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呼和浩特首大医院处女膜修复多少钱呼市第一人民医院治疗直肠炎多少钱After missteps in mobile, Intel is betting big on the next big shift in computing: The Internet of Things.英特尔当初错过了抢占移动市场的先手,被AMD和高通钻了空子。但眼下,英特尔决心豪赌计算领域的下一次大变革:物联网,让英特尔的芯片进入一切有形的物体。In June, Intel pulled back the veil on a number of significant advancements in processing technology. It introduced its next-generation Xeon Phi processor, a piece of technology that the company predicts will drive 20 percent annual revenue growth in its high-performance computing business in the next few years. It announced new architecture for its versatile Atom chip, found in everything from tablet computers to cars. And it offered an update to the myriad processor projects—Bay Trail! Merrifield! Avaton! Rangely!—in development.今年六月,英特尔(Intel)披露了一些处理器技术的重大进展。首先是推出了英特尔的下一代至强融核(Xeon Phi)处理器。据英特尔公司自行估计,未来五年,这款处理器将给它的高性能计算业务带来每年20%的收入增长点。同时,英特尔还公布了Atom芯片的新架构。Atom可以说是芯片界的万金油,从平板电脑到汽车,几乎随处都是它大显身手之地。另外,英特尔还对正在研发中的很多处理器项目(如Bay Trail、Merrifield、Avaton和Rangely等等)进行了升级。Much of this plays into Intel’s vision of the future, one that signals the company’s commitment to developing the so-called Internet of Things—and, perhaps more important, its intense desire not to miss out on another major shift in computing.英特尔的这番大手笔充分彰显了它对未来的雄心壮志,以及它致力于开发所谓“物联网”的决心。更重要的是,它彰显了英特尔绝不放弃计算行业另一次重大变革的决心。The world’s largest maker of semiconductors was, without question, a late entrant to the mobile computing space. Though Intel has historically dominated the supercomputing and personal computer markets, its lack of foresight (or timing) for the sudden and rapid growth of the mobile market allowed competitors like AMD and Qualcomm to steal market share in the fastest-growing computing arena. With PC sales declining—Intel derives some 70 percent of its revenues from the PC market—the chipmaker is certainly aware of its own mortality. It doesn’t plan to miss the boat a second time.虽然英特尔是全球最大的半导体产品制造商,但它在移动计算行业无疑起步较晚。虽然英特尔一直主宰着超级计算机和个人电脑市场,但近年来由于对移动市场的突然崛起缺乏远见(又或许是时机把握得不好),使得AMD和高通(Qualcomm)等竞争对手得以在这个快速崛起的市场上从容地窃取不少市场份额。随着PC销量逐渐下滑(英特尔有70%左右的收入来自PC市场),英特尔显然已经意识到继续墨守成规的命运。它不打算第二次错过这条船。“We’ve seen the screenification of the world, and now we’re moving to computational power in the environment,” says Brian David Johnson, Intel’s resident futurist and principal engineer, of the transition from smartphone- and tablet-centric computing toward wearable technology and other new types of computing that comprise the Internet of Things. “Before, we had to ask ourselves, ‘Can we take a desktop and make it fit onto somebody’s lap? Can we take a laptop and make it small enough to fit in somebody’s pocket?’ The question was always, ‘Can we do it?’ But now, as the size of meaningful computing power approaches zero, you can turn anything into a computer. So the question now becomes, ‘What do we want to turn into a computer, and why?’”英特尔公司的未来学家、首席工程师布莱恩o大卫o约翰逊指出:“我们已经见了世界的屏幕化,我们也在让我们的计算能力顺应这种环境进行转变。”也就是把以智能手机和平板电脑为中心的计算能力,向以可穿戴技术和物联网技术为中心的计算能力转变。“从前我们曾经问过自己:‘我们可以把台式电脑缩小到可以放在人们的膝盖上吗?我们能把笔记本电脑缩小到能放到人们的口袋里吗?’当时问题总是‘我们能做到吗?’但是现在,随着承载重要计算能力的芯片尺寸缩小到几乎可以忽略不计,大家几乎可以把任何东西变成一台电脑。因此现在的问题也就变成了:‘我们想把什么东西变成一台电脑?为什么?’”Intel clearly expects the answers to that question to be vast and diverse. During the June announcement, Johnson and other company representatives drove home the idea that the possibilities for computing applications grow exponentially as the size of meaningful computing power approaches zero, creating opportunities for mobile computing that go far beyond the tablet or smartphone. Intel thinks 500 million pieces of wearable tech will be sold globally each year by 2020. Each will pack some degree of processing power to consume and create data. (According to Gartner research cited by Intel, all of that data will generate some trillion in value.)在英特尔看来,这个问题的显然非常广泛。在六月份的一份公告中,约翰逊和英特尔的其他代表们详细阐述了随着承载重要计算能力的芯片尺寸缩小到几乎可以忽略不计,移动计算能力可以从平板电脑和智能手机发展到其它物品上的可能性。英特尔公司认为,到2020年,全球每年将能够售出5亿部可穿戴设备。其中任何一台可穿戴设备都具有一定的处理能力,消费、产生数据。【据英特尔公司引用高德纳研究公司(Gartner)的数据,这些可穿戴设备产生的数据所具有的价值将高达2万亿美元。)Key to Intel’s bid in the area are two new products, Galileo and Edison. The first is a development board that is compatible with Arduino, the open source electronics prototyping platform popular with “makers” and other do-it-yourself tinkerers. The second is a tiny system-on-a-chip, roughly the size of an SD card, that can be integrated into consumer products to provide processing, memory, storage, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with a range of pluggable sensors.英特尔对物联网领域的赌注主要集中在两款新产品上,一款产品叫做“伽利略”,另一款叫做“爱迪生”。“伽利略”是一块售价60美元的开发板,可以与深受DIY爱好者们喜爱的Arduino开源电子原型设计平台兼容。“爱迪生”是一个小巧的系统芯片,虽然只有一张SD卡大小,但却可以集成到消费产品中,提供数据处理、存储、Wi-Fi、蓝牙功能,还可以与一系列即插式传感器兼容。Galileo is notable because it allows someone to retrofit a disconnected electronic device to become connected and be controlled from a smartphone. It’s a capability that other controller boards aly allow, albeit with different architectures. Edison takes the general concept a step further, Johnson says, by allowing product developers to use it in items such as clothing, smart watches, smart glasses, personal robots, and other Internet-enabled appliances and devices.“伽利略”之所以非常有名,是因为人们可以用它把一台不能联网的设备改装成一台联网设备,然后用智能手机对它进行控制。这个功能并不新鲜,市面上的其它控制板也能做到,只不过基础架构全然不同。“爱迪生”则把这个理念推进得更深了一步,使开发者可以把它用在衣、智能手表、智能眼镜、私人机器人和其它能够联网的器具和设备上。If product developers take to Edison in a major way—”if” being the key word—it could put Intel out in front of its competition in the early days of the Internet of Things, a position the company has deeply coveted in the age of mobility. Better still, growth in Internet of Things technologies will also drive growth in Intel’s other major non-PC segments, a fact not lost on the company. More connected devices mean more data generated by those devices and the consumers that use them. More data means more data crunching, which means more processors needed to drive high-performance computing hardware as big data increasingly becomes a cornerstone technology for all kinds of enterprises.如果“爱迪生”成了产品开发者们采用的主流产品——当然只是“如果”——那么英特尔就将在物联网的早期发展阶段占尽先机,这也正是移动时代以来英特尔一直梦寐以求的局面。此外,物联网技术的发展还能促进英特尔其它非PC业务的增长。联网的设备越多,意味着这些设备产生的数据就越多,同时也意味着使用这些设备的人越多。更多的数据意味着需要更强大的数据处理能力。另外,随着大数据越来越成为各种类型的企业的柱技术,要带动大数据所需的高性能计算机硬件,自然也就需要更多的处理器。This summer’s launch of Edison should provide Intel with an honest measure of whether the product designers aly developing the wearable and embedded technologies that will populate the future will align their vision with Intel’s own. If they do, Intel could soon find itself powering any number of newly-connected devices that fall outside of the traditional computing markets. Which, Johnson notes, is exactly where Intel would like to be: inside.“爱迪生”在今夏的发布,让英特尔有机会老老实实地检验一下,看看那些已经在研发可穿戴设备和嵌入式技术的产品设计师们的愿景是否与英特尔自己的愿景一致。如果设计师们真的与英特尔一拍即合,那么英特尔的芯片不久就会安装在各种新型联网设备里,而这些新型设备必将超出计算市场的范畴。约翰逊指出,这正是英特尔想要达到的目标——进入物联网。“We’re not a PC company, we’re not a tablet company, we’re not a smartphone company. We’re an intelligence company,” Johnson says. “We can bring intelligence to anything. To me, Edison and Galileo are the first expression of that vision.”约翰逊说:“我们并不是一家PC公司,也不是一家平板电脑公司或智能手机公司,我们是一家智能公司。我们可以把智能带到任何东西上。在我看来,‘爱迪生’和‘伽利略’就是这种愿景的第一次表达。” /201407/311410赤峰妇幼保健人民中心医院治疗阳痿早泄 呼和浩特市第一医院妇科检查多少钱

赛罕区妇幼保健人民中医院男科医生For jealous partners it could be the ultimate app -allowing you to see everything your partner does on their phone.对那些爱吃醋的“连体婴”来说,这款应用可谓是终极神器了——它能让你对恋人手机上的任何操作一清二楚。The mCouple app shows text messages, contacts, call history, and Facebook messages in real time.mCouple 应用能实时告诉你他手机上的短信,通话,通话记录和脸书网信息。It can even show you the GPS co-ordinates of the phone, allowing you to see exactly where your partner is at all times.它能告诉你恋人手机所处位置的GPS定位,让你随时知道你的恋人身在何处。One users claims the app worked on his girlfriend#39;s phone.一名用户在女友的手机上装了这款应用,称其十分好用。#39;It really works. Thanks to this app, I am single right now because I caught my ex girlfriend cheating, #39; he said.“这款应用的确很好用。多亏了它,我现在恢复了单身,因为我发现我的前女友劈腿。”他说。#39;By the way she was the one who told me to download this one.#39;“顺便说,正是我的前女友让我下载这个应用的。”The free app creates an ID for each user.这款应用会为每个用户创立一个账号。Users can share IDs and start “mutually tracking” each other’s devices.不同的用户可以查询对方的账号,然后开始“相互跟踪”对方的手机。Users can then track this information from anywhere by signing into an online account and viewing it all on a dashboard.无论身在何处,用户们都可以通过这款应用查询相关讯息,只需要登录一个网络账号,然后信息就会显示在仪表板上。The dashboard produces charts that show which apps have been used and how often, while the person’s location is plotted on to a map.在仪表板上会有一个表格,显示手机使用过的应用名称和使用频率。还会显示一个地图,告诉你手机使用者现在的位置。 /201407/315779乌兰察布治疗阳痿哪家医院最好的 内蒙古医科大学第二附属医院泌尿外科

呼和浩特那里做激光包皮手术好的 Reading these days is often a few minutes on the phone in the grocery-store line, not an hour curled up with a book on the couch. This quick-hit ing is sparking a renewed interest in the art of speed ing.在当下,阅读常常就是在超市排队时拿着手机看上几分钟,而不是蜷在沙发上拿着一本书读上一个小时。这种快餐式阅读重新引起了人们对速读艺术的兴趣。People more than ever on mobile devices and usually in 10-minute bursts, according to research by e-ing subscription services. To tap into this, there#39;s a revival in traditional speed-ing classes as well as new apps that promise to make ing on a small screen easier.据电子书订阅务机构数据,如今人们在移动设备上读书的频率比以往任何时候都高,每次通常是读上10分钟。为了利用这一点,传统速读课程正在复兴,旨在使小屏幕阅读更加便利的新应用软件也在不断涌现。(How fast do you ? Time yourself and try speed-ing tips in an interactive.)(你的阅读速度有多快?测测你的速度,并尝试一下互动图里的速读窍门。)When Brett Kirby, age 33, s the news in the morning, he doesn#39;t grab a newspaper or browse a website. He picks up his phone and has his articles flashed to him, one word at a time, 650 words a minute.早上读新闻的时候,33岁的布雷特·柯比(Brett Kirby)不看报纸也不看网站。他拿着手机,让文章在眼前一个词一次、一分钟650个词地闪现。Mr. Kirby, a research fellow in medicine at Duke University, is a beta-tester for Spritz, a mobile app that claims to help people faster without the bother of classes.柯比是杜克大学(Duke University)的药学研究员,他这样做是在为手机应用“Spritz”进行β测试。这款应用声称有助于人们不去上速读课就能够提高阅读速度。Promises of blazing through #39;War and Peace#39; have been around since the Evelyn Wood speed-ing classes of the 1960s, and demand for in-person classes is growing, says Paul Nowak, founder of Iris Reading LLC, a Chicago-based company that hosts similar courses. Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, based in Mission, Kan., still offers workshops, DVDs and other resources, though it is smaller than its heyday. (Calls to its offices weren#39;t returned.)芝加哥速读课程公司Iris Reading LLC的创始人保罗·诺瓦克(Paul Nowak)说,从20世纪60年代伊夫琳·伍德(Evelyn Wood)开办速读课以来,就一直有人允诺可以让人们迅速读完《战争与和平》(War and Peace),对于当面授课课程的需求也在增长。堪萨斯州米逊市(Mission)的“伊夫琳·伍德阅读动态公司”(Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics)仍然在提供速读培训班、DVD和其他资源,不过赶不上它全盛时期的规模了。(打给该公司办公室的电话没有得到回复。)Spritz Technology Inc. co-founder and CEO Frank Waldman says using the app is a more modern way of ing. The company#39;s goal isn#39;t to help undergraduates cram for exams, he says, but to change how people keep up with mobile news. #39;You wouldn#39;t really want to classic lit or Shakespeare on [Spritz],#39; he says. #39;We want to work on focused ing on the go.#39; Samsung Group#39;s new Galaxy S5 phone and Gear 2 smartwatch come with the Spritz app preloaded.Spritz Technology Inc.的联合创始人兼CEO弗兰克·瓦尔德曼(Frank Waldman)说,利用应用软件是一种更加现代的阅读方式。他说,公司的目标不是帮助本科生突击备考,而是改变人们随时阅读手机新闻的方式。他说:“你不会真的想拿Spritz来阅读古典文学或莎士比亚。我们是想解决移动过程中集中精力阅读的问题。”三星集团(Samsung Group)的新手机Galaxy S5和智能手表Gear 2预装了Spritz应用。The average college graduate s about 250 words a minute, says Michael Masson, professor of psychology at the University of Victoria in Canada. A 7-year-old s about 80 words a minute, while a sixth-grader s about 185 words a minute. People who use Velocity, a .99 iPhone and iPad app that launched in September tend to go with its default speed of 300 words a minute, says the app#39;s co-creator Matthew Bischoff. But 400 and 500 words a minute are also popular presets.SpritzSpritz应用旨在帮助人们提高阅读速度。这款应用按照用户选择的速度向他们闪现文字。加拿大维多利亚大学(University of Victoria)心理学教授迈克尔·梅森(Michael Masson)说,大学毕业生平均每分钟阅读250个词左右,七岁儿童每分钟读80个词左右,六年级学生每分钟阅读185个词左右。iPhone及iPad应用“Velocity”(2013年9月份发布,2.99美元)联合开发者马修·比肖夫(Matthew Bischoff)说,使用这款应用的人往往采用其每分钟300词的默认速度,但也有很多人预设为每分钟400词到500词。Spritz says its studies show people who were ing 250 words a minute sped up to ing 400 words a minute after using Spritz for 20 minutes with no loss in comprehension.Spritz说,其研究显示,在使用该应用20分钟之后,每分钟阅读250词的人速度提高到了每分钟400词,同时理解程度没有降低。Can you really boost your ing speed so much so quickly? Going from 250 to 400 isn#39;t beyond the realm of possibility, says Dr. Masson. But in general, comprehension gets worse the faster people , he says.真的可以这么快地提高阅读速度吗?梅森士说,从250词提高到400词并非不可能。但他说,从总体上讲,读得越快,理解程度越低。In a 1987 seminal study on speed ing, Dr. Masson tested the text comprehension of three groups: people ing at a normal speed (about 240 words a minute); people skimming at 600 words a minute; and people who had taken an Evelyn Wood course and through the text at 700 words a minute. (The three groups on a TV monitor.)在1987年的一次开创性研究中,梅森士测试了三组人的文字理解程度。一组以正常速度阅读(约每分钟240词),一组以每钟600词略读,还有一组曾经参加伊夫琳·伍德的课程,以每分钟700词的速度阅读。(三组人都是在电视屏幕上阅读。)The skimmers and speed-ers did much worse at answering comprehension questions afterward, especially ones about specifics or technical material. #39;One can have the impression of being able to immediately identify what those words are, but if they are going by at such a high rate, it#39;s virtually impossible#39; to come away with coherent ideas from the text, Dr. Masson says.略读者和速读者在事后回答测试理解程度的问题时成绩差了很多,特别是那些有关规格或技术材料的问题。梅森士说,“人们可以在印象中记得当时能够马上认出那些词是什么,但如果以这么快的速度阅读”,从文本中获得条理分明的观点“几乎是不可能的”。Mobile speed-ing apps use #39;rapid serial visual presentation,#39; or RSVP, in which words are flashed on the screen at a preset rate. The technology is based on the premise that a lot of ing time is wasted by moving our eyes back and forth.手机速读应用采用了“快速序列视觉呈现”(RSVP)技术,让词汇以预先设定的速率在屏幕上闪现。这项技术所依据的假定是,我们的很大一部分阅读时间都浪费在目光的前后移动上面。RSVP hurts comprehension because it doesn#39;t let people look back at previous words, says Keith Rayner, a psychology professor at the University of California-San Diego. In a study he co-authored, 40 college students passages at their natural pace and also while using a technology that didn#39;t allow them to refer back. In the first trial, subjects had 75% comprehension accuracy. In the second trial, they had only 50% accuracy.加州大学 地亚哥分校(University of California-San Diego)心理学教授基思·雷纳(Keith Rayner)说,RSVP有损理解,因为它不允许人们回顾前面的文字。在他跟别人合作的一次研究当中,40名大学生以自然速度阅读段落,然后采用一项不允许他们往回看的技术阅读。在第一次实验中,实验对象的理解准确率为75%;第二次实验当中,他们的准确率只有50%。Last year, nearly two million people participated in Iris#39;s in-person courses, compared with 417,000 in 2012 and 22,517 in 2007, when the company began.去年接近200万人参加了Iris公司的当面授课课程。2012年人数为41.7万,2007年(该公司成立的那一年)有22,517人参加。The company teaches a three-step process involving #39;preview#39; (look at headings and subheads for main ideas), #39;overview#39; ( the first sentence of every paragraph#39;) and #39;#39; (go from beginning to end, but only if the previous two steps have convinced you the article is worth ing).这家公司传授的方法分为三个步骤,包括“预览”(看标题和副题了解大意)、“概览”(阅读每个段落的第一句)、“阅读”(从头到尾地读,但前提是前面两步让你相信这篇文章值得读)。None of this is possible using an RSVP app. In 2010, Iris launched its own free RSVP app, AccelaReader. #39;People still have to on the printed page or on a full screen, so people need to know how to well in both situations,#39; Mr. Nowak says.使用RSVP应用是无法实现这三个步骤的。2010年,Iris推出它自己的免费RSVP应用“AccelaReader”。诺瓦克说:“人们仍然需要在印刷页面上阅读或整屏阅读,所以需要知道怎样在两种情况下都能读好。”San Francisco-based startup Plympton Inc. has a different solution for people ing in short bursts on their phone. In March, Plympton launched its first iPhone app, the .99-a-month Rooster subscription service. Rooster can send users a 15-minute chunk of a novel-selected every month by Rooster#39;s team-each day. (The 15-minute chunk is calculated using an average speed of about 200 words a minute.) Upcoming selections include #39;The Kreutzer Sonata#39; by Leo Tolstoy.旧金山初创公司Plympton Inc.为在手机上短时间阅读的人们提供了一套不同的解决方案。今年3月,该公司推出它的第一款iPhone应用“Rooster”,月订阅费4.99美元。Rooster可以每天向用户发送一段15分钟的小说文字,这些文字每月由Rooster的团队挑选出来。(15分钟是采用每分钟约200词的平均速度计算的。)即将发送的选段包括列夫·托尔斯泰(Leo Tolstoy)的《克鲁采奏鸣曲》(The Kreutzer Sonata)。Rooster#39;s approach is designed to make the thought of starting a book more appealing, says Yael Goldstein Love, Rooster#39;s editorial director and a novelist.Rooster编辑总监、小说家亚埃尔·戈尔茨坦-洛夫(Yael Goldstein Love)说,Rooster的做法是为了让开始读一本书的念头更有吸引力。Readers can choose to on to the next installment if they#39;ve finished their 15-minute daily . #39;You can binge ,#39; Ms. Goldstein Love says. #39; #39;Binge #39; sounds like a funny thing to say because that was how we normally, but people no longer feel like they have time to a 300-page thing.#39;读完了15分钟的每日必读内容之后,读者可以选择继续阅读下一个章节。戈尔茨坦-洛夫说:“你可以大篇幅阅读。‘大篇幅阅读’这个词听起来很好玩,因为我们正常情况下就是那么读的,但如今人们不再觉得有时间读一本300页的长篇巨着了。” /201404/289871呼和浩特梅毒最好的医院呼和浩特首大生殖专科女子医院做人流需要多少钱



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