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Billionaires Mike Bloomberg and Bill Gates have launched an anti-smoking legal fund designed to help lower-income countries defend their tobacco-control laws against lawsuits by cigarette companies.亿万富翁迈克#8226;布隆伯格(Mike Bloomberg)和比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)创建了一只禁烟法律基金,旨在帮助较低收入国家保护它们的烟草控制法不受烟草公司诉讼的影响。The fund will raise the pressure on the tobacco industry, which has seen tough anti-smoking regulation sp from mature markets in places like western Europe to fast-growing developing countries seen as key sources of growth.这只基金将给烟草行业带来更大压力。发展中国家被视作烟草行业最重要的增长来源,但这些国家也越来越多地跟随西欧等成熟市场,采取更严格的禁言规定。In response, tobacco companies have used trade agreements as a way to challenge national laws on smoking. Philip Morris International, the world’s largest seller of cigarettes outside of China, is suing Uruguay over claims that its tobacco-control measures violated a trade agreement with Switzerland, where PMI is based.作为回应,烟草企业一直利用贸易协议挑战各国禁烟法律。总部位于瑞士、全球(中国以外)最大烟草销售商菲利普莫里斯国际公司(Philip Morris International)正起诉乌拉圭,指控该国控烟措施违反了与瑞士签订的一项贸易协议。The claim, which marked the first time a tobacco company sued a country in an international court, concerns a law passed in 2009 that requires health warnings to cover 80 per cent of tobacco packaging and banning different variants of the same brands, like Marlboro Red and Marlboro Gold.这是烟草企业首次在国际法庭起诉一个国家,这一指控与2009年签署的一项法律有关。该法律规定,健康警告需要占到香烟包装的80%,同时禁止同一品牌使用不同名称,例如万宝路红(Marlboro Red)和万宝路金(Marlboro Gold)。Mr Bloomberg said the tobacco industry was using costly legal battles to “intimidate” lower-income countries.布隆伯格表示,烟草行业一直在利用代价高昂的法律诉讼“恐吓”较低收入国家。“This is not about trade. No one is a stronger supporter of capitalism and trade than I am,” he said. “This is about sovereignty and whether a country has the right to set its own public-health policies.”“这不关乎贸易。没有人比我更强烈持资本主义和贸易,”他表示,“这关乎主权以及一国是否有权制定自己的公共健康政策。”He and Mr Gates have committed m to initiate the fund, which will be administered by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, a US charity.他和盖茨已出资400万美元作为这只基金的初始资金。该基金由美国慈善组织Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids管理。It will offer countries assistance in drafting anti-smoking laws, create a network of trade-litigation lawyers, and provide financial support for states facing legal action.该基金将向各国提供草拟禁烟法律方面的协助,创建一个贸易诉讼律师网络,并为那些面临法律诉讼的国家提供持。Mr Bloomberg said the relatively small financial investment was “just a start” and pointed to the 0m that Bloomberg Philanthropies, his charitable giving vehicle, had spent on anti-smoking work since 2007.布隆伯格表示,这笔规模相对较小的投资“只是一个开始”。他表示,自2007年以来,他的慈善捐赠机构布隆伯格慈善基金会(Bloomberg Philanthropies)已花费6亿美元用于禁烟工作。Trade laws have also been used to challenge Australia’s plain-packaging legislation, which was passed in 2012. A subsidiary of PMI is suing Australia over claims that the law violated a trade agreement between the country and Hong Kong.此外,烟草公司还在利用贸易法律来挑战澳大利亚2012年通过的简易包装立法。菲利普莫里斯国际公司子公司正起诉澳大利亚,指控该法律违反了澳大利亚与香港签订的一项贸易协议。Tobacco companies have vowed to sue Ireland and the UK, which also passed plain packaging laws this month.烟草公司还誓言将起诉爱尔兰和英国。英国本月也通过了香烟简易包装法律。Mr Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, said that while wealthy countries like Australia could afford to defend their laws, “smaller, developing countries don’t have the same resources”.比尔和梅琳达盖茨基金会(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)联合主席盖茨表示,尽管澳大利亚等富国能够承担得起维护其法律的诉讼费用,但“较小发展中国家不具备这种财力”。 /201503/365636

China#39;s manufacturing sector contracted slightly in August, underscoring the broader economic slowdown in Asia#39;s largest economy.8月份中国制造业活动略有收缩,凸显出这个亚洲最大经济体的宏观经济正在放缓。The official manufacturing PMI was 49.7, exactly in line with expectations. It had been 50 the previous month - on the threshold that separates expansion from contraction.8月份,中国官方的制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)为49.7,与预期完全一致。上个月,该指数的读数为50,正好落在荣枯线上。Readings have been either a nudge north or south 50 in 2015.2015年,该指数的读数一直是要么略高于50,要么略低于50。The official PMI for the services sector was 53.4, versus a ing of 53.9 in July. (No estimates were given).官方的务业PMI则为53.4,略低于7月份的53.9。 /201509/396726

It#39;s hardly a surprise that Asia and its booming economies will produce thousands more multimillionaires in coming years. The question is, for everyone from luxury brands and real estate agents to private bankers and wannabe rich spouses: Where exactly to find these newly minted rich?亚洲及其繁荣的经济体将在未来几年造就更多的千万富豪,这并不让人感到意外。问题是,无论是对奢侈品牌和房地产经纪人,还是私人家和想要成为有钱人配偶的群体来说,哪里才是这些新晋 石王老五的聚集地呢?Try Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Mumbai and any major city in China.到胡志明市、雅加达、孟买和中国的任何一个大城市去碰碰运气吧。The new annual Wealth Report from property agency Knight Frank says there were 167,669 ultra-high-net-worth individuals in the world in 2013. An UHNWI is defined by Knight Frank as someone with million in assets, not including debt and their primary residence. The number is expected to grow by 28% to 215,113 by 2023.房地产机构莱坊(Knight Frank)的最新年度财富报告称,2013年全世界共有超高 值人士(ultra-high net worth individuals)167,669人。超高 值人士指的是金融资产逾3,000万美元者,其中不包括债务和主要居所。到2023年该人群数量预计将增加28%,达到215,113人。Much of the growth will come from Asia. The -million-plus crowd in the region will hit 58,588 by 2023, a rise of 43% from last year. That figure would surpass North America#39;s UHNWI population, which is expected to grow 20% by 2023 to just 52,536.亚洲将成为增长的主力军。2023年,亚洲超高 值人士将达到58,588人,较2013年增加43%。这一数字将超过北美,后者预计到2023年将达52,536人,增加20%。The city expected to see the fastest growth in its headcount of the superrich is Ho Chi Minh City. Knight Frank, whose report delves into the global rich and their real estate preferences, expects the Vietnamese metropolis to increase its wealthy population by 173% to 246. Keep in mind, the extraordinary growth is coming from a low 2013 level when the city had just 90 multimillionaires.预计超级富豪人数增加最快的城市是胡志明市。莱坊的报告深入探究了全球富豪及其对房地产的偏好,预计胡志明市的富裕人口将增加173%,至246人。考虑到2013年该市只有90个千万富翁,预期增速显得非同寻常。Jakarta and Mumbai will also see significant boosts in UHNWIs. Jakarta is projected to have 857 super rich by 2023 (a rise of 148%), while Mumbai will have 1,302 (up 126%).雅加达和孟买的超高 值人士也将大大增加。预计雅加达到2023年将拥有超高 值人士857人(增幅为148%),孟买将有1,302人(增幅为126%)。Though double-digit economic growth in China may be a thing of the past, its economy is still expected to produce an explosion of wealth, Knight Frank said. China#39;s UNHWI population is forecast to increase 80% over the next decade to 14,213, which will place it third among nations, after the U.S. and Japan.莱坊称,在中国,虽然两位数的经济增长态势或已成为过去式,但其经济仍有望产生财富的激增。中国超高 值人士预计将在未来十年增至14,213人,涨幅为80%,中国将一举跻身于世界前三之列,紧随美国和日本之后。Among Chinese cities to have big jumps in multimillionaire numbers: Hangzhou, which is expected to see its wealthy headcount go to 1,002, an increase of 78% from its current level of 563. Shanghai will see its rich population rise 50% to 1,542, while Beijing is expected to be home to 1,872 UHNWIs by 2023, a rise of 42%.在中国的一些城市中,千万富翁的数量已有巨大飞跃:杭州,预计其富豪人数将在当前的563人基础上增加78%,达到1,002人;上海,预计将增加50%达到1,542人;北京,到2023年预计将拥有超高 值人士1,872人 ,增加42%。China#39;s cities won#39;t rival New York or London anytime soon as a magnet for the rich. (London boasts 4,224 UHNWIs and that figure is expected to grow 17% to 4,940 by 2023, for example.) But consider this: Hangzhou, a rising technology hub in China, is forecast to have more multimillionaires than Los Angeles in a decade#39;s time. Perhaps then, we#39;ll be thinking Moganshan instead of Beverly Hills.在吸引富人这方面,近期内中国城市不敌纽约或伦敦(以伦敦为例,目前其超高 值人士数量为4,224人,2023年将达4,940人,涨幅为17%)。不过想想看:在十年之内,杭州作为中国一个正在崛起的技术中心,预计将催生出比洛杉矶更多的千万富翁。也许到那时,我们自然而然想到的是莫干山(Moganshan),而不是比弗利山庄(Beverly Hills)。 /201403/279318

The ed Nations has launched an appeal for 1 million to help a vast portion of North Korea#39;s population now facing a food crisis.联合国呼吁为面临粮食危机的众多朝鲜人提供1亿1100万美元援助。U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator for North Korea Ghulam Isaczai told VOA#39;s Margaret Besheer the funding will help five U.N. aid agencies working on the ground to continue providing North Koreans with food, clean water and other basics in 2015.联合国朝鲜人道事务协调员伊萨克扎伊对美国之音记者贝希尔说,这笔款项将帮助在当地工作的五个联合国救援机构2015年继续为朝鲜人提供食品、洁净水和其他基本生活用品。The ed Nations says 70 percent of the population, or 18 million North Koreans, are food insecure and lack nutritional diversity.联合国说,70%的朝鲜人口,也就是1800万朝鲜人面临粮食短缺,而且缺乏多样化营养。But Isaczai said of those, nearly 2 million, mostly children, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly, are in dire need of food assistance, and another 350,000 women and children need vaccines and health supplies.伊萨克扎伊表示,在这些人当中,将近200万人亟需食品救援,其中大多数是儿童、妇、哺乳期妇女和老年人,此外还有35万妇女和儿童需要疫苗和保健用品。 /201504/369112While the US-China climate deal grabbed headlines this week, a mother-daughter team on the ground in Hong Kong were mounting their own ambitious vision: To inject environmental protection into the ethos of China’s business and consumer community.上周,中美气候协议登上了新闻头条,与此同时,香港的一对母女也在讲述自己的宏伟愿景:为中国企业界和消费群体注入环保风气。“We want to make a little Aspen [Institute] where people can discuss a sustainable development model 2.0,” Marjorie Yang, chair of the textile giant Esque, told me on stage at the Fortune Most Powerful Women International Summit in Hong Kong on Tuesday.上周二,在香港举行的《财富》“最具影响力女性国际峰会”(Fortune Most Powerful Women International Summit)上,纺织巨头香港溢达集团(Esquel)董事长杨敏德在台上告诉我:“我们希望做一个小小的阿斯彭[研究所],人们可以在此讨论可持续发展模式2.0。”In discussions of China’s mounting pollution and waste problems, Yang is emerging as a power player. Over the past decade, the Harvard MBA (who also happens to sport an MIT math degree) has applied sustainable practices to her factories, which produce shirts under labels like Ralph Lauren [fortune-stock symbol-, Banana Republic and Tommy Hilfiger. She’s also instituted worker-friendly practices for her 59,000-person (mostly female) workforce. Now she’s bent on taking that thinking beyond her own industry. But more on that—and Yang’s “little Aspen”—in a minute.在关于中国日益严重的污染和废弃物问题的讨论中,杨敏德正成为举足轻重的一员。作为哈佛的MBA【同时还拥有麻省理工学院(MIT)数学学位】,杨敏德在过去十年将可持续做法应用于自身工厂。其工厂生产拉尔夫o劳伦(Ralph Lauren)、Banana Republic以及Tommy Hilfiger等品牌的衬衫。杨敏德还在其5.9万名员工(其中大部分为女性)中推行了员工友好实践。如今,她决心将这种思维推广到自己的工厂之外。不过,我们待会儿再来讲这个以及杨敏德的“小阿斯彭”。First meet Yang’s daughter—32-year-old Dee Poon, whose father is Harvey Nichols retail tycoon Dickson Poon. Hers was a youth in Esquel factories and Harvey Nichols stores. When her mother recently asked Poon if she had Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, Dee confessed she hadn’t finished it—she’d aly grown up in that life.我们先来认识下杨敏德的女儿——现年32岁的潘楚颖。潘楚颖的父亲是Harvey Nichols百货公司零售巨头潘迪生。潘楚颖的青春期是在溢达集团工厂和Harvey Nichols百货公司门店中度过。杨敏德不久前问潘楚颖有没有看谢丽尔o桑德伯格的大作《向前一步》(Lean In),潘楚颖承认自己还没读完——她自身的经历正是书中描写的那样。But Poon studied philosophy, not business, at Harvard. She spent her 20s doing everything from making a short film to opening a pop-up store before returning to Esquel to revitalize the shirt brand her mother founded. The brand is called PYE, a combo of symbols reflecting Marjorie’s passion for math, profits, and fashion. (Note to shoppers—Dee is currently shopping for retail space in Manhattan.)不过,潘楚颖在哈佛学的不是商科,而是哲学。她20多岁时尝试了很多事情,拍过短片,开过快闪店,后来才回到溢达集团,着手振兴其母创建的衬衫品牌。该品牌名为PYE,字母组合反映了杨敏德对数学、利润以及时尚的。(买家们注意,潘楚颖目前正在曼哈顿寻找零售空间。)Poon told me that taking over PYE “in some ways saved my life. I need a constraint or I want to do everything.” Now her focus is building a brand around classic white shirts, mostly for men. The mother-daughter duo showed up on stage in matching PYE white shirts, joking they had never had a chance to dress alike when Dee was growing up.潘楚颖向笔者表示,接手PYE“在某种程度上救了我一命。我需要约束,不然我什么都想干。”现在,潘楚颖的工作重心是打造一个围绕经典白衬衫的品牌,主要是针对男性客户。这对母女档上台时都穿着PYE牌白衬衫,并开玩笑称,潘楚颖从小到大,他们母女都没有机会穿相似的衣。Like her mother, Dee Poon relentlessly talks sustainability. “We want a shirt brand that shares our life philosophy,” she said. Her commitment to customers: “Promising we can be as green and ethical and sustainable as we can be.”同其母亲一样,潘楚颖大谈可持续性。她表示:“我们希望我们的衬衫品牌能分享我们的生活理念。”潘楚颖对客户的承诺是:“保我们会尽己所能的践行环保理念、道德标准以及可持续性。”Now, though, this mother-daughter focus on sustainability—which they say dates back to Yang’s industrialist grandfather—is about to ramp up beyond Esquel. Next week, Yang is hosting a conference with academics and other business leaders to launch an initiative called “The Integral.”不过,如今这对母女最注重的是可持续性,并即将扩展到溢达集团之外。他们称,可持续性可追溯到杨敏德从事实业的祖父。本周,杨敏德将主办一场由学术界和其他商界领袖参与的会议,推出一项“The Integral”的倡议。Named for the Buddhist concept of a continuous pursuit of perfection, Integral seeks to get business leaders to focus attention on how to produce a more balanced model of growth in a country notorious for its damaging pollution and rapacious resource hunger. Yang’s effort comes at a time when China is moving toward urbanizing 300 million people in the next 30 years. Half of the buildings needed to house that population have yet to be built (one estimate has China building 20,000 to 50,000 new skyscrapers)—with 220 cities breaking the one-million-population mark.Integral意指不断追求完美的佛教理念,力求使企业领导者将注意力集中到如何在严重污染和掠夺式资源开发的中国,发展出更平衡的增长模式。杨敏德此举正当其时,未来30年,中国将有3亿农村人口迁徙到城市,而现有存量房只够容纳其中半数人口(有人估计中国将新建2万到5万座天大楼)。中国有220座城市人口将突破百万大关。Yang has plans to remodel a factory in the picturesque city of Guilian (a town that brings to mind classic Chinese landscape paintings, as Bill Clinton once noted.). In its textile production, she wants a focus on natural, plant-based dyes and zero discharge into the surrounding waters. The facility would also feature a museum, pavilions—and a “little Aspen” to mimic the Aspen Institute’s position as a home for influential thought leaders. The complex would stand as a showcase for how Chinese companies can pursue sustainable economic development, she said.杨敏德计划在风景如画的桂林市(比尔o克林顿曾表示,桂林如同一幅经典的中国山水画)重新打造一家工厂。在纺织品生产方面,杨敏德希望专注于采用天然植物型染料,对周围水域实现零排放。该工厂还将配建一所物馆,多个展览馆——以及一所“小阿斯彭”,以效仿阿斯彭研究所,成为具有影响力的思想领袖的大本营。杨敏德称,该建筑群将成为一个橱窗,展示中国企业如何实现可持续经济发展。In our MPW interview, Yang confessed that it had been difficult for her when her own daughter declared the PYE brand she founded was out-of-fashion and in need of revamping. “It hurt,” she conceded, adding that she still thinks of herself as young and fashion-forward. “I hang out with my 88-year-old mother. I do yoga with her.”在我们的最具影响力女性采访中,杨坦陈,当女儿宣称自己一手创建的PYE品牌已经过时,需要改造,她心里很不好受。她说道:“这很伤人。”她补充道,她认为自己仍然年轻,而且时尚前卫。“我与88岁的老母亲一起玩。我们还一起做瑜伽。”But forward-thinking comes in other forms, too. Yang’s plans for Integral—and the impact it could have on China’s future—show that this industrialist is still a cutting-edge visionary.不过,杨的时尚前卫还有其他表现形式。她对Integral项目的计划——及其可能对中国未来的影响——表明,她不仅是位实业家,还是位前卫的有识之士。This time, though, she’s thinking bigger. Much bigger.只不过,这一次她的理想更为远大。 /201411/344390

China’s politicians have legitimate historical reasons for expecting the industrialised West to take the lead on dealing with climate change. China is responsible for only 11% of past emissions while the West has flourished from centuries of burning fossil fuels.从历史角度看,中国官员们有理由期望已经高度工业化的西方带头解决气候变化问题。中国只占全球历史总排放量的11%,而西方已通过几个世纪的化石燃料使用实现了繁荣。However, China is now the main decider on the future global temperature and climate of the world, whether it likes it or not.然而,无论中国乐不乐意,它都已成为未来全球气温和气候的主要决定因素。UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon this week invites World Leaders to New York to break the deadlock on negotiating what to do about the international challenge of climate change. This is why my colleagues and I have published our latest annual update on the global carbon budget, to help focus minds. You can view the carbon budget like the housekeeping budget. How much carbon did all countries of the world last year spend, or emit to the atmosphere, and how much have we left to avoid dangerous climate change?联合国秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-Moon)本周邀请世界各国领导人访问纽约,以期打破全球在应对气候变化问题上的谈判僵局。为此,我和我的同事们发布了最新的年度全球“碳排放预算”报告,希望能帮助大家厘清思路。你可以把“碳排放预算”想象成家庭开预算——全世界所有国家去年花掉了多少预算(或者说向大气中排放了多少二氧化碳)?若要避免危险的气候变化,还有多少预算可以花?We show that measured as CO2 pollution instead of GDP, China is the leading global industrialist. China is not a developing country. In 2013, China put 10 billion tonnes of CO2 pollution into the atmosphere, almost one third of global emissions.我们的报告显示,若不以国内生产总值(GDP)、而以二氧化碳污染量来衡量,中国已是全球主要的工业国家之一,而不再是“发展中国家”。2013年,中国向大气中排放了100亿吨二氧化碳,占全球总排放量的近三分之一。China has been the largest emitter of CO2 pollution since 2006 when it overtook the US. Emissions in China now exceed the combined emissions of the US and Europe. If trends continue along the current trajectory, by 2019 China’s emissions will overtake the US, Europe and India combined.中国的二氧化碳排放量在2006年超过美国,自那以来,中国一直是全球最大的碳排放国。中国的碳排放量如今已超过美国和欧洲的总和。按现在的趋势发展下去,到2019年,中国的碳排放量将超过美国、欧洲和印度的总和。With China’s per capita emissions now larger than those of Europeans and 45% above the world average, it is difficult to argue against a leadership role for China in solving the international stalemate in climate negotiations, even when considering its lower GDP and the fact that 16% of Chinese emissions are from goods manufactured for elsewhere.中国的人均碳排放量如今已超过欧洲,是世界平均水平的1.45倍。即便是考虑到中国人均GDP水平仍然较低、以及中国有16%的碳排放源于为其他地区生产商品,也很难再继续坚持一个主张,即中国无须在打破气候谈判僵局中扮演主要角色。Construction of infrastructure is the major driver of China’s rapid economic and emissions growth. Our global carbon budget shows that emissions from existing infrastructure will lead China and the US to exceed their fair access to the remaining CO2 emissions a on a world per-capita basis. This a is necessary to keep climate change below two degrees warming above pre-industrial temperatures, a limit that is widely supported by scientists and policymakers around the world, including in China.基础设施建设是中国经济增长的主要驱动力,也是碳排放量迅速增长的主要原因。我们的统计显示,在中国和美国,来自现有基础设施的碳排放,会导致这两国的排放量超过它们在全球剩余人均碳排放配额中应占的比例。各国科学家和政策制定者——包括中国在内——普遍认同一点:全球气温上升,应以高出前工业时代的气温2摄氏度为限,而要将气温保持在这一限度内,就必须实施这样的配额。The CO2 emissions a, which gives the world a 66 per cent chance of remaining below 2 degrees is only about one third of that total emitted so far. At current emissions this means that there is just one generation (30 years) before the safeguards to a two-degree limit may be breached.如遵循这一配额,全球气温有66%的几率不超过上述2摄氏度的上限。而这一配额的总量,仅相当于迄今全球二氧化碳总排放量的三分之一。按照现在的排放速度,或许仅仅再有一代人的时间(30年),2摄氏度的上限就会被打破。The global costs of climate change will be borne locally – more flooding and coastal storm surges, more droughts, strains on food production and health. The benefits of cutting carbon emissions are also regional and local, particularly in the case of China.全球气候变化的代价,通常会由一些局部地区承担——那里会出现更多的洪涝灾害、台风和旱灾,对食物生产和人类健康构成挑战。同样,削减碳排放的好处也更多体现在局部地区,特别是就中国而言。Over 1 million deaths can be attributed each year to severe air pollution in China, said the Lancet Medical Journal. Children and old people are most at risk. Achieving ambitious targets for cutting carbon emissions means less air pollution.《柳叶刀》(Lancet)称,中国每年有逾100万人因严重的空气污染死亡。儿童和老年人面对的风险最大。如果中国能实现艰巨的减排目标,意味着空气污染将大幅缓解。Burning cheaper low-grade coal is more polluting. Coal burning in 2010 produced 3 million tonnes of microscopic particulates and 20 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide emissions that penetrate deep into lungs and the blood stream. These fine particles are classified a Group 1 carcinogen by the cancer agency by the World Health Organization.燃烧较便宜的低品位煤炭会造成更大的污染。2010年,中国燃煤排放了300万吨粉尘和2000万吨二氧化硫。这些精细粉尘会渗入人的肺部和血液中,被世界卫生组织(WHO)归为1类致癌物(Group 1 carcinogen)。Premier Li Keqiang in March declared “war against pollution and fight it with the same determination we battled poverty”. Action to fight air pollution, if well designed, also fights climate change and vice versa.今年3月,中国总理李克强曾宣称:“我们要像对贫困宣战一样,坚决向污染宣战。”其实,设计良好的抗污措施,也能有效地缓解气候变化,反之亦然。China could also lead the rest of the world in showing the world how to slash emissions. China has made energy efficiency progress at a scale unequalled anywhere else, but not fast enough. CO2 emissions in China doubled in the past ten years because of surging economic growth fuelled by coal. China currently aims to cut the equivalent of 3 billion tonnes of CO2 in efficiency improvements for the five years to 2015, the same as 60% of US emissions at 2010 levels, but this does not match the scale of Chinese emissions and the urgency of the climate problem.中国还可以起到表率作用,向世界展示如何减排。中国在提高能源使用效率方面取得的进步,超过了其他所有地区,但它进步的速度仍不够快。中国经济增长高度依赖燃煤,过去十年二氧化碳排放量翻了一番。目前,中国的目标是,在截至2015年的5年内,通过提高能源使用效率,将二氧化碳等价排放量减少30亿吨,这相当于美国2010年排放量的60%。不过,这一目标,与中国碳排放的规模、以及气候问题的紧迫性并不相称。China also deploys new technology and penetrates domestic and international markets at speeds unequalled in the West. It leads the world in renewable energy, investing more than one-fifth of the global total for 2012. In 2011, installed renewable capacity was aly twice the US. China#39;s wind turbines and hydropower stations are the world#39;s most productive. A binding international agreement on climate change instantly creates for China a global market for its low carbon technologies.在国内外市场中推广和运用新技术方面,中国的力度也是西方无法比拟的。中国在可再生能源领域的投资领先全球,2012年占全球总投资的五分之一以上。2011年,中国可再生能源装机容量已是美国的两倍。中国风力发电机组和水力发电站的发电量为全世界最高。一旦世界各国在气候变化上达成具有约束力的协议,就立刻会为中国的低碳技术创造一个全球市场。There are many long term economic advantages to implementing a low carbon future in China, with co-benefits to energy security, water security, food security, and therefore human security. In turn, ignoring the rise in global and local carbon emissions threatens access to sufficient food and water, human health and wellbeing and the long-term prosperity of China.一个更为低碳的中国,长期而言能带来许多经济益处,同时能提高能源安全、水资源安全、食品安全,从而有益于人类自身的安全。反过来说,如果忽视全球和中国国内碳排放的增长,将威胁到人类对充足的食品和水的获取、人类的健康和幸福、以及中国的长期繁荣。The global leadership of China is crucial for an international agreement in New York on climate change and the deployment of its low carbon technologies and market knowhow is essential around the world. Strong collective political action on climate change could bring China’s development journey to a new path of cleaner air and energy efficiency. The race is on for China to decouple economic growth from fossil fuel burning. The benefits are immediate for current citizens and for generations not yet born.要想在纽约峰会上就气候变化问题达成国际协议、在全球推广中国的低碳技术和市场经验,中国必须担当起带头人的角色。各国领导人们在抗击气候变化上更加坚定、协调一致,就能将中国的发展引导至一条更清洁、更高效的道路。对中国来说,现在就该加速让经济增长摆脱对化石燃料的依赖。这会给中国带来立竿见影的好处,不论对现在的中国人,还是未来几代人而言。Professor Corinne Le Quéré is an international authority in assessing carbon sources and sinks with the Global Carbon Project. She is Professor of Climate Science and Policy at the University of East Anglia, Director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and a regular visitor to the Tyndall Centre at Fudan University in Shanghai.作者科琳娜#8226;勒凯雷(Corinne Le Quéré)是全球碳计划(Global Carbon Project)组织评估碳来源和去向方面的国际权威。她是东英吉利大学(University of East Anglia)气候科学与政策研究教授、廷德尔气候变化研究中心(Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research)主任、复旦大学(Fudan University)廷德尔中心(Tyndall Centre)定期访问人员。Professor Dabo Guan is an expert in climate change economicsand policy. He is a Lead Author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Assessment on Mitigation and a winner of the Philip Leverhulme Prize for outstanding scholars at an international level. He is joining the University of East Anglia as Professor of Climate Change and Development.作者关达是一位气候变化经济学与政策研究方面的专家。他是联合国政府间气候变化专门委员会(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)《第三工作组评估报告:减缓气候变化》(Assessment on Mitigation)的主要作者之一。 /201409/331769

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