite the challenge. While many of use still rely on deodorants, the quirky Japanese have come up with a high-tech alternative worthy of their reputation for crazy inventions – clip-on armpit fans.如今夏天一年比一年热,要保持腋窝干爽是个相当大的挑战。许多人还在依赖除臭剂,另类的日本人已经想出了一种高科技替代品,一个名副其实的疯狂发明——夹在腋下的风扇。Developed by Japanese gadget maker Thanko, the Waki no Shita Kura (Japanese for Under the Armpit Cooling Device) is a small fan that clips to your sleeve to deliver cooling blasts of air to your armpits.由日本小型装置制造商Thanko开发,Waki no Shita Kura(该腋下降温装置的日语发音)是一个可以夹在袖子上的小风扇,把阵阵凉风吹到你的腋下。The device is powered by three AAA batteries and can keep your armpits nice and dry for five to nine hours, depending on which of the three speeds you use. If you want to stay cool for longer you can connect the fan to your PC or a separately purchased battery pack with the included micro USB cable.该装置由三节AAA电池供电,可以保持腋下五到九小时的干爽,持续时间长短取决于你对三种风力大小的选择。如果你想保持更长时间的干爽,可以将其连接到笔记本电脑上,或者连接到单独购买的蓄电池组上,该电池组包含了数据线。Thanko claims the armpit fans are very light (30g/1 oz) and silent enough to use even in a crowded, so you shouldn#39;t have to worry about attracting unwanted attention with your buzzing armpits.Thanko宣称腋下风扇非常轻巧(重30g或1盎司),并且即使在拥挤的人群中使用也足够静音,所以你不必担心嗡嗡作响的腋窝会引起不必要的注意。The fan is also very small (60 x 65 x 15mm) and thanks to the clip-on design it can also cool your chest area: just clip it to the front of your shirt and it will keep your torso and neck dry.这个风扇也很迷你(60×65×15mm),而且多亏其可夹式设计,它还可以为你的胸部降温:只需将其夹在你的衬衫前面,就能保持躯干和颈部的干爽。Japan Trend Shop has the Thanko Under the Armpit Cooling Device priced at , but you#39;ll probably need to buy two of them, unless you#39;re planning on alternatively using it on your armpits. So on a device that probably works. I#39;d say deodorant is the safer and cheaper choice, but then again this thing is worth it just for the novelty of it.日本新奇物品商店将Thanko的腋下降温装置定价为24美元,不过你可能需要买两个,除非你打算在两边的腋下交替使用一个。所以花费48美元购买这个装置还是可行的。我想说除臭剂是更安全、更便宜的选择,但话说回来,仅为其新奇性购买这个小物件也是值得的。When it comes to weird Japanese inventions, I#39;d say the armpit fan is pretty low on the list, at least compared to other wacky inventions we#39;ve featured throughout the years. Let#39;s remember this creepy hugging chair for the lonely, the speech jammer that stops people from talking or this creepy facial exercising device that Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn#39;t even use, even though he was supposed to promote it. Oh, and I had almost forgot the Necomimi, wearable cat ears and tail controlled by brainwaves.说到日本的奇葩发明,我觉得腋下风扇简直是小巫见大巫,至少与我们多年来精选的其他雷人发明相比还算正常。让我们回忆下:为孤独者发明的、令人毛骨悚然的拥抱椅,让人暂时闭嘴的弹话,或那个可怕的面部锻炼神器,即使该为其做宣传,克里斯蒂亚诺#8226;罗纳尔多都不愿使用。哦,我差点忘了猫的秘密(智能意念猫耳朵),戴上以后猫耳朵和尾巴将受到脑电波的控制。 /201607/455611

  45 seconds. One billion viewers. Oscar winners are given one of the largest platforms in the world for public speech. Here are some tips for how to write good acceptance speech.The Napkin(1) SpeechA repugnant(2) form of false modesty somehow the winners always end up pulling out some chicken scratch speech written on a lottery ticket or coaster(3). "Forgive me," one 2006 winner said, "I wrote this on my valet parking ticket(4)." I, for one, won't forgive you or anyone else who fumbles(5) for a piece of scrap paper and then mumbles incoherently(6) until the orchestra(7) starts playing. Where's your sense of show?Thanking Your AgentIf you don't thank everyone at CAA you might as well take that shovel from the hands of the golden statue and start digging your own grave. Or at least that's the common thought. Nowadays, people just rattle off(8) a bunch of studio heads. I say if you're going to give us a laundry list of names, at least out your 4th grade English teacher along the way, as Tom Hanks once did.When to pull out the tearsThis is a tough one. Tears can be moving or just plain distracting. It's all in the timing, so never cry before reaching the podium(9). Sniffling(10) is acceptable, and wiping tears is downright(11) encouraged, but if one of the presenters has to help you off stage, then your performance has gone too far. Also, and this is important, the supporting actor or actress should never cry. They're receiving an Oscar for being supportive, not for being a blubbery mess.Be Yourself, Even if That Self is ShallowWhen Cher won an Oscar for her role in "Moonstruck," she received a lot of flack(12) for showering her makeup artist, hairdresser, and assistant with thanks, while failing to mention her co-stars or director. While this may have been politically incorrect, at least she said what was on her mind, which is something that has been absent from Oscar speeches of recent memory.Never Underestimate the Appeal of Your MotherThanking your mom is a must. It's the only person to thank really. And talking about the sacrifices she made is even better. If she's in the audience, have her stand up. If this seems excessive, keep in mind that David Letterman has made a living off of exploiting his innocent mother on air.Phrases to avoid"Wow, this thing is heavy." Talk about the world's smallest violin. You just won an academy award, and the first thing you do is complain about how difficult it is to hold?"The list is too long." How many people want to be one in a long list of many? You might as well just thank "the little people.""The gold boy" This just sounds wrong. Isn't the nickname Oscar cute enough?"The man with the stick" This impolite term for conductor was coined by Julia Roberts. 45秒,一百万观众。奥斯卡获奖者能够登上世界上最宏大的演讲台。这里有一些写好获奖感言的建议。破纸片感言有些获奖者总是错误地表现自己的谦虚,当众拿出一张奖券或者杯子垫,上面写着蛛蛛爬般的感言。2006年一位获奖者说:“不好意思,我写在汽车罚款单上了。” 我不会原谅他或者任何获奖者摸索出一张破纸,吾吾地哼唧到音乐响起。您有没有点表演感?感谢你的公司如果你不感谢每位CAA人员,就如同接过小金人手中的铲子自掘坟墓。这是常识。如今,人们只是快速地背诵一连串工作室老板的名字。要我说,如果你真的要给出一箩筐人名,至少要参考Tom Hanks的感言,也说说四年级的英语老师。何时挥泪这点很难掌握。挥好了是感动,挥不好就只能让观众觉得迷惑。关键是何时挥,千万不要还没上台泪先洒。抽泣不错,能流出眼泪就更好了,但如果哭到需要人搀扶才能下台就过火了。还有一点也很重要,获奖配角不要哭。配角因为搭配优秀而获奖,而不是因为哭得一团糟。本色发言,即便本色很肤浅Cher凭借电影《Moonstruck》获奖发表感言后声名远扬,因为她感谢了化妆师,发型师和助理却没提合作明星和导演。虽然她犯了政策性错误,但至少说了真心话,这在近年的奥斯卡颁奖感言中很少见了。永远不要忽视妈妈感谢母亲是必须的,因为这是唯一一个真正应该感谢的。如果能说说她为你所作的牺牲就更好了。如果她在场,让她起身示意。如果你觉得这有些多余,看看David Letterman,他无辜的妈妈总被他拉上节目。需要避免的语言“喔,这东西真沉。”你在说世界上最小的小提琴么?你刚刚赢得一项奥斯卡大奖,要做的第一件事情就是抱怨拿着它有多困难?“名单真长啊。” 你知道有多少人想成为长名单中的一员么?不如你只感谢“小人”一个算了。“金男孩”。这听上去可不怎么样。难道Oscar这个昵称还不够可爱么?“拿棍儿的人”。这个对乐队指挥的戏称是Julia Roberts的专利。 /200805/39039

  The disruptive impact of artificial intelligence on jobs, law enforcement or healthcare could be enormous. 人工智能可能给职业、执法或医疗带来巨大的颠覆性影响。It raises concerns among politicians, regulators and society that the technology industry needs to address intelligently and flexibly. 这已经引发了政界人士、监管者及社会的担忧,科技行业需要灵活巧妙地解决这些担忧。Too often, however, the industry sees these intrusions as a threat to be brushed aside. 然而,更常见的情况是,科技行业将这些干预视为威胁而置之不理。It should not.这是不应该的。US technology groups, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM, have set up a non-profit body to work out how society could harness intelligent machines to its benefit, while keeping the risks in check.谷歌(Google)、Facebook、微软(Microsoft)、亚马逊(Amazon)及IBM五大美国科技集团成立了一家非盈利机构,以解决社会如何利用智能机器的好处、同时又保持风险可控的问题。Grandly titled as the Partnership on artificial intelligence to benefit people and society, it promises to conduct research into questions that surround artificial intelligence, such as ethics, and develop ways to make the technology more understandable.被冠以人工智能造福人类和社会合作组织(Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society)之名,该机构承诺对围绕人工智能的问题进行研究,例如道德伦理以及寻找方法让技术更易于被理解。One does not have to be a believer in some dystopian future to recognise the benefits of such research. 就算你不是反乌托邦主义者也会认识到此类研究的好处。The landscape is dotted with signs of what happens when clever algorithms are left to their own devices, from the self-driving Tesla car that crashed to Microsoft’s out-of-control chatbot on Twitter.我们已经多次看到当人们让聪明的算法自己操控设备时会发生什么——从特斯拉(Tesla)自动驾驶汽车撞毁,到微软聊天机器人在Twitter上失控。A recent study found that 60 per cent of those surveyed think that intelligent machines would lead to fewer jobs within a decade.最近的一项研究发现,60%的受访者认为,智能机器将在10年内导致工作岗位减少。The industry is fast overcoming the technical obstacles around artificial intelligence. 科技业正在迅速克人工智能领域的技术障碍。Technology experts in a report argued that our lives will soon be shaped by machine-learning algorithms. 技术专家们在一份报告中称,不久以后,我们的生活将被机器学习算法所改变。Rather than superhuman robots, we should expect more precise health diagnostics and predictive regulating. 我们应该期待的是更精准的医疗诊断和预测性监管,而非超人机器人。These changes can have profound positive impacts, experts say, but can also lead to disruptions in how human labour is augmented or replaced. 专家表示,这些变化可能将带来深远、积极的影响,但也可能导致人类劳动力获得补充或被取代的方式出现混乱。The pace of new developments and their direction therefore highlight the urgency to respond to public concerns.因此,人工智能新进展的速度和方向凸显了回应公众担忧的紧迫性。What is less clear is that the right entity to regulate the direction of development is an industry body. 不太确定的一点是,一个行业组织是否是监管人工智能发展方向的合适实体。True, tech companies have a deep understanding of the scope of artificial intelligence and its pace. 没错,科技公司对人工智能的发展空间及速度有更深入的理解。But it would be naive to think that those with a direct stake in the technology can be immune from commercial interests or from the gung-ho enthusiasm of their research teams.但认为那些与这一技术有直接利害关系的公司能够不受商业利益或研究团队的狂热影响的想法也是天真的。The tech industry likes to regard itself as the future, with governments and rival industries mired in the past. 科技业喜欢把自身视作未来,而政府和对手行业代表着守旧。They are, with justification, worried that misinformed regulation would slow down investment in start-ups that focus on artificial intelligence.他们有理由担心,错误的监管将阻碍对人工智能初创企业的投资。But turning their back on policymakers is not an option. 但对政策制定者不理不睬并不是一种选择。Clearly, public opinion demands external oversight of new developments. 显然,公众舆论要求对这些新进展进行外部监督。In its absence, an industry-led regulator would only fuel a perception that tech titans are devising the rules that would suit their own interests.在缺乏外部监督的情况下,行业牵头的监管机构只会让人们更加相信,科技巨头们正在制定符合自身利益的规则。There are examples of groups that have successfully bridged the divide between those in technology and government. 已经有一些组织成功弥合了科技公司与政府之间分歧的例子。The UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority for instance has dealt with the ethical dilemmas raised by an emerging technology. 例如,英国的人类生育和胚胎学(Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority)负责处理相关新兴技术带来的道德困境。What artificial intelligence needs is a similar but independent public-private partnership that could not only address concerns but also allow policymakers to start preparing for the future.人工智能领域需要的是一个类似但独立的公私合作组织,这样不仅可以化解担忧,还可以让政策制定者开始为未来做好准备。Artificial intelligence opens up immense possibilities. 人工智能开启了无限的可能性。If we want to share the benefits the technology brings to society, it is too important for politicians to hold it back. 如果我们要分享这项技术给社会带来的好处,由政治家来对它加以控制非常重要。The tech industry has a critical role to play but, for it to be effective, it should work with government rather than against it.科技业可以发挥关键作用,但要收到实效,行业应该与政府合作,而非对抗。 /201610/470820。


  Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla Motors, brushed aside criticisms of corporate over-reach and conflicts of interest yesterday on Monday as he unveiled an agreement to pay .6bn in stock for SolarCity, the solar power company where he is also chairman.特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)首席执行官埃伦#8226;马斯克(Elon Musk)周一没有理会有关企业伸手过长和利益冲突的批评,他公布了一项协议,将用价值26亿美元的股票收购由他担任董事长的太阳能发电公司SolarCity。The electric car and space entrepreneur drew criticism when he first publicly proposed a deal in June, including from Wall Street analysts who have usually been among the biggest boosters of his hugely ambitious ventures.今年6月,这位电动汽车和航天企业家首次公开提议这笔交易,引发外界批评,包括通常对他雄心勃勃的计划最为持的华尔街分析师们。The attempt to create what Mr Musk described as the first vertically-integrated sustainable energy conglomerate has drawn widesp scepticism. Analysts continued to question yesterday wether the deal would distract Tesla at one of the most important moments in its history, as it tries to overcome a spate of production problems and massively increase its car production.创建马斯克所称的首家垂直整合的可持续能源综合企业的尝试,招致了广泛批评。分析人士昨日继续质疑这笔交易是否将在特斯拉史上最重要的时刻之一分散其注意力,该公司正努力解决一系列生产问题,以便大规模增加汽车产量。Given Mr Musk’s personal stake of around 20 per cent in both companies, the offer also raised questions about whether he was using Tesla to bail out the struggling power company. whose shares had fallen by nearly two-thirds from a year ago. However, the hit that Mr Musk’s Tesla stock suffered when he suggested the deal has more than cancelled out his potential gain from selling SolarCity.鉴于马斯克个人在这两家公司的持股在20%左右,合并提议还让人怀疑他是否在利用特斯拉为这家步履维艰的太阳能发电公司纾困。SolarCity股价较一年前下跌近三分之二。然而,在马斯克提出这笔交易后特斯拉股价遭遇的重创,不止抵消了他从出售SolarCity中可能获得的好处。Addressing accusations of personal conflicts, Mr Musk described media critics as “silly buggers, honestly”. Keeping the two companies separate as they tried to integrate their solar power and electric storage products would create more conflicts of interest than merging them, he said.马斯克回应了关于个人利益冲突的指责,他将媒体人士称为“蠢货,坦率地说”。他说,在这两家公司努力整合太阳能发电和电力存储产品之际,让它们独立运营将比合并它们产生更多的利益冲突。But investors remained underwhelmed by the idea, with Tesla shares dropping 2 per cent when trading opened on Monday. SolarCity’s shares also fell, losing 6.25 per cent after it agreed to an exchange ratio of 0.11 of a Tesla share for each share in the solar company, below the ratio of 0.122-0.131 that Mr Musk had first suggested in June.但投资者依然对这一想法不以为然,特斯拉股票在周一开盘交易时下跌2%。SolarCity股价也出现了下跌,在同意以本公司每股置换0.11股特斯拉股票之后下跌6.25%——这一置换比率低于马斯克最初在6月提议的0.122-0.131倍的比率。The deal also needs the approval of a majority of shareholders on both sides, with Mr Musk agreeing not to vote his shares.该交易还需获得两家公司多数股东的批准,马斯克同意不会用自己的股份进行投票。 /201608/457848Buddy is a sleeping beauty: Reddish brown, he's usually asleepon his back, snoring loudly with his large tongue lolling out.He was wide-awake Monday, though, when he was crowned winner of a "Beautiful Bulldog" contest."He doesn't have a good stamina to him ... he's been laying around all winter," said George DuBois from Ankeny, Iowa, who owns Buddy with his wife, Cindy. "Just in the last 10, 15 days we've done some walking. We've been getting in shape for this."Buddy was among 50 bulldogs from mostly Midwestern states who came to compete. The contest was among events leading up to the Drake Relays, one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious track and field competitions."I'm so excited. I didn't think he had what it took to get it," said Cindy DuBois.Buddy competed unadorned, unlike many of his rivals. They dressed up as fairy princesses, rock stars, cheerleaders, bumblebees and even Snow White and Mr. T.Bella Star of Elmwood, Ill., had her nails painted red and wore a Hawaiian lei, pink bikini top and a grass skirt. The skirt slipped off as she strutted down the "dogwalk" before the judges.Buddy panted heavily as he sat on his throne, getting used to his new crown and cape as photographers snapped his picture. On Saturday, he'll ride in a golf cart at Drake Stadium before about 18,000 spectators."I don't think he really wants attention all that much," said George DuBois. "He's just a rascal." 一身红棕毛的巴迪可是个名副其实的“睡美人”:他总是仰面朝天,拖着大舌头,呼呼大睡。但周一那天他很清醒,因为他夺得了“最靓斗牛犬选美大赛”的冠军。巴迪是来自艾奥瓦州安科尼市的乔治#8226;杜波伊斯和妻子辛蒂的爱犬。乔治说:“巴迪体力不好,整个冬天他几乎都在躺着。直到比赛前10天到15天,我们才带他出去遛了遛,主要是为比赛做准备。”今年的选美比赛共有50只斗牛犬参加,其中大多数来自美国中西部地区。该比赛拉开了德雷克大学接力赛的序幕,德雷克大学接力赛是美国最古老、最具名望的田径赛事之一。辛蒂说:“我太激动了。没想到他能拿冠军。”参赛的斗牛犬们有的打扮得像公主、有的像摇滚明星、有的像拉拉队队长、大黄蜂,有的甚至打扮成了白雪公主和Mr.T。而与其它参赛选手不同的是,巴迪几乎“未施粉黛”。来自伊利诺伊州艾尔姆伍德市的参赛选手贝拉#8226;斯塔尔涂着红指甲、头戴夏威夷花环,身穿粉色比基尼内衣和草裙。不过她在裁判面前秀“步”时,草裙不慎滑落。巴迪气喘吁吁地坐在冠军宝座上,头戴王冠、身穿披风,从容不迫地面对摄影师的镜头。他将于本周六乘坐一辆高尔夫球车进入德雷克体育馆,与约18000名观众见面。乔治说:“他肯定不愿受到这么多关注。他只不过是个淘气鬼。” /200804/36816

  A Windows 10 update has stopped many popular webcams from working.日前,Win 10系统的一次升级已经让许多网络摄像头停止了工作。The update, released earlier this month, stops many cameras being used for Skype or to broadcast and stream footage.在本月上旬发布的这次更新,使得许多摄像头既不能用于Skype网聊,也不能用来视频直播。The cause seems to be a change in the way Windows 10 handles . Microsoft said it was working on a fix but has not given any date for when the patch will be available.造成这一现象的原因似乎是因为Win 10系统处理视频的方式发生了改变。微软公司表示,他们正在修复这个问题,但是并没有给出补丁可以使用的日期。Soon after Windows Update 1607 was distributed in early August, many people started reporting webcam problems to Microsoft via its support site.自从8月上旬Win 10更新1607版本发布以来,许多人都开始通过网站向微软公司报告摄像头问题。The trouble affected both webcams connected via USB cables or on the same network and meant either that footage could not be streamed, or that images froze after a while.受这一问题影响的摄像头既包括用USB连接的设备,也包括同一网络里的摄像头,这意味着视频既不能播放,图像也不能正常显示。Analysis put the blame on changes to the encoding systems with which Windows 10 works.分析结果将这一问题归咎于Win 10系统视频编码系统的改变。The update ends support for two widely used encoding systems so it became possible for more than one application to use as it is being shot. Prior to the update Windows 10 only allowed one application access to a stream.Win 10持两个使用很广泛的视频编码系统,如此一来,在拍摄视频的时候就可以有多个软件来处理这个视频。在Win 10更新之前,一次只能运行一个软件处理视频。A Microsoft camera engineer who responded to complaints on the support th said the company had done ;a poor job; of letting people know about the change.一名微软摄像头工程师对网站上的批评抱怨做出了回应,他表示微软做得“很糟糕”,没能让用户知道这个改变。;We dropped the ball on that front, so I#39;d like to offer my apologies to you all,; he said.他说道:“在这件事上我们掉了链子,我想向大家道歉。”He added that Microsoft was working on a way to fix the problem and get webcams working again. The fix is likely to be released in September.他补充说道,目前微软正在寻找方法来修复这个问题,并让摄像头重新工作。修复补丁可能将会在9月份发布。Microsoft has yet to officially comment on the problem.微软公司目前尚未正式就此事作出。 /201608/463006






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