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Again, He that sells upon credit, asks a price what he sells equivalent to the principal and interest of his money the time he is likely to be kept out of it: theree he that buys upon credit, pays interest what he buys. And he that pays y money, might let that money out to use; so that he that possesses any thing he has bought, pays interest the use of it.还有,一个赊帐出售物品的人,对他所售货物要求的价格相当于货物的本钱加上他暂时不能利用的那笔钱的利息,一个赊帐购买的人,要为他所买的货物付利息而一个用现金购买的人,如果不买的话,是可以把那笔钱借给别人使用的所以,一个拥有任何买来的东西的人,都要为使用这东西而付利息Consider then when you are tempted to buy any unnecessary household stuff, or any superfluous thing, whether you will be willing to pay interest, and interest upon interest it as long as you live; and more if it grows worse by using.当你感到一种引诱,想要买任何并不急需的家用品,或任何不必要的东西的时候,你就要好好考虑一下,你是否愿意为它付利息,并且终身为它利上加利;如果这东西是会用坏的,那末还要付得更多Yet, in buying goods, it is best to pay y money, because, he that sells upon credit, expects to lose 5 percent by bad debts; theree he charges, on all he sells upon credit, an advance that shall make up that deficiency.然而,在买东西时,最好还是付现金,因为赊帐售物的人,估计由于吃倒帐会损失百分之五,所以把赊售的所有货物都要加码,以弥补这笔损失Those who pay what they buy upon credit, pay their share of this advance.那些赊帐购物的人,得付他们所应分担的这笔加码的价款He that pays y money, escapes or may escape that charge.而用现金购物的人,则不需或可能不需付这笔钱A penny saved is two pence clear;省下的一便士是不折不扣的两便士;A pin a day is a groat a year.每天节约一丁点儿一年就是一大笔 379英语学习笔记:The Fate of the Furious 8 速度与8fate 命运furious 狂怒的,暴怒的Street racing 街头飙车drive a manual 开手动挡drive an automatic 开自动挡hit on the brake 踩刹车hit the gas pedal 踩油门You will get a ticketa fine. 你会被开罚单的Parallel[p?r?lel] parking 侧方位停车Back the car up/Go in reverse 倒车更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 559

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 The doctor lives downstairs医生住在楼下;Doctor,; she said loudly, bouncing into the room,“医生”她冲进屋后大声说道;I want you to say frankly what wrong with me.;“我想让你坦率地说我到底得了什么病”He surveyed her from head to foot.他从头到脚打量打量她,;Madam,; he said at length, ;Ive just three things to tell you.然后大声说:“太太,我有三件事要对你说First, your weight wants reducing by nearly fifty pounds.第一,您的体重需要减少大约50磅;Second, your beauty could be improved if you used about one tenth as much rouge and lipstick.第二,如果您要用上十分之一的胭脂和口红,您的美貌将会改变And third, Im an artist---the doctor lives downstairs.;第三,我是一位画家——医生住在楼下”Notes:1.livev.生存,生活adj.活着的,生动的,有精力的adv.实况的常见搭配:live fish活鱼a real live gun真(指不是玩具)live eyes炯炯有神的眼睛a live teacher精力旺盛的老师live fire wood燃烧着的木柴a live issue尚在争论中的问题live ideas新思想live colors鲜艳的颜色.bounce into以上上下下的动作进入eg.Bertha came bouncing into the room.伯莎蹦蹦跳跳地进了房间3. from head to foot从头到脚的.at length充分地; 详尽地;最后; 终于eg.He went into the subject at full length.他详细地研究了这个问题 本节目可可原创节目, 388Logic Reasoning 逻辑推理A fourth-grade teacher was giving her pupils a lesson on logic.小学四年级的教师正在给学生们上一堂逻辑课她举了这么一个例子Here is the situation, she said. A man is standing up in a boat in the middle of a river, fishing. He loses his balance, falls in, and begins splashing and yelling help.有这样一种情况,一个男人在河中心的船上钓鱼,突然失去重心掉进了水里于是他开始挣扎并喊救命His wife hears the commotion, knows that he cant swim, and runs down to the bank. Why do you think she ran to the bank?他的妻子听到了他的喊声,知道他并不会游泳,所以她就急忙跑向河岸谁能告诉我这是为什么?A girl raised her hand and asked, to draw out all of his savings?一个女生举手答道,是不是去取他的存款?1.fourth-gradefourth-grade表示四年级提问说你读几年级了:What grade are you in?Which grade are you in?如果进一步问班级的话,则可以用what class are you in?比如现在要回答,我是一年级一班的:Im in Class One Grade One.(我在一年级一班).bankbank在这里是指河岸的意思这个女生之所以闹出笑话,就是因为误把bank理解为,所以才说出to draw out all of his savings这种话 030

0  No Way To Win  Daphne relish at the news she was about to tell. ;I hate telling you this,; she said, ;but it better to hear it from me than from anyone else,; she sipped her wine and gazed over the crowded race-track where horses were lining up the next event.  ;So what the big announcement?; asked Myra impatiently. ;Come on, spit it out.;  Daphne, refusing to be hurried, sipped more champagne, glanced at her race-book, then stated: ;Your Noel is having an affair.;  ;He wouldnt have the nerve,; Myra laughed. ;He lives on my money.;  ;She a stunning redhead with a size figure,; continued Daphne, fixing her eyes on her plump friend plain face. ;Ive seen them lunching together and driving in that sports car you gave him his last birthday.;  Myra glanced over at her husband, who was staring across at the results of the last race. His black surly hair, which always needed combing, gave a raffish look to his handsome, suntanned face, and he wore with style the Italian suits which she paid .  Naturally, women were attracted to him but, when she settled his large gambling debts at the time of their marriage, she had made him aware of his side of bargain.  ;Obviously, you dont believe me,; sniffed Daphne. ;He been a bit difficult,; Myra admitted. ;Complaining about doing housework while my cleaning woman on holidays. Im certainly not doing it.;  ;Listen to me,; her friend advised. ;Put yourself out to please him a change.;  ;He couldnt afd an affair,; stated Myra emphatically. ;I make him every dollar of his allowance. He got no money.;  But that was where she was wrong.  Noel stared in disbelief at the ticket in his hand. Yet again, e looked at the numbers on display. Once more, he checked them and they were the same.  He had won and it had paid well! Certainly, it was not a tune, but it was enough to escape from Myra... and take Cheryl with him.  He folded the ticket carefully and placed it in his shirt pocket. Looking sad, he walked up to where his wife was chatting to that old bag, whom he felt sure had spotted him lunching with Cheryl. Probably, shed told Myra something and thered be scene at home.  ;I didnt win a penny all day,; he said miserably. The women, who were winning a little, sympathized with him.  That night, Myra was unusually quite while Noel prepared dinner. As he cooked in the kitchen, he wondered where he could hide the ticket. His wife had an uncanny habit of finding things.  Perhaps he could slip out in the morning and give it to Cheryl to mind, but shed been a little unfriendly since hed borrowed money from her and not paid it back. All that would change when she heard his news.  Better to trust no one, he decided, touching the ticket in his shirt pocket. ;Im going to bed early,; Myra announced shortly after dinner. ;Got things to do tomorrow.;  Noel bent down to kiss her cheek, then settled down to watch television. As son as she was asleep, hed ring Cheryl and make plans. Only the Sunday to get through, e thought, then pack the minute Myra left bridge on Monday morning. He knew where she had hidden his passport. Cheryl could wait in the car while he collected his winnings. There was no point in letting her know exactly how much it was.  It was a pity he couldnt sell the car because it was worth a lot, but it was registered in his wife name. Mean cow, he thought angrily, but he would soon be rid of her.  When he rang Cheryl, however, there was no answer. Somehow hed get in touch with her in the morning. He reviewed his plans yet again until, finally exhausted by excitement, he went to bed and slept soundly.  A bump on the bed woke Noel suddenly. Sunlight flooded the room. ;Surprise! Surprise!; cried Myra, setting a try with cups and saucers on the bedside table. ;The new me made morning tea a change. Did some toast and marmalade, too.;  Noel mumbled astonished thanks.  ;Im going to do a lot around the house,; said Myra. ;Might help me lose some weight.;  Noel looked at her warily. Usually, she stayed in her kimono until after breakfast, but she was dressed and her face made up.  ;Im going to up your allowance by ,; she smiled. ;But why...?; he began. Then, he heard a whirring noise, which was somehow familiar. Instantly, he threw back the bedclothes and raced to the laundry. His clothes spun rapidly in the washing machine. Horrified, he switched it off, pulled out his shirt and saw the tiny bits of paper.  ;Did you leave something in your pocket?; asked his concerned wife, who had followed him to the laundry.  Later that morning, Noel stared desolately out the window. The operator had inmed that Cheryl phone was disconnected.  Upstairs in her bedroom, Myra looked at the race ticket. Shed checked the prize money in the Sunday paper and was surprised at the large amount. Then she smiled, remembering how her husband had fallen her trick of putting the craps of paper in his pocket.  It was a nice windfall that would more than cover the increase in Noel allowance. She decided to buy her best friend, Daphne, a bottle of her favorite red... provided she saw it somewhere on special. 187通常我们都认为,在网上购物的价格相对于实体店要便宜一些.但是,近来美国的一项调查显示,你用不同的设备购物有可能需要付的价格不一样,比如说,用苹果手机购物,那可能你要多付一些钱了.CBS News: years now, merchants have tracked individual online shopping habits to personalize their websites and attract customers. That also helps them make assumptions about income and spending power.But a new study says some companies are going beyond that by using what they know about each shopper to set different prices the same product.You may have noticed while shopping online your computer seems to know exactly what youre looking . That because companies track your search and purchase histories to make guesses about what you like.But a Northeastern University study shows companies are also using inmation about how youre shopping online to customize prices.Asst. Prof. Christo Wilson explains.;Many E-commerce sites will give deals or change the prices people using specific devices or browsers, or will change the order of search results to highlight more expensive items.; 388

3 Youve lost3 你输了On her return from flying a kite, little Darley, aged eight, was pulled onto her Daddy knee and inmed that the fairies of that day brought a big surprise—a little baby brother. She seemed glad, and presently said, “Will you give me a stamp, Daddy? I want to write and tell Brother Tom.”八岁的小多莉放风筝回到家,被爸爸拉过来坐在膝盖上,告诉她哪天的仙女给他们带来了一个大大的惊喜——一个新生的小弟弟她看起来很高兴,马上说:“爸爸,你能不能给我一张邮票?我要写信告诉哥哥汤姆”The father was touched by this, and provided the little girl with the materials to write a letter to her brother, who was away at school. She took a bottle of soda from the fridge and went to her own room. Later, curious to know how she would tell the news, her father took an opporty to what she had written. He received something of a shock on ing the following:父亲被这话感动了,他为小姑娘备齐了给她住在学校里的哥哥写信所需的各种用具小多莉从冰箱里拿了瓶汽水就进了自己的房间后来,爸爸很想知道她是怎么告诉哥哥这个消息的,就找了个机会读了小多莉写的信在读到下面这两行字时,他差点儿惊呆了:;Dear Tom,“亲爱的汤姆:It come off today. Youve lost. It a boy. So you owe me a squirrel doll.;今天结果出来了,你输了;是个男孩所以你欠我一只玩具松鼠” 39朗读原文:;Ah!; said Mr Tumnus in a rather melancholy voice, ;if only I had worked harder at geography when I was a little Faun, I should no doubt know all about those strange countries. It is too late now.;;But they arent countries at all,; said Lucy, almost laughing. ;It only just back there - at least - Im not sure. It is summer there.;;Meanwhile,; said Mr Tumnus, ;it is winter in Narnia, and has been ever so long, and we shall both catch cold if we stand here talking in the snow. Daughter of Eve from the far land of Spare Oom where eternal summer reigns around the bright city of War Drobe, how would it be if you came and had tea with me?;;Thank you very much, Mr Tumnus,; said Lucy. ;But I was wondering whether I ought to be getting back.;;It only just round the corner,; said the Faun, ;and therell be a roaring fire - and toast - and sardines - and cake.;;Well, it very kind of you,; said Lucy. ;But I shant be able to stay long.;;If you will take my arm, Daughter of Eve,; said Mr Tumnus, ;I shall be able to hold the umbrella over both of us. That the way. Now - off we go.;And so Lucy found herself walking through the wood arm in arm with this strange creature as if they had known one another all their lives. 0695

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