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呼市妇幼保健人民中医院打掉孩子多少钱兴安盟无痛人流多少钱There#39;s a war raging between hackers and companies, and you#39;re caught in the crossfire. Every time a company gets hacked, you have to change your password. And don#39;t you dare reuse it somewhere else.黑客和企业之间在发生战争,而你也深陷其中。每次企业受到黑客攻击,你都不得不修改自己的密码,还不敢在其它地方重新使用这个密码。Dreaming up a different password for every site and service is the only way to keep your stuff safe online, but it#39;s also a gigantic nuisance. There#39;s one thing you can -- and should -- do to help: Get a password manager program.为每一个网站和每一项务想一个不同的密码是让你的东西在网上获得安全保的唯一办法,但这也是一件大麻烦事。对此,你能够、也应该做的一件事是:使用密码管理程序。I have more than 150 different logins and counting. I#39;d have to be Rain Man to memorize that many passwords. So I went on a hunt for the best services for storing all my passwords, and whittled down the list to four that get the job done and offer enough security for most of us: 1Password, Dashlane, LastPass and PasswordBox.我有150多个不同的登录名,这个数字还在增加。我必须成为雨人(Rain Man)才能记住那么多的密码。因此我开始寻找可以储存我所有密码的最好工具,最终将备选名单减少到四个:1Password、Dashlane、LastPass和PasswordBox。它们可以不辱使命并为我们大多数人提供足够的安全保。LastPass is a good choice for people who use newer technology like fingerprint scanners. For the really paranoid, 1Password offers the most control over where your encrypted vault of passwords gets stored.LastPass对于使用指纹扫描仪等新技术的人来说是一个很好的选择,而对于真正的偏执狂来说,1Password可以对你的加密密码库的所在位置提供最优的控制务。For most people, I recommend Dashlane. It#39;s simple, so you#39;ll actually use it. It may even save you clicks.对于大多数人,我推荐使用Dashlane。它很简单,所以你真的会用它,它甚至可以让你减少你点击鼠标的次数。But, wait -- isn#39;t storing all your passwords in one place a terrible idea? It#39;s better than reusing easily remembered passwords everywhere. Password managers hide your information behind a master password that only you know.不过,等等――把你所有的密码存放在一个地方,这难道不是一个可怕的想法吗?这总比在所有地方重复使用轻而易举就记得住的密码要好。密码管理器会把你的信息隐藏在一个只有你才知道的主密码后面。Nothing is 100% guaranteed, but all four of these managers take the additional security step of never sending your master password over the Internet. They#39;re like a safety deposit box that a professional keeps without knowing what#39;s inside, or even holding a key to open it.没有什么东西是有100%的保的,但这四种密码管理器都采取了额外的安全措施,永远不会在互联网上发送你的主密码。它们就像一个保险箱一样,保管它的专业人士并不知道里面放的是什么,甚至没有打开它的钥匙。In an age where more of our personal information lives, password protected, up in the cloud, we need defenses beyond antivirus software. Using a password manager is the next step.在我们越来越多的个人信息通过密码保护的方式存储到云端的年代,除了杀毒软件以外,我们还需要额外的防护。使用密码管理器就是下一步要采取的措施。Dashlane is like the memory you wish you had. It keeps track of not only passwords, but also credit card numbers and user IDs, filling them in when you need them across many different devices. It also keeps a helpful scorecard on the quality of your existing passwords, and nudges you to improve them.Dashlane恰如你希望拥有的那种,它记录的不光是密码,还有信用卡卡号及用户名,当你在诸多不同设备上需要这些信息的时候就可以把它们填进去。Dashlane还有一个用处很大的记分卡,可以评估你现有密码的可靠性并敦促你加以改进。Dashlane is free to use on any single device; a annual subscription lets the Dashlane apps automatically sync your data across devices. You can try this premium service free for 30 days.Dashlane在任何一台单一设备上都可以免费使用;缴纳30美元(约合人民币187元)的年费就可以让Dashlane应用软件自动同步你在各个设备上的数据,你可以免费试用这项高级务30天。Setting up Dashlane is a pleasure. Its app slurps up the passwords that been saved unencrypted in your Web browser, and learns new ones as you type them. All of this gets protected by the master password, encrypted in a database on your computer or mobile device. Every time you start your computer or open the Dashlane app, you must log into the app with that master password. (You can make it ask for your password more often, like whenever your device is idle for too long.)安装Dashlane是一种乐趣。Dashlane应用会吞噬掉你在网页浏览器中没有加密的密码,并在你输入新密码时记住它们。所有这一切都得到一个主密码的保护,主密码在你的电脑或移动设备上的数据库中进行了加密。每次你启动电脑或打开Dashlane应用的时候,你必须用那个主密码登录进入该应用。(你可以让它更频繁地询问你的密码,比如当你的设备太长时间没有操作的时候。)Dashlane uses an add-on to Web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. When you#39;re logging into a site Dashlane knows, it puts a small icon (a dashing impala) in the login box to let you know it can enter your username and password -- even your credit card number. If you tell it to, Dashlane will even press the #39;login#39; button automatically. It doesn#39;t work on every site, but does a better job than most.Dashlane在网页浏览器上使用的是一个插件,适用的浏览器包括Chrome、火狐(Firefox)、IE(Internet Explorer)和苹果Safari。当你登录一个网站的时候,Dashlane是知道的,它会在登录框中放入一个小图标(一只奔跑的黑斑羚),以便让你知道它能够输入你的用户名和密码――甚至你的信用卡卡号。如果你令其这么做,Dashlane甚至会自动按下“登录”键。Dashlane的这种功能不是在每一个网站都能奏效,但比起其它大多数应用来效果好多了。Along the way, Dashlane also tries to improve your security. When you#39;re changing a password or starting a new account, it suggests a strong one that would confound even a supercomputer. And its colorful security scorecard cheerfully humiliates you into replacing weak or repeated passwords.在这一过程中,Dashlane还会尽力提高你的安全保障。当你在修改密码或开启一个新账户时,它会建议设置一个甚至可以迷惑一台超级计算机的强效密码。它那五缤纷的安全记分卡会得意洋洋地奚落你,让你更换易被破解或重复的密码。Where password managers really become helpful is keeping your passwords up-to-date across all sorts of devices -- computers, phones and tablets. (I ruled out the password keepers built into Google#39;s Chrome browser and Apple#39;s iCloud because neither works across all of my stuff.)密码管理器真正有用的地方是让你的密码可以在各种设备上――电脑、手机和平板电脑――得到更新。(我排除了谷歌(Google) Chrome浏览器中内置的密码管理器和苹果(Apple)的iCloud,因为两者都不能更新我所有的设备上的密码。)Dashlane works largely the same way on Android phones and tablets, automatically entering your passwords in apps, though not yet on the default Chrome browser. (The company says it is working on that.)Dashlane在安卓系统(Android)的手机和平板上的工作方式大致相同,会自动在应用软件中输入你的密码,不过在默认的Chrome浏览器上还无法运作。(该公司说它正在解决这个问题。)On iPhones and iPads, the Dashlane app allows you to copy and paste all of your logins and passwords into a browser, but can#39;t fill them in for you because of Apple#39;s programming rules. (The same problem afflicts most password managers except for PasswordBox, which has figured out a way to auto-login on a handful of big sites on mobile Safari.)在iPhone和iPad上,Dashlane应用允许你将所有的登录名和密码复制、粘贴到浏览器,但碍于苹果公司的编程规则,它不能替你填写这些信息。(同样的问题还困扰着除PasswordBox以外的大多数密码管理器,PasswordBox已经找到一个办法在移动Safari浏览器上自动登录一些大的网站。)If you share a computer with family members, Dashlane remembers multiple logins without asking you to set up profiles. And the company says it is close to launching a new families-and-teams version that will make it easier to sync passwords between people who share, say, an Amazon or Netflix account.如果你与家人共用一台电脑,Dashlane不用让你设置配置文件就可以记住多个登录名。该公司说,它即将推出一款家庭-团队版本的新管理器,让那些共用亚马逊(Amazon)或网飞(Netflix)等账户的人之间可以更容易地同步密码。Behind the scenes, Dashlane takes some important steps to secure your data. It never sends your master password over the Internet, and it protects your personal data using advanced encryption known as AES-256 before syncing it with your other devices via its servers. Neither Dashlane nor a hacker (or government agency) breaking into the company#39;s systems could access your data without knowing your master password. This setup prevented Dashlane from even being vulnerable to the recent Heartbleed security catastrophe.在幕后,Dashlane采取了几项重要措施保你的数据安全。它永远不会在互联网上发送你的主密码,在通过其务器将密码与你的其它设备同步之前,它使用一种名为AES-256的高级加密技术来保护你的个人数据。Dashlane和侵入公司系统的黑客(或者政府机构)如果不知道你的主密码,都无法获取你的数据。这种设置甚至让Dashlane避过了最近的Heartbleed安全漏洞一劫。But if you really want to keep your stuff off the Internet, Dashlane gives you that option, too, though you#39;ll need to sync passwords manually across devices. (The password manager that does the best offline syncing is 1Password.)但如果你实在希望你的密码不出现在互联网上,Dashlane也会给你那样的选择,不过你需要在设备之间手动同步密码。(离线同步做得最好的密码管理器是1Password。)OK, what happens if somebody manages to get your master password? That could happen if someone installs a piece of keylogging malware on your computer -- and is a good reminder that you should run antivirus software to keep such attacks at bay.好了,要是有人设法获取了你的主密码怎么办呢?假如有人在你的电脑上安装了一款键盘记录恶意软件,这种事情很可能发生――这对你也是一个很好的提醒,你应该运行杀毒软件,将那样的攻击拒之门外。But even if that happened, there#39;s an additional layer of security: Dashlane won#39;t let someone unlock your passwords on a new device without first entering an ever-changing code it sends directly to your phone or email.不过,即便发生了那种事,另外还有一层安全保护措施:如果不先输入一个直接发送到你手机或电子邮件的随机验码,Dashlane是不会让人在一台新设备上给密码解锁的。This important two-step authentication is only available from Dashlane and LastPass, though PasswordBox says it is working on it. A 1Password spokesman says this additional authentication isn#39;t helpful with its design, where there is no central silo of your data. But I think it helps to know if someone is trying to get into your stuff.这种两步验身份的重要手段只有Dashlane和LastPass才提供,而PasswordBox说它正在做这项工作。1Password的一名发言人说,这种附加的身份验对于1Password的设计来说没有多大用处,1Password里没有你的中央数据库。但我认为假如有人试图进入你的地盘时,这种验可以帮你了解状况。Still, why should you trust Dashlane, a two-year-old startup with two million customers?那么,你为何应该信任Dashlane这家有两年历史、两百万客户的初创企业呢?Because selling security is the only way Dashlane makes money. And if you decide it is not worth a year, Dashlane lets you export your password database in forms that can be by you or another password manager.因为Dashlane赚钱的唯一途径是卖安全。如果你认为一年30美元的费用有所不值,Dashlane允许以你或别的密码管理器可以读取的方式输出你的密码数据库。You could even use the old-fashioned technique, and print out the database on paper. As crazy as that sounds, it#39;s still safer than using the same password over and over again.你甚至可以用老式的手段把数据库打印在纸上。虽然那听起来有点疯狂,但它还是比一遍又一遍地使用相同的密码更加安全。 /201405/300444呼和浩特市妇科预约 It didn#39;t take long for Brad O#39;Neill to get back in the game.时隔不久,布莱德·奥尼尔又回来了。It was late 2007, and StumbleUpon -- the popular content discovery service and his highest-profile investment at the time -- had just a few months earlier been scooped up by eBay (EBAY) for million in cash. O#39;Neill, an angel investor for the company, could have easily sat back and enjoyed the return on what one reporter called ;your typical dot-com Cinderella story.; Instead, he started another company.那是在2007年末,几个月前StumbleUpon(热门的内容发现网站,也是当时他最受关注的一项投资)刚刚被eBay (EBAY)以7,500万美元现金收购。StumbleUpon的天使投资人奥尼尔本可就此收手,坐享这笔丰厚的投资回报,有位记者将此称为典型的互联网灰姑娘故事。但是,他转而创立了另一家公司。;I had just sold StumbleUpon to eBay with Garrett Camp and Geoff Smith and was starting to think about a new problem to go solve,; O#39;Neill says. ;My technical co-founder Steve Norall and I were talking. He was working as an industry analyst and overwhelmed with all the writing he had to do. And we were talking about how content automation was becoming increasingly possible. I was in the British Virgin Islands on vacation and ruining it by Skyping with Steve and brainstorming what would become TechValidate.;“我和盖瑞特o坎普、杰夫o史密斯将StumbleUpon卖给eBay不久,就开始考虑一个新的、要解决的问题,”奥尼尔说。“我在和懂技术的共同合伙人史蒂夫o诺埃尔谈。他是一位行业分析师,总是为必须要写的东西忙得晕头转向。我们讨论的是内容自动化正在如何变得越来越有可能。当时我在英属维尔京群岛度假,结果却变成了与诺埃尔在Skype上聊天并酝酿后来成为TechValidate的种种设想。”O#39;Neill describes TechValidate#39;s namesake product as a ;software-as-a-service content automation platform for B2B companies.; Custom content has become a popular approach to marketing, but corporate teams are too busy to create content targeted enough to be effective, O#39;Neill says. TechValidate#39;s tool imports content it deems relevant for verified customers of B2B companies from its library. Marketers then review it in private and publish it across platforms, whether in a marketing automation platform, in a customer relations management tool, on social media channels, or on the web.奥尼尔将TechValidate的同名产品描述为“B2B公司软件即务的内容自动化平台”。奥尼尔表示,自设内容已成为受欢迎的营销手段,但企业团队很忙,难以提供足够的定向内容来保有效性。TechValidate的工具可以从资料库中导入它认为对于B2B公司认用户重要的内容。营销人员审核后可在不同平台上发布,包括营销自动平台、客户关系管理工具、社交媒体渠道、网页等等。;We invented the space. Nobody was doing it before we showed up,; he says.;We built a content robot that is designed to make it simple for a marketing team that is aly overstretched to build targeted content -- so targeted that a human couldn#39;t do it.;“我们开创了这个市场空间。我们出现之前没有人做过这件事,”他说。“我们打造了一个内容机器人,简化了营销团队的工作,以前他们总是为打造定向内容而忙得晕头转向——工具实现的定向性是人类难以企及的。”TechValidate introduced its product in the middle of 2008 and now counts GE (GE), Hewlett Packard (HP), IBM (IBM), Dell, Hitachi, CA Technologies (CA), SAP (SAP), and Intel (INTC) as customers. O#39;Neill says the company -- which did not accept outside investment -- made million in revenue in 2013 and is on track to make million, profitably, this year.TechValidate于2008年年中推出了产品,如今通用电气(GE, GE)、惠普(Hewlett Packard, HP)、IBM、戴尔(Dell)、日立(Hitachi)、CA Technologies (CA)、SAP (SAP)和英特尔(Intel, INTC)都已经是它的客户。据奥尼尔称,这家不接受外部投资的公司2013年实现营收500万美元,今年有望达到1200万美元,实现盈利。;Steve and I had a very conscious decision that we weren#39;t going to seek venture money for this,; O#39;Neill says. ;We kept comparing ourselves to SurveyMonkey, which also has these very positive feedback loops. If we#39;re charging the right amount of money, we won#39;t need venture money. We turned profitable in our first year and we still are.;“诺埃尔和我做出了一个非常清醒的决定,这家公司我们不打算寻求风险投资,”奥尼尔说。“我们总是将自己与在线调查网站SurveyMonkey相比,后者也有这样的正反馈回路。如果我们收取的价格合理,我们不需要风险投资。我们第一年就实现了盈利,目前仍是如此。”Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital, which invested in StumbleUpon, says O#39;Neill and Norall have the right approach. ;I don#39;t believe many teams could have accomplished what Brad has without outside investment. We just don#39;t see too many bootstrapped businesses getting to scale in enterprise software. It#39;s a viable path, but uncommon.;First Round Capital的约什o考普曼曾经投资StumbleUpon。他说,奥尼尔和诺埃尔的做法是对的。“我认为,很少有团队能像奥尼尔那样不借助外部投资就取得这样的成就。我们很少看到创业公司能在企业软件领域达到规模化。这是一条可行的道路,但不常见。”On Tuesday, the company announced a partnership with Oracle (ORCL) to integrate its service into Eloqua, that company#39;s marketing automation software. O#39;Neill describes the deal as a way to make it easier for the 35% of his customers who use Eloqua and TechValidate together, but the arrangement also exposes his company to a larger audience through its presence in the EloquaAppCloud software hub.周二,这家公司宣布与甲骨文(Oracle, ORCL)合作,把自己的务与甲骨文的营销自动软件Eloqua相整合。奥尼尔表示,TechValidate有35%的客户同时使用Eloqua和TechValidate,整合能简化他们的工作,也能让TechValidate通过EloquaAppCloud软件枢纽到达更多受众。;The challenge they have is that they don#39;t have all this content to fill these pages,; O#39;Neill says. ;Companies have gone out and spent millions of dollars for marketing automation, and they realize that the deployment doesn#39;t achieve its objectives without content. Eloqua customers were asking for a more streamlined way to pull our assets into that environment. So now any of our joint customers have the ability to build and distribute and syndicate our content in Eloqua -- they don#39;t have to leave it.;“他们的挑战是没有这样的内容来填充页面,”奥尼尔表示。“企业已经做出了努力,花费了数百万美元实施营销自动化。他们意识到如果没有内容,这些努力并不能实现目标。Eloqua的客户要求以一种更简单的方式,将我们的内容提取至他们的工作环境。现在,我们的任何共同客户都能在Eloqua中建立、发布和集成我们的内容——无需离开Eloqua。”Just how big an opportunity is content automation? O#39;Neill would only say that his company sits in between the ;multibillion-dollar; marketing automation industry and the billion content marketing industry -- ;the single largest line item in the marketing budget.; It#39;s not a bad place to be.内容自动化蕴藏着多大的商机?奥尼尔只是说,他的公司处于“几十亿美元”的营销自动化行业与440亿美元内容营销行业之间——“营销预算中最大的单一出。”这个领域真不赖。;Because we#39;re one of a kind, it#39;s difficult to talk about a total addressable market,; he says. ;When you#39;re a unicorn it#39;s a self-serving thing. But we#39;re sitting between two wonderful trends that are both increasing.;“因为我们是其中一个,很难谈论总的可到达市场,”他说。“当你是独角兽时,这是一件不言自明的事。但目前我们处于两股令人激动的趋势之间,两股趋势都在快速增长。” /201405/301276Mobile phones, wearable devices and self-driving cars are generating buzz as the future of technology. But the old Web browser is being reinvented too, in a trend with implications for how consumers work and entertain themselves online.如今,手机、可穿戴式设备以及能够自动驾驶的汽车已经成为人们滔滔不绝地谈论着的技术的未来,不过,看似过时的浏览器也在经历重生,其引领的趋势将影响消费者在网上工作和的方式。Companies from Google Inc. GOOG -0.31% to small startups are introducing new features, such as taking and syncing notes and files within the browser, voice-recognition, calls and messaging. They are also reinventing the browser for newly connected devices like cars.从谷歌(Google Inc.)到小型初创企业,很多公司都在给浏览器配备种种新的功能,比如可以在浏览器内实现笔记、文件的记录与同步,并实现语音识别、视频通话和短信功能。这些企业还在为汽车等近来也可以使用浏览器的“设备”重新设计浏览器。In one new front of experimentation, browser company Maxthon Ltd. will next month offer users the ability to sync downloads and local files across devices via its browser, in potential competition with file-sharing services like Dropbox Inc. Consumers will be able to download or send the data to a cloud storage account or other device running the browser from a drop-down within the browser. The company aly offers the ability to take and sync notes in the browser.在一个新的实验战线上,浏览器公司傲游(Maxthon Ltd.)将在本月让用户能够通过其浏览器在不同设备上同步已经下载的文件和本地文件,对Dropbox Inc.等文件分享务商形成潜在竞争。消费者可以通过浏览器的一个下拉菜单将数据下载或发送到云存储账户或同样运行该浏览器的其他设备。该公司已经实现了在浏览器内部记笔记并同步笔记。The little-known software, which Maxthon says has some 120 million monthly users, more than half of them in China, aims to capitalize on consumers#39; desires to access their files from a range of devices. The company offers browsers for desktops, mobile phones, tablets and even in-car systems. Earlier this year, Maxthon announced a deal with Pioneer Electronics to enable users to browse the Web from an in-car touch-screen device.这个鲜为人知的软件旨在满足消费者从多种设备上获取个人文件的需求。傲游说,这款软件有大约1.2亿每月活跃用户,其中超过一半用户在中国。这家公司推出了台式电脑、手机、平板电脑甚至车载系统的浏览器。今年早些时候,傲游宣布与凯新达电子有限公司(Pioneer Electronics Co., Ltd.)达成交易,将使用户能够在一个车载的触屏设备上浏览网页。#39;It#39;s clear we#39;re shifting to a multi-device world and that creates a lot of pain points,#39; says Karl Mattson, vice president and general manager of Maxthon, which has about 220 employees. #39;The browser is the natural frame for this,#39; he says.傲游副总裁兼总经理马特森(Karl Mattson)说,显然,我们正在进入一个多设备的世界,这就产生了许多需要解决的问题。他说,这款浏览器就是解决这个问题的自然框架。傲游公司有大约220名员工。The browser industry may have appeared staid in recent years, with the market dominated by tech giants such as Microsoft Corp., MSFT +1.04% Google and Apple Inc. AAPL +0.39% Microsoft#39;s Internet Explorer remains the market-share leader for desktop browsers, according to Net Applications, with a 56% share of the desktop market globally. Apple#39;s Safari browser leads on mobile phones and tablets, with 59% share, thanks to the popularity of the iPhone and iPad.浏览器行业最近几年从表面上看似乎没什么变化,市场主要由微软(Microsoft Corp.)、谷歌和苹果(Apple Inc.)等科技巨头占据。根据Net Applications的数据,微软的IE浏览器在台式机中仍然占据着领先的市场份额,在全球台式机的市场份额达到56%。由于iPhone和iPad的风靡,苹果的Safari浏览器在手机和平板设备中的市场份额最高,为59%。But behind the scenes, many companies have quietly been enhancing and reimagining the Web browser, as new technologies have made it possible to do numerous activities in the browser instead of through software downloaded to a computer or mobile device. The set of new programming techniques enabling the features is often referred to as HTML5.但是在幕后,许多公司一直在不声不响地改进和重新设计网络浏览器,新的技术使用户可以通过浏览器完成大量活动,取代了需要下载到电脑或移动设备上的软件。实现这些功能的新的编程技术通常被称作HTML5。Companies have opened up to #39;add-ons#39; and apps, allowing users to access features like games and third-party software from a homescreen. Earlier this year, Google, which develops the Chrome browser, released software that allows developers to add voice-recognition to their Web pages, so users can browse the Web by speaking. It also released a Chrome app for its Google Keep note-taking service that syncs notes directly with its Google Drive storage service.众多公司都向“插件”和应用程序敞开了大门,允许用户实现从一个主页面上登入游戏和第三方软件等功能。今年早些时候,开发了Chrome浏览器的谷歌发布一款软件,让开发者可以在自己的网页上增加语音识别功能,这样用户只需要说话就可以浏览网页了。谷歌同时还发布了一款用于其Google Keep笔记务的Chrome应用,可以将笔记直接与Google Drive存储务同步。Microsoft has been tailoring its Internet Explorer browser for touch, focusing on making it responsive and fast for tablets like its Surface. The latest version of Internet Explorer also is designed to work well with its SkyDrive storage service.微软一直将其Internet Explorer浏览器朝着触摸操作的方向改进,专注于让该浏览器在Surface等平板电脑上表现得灵敏快捷。最新版的Internet Explorer还经过了设计,配合SkyDrive存储务。Apps have stolen some thunder from browsers, especially as consumers find apps faster and more convenient to use than the Web. That has spurred some of the latest browser innovation.移动应用抢走了浏览器的一些风头,特别是当消费者发现移动应用比浏览器速度更快、使用更方便时。这催生了一些最新的浏览方式创新。Jay Sullivan, chief operating officer of browser maker Mozilla Corp., says browsing is going to become more social through new and easy ways to share what people are browsing with friends. #39;It will be more lively, quick and fun,#39; he says.浏览器开发商Mozilla Corp.首席营运长沙利文(Jay Sullivan)说,由于出现了各种使人们可以与朋友分享浏览内容的简单新方法,网络浏览将变得社交性更强。他说,它将变得更加活跃、迅速、有趣。Mozilla#39;s Firefox browser has rolled out new features, such as the ability to integrate with social-networking sites so users can see updates and messages from Facebook Inc. FB +0.52% within the browser#39;s frame. It is also testing the feature with Sina Corp.#39;s SINA -0.76% Weibo for Chinese users.Mozilla的火狐(Firefox)浏览器推出了新的功能,比如能够与社交网站整合,用户能够在浏览器框内看到Facebook Inc.的更新和信息。此外,该公司正在测试与新浪微的整合,以便向中国用户推出这一功能。Mozilla also is working on embedded communication features. For instance, consumers could open up a chat screen within their browser and drag a from a Web page into the screen to share immediately. Mozilla is also trying to persuade websites to adopt a new identity system called Persona that aims to eliminate passwords. It allows users to log into websites using existing accounts and passwords.此外,Mozilla正在开发嵌入式通讯功能。比如,消费者可以在他们的浏览器内打开一个聊天室屏幕,从网页上拖拉视频到屏幕上立即进行分享。Mozilla也在努力说网站使用一个名为“Persona”的新身份识别系统,该系统旨在消除密码。它使用户可以用现有的账户和密码登陆网站。Past attempts to spiff up browsers haven#39;t always taken off. Onetime Web-browser startup Rockmelt, which once trumpeted its integration with Facebook, says its desktop browser had 4.5 million users but will be discontinued in the next few months. It has changed course to become a discovery service for finding interesting Web content.以往浏览器方面的创新尝试并不总能取得成功。曾经的浏览器初创公司Rockmelt曾宣称可以实现与Facebook的一体化。该公司说,它的桌面浏览器曾有450万用户,但未来几个月将停止运营。它已经改变业务类型,转而提供帮助挖掘有趣网络内容的务。Tim Howes, Rockmelt co-founder and chief technology officer, said in a statement that #39;browsers today are just big dumb windows in [consumers#39;] way.#39;Rockmelt联合创始人、首席技术长豪斯(Tim Howes)在一份声明中说,今天的浏览器在消费者看来只是愚蠢的大窗口。Some new browser features, like file-sharing, aim to replicate functions or Web services that are aly easy to access across multiple devices through services like Google Drive or Dropbox.分享文件等一些新浏览器功能旨在复制现有那些可轻松实现跨设备使用的功能或网络务。这些功能或务目前可通过Google Drive或Dropbox等务实现。Mr. Mattson of Maxthon says integrated features are more convenient for users. He likens some of the stand-alone services to #39;using a five-pound hammer to kill a mosquito#39; when something simpler within the browser will do.傲游的马特森说,一体化的功能对用户来说更方便。他将一些单独的务比作用高射炮打蚊子,而实际上用浏览器内一些更加简单的功能就能实现。 /201306/242656呼和浩特首大生殖专科医院包皮环切手术室在哪

巴彦淖尔治疗妇科多少钱“We kept MinecraftEdu very open-ended to be a platform that teachers could create their own content on top of,” said Levin. “The secret sauce has been early-adopter teachers coming up with ingenious lessons and then sharing their lesson plans and curriculums with other teachers. Educators can find, discover and download this content and get them running in their own classrooms.”莱文说,“我们将MinecraftEdu打造成一个高度开放的平台,这样一来,教师们就可以在其中创建自己的内容。该软件的秘密武器在于,早期使用该软件的教师会开发独具匠心的课程,然后将其教学计划和课程与其他老师分享。老师们可以寻找、发现和下载这一内容,并在自己的课堂上使用。”In the U.S., history teachers are recreating ancient worlds in the game and then having students go on virtual adventures, talking to historical characters, or having students create historical landmarks based on what they learned in class. In Australia, a science teacher created giant 3D models of cells and neurotransmitters and let the class explore them. Other teachers have used the simulation aspect of the game, having kids do experiments with MinecraftEdu gravity and then comparing that to the real world and coming up with a hypothesis and proving it.在美国,历史教师正利用游戏重建古代世界,然后让学生们开始其虚拟征程,与历史人物对话,或让学生根据课堂所学重建地标性历史建筑。在澳大利亚,科学老师创建了一个巨大的细胞和神经递质三维模型,并让学生们对其进行探索。其他老师则发挥了该游戏的模拟功能,让孩子们利用MinecraftEdu做重力实验,然后与真实世界的结果进行对比,从而提出假设并进行明。In Denmark, ESL teacher André Chercka used MinecraftEdu to help educate troubled teens. Kids can play the game in the classroom, but they have to speak only English. Because the game is so engaging, teachers find students pushing themselves and learning English.在丹麦,非母语英语课程教师安德鲁o查卡使用MinecraftEdu帮助教育问题少年。孩子们可以在课堂玩游戏,但前提是只能说英语。在该游戏的强烈吸引下,教师们发现学生们一个个都在努力地学习英语。“Book learning can only go so far,” said Levin. “You need to communicate to another person to solve problems and ultimately to succeed.”莱文说,“从书本上学到的东西总是有限的。要想解决问题并最终获得成功,人们得与其他人进行交流。”Even at younger grade levels, the game has been successfully integrated into education. In kindergarten classrooms, the game is used for play like LEGOs. Around the second-grade level, instructors are using the game to teach children about how communities work and the different roles in society. The game is good at modeling things like asking a group of kids to build a town and assigning different tasks like chopping wood and making tools. That concept was taken to another level at one high school, where a government teacher let kids form their own society. They wrote a town charter and had a great debate about how to govern and how to divide labor.即便是在较低的年级,这款游戏也已经被成功地整合到教学当中。在幼儿园教室里,孩子们像玩乐高积木一样玩这款游戏。在二年级,指导员利用游戏向孩子们介绍社区的运作方式,以及人们在社会上扮演的不同角色。将事物模块化是该游戏的专长,例如让一组孩子建设一座城镇,然后分配不同任务,例如锯木头和制作工具。这一理念在一所高中得到了进一步升华,一位公立学校教师让孩子们根据自己的想法来组建社会。他们撰写了城镇章程,而且就城镇管理方式和劳动分配方式进行了非常有意义的辩论。“At the meta level if you have some programming skills you can change the game to add whatever you want to it,” said Levin, who noted that the game is also being used to teach programming at some schools. “I’ve seen s from a calculus class where students were making shapes using MinecraftEdu blocks that conformed to the formulas they were studying. Other students built the Globe Theater and then stood on stage reciting Shakespeare.”莱文注意到一些学校在编程教学中也在使用该游戏,他说:“如果你拥有一些元级层次的编程技术,你可以对游戏进行更改,并按照自己的想法增加任何组件。在我看过的一段微积分课程视频中,学生们使用MinecraftEdu方块按照所学公式来拼凑各种形状。其他的学生则搭建了环球剧场(Globe Theater),然后站在台上朗诵莎士比亚的作品。”MinecraftEdu is helping debunk the stigma attached to games—generally that they’re a waste of time or lead to addictive or negative behavior. Levin said there’s enough research out there that disproves this idea, including a recent study in the ed Kingdom that tracked 13,000 kids over 10 years and was unable to show any negative effects from kids who played games when compared to those who did not.MinecraftEdu正在为视频游戏平反——人们过去普遍认为,玩视频游戏是浪费时间,而且容易上瘾或导致不良行为。莱文说,有足够多的研究表明,这一观点并不正确,其中包括英国近期对1.3万名儿童开展的长达10年的跟踪调查。该调查显示,与不玩游戏的孩子相比,玩游戏的孩子并未因为玩游戏而受到任何不良影响。“It’s about whether the school is willing to embrace new teaching methods and education in the classroom,” said Levin. “By and large, schools all over the world schools are really looking for teaching methods they can apply to 21st-century learning.”莱文说:“关键问题在于,学校是否愿意在课堂上使用新的教学方法和教育模式。总的来说,全世界的学校都在认真地寻找适用于21世纪教育的教学方法。”The cost of entry for educators is low at 1, which includes the software plus 25 licenses of the game. MinecraftEdu is only available for the PC, Mac and Linux, which fits in nicely with the classroom setting.对于教学人员来说,使用这款软件的成本低至391美元,其中包括软件及25项授权。MinecraftEdu仅适用于桌面电脑、苹果Mac电脑和Linux系统,而且可以很好地融入课堂环境中。 /201408/318933呼和浩特赛罕区人工流产哪家医院最好的 呼和浩特首大医院治宫颈糜烂

内蒙古医院早孕检查多少钱Samsung Electronics will cut the number of its smartphone models next year in an effort to pare back costs, amid increasing competition from lower-cost Chinese rivals.在低成本中国对手日益激烈的竞争下,三星电子(Samsung Electronics)将于明年减少其智能手机款式,以降低成本。The South Korean company would cut the number of models by 25-30 per cent in 2015, Robert Yi, Samsung’s senior vice-president, said.三星资深副总裁Robert Yi表示,2015年该公司会把所生产智能手机的型号减少25%到30%。“In 2015, we will lower the number of smartphone models by one fourth to one third compared with this year,” Mr Yi told an investor forum in New York.Robert Yi在纽约一个投资者论坛上表示:“2015年,我们会把智能手机的型号相对今年减少四分之一到三分之一。”“[This] would allow us a chance to lower the prices of [remaining models] through mass production.”“(这么做)令我们有可能通过扩大产量降低(剩余型号)的价格。”Samsung said the overhaul of its product portfolio would boost efficiency by focusing on more competitive models. But the group declined to give the number of smartphone models it currently has available on the market.三星表示,对产品组合的全面整改有助于提高效率,因为这么做令该公司能把注意力集中在更有竞争力的型号上。不过,该公司拒绝透露目前市场上共有多少款三星智能手机。The move comes after Samsung posted its weakest quarterly earnings for three years in the third quarter, hit by increasing competition at both ends of the smartphone market.就在三星推出这一举措之前,由于在高低端智能手机市场都遭遇了日益激烈的竞争,该公司刚刚在第三季度财报中报出三年内最疲软的季度盈利数字。Apple’s new iPhones with larger screens have been hugely popular in the premium market, while Samsung has faced the growing threat from Chinese competitors such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo in the low- and mid-range markets.在高端市场,苹果新推出的大屏iPhone人气一直居高不下。而在中低端市场,小米(Xiaomi)、华为(Huawei)和联想(Lenovo)等中国竞争者对三星的威胁也日益增大。Samsung’s share of the global smartphone market fell to 24.7 per cent in the third quarter from 35 per cent a year earlier, according to Strategy Analytics, while Xiaomi jumped to third place – with its market share rising from 2.1 per cent to 5.6 per cent.根据Strategy Analytics的数据,今年第三季度三星在全球智能手机市场的份额从一年前的35%跌至24.7%。与此同时,小米的市场份额则从2.1%增至5.6%,从而跃升至第三名。Samsung said last month it would offer more attractive phones at lower prices, aiming to find cost savings by standardising the components used in different models.上个月,三星曾表示将以更低价格提供更具吸引力的智能手机,并试图通过将不同型号手机中的零部件标准化,实现降低成本的目的。Its operating profit margins from the mobile business fell to 7 per cent in the July-September period, down from above 15 per cent for 10 consecutive quarters.今年第三季度,三星移动业务的运营利润率曾跌至7%。此前,这一数字曾连续10个季度保持在15%以上。Samsung’s executives said last month it would try to maintain double-digit percentage margins next year. Samsung has so far produced multiple models to cater to each segment of the market, making it difficult for the company to cut costs, while rival Apple produces fewer models.上个月,三星主管曾表示明年将努力把利润率维持在两位数。到目前为止,为适应各细分市场的需求,三星推出了多款智能手机,这让它很难削减成本。相比之下,苹果(Apple)生产的手机型号要少得多。Analysts expect Samsung to become much more aggressive on specifications and pricing in the low-to-mid-end segment to regain its lost market share, but they say it would be difficult for the company to boost smartphone margins to above 10 per cent.分析师预计,为夺回失去的市场份额,三星将采取更为激进的配置和定价策略。不过,他们表示三星很难把智能手机利润率提升至10%以上。“It is time for the company to make choices and focus on a few competitive models to compete better with Chinese rivals that can offer similar products at significantly lower prices,” said Chung Chang-won, analyst at Nomura. “Its margins will be squeezed further as the company tries to cut prices while improving specs.”野村券(Nomura)分析师Chung Chang-won表示:“三星的中国对手能以低得多的价格提供类似商品。为了与这些对手更好地竞争,三星必须加以取舍,将注意力集中于少数有竞争力的型号。在三星试图在提高配置的同时压低价格之际,它的利润率将受到进一步挤压。” /201411/343596 内蒙古呼和浩特市药流哪家医院最好的内蒙古医科大学附属医院收费好不好



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