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本对话选OC《橘子郡男孩Marissa因为父亲的丑闻,父母离异,男友背叛以及差点自杀身亡等事件成为学校议论的焦点,这让Marissa很难过,想辞去社交主席的职位但是Dr.Kim则安慰她,并劝她不要这样做,走自己的路让别人说去吧Dr.King: You are not quitting your post as social chair, Marissa, You were elected by the students. You've held the position years.Marissa: I know, Dr. Kim, but that was bee everything that's happened this summer.Dr.Kim: I understand you are going throught a lot of change right now, but you're a leader here at Harbor. That doesn't have to change. You're a wonderful example to your fellow students. They look up to you.Marissa: Not any more. They don't.Dr.Kim: Putting aside the issue of how walking away from your extracurricular responsibilities will affect your college transcript. People are always going to talk, may as well give them something good to talk about. Don’t disappear, Marissa, this is your school, your life, your future.重点知识解释:1. post n. 职位例句:We might get you a post as a waitress. 我们也许能给你找到一份女招待的工作. look up to 尊敬up表示向上,如果我们抬头仰视某人的话,那表示对方地位较高,look up to的意思是尊敬,敬仰例如:In the old society, who would look up to us? 在旧社会谁会看得起我们?相反look down upon表示藐视,轻视,看不起例如:He looks down upon his opponent.他藐视他的对手3. put aside 撇开aside 意思是在一边,在旁边put aside指把……放在旁边,也就是指撇开……不说,不管……例如:Putting aside the real estate, she also has a lot of money invested in some profitable companies.撇开房产不说,她还在一些盈利颇丰的公司投资了不少钱把……放在一边也可以指留着不用,put aside还表示存储,保留例如:She's put aside a tidy sum her retirement.她存了一笔相当可观的钱以备退休之用汉语译文:Dr. Kim: 你不能辞去社交主席的职位,Marissa,你是学生们选出来的,而且你已经在这个职位上干了两年了Marissa: 我明白,Kim教授,但这是在这个夏天那些事情发生前的事了Dr. Kim: 我知道,最近你经历了很多改变,但是在Harbor高中,你是一个领导者,这点并不需要变你在同学中是一个极好的表率,他们指望着你呢Marissa: 现在不会了Dr.Kim: 放弃课外责任的问题,会影响你的大学入学评语不说,谈论是人的天性之一,你也可以给他们一些好的东西来谈论不要离开,Marissa,这是你的学校,你的生活,你的未来课后题目:学习完后,你知道Marissa想干什么了吗? 65。

  • Greet the clients 与客户打招呼A: Hi! May I help you?B: Thank you! I am interested in your product. But I am not familiar with your corporation. A: In fact, in the past, we only attended local exhibitions.B: No wonder. A: Here is our brochure, it’ll help you get acquainted with our products and company. B: Thank you!重点讲解:“no wonder” 的意思是“难怪,并不奇怪”,在口语中经常用到例如:No wonder she is not hungry, she has been eating and drinking all the day. 难怪她不饿,她一整天都在不停地又吃又喝acquaint v. 使熟悉 get acquainted with 开始知道 例句:On the other hand, it has opened a new channel Chinese businessmen to get acquainted with the rest of the world and go abroad. 另一方面,为中国企业家了解世界、走向世界创造了一个机会,开辟了一条渠道 668。
  • Taking a deep drag on his cigarette while resting on the steering wheel of his truck, he looks like a parody of a middle-aged lorry driver.躺在卡车的方向盘上,深吸一口手中的香烟,他看起来跟一个中年卡车司机没什么两样But the image covers up a much more disturbing truth: At just the tender age of two, Ardi Rizal health has been so ruined by his 0-a-day habit that he now struggles to move by himself.但是这张照片掩盖了一个更加令人感到不安的事实:他还只是个岁大的孩子一天四十烟的习惯严重损害了阿尔迪·黎刹的健康,以至于他现在做动作都非常吃力The four-stone Indonesia toddler is certainly far too unfit to run around with other children - and his condition is set to rapidly deteriorate.这名印尼男孩有5磅重(石),他的体格显然非常不适合跟其他孩子一起跑闹玩耍--而且他的身体状况将迅速恶化But, despite local officials offer to buy the Rizal family a new car if the boy quits, his parents feel unable to stop him because he throws massive tantrums if they dont indulge him.虽然当地政府承诺,如果这个小男孩戒烟就给阿尔迪家买一辆新车,但是他的父母还是没有办法阻止他抽烟,因为一旦他们不纵容他的爱好,阿尔迪就会大发雷霆His mother, Diana, 6, wept: He totally addicted. If he doesnt get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick.阿尔迪的母亲名叫戴安娜,今年6岁,她抹着眼泪说道:“他完全上瘾了如果不给他香烟,他就会发怒、大喊大叫、用头撞墙他对我说他头晕、犯恶心”Ardi will smoke only one brand and his habit costs his parents 3.78 pound a day. But in spite of this, his fishmonger father Mohammed, 30, said: He looks pretty healthy to me. I dont see the problem.阿尔迪只抽一个牌子的香烟,这个爱好每天要花费他的父母3.78英镑但是尽管如此,阿尔迪的鱼贩父亲、30岁的默罕默德说道:“在我看来他非常健康我没觉得有什么问题”Ardi youth is the extreme of a disturbing trend. Data from the Central Statistics Agency showed 5 per cent of Indonesian children aged three to have tried cigarettes, with 3. per cent of those active smokers.阿尔迪的事例是一种令人不安趋势的极端表现据中央统计局的数据显示,在3到岁的印尼儿童中,有5%的人尝试过香烟,3.%的人经常抽烟 5899。
  • Discount 折扣A: We can offer you 5% discount. B: Your price is rather out of line, much higher than we expected. We can’t buy with your offer.A: Well, what do you suggest then? How about 8%?B: When we say your prices are much too high, we don’t mean they are higher only by or 3 percent. If we are to place an order with you, I think a discount of about % would be sufficient. A: What? You want to drive me bankrupt! You can’t expect us to make such a large reduction. B: There’s no point in making a counter offer because the gap is too great.A: How about %? This price is aly a little tight, our profit margin is not that large.B: OK. I can settle that.重点讲解:1. sufficient 足够的,充分的. bankrupt 破产者,破产3. counter 相反,起抵消作用的事物A: 我方可以给贵方5%的折扣B: 贵公司的价格与行情不符,比我方所预料的要高得多我们不能接受这一价格A: 嗯,那你想减少多少?8%的折扣怎么样?B: 我们说你们的价格太高,并不是说仅仅高出%或3%如果我们要向你们订货,我认为大约%的折扣倒还差不多A: 什么?你想让我们公司破产吗?我们不可能打这么低的折扣B: 由于相差太悬殊,讨价还价也没有什么意义A: %怎么样?这个价格已经有点勉强了,我们的利润没有那么高的B: 好吧,成交 5。
  • A Florida woman opened fire on her house guests because they were ;too loud; and had overstayed their welcome, police say.据警方表示,佛罗里达州一位女性向前来自家中拜访的客人开,原因是因为他们“太吵”、呆的太久Alana Annette Savell, 3, was hosting a couple at her Panama City home when the visitors apparently became noisy.阿兰娜·安妮特·萨维尔今年3岁,当时她在自己位于巴拿马城的家中招待一对男女,后来这两位造访者吵闹了起来Police say she ordered them to go, bee shooting the man and woman in the legs.据警方表示,萨维尔要求这两人离开,后来便开打伤了这两人的腿The victims went to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Ms Savell has been charged with aggravated battery by a firearm.好在受害人的伤势并没有生命危险,后来前往了医院而萨维尔则被指控持加重殴击罪Bay County Sheriff Office told the B the female victim had turned up with a male friend, whom she had just met in a bar, at the accused home at around 01:00 local time.海湾县治安官办公室向B透露称,女性受害人和一位男性友人在一起--她在一家酒吧碰到了他,两人大概在当地时间凌晨一点的时候来到了被告的家中Ms Savell told police her hospitality began to wear thin after her guests began drinking and raising their voices.据萨维尔向警方表示,在她的客人开始酗酒并高声说话时,她的殷勤好客就消失无踪了But instead of dropping a hint by yawning or loading the dishwasher, she armed herself with a -calibre handgun and shot at her guests feet, officials said.警方表示,萨维尔并不是通过打哈欠或者开启洗碗机暗示客人应该走了,而是用一把口径的手把自己武装了起来,并打伤了那两人的腿As well as shooting the woman, Kristy Jo Mohr, in both legs in the incident, and her companion, who went by name ;Cowboy;, Ms Savell own boyfriend was struck by a bullet in the leg.女受害人克丽丝蒂·莫尔法两条腿都被打中,她的男伴也受到了击,此外萨维尔自己男友的腿也被流弹击中Ms Mohr told police she believed eight or nine shots were fired in total. Ms Savell remains in custody at the county jail.克丽丝蒂向警方透露,她认为萨维尔一共射击了8到9发子弹目前萨维尔仍然被关押在该县监狱 8。
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