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1、Drive someone up the wall:go crazy/ drive someone bonkers2、Cube mate:who works in the same cubicle with someone3、Smack (on gum):chew on gums loudly4、Cubicle:a specific area or a desk used by someone in an office5、I can live with [something]:I can bear something6、Lose ones nerve:lose ones patience, become irritated7、I feel you:I understand what you mean8、A team player:someone who works well with their coworkers9、A rule of thumb:a rule as guidance to act properly1、A difficult person:a person hard to get along with /201312/268453经典句型:I got a part-time job as a tutor. 我兼职做家教。A:I got a part-time job as a tutor.甲:我兼职做家教。B:I think being a tutor is a challenging job.乙:我想做家教是很有挑战性的工作吧。A:Yes.And I also gained a lot from that.甲:是的。我也从中学到了很多。B:Id like to be a salesman.乙:我想做推销员。A:Have you got the job?甲:你找到工作了吗?B:Yes.Ill begin next week.乙:是的。下个星期开始工作。经典句型:I like being a tutor. 我喜欢做家教。A:I like being a tutor.甲:我喜欢做家教。B:Are you wellpaid?乙:薪水很高吗?A:Earning money is not the most important.甲:赚钱并不是最重要的。B:It gives me a sense of achievement.乙:做家教给我一种成就感。句型讲解:与part-time job(兼职工作)相对的是full-time job(全职工作)。A sense of achievement表示“成就感”,类似的表达还有a sense of humor(幽默感),a sense of shame(羞耻感),a sense of hunger(饥饿感)。 /201312/270633

Yang Li: Hi, and welcome to The English We Speak, with me Yang Li. Im in a very crowded bar, trying to get served.杨丽:大家好,欢迎来到我们所说的英语,我是杨丽。我现在在一个很拥挤的酒吧,试着点单。Barman:(Shouting) Whos next please?酒保:(大喊)谁是下一个?Drinkers: Me, me, me...买酒人:我,我,我...Barman: OK you...酒保:好的,你...Drinker: Could I have a gin and tonic please...买酒人:我要一个金汤力。Barman: Thatll be 3.60 pound. OK...酒保:那是3.6英镑,好的。Yang Li: Oh, I think Im next...杨丽:哦,我觉得我是下一个。Barman: Hi, are you next?酒保:你好,你是下一个?Yang Li: Yes, yes, its me now...杨丽:是的,是的,现在到我了。Barman: What are you after?酒保:你要点什么?Yang Li: What am I after? No, its my turn now, thank you...杨丽:我在什么后面?不,现在到我了,谢谢。Barman: OK, I know that. What are you after?酒保:好,我知道,你要点什么?Yang Li: Im after... eh? Im after... the person before me?杨丽:我在...我前面的人后面?Barman: Dont try to be funny. What are you after?酒保:不要再搞笑了。你要点什么?Yang Li: Sorry barman, Im really confused - I mean, just a minute... I know you! Youre not a barman. Arent you our presenter, Finn?杨丽:不好意思酒保,我很困惑。我是说,等一下,我认识你!你不是酒保,你不是我们的展示者,芬吗?Barman: Yes, its me. Just earning a little extra money!酒保:是的,是我。只是在挣一点外快!Yang Li: I thought so! Very nice bar you have here. OK - what normally happens in this programme is we explain an idiomatic English expression. So, why do you keep asking me what Im after?杨丽:我就知道是这样!很荣幸在酒吧遇见你。好的,这个节目经常会介绍一个英语俚语表达法。所以,你为什么一直问我我在什么后面呢?Barman: OK, Ill be quick - there are customers waiting! Todays expression is indeed after. When you say youre after something, it means you want it, especially in situations like shopping, or when buying things. Like this:酒保:好的,我会很快的,有很多顾客在等呢!今天的短语事实上就是“之后”。当你说“在什么之后”意思就是你想要什么,特别是像购物或买东西的时候。比如:A: Im after a pair of formal leather shoes.A:我想要一双正式的皮鞋。B: Come this way sir. We have a great selection.B:请来这边,我们有精选的。A: Hello, what are you after?A:您好,您想点什么?B: Id like a glass of white wine please.B:请给我来一杯白酒。Yang Li: OK, I get it now! Im after a pint of ale, please.杨丽:好的,我知道了!我想要一品脱的麦芽酒。Barman: Of course, Li. This ones on the house! Shh... just dont tell the boss.酒保:没问题,丽。这杯免费!嘘...不要告诉老板。Yang Li: Cheers Finn.杨丽:干杯,芬。Barman: While Li is drinking, let me tell you – if youre after more English slang expressions - keep listening to The English We Speak, and check out our website bbclearningenglish.com.Right, whos next?酒保:丽喝酒的时候,让我来告诉你们,如果你们想要了解更多的俚语表达,继续听我们所说的英语,然后查看我们的网站bbclearningenglish.com。好的,谁是下一个? /201401/271878

Situation 70情景 70Please make yourself at home.请不要拘束。Please come in and make yourself at home.请进,不要拘束。Thank you.You have a beautiful house.谢谢。你有个漂亮的房子。Thank you.Let me take your coat.谢谢,我来拿你的外套。All right.好的。Wont you have a seat?你不坐下吗?Yes,thank you.好的,谢谢。Good evening,wont you come in?晚安,不进来坐坐?Thank you.谢谢。Please make yourself comfortable.请不要客气。I can only stay a few minutes.我只能停留几分钟。Do you have time for a cup of coffore you rush off?在你急着离开前,有没有时间喝杯咖啡?Well,maybe a half cup,thanks.嗯,也许半杯可以,谢谢你。Good morning,please come in.早安,请进。Thanks.谢了。Ill be with you in a moment,Im on the phone.Please make yourself at home.我在打电话,一会儿就来陪你。请不要拘束。O.K.好的。(after call)Sorry about the interruption.(打完电话)刚才被打断,真抱歉。Oh,thats quite all right.噢,没关系。 /201208/194039

Todd: Kawabe, can you talk about your first job interview?托德:川边,你能谈谈你第一次面试的经历吗?Kawabe: Sure, first job interview! This is a funny story and that was a time I took the interview, had an interview with the TV broadcaster, and then it was a very famous one in Yotsuya, in Tokyo and that was a very important interview because the job is interesting and there are many, there are so many applicants to the same position so, and the thing is I was late for that interview (No) and I was late for thirty minutes (Ooh) I was really bad, you know, and then the reason is, at that time I was working for, I was a bike rider at a delivery.川边:当然可以,第一次工作面试!这是个有趣的故事,当时我去参加电视播音员的面试,那是东京四谷一家非常著名的电视台,而且那是一次非常重要的面试,因为那份工作很有意思,申请同一个职位的人非常多,可是我面试时却迟到了,(不是吧)我迟到了30分钟,(噢)那太糟糕了,你知道,我迟到的原因是当时我在做单车快递的工作。Todd: Oh, you delivered stuff?托德:哦,你递送物品吗?Kawabe: Bike delivery!川边:单车快递!Todd: Oh, really, what did you deliver?托德:哦,是吗,那你都递送什么东西?Kawabe: Ah, the documents and you know whatever it is when you want to send somewhere the thing fast!川边:啊,文件之类的东西,就是你想快速送到某个地方的东西!Todd: Yeah, yeah, cool job!托德:好的,这工作真酷!Kawabe: Thats what I was doing, and then before the interview I was delivering one thing.川边:那是我当时在做的工作,而面试之前我正在送东西。Todd: Oh, no, yeah!托德:哦,天哪!Kawabe: And then, so, anyway, I was late and in my bag, when I was driving the motorcycle I put my suits and shoes and everything, Ive got to wear for the interview and I was in a rush, and Id been to that building where I had an interview and in front of that building there was a MacDonald and then I rushed into the toilet of that MacDonald that was on the first floor and I think, you know, it was funny if you were looking at me. I was wearing..川边:不管怎么说,反正我迟到了,而我骑托车的时候把西装、鞋和所有东西都放进了包里。那是我要穿去面试的衣,我当时非常着急,在我参加面试的那座大楼前面有家麦当劳,我冲进一层麦当劳的卫生间,而我想,如果你当时看到我一定觉得我很滑稽。我当时穿着……Todd: I can imagine.托德:我可以想象。Kawabe: I was wearing like a drivers suit and when I came out from the toilet I was in a suit, like Superman! And then, yeah, I changed my clothes, very very quickly in the toilet and I rushed into the building for the interview but I was 30 minutes late, and actually I got a great interview with the guys of the broadcast station, but ah, since I was late that was the only and biggest reason I couldnt get that job. Actually, they said that if you were not late I could take you, so its a funny story, now but at that time I was like so disappointed with myself, (Yeah) I was so stupid. The job was great!川边:我穿得类似赛车的衣,可是我从卫生间出来的时候我已经换上了西装,就像超人一样!我在卫生间用非常快的速度换了衣,然后我冲去面试的那座大楼,可是我还是晚了30分钟,实际上那些电视台的人给我进行的面试非常顺利,但是因为我迟到了,那是我不能得到那份工作的唯一也是最主要的原因。实际上,面试官说如果你没有迟到,我们会录取你,所以现在看来这是个有趣的故事,但是当时我对自己非常失望,(嗯)我太愚蠢了。那份工作非常棒!Todd: Ive done that too! I think we all do that at one point. Well!托德:我也做过类似的事情!我想我们在某个时刻都做过那样的事情。Kawabe: Yeah, I learned a lot of things from that experience.川边:是的,我从那次经历中学到了很多事情。Todd: But you got another job with another TV company after that, correct?托德:但是在那之后,你在另一家电视公司找到了一份工作,对吧?Kawabe: Mm, its not a TV company but the same kind of job and it was lucky cause, since I missed the first one I got the second one and that is why I could join to the World Cup.川边:嗯,那并不是电视公司,但是是同一种工作,其实我很幸运,因为虽然我第一次错过了,但是第二次我还是得到了工作,那就是我能参与世界杯报道的原因。Todd: Oh, cool!托德:哦,真酷!Kawabe: Yeah, so!川边:是啊!Todd: It all worked out at the end!托德:最后一切都解决了!Kawabe: Yeah! Fortunately.川边:对!很幸运。 /201404/292019

Neil: Hi, Im Neil and this is Helen!尼尔:大家好,我是尼尔,这是海伦!Helen: Hello.海伦:大家好。Neil: Whats wrong Helen? Youre looking rather sheepish.尼尔:海伦,出什么事了?你看起来非常窘迫。Helen: Sheepish? Like a sheep? I know my jumper is quite woolly.海伦:Sheepish?像羊一样?我知道我的毛衣是毛绒绒的。Neil: I dont mean you look like a sheep. I mean you look sheepish, which is quite different!尼尔:我并不是说你看起来像只羊。我的意思是,你看上去很窘迫,意思完全不同!Helen: Of course, looking like a sheep and looking sheepish are two totally different things, obviously!海伦:当然,看上去像只羊,和像羊一样是完全不同的意思!Neil: Yes. If I say you look like a sheep, it means, well, you look like a sheep. But if I say you look sheepish, it means you look embarrassed or ashamed about something.尼尔:是的。如果我说你看上去像只羊,意思就是你看起来像羊。但是如果我说你看上去很窘迫,意思是你看上去对某件事感到尴尬或是难为情。Helen: To look sheepish means you look embarrassed or ashamed–like youve done something wrong or silly?海伦:看上去sheepish的意思是看起来很尴尬或难为情,就像你做了某件错事或傻事?Neil: Yes!尼尔:对!Helen: Ah, yes.海伦:好。Neil: Listen to some examples:尼尔:来看看这些例句:Tom walked into the room looking sheepish.汤姆尴尬地走进房间。Emily grinned sheepishly as she closed the door behind her.艾米莉在关上身后的门时不好意思地咧嘴笑了。James gave her a sheepish look.詹姆斯难为情地看着她。Neil: So, come on Helen, why are you looking sheepish today?尼尔:好了,海伦,你今天为什么看上去这么不安?Helen: Ah, well...海伦:嗯……Neil: Yes?尼尔:怎么了?Helen: Well, you know that book you lent me?海伦:嗯,就是那本你借给我的书,你记得吧?Neil: My favourite book of all time–the original edition of The Private lives of the Greatest Cats in History?尼尔:我最喜欢的书,那本原版《历史上最伟大的猫的私生活》?Helen: Yes.海伦:对。Neil: OK Helen, now youre looking very sheepish indeed, so youd better hurry up and tell me what happened to it.尼尔:海伦,现在你看起来真的非常不安,你最好快点告诉我那本书到底怎么了。Helen: I dropped it.海伦:我弄掉了。Neil: You dropped it? Well I hope its not damaged, otherwise Ill have to -尼尔:弄掉了?希望并没有破损,要不然我就要……Helen: ...in the river.海伦:掉在了河里。Neil: In the river! You dropped it in the river!尼尔:掉进了河里!你把书掉进了河里!Helen: It was carried away, I couldnt get it out.海伦:它被河水冲走了,我没能捞出来。Neil: Oh no!尼尔:哦不!Helen: Im so sorry. Thats why I am looking sheepish.海伦:很抱歉。这就是我看上去窘迫的原因。Neil: You should be looking even more sheepish than that. In fact, I expect you to look sheepish for several days. It was the best book in the world! Sheepish doesnt do it justice...尼尔:你应该看上去更不安才对。实际上,我希望你能不安几天的时间。那是世界上最棒的书!“不安”也不能挽回那本书了…… /201404/288773

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