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Rising prices could cause cheap imports from China to become more expensive and this comes as China’s commerce ministry admits that a slowdown in the US could spark a drop in Chinese exports and mark a turning point for China’s economic growth.Shoppers are rushed to a hospital in Southwestern China after fighting to get their hands on cheap cooking oil at a Carrefour supermarket in Chongqing over a week ago. The price of cooking oil in China is up over a third from last year. The Carrefour bottles had just gone on sale. The supermarket stampede was a second such incident in the country in recent weeks. A sign soaring prices or inflation are fast becoming a headache for Beijing. High inflation is always a social, a political problem. The reason is because it normally hurt the poor people more because the food prices and so on. And so it’s damaging to social stability. China’s leaders clearly understand the potential problem. High inflation in the 1980s led in part to protest at Tian’anmen square. To help avoid social issues Premier Wen Jiabao this week visited a district of Beijing promising to stabilize inflation which is now growing at its fastest pace in over a decade. Wen said record-high oil prices and the rising cost of food were largely to blame. Food prices rose eighteen percent in October. Eggs are now fifteen percent more expensive. The price of vegetables is up a third. But the biggest price jump is for pork, by a whopping fifty-five percent in part due to concerns over the meat safety and supply. Some worry the spike in the food prices could hit other areas of the economy, forcing China to export higher prices to the rest of the world.In the near term, inflationary problem might push up some of the cost of Chinese products overseas particularly if the currency continues to appreciate.So far the government has banned price hikes in some industries like energy. It’s also stopped limited time sales promotions like the one at Carrefour. Most economists expect China to take more aggressive steps to control inflation, tightening interest rates and bank lending to make sure its people feel more at peace. And some economists expect China Central Bank to raise interest rates very soon possibly as early as this weekend.Notes: Stampede: A mass impulsive action200807/43619laundry list ---- 细目清单(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) A long, random list of items, minor duties, or activities.例句When I need to travel to a foreign country, I always have a laundry list of various tasks that must be done first.当需要去外国旅行时,我总是带着一份详细的请单,上面的事情都是首先要做的。 /201609/466458

So they are officially, as we said, the most beautiful twins in the world. They have been discovered. Sara and Bruna Gontijo from Brazil took the crown and er, in the show called Body Double, they've competed with 10 other sets of twins from around the world for the title of the world's most beautiful twins and they join us now, Sara and Bruna. Sara and Bruna and the executive producer of Body Double Kimberly Crows. Hello Kimberly, great to have you here. (Thank you. Thanks for having us) So first time in New York (Yeah). And you are college students. (Yes. Yes) In university. Yeah, psychology. In psychology. (Yeah) in psychology. Tell us how this. . how it works. How do people submit, how do you find twins all over the world? Well, we did a worldwide search, going to 6 different countries, er the UK, Australia, Brazil, China ur. . and, and the America and we did a worldwide search to find the most beautiful twins. So we asked them to come for interviews. We had 2-day interviews and um, these are our winners. Yeah. I, I know you, you just, you are working on your English, right? Yeah. You're, developing your English, So I don't know if this is too complicated a question, but do you ever switch dates? Did dates know. . . ? No. (Boyfriends? ) we never. . Never. Never? Oh, come on. You must be tempted. Ah? Yes. You must be tempted to switch dates sometimes, and say I don't like him, you take him. . . Do you think it's fun to switch? Yes. Er ha ha ha They say their boyfriends can't tell them apart sometimes. Personally I think they do it on purpose. And what happens now? What do they win and where do they go? They've won er, cash prizes. They won these beautiful necklaces, and (whoop) yeah, nice diamonds. Ah, and they are going to have modeling contracts. Hopefully though make a bid here in the ed States. That's what we are looking for . And you're gonna expand it and cover more countries around the world now? Yeah, this is our first year, so next year we this year went to six countries. Next year we'll probably double that. Is that they love modeling work with what they want, twins actually what they want? Yes they actually is . Um, they will have individual... Cause this is the same dress twice? Yeah, here you go. Hey, you're gonna look at the beautiful twice , what's better than that ? Congratulations to you! Thank you Can you say Good Morning America in Portuguese? Bom dja America.Thank you very much. It sounds good when they do it. 200809/50871

Macedonia Votes Amid Gunfire and Alleged Fraud马其顿今议会选举被暴力蒙上阴影 Officials in the Republic of Macedonia say they will repeat voting in 22 precincts that were shut down during Sunday's parliamentary election because of a deadly shootout, reports of intimidation, and alleged fraud. Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is claiming victory, saying his conservative party (VMRO-DPMNE) will control more than half of the seats in the 120-seat parliament. 马其顿共和国的选民为议会选举前往投票站投票,投票期间马其顿民族关系紧张并发生击事件,至少有1人死亡,另外有好几个人受伤。暴力和投票舞弊指称迫使选举官员暂时关闭了至少17个投票站。Macedonian voters tried to cast ballots in the early parliamentary elections, despite gunfire and election irregularities, which led to the closure of nearly 20 polling stations.  尽管发生击和选举舞弊的指称,并且因此导致近20个投票站关闭,马其顿选民仍然争取为议会选举进行投票。Election officials said two separate shootings occurred in the village of Aracinovo, near the capital, Skopje. 选举官员说,在首都斯科普里附近的阿拉西诺沃村发生了两起击事件。Villagers reported the troubles began when someone tried to vote on behalf of multiple people for a party of the country's ethnic-Albanian minority. He and another party supporter were injured during a shootout with special police, and one apparently died of his injuries.  村民们报告说,当某人试图代表一组人投票持该国的阿尔巴尼亚少数民族政党时发生击。在跟特种警察交火时,这个人与另外一名该党的持者受伤,另外一人显然因为伤势过重死亡。The shooting raised fears of a new wider ethnic conflict in the area.  人们担忧,击事件有可能在该地区引发新一轮更广泛的民族冲突。Aracinovo is in a region where insurgents fought Macedonian government forces in 2001 to win more rights for ethnic Albanians, who comprise about a quarter of Macedonia's two million people. 反叛分子为争取阿尔巴尼亚少数族裔的更多权益自2001年在阿拉西诺沃村地区跟马其顿政府军作战。在马其顿2百万人口当中,阿尔巴尼亚族占四分之一。There were also shootings and gunmen reported elsewhere in ethnic-Albanian areas, including near the headquarters of the Democratic Union for Integration party.  在阿族居住的其他地区也出现击和武装分子的报导,其中包括靠近融合民主联盟总部的地方。The election tensions follow a bitter campaign and allegations of assassination attempts against ethnic-Albanian opposition leaders.  选举紧张局势出现之前马其顿的竞选活动曾经相当激烈,还出现有人企图刺杀阿族反对派领导人的指称。Despite the troubles, the conservative party (VMRO-DPMNE) of the pro-Western Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is expected to win the ballot.  虽然出现种种障碍,但人们预计保守派政党领导人、亲西方的总理格鲁埃夫斯基将赢得议会选举的胜利。In televised comments, he urged supporters not to be intimidated by violence, and help his country to join the European Union and other Western organizations.  他在电视台通过翻译敦促持者不要被暴力吓倒,推动马其顿加入欧洲联盟和其他西方组织。"Do not be scared about your decision, and do not ignore your responsibility," said Gruevski. "You have the right to ask things for your country. You can be a patriot and be proud to enter the European Union." 他说:“不要害怕你们的决定,不要无视你们的责任。你们有权为了国家提出要求。你们可以是爱国主义者,同时可以自豪地加入欧盟。”That opinion is shared by ethnic-Albanian opposition rival Ali Ahmedi, who says he recently survived an assassination attempt.  阿族反对派领袖阿曼迪也同意这个观点。阿曼迪最近刚刚躲过一次暗杀。He told France 24 Television through an interpreter that he has urged supporters to vote, despite apparent threats.  他通过翻译告诉法国第24电视频道,敦促持者尽管受到威胁,也要踊跃投票。"This physical threats against the party, which were repeated, are meant to terrorize them not to vote," said Ahmedi. "The more people vote, the larger the distance will be between the two parties." 阿曼迪说:“这种对党的人身威胁,是希望吓阻人们不要去投票。但是,越多的人去投票,两党之间的差距就越大。”Prime Minister Gruevski called the early parliamentary elections after failing to secure NATO membership for his country, which was blocked by Greece. It says Macedonia should first change its name, because it resembles one of Greece's provinces. 总理格鲁埃夫斯基在申请成为北约成员国失败后,要求提前举行议会选举。马其顿申请失败是因为希腊的阻挠。希腊表示,马其顿应该先改变名称,再来提出申请,因为希腊有一个省的名称很像马其顿。If re-elected, Prime Minister Gruevski's government is likely to include a partner from the ethnic-Albanian parties. The European Union has warned Macedonia that political and ethnic stability in the country is crucial for its European future. 如果当选,总理格鲁埃夫斯基的政府可能包括一个来自阿尔巴尼亚族政党的夥伴。欧洲联盟警告马其顿,马其顿政治和族群的稳定对它在欧洲的未来至关重要。 200806/41037

  Barack Obama Introduces Running Mate, Joe Biden奥巴马和竞选搭档首次在伊州露面  Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama introduced Senator Joe Biden as his running mate Saturday. They spoke at a rally in Springfield, Illinois, two days before the Democratic National Convention. 美国民主党总统候选人奥巴马在星期六介绍了他的副总统竞选夥伴,参议员乔.拜登。在民主党全国代表大会开幕的前两天,他们在伊利诺伊州春田镇的一个集会上公开讲话。Barack Obama went before a cheering crowd of thousands in his home state and praised his vice presidential candidate as a "leader who is y to step in and be President." "Joe Biden is what so many others pretend to be: a statesman with sound judgment, who does not have to hide behind bluster to keep America strong."  奥巴马在他的家乡伊利诺伊州来到数千名欢呼群众的面前,并且称赞他的副总统候选人是个“已经准备好执政,走马上任的领导人”。奥巴马说:“许多人都自称是有准确判断力的政治家,是不需要躲在夸大空话背后就能保持美国安全的人。其实,拜登才是这样的政治家。”Obama, at age 47, is a relative newcomer to national politics, with less than four years in the Senate. His Republican opponent, Arizona Senator John McCain, who turns 72 on Friday has argued that Obama lacks experience in foreign policy and national security matters. 现年47岁的奥巴马,在参议院仅有不到4年的资历,在全国政坛来讲算是个新人。他的共和党对手、亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩,争辩说奥巴马缺乏外交政策与国家安全的经验。麦凯恩在这个星期五就满72岁了。Biden has represented the small Eastern state of Delaware in the U.S. Senate for 36 years, and heads the powerful Senate Foreign Relations committee. Obama highlighted that experience in his speech.  拜登在美国参议院中代表美国东部的小州德拉瓦州长达36年,并且是权力很大的参议院外交关系委员会的主席。奥巴马在他的演说中强调了这项资历。"He looked [former Yugoslav leader] Slobodan Milosevic in the eye and called him a war criminal, and then helped shaped policies that would end the killing in the Balkans and bring Milosevic to justice. Joe Biden passed laws to lock down chemical weapons, and led the push to bring Europe's newest democracies into NATO. Over the last eight years he has been a powerful critic of the catastrophic Bush-McCain foreign policy," he said. “拜登毫不畏惧地把前南斯拉夫领导人米洛舍维奇称为战争罪犯。然后他协助制定政策,以便中止在巴尔干的杀戮行为,并且将米洛舍维奇绳之以法。拜登通过了禁止化学武器的法案,并且领导推动欧洲的新兴民主国家进入北约。过去8年来,他一直是布什与麦凯恩灾难性外交政策的有力批评者。”Minutes into Biden's speech, he contrasted McCain's admission earlier in the week that he was not sure how many homes he owns with the plight of working-class Americans sitting at their kitchen tables and worrying about their financial future.  拜登开始演说没多久,就把这个星期稍早麦凯恩承认弄不清楚他究竟有几栋房子的事情,跟那些为财务未来而发愁的工薪阶级美国人的困境,拿来作比较。"That's not a worry John McCain has to worry about. It's a pretty hard experience. He will have to figure out which of the seven kitchen tables to sit at," he said. 拜登说:“麦凯恩根本不需要烦恼这种事情。那是很艰难的经历。他需要烦恼的是,应该坐在他的众多房屋中的哪一座房子里发愁这些事情。”Biden also emphasized his working-class roots, trying to appeal to a group of voters whose support Obama has struggled to attract.  拜登同时也强调他出身工薪阶级,他也在试图吸引奥巴马在努力吸引的选民。"I'm here for the cops [police officers] and the firefighters, the teachers and the line workers, the folks whose lives are the measure of whether the American Dream endures. Ladies and gentlemen, this is no ordinary time. This is no ordinary election," he said. 他说:“我是为了警察、消防队员、教师还有流水线上的工人挺身而出的。这些人的生活,就是美国梦是否成真的衡量指标。女士们、先生们,这不是个普通的时刻,这不是一场普通的选举。And Biden acknowledged McCain's military service as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, but said Obama would be a better leader.  同时拜登也认可麦凯恩在越战中作为战俘的军队经历,但他说奥巴马才是更好的领导人。"These times call for a total change in Washington's world view. These times require more than a good soldier. They require a wise leader," he said. “现在需要完全改变华盛顿的世界观。现在需要的不只是一位素质优秀的军人,而是一位明智的领导人。”Obama's choice of Biden to be his running mate was announced early Saturday morning, in a text message to supporters. 奥巴马在星期六早晨,以手机简讯的方式向持者宣布,他选择了拜登作为竞选夥伴。Saturday's rally was the only joint appearance for Obama and Biden before the Democratic convention begins on Monday. 星期六的集会是奥巴马与拜登在民主党全国代表大会于星期一开始之前,唯一的一次共同公开露面。McCain has not chosen a running mate, but is said to be considering former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. The Republican convention starts September 1. 麦凯恩尚未选定竞选夥伴,但据说考虑的人选包括前麻萨诸塞州州长罗姆尼和明尼苏达州州长波伦蒂。共和党全国代表大会将在9月1号开始。200808/46659

  探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 13They discovered that when a famine was able to trigger an effect was different for the grandmother than the grandfather. The grandmother appeared susceptible while she herself was still in the womb, while the grandfather was affected just before puberty. And the timing of this sensitive period was telling us that it was tied in with the formation of the eggs and the sperm. This was critical, because now they knew how it was happening. Environmental information was being imprinted on the egg and sperm at the time of their formation. At last, a clear picture of an inherited environmental effect was beginning to emerge. All they needed to do now was to compile their findings. Bygren drew up a rough diagram, and sent it to Pembrey.Hand-drawn, this is what Olov sent me. You know, he was too excited to wait for the thing to be drawn up properly. You know, he sent me the data. Er, in fact I was recovering, er, from having something down to my heart. So he sent it saying, er, I hope this, helps you get better quickly, because it was so exciting.When Pembrey plotted out the diagram, he was immediately struck by its significance. Once I had plotted out the, the full extent of those results, it was so beautiful and such a clear pattern. I knew then, quite definitely, that we were dealing with a trans-generational response. It was so coherent, and that's important in science that the effect was coherent in some way, was tied in when, when eggs and sperm were being formed.The diagram showed a significant link between generations, between the diet in one and the life expectancy of another. When you think that you have, have found something important for the understanding of the thing (it...) itself, you can imagine that this is something really special.It's up there with I am... I'm a sort of fair-weather supporter of Liverpool. It's up there with Liverpool winning the Champion's League.You can only have it once in your lifetime.This is gonna become a famous diagram. I, I'm convinced by that. I get so excited every time I see it. It's just amazing. Every time I look at it, I find it really exciting. It's fantastic.Pembrey and Bygren had the first conclusive proof of an environmental effect being inherited in humans.New Words amp; Phrases:puberty: The stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction. 青春期plot: To represent graphically, as on a chart 以图表画出fair-weather: Present and dependable only in good times 只适于顺利时候的只在好的时候出现或可信赖的200807/45050。

  Host: welcome back, now hold the Grande Cappuccino, the coffee chain Starbucks has been forced to close its branch in Beijing's Forbidden City. The company said the decision to close had been congenial, but since the café opened 7 years ago, it's become the target of an increasingly widesp protest campaign, claiming it tramples over Chinese culture. Here's Harry Fawcett.Harry: Starbucks was here by invitation, the authorities who run the Forbidden City – Beijing's enormous 15th-century imperial palace complex, encouraged the small, almost invisible franchise of the global chain to open in 2000, a sign of a modern outward looking China as it prepared for the Olympics in 2008. But within weeks, the shop was the target of vehement opposition; a blight, it was said, on the Chinese cultural treasure and world heritage site. Tourists too, seemed to find it at best a curiosity.Tourist: it doesn't look like one, I don't see a sign, but large. This is a forbidden green tea cappuccino, and it tastes like, er, ice grass, but you know plasmids so it is just delicious all the same.Harry: the campaign to remove the café took off earlier this year when a blog by influential Chinese newser Rui Chenggang in which he called on Starbucks to pull out was featured heavily in the media. Thousands supported his stands and museum managers eventually bowed to the pressure.Manager: we talked to Starbucks, and they've had some alternative plans, so they agreed to move out of the Forbidden City. Harry: while some visitors today were disappointed to be denied their lattes, others were fully in favor.Visitors: It's better, it's harmed the traditional culture.Visitors: I think it doesn't belong into the Forbidden City. It's not…should not be as commercialized like that. Harry: in fact, commercialization is hardly new here; the for-now locked-up café is aly being made over into one of many souvenir shops on the site. Starbucks says it respects the decision and with more than 250 outlets aly in China, its most important market after the U.S., the company can afford to be sanguine about this one bit of forbidden territory. Host: Harry Fawcett, now tonight…200805/39708

  Marlene Wallach is president of Wihelmina Kids and Teens' modeling agency and Judith Sills is a psychologist. And good morning to both of you, thanks for coming on.Good morning.Let me start with you, Marlene, about the notion that a 2 or 3 year-old doesn't simply say I wanna be an actor or I wanna be a model. Mom and dad made that call. How do you know if, if your kid is right for acting?Well, I think that you start off with the giving of being cute and adorable. That has to be there.Yeah, but we all think our kids are cute and adorable, (Right) so that's easy.Next we have to do... we have to really consider the temperament. Is it someone you've been telling your little one not to go with strangers since the very beginning? Now you are telling them to go with strangers. When you pick up a little baby, will a stranger make them cry? Will they leave their mothers' side? The temperament will tell if it's even in the cards to try.And you'll know, you'll know that right off the bat. (Right) Now what about, the, what kind of a childhood does a child actor or model have? Is there anything close to what we've considered normal?Well, I think the, the key is the, the parent. And it's the parent's responsibility to keep balance in their life. You saw them in naps , you saw them playing with the hula hoop, being in their piano lessons and doing all the kid things. It's really critical to do that.All right. Now let's, let's turn, if we can, to Judith and talk about the temperament of the child, then the temperament of the parent. You say, for a parent, you need to know your role. And what is that role? Your role is protection. A lovely person like this, her role is to rent your child's talent to make money, that's her purpose. Your role as a parent is to protect your child. So if you get very invested and your child getting the part, even if you are investing the money for college, you are out of your role. Your purpose is "Is this fun for my kid?", "Is my kid's life even?", "Does my kid have friends?", "Is there something solid so when rejection comes up to flailing?"Well, let me ask you, is there a conflict, I will ask you both, is there a conflict sometimes between the reality of this child still has to go to schools, still has to get good marks in math and English, but there is also the pressure from your end that, yeah, but this kid is hot, and we need him on the scent.Well, we find that the kids that are hot are typically the honored students. It, it seems to go hand in hand that kids that miss the most school are typically the best students who want some work.See, here is, here is the conflict. I'm a parent and I want my kid to be special, which is great. And I get invested in how special my kid is 'coz I drove for 3 hours to get the kid to the audition. The kid gets the part. I want my kid to sparkle. My kid's sparkling and he is a little tired. I'm, I'm in there saying "Sparkle a little bit longer! Work a little bit harder!" maybe that's not my role. Well, Judith, both have mentioned the word rejection, how do you teach a small, I don't do well with therejection, I'm, I'm a grown-up. How do you teach a small kid that you're gonna go in this audition and maybe they are gonna say you know what, you are not cute enough, you are not tall enough, you are not whatever enough, sorry you don't get the job.Well, actually rejection can be an opportunity, in any reason. First thing you say to a kid is: rejection, disappointment, failure, you know what, they're part of life, and you tell the kid a time you got rejected, a time you got a setback. No. 2, a parent has to not be emotionally invested in getting the job. A child would rather not disappoint a parent , it's more important to not disappoint a parent than to be sparkling them. So parent has to be able to move on. And they can't all do that, don't you find?Good, Good discussion, well,The, the little ones don't even know. They, they go to and go see, they get their picture taken, they think that's (right) the job, you know.Right, but, but they will get older on the other deal. (Well, that's good, that's good) Judith Sills, Marlene Wallach, good conversation. Thanks so much for coming on and talking with us. It's good to see both of you200810/51500Bush Surveys Flood Damage in US Midwest布什视察爱奥华洪涝灾区   U.S. President George Bush is in the Midwest state of Iowa surveying flood damage from heavy rains that have washed out millions of hectares of grazing and farmlands. 美国总统布什在中西部地区的爱奥华州视察了洪涝灾区,大雨冲毁了数百万公顷的牧场和农田。President Bush went to Iowa's second-largest city of Cedar Rapids for a briefing from local and federal officials at an emergency command center where relief efforts are being coordinated. 美国总统布什前往爱奥华州第二大城市锡达拉皮兹市,在一个协调救援工作的应急指挥中心听取了地方官员和联邦政府官员的报告。"Obviously to the extent that we can help immediately, we want to help and then plan for recovery," he said. 布什总统说:“显而易见,在关于我们能立即提供多大程度帮助的问题上,我们愿意提供帮助,然后计划进行灾后恢复。” Much of Cedar Rapids was submerged by the Cedar River, which crested nearly seven meters above flood levels. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says it has distributed more than three million liters of drinking water and 200,000 y-to-eat meals.  锡达拉皮兹市的大部分地区都已经被锡达河淹没,水位最高的时候超过洪水水位7米以上。联邦紧急管理署说,它已发放了超过300万公升的饮用水和20万份即食饭餐。 President Bush told reporters that Americans across the nation are concerned about those facing the region's worst flooding in 15 years. 布什总统告诉记者说,美国全国人民都关心在这些地区面临15年来最严重的洪灾的人们。 "Our hearts and prayers from around the nation go out to people here," he added. "It is a tough time for you. The good news is the people of Iowa are tough-minded people. You will come back better." 他说:“全国各地的人都关心这里的灾民,并为你们祈祷。对你们来说,这是一个艰难的时刻。但是,好消息是,爱奥华州的人民有坚强的信念,你们将会再次拥有更美好的生活。” President Bush said federal and local officials will not only focus on population centers like Cedar Rapids, but will also reach out to smaller towns affected by the flood. 布什总统说,联邦和地方官员不仅把救灾重点放在锡达拉皮兹这样的人口中心,他们也会兼顾受洪灾的那些小城镇。Mr. Bush had an aerial tour of the floodwater and also visited the college town of Iowa City. It is the president's first tour of the Midwest since flooding forced at least 35,000 people from their homes in six states. 布什从空中视察了洪水泛滥的情况,他还视察了爱奥华大学城。这是布什总统首次视察中西部地区洪水灾区,洪水迫使6个州的至少3万5千人从家中撤离。The president was in Europe when heavy rains began forcing rivers over their banks and levees. He has received regular briefings on the recovery effort and says billion in a federal emergency relief fund should be enough to help pay for the clean up. 美国中西部降暴雨导致河水漫出河岸和堤防的时候,布什正在欧洲访问。他定期得到救灾努力的报告,并且表示要拿出40亿美元的联邦紧急救济基金来帮助付洪水后的清理费用。In addition to property damage, the floods have affected some of the nation's most fertile cropland, and are expected to have an impact on aly rising food prices, especially for crops like corn. 除了财产损失之外,洪水还影响了美国一部分最肥沃的耕地,并预计对已经不断增加的粮食价格有所影响,尤其是像玉米这样的农作物。Both of the major parties' likely presidential candidates have also visited the flood zone. Presumptive Republican candidate Arizona Senator John McCain toured Iowa separately from the president. The likely Democratic nominee, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, helped fill sandbags several days ago in his home state. 有可能获得两党总统候选人提名的奥巴马和麦凯恩都视察了灾区。可能成为共和党候选人的亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩没有和总统一起而是单独视察了爱奥华州。而可能成为民主党候选人的 伊利诺伊州参议员奥巴马则在几天前就在他家乡所在的州帮助垒沙袋。200806/42336

  Rice: Israeli Settlements Have 'Negative Effect' on Peace Talks赖斯努力促以巴和平进程重回正轨  America's top diplomat is in the Middle East trying to get the peace process back on track. 美国国务卿赖斯正在中东访问,试图推动中东和平进程重回轨道。Israeli settlement expansion topped the agenda as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met separately with Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Rice used exceptionally harsh language to condemn Israel's announcement on Friday that it plans to build 1,300 new homes in disputed East Jerusalem, on land the Palestinians claim for their future capital. 在美国国务卿赖斯跟以色列和巴勒斯坦领导人分别举行会谈时,以色列扩大定居点的问题是主要议程。赖斯使用不同寻常的严厉措辞指责以色列星期五宣布的准备在有争议的东耶路撒冷建造1千3百个新住房的计划。巴勒斯坦人把东耶路撒冷称作他们未来的首都。"I do believe and the ed States believes that the actions and the announcements that are taking place are indeed having a negative effect on the atmosphere for negotiation," said Condoleezza Rice. "And that is not what we want. We should be in a position of encouraging confidence, not undermining it." 赖斯说:“我确信,美国认为这种行动和宣布对谈判的气氛造成负面影响。这不是我们想要的。我们应当立足于鼓励建立信心,而不是破坏它。”Rice spoke at a news conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank town of Ramallah.  赖斯是在西岸城市拉马拉跟巴勒斯坦领导人阿巴斯举行记者会时讲这番话的。"We believe that settlement is the highest hurdle on the road of our political endeavors," said Mahmoud Abbas. "With the continued expansion and building of settlements the more tough the hurdle would become."  阿巴斯说:“我们认为定居点问题是我们为之奋斗的政治道路上的最大障碍。随着定居点建设的继续扩大,障碍也日益增大。”Israel says it has the right to build anywhere in Jerusalem because it will remain the capital of the Jewish state in any final peace agreement.  以色列说,以色列有权在耶路撒冷任何地方建造定居点,因为在双方达成的最终协议中,耶路撒冷是以色列首都,这种地位不会改变。Despite the obstacles, Rice said both sides remain committed to the peace process. 尽管有这些障碍,赖斯表示以巴双方仍然致力于和平进程。"We are all devoted to and believe that it is possible to establish the agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis for the establishment of a Palestinian state by the end of the year," said Mahmoud Abbas. 赖斯说:“我们都在努力,并相信,巴勒斯坦人和以色列为今年年底建立巴勒斯坦国达成协议是可能的。”But that goal is in doubt because in addition to the settlements, gaps are wide on core issues like Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem.  不过,这个目标是否能够达到令人怀疑,因为除了定居点之外,在像巴勒斯坦难民和耶路撒冷地位的核心问题上仍然存在很大差距。Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is also embroiled in a corruption scandal that could force him to step down. In the meantime, Mr. Olmert is widely seen as too weak to close a peace deal involving major territorial concessions to the Palestinians. 以色列总理奥尔默特还跟一起腐败丑闻有牵连,这也许会迫使他下台。奥尔默特被广泛评价为过于软弱,从而无法达成一项牵涉到对巴勒斯坦人做出领土让步这类重大问题的协议。200806/42177

  New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has resigned following a sex scandal that rocked the state and stunned political observers across the country. The resignation takes effect next Monday in order to give Lieutenant Governor David Paterson time for an orderly transition. Paterson will become the state's first African-American leader. 纽约州州长斯皮策辞去了他的州长职位。此前,他的性丑闻震惊了纽约州和全美国的政治观察人士。斯皮策的辞职将于下星期一生效,以便留给纽约州副州长佩特森充足的时间进行权力交接。佩特森将成为纽约州的第一位非洲裔州长。Spitzer's resignation has been anticipated since The New York Times reported on Monday that the governor was involved in a high-priced prostitution ring. Spitzer is alleged to have spent tens of thousands of dollars on sessions with call girls.  自纽约时报星期一报导纽约州州长斯皮策与一个高价卖淫团伙有牵连后,就有人预计斯皮策会辞职。斯皮策被指称花费了几万美元嫖妓。In a brief statement, Spitzer said he has aly begun to atone for his private failings with his family and he apologized to his supporters.  斯皮策发表简短声明说,他已经开始为他个人的失败向家人做出补偿,并向他的持者表示道歉。"I am deeply sorry that I did not live up to what was expected of me. To every New Yorker, and to all those who believed in what I tried to stand for, I sincerely apologize. I look at my time as governor with a sense of what might have been," he said. 斯皮策说:“我为辜负人们对我的期望而感到深切的歉意。我向每一个纽约人和所有相信我所代表的价值观的人表示诚挚的道歉。我在反省我作为一个州长的表现。”Spitzer said his resignation will take effect on Monday at the request of Lieutenant Governor David Paterson to provide time for an orderly transition.  斯皮策说,应副州长佩特森的请求,他的辞职将于星期一生效,以便给佩特森足够的时间进行有秩序的交接。Spitzer's announcement ends a high profile career as a crusader against corporate corruption. As a popular state attorney general, he successfully prosecuted cases against Wall Street stock traders, mob leaders and several prostitution rings. He was elected governor in 2006 by a landslide. As governor, he signed into law a bill that increased the penalties of those who patronized prostitutes. But his abrasive style also made enemies who were stunned by his fall from grace but not prepared to support any attempt by him to stay in office.  斯皮策的辞职结束了他声望很高的州长生涯,他曾经是打击企业腐败的先锋。作为一位深得民心的州检察长,斯皮策成功地起诉了华尔街股票交易商、犯罪团伙头目以及几个卖淫团伙。2006年,他以压倒优势当选纽约州州长。作为纽约州长,他签署了一部法案,该法案增加了对嫖娼者的罚款。但是他的严厉作风使他的敌人对他的失足感到震惊,也使人们无法为持他继续留任做出任何努力。Lieutenant Governor David Paterson, who is legally blind, represented Harlem for 20 years in the New York State Senate, where he enjoyed the respect of colleagues on both sides of the political aisle. He has deep roots in New York City politics. His father Basil is a well-known political figure who once served as deputy mayor. 纽约州副州长佩特森是位法定盲人。他在纽约州参议院代表纽约的哈莱姆黑人区将近20年,并且受到两党人士的尊重。佩特森在纽约市政界有很深厚的根基,他的父亲巴兹尔曾经担任过纽约市副市长,是一位非常有名的政界人士。200803/30323


  Go on, give it a try!继续,试试吧。Right, thanks. Ill try.好的,谢谢,我试试。Erm, excuse me Tom. Sorry about earlier.打扰了汤姆,我对之前感到抱歉。I’m a little nervous about leading this strategy thing and I would be most grateful if you could give me some help… please?关于负责这项计划的事我感到有点紧张,如果你能给我一些帮助的话,我会非常感激……拜托了。Of course Anna. Why didn’t you say, I’d be delighted.当然了,安娜。为什么你之前不说呢,我会很高兴的。I’ve lost count of the number of projects I’ve lead over the years.我都记不清这几年我都负责过多少这种项目了呢。Great, thanks. So… where do you think I should begin?太棒了,谢谢你。那么……我应该从哪开始着手呢?Well, give me a few minutes and I’ll just find some of the excellent work I did last year.给我几分钟,让我给你找找去年我完成的几项出色的项目。Basically, you’ll just need to copy it. Hold on…基本上你只要拿去复印一下就好了。等一下……Ah Anna… just popping out for some biscuits… err, how’s the stock management strategy coming along?安娜……出来吃点心吧……库存管理系统的方案你做的怎么样了?Oh very good Paul… actually, please could I ask you for some advice, please?一切顺利,保罗……不过,你能给我点建议吗?Yes of course… although I don’t know if I’ll be much use!没问题,虽然我不知道我的建议到底有没有用!… now where did I save those damn documents?我到底把那些该死的文件存哪了?I’m very grateful for this opportunity but I’m a little unsure of where to start.我很感激您能给我这次机会,不过我还不是太清楚到底该从哪开始。 /201702/483866

  Well, are you trying to climb the corporate ladder but you are getting absolutely nowhere?It may not be your fault, or your co-workers' fault, or your bosses' fault, could be your dad, blame him. That man start of it, Dr. Steven Potter is a clinical psychologist and the author of The Father Factor. Dr Potter, how does your dad decide subtly? Would you become in your career?Your dad has a huge influence on what you do, just as your mom has a huge influence. And the Father Factor is looking that element. It seem/you see men are defined about what they do outside the home; Well, typically, women and sons are decide..defined about what they do in the home by their moms. It~the work place has always been a masculine model, it's said that the father factor comes in. What about personal responsibility 'cause I hear, I mean, parents are getting dumped on for everything. My mom screwed me up, my dad screwed me up, bla(h).blah..blah.. And this sounds like more of that. Isn't their personal responsibility that comes in? Can you change? What do you think is your destiny? Absolutely. It~the father factor is about you~what is your legacy. Not at your fingerpoint, but what are you gonna do with your life? This is your baseline, where will you go from here? Got ya. Alright, we've got, er, five different categories of who is your daddy. Let's...well,we will try to figure out. (Thank you very much Martini) So, so let's do this in the lightening round. What's this Super-Achiever Father?Super-Achiever Father is all about a, a parent's productivity, achievement. Type-A dad.Absolutely, Type-A plus. Alright. (and,and would...)The Time-Bomb Father. Er,more wattle, emotional and stable.But we should talk about the impact. The Super-Achiever Father impacts your kid, how? In their driven, excellent work ethics. So they mirror it. Right. Ok. Time-Bomb? Time-Bomb, tends to be more, er,could be addicted to behavior, that type of parenting. And how's that? You can develop anxiety or you can become very productive in the same way. The passive father? The old joke is, is dad asleep on the couch or is he dead?Yeah, and everybody says (but) if you are not as motivated, be have a passive father,you..but maybe motivated for,er...maybe motivated in others. Exactly. And the passive dad showed his love through actions, not through much words. Um-hum, The Absent Father?That's most problematic style. He, many times lived with his kids, but wasn't involved in your life, didn't really know what they are doing. And then the, the one we should probably all wanna be according to my calculation is the Compassionate/Mentor Father. Absolutely. That's the dad that helps his kid find his roadmap where he wants to go. And like you said earlier it's not about blaming, it's about understanding. That's all of my book is about. Understand who your dad is. Alright. So if we wanna be the compassionate mentor father, how do we achieve that or do we have any choice in it?We have a lot of choice. It is all about choices. You don't have to, uh, the key to letting go off blame, and not blaming our dads or our mothers for that fact. (Thank you, hahahaha) In, in, in many times of our career, the glass ceiling isn't so much our careers as is our father factor. And you do believe that fathers play such a dominant role in your twenties when you're getting into your career, that..that's when the relationship could change in really excel and so many times that parents back out think what are my kids' right.Absolutely, in the 20s, F, that, your, your son or your daughter, they really need your kind of stepping and say, "Ok, you are out of college now, you didn't go to college. Where are you going?" Help them their own roadmap. Interesting. So step up to the plate at that(absolutely) point instead of sending them away. You see the bottom-line of the father factor is, most dads tend to step back as your kids get older. It should, should be the universe, move forward, move toward them. Interesting, well, the book is called The Father Factor. How you father's legacy impacts your career. Dr. Steven Potter. Thank you very much. You can also go to the website www. onefatherfactor. com.Thank you very much.Thank youEverytime we say...I owe him some money.Yeah!Alright!It's lovely that you have the same... 200809/49717


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