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US authorities have charged three Tianjin University professors and three other Chinese citizens with economic espionage, claiming that they stole sensitive US technology to help Chinese universities and government-controlled companies.美国有关部门已对包括天津大学三名教授在内的六名中国公民提出刑事控罪,指控他们从事经济间谍活动,称他们窃取敏感的美国技术以帮助中国的大学以及受政府控制的企业。One of the six defendants, Professor Hao Zhang, was arrested on Saturday when he arrived at Los Angeles International Airport to speak at a conference. The other suspects are still in China.六名被告之一的张浩教授在上周六抵达洛杉矶国际机场、准备在一个会议上发言时被逮捕。其他犯罪嫌疑人仍在中国。Mr Zhang and fellow professor Wei Pang are accused of stealing information about a technology used in smartphones, tablets and GPS devices from their US employers, Skyworks Solutions in Massachusetts andAvago Technologies in Colorado, respectively. The technology also has military applications.张浩和同校教授庞慰被指控从其美国雇主——分别是马萨诸塞州的思佳讯通讯技术公Skyworks Solutions)和科罗拉多州的安华高科技公司(Avago Technologies)——窃取应用在智能手机、平板电脑和GPS设备的一种技术的资料。这种技术也有军事用途。The charges represent the latest sign of the US ratcheting up pressure on China’s alleged efforts to spy on US companies and steal their trade secrets through cyber attacks or traditional espionage techniques.这些刑事指控是美国对中国加大压力的最新迹象,美方称,中国通过网络攻击或传统的间谍手法,对美国企业从事间谍活动,窃取它们的商业秘密。The charges follow the indictment of five Chinese soldiers in 2014 for cyber attacks and economic espionage on US companies. Tuesday’s announcement marks the 11th time that prosecutors have levelled economic espionage charges since the related law was passed in 1996.提出这些刑事指控之前,美方已014年对五名中国军人提出刑事控罪,指控他们对美国企业发动网络攻击和从事经济间谍活动。周二的消息标志着,自1996年通过相关法律以来,美国检方第11次提出经济间谍控罪。In 2014, a consultant called Walter Liew was found guilty of 22 counts of economic espionage for stealing information about how DuPont creates a white pigment found in paper and plastic products, to sell to a Chinese company.2014年,美籍华裔顾问刘元Walter Liew)被判22项经济间谍罪名成立,他被控窃取杜邦公DuPont)一种白色颜料的制造工艺,将其转卖给一家中国公司。In the latest case, the stolen trade secrets include recipes, source code, specifications, presentations, design layouts and other documents, according to the 32-count indictment that was recently unsealed.在最新的案子中,按照刚刚公布的包2项罪名的刑事起诉书,被窃取的商业秘密包括配方、源代码、规格、演示、设计布局和其他文件。An attorney for Mr Zhang did not respond to a request for comment. Skyworks and Avago were not immediately available for comment.张浩的一名律师没有回复记者的置评请求。记者一时联系不上思佳讯通讯技术公司和安华高科技公司的内部人员请其置评。Messrs Zhang and Pang met when they were studying the technology, known as thin-film bulk acoustic resonator or FBAR, as electrical engineering doctoral students in California. Their research was funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, which creates technology used by the US military and national security agencies.张浩和庞慰是在他们作为电气工程士生在加利福尼亚研究涉案技术——薄膜体声波谐振FBAR)技术时认识的。当时他们的研究经费来自美国国防高级研究计划局(DARPA),该局负责研发美国军方和国家安全机构所用的技术。FBAR technology, which filters wireless signals to receive and send only what is intended by the user, is also used in military and defence products.FBAR技术可被用来过滤无线信号,以便只收发用户需要的信号。它也被用于军用和国防产品。Professors Pang and Zhang, along with others, set up a business plan and pitched Chinese universities on manufacturing FBAR technology in China, the indictment said.起诉书称,庞慰、张浩等人拟定了一个商业计划,向中国的大学兜售在中国制造FBAR技术的想法。“The defendants leveraged their access to and knowledge of sensitive US technologies to illegally obtain and share US trade secrets with [China] for economic advantage,said Assistant Attorney General John Carlin.“被告利用其能够获取敏感美国技术的便利,及其对此类技术的知识,非法获得并与(中国)分享美国的商业秘密,以获取经济优势,”美国司法部官员约翰#8226;卡林(John Carlin)表示。In 2008, officials from Tianjin University, a Chinese Ministry of Education institution, travelled to California to meet Messrs Pang and Zhang, after which the university decided to establish a FBAR fabrication facility in China, prosecutors charged.检方指控,2008年,隶属中国教育部的天津大学的一批官员前往美国加州与庞慰和张浩会面,之后,该校决定在中国成立一家FBAR制造厂。The following year, Messrs Pang and Zhang resigned from Avago and Skyworks to become professors at Tianjin University, which formed a joint venture named ROFS Microsystem with the two men and others.次年,庞慰和张浩分别从安华高科技公司和思佳讯通讯技术公司辞职,成为天津大学的教授,该校与庞、张等人成立了一家合资企业,称为诺思(天津)微系统公司(ROFS Microsystem)。The stolen trade secrets helped the university establish a state of the art FBAR fabrication facility and to obtain contracts for providing FBARs to commercial and military entities, according to the indictment.起诉书称,被窃取的商业机密帮助天津大学建立了一家先进的FBAR制造厂,获得了向商业和军方机构提供FBAR器件的合同。The other Chinese citizens who were indicted include Tianjin professor Jinping Chen, who is also a board director at ROFS Microsystems, and Huisui Zhang, who studied with Messrs Pang and Zhang in California.被起诉的其他中国公民包括天津大学教授陈金平(音),他也是诺思(天津)微系统公司的董事会成员;以及张会遂(音),他曾与张浩和庞慰一起在加州学习。Also charged were Chong Zhou, a Tianjin graduate student and a design engineer at ROFS Microsystem, and Zhao Gang, general manager of ROFS Microsystem.另两名被告是天津大学研究生周冲(音)和诺思(天津)微系统公司总经理赵刚(音),周冲也是该公司的一名设计工程师。“The conduct reveals a methodical and relentless effort by foreign interests to obtain and exploit sensitive and valuable US technology through the use of individuals operating within the ed States,said David Johnson, the FBI Special Agent in Charge.“本案的行为揭示了境外利益有条不紊和不懈的努力,他们借助在美国境内活动的个人,获取、利用敏感和有价值的美国技术,”美国联邦调查局特工主管戴维#8226;约翰David Johnson)表示。来 /201505/376277If humanity wants some quick wins, a good place to start would be road accidents. Traffic killed 1.24 million people in 2010, says the World Health Organisation. That’s about double the toll of homicides and armed conflict combined. Yet we could save many of these lives quite easily. Our failure to do so is in part a simple failure of imagination.如果人类想要快速取得一些成就,不妨从道路交通安全着手。根据世界卫生组WHO)的统计,2010年交通事故导致了124万人丧生。这大概是谋杀和武装冲突致死人数总和的两倍。然而,我们可以相当轻易地挽救其中许多人的生呀?某种程度上,我们之所以没有这样做,只是因为缺乏想象力。“Road traffic injuries have been neglected from the global health agenda... being predictable and largely preventable,says the WHO. Car crashes aren’t considered news precisely because they are routine, remarks the Dutch writer Joris Luyendijk. He says that although road accidents are “the biggest bloodbath in the Arab world media instead focus on the much smaller bloodbath of terrorism.“道路交通事故伤害一直受到全球健康议程的忽视……尽管这种伤害是可预测的,而且基本上也是可以预防的,”世卫组织表示。荷兰作家约里斯戠因迪克(Joris Luyendijk)称,之所以人们不把车祸视为新闻,正是因为它们太司空见惯了。他说,尽管交通事故是“阿拉伯世界最大规模的屠杀”,媒体却关注规模小得多的恐怖主义屠杀。Terrorists killed nearly 18,000 people worldwide in 2013, says the Institute for Economics and Peace. That’s 1.5 per cent of the number killed by traffic. Of course, terrorism might one day escalate to apocalyptic proportions, but then pundits have been predicting that since 2001. Meanwhile, with ever more cars sold, roads will soon probably kill more people than either Aids or tuberculosis.根据经济与和平学Institute for Economics and Peace)的说法,2013年恐怖分子在全球范围内杀害了.8万人。这只是交通事故死亡人数的1.5%。当然,或许有一天,恐怖主义将升级到毁天灭地的程度,可是专家们001年以来就一直在做着这样的预言。另一方面,随着更多人买车,交通事故死亡人数或许很快就会超过艾滋病(Aids)或者结核病(tuberculosis)。Driving is too banal an activity to arouse much fear. People tend to worry more about flying, whereas the most dangerous part of a plane journey is often the drive to the airport, says Jody Sindelar, health economist at the Yale School of Public Health. Plane crashes killed 1,320 people worldwide last year, yet they dominate TV news. Karl Ove Knausgaard, the “Norwegian Proust explains: “A plane crash was a ritual, it happened every so often, the same chain of events, and we were never part of it ourselves. A sense of security, but also excitement and intensity, for imagine how terrible the last seconds were for the passengers...”驾驶汽车这种行为太过平常,以至于无法引起太多恐惧。人们似乎更担心飞行,然而,耶鲁大学(Yale University)公共卫生学院(School of Public Health)的健康经济学家乔迪鬠德拉Jody Sindelar)表示,乘飞机旅行中最危险的部分往往是开车前往机场的那一段路程。去年,飞机失事在全球范围内共致320人丧生,然而这些事故充斥着电视新闻。有“挪威的普鲁斯特Norwegian Proust)之称的卡尔攠韦克瑙斯Karl Ove Knausgaard)解释称:“飞机失事是一场仪式,它时不时发生,同样的事件连锁,我们自己从来不是其中的一员。想象最后几秒钟对于乘客是多么可怕,让我们获得了一种安全感,同时也带来了刺激和激烈的感觉……”By contrast, the language we use for the traffic pandemic lacks intensity. The phrase “car crashhas become slang for a social or professional mishap. The word “accidentsuggests that a death was unavoidable, a matter of fate. This is wrong. Countries such as Greece and France have shown how fast deaths can be reduced when a government bothers. Sometimes the nanny state works. In 1973, 17,000 people a year died on French roads. Then leaders such as Pierre Messmer and later Jacques Chirac took action. Speed limits were imposed, seat belts made compulsory, radars installed etc. It turns out that some tragedies aren’t inevitable. A generation ago around Europe, motorcycle accidents provided a reliable supply of organ donors. That ended after helmets became compulsory.相比之下,我们对遍地皆是的交通事故使用的语言就不那么激烈了。“撞车car crash)这个词变成了描述社会或者职业失败的俗称。“事故”这个词表明死亡是不可避免的,是一种命运。这是错误的。希腊和法国等国家的做法已经表明,政府的介入可以在多短的时间内降低死亡人数。有时保姆国家的确能够奏效973年,法国每年的交通事故死亡人数达.7万人。于是皮埃尔蔠斯梅尔(Pierre Messmer)等领导人以及后来的雅克希拉克(Jacques Chirac)采取了行动,包括实施限速规定,强制要求系上安全带,安装雷达等。结果表明,一些悲剧并非不可避免5年前的欧洲,托车事故是器官捐献者的稳定来源。强制要求佩戴头盔后,这样的局面得以终结。In short, we know what to do. “Globally there is nothing to invent,says Jean Todt, the UN’s special envoy for road safety. The UN’s target of cutting road deaths to below one million by 2020 is eminently feasible. But governments have to want to reach it, even if that means irritating voters. Don’t just set speed limits; enforce them. Don’t just conduct breathalyser tests; conduct them outside nightclubs on weekend nights. And ban drivers from using phones. The colonisation of the human mind by smartphones is now killing pedestrians. Apps that inform drivers about traffic jams are particularly distracting. “Hands-free phones are not much safer than hand-held phone sets,cautions the WHO.简言之,我们知道怎么做。联合国道路安全特使让堠Jean Todt)表示:“就全球而言,没有什么可发明的了。”联合国制定了到2020年道路交通事故死亡人数降00万以下的目标,这完全可以实现。但各国政府必须希望实现该目标,即便这意味着激怒选民。不要只是制定限速规定,还要加以严格执行。不要只是进行酒精含量测试,还要在周末晚上的夜总会外面进行测试。禁止驾车者在开车时使用电话。现在人类思想受到智能手机的统治,这种行为会危及行人。让驾车者获得拥堵信息的应用尤其令人分心。世卫组织警告称:“免提电话并不比手提电话安全多少。”One day, when driverless cars arrive, we may marvel that we ever let distracted, shortsighted and occasionally drunk humans pilot large metal projectiles. For now, perhaps the key thing to change is attitudes. Many people (especially in poor countries) get no traffic education at all. Lesson one could be that aggressive driving is not proof of masculinity. Machismo helps explain why 77 per cent of traffic fatalities worldwide (as counted by the WHO) are males.当无人驾驶汽车来临的那一天,我们可能会惊叹,我们曾经让心不在焉、近视偶尔还会喝酒的人类驾驶巨大的金属导弹。就现在而言,或许改变的关键在于态度。许多人(尤其是在穷国)完全没有接受过交通方面的培训。第一课可能是,肆无忌惮地驾驶并不能明你有男子汉气概。男子汉气概有助于解释为何在全世界因交通事故死亡的人当中有77%是男性(根据世卫组织的估算)。Another common attitudinal problem: in countries where cars are relatively new and therefore prestigious, drivers tend to regard themselves as kings and pedestrians as cockroaches. When I spent time in Ghana in 2000, many drivers approaching a village would honk and accelerate even at night, when they often drove without lights. One morning I woke in a village to the sound of a woman howling. Her son had just been run over. Too many Ghanaian parents know the feeling.另一个普遍存在的态度问题是:在一些汽车相对还不多见、从而是身份象征的国家里,驾车者往往将自己视为国王,而将行人视为000年,当我在加纳逗留的时候,许多驾车者在驶近村庄的时候会使劲摁喇叭和加速,即便在晚上也是如此——他们在晚上行驶时往往也不会开灯。一天早上,我在一个村庄醒来后听到一位妇女恸哭的声音。她的儿子刚刚被汽车辗过。太多的加纳父母知道那是什么感受。The developing world where over 90 per cent of road deaths happen could make big gains fast. Todt describes a typical scenario today: an ancient vehicle, discarded from some rich country, is overloaded with people and driven by someone who bought his licence. Then, if an “accidenthappens, the ambulance rarely arrives.发展中世界(0%的交通死亡事故发生在发展中世界)在这方面可以很快取得进展。托特描述了当今一幅常见情景:一辆被某个富国丢弃的老旧汽车上载满了人,而司机的驾照是买来的。然后,如果发生“事故”,很少会有救护车来。Changing all this would cost money. But road crashes cost 1 to 3 per cent of countriesgross national product, estimates the World Bank. For every death, several more victims survive maimed, often needing lifelong care. Meanwhile, the World Bank’s fund for road safety has an annual budget of just m, says Todt.改变这一切将需要钱。但世界估计,道路交通事故成本占到各国国民总产GNP)%-3%。交通事故中每死一个人,都有其他数位受害者伤残,这些伤残者往往需要终生护理。与此同时,托特表示,世界用于道路安全方面的资金预算每年只有300万美元。The world has so many problems that it’s hard to know where to start. Governments spend lots of energy trying to stop terrorism. It would probably be smarter to devote some of that effort to road safety, not just because it’s a far deadlier problem, but also because unlike with terrorism, we know what works.全世界有太多的问题,以致于很难知道先解决哪些问题奀?各国政府投入大量精力试图打击恐怖主义。将其中一些资源投入到道路安全方面可能是更为明智的做法,这不仅仅是因为这是一个致死率高得多的问题,而且还因为,与恐怖主义不同,我们知道怎么做有效。来 /201507/386321

Indian Prime Minister Modis address at the Tsinghua University印度总理莫迪在清华大学演讲I am truly delighted to be at the Tsinghua University today. You are a world class institution. You are a symbol of success of Chinas education sector.You are the foundation for Chinas economic miracle. You have produced great leaders, including President Xi.今天,我非常高兴能够来到清华大学。这是一个世界一流的高等学府,你们是中国教育界成功的标志。你们是造就中国经济奇迹的坚实基础。It is not surprising that Chinas economic growth and its new leadership in research, science and technology have taken place together.中国经济迅速增长,同时,在研究、科学和技术领域也取得了领先地位,这并非偶然。I particularly like the old Chinese saying, If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if you think in terms of ten years, plant trees; if you think in terms of 100 years, teach the people.In India, too, the ancient saying is vyaye krate vardhate eva nityam, vidhya dhanam sarva dhan pradhanam. The wealth that increases by giving, That wealth is knowledge and is supreme of all possessions. This is one example of how our two nations are united in their timeless wisdom.中国有句古话说得非常好:;一年之计,莫如树谷;十年之计,莫如树终身之计,莫如树人;在印度也有同样的说法;财富的增长源于给予,财富就是识,高于一切身外之物;知识这种财富是随着你的给予而越来越多的,当所有人都拥有时就达到了极致。这是我们两国之间永恒智慧统一的实例。There is much more, though, that links our two ancient civilizations.当然,连接我们两个文明古国的事物还有很多。I began my journey in China in Xian. In doing so, I retraced the footsteps of the Chinese monk Xuanzang. He travelled to India from Xian in the seventh century in search of knowledge and returned to Xian as a friend and chronicler of India.我来到中国的首站是西安,这是因为我要追随中国古代僧人玄奘的足迹。公元七世纪,为了寻求知识,他从西安出发前往印度,并作为印度的友人和年代史编者返回到西安。President Xis visit in India last September started from Ahmedabad. It is not far from Vadnagar, my birthplace, but important, because it hosted Xuanzang and many pilgrims from China.去年九月份,习近平主席从艾哈迈达巴德开始对印度进行访问。那里离我的出生地瓦德纳加尔并不遥远,但更重要的原因是这里曾招待过玄奘和多位中国僧人。The worlds first large scale educational exchange programme took place between India and China during the Tang Dynasty.Records talk of about 80 Indian monks coming to China and nearly 150 Chinese monks returning after their education in India. And yes, this was in the 10th and 11th century.中印两国首次大规模的教育交流项目始于唐朝。据记载,共有大0名印度僧人来到中国,有将50名中国僧人在印度结束学业后返回。当然了,这些都发生01世纪。Mumbais rise as a port and a shipbuilding centre is because of cotton trade with China.And,those who love silk and textiles know that Indias famous tanchoi sarees owe themselves to three brothers from my state of Gujarat who learnt the art of weaving from Chinese masters in the 19th century.And, in an unquestionable evidence of our ancient trade, silk in our classical Sanskrit language is called Cinapatta.孟买崛起成为一个港口和一个造船中心,就和中国的棉花贸易分不开。喜爱丝绸和纺织品的人都知道,印度著名的沙丽来自于古吉拉特邦的三兄弟,这三人是19世纪时期从中国大师那里学到了编织艺术。在古代贸易中,丝绸在经典梵语中被称为那帕Cinapatta)。So, the centuries-old story of our relations has been of spiritualism, learning, art and trade.It is a picture of respect for each others civilisation and of shared prosperity.It is reflected in the human values of Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis, a doctor from India, who treated soldiers in China during the Second World War.所以,我们两国间的悠久历史源自灵性、学习、艺术和贸易等方面。这是两国互相尊重彼此的文化以及共享繁荣的美好画卷。这反映在柯棣华医生所表现出的价值观上,这位来自印度的医生曾在第二次世界大战期间在中国救治士兵。Today, after difficult and sometimes dark passages of history, India and China stand at a rare moment of vast and multiple transitions in the world.Perhaps, the most significant change of this era is the re-emergence of China and India.The worlds two most populous nations are undergoing economic and social transformation on a scale and at a speed that is unmatched in history.Chinas success over the past three decades has changed the character of the global economy.India is now the next frontier of the economic revolution.如今,经历了历史上的黑暗和困苦时期后,中印两国正处在世界发生各种变革的罕见历史时刻。也许,这个时代最显著的变化就是中印两国的复兴。这两个世界上人 口最多的国家正在经历史上前所未有的大规模和快速的经济和社会变革中国在过去三十年中取得的成功已经改变了全球经济的特征。印度现已成为经济革命的最 新前沿。We have the demography for it. About 800 million people in India are below the age of 35 years. Their aspirations, energy, enterprise and skills will be the force for Indias economic transformation.We now have the political mandate and the will to make it happen.我们对此进行了人口统计。印度有大约8亿人口处5岁之下。他们的雄心壮志、精力、事业心和技能将成为印度经济转型的重要力量。我们现在颁布相关政令并决意让这变成现实。Over the past year, we have moved with a clear and coherent vision. And, we have acted with speed, resolve and boldness to implement it.We have taken sweeping steps to reform our policies and open up more to foreign direct investments. This includes new areas like insurance, construction, defence and railways.过去的一年间,我们一直怀着清晰而一致的目标前行。为了实现目标,我们也采取了迅速、坚决而果敢的行动我们采取彻底的政改措施,更加开放外商直接投资。这其中包括保险、建筑防御和铁路等新领域。We are eliminating unnecessary regulations and simplifying our procedures. We are using digital technology to eliminate multiple approvals and endless wait.We are building a tax regime that is predictable, stable and competitive, and that will integrate the Indian market.We are scaling up investments in next generation infrastructure - roads, ports, railways, airports, telecom, digital networks and clean energy.Our resources are being allocated with speed and transparency. And, we will make sure that land acquisition does not become a barrier to growth or a burden on farmers.我们正在消除不必要的规章,简化程序,通过使用数字技术消除多重批准和无期限等待我们正在打造可预测、稳定且具有竞争性的税务体制,从而整合印度市场。我们正在加大对新一代基础设施的投-公路、港口、铁路、机场、电信、数字网以及清洁能源等。我们通过迅速、透明的方式分配资源。我们相信,土地征用将不会成为经济增长的障碍或是农民的负担。We are creating the global skill pool to establish a modern economy with a world class manufacturing sector.We are reviving our agriculture sector to restore the fortunes of our farmers and boost our growth.我们正在打造全球技术库,准备把印度建设成一个拥有世界一流的制造业的现代经济体。我们正在振兴农业,改变农民的命运,推动经济增长。Like China, urban renewal is both a necessity and a means to add energy to our economy.We are combining traditional strategies with modern economic instruments to eliminate poverty and create security for the poor.和中国一样,城市改造也是为经济增添活力的必要途径和重要渠道。我们正在将传统战略与现代经济手段结合在一起,消除贫穷,为穷苦人民建立保障。We have launched major schemes on financial inclusion of all, providing funds to the un-banked, and ensuring efficient and direct transfer of benefits to the poor.And, we are ensuring that insurance and pension schemes reach the poorest.我们已经推出了一些主要的金融包容项目,为没有存款的人提供资金,并为穷苦人民提供直接有效的福利。我们保将保险和养老金计划延伸至覆盖最贫穷的人We have set time bound goals for providing access to housing, water and sanitation for all.This wont just transform lives, but also generate a new source of economic momentum.我们己经设置了限时目标,改善整体住房、用水和环境卫生条件。这不仅可以改善人民生活,同时还可催生经济动力的新源头。Above all, we are changing the way we govern ourselves - not just in the way we work in New Delhi, but also in the way we work together with state governments, districts and cities.Because we know, as you do, that our vision may be formed in Delhi, but our success will be determined by state capitals.That is why I am here today with two Chief Ministers, which is a new aspect of our foreign policy. And, for the first time for India, Premier Li and I will sit with provincial leaders and chief ministers to discuss our partnership.I know that rewriting policies can be easier than changing mindsets and work culture. But, we are on the right path. 首先,我们要改变执政方式--不仅是在首都新德里的政府办事方法,还包括州、区和市政府的执政方法。因为我们明白,虽然我们的政令是在新德里形成的,是决定成功的还是各州政府。这也是为什么我今天会和两位首席部长一起出席,这是我们外交政策的新风貌。并且,我和李克强总理将与省级领导人以及首席部长们 讨论合作事宜,这在印度史上尚属首次。我知道与改变心态和工作文化相比,重改政策会更加容易。但是我们会坚持这条正确道路的。You will feel the change in India. And, you can see it in our growth rate. It has now increased to 7.5%, and we are encouraged by international experts speak in one voice of higher growth rates.你能够感受到印度的变化。同样,你也可以从经济增长率中看到变化。我国经济增长率已达.5%,国际专家们也一致表示,我们的增长率会更高,这让我们倍受鼓舞。In many ways, our two countries reflect the same aspirations, similar challenges and the same opportunities.We can be inspired by each others successes.And, in the global uncertainties of our times, we can reinforce each others progress.Perhaps, no other economy in the world offers such opportunities for the future as Indias.And, few partnerships are as filled with promise as ours.在很多方面,我们两国都反映出相同的愿景,拥有相似的挑战和相同的机遇。彼此的成功能够给对方以启发。在当前国际形势不确定时期,我们可以持彼此的发展进程。也许,没有哪个国家能像印度这样提供如此的机遇。也很少有合作伙伴能像我们这样充满诚信。During President Xis visit last September, we set for ourselves a new level of ambition for our cooperation.Partnership in modernizing Indian railways, two Chinese industrial parks in India, commitments of 20 billion dollars in investments into India over the next five years partnership in our Make in India Mission: This is the shape of our future.Tomorrow in Shanghai, we will see the agreements on first of those partnerships between our industries.去年九月习主席访印期间,我们为自己制定了更高的合作目标。合作推进印度铁路现代化工程、在印度建设2个中国产业园区,承诺在今后五年内向印度投00亿美元完;印度制;的目标:这就是我们未来的雏形。明天,我们将在上海见首批合约的签订。But, to maintain this partnership over the long run, we must also improve the access of Indian industry to the Chinese market.I am encouraged by President Xis and Premier Lis commitment to resolve this problem.As much as our bilateral cooperation, our international partnership will be important for each others success.但是,为了保这些合作能够长期进行,我们也必须加大印度产业进军中国市场的步伐。习主席和李总理承诺会解决这个问题,这让我很受鼓舞。和我们之间的双边合作一样,国际间的合作对我们两国彼此的成功也尤为重要。Our changing world has created new opportunities and challenges.We both face instability in our shared neighbourhood that can threaten our security and slow down our economies.The sping tide of extremism and terrorism is a threat we both face; for both, its source is in the same region.We must also deal with the changing character of terrorism that has made it less predictable and more diffuse.We source a large part of our energy from the same region that faces instability and uncertain future.我们这个瞬息万变的世界已经创造了很多新的机遇和挑战。我们都要面对来自周围邻国的不稳定因素,这些国家会威胁我们的安全,减缓我们的经济发展速度。极主义和恐怖主义的蔓延是我们共同面临的威胁;因为我们处在相同的区域内。我们还必须处理恐怖主义不断变化、更难预测、传播范围更广的难题。我们在这方面的 能力大都来自同样面临不稳定和不确定未来的地区。India and China conduct their international commerce on the same sea lanes. The security of sea lanes is vital for our two economies; and, our cooperation is essential to achieve it.印度和中国在相同的海上航道实施国际贸易。海上航道的安全对两国的经济至关重要;我们之间的合作对于保安全来说十分重要。Equally, we both seek to connect a fragmented Asia. There are projects we will pursue individually. There are few such as the Bangladesh, China India Myanmar Corridor that we are doing jointly.But, geography and history tell us that the dream of an interconnected Asia will be successful, when India and China work together.同样,我们都力图把亚洲各国连接起来。我们各自也在进行着不同的项目。很少有像孟加拉中国-印度-缅甸走廊这样的机会让我们可以进行合作。但是,地理位置和历史告诉我们,当印度和中国联手合作起来时,打造互通的亚洲这个美梦才会实现。We are two countries that have gained a lot from an open, rule-based global trading system. Equally, we have most to lose if it breaks down.We both have enormous stakes in the international negotiations on climate change. Our cooperation in these forums will be crucial to shape their outcomes.我们两个国家都从开放、以规则为导向的全球贸易体系中获益良多。同样,如全球贸易体系被破坏,我们也会损失惨重。我们在关于气候变化的国际协商中发挥着重要作用。两国在这些论坛中的合作对于其结果非常重要。Today, we speak of Asias resurgence. It is the result of the rise of many powers in the region at the same time.It is an Asia of great promise, but also many uncertainties.Asias re- emergence is leading to a multi-polar world that we both welcome. But, it is also an unpredictable and complex environment of shifting equations.如今,我们常说亚洲的复兴。这源自该区域内多力量的同时崛起。亚洲的前景光明,同时也充满着许多不确定因素。亚洲的复兴将形成一个多极化的世界,这也是我们都乐于见到的。但是,这同时也是一个不可预知的复杂环境。We can be more certain of a peaceful and stable future for Asia if India and China cooperate closely.我们确信,如果中印两国更加紧密地合作,亚洲就会拥有和平、稳定的未来。A resurgent Asia is seeking a bigger voice in global affairs. India and China seek a greater role in the world. It may be reforms in the ed Nations Security Council or the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. But, Asias voice will be stronger and our nations role more influential, if India and China speak in one voice - for all of us and for each other.复兴的亚洲正在争取更多地参与国际事务。中印两国也希望在全球扮演更重要的角色。这可能是改革联合国安理会或是全新的亚洲基础设施投资。但是如果中印两国的意见统一,彼此互惠互利,那么亚洲的声音就会更加强大,我们的国家就会拥有更强的影响力。Simply put, the prospects of the 21st century becoming the Asian century will depend in large measure on what India and China achieve individually and what we do together. The rising fortunes of 2.5 billion pairs of joined hands will be of the greatest consequence for our region and the humanity. This is the vision that I share with President Xi and Premier Li. This is the impulse that is driving our relationship.简单来说,21世纪将成为亚洲的世纪,这一前景在很大程度上取决于中印两国各自的收获以及合作的事项5亿双手合力创造的财富对于整个亚洲和人民都将是最伟大的成果。这是我与习主席和李总理的共同愿景,也是我们合作的动力。In recent years, we have deepened our political engagement. We have kept our borders peaceful. We have managed our differences and not allowed them to impede closer cooperation. We have enhanced our cooperation across the full spectrum of our relationship. Yet, if we have to realise the extraordinary potential of our partnership, we must also address the issues that lead to hesitation and doubts, even distrust, in our relationship.近几年,我们已经加深了政治参与。我们维护了两国边境的和平。我们合理处理分歧,不让这些因素破坏两国间亲密的合作关系。我们已经全力提升了两国间的作关系。然而,如果我们要实现彼此间合作的非凡潜力,我们就必须解决可能导致两国间犹豫和怀疑甚至不信任的问题。First, we must try to settle the boundary question quickly. We both recognise that this is historys legacy. Resolving it is our shared responsibility to the future. We must move ahead with new purpose and determination. The solution we choose should do more than settle the boundary question. It should do so in a manner that transforms our relationship and not cause new disruptions.首先,我们必须努力迅速解决边境争端问题。我们都承认这是历史遗留问题。解决此问题是我们共同肩负的责任。我们需怀着新的目标和决心前行。我们选择的解决方案应该不仅仅能够解决边境问题。它应该能够改善我们之间的关系,并不会造成新的混乱。We have been remarkably successful in maintaining peace and tranquility along the border. We must continue to do that on the principle of mutual and equal security. Our agreements, protocols and border mechanisms have been helpful. But, a shadow of uncertainty always hangs over the sensitive areas of the border region. It is because neither side knows where the Line of Actual Control is, in these areas. That is why I have proposed resuming the process of clarifying it. We can do this without prejudice to our position on the boundary question.一直以来,我们在维护边境和平宁静方面都取得了显著成效。我们一直坚持相互平等的安全原则。我们签订的合约、协议以及边境机制很有成效。但是,在敏感的 边境区域仍存留一些不确定阴影。这是因为双方均不知道这些地区的实际控制线。这也是我提出重新明确实际控制线的原因。我们能够在不影响边境问题姿态的情况 下处理该事宜。We should think of creative solutions to issues that have become irritants - from visa policies to trans-border rivers. Sometimes, small steps can have a deep impact on how our people see each other. We are both increasing our engagement in our shared neighbourhood. This calls for deeper strategic communication to build mutual trust and confidence.我们应该提出创新型的解决办法,从签政策到跨境河流都要涉及。有时,微小的举措也会对彼此人民的态度产生深远的影响。我们彼此都在增加对周边地区事务的参与度。这就需要更深层次的战略沟通,以增强互信。We must ensure that our relationships with other countries do not become a source of concern for each other. And, wherever possible and feasible, we should work together, as we did in responding to the earthquake in Nepal. If the last century was the age of alliances, this is an era of inter-dependence. So, talks of alliances against one another have no foundation. In any case, we are both ancient civilizations, large and independent nations. Neither of us can be contained or become part of anyones plans. So, our partnership in international forums should not be determined by the concerns of others, but the interests of our two countries.我们必须保彼此与他国间的关系将不会成为彼此担忧的源泉。在任何可能或可行的条件下,我们都要携手并进,就像在尼泊尔地震中所做出的回应一样。如果上纪是联盟的年代,那么,如今就是相互依存的年代。所以说,结盟反抗其他国家就没有意义。在任何情况下,我们都是文明古国,伟大而独立的国家。中印两国任一方都不会被纳入到对方的国家计划之中。所以,我们参与的国际论坛不应该成为彼此的担忧,而是两国间的互利。Chinas support for Indias permanent membership of a reformed UN Security Council, and for Indias membership of export control regimes like Nuclear Suppliers Group will do more than just strengthen our international cooperation. It will take our relationship to a new level. It will give Asia a stronger voice in the world.中国持印度在改革后的联合国安理会中成为永久成员,并持印度在出口控制制度的成员权限,如核供应集团,这些将有助于更好地加强我们的国际合作。这将促使我们的合作达到新高度。If we are able to deepen mutual trust and confidence, we will also be able to reinforce each others efforts of connecting Asia with itself and rest of the world. Our soldiers face each other on the border, but we should also deepen our defence and security cooperation to address our many common challenges. Above all, as we look ahead, we must build more bridges of familiarity and comfort between our people.如果我们能够深化互信,我们也能够巩固彼此与亚洲甚至是世界的沟通。尽管我们两国的士们要在边境上互相面对,但是我们应该深化国防与安全的合作,以应对诸多共同的挑战。尤其是,展望未来,我们必须建造更多互通桥梁,让两国人民安心。About 33% of the worlds population is either Indian or Chinese. Yet, our people know very little of each other. We must seek inspiration from the pilgrims of the ancient times, who braved the unknown in search of knowledge, and enriched us both.全球大约33%的人口是印度人或是中国人。然而两国间的人民却不甚了解彼此。我们需要从古代僧人互访中吸取灵感,敢于为了寻求知识,突破未知界限,从而互惠彼此。So, we have decided to extend electronic tourist visas to Chinese nationals. We are celebrating the ;Year of India; in China in 2015. We are launching the Provincial and State Leaders Forum today. Later today, we will have the Yoga-Taichi event. It will represent the coming together of our two civilizations. We are starting the Gandhi and India Study Centre in Fudan University and a college of Yoga in Kunming. The second route to Kailash Mansarovar for Indian pilgrims will start in June, for which I want to thank President Xi.因此,我们决定向中国公民开放电子游客签。我们即将庆015年中印交流年。今天,我们就将启动省级和州级领导人论坛。今天晚些时候,我们还将举办太极活动。此次活动代表两国文明的相互交融。我们将在复旦大学开办甘地及印度研究中心,并在昆明成立瑜伽学院。These are just some of the many steps India and China are taking to bring the worlds two largest populations in closer contact. For this reason, I chose to speak today at a university. Because it is the youth that will inherit the future of our countries and the responsibility for our relationship.这些只是中印两国为促进两个世界人口大国更紧密联系所采取的部分举措。也正是出于这个原因,我今天选择在清华大学演讲。因为只有年轻人才能够继承两国的未来,承担两国合作的责任。President Xi has spoken eloquently about the inter-connected dreams of China and India and the new type of relationship between major countries. Not only are our dreams inter-connected, our future is also deeply inter- connected. We are at a moment, when we have the opportunity to make our choices.习主席已经生动地阐释了中印两国的互通梦,以及和主要大国间的新型合作关系。不仅我们的梦想是互通的,两国的未来也是深深的相互依存的。此刻,正是我们有机会做出选择的时候。India and China are two proud civilizations and two great nations that will fulfill their destinies. We each have the strength and the will to choose our own paths to success. But, we have the ancient wisdom to know that our journey will be smoother and our future brighter, when we will walk together, confident of one another, and in step with each other.印度和中国是两个值得骄傲的文明大国,两国必将圆满完成既定的目标。我们都有能力并且愿意选择自己的道路获取成功。但是,古代智慧结晶告诉我们,只有我们携手共进,坚持互信,步调统一,才能使我们发展的道路更加顺利,我们的未来也会更加光Thank you very much and thanks for your invitation, thanks a lot!非常感谢您的邀请,谢谢! /201506/378211


  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry hosts Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari at the State Department Tuesday, as the African leader continues a four day U.S. visit.美国国务卿克里星期二在国务院接待尼日利亚总统布哈里。布哈里正在对美国进行为期四天的访问。On Monday, the Nigerian leader met with President Barack Obama at the White House to discuss the threat posed by Boko Haram militants and other issues.布哈里星期一在白宫会晤了奥巴马总统,就科圣地激进分子的威胁和其他问题交换意见。Mr. Obama praised the recent election in Nigeria marking the first democratic transfer of power since the end of military rule in 1999.奥巴马总统赞扬尼日利亚最近的选举999年军人统治结束以来第一次政权民主过渡。“We saw an election in which a peaceful transition to a new government took place,; Obama said. ;It was an affirmation to Nigeria’s commitment to democracy.”他说:“我们看到通过选举,权力和平过渡到新政府手中,这明了尼日利亚致力于民主。”He added he is very concerned by Boko Haram attacks and he believes President Buhari has a clear agenda about defeating the group and rooting out corruption that has held Nigerias economic prosperity back.奥巴马总统对科圣地的攻击深感关切,但他相信布哈里总统对如何打败这个组织以及铲除影响尼日利亚经济繁荣的贪腐现象有一个明确的计划。Mr. Obama said he looks forward to discussing how the ed States and Nigeria can cooperate on counterterrorism issues.奥巴马表示,他期待着与布哈里讨论美国和尼日利亚合作反恐等问题。The four-day trip is Mr. Buharis first to Washington since taking office in May in a rare peaceful transition of power in Nigeria.这次四天的美国之行是布哈月在尼日利亚罕见的权力和平过渡中就任以来首次访问华盛顿。来 /201507/386914。


  The Israeli government, still reeling from a drop-off in visitors following last summer’s war with Gaza, is betting on China to jump-start the nation’s flagging tourism industry.去年夏天加沙地带的战争导致前往以色列的游客人数骤减,至今仍未恢复,以色列政府现在把赌注押在中国身上,试图启动该国萎靡不振的旅游业。While visits to Israel from the ed States and Europe have plummeted by almost 20 percent since the conflict, Chinese tourism is up by 30 percent, because of a flurry of investments by the Israeli Tourism Ministry to make Chinese visitors feel welcome.自去年夏天的冲突以来,前往以色列的欧美游客骤减0%,但中国旅客增加0%,因为以色列旅游部为招揽他们进行了一系列投资。In January, the Tourism Ministry opened a Chinese-language course for its licensed guides and announced that it was in talks with Hainan Airlines, the largest privately owned Chinese air carrier, to begin three nonstop flights a week between Beijing and Tel Aviv. Israel’s El Al airlines currently has a monopoly on Beijing-Tel Aviv flights, so an agreement with Hainan Airlines, which Israel hopes to finalize by the end of 2015, will bring price competition to the route.今年1月,旅游部为持牌导游开设了中国语言课程,并宣布它正在与中国最大的私营航空公司海南航空磋商,每周在北京和特拉维夫之间开设三个直飞航班。目前北京到特拉维夫的航班由以色列艾拉航空公El Al)垄断,所以如果与海南航空达成协议,就会给这条航线引入价格竞争机制。以色列希望与海南航空在2015年底敲定这项协议。The ministry is also wooing Chinese celebrities to its shores in 2014, the Chinese blockbuster “Old Cinderellafilmed a number of scenes in Israel after receiving a 500,000-shekel investment (about 5,600) from the Israeli government, and the Chinese actor Liu Ye was hosted by the Tourism Ministry and deemed a Tourism Good Will Ambassador.旅游部还邀请中国名人前往以色列海滨—014年,中国大片《脱轨时代》得到了以色列政府的50万谢克尔(约80万人民币)投资,在以色列取景拍摄,旅游部还款待了中国演员刘烨,让其担任旅游亲善大使。The private tourism sector is also angling for Chinese visitors: This month the David InterContinental Tel Aviv hotel will become the first in Israel to offer Mandarin-speaking staffers, two Mandarin-language TV channels in guest rooms and Chinese food options at their lush breakfast buffet.私营旅游部门也在积极争取中国游客:本月,特拉维夫大卫洲际酒店(David Inter Continental Tel Aviv)将成为以色列第一家提供普通话工作人员的酒店,客房里拥有两个普通话电视频道,丰盛的自助早餐中包含中国食品。Israel’s tourism minister, Yariv Levin, said that he is working to ease visa requirements for incoming tourists from China and to build partnerships with Chinese tour operators.以色列旅游部长雅里夫·莱文(Yariv Levin)说,他正在设法放宽对中国游客的签要求,并与中国旅游运营商建立合作伙伴关系。“The State of Israel attaches great importance to incoming tourism from China, and as a result, the Tourism Ministry intends to place special emphasis on China as a developing market,he said.“以色列国十分看重来自中国的旅游业务,因此,旅游部打算把中国作为一个发展中市场予以特别重视,”他说。来 /201508/394713

  According to reporters who were present, the president ducked out of the White House with his Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, after making remarks at an event on student loan debt earlier this afternoon.综合外国媒体报道,当地时日下午,美国总统奥巴马和白宫办公厅主任丹尼斯?麦克多诺决定离开白宫、进行短暂“茶歇”。在进行完有关学生贷款相关事件的谈话后,他们甩掉记者、偷偷溜出白宫,走到附近的星巴克买了一杯饮料The bear is loose, president Obama told reporters as he walked out of the building.白宫官员对媒体说,出门前,奥巴马拍了拍她的后背,笑着说了一句“熊跑了”。Obama walked from the White House to a Starbucks one block over, where he ordered a Venti tea and spent eight minutes or signing autographs for Starbucks customers.“逃跑”成功显然令奥巴马心情大奀?他在星巴克逗留了大分钟,除买了一杯超大杯茶饮外,他主动同店员问好、握手,给店里的其他顾客签名留念。On his way back, the president stopped to talk to a hotdog vendor and a group of construction workers.在返回白宫的路上,他停下来与热摊老板和建筑工人攀谈。The president also instructed staff to keep press at bay. Lets test your wrangling skills, he said, according to the White House pool report.看到身边的特勤局特工阻止路人靠近,他还开玩笑说:“让我们来测一测你们的放牧技巧。”Todays outing was the third time in the last month that the president has stepped out of the White House to take an unannounced stroll to a nearby destination, leading observers to believe that after spending the better part of the last five and a half years cooped up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the president is going stir crazy.这是过去一个月里奥巴马第三次离开白宫后临时改变行程安排。有观察人士笑言,最近奥巴马多番“出逃”,这表明总统先生“被关入”白年半之后,已经开始“发疯”。Two and a half weeks ago the president decided to take an impromptu walk down the National Mall to and from the Department of Interior. A week before that, he and Vice President Joe Biden stopped by Shake Shack to have lunch with four construction workers.半个多月前,奥巴马本应乘车前往美国内政部出席活动,结果他改变主意步行前往,让不少偶遇总统的行人直呼惊喜。在此之前,奥巴马和副总统拜登突然现身一家快餐店吃汉堡。The president did not say why he visited Starbucks today, but it could be because the companys CEO has publicly backed Obamas efforts to raise the minimum wage to .10 an hour.而媒体则认为,奥巴马此次光顾星巴克很有深意,“可能是因为星巴克的执行总裁曾公开宣布持奥巴马将最低时薪提高至10.1美元”。来 /201406/305617

  Aparadox lurks in the foundations of the eurozone. Governments in the monetary union lack a central bank that has their back, while the central bank lacks a government to support it.一种矛盾隐藏在欧元区的根基之中。欧元区各国政府缺少一个持它们的中央,而欧州央行也缺少一个持它的政府。This paradox cannot be eliminated without fundamental institutional changes. But there are steps member states can take to ameliorate some of its negative effects. One such step that we contemplated during my tenure at the Greek ministry of finance focused on the chronic liquidity shortage of a stressed public sector and its impact on the long-suffering private sector.如果没有根本性的体制变革,这种矛盾就无法被消除。但是,成员国可以采取一些措施,减轻部分这一矛盾带来的负面影响。我在担任希腊财长期间所思考的一项此类措施,聚焦于压力重重的公共部门的长期流动性短缺及其对长期受困的私营部门的影响。In Greece, where the central bank is unable to support the state’s endeavours, government arrears to the private sector both companies and individuals have been a drag on the economy, adding to deflationary pressures since as far back as 2008. Such arrears consistently exceeded 3 per cent of gross domestic product for five years.在希腊,央行无法持国家的发展努力,政府对私营部门(包括企业和个人)的逾期债款一直拖累希腊经济,加重了自2008年就出现的通缩压力。此类逾期债款连续5年都超过了国内生产总GDP)%。The phenomenon is both the cause and consequence of delayed tax payments to the state, reinforcing the cycle of generalised illiquidity.这种现象既是延迟向国家纳税的原因,也是其后果,加剧了全面流动性不足的恶性循环。To address this problem, our simple idea was to allow the multilateral cancellation of arrears between the state and the private sector using the tax office’s existing payments platform. Taxpayers, whether individuals or organisations, would be able to create reserve accounts that would be credited with arrears owed to them by the state. They would then be able to transfer credits from their reserve account either to the state (in lieu of tax payments) or to any other reserve account.为了解决这一问题,我们的简单想法是利用税务部门现有的付平台,让政府与私营部门之间进行多边债务互免。纳税人(不论是个人还是组织)将能够开设储备账户,将国家拖欠他们的债务金额计入其中。然后,他们可以将储备帐户中的信用分转移付给国家(代替缴税),或转移至任何其他储备帐户。Suppose, for example, Company A is owed ㄠ洀 by the state; and it owes 30,000 to an employee plus another 500,000 to Company B, which provided it with goods and services. The employee and Company B also owe, respectively, ㄠ ,000 and ㈠  ,000 in taxes to the state. In this case the proposed system would allow for the immediate cancellation of at least 0,000 in arrears.例如,假设国家欠A公司100万欧元;而A公司欠一名员万欧元,还欠B公司(为A公司提供了商品和务0万欧元。该员工和B公司还分别欠国家1万欧元和20万欧元的税款。在这种情况下,该付系统将使得至少21万欧元的债务可以立刻抵消。Suddenly, an economy such as Greece’s would acquire important degrees of freedom within the existing European monetary union. In a second phase of development, which we did not have time to consider properly, the system would be made accessible through smartphone apps and identity cards, guaranteeing that it would be widely adopted.倘若如此,像希腊这样的经济体将突然间在当前的欧元区内获得重要自由度。在第二个发展阶段(我们没有时间对此周密考虑),该付系统将可以通过智能手机应用和身份登录,以保它将被广泛采用。The envisaged payments system could be developed to create a substitute for fully functioning public debt markets, especially during a credit crunch such as the one that has afflicted Greece since 2010. Organisations or individuals could buy credits from the tax office online using their normal bank accounts, and add them to their reserve account. These credits could be used after, say, a year to pay future taxes at a discount (for example, 10 per cent).可以开发出这种设想中的付系统,用来替代功能齐全的公共债务市场,尤其是在信贷紧缩期间,例如010年以来困扰希腊的信贷紧缩期。机构或个人可以利用自己的普通账户、以在线方式从税务部门购买信用分,并将它们加入自己的储备账户。这些信用分可以在一段时间(比如一年)后用来按折扣(如10%)缴纳未来的税款。As long as the total level of tax credits was capped, and fully transparent, the result would be a fiscally responsible increase in government liquidity and a quicker path back to the money markets.只要税收抵免的总体水平设定了上限而且完全透明,结果将是以对财政负责的态度增加政府的流动性,踏上一条更快速回归资金市场的通道。Handing over the reins of the finance ministry to my friend, Euclid Tsakalotos, on July 6, I presented a full account of the ministry’s projects, priorities and achievements during my five months in office. The new payments system outlined here was part of that presentation. No member of the press took any notice.7日,在将希腊财政部的领导权交给了我的朋友欧几里德察卡洛托Euclid Tsakalotos)时,我对财政部的项目、重点事项以及自己任个月期间的成绩进行了详细的介绍。这里所概述的新付系统就是那次介绍的一部分。但当时没有任何媒体注意到这一点。But when a subsequent telephone discussion with a large number of international investors, organised by my friend, Norman Lamont, and David Marsh of the London-based Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum, was leaked despite the Chatham House rule we agreed with listeners, under which speakers are not identified the press had a field day. Committed to unlimited openness and full transparency, I granted OMFIF permission to release the tapes.但当随后的一场与许多国际投资者的电话讨论被泄露后——尽管我们与听众同意遵循的查达姆宫规Chatham House Rule)意味着发言者身份不被公开——媒体忙了一整天。这次讨论是由我的朋友诺曼拉蒙特(Norman Lamont)和总部设在伦敦的官方货币与金融机构论坛(OMFIF)的戴维氠什(David Marsh)组织的。因为承诺了无限制的开放和完全透明,我授权该论坛发布了讨论录音。While I understand press excitement about elements of that exchange, such as having to consider unorthodox means of gaining access to my own ministry’s systems, only one matter is of significance from a public interest perspective. There is a hideous restriction of national sovereignty imposed by the “troikaof lenders on Greek ministers, who are denied access to departments of their ministries pivotal in implementing innovative policies.虽然我理解媒体对那次交流的细节(例如必须考虑使用非常规手段进入财政部系统)的兴奋,但从公共利益的角度出发,只有一个问题意义重大。债权人“三驾马车”对希腊国家主权强加了骇人的限制,使得希腊各部长无法进入自己的部门,而这些部门对实施创新性政策至关重要。When a loss of sovereignty, arising from unsustainable official debt, yields suboptimal policies in aly stressed nations, one knows that there is something rotten in the euro’s kingdom.当主权丧失(源自不可持续的官方债务)导致已陷入紧缩的国家只能采取次优政策时,人们就可以知道欧元王国某个环节已经失灵。来 /201507/389603


  Greek lawmakers are finishing a draft bill for the countrys third government bailout package in five years, aiming for a vote before a meeting of eurozone ministers on Friday.希腊议会星期三将完成起草有关五年来第三个政府救助计划的法案,预计将赶在欧元区各国部长星期五开会之前于星期四进行表决。On Tuesday, Greece and its international creditors agreed “in principleon broad terms of a new bailout.希腊和国际债权人星期二就新救助计划的条件原则上达成协议。European Commission spokeswoman Annika Breidthardt, a key mediator of the talks, confirmed progress on a billion package.谈判的主要斡旋人之一、欧洲委员会发言人安妮卡·布莱德塔特实,有关940亿美元救助计划的谈判取得进展。Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has asked parliament to convene an emergency session to vote on the new bailout deal late Thursday.希腊总理齐普拉斯要求议会紧急开会,星期四晚上就新的救助协议进行表决。Greece needs the money by August 20, when it must repay about .5 billion in debt to the European Central Bank.希腊需要在80日以前得到援助款,以偿还拖欠欧洲中央的大5亿美元。来 /201508/392650



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