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呼和浩特女子医院网上预约和林格尔县妇幼保健人民中医院治疗妇科炎症多少钱Asia亚洲Politics in Tamil Nadu: Rank and Bile泰米尔纳德邦权术:地位与怒火A vicious inheritance battle engulfs the state government.一场惨烈的继位之战席卷政府。ON THE various occasions that O. Panneerselvam, or “OPS”, served as the chief minister of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, he made a point of being invisible.担任印度南部泰米尔纳德邦首席部长的O. Panneerselvam(或者”OPS”),一直低调行事。He knew that Jayaram Jayalalithaa, the head of his party, the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) and chief minister for most of the past 15 years, had chosen him as a stand-in whenever she was battling corruption charges or illness precisely because he was so self-effacing.他知道贾雅拉莉妲·贾亚拉姆——全印安纳德拉维达进步联盟的首脑和首席部长在过去十五年以来,无论是与腐败还是病魔斗争,都选择自己代其行事,因为他很谦逊。Even after “Amma”—“Mother”—a former idol of the Tamil film industry, died in December, Mr Panneerselvam meekly agreed to step aside as chief minister in favour of V.K. Sasikala , a woman who has no political experience beyond having lived with Ms Jayalalithaa for the past 30 years, but is claiming her mantle.甚至在”阿妈”,即“母亲”——泰米尔电影业的前偶像于12月逝世后,Panneerselvam先生也顺从地同意辞去首席部长一职来持V.K. Sasikala,这个女人除了过去30年和贾雅拉莉妲女士住在一起之外没有丝毫政治经验,但却将继承她的衣钵。On the night of February 7th, however, OPS embraced the sort of melodrama he has so long eschewed.然而在2月7日晚,OPS出席了之前一直回避的场合。Sitting cross-legged before a flower-strewn memorial to Jayalalithaa, he spent 40 minutes in silent meditation, as television crews assembled and news alerts set smartphones bleeping.盘腿坐在贾雅拉莉妲铺满鲜花的纪念碑前,他默哀了四十分钟,尽管周围挤满电视节目工作人员,智能手机发出新消息提示的嘟嘟响声。At last he spoke—or rather, he declared, the spirit of Amma spoke through him.最后他说话了——或者照他所说,是阿妈借他之口说出的话语。She had instructed OPS to tell the truth: that he had been unfairly forced from office by Ms Sasikala, who has aly become secretary-general of the AIADMK.她指示OPS道出真相:他遭受了Sasikala女士的不公排挤,而对方已经是AIADMK总秘书长。Others soon joined in.其他人很快参与进来。One of the party’s founders claimed that Jayalalithaa had been poisoned and pushed down the stairs.政党的创立者之一声称贾雅拉莉妲被人下毒并被推下楼梯Ms Sasikala called OPS the real traitor, and fired him as the party’s treasurer.Sasikala女士认为OPS是真正的叛徒,开除了OPS财务主管的职务。Tamil Nadu’s governor is supposed to be swearing in the new chief minister this week, but the outgoing one seems to want to rescind his resignation.泰米尔纳德邦的首席部长本应这周宣誓就职,但是即将离任的那位似乎打算撤销辞呈。Ms Sasikala was Jayalalithaa’s live-in assistant and gatekeeper.Sasikala女士是贾雅拉莉妲的生活助理和管家。In 1992 they were photographed at a temple taking turns to pour holy water on one another from silver urns, a ceremony typically performed by husbands and wives.1992年她们被拍到在一处寺庙里,轮流给彼此泼洒银瓮里的圣水,通常那是一种由夫妇执行的仪式。But they were a tempestuous pair: Jayalalithaa twice booted Ms Sasikala from her house before relenting.但她们是关系跌宕起伏的一对:贾雅拉莉妲曾两次解雇Sasikala女士,但都因心软作罢。They were both charged for amassing “disproportionate assets”; Jayalalithaa was briefly forced to step down—one of the occasions when OPS took her place.她们都被指控大量非法敛财;之后贾雅拉莉妲被迫暂时下台——这是OPS暂替她的情况之一。The charges may yet snare Ms Sasikala.Ms Sasikala女士也可能陷入指控当中。The AIADMK has always relied on larger-than-life personalities to win votes.AIADMK总是依赖有传奇色的人物来赢得选票。By the time Jayalalithaa died her face and name decorated countless canteens, hospitals and government handouts.贾雅拉莉妲去世前,她的画像和名字装饰了无数的餐厅,医院和政府补助用品。In such a personalised system, OPS has no incentive to go quietly.在这样的个性化制度里,OPS没有动机来保持缄默。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201703/501150赛罕区妇幼保健人民中医院男科大夫 身体部位的单词,与其他词语搭配可以形象地表达丰富的含义,今天我们要学的短语中,都含有;bone;这个词,bone的原意是;骨骼;,看看它的搭配能表达哪些意思呢?1. a bag of bones 骨瘦如柴的人If you dont eat more youll soon be a bag of bones.例句:你要再不多吃些,真的要变得骨瘦如柴了。2. be skin and bone 瘦得皮包骨;极瘦例句:He was all skin and bone after his illness.他病后瘦成了皮包骨。3. be as dry as a bone 干燥极了、口渴极了例句:Lets stop for a drink. Im as dry as a bone.咱们停下来喝点什么吧,我的嗓子干得直冒烟。4. be bone idle 懒到家了、懒到极点了The boy has a good enough brain but hes bone idle and wont study.例句:这个男孩脑子十分好,但就是懒惰成性,不肯学习。5. close to the bone 近乎下流的、卑鄙的例句: Some of his jokes were a bit close to the bone.他的有些笑话近乎下流。6. be chilled to the bone 冻僵了例句:You will be chilled to the bone without your overcoat.要是不穿大衣你会感到寒气刺骨。7. bone of contention 争论的焦点例句:The division of their fathers property is their bone of contention.父亲的财产分配问题是他们争吵的原因。8. feel in your bones 直觉地意识到,从内心(预)感到She felt in her bones that she would succeed.例句:她坚信自己能成功。9. bone up 刻苦用功读书I must bone up on my French before we go to Paris.例句:在我们去巴黎之前,我必须刻苦学习法语。 /201201/169334Hi,hi,I have a gift for you你好 嗨 我给你带了份礼物I see theres something in your hand,what is it我看到你拿着东西了 是什么I wrapped it in this beautiful bag that you gave me earlier我把它装在这个漂亮的袋子里 这还是你之前给我的This is a gift for you,open it,ok.Look at that,fantastic这是给你的礼物 你来打开 好 看啊 太棒了Theyre so sweet,This one is,I got this one for you.Thanks Chris这个真贴心 还有这个 这个是给你的 谢谢你 ChrisYeah,youre welcome,you just seem really great in them.thank you不客气 你带着这个看起来很帅 谢谢You know,it has your name on it just in case.I can put it on,I like it,nothing ever把你名字绣在上面只是以防万一 我能带上 我很喜欢 比什么都喜欢It looks really good.Thats great,Im so happy to meet you,We havent met you some time on the show看起来真的很好 太好了 我很开心能见到你 我们好久没在节目上见过了Weve met your wife before,shes been on the show.yes.Anna Fairs,this is his wife,Anna之前我们见过你的妻子 她来过节目 没错 Anna Faris 是他的妻子And I love you in the movie and I love you on the Parks and Recreation我很喜欢你在电影和《公园与游憩》里的表演Youre a very funny guy and youre a charming guy,and also I like you very much你很有意思 也很帅气 我喜欢你还有个原因because on the red carpet of the Emmys,youre wearing my underwear,yes你在艾美奖上走红毯时穿了我旗下品牌的内衣 是啊Coincidently,they stopped to talk to you and you all the same lifted it up and showed youre wearing the他们很凑巧拦住你进行采访 而你一点没犹豫就拉起衣 让我们看到你穿着它Im a heres fan,Dont.Im wearing a,I get some underwear on me right now.really我是这个节目的粉丝 别啊 我穿着呢 我现在就穿着一件 真的 /201611/477722乌兰察布妇幼保健院治疗女性疾病多少钱

呼和浩特中医院无痛人流手术多少钱呼和浩特玉泉区无痛人流手术哪家医院最好的 Subject:We are shoo-in. 迷你对话A: We have achieved a lot from last several project. How is the new one going?过去的几个项目我做得很有成效,那个新项目进行得怎么样呢?B: Very well. There is no way we can lose. What are shoo-in.很好啊,我们不会输的,我们是常胜将军。 地道表达 shoo-in 1. 解词释义shoo-in的意思是“(在竞赛中)认为肯定可以取胜的人、队等”“(在竞赛中)十拿九稳的获胜者,稳操胜券者”,“(在竞赛中)长胜将军”。其英文解释为:A shoo-in is a person or thing that seems sure to succeed. 2. 拓展例句e.g. Reagan was a shoo-in in the 1984 presidential election.一九八四年的总统选举中,里根是胜算在握。e.g. Diana is a shoo-in to win a scholarship.黛安娜获奖学金十拿九稳。e.g. Martins is a shoo-in for the presidency. The other candidates dont have a chance.马丁斯是总统一职的必然当选人。其他候选人决不可能当选。e.g. Ms Brown is still no shoo-in for the November election. 布朗夫人在 11 月的选举中仍然没有十足的胜算。 Ps :achieve from something的意思是“在做某事上获得成就,成绩或成效”。 /201408/317388呼和浩特市第一人民医院私密整形多少钱

和林格尔县妇幼保健人民中医院做人流多少钱点击此处收听往期节目 大家好,欢迎收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。我向来喜欢简单的东西,哪怕是复杂的事物,我也试图把它简单化。英语学习也是一样,希望这个在线英语课堂把烦燥,繁琐英语学习变成有趣,简单的事情,并能使你们坚持下去。 首先解答听众Tony的来信,他询问如何用英语表达“自找麻烦”,很简单,用“ask”这个单词,如:ask for it, ask for trouble。Stop complaining, you ask for it. 不要再抱怨了,这个结果是你自找的。Don't ask for trouble, you'd better run away. 不要自找麻烦,你最好还是逃之夭夭。 从上面的讲解中,我们其实是用到了“Ask for”这个词组,它的意思是“要求,请求,需要”等。如:I’m just asking for a nice smile from you, do you think it's too much?我只要求你一个善意的微笑,难道这也过份了吗?She asks for a fair treatment to her, instead of age discrimination. 她只要求公正的待遇,而不是年龄歧视。 那么,表达请假也可以用到“Ask for”这个词组,ask for a few days off 表示“请几天假”,如:I have to ask for this afternoon off because I need to go to hospital now. 我下午不得不请假,因为我现在要去看医生。We can ask for the whole week off to prepare for our coming exam. 我们可以请整个星期的假来准备我们的考试。May I ask for a coupe of days off? 我能请几天假吗?Don‘t try to ask for even one single day off, the answer is “No”. 不要试图哪怕是请一天的假,是“不行的”。I’m trying to ask for 2 days off to meet your schedule. 我努力请两天的假以便配合你的时间安排。 你们想在我的课上请假吗?,我的也是“No”。让我们一起学好英语吧!这里是《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,想听歌了吗?Jann Arden带来的 looking for it,I guess this is just the song you're looking for, take it home with you, and come here for another tomorrow!Faith的Email:faithchen@163.com QQ空间:http://757973360.qzone.qq.com /201108/148959 Subject:I dig it. 迷你对话A: Terry, we will have a conference tomorrow. Have you got the place and the time.Terry,我们明天要开会,你知道地点和时间吗?B: Yeah. I dig it.是的,我清楚了。 地道表达 dig 1. 解词释义Dig在美国俚语中,有“明白,知道,理解”的意思。相当于understand 的意思。 2. 拓展例句e.g. I dont dig that crazy stuff.我不懂那种没意思的玩意儿。e.g. I can dig it. I dont expect a band always to be innovative. 我可以理解。我不指望一个乐队总能创新。 /201407/309748呼和浩特有什么医院可以做人流内蒙古医学院附属医院挂号网



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