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呼和浩特治疗前列腺炎囊肿医院呼和浩特市第一人民医院看前列腺炎好吗呼市第一医院孕前检测多少钱 Sazerac recipe1/4 oz. absinthe2 oz rye whiskey1/4 oz. simple syrup3 dashes Peychauds bitterslemon peel garnishRinse a chilled old-fashioned glass with the absinthe. In a mixing cup, add ice, rye whiskey, simple syrup, and bitters. Stir the ingredients until well chilled. Strain the drink into the glass. Add the Lemon peel for garnish.Invented in the 1830s in New Orleans. Up until the 1870s, it was made with cognac and a few craft cocktail bars offer that alternative, but today its made with rye whiskey.For our Michigan Sazerac, Tammy Coxen with Tammys Tastings chose Journeyman Distillerys Last Feather Rye whiskey. The rye has Chicago origins, but is now produced in Three Oaks, Michigan. According to Journeymans website, ;The 90-proof whiskey is made from a blend of Midwestern rye and wheat with just a touch of barley added to round out the flavor.;The Sazerac is a simple cocktail. ;Its all about technique,; Coxen explains. You want to make sure youve got a glass thats chilled in advance before you rinse it with absinthe. Coxen actually uses a spray atomizer to coat the inside of the glass.Some recipes call for muddling a sugar cube soaked in bitters and a splash of water to sweeten the drink. Simple syrup does the same thing and the drink will taste no different.Dont shake a Sazerac. Stir it.Finally, dont forget the lemon peel garnish. Its very important. Theres something magical about the mingling of the licorice aroma of the absinthe and the scent of the lemon peel and its expressed oils. Some bartenders throw away the peel after expressing the oils into the drink. Leave it in. Its pretty and it smells good.201604/439296乌兰察布市割包皮多少钱

呼和浩特市宫颈糜烂哪家医院最好的呼市附属医院生殖中心妇科 Italian politics意大利政治Silvio Berlusconi, social worker社工贝卢斯科尼Embarrassments pile up but the former prime minister still has political clout纵使意大利政坛窘境重重,前总理依旧虎死余威在NOT good: but far from the worst outcome. On April 15th a Milan court ruled that Silvio Berlusconi should serve his sentence for tax fraud by helping in an old peoples home in Milan. But the former prime minister will be free to go to Rome from Tuesday to Thursday. In practice, the 77-year-old is unlikely to spend more than half a day a week pretending to help grannies, and then only for nine months.结果不怎么好,但也还不是最糟糕。4月15日米兰法院判决:西尔维奥·贝卢斯科尼需要在养老院做社工,来为其税务欺诈罪行买单。但是这位意大利前总理依旧可以在周二到周四自由前往罗马。实际上,77岁的贝卢斯科尼不太可能每周花上超过半天时间假装为老人们务,进而将刑期缩短到仅仅九个月。As often happens in Italy, a daunting punishment has been whittled down to a mild reproof. Mr Berlusconis four-year sentence was cut to one year because of an amnesty law from a centre-left government in 2006. He could not be jailed thanks to another law passed by one of his governments that bans the imprisonment of most over-70s. Since the court had ruled out house arrest, there is nothing to stop him leading his Forza Italia! party into next months European elections. The message that Mr Berlusconi was not just any criminal, but the leader of Italys main conservative party, was neatly conveyed to the judges when he spent some hours with the prime minister, Matteo Renzi, discussing a constitutional reform that requires his partys parliamentary support.正如意大利的一贯作风,一项骇人的刑罚会逐渐缩水,最后变成温和的责备。贝卢斯科尼四年监禁的判决因2006年中左翼政府的大赦法被缩短至一年。他最终能够逃脱牢狱之灾还要感谢他在任期间曾通过的另一项法律,该法律禁止监禁70岁以上的老人。再加上意大利法院决定不将其软禁,所以已经没有什么能都阻止贝卢斯科尼继续领导他的意大利力量党角逐下个月的欧洲选举。在现任总理马泰奥·伦齐(Matteo Renzi)与法官数小时的会面中,贝卢斯科尼除了是个罪犯,更是意大利主要保守党领导人的消息被巧妙地传递到了这位法官耳朵里。在会面中,他们提到意大利的宪法改革需要力量党的议会持。Despite this clout, three recent events have left the media tycoon and his party beleaguered. On April 10th a judge sequestered 49m (m) of assets said to belong to Roberto Formigoni, who was for 18 years governor of Lombardy and for all but three a leading member of Mr Berlusconis party. Mr Formigoni, who has joined Angelino Alfanos breakaway New Centre Right (NCD) party, is to go on trial next month charged with corruption and conspiracy. He denies wrongdoing.尽管有如此影响力,最近发生的三件事让这位媒体大亨和他的政党都陷入了困境。4月10日一位法官没收了据说属于在任18年的伦巴第(Lombardy)大区主席——罗伯托·福尔米戈尼(Roberto Formigoni)价值四千九百万欧元(合六千八百万美金)的财产。 而福尔米戈尼已经加入了由安杰利诺·阿尔法诺(joined Angelino)带领的、从力量党脱离出的新中右翼党(NCD)。他将在下个月因贪污罪和密谋罪的指控接受审判。他否认一切罪行。Then on April 12th police in Lebanon arrested Marcello DellUtri, the man who created Forza Italia! from nothing in the early 1990s, giving Mr Berlusconi the vehicle he needed for his political career. Mr DellUtri, a Sicilian, remained close, despite controversy over his alleged links to Cosa Nostra. He disappeared shortly before the supreme court could rule on his seven-year jail sentence for aiding and abetting mobsters. Lower-court judges ruled that his collaboration with the Mafia ceased before he founded Forza Italia! But his legal problems and fugitive status are embarrassing for the party and its leader.此外,4月12日黎巴嫩警方逮捕了二十世纪九十年代意大利力量党的最初的创始人马塞洛·德尔乌特里(Marcello DellUtri),他为贝卢斯科尼提供了其开创政治事业所需的工具。尽管对于他所声称的与黑手党的关系存在着争议,但西西里人德尔乌特里一直保持着与科萨·诺斯特拉(Cosa Nostra)密切的联系。在最高法院判决他帮助和教唆黑手党之罪入狱七年之前,他失踪了一小段时间。低级法院则判定他早在建立力量党之前就已经断绝了与黑手党的合作往来。但是他的法律问题和逃犯的身份让意大利力量党和党领袖贝卢斯科尼都非常尴尬。Lastly, on April 13th, Mr Berlusconis long-standing spokesman, Paolo Bonaiuti, confirmed he was leaving Forza Italia!, but not the centre-right—a hint that he will join the NCD. His decision to quit was evidence of tensions that have multiplied within Forza Italia! as the party has drifted without a clear direction in recent months.还有,4月13日贝卢斯科尼长久以来的发言人保罗·纳尤蒂(Paolo Bonaiuti)实:他将离开意大利力量党,但并不不会离开中右翼党派。这也暗示了他将加入新中右翼党。他离开的决定又一次凸显了近几个月因没有明确地方向而动荡不定的意大利力量党不断升级的紧张局势。The possibility that Mr Berlusconi might have been under house arrest drew renewed attention to his lack of a successor. Mr Alfano founded the NCD after Mr Berlusconi had handed him the leadership, only to snatch it back again. But whether Mr Alfano can build a credible alternative to Forza Italia! remains to be seen; five months after its foundation, the NCD averages less than 5% in the polls.贝卢斯科尼会被软禁的可能性让人们再一次关注谁会是他的继任者。贝卢斯科尼曾将党的领导权交给过阿尔法诺,也是在那之后阿尔法诺建立了新中右翼党。然而却不料贝卢斯科尼之后又夺回了领导权。但是阿尔法诺是否能够建立起一个可以信赖党派来代替力量党这还需要时间来检验。在其成立五个月之后,新中右翼党的各类民意调查中的平均持率还不到5%。Forza Italia!s share has slumped from 29% at last years election to 21%, below Beppe Grillos maverick Five Star Movement (M5S). Unless Mr Berlusconi can find a way to revive his partys fortunes, it is possible that the next confrontation in Italian politics will not be between right and left, but between Mr Renzis Democratic Party and an M5S that aspires to replace not just all the mainstream parties but parliamentary democracy itself.力量党的持率也由29%骤降至21%,低于由贝佩·格里洛(Beppe Grillo)领导的特立独行的五星运动党(M5S)。除非贝卢斯科尼能找到合适的方法来拯救他领导的力量党的命运,否则意大利政坛的下一次交锋将不会是在左与右之间,而会成为伦齐领导的意大利民主党与不仅想要取代所有意大利主流政党更企图代替民主党掌权议会的五星运动党之间的一次角逐。译者:邵灵玲 校对:徐珍 译文属译生译世 /201509/398543内蒙古省呼和浩特首大医院包皮手术怎么样

呼和浩特市中医医院男科Astrophysics天体物理Dust to dust尘归尘,土归土A dramatic recent “discovery” in physics is looking rather dodgy近期,物理学中的一项戏剧性发现看上出非常模糊IN MARCH Chao-Lin Kuo, an astrophysicist at Stanford University, filmed himself knocking on the door of his colleague Andrei Linde. In the 1980s Dr Linde was one of several cosmologists who developed the theory of cosmic inflation, which holds that, in the first instants of its existence, the universe underwent a brief period of faster-than-light expansion.三月,斯坦福大学天体物理学家郭兆林拍下了自己造访同事Andrei Linde的一幕。上世纪80年代,Linden士是少有的几位发展了宇宙膨胀论的宇宙学家。宇宙膨胀论认为,在其出现的那一瞬间,宇宙经历了一段超光速膨胀。Because inflation neatly cleaves several knotty problems in cosmology, many astrophysicists (though not all) subscribe to the theory. But direct, unambiguous evidence for it has been lacking. That was why Dr Kuo was visiting Dr Linde—to tell him that, thanks to the work of a telescope in Antarctica called BICEP-2, such evidence had now been found. After digesting the news, an emotional Dr Linde broke open a bottle of champagne to celebrate. The has been viewed almost 3m times.因为膨胀论能完整解释宇宙学中的一些难题,许多天体物理学家都倾向于该理论。但是膨胀论仍缺乏直接、清晰的据。这正是郭士拜访Linde士的原因—在南极洲的BICEP-2天文望远镜发现了这种据。收到消息后,Linde士开了一瓶香槟来庆祝。这段视频已经被浏览了将近300万次。It now seems that Dr Kuo might have to make a new , informing Dr Linde that he has wasted a bottle of bubbly. A paper just released by the team behind Planck, a European space telescope, casts serious doubt on the BICEP-2 result. What looked like a clear window back into the earliest moments of the universe might simply have been a faint glow from the diaphanous clouds of dust that exist between the stars.现在好像郭士不得不再做一个视频,告诉Linde士他浪费了一瓶香槟。新近有文献报道称,欧洲的普朗克天文望远镜拍到了对BICEP研究构成重大质疑的结果。回溯到宇宙最初时间,看上去似乎是清晰的窗户的图像可能仅仅是恒星间的透明灰云折射的淡淡光芒。The BICEP-2 team, led by John Kovac of Harvard University, had been studying the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB)—a weak bath of radiation, left over from the Big Bang, that suffuses the universe. They were looking for evidence of primordial gravitational waves. These are ripples in the fabric of space, created, if the theory of inflation is correct, as the early universe was undergoing its post-creation growth spurt.由哈佛大学John Kovac领导的BICEP-2小组长期研究宇宙微波背景辐射,即一种由大爆炸产生的微弱辐射,弥漫在宇宙中。他们在找寻原始引力波的据。如果膨胀论是正确的的话,那么这种由宇宙在初创后迸发过程中产生的波会存在于空间架构中。A dusty trail布满尘埃的小径Such waves should have left a distinctive, polarised mark imprinted upon the CMB. And, in a press conference on March 17th, that is exactly what the BICEP-2 team claimed to have found. It was the biggest news in physics since the discovery, in 2012, of the Higgs boson, and it was widely covered (including in The Economist). Not only would the BICEP result have confirmed the theory of inflation, but studying the gravitational waves it purported to have found would have given cosmologists a way to look back to the very earliest moments of the universe.这种波应该在宇宙微波辐射背景上留下了一个独特的、极化的记号。并且,在3月17日的新闻发布会上,BICEP-2小组宣布发现的,正是这个记号。这是从2012年希格斯玻色子发现以来,物理学界最大的新闻,并广为传播(包括《经济学人》)。BICEP的结果不仅确认了膨胀论这么简单,研究他们宣称所发现的引力波,将为宇宙学家提供一条回溯宇宙最开始的时刻的方法。But gravitational waves are not the only things that BICEP-2 might have picked up. The Milky Way is filled with thin clouds of interstellar dust which, under the influence of the galaxys magnetic field, scatter and polarise starlight. The BICEP team were confident that the contamination from the dust was small enough not to affect their detection of gravitational waves. But the behaviour of the dust is poorly understood, says Chris Lintott, an astronomer at Oxford University, and not everyone was convinced.但是引力波并不是BICEP-2发现的唯一一件事情。中遍布的星级尘埃,在星系磁场的作用下,散射或极化星光。BICEP小组相信,灰尘的污染非常小,不足以影响其对引力波的测定。但是牛津大学的天文学家Chris Lintott称,对灰尘行迹我们理解不足,而且无法令所有人信。The Planck results suggest that they were right to be sceptical. The European telescope has just unveiled a map of dust density across the entire sky. It suggests that, contrary to the BICEP teams hopes, the signal from the dust is so strong that the telescope might well have seen no primordial gravity waves at all.Planck小组的结果说明,怀疑论者是正确的。欧洲天文望远镜最近提出了一份整个天空中的灰尘的密度分布图。分布图显示,同BICEP小组的假定相反,灰尘发出的信号很强,天文望远镜甚至无法检测到任何的原始引力波。That, at least, is the most likely interpretation, but it is not the only one. The Planck team are careful to stop short of saying that their results are fatal to BICEPs claims, pointing out that applying their data to the BICEP results involves considerable “statistical and systematic uncertainties”. There are, in other words, a couple of glimmers of hope that signs of inflation have actually been seen. One is that the precise behaviour of the dust is still mysterious, which means the mathematical transformations used to apply Plancks data to BICEPs results may turn out to be incorrect. And even if those maths are sound, statistics may ride to the rescue—for if the amount of radiation from the dust is at the lowest end of Plancks estimates, a small gravitational-wave signal may survive.至少这是最有可能的解释。但却不是唯一的。普朗克小组谨慎地不曾宣称他们的结果对BICEP小组的声明有颠覆效果,而是指出,将他们所获得的数据应用于BICEP的结论中会产生可观的“统计学和系统上的不确定性”。换句话说,有些闪烁有望作为膨胀论确实存在的据。一方面,灰尘行迹的精确表述依然是个谜,也就是说,将普朗克小组的数据转换为BICEP结果的数学过程可能是错误的。而且即使这些数学转换可靠,数据也可能出现问题。因为如果灰尘的辐射数量处在普朗克小组估计的最低端,可能会有一点点引力波信号留存。Rowing back on a triumphant announcement about the first instants of creation may be a little embarrassing, but the saga is a useful reminder of how science works. There is no suggestion that anyone has behaved dishonourably. Admittedly, the BICEP teams original press conference looks, with hindsight, seriously overconfident. More information-sharing between the various gravitational wave-hunters, all of whom guard their data jealously, might have helped tone down the triumphalism. But science, ideally, proceeds by exactly this sort of good-faith argument and honourable squabbling—until the weight of evidence forces one side to admit defeat.收回早期的胜利宣言可能有点尴尬,但是这个冒险非常恰当地提醒了我们,科学工作者的工作方式。没人会觉得谁的表现有愧其身份。固然,BICEP小组最初的新闻发布会,事后来看,过度自信了。在各种引力波守望者当中共享贡多信息可能有助于缓和这种胜利主义,可惜他们都视自己的数据如命根子。但是,想象中的科学,正是通过这种善意的争论和尊重彼此的吵闹,直到据的分量迫使一方承认失败。That could happen soon: the Planck and BICEP teams have pooled their data and are working on a joint paper, expected to be published in the next few months. Information from other gravity-wave hunting experiments—including some run by the BICEP team themselves—will shed extra light, too. It is not yet impossible that Dr Kovac and his colleagues will be proved right after all. But at this point it would take a brave cosmologist to bet on it.这一幕可能很快上演:普朗克小组和BICEP小组已将各自的数据凑到一起,并联合撰写论文,预计将于接下来的几个月中发表。通过其他引力波探测实验,包括BICEP小组自己的,将会摆脱多余的光。可能最终Kovac士及其同事无法自圆其说。但在这一时刻,需要勇敢的天文学家站出来孤注一掷。From the print edition: Science and technology原文出自《经济学人》 翻译:赵兴昊 译文属译生译世 /201501/351798 呼伦贝尔市私密整形哪家医院最好的呼和浩特清水河县流产手术多少钱



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