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固原哪里有医院原州区割痔疮多少钱The military helicopters are bringing in the last of the stranded villagers now some of their relatives and friends, who have been waiting here days, there is relief. others though, there is the anguish of not knowing."Help us, please save my children, I have been waiting four days aly." Says this woman.At her tent, anger, especially at local officials."They said it was safe and we didn't need to evacuate. Now there is not even a road to get back." He says.And the man, who is the focus of much of the national blame is President Ma Ying-jeou, often confronted by angry survivors as he toured the disaster zone."How do you respond to people who blame you and your government, and say listen this was just all too slow to begin with, and then, when it did get underway, it just wasn't enough.""Now, we certainly, I will take full responsibility, whatever the blame is, because, after all, I am the president of this country."But President Ma says the slow start was because of bad weather, heavy rain left helicopters grounded."Once the weather is good, in one day, that is the th of August, we were able to evacuate 518 people. It's a record."But there was outrage last week, when he blamed local officials."They were not fully prepared."So now he's seen comting the grieving, apologizing, promising to do better. But as he opened the weekend baseball game, he was booed and jeered. Protesters demanded his resignation."We'll find out, not only to correct the mistakes, but also may try to punish the people who are responsible."As the rescue operations slowly wind down, the focus will soon shift to rebuilding lives and commies. Taiwan's embattled president told me that simply repairing all the damage from Typhoon Morakot could take up to a year. John Vause, CNN, Cishan, Taiwan.Anguish: severe pain, mental suffering or unhappiness 剧痛,极度痛苦,苦恼Tears of anguish filled her eyes.她双眸噙满了伤心的泪水.Embattled: an embattled person, organization etc has many problems or difficulties 被困扰的,境艰难的,危机四伏的 81889固原男科哪里技术好 approach接近,whisper低声说,urge催促,fund存款Nearing the EndNearing the end, Chuck is surrounded by loved ones. As the final moment approaches, he gathers all his strength and whispers, "I must tell you my greatest secret." His family urges him to go on."Bee I got married, I had it all," Chuck explains. "Fast cars, cute girls, and plenty of money. But a good friend warned me, 'Get married and start a family. Otherwise, no one will be there to give you a glass of water to drink when you're on your deathbed.' So I took his advice. I traded the girls a wife, beer baby food. I sold my Ferrari and invested in college funds. And now here we are. And you know what?""What?""I'm not even thirsty!"临死之前临死之前,Chuck被他挚爱的家人包围着知道自己的最后时刻就要来了,他拿出所有力气,轻声耳语,“我必须告诉你们一个最大的秘密”他的家人催他赶紧说Chuck说,“在我结婚之前,我什么都有:靓车,美女,还有大把大把的钱但是一个好朋友警告我说,‘你应该结婚,建立一个家庭,否则当你奄奄一息躺在床上时,都没个人会为你端上一杯水’于是我听取了他的建议,离开了姑娘们,娶了一个妻子我不再把钱花在啤酒上,而是留下来给孩子们买吃的我卖掉了我的法拉利,投资了大学基金所以现在才有了你们可你们知道吗?”“知道什么?”“可是现在我一点都不渴啊!”1.approach接近可作及物或不及物动词:Few actors approach him in ability.在才华方面很少有演员可与他媲美He approaches in stealth.他偷偷摸摸地逼近.whisper低声说 在口语里有这么一个短语:in a pig’s whisper,是“低声地”或者“转眼间”的意思3. gather all one's strength,意思是“用尽全身的力气”我们再来学几个关于gather的短语:gather speed表示“加速”;gather breath指“喘气”;gather up one's courage意思是“鼓起勇气”另外gathering是名词,是“集会,聚集”的意思,所以“家庭聚会”就可以说a family gathering.on one's deathbed,deathbed就是“临终所卧的床”,所以这个短语就表示while one is in bed and dying例如:While he lay on his deathbed, he told his lawyer that he wanted to give all his money to charity. 他临死之时告诉律师,他想把钱都捐给慈善机构5.trade…… 用…交换…要注意两个名词的位置,比如文中“I traded the girls a wife”是“(舍去)很多女孩儿,换来一个妻子”,而不是“舍去妻子换来很多女孩”6.invest投资除了有投入钱的意思,也可以指投入时间、感情:She invested all her love in her daughter.她把全部的爱倾注在女儿身上 Invest…with使充满:The palace was invested with glamour and romance.这座宫殿充满了魅力和浪漫气息 779ef76+,[OD.UeoOFaqlhMIM(kJkUS President Bush Vomits On Japanese LeaderUS President George Bush becomes ill and vomits on the Japanese Prime Minister.In 199, George H W Bush, the 1st President of the ed States of America, attended a state dinner in Tokyo, Japan.Bee the event, President Bush complained of feeling unwell and was advised by his doctor to stay in bed.However,the president decided to attend the dinner and was seated next to the Japanese Prime Minister Miyazawa Kiichi.During the meal, President Bush felt ill and turned and vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister.This remains the only recorded case of a head of state throwing up on the head of another country government.,pVk3I|G#pD,dzljEs+kL)xIv5n_OE0~,*ENf7ka0x,Xm(@xFkLzr%YOiX!)J] 38587固原有没有男科

崆峒区泾川县阳痿早泄价格Earthquake Devastates Nepal尼泊尔地震A powerful earthquake struck Nepal in the middle of the day on Saturday, leaving at least ,000 people dead and thousands more injured or homeless. The 7.8-magnitude earthquake is the strongest to have hit the area in more than 80 years. In addition to the horrific loss of life, many iconic buildings, temples, and monuments have been left in ruins. Aftershocks continue to threaten the region, causing people, including hospital patients, to sleep outdoors. A massive rescue and recovery operation is underway.周六中午左右,尼泊尔发生强烈地震,地震至少造成000人死亡,上千人受伤或失去家园这场7.8级地震是尼泊尔80多年以来受到的最强地震除了人员死伤,许多地标性建筑、庙宇、纪念堂变成了废墟余震还在继续威胁着这一地区,这导致包括医院病人在内的人群露宿街头大规模营救和恢复工作正在进行当中译文属原创,,不得转载 3779西吉县泌尿外科 泾源县治疗内分泌多少钱

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