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Scientists have developed a non-stick chewing gum that can be easily removed from pavements, shoes and clothes. Scientists have developed a non-stick chewing gum that can be easily removed from pavements, shoes and clothes.The new gum, the result of polymer research at the University of Bristol, could be launched commercially in 2008, its developers said on Friday.If it catches on, the product will solve a major headache for local authorities around the world."The advantage of our Clean Gum is that it has a great taste, it is easy to remove and has the potential to be environmentally degradable," said Terence Cosgrove, a professor of chemistry who helped found a company called Revolymer to commercialize the technology.Today's chewing gums are made from synthetic latex, which is resistant to the weather and is strongly adhesive. The new gum adds a special polymer to modify its properties, making it far less sticky.In two street trials, leading commercial gums remained stuck to the pavement three out or four times, while Clean Gum came away naturally in all cases, Revolymer said.(Agencies) 近日,科学家们研发出一种“不粘口香糖”,这种新型口香糖很容易从街道、鞋子和衣上清除。据该产品的开发商上周五介绍,这种新型口香糖是由英国布里斯托尔大学聚合体研究中心研发出来的,有望于明年上市。如果这种口香糖上市,能为世界各地的政府解决一个大难题。布里斯托尔大学的化学教授特伦斯#8226;考斯格鲁夫说:“我们这种‘清洁口香糖’口味好、易清除、而且具有可降解性。” 他协助成立了一个名叫Revolymer的公司,以实现该项技术的商业化。现在的口香糖是由合成乳胶制成的,这种物质对外界环境具有抵抗性(无法分解),而且粘性很强。新型口香糖中添加了一种能改变其属性的特殊聚合物,从而使它的粘性大大降低。据Revolymer公司介绍,两次街道测试的结果发现,现在市面上四分之三的口香糖都会粘在街道上, 而“清洁口香糖”在任何情况下都能自然脱落。 /200809/49808你怎么能说我不浪漫呢?昨天我还差点想给你买花来着!

Don't know what to wear to the office? How about to a friend's wedding or a hangover-filled New Year's Day brunch? Have you ever thought about the appropriate outfit for breaking up with your boyfriend?  不知道在办公室穿什么衣?穿什么去朋友婚礼呢?在宿醉者满地的新年第一天穿什么吃早午餐?你是否想过与男朋友分手时穿什么衣最合适?  For answers to these questions and so much more, check out Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion, a new 318-page fashion guidebook by the famed Project Runway judge.  想要更多这样问题的,就去看看真人秀《天桥骄子》裁判妮娜-加西亚厚达318页的新书《阅经:各种场合着装大全》。 /201008/111289

Producers for Sunday#39;s Oscars ceremony will be hoping that the show does not lose its status as the second most-watched TV event in the US behind the Super Bowl, after a strong showing by the Grammys.今年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼于当地时间上周日举行,在格莱美颁奖典礼大出风头之后,制片商们希望奥斯卡颁奖礼不会失去仅次于美国橄榄球超级杯大赛的全美收视率第二的宝座。The world#39;s top film honours are in jeopardy of losing their status if the show can#39;t lure more than 40 million viewers, which could be difficult.如果无法吸引到超过4千万名观众,这场全球顶级电影颁奖典礼会失去昔日的荣光,而想吸引这么多观众非常困难。Producers have brought back popular host Billy Crystal for laughs, but the best solution for a lively TV awards programme, sponsors at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences say, is a group of surprise winners or ones who give genuinely emotional or rousing acceptance speeches.制片商已经请回了受欢迎的主持人比利bull;克里斯托来为大家带来笑声,但美国电影艺术与科学学院的赞助商们表示,对于一个现场直播的电视颁奖节目来说,最好的办法是有一些出人意料的奖项得主,或者是一些能发表真诚感人或引发赞同的获奖感言的得主。;Be memorable, and you will be remembered,; co-producer Don Mischer told nominees at a recent luncheon.制片人之一唐bull;米斯彻最近在一次午宴上告诉提名者:;有让人印象深刻的表现,你就会被大家牢记。;It is hard to forget 73-year-old Jack Palance doing one-arm push-ups on the Oscar stage after winning best supporting actor for 1991#39;s ;City Slickers,; or more recently the heartfelt speech by writers Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova of best song winner ;Falling Slowly; from 2007 film, ;Once.;人们很难忘记73岁的杰克bull;帕兰斯凭借1991年的影片《城市乡巴佬》获得最佳男配角后,在奥斯卡舞台上做单臂俯卧撑的情景;或者几年前作曲者格兰bull;汉萨德和玛可塔bull;伊尔格洛娃凭借2007年的影片《曾经》中的歌曲《缓缓下坠》获得奥斯卡最佳原创歌曲奖时,发表的感人肺腑的获奖感言。The Oscars need a few surprises because silent movie romance ;The Artist,; while critically lauded, has generated only around million (pound;19 million) at US and Canadian box offices, and the Oscars generally enjoy larger TV audiences when popular hits like ;Avatar; are in the hunt for best movie.奥斯卡需要一些惊喜。尽管无声爱情电影《艺术家》受到家的赞誉,但在美国和加拿大仅收获了大约三千万美元(1900万英镑)票房。而只有当诸如《阿凡达》这种受人欢迎的热门影片参与角逐时,才会有更多观众收看奥斯卡颁奖礼。The show annually is the second most-watched program on US TV behind professional football#39;s Super Bowl, but this year#39;s Grammy Awards, music#39;s top honours, lured 40 million viewers the night after Whitney Houston#39;s death and could easily surpass the Oscars.奥斯卡颁奖典礼每年都在美国电视节目排行榜中名列第二,排在第一的是职业橄榄球赛事;超级碗;。但今年的乐坛最高奖格莱美颁奖典礼前一天,惠特尼bull;休斯顿去世,导致这场颁奖典礼吸引了4千名观众,轻易就能赶超奥斯卡颁奖典礼的收视率。Oscar producers also hope a return of popular comedian Crystal as host of the programme for the ninth time will lure viewers. He has not been emcee of the show since 2004 when it drew roughly 44 million viewers and box office smash ;The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King; was the big winner.奥斯卡制片人还希望,请回喜剧红星克里斯托做主持人会吸引观众,这也是克里斯托第九次担任主持人。自2004年来他就没有担任过奥斯卡主持,那一年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼有大约4400万人观看,当年的最是热卖影片《指环王3:王者归来》。 /201202/172778

  Raising Children 美式教养观 The job of raising children is a tough one. Children don't come with an instruction manual. And each child is different. So parents sometimes pull their hair out in frustration, not knowing what to do. But in raising children-as in all of life-what we do is influenced by our culture. Naturally then, American parents teach their children basic American values.   养育孩子是件伤脑筋的差事,孩子们并不是生下来就附有说明书的,而每个孩子又都不尽相同,所以有时候父母们真是挫折地扯光了头发,还不知该怎幺办。然而以教养孩子而言,就像生活中所有的事一样,我们的行为都受文化的影响,因此,美国父母很自然地会教导他们的孩子基本的美国价值观。   To Americans, the goal of parents is to help children stand on their own two feet. From infancy, each child may get his or her own room. As children grow, they gain more freedom to make their own choices. Teenagers choose their own forms of entertainment, as well as the friends to share them with. When they reach young adulthood, they choose their own careers and marriage partners. Of course, many young adults still seek their parents' advice and approval for the choices they make. But once they "leave the nest" at around 18 to 21 years old, they want to be on their own, not "tied to their mother's apron strings."   对美国人而言,教养的目标在于帮助孩子们自立更生。从婴幼儿期开始,每一个孩子都可能拥有自己的房间;随着孩子的成长,他们有更多机会自己作决定;青少年们选择自己喜欢的方式,以及跟什幺样的朋友一起玩;当他们进入了青年期之后,他们选择自己的事业和结婚伴侣。当然,很多的年轻人在作选择时,还是会寻求父母的忠告和赞同,但是当他们一旦在十八到二十一岁左右「离了巢」之后,就希望能够独立,不再是个离不开妈妈的孩子了。   The relationship between parents and children in America is very informal. American parents try to treat their children as individuals-not as extensions of themselves. They allow them to fulfill their own dreams. Americans praise and encourage their children to give them the confidence to succeed. When children become adults, their relationship with their parents becomes more like a friendship among equals. But contrary to popular belief, most adult Americans don't make their parents pay for room and board when they come to visit. Even as adults, they respect and honor their parents.   在美国,亲子之间的关系不是那么地严肃,美国父母们试着将孩子视为个体,而不是他们自我的延伸,他们允许孩子去实现自己的梦想。美国人会赞美并鼓励孩子以给予他们成功的信心。当孩子长大成人之后,亲子之间的关系会更像地位平等的朋友,可是与大家一向所以为的恰好相反,当父母来访时,大部份的美国成年人并不会要求父母付食宿费,因为就算已经成年,他们还是很敬重父母的。   Most young couples with children struggle with the issue of childcare. Mothers have traditionally stayed home with their children. In recent years, though, a growing trend is to put preschoolers in a day care center so Mom can work. Many Americans have strong feelings about which type of arrangement is best. Some argue that attending a day care center can be a positive experience for children. Others insist that mothers are the best caregivers for children. A number of women are now leaving the work force to become full-time homemakers.   大部份有孩子的年轻夫妻们都为了养育孩子的问题而大伤脑筋。传统上,母亲们会和孩子待在家里,但是近几年来,把孩子放在幼儿园好让妈妈去工作的趋势渐长。对于哪一种安排才是最好的,许多美国人都有自己强烈的主张,有些人认为进幼儿园对孩子而言是很正向的经历,另一群人则坚持母亲是照顾孩子的最佳人选,许多的妇女现在也离开工作市场成为全职的家庭主妇。母来访时,大部份的美国成年人并不会要求父母付食宿费,因为就算已经成年,他们还是很敬重父母的。   Disciplining children is another area that American parents have differing opinions about. Many parents feel that an old-fashioned spanking helps youngsters learn what "No!" means. Others prefer alternate forms of discipline. For example, "time outs" have become popular in recent years. Children in "time out" have to sit in a corner or by a wall. They can get up only when they are y to act nicely. Older children and teenagers who break the rules may be grounded, or not allowed to go out with friends. Some of their privileges at home-like TV or telephone use-may also be taken away for a while. Although discipline isn't fun for parents or children, it's a necessary part of training.   训诫孩子是另一项引起美国父母们争议的议题。许多父母觉得老式的责打能够帮助年幼的孩子明白:父母说「不」就绝对禁止去做,然而某些人则较赞同其它形式的训诫方式。例如:「隔离法」即是近年来颇被接受的方式,被隔离的孩子必须坐在墙角或是墙边,除非他们肯乖一点才可以起来;年纪稍大的孩子或是青少年若是违反规定,则可能受到被迫停止某项权益或是不准和朋友出去的处罚,而他们在家中的某些特权,像是看电视或是打电话,也会被取消一段时间。虽然处罚对于亲子双方都不是什么有趣的事,但是它仍是训诫孩子时必要的一部份。   Being a parent is a tall order. It takes patience, love, wisdom, courage and a good sense of humor to raise children (and not lose your sanity). Some people are just deciding not to have children at all, since they're not sure it's worth it. But raising children means training the next generation and preserving our culture. What could be worth more than that?   担任亲职是必须付出极大代价的,教养孩子需要付出耐心、爱心、智能、勇气以及高度的幽默感(同时不失去你明智的判断力)。有些人根本就决定不生孩子,因为他们不确定这样的付出值不值得,但是养育孩子意味着训练下一代并且保留我们的文化,又有什么会比这更有价值呢? /201004/101709


  虽然最近在国内也相当盛行吃西餐,但是在内容和形式上,随著各餐厅的经营型态而“纯”、“杂”不等,“繁”、“简”不一,十分值得一谈。   美国的西餐,和欧洲许多国家也颇有不同。如果您到美国旅游,赴家庭宴会或在餐馆吃“正餐”时,请先注意下列一般原则:   1. 男女一起在餐馆用餐,通常由男方负责点菜(order)和付帐(pay the check or bill)。   2. 许多基督教或天主教家庭饭前要由家中一员带领祷告(say a prayer or "blessing"),您即使不信教,也请跟着低头,以示礼貌和尊重。   3. 美国人宴客,是由女主人(或男主人)先拿起餐具进食,客人才跟着动餐具。   4. 如果您不喜欢递过来的菜肴时,只要说"No, thank you."即可。   5. 咀嚼食物,一定要避免出声。   6. 用过的刀、叉,必须放回盘子里,不能放在餐桌巾上。   7. 吃完主菜,把刀和叉平行地斜放在主菜盘(main plate)上,是向主人或侍者表示可以把主菜餐盘拿走了。   8. 席间要轻声谈些轻松愉快的话题,尽量避免一声不响地闷着头吃饭。   下面请看这一段模拟的席间对话:   Hostess: Would you like to have some more chicken ?   Guest: No, thank you. The chicken is very delicious, but I'm just too full.   Host: But I hope you saved room for dessert. Mary makes very good pumpkin pies.   Guest: That sounds very tempting. But I hope we can wait a little while, if you don't mind.   Host: Of course. How about some coffee or tea now ?   Guest: Tea, please. Thanks.   餐位(Seating arrangement)   餐位的安排大致上如上图。原则上男主宾(Gentleman of honor)坐在女主人(hostess)右边,女主宾(lady of honor )坐在男主人(host)右边,而且多半是男女相间而坐,夫妇不坐在一起,以免各自聊家常话而忽略与其他宾客间的交际。 /201002/96181

  (1) Change Your Pillowcase FrequentlyWe all know how important it is to keep our face clean, but how about our pillows? The typical American only washes their sheets once every week or two, but every night your face is rubbing against that pillow case. Imagine all the oil and bacteria that builds up on that pillowcase during that time! This is why it may not be a bad idea to try changing your pillowcase every night and see if that helps.1.定期更换你的枕套我们都知道保持脸部的干净又多重要,但是我们的枕头呢? 典型的,一个美国人每一周或两周清洗他的枕套,但是你的脸每晚都与枕套擦。想象一下那时在枕套上驻扎的油脂与细菌。所以,每晚更换你的枕套或许不是个坏建议。 /201004/101121Bachelors are twice as likely to die of cancer compared with married men, a study has found. Researchers who looked at cancer death rates over 40 years found that men and women who had never married were more likely to die from 13 of the most common types of cancer, including lung, breast and prostate. But the increased death rate was most stark in unmarried men over the age of 70—and it has been increasing every decade. Norwegian scientists looked at the records of 440,000 men and women diagnosed with cancer from 1970 to 2007, and compared them with marital status. Never being married when diagnosed—rather than being divorced or widowed—doubled the death rate in men from 18 to 35 percent and in women more modestly from 17 to 22 percent. Mortality rates for unmarried men have gone up by 3.4 percent every decade compared with those who are married. Previous studies have shown married people generally have better health and live longer than single people, as they tend not to smoke and drink as heavily, and have better mental health. The researchers at the University of Oslo say this is likely to be a factor in cancer death rates. They also suggested that married people are probably diagnosed earlier as they tend to visit the doctor more and may comply better with treatment as they have a to support them. 据英国《每日邮报》10月14日报道,一项研究发现,单身者死于癌症的几率是已婚者的两倍。 研究人员在观察了近40年的癌症死亡率后发现,未婚男女更易死于包括肺癌、乳腺癌和前列腺癌在内的13种常见癌症。但是这种死亡几率的递增在年龄超过70岁的未婚人群中更为明显。而且每过十年死亡率就会更大。 挪威科学家查看了44万从1970年到2007年罹患癌症的病人纪录,并将其与他们的婚姻状况作比较。 癌症患者中,无婚史的男性较之离过婚或丧偶的同性患者,死亡率从18%升至35%。而女性患者的死亡比率也从17%增大至22%。 和那些已婚癌症病患相比,未婚患者的死亡率每十年就上升3.4%。 以往的研究表明,已婚者一般都具有更好的健康状况而且比单身者的寿命长。因为已婚者较少酗烟酗酒,心理健康状况也更为良好。奥陆斯大学的研究人员说这很可能是一个降低已婚癌症患者死亡率的因素。 他们还暗示由于已婚者看医生的次数较多,所以很可能在患病初期就能被诊断出病情,而且他们因为有了配偶的持,也能更好地配合治疗。 /201110/157434Imagine the outfit you sleep in. Now imagine wearing it to work.先想象一下你睡觉时穿的是……?现在再想象,你穿着它去工作。 This spring, if fashion houses have their way, we'll all be wearing slouchy jersey jogging bottoms to lunch, parties and even to the office.如果说时装可以为所欲为,那么今春,我们可能将会穿着松垮的慢跑裤去吃午饭、参加派对,甚至去工作。 /201005/104713

  1991 年,老布什考虑任命乔布斯为出口委员会的一员,因此命令FBI 作一次背景调查,美国联邦调查局(FBI)9日披露一份191页档案,涉及已故苹果公司创始人史蒂夫;乔布斯的背景调查。乔布斯在业界获称;创新天才;。而随着档案的公布,他的个人品格遭受质疑。You#39;ve heard about things going on your permanent record? Steve Jobs had one, too.了解自己的档案上有些什么内容吗?乔布斯(Steve Jobs)也有一份档案。The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Thursday made public a background check on the Apple co-founder that took place in 1991. The agency assembled the investigation because Mr. Jobs was being considered for a presidential appointment by George H.W. Bush to the President#39;s Export Council, which advises on international trade. Mr. Jobs was appointed to the position that year.美国联邦调查局(Federal Bureau of Investigation,简称FBI)周四公开了一份针对苹果公司(Apple)这位联合创始人的背景调查报告。调查是在1991年进行的,FBI之所以调查乔布斯,是因为时任总统老布什(George H.W. Bush)可能会提名他进入总统出口委员会(President#39;s Export Council)。这个委员会的职责是为总统提供国际贸易方面的咨询。乔布斯当年获得了这个任命。The Wall Street Journal/FINS.com requested the file through the Freedom of Information Act.《华尔街日报》和FINS.com通过《信息自由法》(Freedom of Information Act)申请获得了这份文件。In the 191-page document, friends and associates describe him as profoundly talented, creative and hardworking. But his many faults are also acknowledged including the fact that he neglected his daughter for the first several years of his life and that his management techniques were considered by many to be abusive.在191页的文件里,乔布斯的朋友和同事说他特别有天赋和创造力、工作努力,但他的很多缺点也是公认的,比如早年间曾忽略了自己的女儿。另外,很多人认为他在管理上态度恶劣。Two individuals, who were acquainted with Mr. Jobs, said he was ;strong willed, stubborn, hardworking and driven, which they believe is why he is so successful.;文件显示,两位与乔布斯认识的人说,他意志坚决、固执、工作努力、有动力,他们认为这些是他如此成功的原因所在。Another source said she was reluctant to discuss Mr. Jobs, because she had ;questions concerning his ethics and morality.; The woman, who said that she and Jobs had ;experimented; with drugs together in the past, also described him as ;shallow and callous.; His success as head of Apple, she said, had given him an ;enormous amount of power; and ;caused him to distort the truth at times to get his way.; Despite this, she recommended him for the government position.另一个消息源说,她不愿意谈论乔布斯,因为她对乔布斯的道德人品存在怀疑。这位女子说她以前曾跟乔布斯一起;体验;毒品,还说乔布斯浅薄无情。她说,乔布斯担任苹果负责人取得的成功给了他很大的权力,导致他有时扭曲事实为所欲为。虽然如此,她还是推荐乔布斯进入出口委员会。A Palo Alto, Calif.-based man who identifies himself as a former ;good friend; of Mr. Jobs said that while he was ;basically an honest and trustworthy person, he is a very complex individual and his moral character is suspect.; Mr. Jobs ;alienated a large number of people at Apple, as a result of his ambition.;加州帕洛阿尔托一位自称是乔布斯昔日好友的男子说,乔布斯基本上是一个诚实可信的人,但他个性复杂,品性有问题。他说,乔布斯因为他的野心,疏远了苹果公司中的很多人。The file also reveals that Jobs received top secret security clearance from the Department of Defense for work he was doing in connection with Pixar. The clearance was effective between November 1988 and July 1990. It#39;s unclear why Jobs was given the clearance.文件还显示,乔布斯因为与动画制作公司皮克斯(Pxiar)相关的工作,从国防部得到了查询绝密内容的许可。这一许可的有效期是1988年11月到1990年7月。不清楚乔布斯为什么得到了这一许可。The question of whether Mr. Jobs, who had admitted to drug use in his youth, still used drugs while at Apple comes up frequently in the file. It appears nearly everyone interviewed believed he no longer used drugs.乔布斯曾经承认年轻时使用过毒品。文件中反复提及了乔布斯任职苹果期间是否仍使用毒品的问题。从文件中看,几乎所有受访者似乎都认为他没有再使用毒品。An interview subject from International Business Machines said that he never ;witnessed any illegal drug usage or alcohol abuse by the appointee; and said Mr. Jobs ;seemingly lives within his financial means and he never witnessed any examples of an extravagant lifestyle having been practiced by Jobs.一位来自国际商业机器公司(International Business Machines,简称:IBM)的受访者说,他从未看到乔布斯有过任何非法使用毒品或酗酒行为。这位受访者还说,乔布斯的生活似乎从未超出财力所限,他也从未见到乔布斯挥霍无度的情形。An unnamed female source said Mr. Jobs ;drank only a little wine and did not use any kind of illegal drugs.; However, ;in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Mr. Jobs may have experimented with illegal drugs, having come from that generation,; the report says.一位未具名女性消息源说,乔布斯只喝一点红酒,不使用任何非法毒品。但调查报告说,上世纪60年代末和70年代初,乔布斯可能体验过非法毒品,毕竟他是那一代人。Other aspects of the Steve Jobs narrative are referenced in the file, including his pilgrimage to India and his resulting interest in Eastern religion. One person whose name is redacted says that Mr. Jobs ;had undergone a change in philosophy by participating in eastern and/or Indian mysticism and religion. This change apparently influenced the Appointee#39;s personal life for the better.;文件还提到了乔布斯的其他方面一些事情,比如去印度朝圣并因此对东方宗教产生兴趣。一位名字被涂掉的人士说,乔布斯通过参加东方和/或印度秘教、宗教,在人生哲学上出现了变化,这种变化可能给他的个人生活带来了有利影响。The person suggests that Mr. Jobs#39;apathy toward money and material possessions were manifest in the early 1990s when the investigation was conducted. Mr. Jobs lived a ;spartanlike and at times even monastic existence,; the person told investigators.这位人士提到,乔布斯对金钱和物质财富不感兴趣的性格在90年代早期(也就是调查进行的时候)就已经很明显。这位人士对调查人员说,乔布斯生活非常简单,有时候甚至就像一个清修者。 /201202/171510Leo with Taurus Compatibility 狮子座和金牛座的相融性 There is a lot of initial attraction between these two Zodiac signs as both of them are full of passion and sensuality. The Taurus individual will be attracted to the Leo for his independent and enthusiastic nature. On the other hand the Leo individual will love the patient and reliable nature of the Taurus. Both of them love a long lasting relationship and there will be no dearth of loyalty and romance. The Taurus will shower the Leo partner with attention and gifts and the Leo in turn will be at his charismatic best. Secondly, both these signs are fond of luxuries and finer things in life and in most of the cases, have excellent tastes. Also, both these individuals love to accumulate things of material pleasures and wish to be successful in life. So is Leo and Taurus compatibility, the best? Let us have a look at the other side of it.这两个十二生肖中的星座最初就相互吸引,他们都充满了热情和性感。金牛座以其独立和热情的特质吸引着狮子座,另一方面,狮子座也钟情于金牛的耐心和可靠。他们之间的爱情将是天长地久、至死不渝而又浪漫美好的。金牛座能将他的天赋与才华展示给狮子座,同样,狮子座也能尽显其魅力。另外,这两个星座的人都崇尚高品质生活和奢侈的物质生活享受。大多数情况下,他们有着相同的品味,都比较热衷于享受物质生活的快乐,并期望成功的生活。因此,狮子座和金牛座最配吗?让我们再看一看它的另一面。However, on the less brighter side, Leo and Taurus both being fixed signs may create a rift in their relationship. Both of them wish to dominate and have their own way. The legendary stubborn nature of the Taurus often clashes with the bossy nature of the Leo. There are times when they utterly refuse of view each other's point of view and are reluctant to compromise. Secondly there can be clashes due to their diverse temperament. For once, the Leo individual is very out going, pompous and a party animal. On the contrary, the Taurus individual is much reserved who loves his own cozy home rather than crowded places. Also, the Taurus may love luxurious but he looks for security and is never perceived as an extravagant which is contrarily true for the Leo. However, some understanding and compromise on these parts and prevent most of the problems between this couple. Let us have a look at the Leo Taurus compatibility between the couples. Read more on astrology signs compatibility.然而,不太乐观的一面是:狮子座和金牛座也许是很容易产生矛盾和擦一对。他们都控制欲强,各行其事。传说倔强的金牛常常会惹怒暴躁的狮子,他们往往会完全拒绝对方,且不愿意妥协。另外,由于他们多变的脾气,会引起许多擦。狮子座外向、霸道,喜欢群聚;与之相反,金牛座比较保守,比起那些喧闹的地方,他们更愿呆在自己温馨的小家。还有, 金牛座虽喜欢奢侈,但是却很安全,从不外露,但狮子座却恰恰相反。然而,在这些事上的一些理解和让步可以减少这两个星座夫妻间的擦。让我们看一看这两个星座夫妻间的相融性。你可以参照更多星象学的知识。 /201105/134575

  I don#39;t know what causes global warming, but I#39;ve noticed it always gets a lot warmer when I pee.啥是影响全球变暖的原因,偶是不懂滴~不过,每次我在尿尿时,的确感到周围有那么一些变暖了;;内容来自: /201203/174924

  以下英文为imdb的正式译名, “ -- ” 后是其字面含义,括号内为该片原名  《Seventeen Years》--十七年 (故弄玄虚,《回家过年》)  《So Close To Paradise》--天堂如此之近 (《扁担,姑娘》,译名比原名有意思,原名让人想起什么《辘轳,女人和》之类的东东, “ 解不开的小疙瘩呀 ” )  《Ashes Of Time》--时间的灰烬 (《东邪西毒》,这个译名意味深长,无论你是东邪还是西毒,武功再高还不是最后都成了时间的灰烬?)  《All Men Are Brothers: Blood Of The Leopard》--四海之内皆兄弟:豹子的血 (《水浒传》,《水浒传》有个英文译名就是《四海之内皆兄弟》)  《Funeral Of The Famous Star》--明星的葬礼 (《大腕》)  《Treatment》--治疗 (《刮痧》,如果美国法律这么认为就好了)  《Dream Factory》--梦工厂 (《甲方乙方》,够nb的)  《Steel Meets Fire》--钢遇上了火 (翻译遇上了鬼?《烈火金刚》)  《Third Sister Liu》--第三个刘 (《刘三》,典型的不动脑筋)  《Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker》--红鞭炮,绿鞭炮 (《炮打双灯》,儿童片?)  《Woman-Demon-Human》--女人-恶魔-人类 (《人鬼情》,失恋中的译者)  《Color Of A Hero 》--英雄的颜色 (《英雄本色》的另一译名,是不是李阳的学生译的啊?--give you colors to see see-- 给你点颜色瞧瞧)  《Once Upon A Time in China》--从前在中国 (《黄飞鸿》,大而无边)  《Twin Warriors》--孪生勇士 (《太极张三丰》,张三丰是双胞胎吗?)  《A Man Called Hero》--一个叫做英雄的男人 (《中华英雄》,译者偷懒,照抄影评的第一句)。

  下午茶的来历:  In 1662, King Charles II of England married the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza who brought with her, as part of her dowry, a small chest of tea. As the new queen, Catherine began the serving of tea to her friends at court.  1662年,英格兰国王查理二世迎娶了葡萄牙布拉干萨王朝的凯瑟琳公主。公主随嫁妆带来了一小箱茶叶。当上了皇后的凯瑟琳开始在宫廷中以茶待客。  Although there is mention of "five o'clock tea" in France in the 17th century, the credit for the invention of "Afternoon Tea" is given to Anna Russell, duchess of Bedford who, during the long gap between an early breakfast and very late dinner, experienced what she called "a sinking feeling" at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. She asked her maid to bring her a pot of tea, a little b and butter and cake in her room. She found this arrangement so agreeeable that she began asking her friends to join her.  尽管在17世纪的法国就有“五时茶”的说法,但“下午茶”的发明还是要归功于贝德福德公爵夫人安娜#8226;拉塞尔。从一大早的早餐到很晚才进的晚餐之间有很长一段时间,而公爵夫人常常在下午四五点钟左右会有“一种虚脱感”。她命女仆送一壶茶、一点儿黄油面包和蛋糕到她房间里去。她发现这一餐吃得很惬意,于是开始邀请她的朋友们一起来享用。 /201108/149245

  While it#39;s true that we all have the same amount of time in each day, there are ways we can better use the time we have to make it feel like we have more of it. That#39;s why others are able to get more out of their day than others.虽然我们每个人每天的时间都是一样的,但总有让我们更好利用时间的办法,来让我们比别人拥有更多的时间。这也就是为什么有些人一天之内做的事可以比其他人多。But there#39;s no reason why we all can#39;t have the appearance of more hours and minutes in our day. It just takes implementing a few simple tips each and every day to see that it happens. Here are 6 tips that you can use to get more time out of your day — and get more time on your side as a result.但我们绝对不可能真正去给一天增加几个小时抑或几分钟,我们只要用几个简单的小贴士看看每天都会发生什么变化。下面是六个贴士能让你从一天中挤出更多的时间——也就是为自己争取更多的时间。1. Check email less少看邮件Email is one of the greatest time sucks that we have coming at us every day of the week. If we treated it more like the mail it was meant to replace (snail mail) and not like a command or an order, we#39;d be able to save tons of time sticking to the task at hand and not diverting our attention to our inboxes.邮件是最能会让我们的时间不断流失的东西。如果我们只是把它当做是一封信而不是一个命令或者要求,我们就有更多的时间去完成手头上的事情,而不是把注意力始终放在收件箱上。Create a rule for yourself — and everyone that corresponds with you via email — that you are going to limit the amount of times you check email per day. Be ruthless about it. If someone really needs to get a hold of you, there#39;s always instant messaging or the telephone. Set some standards to live by with your email management and you#39;ll find you#39;ll more hours to live with in the end.为自己和那些与你通过邮件联系的人定条规定吧:你要去控制每天查阅邮件的时间。神经大条一点,如果有人真的需要找到你,还有即时通讯工具和电话。制定一些合理安排邮件时间的标准,你会发现自己拥有了更多的时间。2. Plan the night before头一天晚上提前做好计划Take some time the night before — or even at the end of your work day — to map out what you plan to do the next day. Doing this will accomplish two things:在之前的晚上花点时间——或者是在自己工作日结束的时候——去给自己第二天需要做什么制定一个计划。这样可以帮助你达到两件事:It will remove the mental clutter from your head so you can leave all of your work for the day behind until the following day.这可以让你把脑袋清空,把工作的事情完全留到第二个工作日去解决。It will allow you to come in the next day and know exactly where to start; no more slow starts to the day…just action.这让你在第二天可以很清楚的知道从哪开始工作,而不会花时间延误,只需要做就够了。3. Don#39;t fight your body clock不要打乱自己的生物钟If you#39;re an early riser, great. If you#39;re a night owl, that#39;s fine. Just don#39;t try to change that unless you absolutely have to for reasons that can#39;t be avoided.如果你习惯于早起,很好。如果你是个夜猫子,也没问题。除非有什么不可避免的因素迫使你不得不打乱,请不要试着去改变。Night owls and early risers are equally productive; they just produce the results at different times of the day. For example, I#39;m writing this piece at nearly midnight, just as my creative juices are beginning to wind down for the night. Other writers may have aly gone to bed well before this time and are up at the crack of dawn to tackle their next work. I#39;ve tried to fight my body clock more times than I#39;d like to recall — and it isn#39;t worth the battle. go with the flow on this one — you#39;ll be better off for it and so will your work.夜猫子和早起者的效率都是十分高的,他们只是在一天的不同时间段进行工作。例如,我在接近午夜的时候写着这篇东西,我的创作灵感也是在晚上不断涌现。其他作家也许早就已经上床睡觉了,在黎明破晓之前就起床开始他们的工作。我曾经试图去打破自己的生物钟——但实际是毫无意义的,就顺着你的生物钟就好——这对于你和你的工作来说都会很好。 /201204/178065

  ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)白羊座Argentina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Ireland, Luxembourg, San Francisco, Spain阿根廷、柬埔寨、埃塞俄比亚、危地马拉、爱尔兰、卢森堡、旧金山、西班牙TAURUS (Apr. 21- May 21)金牛座Austria, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Thailand奥地利、厄瓜多尔、以色列、日本、荷兰、挪威、葡萄牙、泰国GEMINI (May 22-June 21)双子座Denmark, Egypt, Greece, Iceland, Las Vegas, Sweden, Tonga丹麦、埃及、希腊、冰岛、、瑞典、汤加CANCER (June 22-July 22)巨蟹座Bahamas, Canada, Finland, Orlando, Florida, Thailand, Vietnam, Washington, D.C.巴哈马、加拿大、芬兰、奥兰多、佛罗里达、泰国、越南、华盛顿 /201106/139509

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