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The disruption to manufacturers worldwide from Japan’s disasters will force a rethink of how they manage production 日本地震灾难所造成的世界范围内制造商的崩溃迫使人们重新思考管理生产的方法LAST year Iceland’s volcanic ash disrupted air transport across Europe and gave the world’s manufacturing supply chain one of its biggest tests since the advent of the low-inventory, just-in-time era. Now, Japan’s quadruple disaster—earthquake, tsunami, nuclear alert and power shortages—has put the supply chain under far greater stress. Three weeks after the massive quake, the extent and likely duration of the disruption are still unclear. 去年冰岛的火山灰扰乱了整个欧洲的航空运输,为世界制造供应链自低库存和及时成产时代以来提供一个最大的考验。 现在,日本的四个灾害——地震,海啸,核警报和电力短缺已使供应链处在更大的压力下。 在大地震发生三星期后,破坏的范围和可能的持续时间海不清楚。There are some enlightening similarities between the shocks that manufacturers are now suffering and those that buffeted the banking system in the 2008 financial crisis. In both cases two of the biggest surprises were the unexpected connections the crisis uncovered, and the extent of the contagion. The problems began in a seemingly well-contained part of the system—subprime mortgages in the case of finance, in manufacturing’s case a natural disaster in an economic backwater—but quickly sp.在制造厂家所遭遇的冲击和2008年金融危机中系统中连受打击的人之间是有一些受人启发的相似之处的。 在这两种情况下,最让人惊讶的是未保险的危机和污染范围的意想不到的联系。 这些问题始于系统中一个看似完全包含的部分—— 金融中的次级抵押贷款,在经济停滞中的制造商所经历的自然灾害,但很快蔓延开。 Like the sudden evaporation of liquidity that the banks experienced, factories are finding that parts that had always turned up reliably have stopped coming. As with financial regulators’ discovery of how poorly they understood the “shadow banking” system and arcane derivatives contracts, manufacturers are discovering how little they know about their suppliers’ suppliers and those even farther down the chain. When Lehman went bust, other banks struggled to measure their exposure because Lehman turned out to be not a single institution but a tangle of many entities. Assembly firms are now finding that their supply chain looks much the same. 资金如液体挥发般突然不见,工厂发现一只稳定到货的零部件竟然停止供应。 至于金融监管机构,他们发现他们对于“影子”系统和晦涩难懂的衍生品金融品合同的理解是如此肤浅,制造商们发现他们对供应商的供应商及下边的供应链知之甚少。 当雷曼破产,其他努力衡量他们的暴露出的问题,因为雷曼兄弟不是一个单独的机构,而是许多缠绕的实体。组装公司现在发现他们的供应链看起来是一样的。 201104/1332635月8日,美国内政部长肯·萨拉萨尔宣布,自 “9·11”恐怖袭击事件后关闭的纽约自由女神像的头冠部分将于今年7月4日美国独立日重新对公众开放。为配合头冠部分的重新开放,纽约公园局将采取加高旋梯扶栏、增加值班人员等安全措施。 If you were watching the Today Show this morning, then you saw the most dramatic opening segment we can remember in quite a while. There they all are, our friends from the Today Show family in the crown of Lady Liberty to announce some big news concerning that statue. Our reports tonight from N's Mike Taibbi.Our gift from France was always one of those vertical man-made wonders, like the Washington monument, the Eiffel Tower, that entice kids to say" Can we climb to the top?" "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." and parents to say" I guess if you really want to". Well, maybe some grown-ups still like the idea. "I would walk every single stair to see the top.""I think it's awesome, it's about time."But to Today Show's Matt Lauer got this scoop from Interior Secretary Ken Salazar this morning that track to the top suspended since 911 are on again."Today we are announcing that on the 4th of July, we will open up the crown of the Statue of Liberty here in New York and New Jersey to the entire people of America."If you ever do get up there as I did in 1984 when Lady Liberty got a facelift for her septennial party, you will never forget it. Not everybody who wants to. You take the boat on to Liberty Island will get to visit the crown. That will be a lottery, a maximum of 30 people at a time. These Brooklyn six graders were so excited, they didn't notice my crown was on wrong."How many would you wanna climb all the way up to the top?"The statue was so huge. It arrived from France in 350 individual pieces in 214 crates that took 4 months to assemble. And your climb to the crown would be 250 feet up and 346 winding steps. Also be aware that the statue is designed to bend in a brisk wind, several inches, meaning you can feel like moving." I probably feel woozy, coz it sways back and forth."But the point is as at July 4th, if you want, you can feel like moving even as it moves you. Mike Taibbi, N News, New York.美国的象征——自由女神像在美国纽约市海港内有一座称被为自由岛的小岛。岛上矗立着一座巨大的雕像,当地华人称她为“自由女神”像 (Statue of liberty) 。其全称为“自由女神铜像国际纪念碑”,正式名称是“照耀世界的自由女神”。05/69691

Rednet: Don't Promote Hatred When Watching "Nanking, Nanking"The highly anticipated historical epic film "Nanking, Nanking," also known as "A City of Life and Death," is now being shown in cinemas around China.When it recently premiered in eastern China's Hangzhou city, some moviegoers shouted, "Overthrow Japanese imperialism" at the Japanese actors who appeared in the film, while others said the Chinese should show respect for the Japanese actors.The website Rednet.cn published an article warning the Chinese not to blindly use the movie as an excuse to rouse hatred toward the Japanese. It ed Lu Chuan, director of "Nanking, Nanking," who said the movie aimed to remind the world of the suffering and misery of common Chinese at the hands of Japanese aggressors.He welcomed the tolerant and rational attitudes of some Hangzhou moviegoers toward the Japanese actors when watching "Nanking, Nanking."The article echoed Lu's sentiment, saying that both the Chinese and Japanese should remember their history and respect the truth of the Nanking massacre.More importantly, the article urged people from the two countries to abandon hatred and promote friendship in an effort to build a bright and prosperous future for both.People's Daily: Let Public Places Serve the Public Orange Island park, a famous scenic spot in central China's Changsha city, recently reopened to locals after a major renovation.The park's management office initially wanted to charge a 100-yuan, or 15-U.S. dollars, admission fee. But the high fee prompted complaints from local residents. As a result, the management office opened the park free of charge.An article in the People's Daily on Friday applauded the decision, saying public places should be used to serve the needs of common citizens. It pointed out that public funds were used in the construciton of various parks in different cities so the parks should benefit average people.The commentary also criticized park managers in some cities for allowing exhibition booths and small shops to occupy large public areas in parks. It also noted that cities built too many entertainment facilities within their parks just to charge visitors additional fees.In light of this situation, the article said municipal governments should oversee park administrators. It emphasized that authorities need to make continual efforts to ensure parks and other public facilities better serve the interest of the public.China Watches Health of Migrant Workers Ministerial-level authorities in public health, social security, and work security supervision joined trade unions and business representatives in discussions.Health Minister Chen Zhu said during the forum he is particularly concerned about migrant workers."Migrant workers tend to change their jobs frequently. They also move around a lot. So it has been hard for us to trace them and assess their health conditions."The minister noted that law enforcements are needed so that employers fulfill their responsibilities.It is estimated that 2 hundred million Chinese have at least one kind of disease related to their jobs,many of them suffer from dust lung.As of 2007, 600 thousand people in China were recorded to be living with the disease.140 thousand people had died of the disease by then.Li Yuhuan is vice chairman of a major fund for treatment of the disease."We now have 100 million Yuan in funds. That is enough to cover lung lavage treatments for just 10 thousand patients. Compared to the number of such patients, what we can do is limited."Chen Rui, with the Health Ministry, says migrant workers need to take health into consideration when looking for jobs."They need to keep in mind several things. First, they must sign legally effective labor contracts. Also, make sure that they have work-related injury insurance paid by the employers. And they have to make sure they are provided with proper industrial safety costumes and equipment."Governments around China have launched educational campaigns this week, educating workers on how to find proper legal solutions for physical damage they incur at work.04/68140

Where Are Those 8 Gold Medals? 菲尔普斯 Michael Phelps reflects on his record-breaking Olympics.Our ESPN colleague Jerry Michele sat down with Phelps and calls him "serene", like a man who achieved everything he'd hoped to , which of course is exactly what he did. Here are some of their conversation/. You think separates the people who are merely gifted from those like you who in this instance won? You know for me when I watch/ all the sport, you know when I watch, you know, when I watch Tiger, when I watch Federer and I watch Nadal, the best athletes can compete under any circumstances. And you know, no matter what it is, no matter what the pressure, you can always overcome anything that is put in your way,you know when Jordan was sick, he still put up 60 points. When you won the 100 butterfly by one, one hundredth of a second, what were you thinking about the role of fame, the role of luck? After the race, Crack said to me, he goes, you have that angels with you or something, he goes, I have no idea what it is(he goes). And you know I feel that, yeah, you know that there has to be luck in it, there has to be some luck involved, that you know everything has been pretty much perfect, you know for me to be able to do what I just did. You got eight gold medals now, where are they?It's a great question. I saw them earlier, I think my agent has them, I put them all on this morning, it looked pretty cool, it was a pretty neat feeling. You put them on just to see them or with a photo.Just to see them. You're 23; you've achieved everything you wanted to achieve, what are your goals now?I wanna change sport to something. I look up to Michael Jordan, what he did in sport of basketball, how he completely changed it, this sport has changed my life in so many ways and you know, I just wanna other people to be able to be a part of that. 菲尔普斯就他在奥运会上打破的记录做出回应。我们ESPN的同事Jerry Michele现在正和菲尔普斯坐在一起,说他很“平静” ,就像一个得到了一切他想要的东西的人一样,当然,他确实做到了。下面是他们两个之间的对话。很多人像你一样有天赋,但是你却赢了,你觉得你们之间的差别是什么呢?你知道,对我来说,当我观看比赛的时候,当我看Tiger, Federer 和Nadal参加比赛的时候,我发现,最好的运动员在任何情况下都能参加比赛。你知道,无论是什么,无论是多大的压力,你都能克前进路上的一切困难。你知道,乔丹生病的时候参加比赛仍然能投得60分。当你以超过第二名0.01秒的成绩赢得100米蝶泳的时候,你怎样认为名声的作用,运气的作用?比赛之后,Crack过来对我说“你有天使相助”之类的话。我不知道他指的是什么。你知道,我确实感觉到,肯定是运气,肯定含有运气的成分在里面。你知道所有的一切都非常完美,能够做到我想做的。你获得了8枚金牌,现在在哪里呢?这个问题很好。我之前看见过,我想我的经理人现在保管着,今天早上我戴上的。看上去非常酷,非常整洁的感觉。你戴上他们只是为了看到他们或者为了拍照?只是为了看一下。现在你23岁了,你已经获得了你想要的一切。今后你的目标是什么呢?我想把运动改变成更有意义的事情。我一直像乔丹看齐,他在篮球运动中所做的事情彻底改变了这项运动。这项运动也在很多方面改变了我的生活。我希望其他人也可以是这项运动的一部分。200811/56554

  In a new report, the IMF says it expects the world economy to shrink by 1.4 percent this year, but expand by 2.5 percent in 2010. The new growth projection is up from a 1.9 percent estimate issued in April. IMF Research Director Olivier Blanchard:"The good news is that the forces pulling the economy down are decreasing in intensity. The bad news is that the forces pulling the economy up are still very weak.Blanchard says an anemic recovery is on the way, one that initially will not generate enough jobs to reverse rising global unemployment rates. He says developing economies will experience a quicker and more pronounced recovery than advanced industrialized nations."Output in advanced countries is forecast to decline by 3.8 percent in before growing at a low 0.6 percent in 2010. By contrast, output in emerging market countries is in stead forecast to grow at 1.5 percent in and 4.7 percent in 2010."Blanchard says Asia, in particular, is poised for an economic rebound."After a tough first quarter, Asia is now set for a stronger performance than we had anticipated earlier. This is due in no small part to strong fiscal stimulus, notably in China and India, where we have revised our forecast up by nearly 1 percent for both and 2010."The IMF research director stressed, however, that the global economic recovery is fragile and subject to risk. He said policymakers around the world must continue to strengthen battered financial systems. In industrialized nations like the ed States, he said continued economic stimulus must be paired with reforms that will reduce government debt in the years to come.07/77291


  Indian Prime Minister Calls for Tough Steps to Stem Growing Violence印度总统誓言铲除恐怖及群体暴力  Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is calling for tough action to stem a surge of terrorist and communal violence that has claimed hundreds of lives in recent months across the country.印度总理辛格呼吁采取更加严厉的措施来铲除恐怖分子活动和群体暴力,因为印度最近几个月已经为此复出了数百条人命的代价。Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Monday violence seems to be permeating across the length and bth of the country, and called it an assault on the country's composite culture.辛格星期一说,暴力活动似乎正在淹没著这个幅员辽阔的国家。他并称这是对印度这个多元化国家的威胁。Mr. Singh was addressing a meeting of the National Integration Council, which includes chief ministers of the country's 28 states, leaders of political parties, and senior ministers.辛格在“国家统一委员会”的一次会议上发表了讲话。这个委员会的成员包括印度28个省的主要官员以及政治党派领袖和资深部长。"An atmosphere of hatred and violence is being artificially generated," he said. "There are forces deliberately encouraging such tendencies and also spawning militant outfits who engaged in irrational violence. These need to be firmly dealt with." 辛格说:“仇恨和暴力的情绪正在被无中生有地炮制出来。有些势力蓄意鼓励这样的倾向并且衍生出反叛团伙来搞非理性暴力活动。我们必须坚定地面对这一切。”The Prime Minister voiced his concern as India grapples with a wave of terrorist, sectarian and religious violence that has killed hundreds of people across the country in recent months.辛格是在印度陷入恐怖分子、分裂活动和宗教暴力浪潮之中的时候说这番话的。最近几个月,印度全国已经有几百人因此丧生。A series of bomb attacks across several major cities has killed 140 people. The eastern state of Orissa has been wracked with clashes between Hindus and Christians since August. In the northeastern state of Assam, ethnic clashes between indigenous tribes and Muslim settlers have killed more than 50 people in recent weeks.在几个大城市发生的炸弹攻击事件导致140人死亡。位于东部的奥里萨邦8月份以来弥漫著印度教徒和基督教徒之间冲突的硝烟。在东北部阿萨姆邦,当地部落与穆斯林定居者之间的冲突最近几个星期也让50多人丧生。Many of the attacks are blamed on radical Muslim and Hindu groups. Hardline Hindu organizations have been accused of carrying out deadly attacks on Christians. Authorities say a homegrown radical Islamist group, the Indian Mujahideen, carried out the bomb attacks in several cities.激进的穆斯林和印度教派被认为制造了许多起攻击事件。人们指责强硬的印度教组织对基督徒发动了多起致命袭击。官方说,一个当地的激进伊斯兰分子团伙,也就是“印度圣战者”在好几个城市发动了炸弹袭击。In recent weeks, police have arrested more than 20 Muslims, including students of a prominent Muslim University, for their links to the Indian Mujahideen. However, Muslim leaders accuse the police of making indiscriminate arrests in the wake of the bomb attacks.最近几个星期,警方已经逮捕了包括一所名牌大学“穆斯林大学”的学生在内的20多个穆斯林,因为他们和“印度圣战者”组织有联系。不过,穆斯林领导人指责警方在发生炸弹爆炸之后不加区分地逮捕民众。Responding to such concerns, Prime Minister Singh cautioned law enforcement agencies on the need to be sensitive. 对此,辛格总理做出了回应。他警告说,执法部门有必要谨慎从事。"At the same time it is important that in trying to counter terrorism wrong methods and means are not adopted," the prime minister said. "Any impression that any community or sections amongst them are being targeted, or some kind of profiling is being attempted should be avoided." “与此同时,在争取对抗恐怖主义的时候,不应该采取错误的方式方法。要避免人们产生任何把某些社区或者派别当作目标或者根据种族归类的印象。”Authorities are under pressure to act against both Hindu and Muslim fundamentalist groups and stem the growing tide of violence.当局正受到抗击印度教和穆斯林基本教义团伙的压力,同时还要铲除日益增加的暴力活动。But analysts say action against radical groups is often not firm enough in a country where political parties do not want to alienate either Hindu or Muslim voters. Muslims make up about 12 per cent of the population in Hindu majority India.但是,分析人士说,在一个像印度这样的国家里,没有哪个政党想把自己和印度教或者穆斯林教决裂开来,所以反击极端团伙的行动往往力度不够。在印度教徒占多数的印度,穆斯林占大约12%。200810/52784

  Asian, European Leaders to Discuss Financial Crisis, Environment第七届亚欧会议周五在北京举行 Asian and European leaders are arriving in Beijing to discuss ways to deal with the global financial crisis. Europe wants support from China and other Asian giants on the crisis, as well as on climate change and sustainable development. 亚洲和欧洲国家的领导人集聚北京,商讨应对全球金融危机的对策。欧洲国家希望中国和其他亚洲大国在应对危机,以及气候变化和可持续发展方面提供援。Leaders from more than 40 Asian and European countries will hold two days of talks in the Chinese capital. 来自亚洲和欧洲四十多个国家的领导人将在北京举行为期两天的会谈。The seventh Asia-Europe Meeting, known as ASEM, begins Friday and will focus on shoring up global confidence in the face of a world economic slowdown. 第七届亚欧会议将从星期五开始,会谈的重点是在全球经济增长放缓之际如何提高人们的信心。European leaders want to see more support from fast-growing China and India. 欧洲国家领导人希望看到经济增长迅速的中国和印度提供更多的援。The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, told journalists no country is immune to the crisis. He says the international financial system needs sweeping reforms and that for them to work, Asia needed to be "on board."  欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐对记者表示,没有哪个国家能够免受这场危机的影响。他说,国际金融体系需要全面的改革,为了达到这一目的需要亚洲国家的参与。"We are living in unprecedented times and we need unprecedented levels of global coordination. It is very simple. We swim together or we sink together," he said. “我们生活在前所未有的时代,需要前所未有的全球协调。事情就这样简单。我们是同生死,共沉浮。”During the past few months, governments around the world have moved to shore up banks, make cash available to lenders and to stabilize markets. The credit crisis, sparked originally by the collapse of bad loans in the ed States property market, has resulted in several large international banks being forced to close or merge. Barroso says the financial crisis is not the only cause of the global economic slowdown.  巴罗佐说,金融危机不是全球经济下滑的唯一原因。He says major imbalances and problems with monetary policies were other causes.  他说货币政策的重大不平衡和遇到的困难是其它原因。"If you look, for instance, at the level of reserves some countries have and the level of consumption, or internal demand, compared with other major players. That is one of the reasons why I really believe that China has a word to say and that is, by the way, in the interest of China, to be an active participant in this new financial order that will be created," Barroso said. 巴罗佐说:“比如说,你可以查看一下一些国家的储备金水平和消费或者说内需水平的情况。这就是为什么我认为中国有发言权,而且顺便说一下,中国积极参与这个即将创立的金融新秩序也符合中国利益的原因之一。”China has nearly trillion in foreign currency reserves and has been under pressure to allow its own currency to appreciate. Other governments also hope Beijing can stimulate domestic consumption, to reduce the damage from slowing demand in Europe, Japan and the ed States. 中国有将近两万亿美元的外汇储备,并一直面临让其货币升值的压力。其他国家政府也希望北京方面能刺激国内消费、减少欧洲、日本和美国需求降低所造成的损害。Chinese leaders say they are paying close attention to the global crisis and are considering what measures are needed to maintain stability. 中国领导人说,他们密切关注这场全球危机,并正考虑需要采取哪些措施来维护稳定。The meeting of Asian and European leaders is an opportunity to discuss common concerns, and will not produce binding agreements. 亚欧领导人会议是讨论共同关心问题的机会,但不会达成具有约束性的协议。During the meeting, leaders will also discuss climate change. Europe wants advanced developing countries like China to make more substantial commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  这些领导人在会议期间还将讨论气候变化议题。欧洲希望中国等先进发展中国家对减少温室气体排放做出更加切实的承诺。Barroso says he hopes the world does not make the same mistake with climate change as they did with the financial crisis. He says when they see a serious problem coming nations should not postpone the solutions. 巴罗佐说,他希望国际社会在处理气候变化议题时能避免处理金融危机时犯下的同样错误。他说,当他们看到即将发生一个严重问题时,这些国家不应该推迟解决这个问题。200810/53810U.S. President Barack Obama's top counter-terrorism advisor says a threat from an al-Qaida affiliate led to the closure of the American embassy in Yemen. VOA's Paula Wolfson reports this same group has been linked to the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a U.S. airliner. 美国总统奥巴马的高级反恐顾问说,来自基地组织附属团体的威胁导致美国关闭在也门的使馆。正是这个团体和圣诞日炸美国航班的未遂阴谋有关。John Brennan says the embassy was closed to protect the lives of its staff. 奥巴马总统的国土安全顾问约翰.布伦南说,为了保护也门使馆工作人员的生命安全,这个使馆被关闭了。"There are indications that al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is targeting our embassy and targeting our personnel and we are not going to take any chances with the lives of our diplomats and others who are at that embassy," he said.布伦南说:“有迹象显示,在阿拉伯半岛上的基地组织正把矛头指向我们的使馆和我们的工作人员,我们决不拿在这个使馆内的我国外交人员和其他工作人员的生命来冒险。”The president's homeland security advisor told the FOX News Sunday television program the ed States is working with the Yemeni government to deal with the terrorist threat.这位总统国土安全顾问在“福克斯周日新闻”电视节目上说,美国正与也门政府合作应对这种恐怖威胁。On N's Meet the Press, he was asked if that means Yemen is a major new front in the war on terrorism.在全国广播公司的“面对媒体”节目上,布伦南被问及:这是否意味也门是反恐战争的主要新战线。Brennan said it has long been an area of concern.布伦南说,也门早已成为引人关注的地区。201001/93979Internet businesses互联网商业Another digital gold rush又一轮的数字淘金热Internet companies are booming again. Does that mean it is time to buy or to sell? 互联网公司再次勃兴。这是否意味着买入或者卖出正逢时?May 12th 2011 | BEIJING AND SAN FRANCISCO | from the print edition PIER 38 is a vast, hangar-like structure, perched on San Francisco’s waterfront. Once a place where Chinese immigrants landed with picks and shovels, y to build railways during California’s Gold Rush, the pier is now home to a host of entrepreneurs with smartphones and computers engaged in a race for internet riches. From their open-plan offices, the young people running start-ups with fashionably odd names such as NoiseToys, Adility and Trazzler can gaze at the fancy yachts moored nearby when they aren’t furiously tapping out lines of code.38号坞棚(PIER 38)是坐落在旧金山滨海的一幢巨大棚库状结构的建筑。在加利福尼亚淘金潮时期,这里曾是准备修建铁路的中国移入民带着铁锹铁铲的登陆地,而这些坞棚如今则是一群带着智能电话和电脑埋头于互联网财富竞赛的实业家们的老巢,这些年轻人运营着有着像NoiseToys, Adility 和Trazzler这样名字新潮而古怪的新兴企业,在他们四溢的打出一行行的代码之外的时间里,可以凝望到(眺望)停泊在附近的豪华游艇。201105/137532

  International AIDS Day provides an opportunity to examine the efforts to combat the deadly virus that attacks the human immune system. In South Africa, whose 5.7 million HIV victims make it the most affected country in the world, officials and activists are assessing an ambitious campaign launched by the government on AIDS Day (Dec 1st) last year.国际艾滋日提供了机会来检验抗击这种破坏人类免疫系统的致命病毒的努力的成果。在南非有570万人罹患艾滋病,这使得该国成为全世界感染艾滋病人数最多的国家,那里的官员和活动分子正在评估南非政府从去年艾滋日开始发动的一项雄心勃勃运动的成效。South Africa's President Jacob Zuma one year ago announced what he called a new era in his government's fight against the HIV/AIDS virus.南非总统祖玛一年前宣告他的政府向艾滋病毒所作的斗争进入他所说的新时代。"To take our response a step forward, we are launching a massive campaign to mobilize all South Africans to get tested for HIV. Every South African should know his or her HIV status."祖玛说:“为了在对艾滋病毒的回应方面向前迈进一步,我们正在发动一项大规模的运动,动员所有南非人都作艾滋病毒检验。”Mr. Zuma said 15 million people would be tested for HIV in the next year, treatment programs would be expanded and a major prevention campaign would be launched.祖玛说,明年会有1500万人作艾滋病毒检验,治疗方案也会扩展而且会启动一个重大的预防艾滋病运动。He also called for a change of attitude toward the disease. "Let there be no more shame, no more blame, no more discrimination and no more stigma. Let the politicization and endless debates about HIV and AIDS stop," said Zuma.他还呼吁人们改变对这种疾病的态度。祖玛说:“让我们不再感到耻辱,不再责怪、不再歧视、不再觉得有污点。让我们停止围绕艾滋病毒和艾滋病的政治化行动和无休止的辩论。”This represented a dramatic shift in policy from the previous government (of Thabo Mbeki) which downplayed the seriousness of the epidemic. Critics said it caused hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.这番标志不同于前南非政府的重大政策转变,前南非政府曾经低调处理艾滋病流行的严重性。批评人士说,这导致原来可以避免的成千上万病人的死亡。201011/119410White House Takes on Critics of Terror Policy白宫对批评反恐政策言论进行反击The White House is lashing out at Congressional critics of the administration's policy on terrorism. President Barack Obama's top counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan says these critics are playing politics with national security.美国国会对奥巴马政府的反恐政策提出批评,白宫抨击了这些批评言论。奥巴马总统的首席反恐顾问约翰.布伦南表示,这些批评人士是在国家安全问题上玩弄政治把戏。"Quite frankly, I am tiring of politicians using national security issues, such as terrorism, as a political football," Brennan said.他说:“坦白地说,我已经厌倦了政界人士用恐怖主义这类国家安全问题作为政治足球。”During an appearance on the N television program Meet the Press, Brennan said congressional critics and others are speaking before getting the facts. He said they are making charges with no basis in reality, and, in so doing, are endangering the reputation of the men and women trying to keep the country safe.布伦南在美国国家广播公司“会见新闻界”节目上说,批评国会的人和其他一些人在搞清楚事实前就大发言论。他说,他们没有事实依据便作出指责,这样的做法损害了那些试图维护国家安全的人们的声誉。"I think they have to have confidence in the knowledge and the experience of these counter-terrorism professionals," he added.布伦南说:“我认为他们应该对这些反恐专家的知识和经验抱有信心。”The level of criticism has reached new heights in the weeks following the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Northwest Airlines jet as it was preparing to land in Detroit, Michigan.去年圣诞节当天,一名男子试图引爆西北航空公司一架准备在密西根州底特律市降落的客机。在这一事件发生后的几个星期中,对政府反恐政策的批评声浪日渐高涨。201002/96383

  How Music Reflects Your Personality If you thought heavy metal fans were aggressive and blues fans were depressive -you couldn't be more wrong. A survey has found that our taste in music is a direct reflection on our personalities -with suprising results. Sky's Orla Chennaoui reports.Listen carefully to this selection of music, because whether the cheese or chalk/ gets you moving, it says as much about your personality as your musical taste, not necessarily though in the way you might think. By rights, you would expect Joe Fylan to spend the evenings turns up to classical music. Chances are though he's out playing heavy metal or a rock which isn't that unusual according to a new study.Classical music listeners are used to listening to good performances. If, if you're hearing, oh, that's it over there. Um, so people are listening for the excellence in performance, in metal it’s definitely the same, you know, you get these, go like "wow"...you know, "rock"...oh, oh, that kind of stuff...when the guitarist go...that kind of stuff is... And I think that's ...that's possibly why you...you might get some of the same listeners.And it's their personality that seems to bring classical and metal fans together, both at ease with themselves and introverted, although metalheads do tend to be work-shy as well. As for indie fans, they typically have low self-esteem and are lazy, unlike their rap counterparts who have high self-esteem and tend to be outgoing.And one of the interesting aspects to our findings was that basically the more you earn, so the more likely you are to enjoy a kind of really punchy, quite dynamic music. In contrast, it’s the lower earners amongst our sample of people who tended to like much more calm and much more relaxing music.So Dozard's study holds wit.Well, I think the researchers have also been camped outside my house for the last couple of weeks coz’ that’s meat down to a tee. Every night, I retreat to my lonely bedsit, and sit and do some life doing.So I think there is much more to you than what music today. I don't think, no...Kellen Jellars, I think, probably, that's sound, Kellen Jellars, I think. I hope I am anyway, so in that respect, I don’t have a fully support on hardworking. If my boss is watching, yes I’m, very hardworking.It may not be an exact science, but it will please those prone to stereotyping, theatrical opera lovers, lazy indie kids, it's not prejudice. It's science. Orla Chennaoui, Sky News.参考中文翻译:如果你认为重金属音乐喜好者攻击性比较强,蓝调音乐迷比较忧郁——那么你就大错特错了。最近一项调查显示我们对音乐的偏好能直接反映我们的性格——但是结果出人意料。Sky栏目记者Orla Chennaoui报道。认真听一下这段音乐选段,因为无论是奶酪还是粉笔都不仅说明了你对音乐的口味,还体现了你的性格,而不一定是你所认为的方式。按理说,你认为Joe Fylan 晚上会听古典音乐。但是他偶尔也会听重金属音乐或者摇滚音乐。根据一项新的调查结果,这没有什么奇怪的。经常听古典音乐的人比较习惯于倾听比较精的表演。如果你认真听,就可以体会的到。所以,人们听到是精的演绎。听重金属音乐也是一样的。你可以倾听歌手的演唱,吉他手的演绎,同样可以体会到其中的精。我想这可能就是古典音乐和摇滚音乐有同样的听众的原因。是性格把古典音乐迷和重金属音乐迷联系到一起的,他们都比较喜欢一个人独处,比较内向,虽然热爱金属音乐的人在工作中也比较害羞。对indie迷来说,他们不是那么自大,而且比较懒散,不像rap迷,一般自尊心很强,而且比较外向。我们的发现中比较有趣的一点是,你赚钱赚的越多,越喜欢听强劲的,有活力的音乐。相反,在我们的调查对象中,收入越低,越倾向于平静的,轻松的音乐。所以Dozard的研究是充满智慧的。喔,我想研究者们前两周可能就驻扎在我房子外面对我进行研究了,因为总结的非常正确。每天晚上,我都退隐到我的小房间里面,坐着随便做点什么事。所以我认为这比音乐来说对你更重要。我不这样认为,不……Kellen Jellars,我认为可能是Kellen Jellars。无论如何,我认为我不完全赞成努力工作。当然,如果老板在监视的话,我会非常努力工作的。或许这并不是太准确的科学,但是可以取悦那些喜欢陈词滥调的人,那些歌剧喜好者,慵懒的 indie 迷。这并不是偏见,而是科学。200811/57259

  They are driven to move, to move and to multiply. Possessed by the most insatiable need to breed, they will journey to brutal Afican battle fields, and grow on south Atlantic shores. For the sake of their young, they will blacken the skies, and terrorize rainforest floras. Right now, the world's wild parents are on the march, on the way, on the run. And these are the tales of thier sacrifice, the most moving stories on earth, the stories of the great migrations. Winter, in the south Atlantic, one of the worst places in the world to be left behind. But that is Johnny crook's * life . Here on the death of archipelago north south America, this bird of pray cleans to life, waiting for the migrants to return. Now, the flare of September dawn announces its spring's feeble arrival. 他们天生就要迁徙,不断迁徙并繁衍后代。拥有最满足需要的品种,因此他们将旅行到凶残的非洲战场,在南大西洋海岸繁衍。为了他们的年轻一代,他们就将天空染黑,恐吓热带雨林。现在,世界上的野生父母们在一路上行进。这是它们牺牲奉献的故事,地球上最动人的故事,大迁移的故事。 冬天,在南大西洋,这块世界最糟糕的地方之一,但这是强尼的生活。在南美洲北部死亡群岛,这种鸟祈祷清洁生活,等待着移民返回。 现在,耀眼的9月黎明已经宣告了朦胧的春天即将到来。201111/161011。

  The Shaolin monks of China are famous for fighting skills and acrobatics, but above all, for their ability to somehow manage their senses. Does this really not hurt or do they just not mind the pain? To prepare themselves for their grueling acts, the monks use one of the oldest forms of pain control—meditation. “We have to focus 100 percent. We need willpower to channel our Qi, our spiritual energy. When we meditate, we channel this spiritual energy throughout our body.” Meditation starts by changing how the body works: The heart slows, pumping less blood; the muscles relax. Relaxed muscles means[1] less tension, which means less pain. But the strangest effect occurs in the brain. Astonishingly, although the brain is still alert, meditation lessens the emotional reaction to pain. It’s like turning down the volume. So when pain sensations hit, they have little effect. That’s how the monks can tolerate what for anyone else would be extraordinary pain. Vocabulary Mix:grueling: Physically or mentally demanding to the point of exhaustion.折磨的,使精疲力尽的:对生理或心理上的要求达到极限的。参考中文翻译:中国少林寺的和尚以格斗技能和杂技著称,但是最重要的是,他们控制自己感觉的能力。是真的不痛还是他们不在意这种疼痛呢?为了准备好迎接那些类似折磨的行为,那些和尚们应用最古老的方法来控制疼痛——冥想。“我们必须百分之百的集中注意力。我们需要自己的意志力来运气,我们的精神能量。当我们陷入冥想状态时,我们可以使我们的精神能量在体内贯穿。”冥想从改变人体的工作开始:心跳减慢,泵出更少的血液;肌肉放松。肌肉放松意味着紧张度减少,疼痛减少。但是最神奇的作用发生在大脑。令人惊讶的是,虽然大脑仍然是警觉的,冥想状态减轻了对疼痛的反应,就好象降低了音量。所以当疼痛来袭,基本上也起不到什么作用。这就是常人难以忍受的疼痛少林寺和尚却可以忍受的原因。单词注解:meditation 名词 沉思,默想;冥想 【宗】默念,默想 沉思录 200811/57260

  Foreign policy外交政策Home alone独守本土As China rises, must Australia tremble?当中国崛起时,澳大利亚必将战栗? May 26th 2011 | from the print editionBACK IN THE days of the tyranny of distance, the primal terror of Australians was the fear of abandonment. During the country’s first few decades it looked for its security to Britain, a friendly but far-off power. After Singapore fell to the Japanese in 1942, Britain abandoned its former colony. Fortunately, America took its place and has been guaranteeing Australia’s security ever since. Even so, Australia is once again feeling nervous about finding itself alone, prompted by three changes. The first is the growing economic power of China, followed closely by its growing political and military power. The second is that America’s role as the single pole of a unipolar world is inevitably coming to an end. And third, Australia’s new pattern of trade means that for the first time its main commercial partner, China, is not a strategic ally. None of this involves an immediate threat to Australians, but it makes life more complicated.在世界还被距离所主宰的时代,澳大利亚人最大的恐惧莫过于遭到抛弃。在该国成立之初的几十年中,澳大利亚仰仗友好却遥远的强国——英国为其提供安全保障。当新加坡于1942年被日本人攻陷之后,英国抛弃了这片先前的殖民地。幸好,美国接了英国的位置,并在此后一直保障着澳大利亚的安全。即便如此,由于三方面变化所致,澳大利亚还是再一次为发觉自己孤立无援而忧心忡忡。第一种变化是中国正在增强的经济实力,以及该国紧随经济实力增长而增长的政治与军事实力。第二种变化在于,美国所扮演的单极世界中唯一一极的角色正在不可避免地走向终结。第三种变化则是,澳大利亚新的贸易格局意味着出现了前所未有的情况,即该国主要的商业伙伴——中国,并不是自己的战略盟友。对于澳大利亚人而言,所有这一切并没有包含迫在眉睫的威胁,但它却使生活变得更加复杂。201105/138565

  Y: Today, on a Moment of Science, it's time for another round of Baby Skills, that fun and wacky guessing game that shows your baby is up to more than crying and napping. And today's question is: What can six-month-olds do better than nine-month-olds? Don, care to take a stab at it? D: Hmmm! well! I really don't know, Yael. I thought nine-month-olds would be better at just about everything. Y: Sorry, Don. It turns out that six-month-olds are better than nine-month-olds at recognizing certain faces. In a recent study, scientists observed that six-month-olds are equally good at distinguishing between non-human faces, as they are at distinguishing between human faces. D: By non-human, do you mean animal faces? Y: Exactly. Six-month-olds apparently have no trouble telling apart animal faces, but then they lose that ability by the time they turn nine months old. In contrast, as they get older, they just get better at distinguishing between human faces. D: Hmm! I guess that makes sense. After all, even babies know which side their b is buttered on. Y: That's right—it doesn't take babies long to learn that it's more important to pay attention to human faces than to animal faces. Scientists call this phenomenon cognitive narrowing. The more human faces babies look at, the better they get at noticing individual features. At the same time, as they grow older, and their knowledge becomes more specialized, babies lose the ability to recognize animal faces, because they don't see nearly as many. And, as you might expect, when scientists tested this on monkeys, the opposite was true. D: The monkey babies got better at recognizing monkey faces? Y: Exactly. 【词汇注释】wacky adj. 古怪的take a stab at vt. 试做recognize v.识别distinguish v.区别butter vt.涂黄油于…上phenomenon n.现象cognitive narrowing 认知缩小specialized a.特化的, 专化的201110/157534

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