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贵州省医院官网贵州省人民医院结扎后复通The best-loved pig in Hong Kong is called McDull. His mom makes a wish that he will look like Chow Yun-fat or Tony Leung, two movie heartthrobs, but he is distinguished only by a birthmark around his right eye.在香港,人们最喜爱的小猪非“麦兜”莫属。尽管妈妈希望麦兜能成为像周润发、梁朝伟那样的万人迷,但他唯一独特的地方只是右眼周围的那块胎记。The cartoon piglet is not smart, either. Everything he tries, he fails. He wants to be an Olympic champion of qingbaoshan, but the sport of grabbing the most steamed buns from a pile doesn`t really exist, of course. He dreams of going to the Maldives, but ends up on a one-day tour of a Hong Kong landmark instead.这只卡通小猪有点笨,总是屡战屡败。他想成为“抢包山”项目的奥运会冠军,当然,这项运动根本就不是比赛项目。他做梦都想去马尔代夫,但结果却以香港一日游而告终。However, the slow, dumb pig has won over Hong Kong people, often stereotyped as eager to quick success. So far, there are five McDull movies showed in both the mainland and Hong Kong.但是,这只慢吞吞的木讷小猪却征了全香港人,他通常被塑造成一个企盼迅速成功的形象。迄今已有五部麦兜系列电影在内地和香港上映。The popularity of McDull occasionally confounds his creator Alice Mak.麦兜的走红有时会令一手打造他的麦佳碧有些摸不着头脑。;Maybe people see themselves and their friends in McDull,; she says.“或许人们可以在麦兜身上看到自己和朋友的影子。”她说。Mak had never seen a real pig before she drew McDull. She was born and spent most of her life in Tai Kok Tsui, an ordinary Hong Kong community where she can still buy cheap food. It is also where McDull grows up.麦佳碧在创作麦兜之前从未见过真正的猪。她出生在大角咀,并在那里度过了人生的大段时光。那是香港的一个普通的社区,现在她仍能在那儿买到便宜的食品。大角咀也是麦兜成长的地方。Like McDull, Mak moves and speaks slowly. She describes herself as a simple person, who does not try to draw too much meaning from the McDull stories. As a Christian, she has some simple beliefs, such as God creates humans because he loves them and wants them to be happy.就像麦兜一样,麦佳碧说话和动作都是慢条斯理的。她称自己是个简单的人,并没打算赋予麦兜的故事太多的内涵。作为一个基督徒,她有简单的信仰,比如上帝创造人类是因为他爱世人并许以世人幸福快乐。In the late 1980s Mak worked at a press company as a summer intern. The company boss, Brian Tse, later became her husband and scriptwriter of all McDull movies and books.上世纪80年代末,麦佳碧在一家出版社做暑期实习生。这家公司的老板谢立文后来也成了她的丈夫,同时也是麦兜系列电影的编剧以及麦兜丛书的作者。McDull was at first a supporting character in a story about his cousin McMug, a smart piglet and ;what parents expect of their children;. But it turned out that the woodenheaded McDull was more appealing麦兜最初只是一个配角,出现在他表弟麦唛的故事中。麦唛是只聪明的小猪,是“父母心中的好孩子榜样”。但事实明,头脑木讷的麦兜更有魅力。When McMug promises his classmates that if he becomes the class president he will treat everyone with strawberry cakes, McDull struggles to utter one sentence in his speech: ;If you choose me, you will be ... painful.;麦唛对同学们承诺,如果他成了班长,就请大家吃草莓蛋糕。而麦兜却在自己的演讲中绞尽脑汁地憋出一句话:“如果你们选我,你将会…比较痛苦。”He gives up his favorite chicken thigh to his mom and practices sports he dislikes to make her happy. He has many dreams, most of which end up in disappointment. He is still happy, however. When he gets an ;H;, he thinks it looks ;only a bit different; from an ;A;. According to his headmaster, he isn`t that stupid, he is just too kind.他把自己最喜欢吃的鸡腿给了妈妈,并努力练习自己并不喜欢的运动来让妈妈开心。他有很多梦想,虽然大都以失望告终。尽管只考了个H,但他依然很快乐。在他看来,H和A的样子看起来不过差那么一点点而已。他学校的校长说,麦兜并不蠢,只是太过善良。;McDull reminds people they used to be as simple and happy as him,; Mak says. ;If there is a theme in all the McDull movies, it is about how a simple person keeps his or her simplicity in a complicated world.;“在麦兜身上,人们找到以前的自己,那个像麦兜一样简单、开心的自己。”麦佳碧说:“如果说所有麦兜系列电影有一个共同主题的话,那就是讲述了一个简单的人如何在纷繁世界中保持纯真本性。”Although many children love McDull, the story is far more than its surface funniness. It is delightful and acidic at the same time.尽管很多小孩都十分喜爱麦兜,但这个故事远非只有浅显的幽默,人们感到开心的同时,也会有些许酸楚。In one of the McDull movies, he talks to the audience: ;I suddenly realized that there is something you just cannot have. No noodles, no Maldives, no golden medal, no treasure ... it turns out that being stupid is not funny, it could mean failure. Disappointment is not funny, fat is not funny, fat does not even mean you have more strength When I grow up, when I face the stern world that is not funny, what should I do?;在其中一部麦兜系列影片当中,麦兜对观众说:“我忽然明白,原来有些东西,没有就是没有,不行就是不行,没有鱼丸,没有粗面,没有马尔代夫,没有奖牌,没有张保仔的宝藏…原来愚蠢并不那么好笑,愚蠢会失败,失望并不那么好笑,胖并不一定好笑,胖不一定有力。长大了,到我该面对这硬绷绷、未必那么好笑的世界的时候,我会怎样呢?”;What he has been doing in the movies is to find new dreams. Most of them keep failing him, but he always starts again with a new one,; Mak says. ;Maybe that`s why both children and adults find him adorable.;“他在电影中一直致力于寻求新的梦想。其中大部分结果都令他十分失望,但他总会朝着新梦想出发。”谢立文说:“或许这就是为什么大人和小孩都觉得他可爱的原因。” /201302/225648贵阳看男性早泄要多少钱 贵阳哪个医院治疗尖锐湿疣最好

六盘水市妇幼保健院做输卵管复通Tourists, along with residents of the city, have been told to minimise their exposure to the smog, and to avoid outdoor activities, putting many of the city#39;s attractions off-limits.The Singapore Flyer ferris wheel suspended operations yesterday, while the city#39;s famous skyscrapers, and the Gardens by the Bay horticultural project, are shrouded in haze.Outdoor attractions across the city, including the Adventure Cove Waterpark, have seen a dip in visitor numbers, Channel News Asia reports, and tour operators have been forced to adjust holiday itineraries, substituting outdoor activities for indoor ones.At least one sightseeing company, DUCKtours, has cancelled its trips, while Universal Studios Singapore has had to cancel some outdoor shows.The smog has hit small businesses too, with one restaurant reporting an 80 per cent decline in visitors.Meanwhile, Changi Airport is increasing the time between takeoffs and landings as a precautionary safety measure, although no delays have been reported.Michael Ross, a 44-year-old Briton and a former resident of Singapore, is due to fly to the city-state on Saturday for a family holiday.“We did plan to spend four or five days in Singapore and visit Gardens by the Bay, the Singapore Flyer and the high-rise pool at Marina Bay Sands,” he said. “Now I am just trying to find us flights out of there and over to Cambodia for a few days instead.“We had haze there before, but the levels seen in the last day or two are way beyond anything we experienced.”Unfortunately Britons due to travel to Singapore will be unable to cancel their trip free of charge because of the pollution. Tour operators and airlines are under no obligation to offer a refund, or even alternative dates, unless the Foreign Office advises Britons against visiting the country.Its advice currently states that Singapore “is experiencing high levels of pollution from land clearance fires in Indonesia - you should monitor the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) updates and health advisories from the Singapore National Environment Agency (NEA).”The NEA advises anyone with heart or lung diseases, children and the elderly to stay indoors, adding that “everyone else should avoid all physical activity outdoors”.The Singapore Tourist Board said the country remains open to tourists but also advised caution.;Tourists are advised to minimise their exposure by limiting prolonged or heavy outdoor activities,; said a spokesman.;In particular, children, the elderly and those with heart or lung diseases, should seek medical treatment early if they feel unwell. STB is keeping a close watch on the situation.;In an attempt to tackle the smog, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered disaster officials to ;mobilise all the country#39;s resources; to extinguish the fires that are causing the problem. Indonesia#39;s national disaster agency said two helicopters with cloud-seeding equipment were sent to Sumatra, where hundreds of hectares of carbon-rich peatland are ablaze.游客以及新加坡的居民都得到要求尽可能地减少与雾霾接触,避免户外活动,这也让城市的一些旅游景点也已经禁止对外开放。新加坡天观景轮(Flyer ferris wheel)已于20日停止运营,而著名天大楼和花园湾园艺(Gardens by the Bay)项目也笼罩在雾霾之中。亚洲新闻频道(Channel News Asia)报道,新加坡整个城市的户外景点,包括冒险湾水上乐园(Adventure Cove Waterpark)也遇到了游客数量骤减的问题,而景点经营者也不得不改变游程,以室内活动代替室外活动。至少有一家观光公司DUC旅游公司(DUCtours)已取消了它的游程,而新加坡环球影城(Universal Studios Singapore)也不得不取消一些户外表演。这场雾霾也影响到了一些小企业,一家餐厅称少了80% 的顾客。与此同时,作为一项预防性安全措施,樟宜机场(Changi Airport)加长了飞机起飞和降落之间的时间差距,但并未出现延迟现象。44岁的英国人迈克尔·罗斯(Michael Rose)曾是新加坡的居民,原来是打算周六飞到新加坡参加家庭聚会。他说:“我们原打算在新加坡住上四五天,还想参观花园湾,新加坡天观景轮和滨海湾金沙的高层游泳池。现在我只想找到航班飞出新加坡,去柬埔寨呆上几天。“我们以前也遇到过雾霾,但是过过一两天的污染程度已经超过了我们之前遇到过的情况。”不幸的是,由于此次污染,原本要到新加坡旅游的英国人无法免费取消他们的行程。旅行社和机场无义务提供退款,甚至也不能改签,除非外交部(Foreign Office)建议英国不去新加坡。外交部目前的建议指出,新加坡“正在经历一场由于印尼清理土地烧荒引起空气高度污染——人们应该关注更新的污染指数(Pollutant Standards Index, PSI)和新加坡环境署(Singapore National Environment Angecy, NEA)提出的健康建议。”NEA建议有心脏病和肺部疾病的人、小孩和老人呆在室内,并还说道:“所有人都要减少所有室外体力活动。”新加坡旅游(Singapore Tourist Board,STB)称,新加坡仍对游客开放但建议要小心。“游客要尽量减少长时间的和大量的室外活动。”一位发言人说,“尤其是小孩、老人以及有心脏病和肺部疾病的人,如感不适应及时就诊。STB仍在密切关注这个情况。”在试图解决这场雾霾危机的过程中,新加坡总统苏西洛·班邦·尤多约诺(Susilo Bambang Yodhoyono)已向救灾官员“动用国家所有资源”,解决这场烧荒带来的所有问题。印度尼西亚国家灾难局称,两架带有播种设备的直升机飞往苏门答腊岛,在那儿,上百顷富含碳的泥炭地满是火苗。贵阳做前列腺阻断术多少钱 贵阳市医院泌尿科女

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