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Can a US consumer internet company ever make it big in China? That question, which has long dogged Silicon Valley, is starting to take on the urgency of a strategic imperative.美国的消费互联网公司能否在中国做大?这个长期困扰硅谷的问题正开始变成一项紧迫的战略任务。It isn’t just that China is a juicy target in its own right. There is a risk to ceding ground to emerging Chinese rivals in their booming home market at a time when those companies are taking their first, tentative steps towards going global. US companies, themselves accustomed to using dominance of a massive domestic market as a launch pad to take on the world, should understand what’s at stake.中国市场本身并非一个诱人的目标。风险在于,美国公司的市场份额可能被中国蓬勃发展的国内市场上的新兴本土竞争对手夺走,后者刚开始迈出走向全球的尝试性步伐。美国公司本身习惯于利用巨大国内市场的主导地位作为走向世界的跳板,他们应理解其中的利害。Uber and Airbnb, the yin and yang of the sharing economy, are the latest to try their luck. The ride-hailing app that likes to batter down doors is in a pitched battle with a Chinese local competitor backed by two of those aspiring global players, Tencent and Alibaba. Airbnb, which prefers a less confrontational approach, this week lined upsome influential allies as it seeks its own way in.打车应用优步(Uber)和空中食宿(Airbnb)是共享经济的“阴阳”两面,它们是最新两家想碰碰运气的公司。喜欢直接破门而入的Uber正与中国一家本土竞争对手较劲,后者得到中国两家志向远大的全球竞争者腾讯(Tencent)和阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的持。而喜欢采用对抗性不那么强的策略的Airbnb最近拉到一些颇具影响力的盟友,希望用自己的方式进军中国。“Localisation” figures prominently in both companies’ game plans. Having the right management and local backers and supporters certainly helps. Knowing when to adapt a successful global formula will also be key. The failure in China of eBay, which was outflanked by Alibaba’s free listings for buyers and its introduction of a payment service to reduce fraud risks, is still a case study in how an adaptable local rival can come out on top.这两家公司的通盘计划都把“本地化”放在突出位置。具备合适的管理层和本地后台及持者,肯定会有所帮助。知道何时修改全球成功方程式也很关键。eBay在中国的失利,仍是说明适应性强的本地竞争对手能够胜出的典型案例。阿里巴巴让买家免费展示商品,并引入付务以降低欺诈风险,这些都比eBay高明一些。Uber and Airbnb at least have one advantage over companies like Google and Yahoo, which failed before them: they aren’t directly involved in the online media and communications businesses, making them less obviously targets of an authoritarian state.Uber和Airbnb至少具备一个相对于谷歌(Google)和雅虎(Yahoo)等公司的优势,后两者已在中国折戟:Uber和Airbnb不直接涉足在线媒体和通信业务,这让它们不那么容易成为威权政府瞄准的目标。But any successful internet business is to some extent a challenge to the status quo. China’s latest gesture towards online control — to station police officers physically inside internet companies — is an indication of the outsized influence that the successful internet companies can have, whatever corner of the market they are in.然而,任何成功的互联网公司在一定程度上都是对现状的挑战。中国控制网络的最新姿态(警察进驻互联网公司办公地点)表明,成功的互联网公司可能会具备过大的影响力,无论它们处于哪个市场缝隙。One reason is the amount and range of the data they hold. Amassing a giant database about the movements of a nation’s citizens is a key asset. And that is likely to be only a starting point, as the winning platforms reach into more areas of online (and, increasingly, offline) life.一个原因是它们持有的数据的规模和范围。有关一国公民活动的巨大数据库是一项关键资产。随着各个胜出的平台把触角伸入更多在线(以及越来越多的线下)生活领域,这可能还只是一个开始。Holding the data locally might give authorities greater confidence that they can tap into it when they need: Uber has data centres for its operations inside China. But there is still a question about whether a foreign company could ever be trusted to be as compliant as a local competitor.在本土保管这些数据,可能会让当局更有信心认为,他们能够在需要时利用这些数据:Uber在华业务设有境内数据中心。但仍有一个问题:能否相信一家外国公司像本土竞争对手那样依从?Another factor that weighs on foreign players is the way that competition tends to evolve in internet markets. Many turn into winner-takes-all affairs, with the companies that come out on top ending up as centres of power in their own right.另一个不利于外国公司的因素是互联网市场的竞争演变方式。很多竞争搞到最后成了“赢者通吃”,拔得头筹的公司变成实力中心。The immodest ambitions of a company like Uber highlight what is at stake. It aspires to become an essential part of the infrastructure of any big city, not only supplying personal transport but also handling logistics. Local governments in China may resist foreign control of something so essential, even if Uber promises to help solve some of the problems caused by swelling personal car ownership for China’s polluted and traffic-clogged cities.Uber这种怀有巨大雄心的公司突显了其中的风险。它渴望成为所有大城市不可或缺的基础设施的一部分,不仅提供个人交通,还要染指物流。中国地方政府可能反对外国公司控制如此关键的基础设施,即便Uber承诺帮助中国污染严重且交通拥堵的城市解决私人汽车保有量增加所带来的一些问题。A key question now will be how far the latest US aspirants are prepared to go to become truly “local” to overcome reservations like these. Uber’s funding arrangements for China are the most intriguing. It aly has Chinese investors and is now trying to close a funding round for a separate Chinese unit, bringing outside investors directly into the business.现在的一个关键问题在于,最新一批有志进军中国市场的美国公司,准备在多大程度上变得真正“本地化”,以消除中国方面的疑虑。Uber在中国的融资安排最耐人寻味。该公司已拥有中方投资者,现在正试图为另一家在华公司搞定一轮融资,让外部投资者直接投资Uber的这块在华业务。An Uber spokesperson says the company is also contemplating a local initial public offering, some time in the future, for its Chinese arm, though there are no plans for a one at the moment.Uber发言人表示,该公司还在考虑未来将其在华业务在中国国内上市,尽管目前还没有这方面的计划。Given its huge need for capital and the particularly cut-throat nature of the Chinese taxi app wars, local investors will be useful. A structure like this would also give Uber more flexibility to adapt later — for instance by bringing in local partners or even, if forced, to reduce its stake in the Chinese venture.鉴于巨大的资本需求以及中国打车应用大战尤为激烈,引入本土投资者将是有帮助的。这种结构还将赋予Uber更大灵活性,便于以后调整,例如引入本土合作伙伴,或者甚至(在被迫的情况下)减持在华业务的股权。But for any US internet company, staying in the driving seat will be a priority. Yahoo’s decision to fold its struggling Chinese business into Alibaba a decade ago turned into one of the most successful internet investments ever made. But now, as it gets y to spin out what’s left of that minority stake, Yahoo’s diminished role is all too obvious. That is a fate its successors will be working hard to avoid.但对于任何一家美国互联网公司而言,保持控制权将是优先任务。雅虎10年前决定将其步履维艰的中国业务并入阿里巴巴,而那个决定结果成为史上最成功的互联网投资之一。但如今,在雅虎准备脱手这部分少数股权的剩余股权之际,雅虎的地位下降表露无遗。这是后来者要努力避免的命运。 /201508/395288National Aquatics Center( Water Cube)国家游泳中心(水立方)The Beijing National Aquatics Center ( the Water Cube) , is an aquaticscenter that was built alongside Beijing National Stadium ( the ;Bird#39;s Nest; ) in the Olympic Green for the swimming competitions of the 2008 Summer Olympics. It is one of the landmark buildings in Beijing. Ground was broken on December 24, 2003 , and the Center was completed and handed over for use on January 28, 2008. The Aquatics Center hosted the Swimming, Diving and Synchronized Swimming events during the 2008 0lympics with a capacity of 17000 seats that is being reduced t0 6000. It also has a total land surface of 79532 m2. Although called the Water Cube, the aquatic center is really a rectangular box ( cuboid) -177 meters square and 30 meters high.国家游泳中心(“水立方”)位于北京奥林匹克公园内,是北京为2008年夏季奥运会修建的主游泳馆,也是2008年北京奥运会标志性建筑物之一。2003年12月24日开工,在2008年1月28日竣工。其与国家体育场(俗称鸟巢)分列于北京城市中轴线北端的两侧,共同形成相对完整的北京历史文化名城形象。国家游泳中心总建筑面积79532平方米,长宽高分别为177米×177米×30米。2008年奥运会期间,国家游泳中心承担游泳、跳水、花样游泳等比赛,可容纳观众坐席17000座,其中永久观众坐席为6000座,奥运会期间增设临时性座位11000个(赛后将拆除)。赛后成为具有国际先进水平的、集游泳、运动、健身、休闲于一体的中心。The Water Cube is a beautiful but complex building that can give people inspiration and enthusiasm. The outer wall is based on the Weaire-Phelan structure, a structure devised from the natural formation of bubbles in soap foam. The complex Weaire-Phelan pattern was developed by slicing through bubbles in soap foam, resulting in more irregular, organic patterns than foam bubble structures. The ETFE cladding allows more light and heat penetration than traditional glass, resulting in a 30% decrease in energy costs. Comprising a steel space frame, it is the largest ETFE clad structure in the world with over 100000 m2 0f over 3000 ETFE pillows that are only 0.2 mm (1/125 0f an inch) in total thickness. The Water Cube is really a magic architecture.“水立方”不仅是一幢优美和复杂的建筑,她还能激发人们的灵感和热情。国家游泳中心表面看是一个三维立体结构,设计灵感来自肥皂泡的自然构造。采用在整个建筑内外层包裹的ETFE膜(乙烯一四氟乙烯共聚物)是一种厚度还不足0.2毫米的轻质新型材料,较普通玻璃具有更有效的热学性能和透光性,可节省30%的能源消耗,而且还会避免建筑结构受到游泳中心内部环境的侵蚀。“水立方”整体建筑由3000多个气枕组成.气枕大小不一、形状各异,覆盖面积达到10万平方米,堪称世界之最,创意真是奇特。 /201603/430103

The anti-Uber global alliance of ride-hailing companies has now officially taken shape.由叫车公司组成的全球反优步联盟正式成立。On Thursday, Lyft, a ride-hailing start-up based in the ed States, announced a coalition with GrabTaxi, Ola and Didi Kuaidi, three of the largest ride-hailing companies in Asia. Under their partnership, the companies can operate in each others’ home countries, forging new pathways for each in markets they have yet to tap into.周二,总部在美国的叫车初创公司Lyft宣布,与亚洲最大的三家叫车公司GrabTaxi、Ola和滴滴快的结成联盟。通过合作,这几家公司能够在彼此所在的国家开展业务,以新的途径进入各自尚未踏足的市场。“This is the right international expansion strategy — for us, our users and our investors,” said John Zimmer, president and co-founder of Lyft, which is based in San Francisco and operates entirely within the ed States.“对我们自己、用户和投资者来说,这都是正确的国际扩张战略,”Lyft总裁、联合创始人约翰·齐默尔(John Zimmer)说。该公司总部位于旧金山,只在美国境内运营。The alliance takes aim at Uber, the world’s largest ride-hailing company. Uber, which is currently seeking funding at a valuation of more than billion, operates in 67 countries and has become synonymous with the business of people ordering rides from their smartphones.该联盟剑指世界最大的叫车公司优步(Uber)。正在逾600亿美元估值的基础上融资的该公司,业务遍及67个国家,已经成了智能手机叫车业务的代名词。Many of Uber’s competitors are far smaller and operate in just one or two markets. By banding together, the companies aim to achieve more scale and more service adoption in relatively short amounts of time. Partnerships are less expensive than having to spend to establish operations in multiple markets.优步很多竞争对手的规模都要小得多,业务仅限于一两个市场。通过这样的联合,它们意在用相对较少的时间提升规模,增加用户数量。而建立合作的成本,要比自行在多个市场展开运营低。The companies declined to reveal financial details of their partnership.几家公司拒绝透露合作的财务细节。The alliance has been forming over the last few months. In September, Lyft teamed with Didi Kuaidi, the Chinese ride-hailing behemoth, to provide service to Chinese Didi Kuaidi app users who enter the ed States. The move also let Lyft users find rides in China using the Lyft app; the requests are fulfilled by Didi Kuaidi drivers.过去几个月,这个联盟一直处于酝酿过程中。9月,Lyft与中国叫车务巨头滴滴快的合作,为进入美国的滴滴快的用户提供务。此举也让Lyft用户能够在中国用Lyft应用叫到车,这些乘车需求则由滴滴快的司机来满足。Ola is a ride-hailing company in India, and GrabTaxi operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Under the partnership, Lyft users traveling to India will be able to open up the Lyft app in India and be served local rides supplied by Ola. In Southeast Asian countries, Lyft will have a similar arrangement with GrabTaxi.Ola是印度的一家叫车公司,Grab Taxi的业务范围则在新加坡、马来西亚、菲律宾、泰国、越南和印度尼西亚。根据合作协议,Lyft用户去印度时,能够在印度打开Lyft应用,享受Ola在当地提供的用车务。在东南亚国家,Lyft也与Grab Taxi达成了类似的安排。 /201512/414576Productivity is the name of the game for entrepreneurs. The good news is that there are thousands of amazing software applications out there, designed to make your life easier. The bad news is that you don’t have time to try thousands of software applications. Which ones are worth your time?创业者之间竞争的本质在于效率。好消息是,如今市面上已经有了好几千种优秀的应用软件,能令我们的生活变得更加轻松,但是你不可能有足够的时间把这几千种应用都试上一遍。那么,哪些应用值得你花时间试用一下呢?In this post, we’ll take a look at 16 software applications that I use almost every day — and discuss why you should too.本文列举了16种我本人几乎每天都会使用的应用软件,我还将在本文中讨论为什么你也应该使用它们。Project management.项目管理类1. Asana.1.AsanaYou’re a busy person. At times, it all can feel overwhelming. Asana is a cloud-based project management software that helps you keep it together. (Trust me, I’ve tried them all.) Flexibility is built into Asana’s architecture. Each “task”, or “subtask”, can be associated with a larger “project” and “department.” In addition, you can even assign recurring tasks to yourself or team, which makes life so much easier. Stop trying to remember all the things you’re supposed to do and let Asana structure your life.你是个大忙人,经常会觉得事情多得忙不过来。而Asana是一款基于云计算的项目管理软件,它能够帮你把各项工作统筹起来。(相信我,我试用过所有类似软件。)灵活性是Asana软件架构的一大特点,每个“任务”或“子任务”都可以与一个更大的“项目”和“部门”联系起来。另外,你还可以为自己或你的团队设置周期性任务,从而使你的工作生活更加轻松。因为你不必再去记住所有要做的事,大可放心让Asana安排你的生活。2. Google Docs2. 谷歌文档Many entrepreneurs aly have a Gmail address, but not every ‘trep knows about the power of Google Docs. By utilizing Google Docs, you can instantly create shareable documents, spsheets and presentations that can be updated by any team member with an Internet connection. Take that “track changes”!很多企业家已经有了Gmail邮箱地址,但并不是每个企业家都知道谷歌文档(Google Docs)的强大用途。利用谷歌文档,你可以即时创建可分享的文档、工作表和演示文稿。更重要的是,团队的每名成员都可以通过网络更新这些文档。好好使用它的“修订”功能吧!Staffing人事工作类3. oDeskamp;Elance3. oDeskamp;ElanceoDesk and Elance (now in the process of merging) are freelance marketplaces, which allow you to quickly identify, engage and hire freelancers from all over the globe. Need a website developer or content writer? Don’t hire an employee; instead, work with a freelancer. At last count, there were more than 1 million freelance contractors available via these marketplaces.oDesk和Elance(两家公司正处于并购流程)是两个自由职业者市场,你可以在上面迅速找到、联系并聘请到全球各地的自由职业者。需要一个网站开发员或内容写手?不必雇佣一名全职员工,招募一名自由职业者就可搞定。活跃在这两个市场上的自由职业者多达100余万人。4. Outsourcing placement services.4. 外包就业务If you do much hiring of freelancers, you’ve probably considered outsourcing the outsourcing. There are several great services that can help, each with varying business models. For example, Bolton Remotewill build your team with vetted, offshore contractors. Another provider,Hubstaff, starts with your project in mind and then matches you with project specialists. Using an outsourcing placement service will save time instead of trying to do the recruiting yourself. These firms typically offer free recruiting and placement services but take a cut of the hourly rate.如果你的确需要招募很多自由职业者来为你打短工,那么你或许考虑过,干脆把务外包流程也外包出去。市面上有好几家不错的公司从事这样的务,每家都有不同的业务模式。比如,Bolton Remote公司能为你组织起一经过审查的离岸承包商队伍。另一家提供商Hubstaff会评估你的项目,然后为你匹配合适的项目专家。使用就业外包务可以节省你的时间,从而让你不必自己从事招募这一套流程。这些公司一般提供免费的招聘和就业外包务,但是会从计时工资中抽取一定提成。Sales amp; Marketing销售与市场类5. Google Webmaster Tools.5.谷歌网站管理员工具Everyone knows about Google Analytics, but are you using Google Webmaster Tools? As a marketer, I view Webmaster Tools as one of the most important free tools at my disposal. You want to get found on Google, right? Why not listen to what Google is telling you via Webmaster Tools?差不多人人都知道谷歌的分析工具Google Analytics,但是你是否用过谷歌的网站管理员工具(Google Webmaster Tools)?作为一名营销人员,我认为谷歌的网站管理工具是我用过的最重要的免费工具之一。你肯定想让自己公司的名字出现在谷歌搜索结果之中,对吧?那么为什么不听听谷歌网站管理员工具教给你的诀窍呢?6. Google Adwords Keyword Planner6. 谷歌搜索广告关键词规划工具How are your competitors getting found online? Google Adwords Keyword Planner helps you answer this question. The word “Adwords” may give some ‘treps pause, as it sounds like you will have to purchase advertising. Not true. Google has made its Keyword Planner tool available to anyone with a Google account (you must first click through the Adwords entry portal). Use the Adwords Keyword Planner to see what keywords are generating the most search volume in your niche and identify opportunities to capture traffic.竞争对手在网上的表现如何?谷歌的搜索广告关键词规划工具会帮助你解答这个问题。“搜索广告”这个词可能会令有些企业家望而却步,因为它似乎会要求你买广告位。但事实并非如此,只要有谷歌账号,任何人都能使用这个关键词规划工具(不过你首先必须点击Adwords的进入端口)。然后你可以使用关键词规划工具来看看在你从事的领域中,哪些关键词会吸引最多的搜索量,然后找出吸引流量的机会。7. WordPress CMS7. WordPress CMSSure, all of the hosting companies offer a basic CMS (content management system). But do they offer the flexibility that you need to get found online? Probably not. WordPress is an open-source CMS that you can install, customize and continuously optimize. You will likely need someone with development experience to help with set up, but once the template is installed, you’re probably smart enough to publish content without any assistance.的确,所有的托管公司都提供了一个基本的CMS系统(内容管理系统),但它们是否具有足够的灵活性,确保你的顾客能在网络上找到你?大概不能。WordPress是一个开源的CMS系统,你还可以选择定制或持续优化。你可能需要某个有开发经验的人帮你安装,但一旦安装完毕,你八成不需要任何帮助就能自己发布内容了。8. Amazon’s Self-Publishing Tools8. 亚马逊的自助出版工具Always wanted to be an author but not sure where to start? Have you considered self-publishing? Thanks to Amazon, you can. Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to get the word out via e-books, CreateSpacehelps you develop a print edition and ACX is the audio publishing division. I’ve used all three to develop my book.你是否一直有一个作家梦,但又不知道从何着手?那么你是否考虑过自助出版呢?感谢亚马逊,这种想法已经成为可能。亚马逊的Kindle Direct Publishing工具可以让你自行制作电子书,CreateSpace能够帮助制作纸质书籍,而ACX则是有声电子书的制作部门。我在出书时曾使用过这三款软件。9. HitTail9. HitTailDeciding what to blog about can become time consuming. HitTailanalyzes the data in your Google Webmaster Tools account and makes recommendations for long-tail words to write about. In addition, HitTail has a network of skilled writers who can create the content for you.写客有时也很浪费时间。HitTail会分析你的谷歌网站管理员工具里的数据,然后推荐你写一些“热门词”。另外,HitTail还有一个熟练写手组成的网络,可以帮助创建客内容。10. Copyscape10. CopyscapeIf you outsource any or all of your content writing, you need to make sure your content is original. Paste content into Copyscape’s analyzer tool, and you’ll instantly know whether the content is original.如果你想把内容写作工作的一部分或全部外包出去,那么你首先要确保你获得的内容是原创的。你可以把内容粘贴到CopyScape的分析工具,然后就能立刻知道这些内容是否为原创。11. MailChimp11. MailChimpEffective email marketing involves more than occasionally blasting out a newsletter. To build an effective email marketing strategy, you need a tool packed with functionality. MailChimp seems to be the best system out there, offering elegant, intuitive newsletter templates, advanced list segmentation features and marketing automation capabilities.要实现有效的电子邮件营销,可不只是偶尔发一封电子文宣邮件那么简单。要想构建一套有效的电子邮件营销战略,你需要一个功能齐全的工具。MailChimp似乎是市面上最佳的此类系统,它提供了各种典雅直观的电邮广告模板、先进的分段功能和营销自动化功能。12. Zoho CRM12. Zoho CRMIf you’re looking for a free CRM system, Zoho is probably the one for you. Why? It comes down to the integration possibilities. For example, Zoho integrates with JotForm and Unbounce simply by adding your API key. This means that within seconds, web leads will automatically be sent to your CRM. Pretty powerful for being free.如果你在寻找一个免费的客户关系管理系统,Zoho或许正适合你。为什么呢?因为它提供了集成的可能性。比如只需添加你的API密钥,就可以轻松与JotForm和Unbounce集成。这意味着只需要几秒钟的时间,销售线索就可以自动发送到你的CRM系统。对于一款免费软件来说,这已经非常强大了。Time Management时间管理类13. iPhone Reminders13. iPhone 提醒I formerly had an Android device (even though I have had a MacBook since 2009 – weird, I know). After switching this summer, I quickly realized the power of iPhone “Reminders.” Each time a reminder is due, your iPhone buzzes and displays a pop-up. You can snooze it or mark as completed. In addition, you can set up recurring reminders, which are perfect for remembering to mail estimated quarterly tax payments, renewing subscriptions, running payroll and other things you tend to forget.我以前曾有过一款安卓手机(尽管2009年以来我一直用的是MacBook笔记本电脑,这种搭配挺诡异的,我知道)。自从今年夏天换了iPhone以后,我马上意识到了iPhone“提醒”的力量。每次有提醒事项时,iPhone就会振动起来,然后显示一个弹出窗口,你可以暂停它,或者把它标记为已完成。另外你还可以设置重复提醒,用来提醒你邮寄每个季度的税单、更新订阅、领薪水等容易忘记的事再好不过了。14. Google Calendar14. 谷歌日历You may aly use Google Calendar, but are you using it wisely? Here’s a secret: only put stuff on your Google Calendar that will actually happen at that date and time. Use iPhone Reminders to remember things that are not time-sensitive (down to the hour or minute). Following this strategy will help you stay more sane.你可能已经在使用谷歌日历了,但你使用的方式是否正确呢?告诉你一个秘诀:只要把在那个日子和那个时候会真正发生的事情记录在谷歌日历上就行。同时利用iPhone提醒记住那些时间敏感性不太强的事情(即不是那些精确到小时和分钟的事情)。遵循这一战略有助于你保持更清醒的状态。Everything Else其它15. WeTransfer15. WeTransferNeed to send gigantic files (up to 2gb) quickly? Try WeTransfer.com. You don’t even have to create an account. I use it almost every day.需要快速发送大到2GB的大型文件?不妨试试WeTransfer.com。你甚至不需要建立账户,我几乎每天都用它传文件。16. Zapier16. ZapierThe average entrepreneur uses dozens of cloud-based software and apps. Zapier connects your online life and helps you build new functionality. The best part about Zapier is that you don’t have to be an API wizard to use it.每个企业家平均会使用十几个云软件和应用。Zapier可以把你的网络生活联系起来,帮助你构建新的功能。Zapier最好的一点就是,你甚至不需要懂API就可以使用它。With the right tools in place, you’ll find yourself more productive and efficient.有了正确的工具,你就会发现自己的工作生活变得更加高效。(财富中文网) /201501/355693

Most mothers and fathers will have wondered what their children will grow up to look like and now a new app could take all the guess work out of the equation.大多数父母都好奇自己孩子长大以后会是什么样子,现在就有一款新的应用软件能够解开这个谜题。The revolutionary software, which was originally designed to identify potential terrorists in busy crowds, has aly been used to predict the future appearance of celebrity offspring including Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Harper Beckham.开发这款革命性软件最初目的是为了识别人群中潜在的恐怖分子,改进之后可以用于预测明星后代长大的样子,比如乔治王子,夏洛特公主和哈珀·贝克汉姆。Now the creator, Professor Hassan Ugail, head of Bradford University#39;s Centre for Visual Computing, has announced plans for it to be developed into an app available for the general public.软件的研发者哈桑·尤格里,也是布拉德福德大学视觉计算中心的主任。近日他宣布,会让这款软件为普通大众所用。It means this innovative technology, which works by blending the child#39;s face with that of their parents, could predict the appearance of the next generation decades in advance.这意味着,这项创新技术可以通过融合孩子和父母的外貌,从而提前预知孩子未来几十年以后的模样。Ugail, who claims the software has an 80 percent success rate, will reveal his future plans at this week#39;s meeting of the British Science Association in Bradford.尤格里称这个软件的成功率有80%。本周在布拉德福德大学举行的英国科学协会上,他将进一步阐述其未来计划。As a way of demonstrating the app#39;s capabilities, Ugail has released some examples for several celebrity youngsters as they will look in years to come. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Harper Beckham are all imagined at ages two, seven, 20, 40 and 60.在演示该软件功能时,尤格里列举了一些预测星二代外貌的例子。包括乔治王子,夏洛特公主和哈珀·贝克汉姆都被预测了2岁、7岁、20岁、40岁以及60岁的长相。The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be glad to see that two-year-old Prince George will still have the same plump cheeks and almond-shaped blue eyes aged seven. He also bears a striking resemblance to his father William - and the software predicts he will maintain his youthful looks well into middle age. However, the royal is anticipated to begin showing his age with wrinkled skin and greying hair as he reaches the age of 60.剑桥公爵夫妇能够开心的看到,他们现在两岁的小王子乔治在七岁的时候依然拥有婴儿肥的脸颊和杏仁状的蓝色双眼,同时他会和他的父亲威廉王子长得很像。软件还预测出他中年时的外貌还会和少年一样年轻富有朝气,然而等他步入60岁,岁月的痕迹越来越明显,这位王子会出现皱纹,头发花白。Meanwhile his sister Charlotte, now six months, will look young and fresh-faced well into her sixties - if these images are anything to go by.与此同时,小王子六个月大的夏洛特直到60岁都会保持年轻的面庞(如果这些预测图片具有参考价值的话)。The Beckham#39;s youngest child Harper, who is four, looks set to inherit her mother Victoria#39;s age-defying complexion as she remains wrinkle-free into middle age.贝克汉姆的小女儿哈珀今年四岁,据软件预测,她继承了妈妈维多利亚的抗衰老肤质,中年的时候依然没有任何皱纹。However with this set of photographs it will be decades, of course, before we can judge the results for ourselves.然而,这些照片展现的都是几十年后的样子,我们现在也无从考。To tackle that issue Ugail said he reversed the process, #39;de-ageing#39; celebrities including Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, and comparing them with photographs from their childhood. The results, he claims, were #39;striking#39;.尤格里说,为了解决这一问题他会逆推这个过程。他宣称,以那些年纪大的名人为例,包括好莱坞明星安吉丽娜·朱莉,将逆推出的照片与儿时照片对比,发现非常准确。Eventually the smartphone app will mean that parents can predict how their children will look right into middle age, presumably with just the click of a button.最终,这个智能手机软件可以让家长仅仅单击一个按钮,就能看到自己孩子中年时候的模样。 /201509/399250The First Meteorological Satellites“Feng Yun No.l”第一颗气象卫星“风云一号”On September 7, 1988, China successfully launched an experimental weather satellite. The satellite smoothly entered into the nearly circular Sun-synchronous orbit, and all the equipments were in working order. Shortly after the satellite entering into the preset orbit, China#39;s meteorological satellite ground station had received meteorological information from the satellite.1988年9月7日,我国成功地发射了一颗试验性气象卫星。卫星顺利进入近圆形太阳同步轨道,星上仪器工作正常。卫星进入预定轨道后不久,我国的气象卫星地面站就收到了卫星发送的气象信息。This named “Fengyun No. 1” meteorological satellite was launched by “Long March No. 4” carrier rocket at China’s Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. is the first domestically developed and launched polar-orbiting meteorological satellite.The satellite is equipped with two very high-resolution scanning radiometer, and a total of 5-channel detection can detect the cloud during day and night, the image of the earth surface, ocean color images, water boundaries, ocean surface temperature, snow cover and vegetation growth.The main task of “FY-1” is to obtain global weather information and send weather data to meteorological satellite ground stations around the world. In addition, the satellite has the function to detect particles in the air component, in order to provide information on space physics research.After “FY-1”satellite was put into the trial,it has been of great significance in raising the level of China’s weather forecast, especially in severe weather monitoring and forecasting capabilities, offering better services for the construction of the national economy.这颗命名为“风云一号”的气象卫星,是在我国太原卫星发射中心,用“长征四号”运载火箭发射的。它是我国自行研制和发射的第一颗极地轨道气象卫星。星上装有两台甚高分辨率扫描辐射仪,共有5个探测通道,可探测白天和夜间的云图、地表图像、海洋水色图像、水体边界、海洋面温度、冰雪覆盖及植被生长。卫星主要任务是获取全球的气象信息,并向全世界气象卫星地面站发送气象资料。此外,这颗卫星还具有探测空中粒子成分的功能,为空间物理研究提供资料。“风云一号”卫星正式投入试用后,对于提高我国天气预报水平,特别是灾害性天气的监测和预报能力,更好地为国民经济建设务有重要意义。 /201603/426282

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