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呼和浩特新城区妇科在线咨询呼和浩特市第一人民医院处女膜修复手术多少钱世界上有太多人无法获取饮用水。工程师麦克普理查德为次做了点什么 —— 发明可携带救生瓶过滤层,可以在瞬间解决大多数饮用水的问题。一个来自 TEDGlobla 的美妙示范。201507/387058呼和浩特武川县不孕不育医院 The New Stadium for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo was unveiled this week as Japan continues its efforts to reduce ballooning costs to stage the Games.随着日本继续努力降低举办奥运的预算成本,本周东京2020夏季奥运会场馆亮相。The original design by celebrated architect Zaha Hadid was scrapped in July due to its almost two billion euro price tag. The new concept, designed by local architect Kengo Kuma, will cost half that amount.著名建筑师扎哈·哈迪原先的设计因近乎二十亿欧元的花费被废除。日本本土建筑师库玛采用新的设计理念,只需一半的造价。Kuma is known for blending traditional Japanese style with modern elements and at the unveiling of his design said:库玛善于将日本传统风格与现代元素融合,他在设计揭露见面会上说:I think this time, the special point was that the surrounding is covered by a green forest. This time, it’s not just about the shape of the building and how unique it is but how the structure melds together with the forest. I think that that will be the legacy and I think this signifies Japanese style.我想这个时候,特别的一点是周围覆盖了一片绿色的森林。这一次,不只是建筑的形状以及其如何独特,还包括建筑如何与森林融合在一起。我认为这将是我们的遗产,意味着日本的风格。Kuma’s winning design is a 68 thousand-seater stadium that can be increased to 80 thousand if needed.库玛的获奖设计是一个容纳6万8千个座位的体育场,如果有需要可以提高到8万个座位。Construction is expected to be completed in November 2019.建筑预计将于2019年11月完成。译文属。 /201512/417741After Losing Parents, 6-Year-Old Boy Seeks Smiles立志收集三万个微笑的小孤儿We end tonight with a little boy with enormous power, the power to lift spirits. Heres Steve Hartman—On The Road.我们以一个拥有庞大力量的小男孩的故事来为今晚做结尾,那是种振奋人心的力量。我是 Steve Hartman--欢迎收看《On The Road》 节目。It is every kids worst nightmare, and six-year-old Jaden Hayes has lived it...twice. First, he lost his dad when he was four; then last month, his mom died unexpectedly in her sleep.这是每个孩子最大的恶梦,而六岁的 Jaden Hayes 经历了...两次。首先,他在四岁时失去父亲;接着在上个月,他的妈妈无预警地在睡梦中去世了。I tried and I tried, I tried to get her awake. I couldnt.我试了又试,我试着叫她醒来。我没办法。Jaden is understandably heartbroken.可以理解 Jaden 心都碎了。Anybody can die! Just anybody.任何人都有可能死掉!任何人。But theres another side to his grief, a side he first made public a few weeks ago when he told his aunt and now guardian, Barbara DiCola, that he was sick and tired of seeing everyone sad all the time. And he had a plan to fix it.但他的悲伤还有另一面,几星期前他才公开的一面,在他告诉他的阿姨兼目前监护人的 Barbara DiCola 时,他告诉她,他厌倦见到每个人总是那么悲伤。而他有一个计画来修补这一切。And that was the beginning of it, and thats where the adventure began.那就是一切的开始,那就是冒险启程的地方。Jaden asked his aunt Barbara to buy a bunch of little toys and bring them here to downtown Savannah, Georgia, near where he lives, so he could then...give them away.Jaden 请他的阿姨 Barbara 买一些小玩具,然后把玩具带到乔治亚州萨凡纳市区,一个靠近他家的地方,好让他接着可以...把玩具送出去。Thank you, man!谢谢你,老兄!What is it youre doing?你在做什么呢?Well, Im trying to make people smile—rubber duckies, dinosaurs...嗯,我在试着让人们笑--橡皮鸭鸭、恐龙...Because those are the things that make people smile.因为那些是让人们笑的东西。Yeah!没错!And what happens to their face?那他们的脸上发生什么变化?Really? Really.真的吗?真的。See that man right there?看到在那的男人吗?Jaden targets people who arent aly smiling and then turns their day around. Hes gone out on four different occasions now, and hes always successful...Jaden 把没有笑容的人们当作目标,然后改变他们的一天。他现在已经进行过四次了,而他没有失败过...Its to make you smile.这是要让你笑的。...even if sometimes he doesnt get exactly the reaction he was hoping for. It is just so overwhelming to some people that a six-year-old orphan would give away a toy, expecting nothing in return—except a smile. Of course, he is paid handsomely in hugs. And his aunt says these reactions have done wonders for Jaden....即使有时候他得到的不完全是他期待的反应。这对有些人来说就是太难承受了,一个六岁的孤儿愿意送出玩具,不求任何回报--只要一个笑容。当然,他收到很多拥抱。而他的阿姨说这些反应对 Jaden 产生了奇妙的效果。Its like sheer joy came out of this child. And the more people that he made smile, the more this light shone.这就像是纯粹的喜悦从这孩子身上散发出来。而他让越多人微笑,这光芒就越加闪耀。Jaden says thats mostly true.Jaden 说那大多是真的。But Im still sad that my mom died.但我还是很难过妈妈死了。I bet you are.我知道你肯定很难过。This is by no means a fix. But in the smiles hes made so far, nearly 500 at last count, Jaden has clearly found a purpose.这绝不是悲伤情绪的解药。但在他至今唤起的笑容中,最近一次统计几乎有 500 个笑容,Jaden 显然找到一个目标。Im counting on it to beat 33,000.我在期待能收集到破三万三千个笑容。33,000?!三万三千?!Mm-hmm.嗯哼。Thats a pretty big goal!那是个满大的目标耶!Mm-hmm!嗯哼!You think you can make that goal?你觉得你能达成吗?Uh-huh! I think I can!嗯哼!我觉得我可以!I think he just did. Steve Hartman, On The Road, in Savannah, Georgia.我认为 Jaden 刚做到了。Steve Hartman,《On The Road》,在乔治亚州萨凡纳为您报导。And thats the CBS Evening News for tonight. For all of us at CBS News all around the world—Im Scott Pelley. And Ill see you Sunday on 60 Minutes. Good night.以上就是今晚的 CBS 晚间新闻。献给全世界在收看 CBS 新闻台的观众--我是 Scott Pelley。我们星期天在《 60 Minutes》节目相见。晚安。201511/408877呼和浩特第一人民医院痛经多少钱

呼和浩特市中医医院治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201603/431255乌兰察布市第一人民妇幼中医院引产多少钱 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201509/400093呼和浩特市中医医院人工流产多少钱

兴安盟妇科官网It is a sobering statistic ahead of crucial climate talks in Paris.在巴黎即将举行重要的气候谈判前,这个统计令人深思。The world has seen its hottest October on record says NASA.美国航空航天局称十月创下了最热纪录。And with 2015 set to be the warmest year ever recorded–with all the effects that entails–experts are warning that man-made climate change must be tackled before it is too late.2015是有记录以来最热的一年,根据所造成的影响,专家警告称在尚来得及前必须解决人为的气候变化。We have a lot of evidence that the climate is changing, says this French scientist,Temperatures are rising, the ice caps are melting, the oceans are getting warmer, sea levels are rising, and these observations are absolutely unequivocal. The future really is going to depend on what we humans decide to do in the years ahead and I think that the Paris climate meeting, the COP 21, is going to be a crucial event.法国科学家说,我们有大量的据表明气候正在改变,温度升高、冰盖融化、海洋变暖、海平面上升,这些报告是明确的。地球的未来取决于人类在未来几年决定做什么,我认为巴黎气候会议COP21将是一个决定性的事件。A global deal to limit rising greenhouse gas emissions is being sought at the talks, set to begin on November 30, attended by more than 100 world leaders.以限制日益增长的温室气体排放的全球协议正在会谈,预计11月30日开始,世界上100多位领导人将参加。But the power of gas and oil giants makes Greenpeace in Russia pessimistic.但俄罗斯天然气和石油巨头的绿色和平并不乐观。The main problem lies in the inertia and lobbyism that we see in the traditional energy industry,Of course they don’t want to share out the finances, they want to maintain the status quo. And of course, neither renewable energy nor energy saving technologies have any chance in the near future.主要的问题在于传统能源行业的惯性和游说,他们当然不想把资金分享出来,他们想维持现状。当然,如此的话不久的将来可再生能源和节能技术都没有机会。But without an effective agreement, the fear is that things like this will become increasingly common.但如果没有一个有效的协议,恐怕这样的事情会变得越来越普遍。译文属。 /201511/411187 呼和浩特环状溃烂性包皮龟头炎怎么治疗呼和浩特人民医院治疗尿道炎多少钱



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