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呼和浩特首大生殖专科医院精液检查呼和浩特武川县男科专家内蒙古医学院附属医院肛肠科 American Utopianism美式乌托邦Short-lived, much loved短命的狂热How American idealists withdrew from the mainstream to create their own paradise美国理想主义者退避俗世,自建天堂。UTOPIANISM in politics gets a bad press. The case against the grand-scale, state-directed kind is well known and overwhelming. Utopia, the perfect society, is unattainable, for there is no such thing. Remaking society in pursuit of an illusion not only fails, it leads swiftly to mass murder and moral ruin. So recent history grimly attests.乌托邦主义在政治上不是个好词,现在的主流观点是反对大规模、政府主导的事物。乌托邦这个完美的社会,则是可望不可及的海市蜃楼。强行让社会追求一个虚无缥缈的幻觉不只会以失败告终,也会很快走向大规模屠杀和道德崩溃,这已经被近代历史实了。Although true, that is just half the story. Not all modern Utopians aim to seize the state in order to cudgel the rest of the world back to paradise. Plenty of gentler ones want no more than to withdraw from the mainstream and create their own micro-paradise with a few like-minded idealists. Small experiments in collective living swept America, for example, early in the 19th century and again late in the 20th.尽管这是事实,但并不全面。并不是所有的现代乌托邦都致力于夺取政权,并用暴力把世界改造成伊甸园。很多温和派乌托邦主义者充其量只希望退隐俗世,和一群志同道合者建造一个属于自己的微型天堂。从19世纪初到20世纪末,美国各地都有这些群居者的身影。Most failed or fell short. None lasted. All were laughed at. Yet in this intelligent, sympathetic history, Chris Jennings makes a good case for remembering them well. Politics stultifies, he thinks, when people stop dreaming up alternative ways of life and putting them to small-scale test.这种实践大都是失败的或者受人嘲笑。 Chris Jennings在他的书《现世天堂:美国乌托邦发展史》(《Paradise Now: The Story of American Utopianism.》)中记录了这段凝聚着前人智慧的而又令人同情的历史。他认为,如果人们停止对于另一种生活方式的梦想并不再付诸于实践,则是政治的停滞。Though with occasional glances forward, Mr Jennings focuses largely on the 19th century. At least 100 experimental communes sprang up across the young American republic in the mid-1800s. Mr Jennings writes about five exemplary communities: the devout Shakers, Robert Owens New Harmony, the Fourierist collective at Brook Farm, Massachusetts, the Icarians at Nauvoo, Illinois, inspired by a French proto-communist, Etienne Cabet, and the Oneida Community in New York state practising “Bible communism” and “complex marriage”.尽管书中偶尔会展望未来,Jennings把大部分笔墨放在了19世纪。19世纪中期,至少有100个实验性的公社在年轻的美利坚合众国中,如雨后春笋般萌芽般诞生。Jennings描述了其中5个典型的社区:虔诚的震教徒(一个基督教的分教派——译者注),罗伯特·欧文的新和谐村,傅里叶空想社会主义者在布鲁克农场和马萨诸塞州的公社,继承了法国共产主义者Etienne Cabet的伊卡洛斯派在纳府和伊利诺伊的公社,以及纽约的奥奈达社区(实践了“圣经共产主义”和“群婚”模式)。The Shakers founder was a Manchester Quaker, Ann Lee, a devout mother worn out by bearing dead or dying children. In 1774 she left for the New World, determined to forswear sex and create a following to share her belief. An optimistic faith in human betterment, hard work and a reputation for honest trading helped the Shakers thrive. At their peak in the early 19th century, they had perhaps 5,000 members scattered in some 20 villages across eight states. They counselled celibacy, to spare women the dangers of child-bearing, made spare, slim furniture, now treasured in museums, and practised a wild, shaking dance that was taken as a sign of benign possession by the Holy Spirit.震教徒派创始人是一位名叫Ann Lee的曼彻斯特贵格会教徒,她虔诚却饱受丧子之痛。1774年,她决定开创一个新世界,她誓言禁欲并找到了志同道合的信徒。对于人类进步的乐观信心、努力工作、以及诚实交易使得震教徒派得以发展壮大。到了19世纪早期,教派发展到了鼎盛时期,在美国8个州的20个村子里散布着约5000名信徒。他们提倡独身禁欲,向妇女劝导生孩子的危险,制作现已被收藏于物馆的细长家具,并跳一种狂野而颤抖的舞蹈,这被看作是圣灵良性附身的征兆。译文属译生译世 /201603/429087呼和浩特哪家做无痛人流好

呼和浩特托克托县男科最好的医院呼和浩特哪家看不孕不育看得好 From federal investigations into Major League Baseball to allegations ofsubstance abuse in track and field, performance enhancing drugs have been in the news a lot.从对美国职业棒球大联盟药物滥用指控的联邦调查来看,用兴奋剂已经成为一个热门话题。The most well-known performance enhancers are steroids, drugs that can make athletesbigger and stronger.其中最著名的兴奋剂是类固醇,它可以让运动员更大更强。But they can also cause serious medical problems.但是它们也会导致严重的医学问题。So how do steroids work, and what makes them so dangerous?那么类固醇是怎样发挥作用的呢?是什么使它们如此危险?First, it’s important to understand that the body naturally produces steroids.首先,知道身体能够自然产生类固醇是很重要的。For men, the best known is testosterone.对于男性来说,最广为大家所知的就是睾丸激素。Testosterone is an anabolic steroid,meaning that itencourages new muscle growth.睾丸激素是一种合成代谢类固醇,它能够促进新的肌肉的生长。So the more testosterone you have in you, the greater potential youhave to be bigger and stronger.因此如果你的睾丸激素越多,你的潜力就越大越强。这样一来,人造合成类固醇It makes sense, then, that artificial anabolic steroids mimic testosteroneproduced in the body.模仿人体内分泌的睾丸激素应运而生了。Here’s how they work.它们是这样工作的。Anabolic steroids attach to cells and encourage them to produce more protein,which muscles need to grow and become stronger.合成类固醇依附于细胞上,促使它们产生更多肌肉生长和壮大所需要的蛋白质。So steroids basically speed up and enhance theprocess of muscle growth that you can accomplish by lifting weights and other kinds of exercise.因此类固醇主要是加快和加强肌肉生长,而这样的效果你可以通过举重和其它的运动练习达到。Aweightlifter on steroids will develop larger muscles and do so faster than a “clean” weightlifter.一个用类固醇举重运动员的肌肉会比一个“干净”的运动员生长得更大更快。Millions of people take performance enhancing drugs such as caffeine and vitamins every day.成千上万的人们每天都在用咖啡因,维他命之类的兴奋剂。But unlikethese drugs, steroids can cause serious, long lasting problems.但是与其它药物不同的是类固醇会导致严重,持久的问题。For example, steroid use puts extrapressure on the liver to cleanse the bloodstream of the many toxins in steroids.例如,使用胆固醇会对肝脏净化血液带来压力,因为胆固醇里有很多毒素。Prolonged steroid use can result in liver damage.长期使用类固醇可导致肝损害。They also affect brain chemistry,and cancause depression and severe mood swings known as roid rage.它们同样会影响脑化学,并会导致抑郁症和被称为“类固醇癫狂”的严重情绪波动。There’s certainly nothingwrong with building your body, but using steroids to do so will ultimately break you down.强身健体当然没有错误,但是如果你使用类固醇来完成,那么最终你会垮掉。 201411/345023呼市国际蒙医院治疗妇科疾病多少钱

呼和浩特市第一人民妇幼中医院包皮手术多少钱 Walking in London漫步伦敦Footfalls足音Urban pedestrians buck a national trend伦敦步行者打破全国性趋势LONDON is a city made for walking.Unlike, for instance, Los Angeles its centre is easily accessible on foot.Outer boroughs are no more than an hour or two away.Its curved streets, in contrast to the rigid grid of New York, welcome idle wanderers and busy commuters alike.But despite traffic queues and teeming underground carriages most prefer to drive or to squeeze on to the Tube to get around the city.This is starting to change.伦敦是个适合步行的城市。不像洛杉矶这样的城市,伦敦市中心对步行者来说很方便。步行去外区也不会超过一两个小时。伦敦蜿蜒的街道和纽约方正平直的街道形成鲜明对比,迎接着悠闲的流浪汉和忙碌的上班族。尽管道路很堵、地铁很挤,但大部分人还是喜欢驾车或挤地铁在城市穿梭。这一切都将开始改变。Between 2001 and 2011 the number of trips made daily on foot in London increased by 12%.Nearly a third of the Londoners sampled made a continuous walk of 30 minutes once a week between 2010 and 2011 to get from place to place, rather than for exercise.Each day 6.2m walks are made across the city.2001年到2011年间,每天在伦敦步行的人数增长了12%。在此期间,被调查的伦敦人中有将近三分之一的人一个星期内至少有一次超过30分钟的步行体验,不是为了锻炼身体,而是单纯为了从一个地方到另一个地方。每天有620万人在城市步行。And both rich and poor walk a similar amount.In areas such as Kensington and Chelsea 11% walk for at least 30 minutes five times a week or more.In Tower Hamlets 12% of residents do.One of the largest changes in the city over the past decade is the number of pedestrians, says Michèle Dix of Transport for London (TfL), which runs the citys transport networks.On July 10th TfL launched the Roads Task Force, with plans to spruce up pavements.在步行上,穷人和富人都差不多。在肯辛顿-切尔西区,11%的人一周内至少会有5次超过30分钟的步行体验。在陶尔哈姆莱茨区,有12%的居民也会这么做。伦敦交通局(负责伦敦交通网络的运营)的米歇尔·迪克斯说,过去十年这座城市最大的变化是行人的数量。7月10日,伦敦交通局发动道路工作组,有计划地修缮人行道。Several reasons account for the walking boom.The number of Londoners increased by 12% from 7.3m in 2001 to 8.2m in 2011, and Tube trains are broiling and overcrowded.But other factors also encourage pedestrians.In 2004 Ken Livingstone, then mayor of London, vowed to make London a “walkable city”.Some of his plans were carried on by Boris Johnson, the current mayor.These include a scheme to create clearly-marked maps for use across the city.Of 33 boroughs in London 22 now have the distinctive yellow-branded signs on their streets.All TfL-owned property (such as Tube stations and bicycle-hire points) is covered by the scheme.This deters tourists from popping on the Tube to travel one stop from Covent Garden to Leicester Square, a distance of 0.3m (0.5km) says Tony Armstrong of Living Streets, a charity for pedestrians.行人的暴增有好几个原因。从2001年的730万到2011年的820万,伦敦人口增长了12%,地铁变得又热又挤。但是其他几个因素也在鼓励着人们步行。2004年,伦敦市长肯·利文斯通承诺把伦敦建成一座步行城市。他的一些计划被现任市长鲍里斯·约翰逊继续执行。伦敦33个区中的22个在街道上树立了独特的黄色标志牌。伦敦交通局所有的财产(比如地铁和租车点)都包含在计划之内。Living Streets(一个为行人设立的慈善机构)的托尼·阿姆斯特朗说,这打消了游客从科芬园到莱斯特广场这一站路(仅500米)也要乘坐地铁的念头。Streets are also becoming more pedestrian-friendly.Exhibition Road in South Kensington was redeveloped in 2011.Pavement curbs were removed and tarmac replaced by granite bricks.Fewer cars now go down the road, which stretches from Hyde Park to the museums and restaurants around the station, encouraging swarms of pedestrians.In June plans to develop a walkway by the Thames in Vauxhall were announced, turning a neglected part of London into something resembling the High Line in New York (which transformed a disused railway track into a lively public garden).步行也变得越来越方便。南肯辛顿的会展路于2011年重新开发。路边石被移除,柏油路也被花岗石路面代替。车站附近这条从海德公园延生到物馆和餐馆的路上车子更少了,这也有利于人们步行。六月,一系列将位于泰晤士河边沃克斯豪尔工厂内的一条走道建成类似于纽约高线公园(一个充满生气的公园,由一条废弃的铁路改造而成)的计划正式宣布。Londoners may also be more aware of the advantages of walking.Health campaigns like the NHSs “Live Well” emphasise that walking is the easiest form of exercise.Rubber wristband pedometers, such as “FitBit” and “FuelBand”, are also increasingly popular.伦敦人也可能更清楚走路的好处。像NHS(英国国家医疗务体系)“Live Well”这样的健康宣传活动都在强调走路是最简单的一种锻炼方式。“FitBit”和“FuelBand”这些品牌的橡胶腕带计步器也越来越受欢迎。But the capital is bucking the national trend.Although in 2011 walking was up across the country, it has seen an overall decline of 27% in Britain since 1995.This is partly caused by fewer children walking to school.And while rural rambles are still popular, fewer people are walking to their weekly grocery shop.Many more are shopping online.Local authorities want to change this.Pedestrians spend an average of £373 (1) a month, compared with £226 for drivers, according to data from TfL.Ailing high streets and town centres need to win back walkers.Learning from Londons incentives would be a start.但是,发生在首都的这一切与全国趋势不符。虽然2011年全国步行的人数有所上涨,但总体来说却比1995年减少了27%。部分原因可能是走路去上学的孩子更少了。在农村走路仍然很常见,但每周走路去杂货店买东西的人却变少了。更多的人选择网上购物。地方政府想要改变这种状况。伦敦交通局的数据表明,步行者平均每月花费373英镑(571美元),而驾车者每月只花226英镑。状况不佳的商业大街和城镇中心应该赢回这些步行者。学习来自伦敦的激励机制将是个开端。译者:周洋 校对:毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201512/418491内蒙古首大医院早孕检查多少钱内蒙古自治区中医医院处女膜修复多少钱



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