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摄影师布赖恩 凯斯拍摄波浪以下和波浪以上的生命--如他所说,海洋的恐惧和魔力。通过分享令人惊叹的鲜为人知的海底生物的照片,他展示了有冲击力的照片如何能帮助我们作出改变。 分集介绍:摄影师布赖恩 凯斯拍摄波浪以下和波浪以上的生命--如他所说,海洋的恐惧和魔力。通过分享令人惊叹的鲜为人知的海底生物的照片,他展示了有冲击力的照片如何能帮助我们作出改变。 201212/212786。

This bizarre animal这种奇异的动物is a type of newt属于蝾螈的一种the Chinese Giant Salamander中国大鲵In China, it is known as the baby fish在中国 它被称之为娃娃鱼because when distressed, it makes a sound like a crying infant这名称源自当他悲伤时发出的类似婴儿哭泣的声音It grows up to a meter and a half long成年体长1~1.5米making it the worlds largest amphibian这使它成为世界上最大的两栖类动物Under natural conditions, a Giant Salamander may live decades在自然条件下 一只大鲵可以活到十岁But like so many Chinese animals但是和很多其他中国动物一样it is considered delicious to eat它被视为美味佳肴Despite being classed as protected species尽管被列为国家级保护动物giant salamanders are still illegally sold for food大鲵仍然被当作食物非法买卖and the baby fish is now rare现在娃娃鱼已经非常稀有and endangered in the wild在自然界濒临灭绝了Fortunately in a few areas like Zhangjiajie,幸运的是在像张家界这样的一些地方Giang Salamanders still survive under strict official protection大鲵在政府的严格保护下得以幸存 /201207/191938。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Brown students at Clinton High School in Clinton, Michigan.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了布朗先生的课堂。Nairobi is the capital of what African country?内罗毕是哪个非洲国家的首都?You know what to do. Is it Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda or Zambia? Youve got three seconds, go!你知道该怎么做!它是肯尼亚,坦桑尼亚,乌干达还是赞比亚?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nairobi is a capital of Kenya. Its also the countrys largest city. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;内罗毕是肯尼亚的首都。它也是这个国家最大的城市。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Nairobi is a unique place. 内罗毕是一个独一无二的地方。There is a national park, about four miles from downtown where zebras, rhinos and giraffes run free. 那里有一个国家公园,离市区大概4英里,那里有自由奔跑的斑马,犀牛和长颈鹿。The park also had predators. 这个公园里也有捕食者。13-year old Richard Terrere (ph) lives in a farm near the park. 13岁的理查德居住在这个公园旁边的一个农场上。He says that at night lions from the park used to eat his familys cattle. 他说在夜里,公园里来的狮子曾经吃过他家的牛。When he noticed when people walked around with flashlights, the lions stayed away.他注意到当人们拿着探照灯巡查时狮子离开了。That gave Richard an idea: first, he set up a solar panel that charged a battery during the day. 那让理查德有了一个主意:首先,他设置了一个太阳能板在白天给电池充电。That powered what youre about to see, these lights right here at night. 那为你即将要看到的充电,正是这些夜间的灯光。Richard made the lights flash, so it looked like someone was walking around with the flashlight, and thats been keeping the big cats away.理查德让这些灯闪光,这样它看起来就像有人拿着手电筒走来走去一样,那么就可以防止那些大猫靠近。 /201303/228501。

美少年那西斯在水中看到了自己的倒影,便爱上了自己。年轻美丽的你,想不想欣赏赤果果的自己呢?下面几个很有用的Tips让你发现自己的另一面。A Girl's Guide To Looking Good NakedHow to look good naked. This definitive guide provide some great techniques on how to look good naked through grooming, setting the scene, and accessories. A great to enhance your confidence, so come on girls, get naked and look great.Step 1: Long term fixes(长期保养) You only have the one body so look after it well. Everyday drink at least 2 litres of water, and exercise regularly to keep you looking your best. This needn't take over your life - just 10 minutes a day will make a difference. Your skin puts up with a lot of flak, so treat it right; exfoliate once a week and moisturize often. Not only does this increase you skins elasticity but the act of smoothing on lotion puts you directly in touch with the shape and feel of your body.Step 2: Grooming(打扮打扮)Before you bare your body take time to look your best. Defuzz any areas that are looking unkempt, this includes legs, arm pits and don't neglect your bikini area. Pubic topiary is all the rage right now - choose from a neat triangle, the strip, the full Brazilian, a heart, or whatever takes your fancy. Fake tan can do wonders to boost your confidence, try the new gradually colour products to get a natural sun kissed look rather than the baked orange effect. Your hair should look natural and touchable, your make-up flawless, and an alluring hint of perfume never goes a miss. Finish the look with a pedi and mani, well kept hands and feet instantly make you look polished and prepared.Step 3: Set the scene(设置场景)There is nothing more unflattering than the glare of over head lighting, so leave that switch alone. Get a soft, gentle glow by placing low wattage lamps around the room. Or for real impact light some candles, the seductive flicker will blur out any imperfections and create an amorous atmosphere. Back lighting is great for smoothing out lumps and bumps so position yourself in front the strongest light, or in front of a window if you are getting naked before nightfall. But don't forget, those outside will also be able to see in! Get the room temperature right. Although the cold will make your breasts stand to attention, shivering with hunched shoulders isn't a sexy look. A glow is good, but sweating profusely is not.Step 4: Work it(付诸实施)Avoid the temptation to suck in your tummy, it will make you appear stilted and unnatural. Instead imagine you are suspended by an th on the top of your head, this will elongate all your body parts, especially your neck and middle. Aim to stand on the diagonal, with a twist at the waist to the front instead of facing your viewer straight on - this will natural cinch you in. Drop your shoulders down and subtly arch your back, this will flatten your belly and make your boobs appear perkier. Love handles are called that for a reason so stop fretting over them, it's curves that make the naked body interesting - so be proud of yours. Whether standing, walking or sitting down aim to keep one leg in front of the other, this slims the body. And when sitting, a quick trick to elongate your legs is to point your toes.Eye contact is crucial, it makes all the difference between being just a naked body, or somebody naked, so use it wisely. Keep your hands relaxed and free, or place one on your hip to emphasis your curves. And whatever you do - don't fiddle.Step 5: Accessorize(装饰)Accentuate your nakedness with a prop or accessory. A necklace, scarf or feather boa are great, but don't be afraid to go with something a little more unusual. This will give you something to work with if you are a little nervous, and also, tantalizingly, emphasises your au natural state. Get confident and get naked. No one else has a body like yours - so show it off in all it's glory.201105/135414。

He had a particularly unpleasant form of it,他得的是种很难看的天花which was the black variety,是一种黑色变种that changed the entire colour of the face能使整张脸to a sort of dark copper mask.犹如一张红铜色的面具And so, he was completely disfigured.因此 他完全毁容了Even as he approached death,即使他行将就木Louiss enemies sp stories about his sex life.他的敌人仍在散播有关他性生活的谣言It was suggested that he may have caught his smallpox from a prostitute,可能是一名把天花传染给他but the whole idea of a corrupt body of a corrupt king但是一名腐败堕落的国王即将入土were very resonant,这消息实在振奋人心and it is thought that this was a fitting punishment.民众皆认为这是因果报应The outward and visible sign of an inward, invisible damnation.是一种无形内在本质的有形外在体现It riddles his body and it produces a horrible stench疾病侵蚀他的身体 浑身散发恶臭as his inner organs start decaying.因为他的内脏开始Underneath it all, he is very devout.即便如此 他仍然非常虔诚And he goes into ultra-devout mode.他变得极端虔诚He sends away Madame Du Barry from the court他遣走了杜巴利夫人in the same way that he sent away正如他于1744年在梅斯the Duchess De Chateauroux in 1744 at Metz.流放了查特路公爵夫人一样Once she had left, it was possible for him一旦她离开 他就能够to receive the last rites of the church,接受教堂的临终圣礼and, in his final hours,在他最后的几小时里he made a great effort, I think,我觉得他作了很大的努力to die as a Christian.希望如基督教徒般死去201206/185744。

How To Look Hot in a Bikini on HowcastAnybody — and we mean Any. Body. — can rock a bikini. You just need to know a few tricks.You Will NeedFlattering bottom Hot top String bikini Wedge espadrilles or gladiator sandals Accessories Sunscreen Step 1: Pick your bottom(根据自己的下半身身型来选择)Pick a flattering bottom. Elongate a short torso with one that sits below your waist; lengthen short legs with a style that’s higher on the hips. Prevent hip and thigh bulges with a bottom that ties at the sides. If you have a belly, skip bikinis made with Lycra; go with a loose-fitting bottom containing elastic instead.Step 2: Choose a top(根据自己的胸部大小来选择)Look hot in the right bikini top. Choose one with boning or underwire if you’re big-breasted; go with ruffles or ruching if you’re small-busted. As for style, the bandeau works well on small busts, while halter tops and criss-cross back straps lend support to heavier bust lines. Go for a string bikini if you have a boyish figure.There should be no more than 3 inches of string between your breasts.Step 3: Ditch the flip-flops(正确地搭配凉鞋)Ditch the flip-flops for sexier beach footwear, like wedge espadrilles. If you’re very tall and slim, go for gladiator sandals.Get your feet sandal-y by soaking them in equals parts warm milk and water; the lactic acid dissolves dead skin.Step 4: Accessorize(一些必要的小配饰)Add some glamour with a straw hat, oversized sunglasses, and a delicate piece of jewelry, like an ankle bracelet. Have a sexy cover-up — a sheer tunic, a crochet top, or a sarong.Step 5: Strike a pose(海滩模特们的经典pose会让你看起来更迷人)Strike this classic model stance to look slimmer: Stand up straight with your shoulders back, stomach in, and chest out; twist your torso a bit at the waist; put one leg slightly in front of the other, bent at the knee; and put our hands on your hips.Flexing your armpits makes your arms look toned.Step 6: Slather on the sunscreen(健康的皮肤无疑是受人喜欢的,因此别忘记涂防晒霜)Slather on the sunscreen — because keeping skin healthy is definitely hot.A third of women polled cited their bust as their best physical asset in a swimsuit.201007/108144。