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He has a look. Its individual.他的打扮很特别。Its Bill...the blue smock.Bill独特的蓝色外套。The jacket is functional cause it has all the pockets. -Right.这外套很实用它有很多口袋。-对。And you can launder it.清洗也很方便。And I thought the color was nice.而且我觉得这颜色也不错。Originally, when I started to buy them at the Bazar de LHotel de Ville, they were .我最初从Bazar de L宾馆那边买的这衣,那时卖20美元。And they were the ones that the street sweepers wore.有阵子街头的清洁工也穿这衣。They came in black and white and blue.他们的衣有黑的,白的和蓝色的。And, you see, with the cameras, the jackets all get torn here and ruined.通常,带着照相机衣这里会被磨坏。So that was another thing.当然这是另外一回事。Why have an expensive, beautiful jacket...and wear it with all the cameras rubbing on it and wreck it? Thats...但是我们为什么要穿着很贵很好看的外套,你明明知道相机会把它磨坏的。那就是......I mean, I cant imagine such wastefulness.我觉得完全没必要那么浪费。Oh, dont mind me. These are my...I have to take every morning my heart pills.哦,稍等一下…这是我每天要吃的心脏的药。Keep the heart going.这样才能保持心脏继续工作。201609/460802。

All those little rice grains are actually.Ohh! yow! Im getting devoured here.这些小米粒似的东西 事实上 啊 我被咬了一大口Here you go, some larvae Ive knocked off there.Good just to pick up and eat.拼命咬我 看 把蚁卵甩下来 再捡起来吃掉Pound for pound,the larvae contain more protein than beef.Grab a load.一磅蚁卵 所含蛋白质比一磅牛肉的还高 再来一口But Id have to gather hundreds of them,and that would mean being eaten alive.但生吞几百团卵 才能凑够一磅Its not worth persevering with this one.太麻烦了 半饱足矣Okay, thatll do me. Im out of here.Ahead of me, the ground starts to rise sharply.吃够了 走 前方山坡很是陡峭The jungle just tends to be riddled with these sort of gorges.丛林里这种溪谷特别多Now, they block your path,and trying to find a way across them is always a challenge.很碍事 总是挡路 想要凌空过河 很不容易Its just sheer walls there and a lot of white water, as well.看那峭壁 下面急流白浪的Getting across this could save hours of traversing through thick, overgrown jungle.如果能够过河 就不用在林中摸索几小时了This is definitely, definitely an option.Have a look at this fella.爬树倒是不错 上来看看See, this tree probably goes at least halfway across the gorge,看 这棵树几乎横跨两岸but theres a long way down that and onto rocks if something going wrong.Big branch reached across.不过这特别高 下面是急流岩石 掉下去就惨了 有根粗枝横架着How strong that is, I dont know,but Im normally getting better than this.Okay, lets try this.不知道够不够坚韧 真是环境凶险 行 来吧201607/454490。

All right Procrastination. Lets talk about it. Its a big topic. And by the way we all face it.拖延症是本次节目的话题是个很大的话题 而且我们每个人都会有这个毛病It is a ever present evergreen issue for a reason and even the people you see on magazine covers,它能够成为常谈常新的话题不是没有原因的 甚至你在杂志封面上看到的人物都会有这个问题most of them, there are a few mutants, but they all have things they put off.他们大多数都会将一些事情推迟去做 不过也存在几个特例 他们可能从不拖延And there are a few different tactics, approaches that I found very helpful这里有几个很有用的方法和策略that Ive borrowed from, whether its guests on the Tim FerrissShow or people I interviewed for Tools of Titans my newest book, here we go. So down the list.我从Tim Ferriss的节目嘉宾那里以及我为新书《巨人的工具》所采访的人那里学到的下面开讲方法清单So one is break it down into the smallest action conceivable.第一就是化整为零And there are a few different types here.可细分为若干种情况So if you have a macro goal, which is double the number of podcast downloads per episode. All right.所以如果你有个宏伟的目标是想让你播客的下载量增加一倍 好Im just giving that as an example.我只是举个例子而已Well, we need to modify that to make it really actionable.那么我们需要调整它 使它更真正切实可行The first is making it hyper, hyper specific so we need a timeline at the very least.首先要使它变得超级具体 因而我们至少需要一条时间线So lets say within six months doubling, and this is a real example for me, doubling the number of podcast downloads.比如 在六个月内翻番 让播客的下载翻番 对我来说这是个真实的例子Well, downloads are ongoing so by what point in time?下载是永不停止的 在那个时间点计算下载量呢All right, I want to double the number of podcast downloads per episode by week six after publication and I want to accomplish that within six months. All right.好的 我想要视频上线后 到第六周每集客下载量的数字翻倍 我想要在6个月内达成这个目标 很好And then we can borrow from David Allen and just ask what are some of the prerequisites, the component pieces of doing that?于是乎我们可以借鉴David Allen 达成这个目标 需要什么先决条件?Lets break it out into say content and organic.先让我们来说一下内容以及结构You could have it paid acquisition, you make a long list of these potential buckets of activities.你能办到 通过将一系列可能要进行的活动列一个长长列表From there you would look at next physical actions, and this is directly from getting things done.当你做完这些事情后 你可以很直接的知道你下一步 具体要做什么And you could apply that to any number of these, lets just say its ten buckets你可以把这个方法运用到你任务清单中的任意数字 我们假设有十件事but you would ask yourself, this is a question I ask myself very often你可以问自己一个问题 这个问题在我因为when Im procrastinating because there is indecision, and this is a particular breed of procrastination.犹豫不决而拖延的时候会经常问到我自己 当然犹豫不决也是拖延的一种In other words if I have ten things on my to do list or ten potential products I could pursue what to do in that situation?这个问题就是 如果我的代办清单上有十件事情 或者有十件我可以买的东西 那么我该做什么?And what I ask myself is which one of these if done will make the rest the relevant or easier?我会问我自己这些事情中哪些事情完成之后会使得其他的事情变得相关联或者做起来更加简单This is a key question I ask all the time, which one of these will make all the rest easier to do if done first,这个问题很重要 我一直在这样问自己 先做哪件事情会使得其他的事情变得更简单or all the rest irrelevant, dont even need to do them.或者是让剩下的事情变得不相关 从而不用去做That is how I will hone in on one piece of the puzzle.这就是我面对这个难题时不断细化深入的方法And this can be applied all over the place.这个方法可以运用到所有的领域But lets just say its the doubling podcast, it could be losing weight, you can see thats very, very amorphous.我们刚刚说的是播客下载量翻倍 我们也可以讨论减肥这个是非常非常灵活的We need timelines. We need an amount to lose. And then you want to make it as small as possible.我们需要时间线 需要减掉的确切重量 然后尽可能地把它细化So Ill give you a different example.现在我举一个不同的例子If you want to start flossing your teeth, who likes flossing their teeth? Pretty much nobody.如果你想开始洁牙 谁会喜欢洁牙 几乎没人喜欢吧So how do you start flossing your teeth?那么你要怎么开始洁牙呢?Well, you want to make it as easy as possible to develop as part of your routine,首先你要尽可能地让它成为日常生活中的一部分to make it as automatic as anything else that you do consistently.成为你的生活习惯And you could borrow from the say BJ Fogg whos done a lot of research at Stanford你可以引用曾经在斯坦福大学和其他地方做过大量研究的BJ Fogg的一句话and elsewhere, make it as small as possible, meaning in the beginning do less than youre capable of doing.”让它尽可能的小” 意思是刚开始你要做的比你能做的事情要少So this is another key when you think something is too big or onerous, so its too intimidating or its too much of a pain in the ass. All right.这就是关键 尤其当你认为一些任务太大或太艰巨所以太吓人或太痛苦的时候So for flossing you might say Im only going to floss my front two teeth. Thats three gaps.所以对于洁牙,你可能会说我打算清洁我的两颗门牙 这里有三条缝Thats all youre going to do. And you want to make it, again, as easy as possible.那是你需要去做的东西 你需要让它尽可能的简单So you might use a WaterPik or you might use those disposable flossing gadgets所以你可能需要用到洁碧或者一次性的洁牙小器具so you dont have to do tourniquets on your fingers, which is also one of the side effects of flossing that deters people.这样你就不用拿着止血带 当然要用止血带也是阻止我们洁牙的一个副作用Make it as easy as possible. Now this applies to a lot more than flossing.尽可能地让它简单 这个可以运用到比洁牙更多的领域So Ive talked to many of the people for say Tools of Titans,因此为了《巨人的工具》我跟很多人聊过people who are eight time New York Times best-selling authors or prolific musicians, prolific music producers这些人都是 纽约时报的畅销作家 或是着名音乐家 歌曲创作者like Rick Rubin who is legendary, and it all comes down to tiny homework assignments.比如传奇制作人里克鲁宾 所有这些都是千里之行始于足下So Rick if he has a stuck artist, for instance, he will say can you get me one word or one line像如果里克鲁宾有一个艺术家突然没灵感时 他会说你明天工作的时候能给我你正在创作的这首歌that you might like for this song that youre working on by tomorrow, is that possible?你可能喜欢的一个词或是一段谱子吗 这可能吗?Many, many homework assignments.划分成很多的任务才是关键So with the creative project in the beginning thats one所以在一开始就制定合适的计划是Its related to a piece of advice that I got from Neil Strauss, eight times New York times我从尼尔·斯特劳斯那里得到的建议之一 尼尔·斯特劳斯是best selling author, he has written for The New York Times, hes written for Rolling Stone纽约时报畅销作者 他曾为纽约时报和滚石杂志撰稿Magazine, and that is lower your standards.他给出的建议是 降低你的标准So he doesnt believe in writers block.所以他从不相信作家说的日更万字之类的誓言He says your standards are just too high.他说你的标准太高了Youre creating performance anxiety for yourself.你为你自己带来了行动上的焦虑So the advice that I got from another writer, which matches with that, is two crappy pages per day.所以我从另一个作家那里得到的和他匹配的建议是 每天坚持写 两页书So a lot of people are like Im going to kill it. I need an ambitious goal.所以大部分人都是 我一定完成它 我需要一个雄心勃勃的目标Let me do 1500 words, 2000 words per day for this book Im working on.我要为我的书每天写1500字 2000字Well, there is a very high probability that youre going to fall short of that好吧 这样很大的可能你会只进行了一小半你就感到泄气and then you will get demoralized, then you will get intimidated by the task and then youll start procrastinating.然后你会对任务感到害怕 随后 你会开始拖延So make the hurdle, make the success threshold really, really low.所以 将障碍和成功的门槛设置的低一些 再低一些Thats what Ive done for my last three books is two crappy pages per day. Thats all I need.我最后的三本书就是通过每天写两页来完成的 这就是我需要做的一切If I dont end up using them thats fine I just need to get out two crappy pages. What ends up happening?如果我没有做到 那也没关系 我只需要放弃这两页 只是两页没写结果能有什么变化?With the flossing, with the writing, with say exercise,洁牙 写作 锻炼等都很适用if youre going to exercise youre making a New Years Resolution, dont make it an hour a day four times a week, no,如果你新年的决心是准备开始锻炼 这时不要制定一天一小时啊一周四次啊的强度no, no, and if you dont have an exercise habit five to ten minutes at the gym three times a week, plenty.且如果你没有锻炼的习惯 那每周去三次体育馆 每次坚持5到10分钟就足够了And in all those cases you will feel successful because youve checked your box for success在这些例子里你会感到非常成功因为你每次都成功的做到了预定的事情and then very often you will exceed that for extra credit.且经常会因为额外的信心而超额完成Youll be like oh Im aly at the gym Ill go for an extra ten minutes.你可能会想我已经在体育馆了 我要再跑十分钟Well, Im aly flossing my teeth Ill do an extra four.好吧 我已经清理了我的牙齿 我想再清理几颗Well, Ive aly hit my two pages but Im feeling great and Im in the flow, maybe Ill do ten, maybe Ill do 20.我已经完成两页书了 但是我感觉很棒 并且灵感也来了 可能我还能再完成十页 甚至二十页But it prevents you from feeling like a failure. This is very, very important.它不会让你感觉自己很失败 这非常 非常重要That is what derails a lot of people and it also makes the task list intimidating.就是因为这 才让许多人半途而废并且让任务清单困难的吓人So those are a few recommendations for avoiding procrastination. Some of them are time related.以上是抵制拖延的一些建议 有一些是与时间有关So if you are looking at a task, and weve aly talked about chunking it down,所以当你面对任务时 我们已经讨论过如何拆分它if it looks gigantic an onerous and you calculate in your mind如果这个任务巨大而又繁重well thats probably going to take me a hundred hours or three weeks, however you look at it, you dont take the first step甚至可能会消耗你几百个小时或者是三周时间 这时候你面对任务时 你不会想迈出第一步because its like taking a bite out of a whale or something like that.因为那任务难的就像从鲸鱼身上咬下来一块肉 或者类似的事So you can use the technique, for instance, like the pomodoro technique.举个例子 你可以用这个方法 番茄工作法And people have interpreted this in different ways but it effectively means sprints of say 20 to 25.人们对这种方法有不同的解释 但是意思都是专注做一件事情做二十分钟或者二十五分钟Some people do 23 minutes where youre like all right I know Im not going to get this时间可以随你喜好比如23分钟 哦我知道我不会做完这个任务but Im going to sprint for 20 minutes, 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break.但是我可以专心致志的先做20分钟25分钟 然后休息5分钟And then I will sprint again for 20 to 25 minutes.然后我会继续专心20或25分钟And the magic of those time constraints, Ive talked about this a lot has Parkinsons Law,像这种时间约束的魔力 我在帕金森定律中已经谈过许多but the complexity of a task swelling to fill the time that its allotted.但是一个任务复杂的地方就是它会膨胀以至于沾满你的时间Once you have these positive constraints, which by the way for a creative person, very important to have positive constraints.一旦你有了这些积极的时间约束 顺便说一句对于有创造力的人来说有积极的时间约束非常重要Being able to do anything you want all the time is a recipe for disaster and paralysis and procrastination.总是随心所欲 是拖延症患者的典型特征And Ill talk about one or more constraint that you can apply.接下来我会告诉你们更多的约束方法So you have something like the pomodoro technique.所以你会有更多的类似于番茄工作法的方法If its email related you can actually use a tool called Email Game.如果是和邮件相关 你可以用一个叫电子邮件游戏的工具I wont go into a long description but emailga.me is the URL. You can check that out.在此不展开介绍 只要知道emailga.me是一个网址 你可以试用一下It avoids the inbox view and forces you to answer sequentially.它会让你看不到你的收件箱 然后再让你一封接一封的回复邮件So Ill let people check that out.所以我希望人们都能试用一下That will probably cut down your email clearing time by 40 percent or so.它会大幅度的缩减你回复邮件的时间 甚至能减少40%左右The next way that you can apply positive constraint is by building in incentives and consequences.下一个比较好的约束方法是设立奖惩机制All this means is make yourself socially accountable.这主要是让你自己有更好的社会责任感And you can use a site like Stickk.com, you can use Coach.me,你可以用这些网站如 Stickk.com Coach.mehaving someone else to hold your feet to the fire and keep you accountable for whatever goal youve set for yourself.这样可以有其他人监督你防止你懒散堕落 并且能激励你重拾梦想完成目标That could be a check in via phone, it could be a bet, so a financial component, which is very effect.比如通过打卡记录 或是和别人的赌约这种涉及到金钱的方法非常有效Ive seen high ranking folks at Google lose a hundred plus pounds我曾经在谷歌排行榜上看到一个人因为和别人的打赌然后失去了一百多英镑because they had a bet with a friend, this is what got them started, their gym bodies if someone didnt show up他和朋友打赌如果谁没有晒出健身房的身材照they had to pay the other person a dollar.谁就给其他人每人一美元So its incredible what a small amount of money can do.这真难以相信是从这么小的数字开始的You could also put together a betting pool say five people each put in 0 and the person你也可以定个规则说 五个人每人出100美元who loses the most of body fat or improves their body fat percentage using say DEXA Scan by the end of the first-quarter gets the 0.然后在第一个季度末 谁的体重掉的最多或是体脂率最健康谁就可以得到这500美元That is hugely, hugely effective.这会有很大很大的效果And I think in part not because the money you will win but the money you will lose.而且我觉得你可能不怎么关心你能得到多少 但你肯定很关心你会失去多少钱People will work a lot harder to counteract loss eversion it turns out.人们为了减少损失会更努力的去工作 有时候还能因此得到意外惊喜So those are a few things that you could utilize.以上就是我们能用到的一些方法And Ill give you one kind of wacky one that is from Mike Birbiglia whos one of the most successful comedians on the planet,下面我再给你们介绍一个来自迈克·比尔比利亚 听起来有点古怪的方法 他是世界着名喜剧演员has done tons of TV, tons of movies and is fantastic at standup, lot with This American Life.他已经拍了很多电视剧和电影 在脱口秀上也颇有成就 而且多次参加《美国人生》And when he was procrastinating working on his screenplay, his latest screenplay,当他编他最新剧本的时候他也会犯拖延症we noticed that when he was accountable to someone else he had a meeting he was never late, he was always early.我们能发现当他要和别人开会的时候他从来不会迟到But when he had a commitment to himself to write he might put it off for hours.但是当他着手写自己的剧本的时候可能会拖延几个小时So he took a Post-it and he put it next to his bed, and this sounds ludicrous,这时候他会在他的床边上贴个便利贴 这听起来很滑稽but it said, Mike, and I think it was three exclamation points,但上面写着 迈克 三个感叹号you have a meeting with yourself at 7:00 a.m. at café whatever it was where he intended to work and that actually for whatever weird quirk of human psychology got him to stay on track for his meeting with himself to write his screenplay.无论这看起来 多么滑稽多么怪癖 但的确能把他带回正轨奋力写剧本的正轨So thats another Jedi mind trick that you might try on yourself.这是另一个你可以试试的小把戏There are many tools in the toolkit but keep it small, keep it defined, rig it这里提供了很多方法 化整为零 定义明确 制定能够顺利完成的任务so you can win and when in doubt figure out a way to create a loss or shame还有当你想拖延时想出一个奖惩机制 让你能够为了减少损失而更努力的去工作if you dont actually tackle your task and achieve some type of measurable goal by a specific point in time.以及通过特定的奇怪的方法来达成你的目标等等201706/513496。

We are tetrapods, to whit one, two, three, four.我们是四足动物,瞧着,1,2,3,4Every mammal, every dog, cat is, is a tetrapod, four legs.所有哺乳动物、每只、每只猫都是四足动物,都有4条腿A horse is a tetrapod evidently enough, so is a bird.马很明显是四足动物,鸟类也是All the reptiles, all the frogs, the salamanders and even the snakes which dont have legs at all,所有爬行动物、所有青蛙、蝾螈、甚至是没有腿的蛇whales which dont seem to have legs, theyre all tetrapod animals.还有看似没有腿的鲸鱼,它们都是四足动物Scientists became bewitched by the fact that under the skin all tetrapods are basically the same.所有四足动物皮下结构基本相似的现象使科学家们很感兴趣They all had spines kept firm by special interlocking spurs.它们都具备由特殊关节突起牢固连接的脊柱It is as true of us as it was of the dinosaurs.我们和恐龙都是如此All tetrapods had a pelvis attached to the backbone to support their weight.所有四足动物都有与脊椎相连的骨盆以撑它们的体重They all had a ribcage to protect their heart and lungs, and they all breathed air through nostrils.它们都有用以保护心脏和肺的胸廓,它们都用鼻孔呼吸空气Their limbs invariably consisted of one single bone at the top.它们的四肢总是由上面的一根骨头A pair of bones underneath leading to feet or hands和下面连着足或爪的一对骨头组成which scientists noted never seemed to have more than five fingers or toes.而且科学家们发现似乎从来没有超过5根手指或脚趾It was true of dinosaurs, human beings and even whales, for under their flippers they have five fingers.这一现象存在于恐龙、人类、甚至是鲸鱼中,因为它们的鳍肢内也有五趾This similarity convinced scientists all tetrapods must come from just one type of creature, a single common ancestor.这种相似性使科学家们确信,所有四足动物都起源于一类动物,一个共同的祖先。201701/488196。

And thats why you need to break things down to bite-sized chunks.所以要把事情分开 分成若干小部分You try and reach one goal,get to there, reassess,and then go for the next one.先制定一个目标 完成目标 再审时度势 为下一个目标做准备It just means jungles become about lots of little successes rather than one big failure.由此丛林探险是由 诸多细小的成功组成 而不是只是一次失败Two things you can guarantee in the jungle dense undergrowth and sudden downpours.丛林中有两件事是可以确定的 即茂密的植物 以及突降的倾盆大雨Rain. youve got to love it, eh?A good-sized river, this.下雨了 好好享受吧 一条相当宽的河You know, really, I want to stick to my plan of heading north.我想一直按照计划继续向北走Which means weve got to get across it.所以我们要横渡这条河Look, you can see those are big rapids up there.Dont want to get tangled up with those.看那 湍急的河流滚滚而来 千万不要陷入其中Try and find a safer place a safer place to cross downstream.试着找到比较安全的地方 可以顺流渡河的安全之地You cant underestimate the power of fast-flowing water.不要低估湍急河水的力量In 2007, 12 Guatemalans were swept away in their truck by a rain-swollen river.They were all killed.2007年 12名危地马拉人 被因下雨而涨满的河水 连人带车卷走了 无一生还Were well downstream in the rapids here.我们在急流的下方I reckon we should be able to cross it.我认为 我们应该可以穿过去Youre gonna need to stick with me on this.Okay, come on, lets go.一定要紧紧跟着我 好了 咱们出发吧201609/466756。

One of the questions for the scientists一个留给科学家的问题是is how cats establish and defend these territories.猫是怎样建立和保卫这些领地的呢Ginger has lived in the village for ten years,小姜已经在镇上生活了十年了and seems to be a pretty placid, well-behaved cat.看起来像是一只温和乖巧的猫We think that he just goes next door,我们觉得他只是去了隔壁catches the odd bird, and sleeps.抓鸟 睡觉We dont think he goes out at night,我们觉得他晚上没有出门because when you watch him,因为当你观察他时he doesnt seem to like getting his paws wet他似乎不喜欢自己爪子变湿or being out in the rain or he doesnt like the cold,或者在外面的雨里 或者他怕冷he doesnt like the snow.他不喜欢下雪In the summer hell just sit and sunbathe in the garden,夏天的时候他就会在花园里晒日光浴so, yes, it will be interesting.是的 会很有趣But appearances deceive.但是外表会欺骗人Ginger, it turns out, has a secret life.我们发现小姜的生活有秘密Heres Ginger,这是小姜he came over here and if we just move forward.我们往前移动 他向这边来了The GPS data shows hes making a deliberate, provocative journeyGPS数据显示他会蓄意挑衅地into another cats garden.进入其他猫的花园重点解释:1.seem to be 看来, 好像例句:We seem to be missing two chairs.我们好像少了两把椅子。2.turn out 结果是例句:It turned out that this method doesnt work well.结果是这方法不太管用。3.come over 从远处来例句:He has come over to China for the summer.他不远万里来中国度暑假。201607/456840。

Question really is, like, whats the ROI on not giving a fuck and being apologetically yourself?问题是一点也不付出,只做自己的投资回报率是多少?Cause thats kinda where—Speed.因为那有点儿像...速度。Speed. When youre not spending any time worrying,速度。你不把任何时间花在忧虑上,youre spending time on executing.而是花在执行上。Speed is the game in what we all do for a living.速度是一场比赛,我们每个人都为之奋斗。And if youre not worried about dwelling on what people think, youre in execution mode.当你不再担心揣其他人的想法时,你就进入到了执行模式。And I do everything in my possession,我会做好分内的每件事,everything in my power, excuse me, to put myself in full execution mode at all times.用好我的每份权力,让自己一直全力做事。201706/515079。

Very quickly, you can build up a good covering layer.很快 你便可搭起一个遮风挡雨之所And then if it does rain,I also want to be able to collect that water,如果真的下雨了 我还想收集一些雨水and just use another of these banana leaves for that.就用其他这些蕉叶来收集雨水吧 You can see thats a really nice, natural funnel all the way down,你看这从上到下 是个绝好的天然漏斗 and this will fill up in like a minute if its a torrential rain.Okay, good job.如果是暴雨的话大概一分钟就能盛满水了 好嘞 都搞定了Night falls fast here.黑夜悄然而至With just 500 miles north of the equator,where the sun rises and falls vertically此处位于赤道北面500英里 太阳直升直落 黑夜降临地很快With the darkness comes rain.雨伴着黑夜而来A roaring fire will keep me warm and allow me to cook my triggerfish.一堆旺火能保暖 还能用来烤鱼Fire, food, and shelter are vital,火 食物以及遮蔽之所都是不可或缺的but the survivor needs something else which drives him to make it out alive.但是要活下去 还需要一些别的东西来撑For me,where I always kind of think of it as the three ;F;s.对我而言 我总是心里念着那三个;F;My family, the faith,and of good friends.我的家人 信念 还有好朋友And ultimately its all about keeping your hope and your spirits high,到最后阶段 心怀希望 意志坚强 才能活下来and thats what does it for me.对我来说这很有效As a new day dawns, I continue to hunt for food.新的一天开始了 我继续觅食之旅I got an oyster.And water.我弄到了一只牡蛎 还要寻找水源Soon Im gonna leave this island,and every last drop will count.很快我将离开这座岛 每一滴水都不能浪费201607/452326。

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