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China overtook the US as the biggest importer of crude last month, the culmination of a big shift in energy flows during the past decade.中国上月超越美国,成为最大原油进口国,这标志着过去10年能源流动的大转变达到高潮。Chinese customs data showed that oil purchases from overseas hit a high of 7.4m barrels a day in April, equivalent to one in every 13 barrels consumed and topping US imports of 7.2m barrels a day.中国海关数据显示,4月份石油进口达到每日740万桶(相当于全球每日石油消费量的13分之一),超过美国每日720万桶的进口量。While China’s imports are not expected consistently to surpass those of the US until the second half of the year, the move shows how the US shale revolution has cut the country’s reliance on oil from overseas and how China’s demand has grown even as its economy slows.预计中国的石油进口量要到今年下半年才会持续超过美国。尽管如此,4月数据显示,美国页岩革命降低了该国对进口石油的依赖,而中国的石油需求在经济放缓之际有增无减。Colin Fenton, managing partner at Blacklight Research, said China’s imports increased as it stockpiled oil.Blacklight Research管理合伙人科林#8226;芬顿(Colin Fenton)表示,中国扩充石油库存导致进口增加。“It’s begun,” Mr Fenton said. “China’s crude imports have been above trend in four of the past five months.”“这已经开始,”芬顿表示。“中国的原油进口在过去五个月中的四个月高出趋势线。”Last month’s jump was partly due to higher shipments from Iran, according to consultancy Energy Aspects.据咨询公司Energy Aspects介绍,上月中国石油进口跃升的部分原因是从伊朗进口的数量提高。China Oil also bought a record number of Oman and Abu Dhabi crude cargoes in a public trading window that helps determine the region’s benchmark prices.中国联合石油有限责任公司(Chinaoil,简称中联油)还利用一个帮助确定中东基准油价的公开交易窗口,购买了创纪录数量的阿曼和阿布扎比原油船货。“Iran may be offering more discounts on its oil as part of an effort to increase ties with Chinese oil companies,” Amrita Sen at Energy Aspects said. “Iran is keen to secure more Chinese investment.”“伊朗可能对它的石油提供更多折扣,作为其增进与中国石油企业关系的努力的一部分,”Energy Aspects的阿姆里塔#8226;森(Amrita Sen)表示。“伊朗渴望获得更多的中国投资。”China’s state traders are taking a more visible role in the crude market. They have built up more sophisticated operations to compete directly with established desks at western companies such as BP and Royal Dutch Shell, banks like Goldman Sachs, and commodity dealers such as Vitol and Glencore.中国的国营贸易商正在原油市场上扮演更为显著的角色。他们已经建立了更高水平的交易部门,以便与西方企业如英国石油(BP)和荷兰皇家壳牌(Royal Dutch Shell),如高盛(Goldman Sachs),以及大宗商品交易商如维多(Vitol)和嘉能可(Glencore)的老牌交易部门直接竞争。In the US, higher prices and more efficient vehicles curbed consumption in the aftermath of the financial crisis, while the surge in shale output over the past three years has reduced imports.在美国,金融危机过后较高的油价和能效更佳的汽车抑制了石油消费,而过去三年激增的页岩油产量已减少了石油进口。Producers are chafing at government restrictions on US crude exports that date back to the oil shocks of the 1970s.产油企业不满美国政府对原油出口的限制,这些限制是上世纪70年代石油危机期间出炉的。US imports might rebound in the short term, traders say, with fuel demand boosted by the collapse of oil prices to a barrel. The price fall has also sharply reduced drilling activity in US shale regions such as North Dakota.交易商们表示,美国的石油进口短期内可能反弹,原因是油价崩盘至每桶65美元提振了燃料需求。油价暴跌也大幅减少了美国页岩地区(如北达科他州)的钻探活动。But the long-term trend is towards rising Chinese imports. The country is adding refining capacity with its economy growing at more than 7 per cent a year. “The world has a lot of oil,” one trader at a China firm said. “And we need a lot of oil.”但长期趋势是中国的石油进口不断增长。中国正在增加炼油产能,而其整体经济每年增长7%以上。“世界有大量石油,”中国某公司的一名交易员表示。“而我们需要大量石油。”For the US, reducing imports is a goal of politicians and foreign policy experts who see the country’s reliance on Middle Eastern crude as a national security risk. Before the financial crisis, the US imported as much as 10m barrels of oil a day — more than half the oil the country consumed.就美国而言,减少进口是政界人士和外交政策专家的目标,他们将美国对中东原油的依赖视为国家安全风险。在金融危机之前,美国石油进口曾高达每日1000万桶,占该国石油消费量的一半以上。 /201505/374474

U MINH, Vietnam — Luc Van Ho slips through a tangled thicket of jungle, graceful as a dancer. A blanket of dried bamboo and melaleuca leaves on the forest floor barely crackles beneath his bare feet. Only the smell of cigarette smoke betrays his presence.越南幽明县——陆云虎(Luc Van Ho)穿过一从纠缠交错的丛林植被,动作如舞者一样轻盈。林地上厚厚地铺着一层干枯的竹叶和千层树叶,在他的光脚下几乎没有发出声响。只有烟味暴露着他的踪迹。A hunter, Mr. Luc, 45, set out at dawn from his family’s bamboo-thatched home in Vietnam’s U Minh forest to check a half dozen homemade traps rigged along animal trails in the underbrush and on canal banks frequented by snakes and turtles.现年45岁的陆云虎是一名狩猎者,住在越南乌明森林的一栋竹屋里。他一大早就从家中出发,去查看自己布下的六个陷阱。这些陷阱分布在有动物经过的下层灌木底下,以及经常有蛇和乌龟出没的运河河岸。He stops at a snare trap made of wood and bicycle brake wire, nearly invisible beneath leaves. The trap is empty, not unusual.他走到了一个用木头和自行车闸线做成的陷阱,埋在叶子下面的装置几乎没人能发现。陷阱里空空如也,这种情况并不少见。“Before, this forest was very different,” Mr. Luc said. “Now, the animals are so few that most hunters are changing their jobs.”“这片森林以前可不是这样,”陆云虎说。“现在动物太少了,多数猎人都改了行。”Still, in the previous two weeks, Mr. Luc had caught nine Southeast Asian box turtles and Malayan snail-eating turtles, five elephant trunk snakes, a handful of water birds and two rare Himalayan griffon vultures. For safekeeping, Mr. Luc stashed the vultures in his brother’s house, leaving them tethered in the bedroom until he can figure out what to do with them.尽管如此,在过去的两个星期,陆云虎还是捕获了九只马来闭壳龟和马来食螺龟、五条象鼻蛇、少量水鸟,以及两只稀有的高山兀鹫。为了妥善保管这两只兀鹫,陆云虎把它们存放在了兄弟的房子里。在想出处理它们的办法之前,暂时把它们拴在了卧室里。In the past, Mr. Luc’s hunting trips often yielded wildlife bonanzas, including prized pangolins. Also known as scaly anteaters, they are among the most trafficked mammals in the world. Mr. Luc works with traders willing to buy live pangolins for a pound.过去,陆云虎的狩猎之行常常会有大量斩获,包括名贵的穿山甲。这是全世界走私最严重的哺乳动物之一。与陆云虎合作的商人愿意以每磅60美元(约合370元人民币)的价格收购活穿山甲。Although he caught just two pangolins last year, that price makes it well worth the effort to keep seeking them out. He knows, however, that this lucrative resource is finite.虽说陆云虎过去一年中只捕获过两只穿山甲,这个价格让他觉得,继续寻找穿山甲是值得的。然而他知道,这个丰厚的收入来源不会永远存在。“Pangolins will be extinct soon,” he said. Still, he expresses no plans to retire.“穿山甲很快就会灭绝了,”他说。不过,他并没有打算金盆洗手。Mr. Luc is one of thousands of illegal hunters draining Vietnam, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, of its animals. Its rhinoceroses have aly gone extinct, and conservationists estimate that just a couple of its tigers, if any, remain. Even lesser known species like soft-shell turtles and civets are sought out for traditional medicines, food, trophies and pets.像陆云虎这样的成千上万的非法捕猎者,正在让越南的动物资源走向枯竭。越南是世界上最具生物多样性的国家之一。越南的犀牛已经灭绝。动物保护人士估计,这里的老虎即使没灭绝,可能也不多了。一些人们不太熟悉的物种,比如中华鳖和灵猫,也是捕猎的对象,它们被用来制作传统药材和食物,或是当做纪念品和宠物。Illegal wildlife is one of the world’s largest contraband trades, netting an estimated billion a year, not including illegal fisheries and timber. While all Southeast Asian countries and many others outside of the region are involved, Vietnam plays a paramount role. The country is a major thoroughfare for wildlife goods bound for China, which arrive overland from Cambodia, Thailand and Laos; by ship from Malaysia and Indonesia; or by air from Africa.非法野生动物贸易是世界上规模最大的违禁贸易之一,每年的规模约为190亿美元,这还不包括非法的渔业和木材贸易。尽管东南亚国家和该地区以外的许多国家都卷入了这场贸易,越南扮演着独一无二的重要角色。该国是野生动物商品进入中国的主要渠道,这些商品从柬埔寨、泰国和老挝经陆路、从马来西亚和印度尼西亚经水路,从非洲经空运抵达越南,然后流入中国。“After China, Vietnam is the next port of call in terms of where to look to figure out what’s going on with wildlife trade,” said Dan Challender, a co-chairman of the pangolin specialist group at the International Union for Conservation of Nature.“要弄清楚野生动物贸易的状况,除了中国之外,越南是第二个值得关注的地方,”国际自然保护联盟(International Union for Conservation of Nature)穿山甲保护专项小组的联席主席丹·查兰德(Dan Challender)说。Vietnam is also a significant consumer of wildlife, especially those yielding the ingredients for traditional medicine, such as rhino horn, which is used to treat everything from cancer to hangovers. The exotic meats of rare animals are seen as luxuries by a rising middle class eager to advertise its prosperity.越南也是野生动物产品重要的消费国,特别是那些能够用来制造传统药材的动物产品,比如犀牛角。犀牛角被用来治疗从癌症到宿醉的各种疾病。此外,日益庞大的中产阶级也把稀有动物的肉看做能够彰显自身财富的奢侈商品。“Pangolin is frequently the most expensive item on the , so ordering it is an obvious way to show off to friends and colleagues,” Dr. Challender said. “The fact that it’s illegal isn’t played down and is even attractive, because it adds this element that you live beyond the law.”“穿山甲常常是菜单上最贵的菜,因此点一道穿山甲显然是对朋友同事进行炫耀的一种方式,”查兰德说。“他们不掩饰食用穿山甲属非法行为的事实,反而觉得更有吸引力,因为它为这种行为增加了刺激元素,仿佛你可以逍遥法外。”International concern about the trade have never been greater, but conferences, new enforcement strategies and ivory crushes have yet to make a dent.国际上对这种贸易的担忧已经达到了前所未有的程度,不过,相关的会议、新的执法策略以及销毁象牙制品的行动还没有产生什么效果。In February, the Obama administration issued a plan to curb illegal wildlife trade by strengthening enforcement, reducing demand and sending a handful of agents abroad. The ed States is the second-largest market for illegal wildlife products, but only an estimated 10 percent of traffickers are caught because of inadequate resources supporting enforcement, as well as legal loopholes pertaining to certain products, such as ivory.今年2月,奥巴马政府推出了一项通过加强执法、减少需求和派遣少数工作人员到海外的方法来遏制野生动物贸易的方案。美国是非法野生动物商品的第二大市场,但由于用于执法的资源不足,而且涉及特定产品,比如象牙,又存在法律漏洞,只有10%的走私者落网。“Wildlife trade is higher profile now than it’s ever been, and that’s great,” said Chris Shepherd, regional director in Southeast Asia of Traffic, a wildlife trade monitoring network. “But all of the talk about this issue by world leaders is not trickling down to the ground yet.”“野生动物贸易获得了前所未有的关注,”监测野生动物贸易的组织Traffic的东南亚地区主任克里斯·谢泼德(Chris Shepherd)说。“但所有关于该问题的讨论并没有落到实处。”In January of this year, officials intercepted more than 7,500 protected pig-nosed turtles in Indonesia, a frozen tiger in Vietnam and 190 endangered black pond turtles in Singapore. As wildlife disappears in Southeast Asia, poachers increasingly turn to Africa.今年1月,有关部门在印度尼西亚截获了超过7500头猪鼻龟,在越南截获了一头被冷藏的老虎,在新加坡则是190只濒危的黑池龟。随着东南亚野生动物的不断消失,越来越多的偷猎者把目光转向了非洲。More than 1,500 pounds of ivory and two tons of pangolin skins were intercepted in Uganda in January. Last year in South Africa alone, a record 1,215 rhinos were killed for their horns.今年1月,乌干达截获了超过1500吨象牙和两吨穿山甲皮。去年,只在南非,偷猎者为了获得犀牛角猎杀了1215头犀牛,这个数字创下了历年之最。The illegal wildlife products that officials manage to interdict account for an estimated 10 to 20 percent of the total trafficked.官员们截获的非法野生动物产品相当于全部走私规模的10%到20%。“We may be disrupting criminal networks, but we’re certainly not dismantling any of them,” said Scott Roberton, Vietnam country representative and regional coordinator for wildlife trafficking programs for the Wildlife Conservation Society. “The situation is going to get worse before it gets better.”“我们或许干扰了犯罪集团,但我们毫无疑问没有消灭其中的任何一个,”国际野生生物保护学会(Wildlife Conservation Society)越南国家代表和野生动物走私项目地区协调员斯科特·罗伯森(Scott Roberton)说。“在情况有所改善之前,还会进一步恶化。”While China recently increased its arrests and prosecutions for wildlife crimes, those caught trafficking wildlife in Vietnam or other transit countries almost always escape punishment. Dealing in protected species is a criminal offense under Vietnamese law, as is selling wild-caught animals of any kind.虽然中国近期在野生动物犯罪方面加强了拘捕与诉讼工作,但那些在越南等中转国抓获的野生动物走私者几乎总能逃脱惩罚。按照越南法律的规定,交易保护物种或销售任何种类的野外捕获的动物均属犯罪行为。But even when trafficking kingpins are taken into custody, prosecution often depends on finding unrelated charges that are taken more seriously than wildlife crime, such as car smuggling. Poachers like Mr. Luc — who says he has never run into legal trouble — are rarely reprimanded, and punishment, if any, usually entails a small fine.不过,就算走私活动主犯遭到扣押,要想进行诉讼也往往有赖于找到比野生动物犯罪更严重的不相干罪名,比如走私汽车。陆云虎表示,自己从未遭遇法律问题。像他这样的偷猎者很少受到责难,即使面临惩处,也常常是一小笔罚款了事。“Very few criminals caught for major violations like tiger or rhino horn possession ever do a day in prison,” said Douglas Hendrie, chief technical adviser for Education for Nature-Vietnam, a nonprofit organization based in Vietnam.“因为持有虎制品或犀牛角这种重大违法行为而被抓获的犯罪分子中,几乎没有人在监狱里待过哪怕一天,”越南保护自然教育组织(Education for Nature-Vietnam)的首席技术顾问道格拉斯·亨德里(Douglas Hendrie)说。这是一家设在越南当地的非营利机构。Wild-caught and protected animal products are easily procured in Vietnamese cities. “It’s not an enforcement priority yet, largely due to corruption, collusion and an absolute lack of concern,” Dr. Shepherd said. “People just do not care.”在越南的各大城市,很容易弄到野外捕获及受保护动物的制品。“这还不是执法的重点,而其中的主要原因是腐败、串谋,以及漠不关心,”谢泼德说。“大家完全不在乎。”Thien Vuong Tuu (“The Alcohol of the Gods”), a fancy restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, advertises pangolin, bear, porcupine, bat and more on its illustrated . Customers interested in pangolin — sold for 0 a pound — must order it two to three hours in advance and place a deposit based on its weight.胡志明市的一家高档餐厅“天王酒家”(Thien Vuong Tuu)在配了图片的菜单上宣传自己供应穿山甲、熊、豪猪和蝙蝠等菜品。穿山甲的售价为每磅150美元(约合每公斤2000元人民币)。有意品尝的顾客必须提前两三小时预订,并按照份量交一笔预付款。When the customer returns for dinner, the manager presents the live pangolin to the table, then slices its throat on the spot to prove that the meat is fresh and has not been substituted.当客人回来吃晚餐的时候,经理会把活的穿山甲拿到餐桌前来展示,然后当场割喉,明肉质新鲜,没有被掉包。“Pangolin is very popular with customers, because it treats a lot of sicknesses,” said Quoc Trung, the restaurant manager. His staff will also dry and package pangolin scales left over from dinner — a popular ingredient in traditional medicines that are still covered by Vietnamese health insurance.“穿山甲在顾客当中非常受欢迎,因为它能治很多病,”餐厅经理国征说。他手下的员工还会将餐桌上剩下的穿山甲鳞片晾干后包装起来——这是一种流行的传统药物成分,至今仍为越南医疗保险所接纳。On a Sunday night, families with young children and groups of middle-aged men fill the restaurant. At one table, two French-speaking men order a cobra to the delight of their female companions. Two young servers bring out a large, writhing snake, its mouth bound tightly shut with plastic twine.一个周日的晚上,这家餐厅里满是带着小孩的家庭顾客和一群群的中年男性。在一张桌子上,两名说法语的男士点了条眼镜蛇,讨得了他们女伴的欢心。两个年轻的务员端出一条身躯扭动的大蛇,它的嘴部被塑料绳牢牢绑住。As the customers film with their smartphones, one server holds the snake taut. The other carefully feels along the animal’s abdomen until he locates the heart, then opens it up with a pair of scissors and removes the beating organ with his bare fingers.客人用智能手机拍摄的同时,一名务员紧紧抓住蛇身,另一人则在它的腹部摸索,确定了心脏的位置之后,再用一把剪刀剖开,徒手取出这颗还在跳动的脏器。As the servers wring out the animal, the blood drips into a ceramic bowl to be mixed later with alcohol and drunk.务员沥出蛇血,滴到一个瓷碗中,准备拿去兑酒供客人饮用。“The government doesn’t allow exotic meat, but we have our sources and good connections with the police,” Mr. Quoc said after the show concluded. “The demand is so high for these things, so we have to supply them.”“政府不许用稀有肉类,不过我们有货源,跟警察关系好,”这番表演结束后,国征说。“这些东西需求特别大,我们一定要供应。”Given the widesp lack of enforcement, grass-roots conservation organizations in Vietnam increasingly find themselves on the front lines. Education for Nature-Vietnam recently conducted a survey of restaurants, hotels and shops in 12 districts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, recording each violation of wildlife laws and insisting that authorities follow up.由于执法的普遍缺失,越南的草根保护组织越来越多地感到自己身处第一线。越南保护自然教育组织近期对河内和胡志明市12个区的餐厅、酒店和商铺进行了调查,记录下违反野生动物法规的每项行为,并且坚决要求相关机构予以跟进。Several months later, the group repeated the survey and found the availability of illegal products ranging from snake “wine” to bear bile had fallen by nearly 60 percent in eight of the districts. “When authorities put us out of work by doing their job effectively and consistently, then we’ll no longer have to do this,” Mr. Hendrie said.几个月后,该组织再次进行了调查,发现在其中八个区弄到蛇酒和熊胆等非法制品的可能性降低了近60%。“当局持续有效地做好本职工作,让我们没事可干的时候,我们才会不用做这些,”亨德里说。Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, a nonprofit based at Cuc Phuong National Park, organizes training sessions across the country for park rangers and the police, conducts community education programs and operates one of the country’s only rehabilitation centers for confiscated animals.设在菊芳国家公园(Cuc Phuong National Park)内的非营利机构“拯救越南野生动物组织”(Save Vietnam’s Wildlife)在该国各地组织面向护林员和警察的培训活动、运营社区教育项目,并且开设了一家越南少有的罚没动物康复中心。In Vietnam, much of the wildlife intercepted from illegal traders is sold by officials back into the black market. Nguyen Van Thain, Save Vietnam’s Wildlife’s founder, often must race to the sites of recent confiscations to try to recover animals before that can happen.在越南,从非法交易者手中截获的许多野生动物都会被官员卖回黑市。拯救越南野生动物组织的创始人阮文泰(Nguyen Van Thain)常常需要赶去最新的罚没现场,才可能及时救回动物。“Corrupt rangers still want to sell animals back to the trade,” Mr. Nguyen said. Even if the animals are not sold, very few return to the wild, because of a lack of rehabilitation facilities.“腐败的林业工作者还是想要把动物弄回去卖掉,”阮文泰说。因为康复中心的匮乏,就算动物免于被贩卖的命运,也没有多少能重返大自然。Animals not sent to a specialized rescue center often “just sit around until they die,” Dr. Shepherd said.未能送到专业救治中心的动物往往“坐以待毙,”谢泼德说。Over the last three months, Mr. Nguyen has helped rescue 20 pangolins, but the maximum capacity at his center — one of only two in Vietnam that can care for pangolins — is less than 50. With a budget of just ,000 a year, he has few resources with which to expand the center and hire additional staff.过去三个月里,阮文泰帮助救治了20只穿山甲。不过他创办的中心最大的容量不到50只,而越南只有两处这样的地方可以照看穿山甲。这家中心的年预算仅为9万美元,他也没什么资源来扩大中心规模或增添人手。Mr. Nguyen says he is not confident that attitudes will change in time to spare his country’s wildlife.阮文泰表示,自己并不看好越南人能及时转变观念,让野生动物免于灾祸。“The problem in Vietnam is that conservation is a new way of thinking,” he said. “Vietnamese people need to learn to take seriously what we have now. We need to take care of our own environment and wildlife if we want it to be around in the future.”“越南的问题是,保护自然还是个新的概念,”他说。“越南人必须学会珍惜我们现在拥有的东西。如果我们想要它们将来还存在的话,我们必须保护好自己的环境和野生动物。” /201504/368030


  On the night of August 14 1945, as Japan prepared to surrender to the Allies, a group of rebel officers launched a coup d’état and seized control of Tokyo’s Imperial Palace.1945年8月14日夜里,就在日本准备向盟军投降之际,一群反叛的军官发动了一次政变,控制了日本皇宫。Determined to fight on, even if it meant the annihilation of their country, the plotters ransacked the palace looking for the prepared recording of Emperor Hirohito’s surrender message and very nearly prevented the end of the second world war.政变的策划者下定决心要继续战斗——即使这意味着整个日本被消灭也在所不辞。他们全面搜查了皇宫,寻找已准备好的裕仁天皇(Emperor Hirohito)宣读投降诏书的录音,差一点就阻止了二战的结束。The events of that night — symbolising a loss of political control over the military — have come sharply into focus on Friday’s 70th anniversary as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, seeks to reinterpret Japan’s pacifist constitution and make it easier for its armed forces to fight.当晚发生的事件,象征着日本政界丧失了对军方的控制。在日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)试图重新解释和平宪法、减少日本军队作战的法律障碍之际,这一事件在周五的日本投降70周年纪念日上突然引起极大关注。The main actors from that August night are long dead, but one man still living spoke with almost all of them. In the mid-1960s, Kazutoshi Hando interviewed the protagonists for his book Japan’s Longest Day , a classic account of the hours leading up to the surrender. “Even 20 or 30 years later the plotters still thought it was wrong for Japan to capitulate,” he said in an interview with the Financial Times.当晚的主要行动人员久已不在人世。不过,一位曾和几乎所有人谈话过的人依然健在。上世纪60年代中期,半藤一利(Kazutoshi Hando)曾采访过事件的当事人,以便为他的《日本最漫长的一天》(Japan#39;s Longest Day)提供素材。该书是一部解释日本投降前多个小时内所发生事情的经典著作。在接受英国《金融时报》采访时,半藤一利表示:“即使在二三十年后,政变的策划者仍然认为日本投降是错误的决定。”The book — remade as a film for the 70th anniversary — is almost unbearably tense. The fanatics plead with the head of the army to lead their coup, only for him to commit ritual suicide instead, while gangs of students roam the streets seeking to assassinate the prime minister.为纪念日本投降70周年,该书被翻拍成一部电影。这本书节奏极其紧张,令人几乎喘不过气来。当时,政变者狂热地请求军队首脑领导他们的政变,结果却导致他以自杀收场。与此同时,成群的学生在街上游荡,试图刺杀日本首相。It is often assumed that Japan’s surrender was inevitable after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but even after the devastation of those cities half of the cabinet refused to accept the allies’ terms. The deadlock was only broken when the prime minister in an unprecedented step asked the Emperor, a constitutional figurehead, to decide whether to surrender.人们往往有一种想当然的看法,认为在广岛和长崎遭遇原子弹袭击后,日本投降已不可避免。然而,即使是在这两座城市遭遇毁灭性打击之后,日本内阁仍有半数成员拒绝接受盟军条款。日本首相采取了史无前例的举措,才打破了这一僵局:他请日本宪法规定的最高首脑——日本天皇——决定是否投降。The surrender came as a shock to a military that was planning to fight to the last man.对于打算战斗至最后一人的日本军方来说,投降的命令令他们极为震惊。A successful coup was plausible. “The plotters probably thought they had a 50:50 chance,” says Mr Hando. The moment of greatest danger came on the morning of August 14 when the rebel officers knew the cabinet would meet at the prime minister’s residence. They planned to confine all members of the peace faction then install a military government.就这样,发动一场成功的政变似乎很有道理。半藤一利表示:“策划者们也许认为,他们成功的机会一半对一半。”最危险的一刻发生在8月14日早晨。当时,反叛的军官了解到,日本内阁将在首相的官邸会晤。这些军官计划扣押所有主和派成员,再任命一届军政府。If that had happened, says Mr Hando: “There would have been no way to form a new cabinet with the power to surrender. It would have ended as it did in Nazi Germany.” The Allies would have invaded Japan to be met by waves of suicide attacks.半藤一利表示,如果这一切真的发生,“或许就没办法组建有权投降的新内阁了。结局可能会像德国纳粹政府那样。”盟军将入侵日本,并遭遇一轮又一轮的自杀式袭击。But the prime minister got wind of the danger and had his colleagues meet at the Imperial Palace instead, The plotters seized the palace later in the night in a desperate attempt to prevent the Emperor’s broadcast of surrender.不过,当时的首相听到了危险的风声,要求他的同僚改在日本皇宫会晤。当夜晚些时候,策划者占领了皇宫,以一种绝望的企图,试图阻止日本天皇发出投降广播。In the book it is striking just how little the atomic devastation of two cities seemed to play on the minds of the politicians planning surrender and the officers trying to stop them.在这本书中,一个有趣的问题是,在计划投降的政客和试图阻止他们的军官头脑里,两座城市被原子弹毁灭似乎没有产生什么影响。Years after writing Japan’s Longest Day, Mr Hando says he came to think the atomic attacks were more significant: they shocked Japan’s top brass, who had been told such weapons could not be y in time for the war, but now feared an atomic attack on Tokyo.半藤一利表示,在完成《日本最漫长的一天》多年之后,他逐渐认识到原子弹袭击的意义要更大一些:这两次袭击震惊了日本高层军官。这些人此前一直被告知,这种武器不会被及时研发出来,投入此次战争。然而如今,他们却要担心对东京的原子弹袭击。But he says Japan’s leadership had a sketchy understanding of what nuclear weapons really meant: it took until three days after Hiroshima, for example, to confirm the weapon used was atomic. “The leaders understood better than the general public, but there were still many who didn’t comprehend it fully,” says Mr Hando.不过,半藤一利表示,日本领导层对核武器的真正威力理解十分肤浅:比如,直到广岛遭袭三天后,他们才确认袭击广岛的武器是原子弹。半藤一利表示:“领导人了解的情况比普通公众更多一些,但仍有许多人未完全了解这种武器。”The author, now aged 85, is part of the dying generation with personal memories of the war. He remembers feeling deeply moved when Japan adopted its pacifist constitution in 1947, and while he says an old man has no right to decide, he clearly opposes Mr Abe’s changes.这位现年85岁的作者,也是正在死去的拥有战争个人记忆的一代人中的一份子。他还记得,1947年日本采纳和平宪法时,他大受感动。此外,虽然他表示作为一位老人无权决定什么,但是他明确反对安倍的改革。Japan’s greatest assets is the international trust its post-war pacifism has earned, says Mr Hando. “To throw that away on a needless national security law...I think is completely unnecessary.”半藤一利表示,日本最大的资产,是通过战后的和平主义战略赢得的国际社会的信任。“我认为,为了一条不必要的防务安全法律抛弃这一切,是完全不必要的。” /201508/392895。

  The death last week of Prince Saud al-Faisal, the respected statesman who had been foreign minister of Saudi Arabia for 40 years until this spring, prompted comment about the kingdom’s apparent transition from diplomacy behind the scenes to a policy of confrontation with Iran, the Sunni Arab realm’s Shia and Persian rival for regional hegemony.费萨尔亲王(Prince Saud Al-Faisal)担任沙特外交大臣长达40年,直至今年春季才卸任。这位备受尊敬的政治家于近日病逝,外界随即称,沙特明显正从幕后外交转向与伊朗正面对抗。两国是争夺地区霸权的对手,沙特王国是逊尼派掌权的阿拉伯国家,而伊朗是什叶派掌权国家,人口以波斯人为主。There is some truth in this. Prince Saud was by instinct a bridge-builder. Saudi foreign policy at the moment seems to be burning a lot of bridges. King Salman, who succeeded the late King Abdullah in January and recentralised power around himself and his family, served notice in March that he would fight Shia fire with Sunni fire.上述说法有几分道理。费萨尔亲王天生是一位“修桥人”。目前沙特的外交政策似乎正在烧掉大量的桥梁。萨勒曼(Salman)在今年1月接替阿卜杜拉(King Abdullah)出任沙特国王,他将权力重新集中在他本人及他的家族周围。萨勒曼国王在3月份宣称,逊尼派将对什叶派以牙还牙。The ruling House of Saud, legitimised by the kingdom’s absolutist strain of Wahhabi Islam, had watched in appalled paralysis as Iran and its proxies exploited the mayhem unleashed across Arab lands — from the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 to the Arab spring after 2011 — to forge a Shia axis from Baghdad to Beirut.在伊朗及其代理人利用阿拉伯地区的混乱局势——从2003年美国牵头入侵伊拉克到2011年之后的“阿拉伯之春”运动——缔结从巴格达到贝鲁特的什叶派轴心联盟之际,伊斯兰瓦哈比专制教派持的沙特王室感到极度的震惊,并且没有还手之力。In March the Saudis launched an air war in Yemen, claiming Iran was behind an attempt by Shia Houthi fighters to overrun the country. Three months of futile and indiscriminate bombing later, this multi-sided contest for a failed state is no closer to resolution. The Saudis, who have never managed to do much about their ungovernable southern neighbours except bribe a varying combination of tribes, know full well that Tehran has played little more than a peripheral role in their recent protagonism. The war in Yemen is more a signal of deep unhappiness at the deal the US and world powers have struck with Iran over its nuclear programme. The bombing started in late March just as the two sides worked on a framework agreement in Lausanne.今年3月,沙特对也门发动了空袭,并宣称伊朗是什叶派胡塞(Houthi)武装分子肆虐也门的幕后主使。在经过3个月毫无成效的狂轰乱炸之后,这种多方参与的对一个失败国家的争夺仍毫无解决之计。沙特人除了贿赂诸多部落以外,从未对他们难以控制的南部邻国有过多少作为,他们清楚地知道,德黑兰在他们最近的重要行动中只不过扮演着次要角色。也门战争更多地表明,沙特对美国及其他强国与伊朗签署核协议感到极度不满。空袭也门开始于今年3月底,当时正是美伊双方在瑞士洛桑准备签署框架协议之际。In the interim, the regional menace of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (known as Isis) has not stopped the Saudi government fixating primarily on Iran and the Shia — but that was true long before the death of Prince Saud.在此期间,“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(ISIS)的地区性威胁未能阻止沙特政府把目光主要放在伊朗和什叶派上——但早在费萨尔亲王病逝前就是这种情况了。The veteran Arab diplomat had warned the Bush administration what would happen in Iraq and the region if it went ahead with the 2003 invasion. But it was also Prince Saud, Arab officials say, who told John Kerry, US secretary of state, last summer after Isis surged back from Syria into Iraq, that “Daesh [an Arabic acronym for Isis] is our [Sunni] response to your support for the Da’wa”, the Shia Islamist party that has dominated Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s minority Sunni regime — with varying degrees of support from Washington and Tehran.阿拉伯资深外交官曾警告布什政府称,如果推进2003年的入侵行动,伊拉克和中东地区将会陷入混乱。但阿拉伯国家的官员们表示,在ISIS从叙利亚杀回伊拉克之后,去年夏天费萨尔亲王曾向美国国务卿约翰克里(John Kerry)表示,“达伊沙(阿拉伯语对ISIS的首字母缩略词)是我们(逊尼派)对你们持达瓦党(Da’wa)的回应”。达瓦党是自萨达姆侯赛因(Saddam Hussein)的逊尼少数派政权倒台以来在伊拉克占据主导地位的伊斯兰什叶派系,获得了华盛顿和德黑兰不同程度的持。Isis is, of course, a physical threat to Saudi Arabia, where online polling suggests it has alarmingly high support. But the main fear of Saudi rulers is of being outflanked on the religious right by the jihadi extremists. The competition, therefore, is between Wahhabi absolutists and the Sunni supremacists of Isis as to which of them is a more credible scourge of the Shia — branded in both ideologies as polytheist heretics and rafidah (“rejectionist”).当然,ISIS对沙特阿拉伯造成了切实威胁,该国在线民调显示,ISIS的持率高得惊人。但沙特统治者主要担忧的是,在宗教权利方面,他们会被作为圣战极端分子的ISIS所超过。因此,竞争是在瓦哈比专制派别和ISIS的逊尼至上主义派别之间展开的,以决定他们哪个更有可能给什叶派造成麻烦——两种教义均将什叶派贴上多神主义异教徒和拒绝派(rafidah)的标签。The speeches of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-declared Isis caliph, are often marinated in pieces of Islamic lore ripped from their context and always threatening. But they repay examination. In mid-May, he labelled the Yemen operation, which the Saudis called Storm of Resolve, “the kick of a dying person”.ISIS自封的哈里发阿布贝克尔巴格达迪(Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi)在演讲中往往夹杂着断章取义的伊斯兰教义,始终在危言恫吓。但这些演讲值得研究。今年5月中旬,巴格达迪将空袭也门行动称为“垂死之人的挣扎”——沙特称为“决心风暴”。He mocked the Saudi air strikes as “a storm of delusion” and spoke of “the Muslim public in the Arabian Peninsula rallying around the Islamic State since it defends them against the rafidah”.他将沙特的空袭行动嘲讽为“妄想风暴”,并表示,“阿拉伯半岛的穆斯林民众聚集在我们的周围,因为伊斯兰国帮助他们抵御拒绝派”。Picking up on reports that Saudi Arabia had held meetings with Israel to discuss the consequences of an Iran nuclear deal, the Isis leader said the al-Saud were “not people of war” but “people of luxury and extravagance, people of intoxication, prostitution, dances and feasts...愠挀挀甀猀琀漀洀攀搀 to the defence of the Jews and Crusaders”.巴格达迪注意到有报道称,沙特与以色列会晤以讨论伊朗核协议的影响,他表示,阿勒沙特家族“不是好战者”,他们“穷奢极欲,喜好酗酒、娼妓、跳舞和宴会……习惯于犹太人和十字军的防御”。Isis has a record of following up such rants with action. It bombed two Shia mosques in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province in May and then sent a Saudi suicide bomber to kill Shia in a mosque in Kuwait City. This sectarian carnage shows that, while the Wahhabis marginalise the “rafidah”, Isis exterminates them. Such attacks also show the limits of Saudi control, in the part of the kingdom that contains most of its Shia and nearly all its oil. But if the authorities move towards conciliating the Shia, that plays very well for Isis too.ISIS有着大放厥词之后采取相应实际行动的记录。今年5月,它轰炸了沙特东部省份的两座什叶派清真寺,随后派一名沙特人在科威特市的清真寺里实施自杀性炸弹袭击以杀害什叶派人。这种教派屠杀表明,在瓦哈比边缘化“拒绝派”的同时,ISIS在灭绝他们。此类袭击还表明,沙特在其境内的大部分什叶派居住地以及几乎全部的石油储藏地控制力有限。但如果沙特政府向着与什叶派和解的方向发展,那也非常有利于ISIS。Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy dependent on the Wahhabi clerical establishment, is purportedly a vital ally in the fight against Isis. Yet the kingdom is hoist with its own petard of religious absolutism at a time when the crumbling region around it needs the emerging detente with Iran to become eventually an entente — something Saud al-Faisal would instinctively have grasped.沙特阿拉伯是一个依赖瓦哈比教派的君主专制国家,被认为是打击ISIS的关键盟友。然而,在陷入混乱的周边地区需要与伊朗之间新出现的缓和局面,以最终实现和解之际——费萨尔亲王会本能地明白这一点——沙特却吞下了宗教专制主义的苦果。 /201507/387350

  Funeral service workers bring out one of the five members of the Taiwanese family who were found dead inside their residence in Greenhills, San Juan City, on Saturday. 葬仪社工人带出台湾家庭5人中的一具,星期六被发现在仙范市的青山区住宅里死亡Five members of a Taiwanese family were found dead—their heads covered in plastic bags—at their home in San Juan City on Saturday morning.星期六早上在仙范市的自家中,一个台湾家庭的5人成员被发现死亡,他们的头被塑胶袋罩住。The Eastern Police District identified the victims as couple Roxanne Hsieh, 53, and Luis Hsieh; and their three children Amanda, 18; Jeffrey, 13; and John, 12. Luis was reportedly a businessman exporting handicraft.东区警局确认死者有一对夫妻,Roxanne Hsieh 53岁和 谢维洲(Luis Hsieh);他们的三个小孩Amanda-18岁;Jeffrey-13岁;John-12岁。谢维洲据报是一名出口手工艺品的商人。Senior Supt. Ariel Arcinas, the city#39;s chief of police, said two letters suggesting murder-suicide were found in the house but investigators had yet to make this conclusion pending autopsy results.高级警司艾瑞尔阿尔吉纳斯,本市的警察局长,说住宅内被发现的自杀谋杀经由两封信可知,但是调查人员尚未做出这个结论,在等候尸检结果。The five bodies were found at 9:30 a.m. in separate rooms of the family#39;s unit at Midland Park Manor Condominium building on Ortigas Avenue in Greenhills.5具尸体在早上9点米得兰公园公寓大楼的不同房间的被发现。The couple were found on the bed of the master bedroom and the two youngest children on the floor of that same room, Arcinas said. The eldest child was found on the bed in her room.这对夫妻在主卧室的床上被发现,两个最小的孩子在发现在同一个房间的地板上,阿尔吉纳斯说。最大的孩子被发现在她房间的床上。;They all had a transparent plastic bag on their heads. The mouths of two of the children were foaming,; Arcinas said, noting that the bodies did not bear other signs of foul play, like stab or gunshot wounds. The condo unit also showed no signs of struggle or forcible entry.;他们的头都被套上透明的塑胶袋。两个孩子都嘴角冒泡;,阿尔吉纳斯说,并指出尸体没有受到凶器刺杀或杀的迹象。该栋公寓也显现没有激烈挣扎或强行闯入的迹象。The bodies were found by the family#39;s housemaid, Livina Econia, neighbor Dr. Grace Tan Chua, and building and local authorities.尸体被家中的女佣Livina Econia发现。But before the shocking discovery, Econia, who lived with the victims, first found what appeared to be two suicide notes placed on a sink near her quarters. One printed in English and the other written in Chinese, the notes were placed in envelopes and bore the couple#39;s signatures.但是在惊人的发现前,与死者住在一起的Econia,最先发现放在她住处的一个水槽似乎有两个自杀纸条。一个印有英文,另一个写上中文,纸条被放在信封里并有夫妻的签名。;The letters said the family was facing financial difficulties and gave instructions for [the dead] to be cremated in a Buddhist temple,; Arcinas said. They also had instructions for Econia to show the notes to the authorities.;信中说我们家庭正遭遇经济困难,并提出吩咐说死后在佛寺火化;,阿尔吉纳斯说。他们也交待女佣把纸条交给警方。“When the authorities and the doctor (Chua) went to the house, it was the maid who opened the door and led the group to the rooms. When the door was opened and she saw the bodies, she was hysterical,” Arcinas said.;当警方和法医到达住宅时,女佣开门并让调查组进入房间。当门一打开她看到了尸体,她情绪激动;,阿尔吉纳斯说。The bodies were brought to Camp Crame for autopsy.尸体被带往Camp Crame进行尸检。 /201502/359353Japan begins whaling season with meat feast for school children日本一年一度捕鲸季节开始 小学生被邀请品尝鲸鱼肉(C N N) -- Whalers from a Japanese coastal town have celebrated the start of this year#39;s hunting season by slicing up a whale in front of a crowd of school children.日本海岸城市的捕鲸人在一群小学生面前宰杀了一头鲸鱼,以此来庆祝今年捕鲸季节的开始。In the town of Wada, 62 miles (100 kilo meters) south of Tokyo in Chiba prefecture, dozens of 10- year- old students watched Thursday as workers carved up a 30-foot Baird#39;s beaked whale during an educational field trip, before being served a meal of fried whale meat.在东京南部62英里千叶市管辖区的wada,一群约10岁左右的学生在他们春游时,观看了一个大约30英尺高的贝氏喙鲸在端上餐桌前被屠杀的过程。Whaling remains a way of life for fishermen in Wada, and they are eager to pass on the trade to the next generation. Children are taught about the history of whaling, the biology of the animals, and how to cook the meat.在Wada,捕鲸仍是他们生活的一部分,而他们也急于将这一传统传递给下一代。他们教授孩子们捕鲸的历史,鲸鱼的生物知识以及如何烹饪鲸鱼肉。Whalers say they#39;ve been catching and eating whales in the area for centuries. This year#39;s hunting season, which began on June 20, is the first since an international court ordered Japan to end its controversial research whaling expedition in the Antarctic, after failing to find evidence the program had legitimate scientific value捕鲸人说在这个地方,他们捕鲸吃鲸的历史已有百年了。自从联合国海牙国际法庭作出判决要求日本终止在南极海以科学调查的名义的捕鲸活动,今年6月20号开始的捕鲸季是第一个。So far this year, Gai bo Whaling Company has hunted six whales in the city#39;s coastal waters and plans to catch another 24 before the season ends in August.直到现在为止,Gai bao捕鲸公司已在城市周边海域猎杀了6条鲸鱼并计划在八月捕鲸季结束前再猎杀24条。Despite the Antarctic ban and growing pressure from the international community, Japan has continued it s northwest Pacific scientific whaling mission. It is also eager to revise it s Antarctic program to allow the hunt to continue while satisfying the demands of the U. N.#39;s International Court of Justice.尽管有不允许在南极海捕鲸的禁令,还有来自国际社会的不断施压,日本仍然继续了他们在西北部太平洋的捕鲸科研任务。他们也非常迫切的想要修改他们在南极海的捕鲸科研计划,以获得联合国国际法庭的允许能够继续捕鲸。In Japan#39;s parliament last month, Prime Minister Shin zo Abe said he would like the country to resume commercial whaling ;in order to obtain scientific information indispensable to the management of the whale resources.;上个月在日本议会中,首相安倍晋三说他希望日本能继续商业捕鲸,“以此来获得对鲸类必不可少的科研信息。”But environmentalists say Japan#39;s whaling research program is a thinly veiled attempt to circumvent a ban on the commercial whale meat trade.但是环境保护者则说日本的捕鲸研究项目是为了规避商业鲸肉贸易的禁令。Patrick Ramage from the International Fund for Animal Wel fare believes it#39;s time Japan moved from killing whales to conserving them.国际动物福利基金会的Patrick Ramage认为日本应该停止捕鲸、保护鲸鱼了。;Respect for cultural differences is fundamental, but friends of Japan and fans of Japanese culture around the world are watching this with sadness,; Ramage told C N N#39;s Will Ripley.Ramage这样告诉C N N的Will Ripley:“尽管尊重文化差异至关重要,但是许多日本朋友以及对日本文化感兴趣的人们都注视着他们的行动,并且为之感到难过。”;Japanese school children should be meeting whales through whale watching, not eating whale meat,; he said.他说:“日本学生应该通过鲸鱼表演时观看鲸鱼,而不是在餐桌上。”Japan#39;s supporters of eating whale meat say that it is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years, and accuses western critics of cultural imperialism. But consumption rates across the country have fallen in recent years, leading to large stock piles of whale meat.日本鲸肉持者则说,这是已有上百年历史的日本传统,并指责西方批评家们的文化帝国主义。但是全国的鲸肉购买率今年已经下降了,导致大量鲸肉滞存。Last month, Japan#39;s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry released a photo of the agriculture minister Yoshimasa Haya shi eating a bowl of whale meat to encourage other Japanese citizen to do the same, and visitors to the ministry were given free samples of the delicacy.上个月,日本的农林水产部发表了一张部长长林方正吃鲸肉的照片,以此来鼓励日本国民。而去部里参观的游客也会得到免费的相关样品。In a survey of Japanese people released in April, only 4% of respondents said they ate whale meat occasionally, compared to 37% who said they didn#39;t eat i t at all.四月一份对日本人民的调查显示,只有4%参与调查的人们说他们经常吃鲸肉,另有37%的人们说他们从没吃过。 /201408/322120

  Shinzo Abe’s poll ratings are at their lowest since taking up his second spell in office in 2012 as the Japanese prime minister’s push for national security reforms threatens his economic programme.日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)大力推行的国家安全改革正威胁到他的经济计划。受此影响,安倍的民意持率创下他2012年第二次担任首相以来的新低。A Nippon Television poll at the weekend found support for Mr Abe at just 41 per cent, down 2.5 points on the previous month, while a Jiji poll showed a 2.2 point drop in support to 46 per cent.上周末,日本电视台(Nippon Television)展开的民意调查显示,安倍的持率只有41%,比上月下降了2.5个百分点。日本时事通信社(Jiji)展开的民意调查则显示,安倍的持率下降了2.2个百分点,至46%。The slide in Mr Abe’s approval ratings shows the risk to his economic reforms — which investors are counting on to revive the economy — if he turns the electorate against him with unpopular constitutional changes.安倍持率下滑表明,如果其不受欢迎的修宪令选民纷纷背弃他,他的经济改革将面临风险。目前,投资者正指望安倍的经济改革重振日本经济。“Since Mr Abe began his second term [in 2012], he’s been doing the things he has to rather than the things he wants to,” said Masatoshi Honda, professor of political science at Kinjo University.金城大学(Kinjo University)政治学教授本田雅俊(Masatoshi Honda)表示:“自(2012年)安倍开始其第二任期以来,他一直在做他不得不做的事,而不是做他想做的事。”That focus on economic revival and ending deflation has strong public support, but Mr Abe’s passion for reforming Japan’s pacifist constitution does not, and Mr Honda said the voters were sending the prime minister a warning.安倍对经济复苏和终结通缩的关注让他赢得了公众的大力持,但他对修改日本和平宪法的热情却没有给他带来这种持。本田表示,选民是在通过民调向安倍发出警告。“Now Mr Abe is doing the things he wants to rather than the things he must and it’s creating a perception gap with the public,” he said.他说:“现在安倍在做他想做的事,而不是他必须做的事。这导致他与公众产生了认知分歧。”While Mr Abe’s political position is still strong, with no viable alternative leader either within his party or without, the proposed security laws brought thousands of demonstrators on to the streets of Tokyo at the weekend.由于不论是在党内还是在党外都找不到合适的备选领导人,安倍目前的政治地位依然稳固。尽管如此,拟议中的安保法还是导致成千上万的示威者在上周末走上东京街头。The national security laws would enact Mr Abe’s reinterpretation of the constitution last year, allowing Japan to fight in defence of its allies. The Nippon Television poll shows 62.5 per cent of the public oppose the change.安保法将体现安倍去年对日本宪法的重新解读,允许日本为保护盟友而动用武力。日本电视台的调查显示,62.5%的日本民众反对这一变革。 /201506/380845An explosion and collapse of two buildings in Manhattan’s East Harlem neighbourhood killed two women and injured at least 22 people, according to New York police and fire authorities.纽约警方和消防当局表示,曼哈顿东哈莱姆(East Harlem)一带发生爆炸,两栋大楼倒塌,两名女性死亡,至少22人受伤。Bill de Blasio, New York City mayor, said preliminary information showed that 1644 and 1646 Park Avenue, on the corner of 116th Street, had collapsed after a gas blast around 9.30am.纽约市长比尔#8226;德布拉西奥(Bill de Blasio)表示,初步信息显示,上午9点30分左右发生了煤气爆炸,116街附近的公园大道(Park Avenue)1644号和1646号大楼随后倒塌。About 250 firefighters were sent to tackle the consequent blaze.约250名消防员前往扑救随之燃起的大火。“This is a tragedy of the worst kind. The only indication of danger came 15 minutes earlier,” Mr de Blasio told reporters near the scene. “There are a number of missing individuals. There will be a search as soon as the fire is put out. I know there is a tremendous amount of anxiety right now.”德布拉西奥在现场附近告诉记者:“这是最沉痛的悲剧。唯一的危险迹象出现在爆炸15分钟之前。有多人失踪,大火扑灭后将立即展开搜救。我知道,现在大家心情非常焦急。”Heavy smoke and dust filled the air following the blast. Fire engines were spraying water from high cranes on to the rubble.爆炸过后,空气中弥漫着浓厚的烟尘。多辆消防车伸出长臂向瓦砾上喷水。 /201403/279756



  A court in Beijing ordered that the man,aged 55 and only known by his surname Chen, had to be removed from the hospital after living there for more than three years.北京一家法院判决这名55岁的陈姓男子离开医院,他在医院里已经呆了三年多了。But when police turned up to at the hospital yesterday afternoon, they discovered that he had chained himself tothe bed railings.但是当警方昨天下午出现在医院里时,他们发现他用铁链把自己锁在了病床上。Officers were then forced to cut the locks and remove a visibly distressed Mr Chen,who was still dressed in his hospital-issue pyjamas, and struggling with police.警方剪掉了锁,并将看起来相当痛苦的陈先生带出了医院,他当时依然穿着医院的睡衣,并和警方挣扎。Mr Chen was first admitted to the Beijing Jingmei Group Hospital in August 2011 to receive treatment for injuriessustained in a road traffic accident.陈先生2011年8月份入住北京集美集团医院,以治疗交通事故中的伤势。After being treated, he went home after a month but two months later returned complaining of pains in his left leg.在接受治疗后,一个月后他回到了家里,但是两个月后又回到医院,抱怨说左腿疼。Again doctors treated him after he wasdiagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and three months later said he was y to go home.医生再次治疗了他,他得的是深静脉血栓形成,住院三个月后,医生说他可以准备回家了。But Mr Chen refused, saying he was in so much pain that he was unable to straighten out his legs. He said it was the hospital#39;s responsibility to take care of him and refused to leave, even missing his son#39;s wedding.但是陈先生拒绝了,称他太痛苦了,根本无法伸直自己的脚。他说医院有责任照顾他,并且拒绝离开,甚至错过了自己儿子的婚礼。The hospital stopped providing him with treatment in July 2012, after he was unable to pay any of his medical bills.在他无力承担任何医疗费用后,医院从2012年7月份开始停止给他治疗。They were then granted a court ordered earlier in the week to have Mr Chen forcibly removed from his hospital bed.本周早些时候,法院判决将陈先生从医院移出。It came after tests were carried out that showed he was healthy, even though he disputed this.此前已经对他进行检查,结果表明他身体健康,尽管他有异议。It is thought that he was taken back to his home in the Mentougou district of Beijing.据称他被带回到北京门头沟家中。 /201502/359822


  It#39;s difficult to ignore China Mobile (CHL). The world#39;s largest wireless carrier as measured by subscribers -- 760 million at last count -- the company is so successful in its home country that the Chinese government wants to reduce the its domestic dominance by allowing two other state-controlled carriers, China Unicom and China Telecom, to establish a joint venture to build and manage telecommunications infrastructure in the country.人们很难忽视中国移动(China Mobile)。按照用户人数计算(最近统计的数据为7.6亿人),它是全世界最大的无线运营商。由于它在中国本土如此成功,以至于中国政府为了削弱它的配地位,甚至允许另外两家国家控股运营商——中国联通(China Unicom)和中国电信(China Telecom),成立合营公司,建设和管理中国的电信基础设施。It#39;s understandable, then, that China Mobile has recently expressed interest in flexing its substantial muscle in overseas markets. Chairman Xi Guohua in particular has made no secret of the fact that the state-owned enterprise is y to explore growth opportunities in North America and Europe. The news comes on the heels of the launch of China#39;s first 4G network, which China Mobile hopes to leverage overseas to build a global footprint and boost profitability.因此,中国移动近期表示希望进军海外市场的举动也就不难理解了。尤其是中国移动董事长奚国华,从不掩饰公司准备在北美与欧洲市场寻找发展机会的事实。这家公司推出中国首个4G网络之后就宣布了这个消息。中国移动希望利用4G网络打开海外市场,为公司开拓全球业务,提高盈利能力。Could China Mobile pose a serious threat to the likes of Verizon (VZN) and ATamp;T (T)? Analysts say the hurdles are high for entry into the crowded U.S. market.中国移动能否对威瑞森(Verizon)和美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)等构成严重威胁?分析师们认为,进入竞争激烈的美国市场面临着许多障碍。;Because it lacks spectrum and mobile licenses, it would need to acquire existing operators, buy spectrum in future auctions, or enter the market as an MVNO,; says Julian Watson, an analyst at the research firm IHS Technology in London. A mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, typically buys access to network services from an existing operator at wholesale rates, then resells to its own retail subscribers.伦敦市场研究公司HIS Technology分析师朱利安o沃森认为:“由于中国移动没有频谱和移动牌照,因此,它可能需要收购现有的运营商,在未来的拍卖中购买频谱,或作为MVNO进入市场。”MVNO或移动虚拟网络运营商,通常按批发价从现有运营商购买网络务使用权,之后将其转售给自己的零售用户。To date, China Mobile#39;s only foreign play is in Pakistan. In 2007, it purchased Paktel for about 0 million. Making a significant acquisition in the U.S. would be difficult, but not impossible.到目前为止,中国移动的海外市场只有巴基斯坦。2007年,中国移动以3亿美元收购了巴科泰尔有限公司(Paktel)。要在美国进行大规模收购并不容易,但也并不是完全没有可能。Japan#39;s SoftBank, which acquired the No. 3 U.S. wireless carrier Sprint (S) in 2012, is expected to make a bid for the No. 4 U.S. carrier, T-Mobile (TMUS), next month. SoftBank is believed to need to combine the two wireless carriers if it hopes to compete head-to-head with Verizon and ATamp;T, though U.S. regulators have expressed concern that such a merger would reduce competition and negatively impact American consumers.日本的软银集团(SoftBank)2012年收购了美国第3大无线运营商斯普林特(Sprint),还计划在下个月出价收购美国第四大运营商T-Mobile。如果软银要想与威瑞森和ATamp;T正面交锋,必须合并这两家无线运营商,尽管美国监管部门担心合并将减少竞争,进而对美国消费者造成不利影响。If regulators sink the deal before the year is out -- just as they did with ATamp;T#39;s proposed billion acquisition of T-Mobile in 2011 -- it could open the door to China Mobile negotiating an agreement with T-Mobile#39;s parent company, Deutsche Telekom.如果在年底之前,监管部门反对这笔交易,正如它曾在2011年反对ATamp;T以290亿美元收购T-Mobile一样,中国移动将迎来机会,有望与T-Mobile的母公司德国电信进行谈判。There are other ways to enter the U.S. market. China Mobile#39;s second option is buying spectrum. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has kicked off its first major auction of wireless airwaves in six years. The most valuable band, low-frequency airwaves in the 600 MHz range currently being used for broadcast TV signals, is scheduled to hit the block in 2015.要进入美国市场,还有其他途径。中国移动的第二种选择是购买频谱。美国联邦通信委员会(U.S. Federal Communications Commission)启动了六年来第一次大规模无线频谱拍卖。其中,目前用于传输电视信号的在600 MHz频率范围内最有价值的低频频谱将于2015开始拍卖。China Mobile need not go after the spectrum alone, either. The company could partner with a U.S. wireless carrier to bid for the newly available band. In additional to cost sharing, China Mobile would enjoy compatibility: The 4G standard used in China, known as TD-LTE (Time Division-Long Term Evolution), complements the standard used in the U.S., FD-LTE (Frequency Division-Long-Term Evolution).中国移动不需要亲自参与频谱的竞购。它可以与一家美国无线运营商合作,竞购新推出的频谱。这种做法除了可以分担成本外,还可以帮助中国移动获得兼容性优势:中国使用的4G标准TD-LTE(时分长期演进)可以补充美国使用的标准FD-LTE(频分长期演进)。 /201405/302205

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