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内蒙古呼和浩特市首大医院治疗盆腔炎多少钱呼和浩特男科专科医院A few years ago I was having a drink with friends, including one who was dating a guy she had met online. Eventually she took me aside and asked me a question. 几年前,我与几个朋友相聚小酌。其中一个朋友当时正在与一个网上认识的男人约会。后来她把我叫到一旁,问了我一个问题。 #39;How tall are you?#39; she said. 她说:你多高? #39;I am exactly 6-feet tall,#39; I replied. 我回答说:正好六英尺(合1.83米)。 #39;How tall would you say my boyfriend is?#39; 她问:你觉得我男朋友有多高? I eyeballed the man standing a few feet away. #39;5-8. Maybe 5-9,#39; I replied. 我仔细打量了一下站在几英尺外的那个男人,回答说:五英尺八英寸,要不就五英尺九英寸。 She frowned. #39;He says that he#39;s 6-feet tall.#39; 她皱了皱眉说:他说他六英尺。 #39;Did he also tell you that he has hair?#39; 我问道:他有没有说是包括头发的高度? All my life I have been dealing with guys who lie about their height. Deep down inside, every man wants to be 6-feet tall, even though the national average is 5-10. For men, it is like being a millionaire; it is a club to which a man simply must belong. Lying about one#39;s height, even when there is no chance of getting away with it, is a male thing. Like most male things, it is stupid. 我一辈子都在与谎报身高的男人打交道。内心深处,每个男人都希望自己有六英尺,尽管全美成年男性的平均身高是五英尺10英寸。对男人来说,这就像是必须成为百万富翁;这是一个男人们必须成为其中一员的俱乐部。在身高问题上说谎,即使是不攻自破的谎言,这也是关乎男人尊严的问题。和很多关乎男人尊严的问题一样,谎报身高很愚蠢。 When I was a little kid, the only thing I wanted was to be 6-feet tall. I was convinced that if I was six feet tall, people would leave me alone. I reached that height in my late teens and abruptly, as if on cue, the thugs, punks and bullies who had terrorized me all through high school called off the dogs. Forever. Thugs, punks and bullies always take the path of least resistance, preying on the weak, the elderly, the distaff and the short. They particularly like thin, female octogenarian dwarfs. Preferably blind. 我小时候最大的愿望就是长到六英尺。那时我相信,如果我有六英尺,别人就不会欺负我。我不到20岁时真的长到了六英尺,突然之间,就像是安排好的,那些在整个高中时期恐吓我的流氓、混混和霸王一下子都不再找我的茬了。永远也没再找茬。流氓、混混和小霸王都喜欢捡软柿子捏,欺负那些体弱、年迈、女孩和个子矮的人。他们尤其喜欢欺负瘦小的老太太,最好还是双目失明的。 One cautionary word about height: It#39;s important not to get greedy. Be satisfied to stand 6-feet tall, rather that 6-3 or 6-4. I have it on solid authority from close, taller friends that if you are unusually tall, somebody with a Napoleonic complex will eventually take a swing at you. Just to prove something. But if you are 6-feet tall, they will leave you alone. 在身高问题上我要提醒一句:很重要的一点是别太贪心。六英尺就好,不用非得六英尺三英寸或六英尺四英寸。我在这个问题上很有发言权,因为和我关系密切的大个子朋友曾有过这样的遭遇,如果你非常高,那些有“拿破仑情结”的人会在言语上攻击你,只是为了明一些东西。但如果你身高六英尺,他们就不会找你的茬。 Men know this. They know that being 6-feet tall puts you in the company of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, men who were always left alone. So they lie about their height. The problem is, in order for them to lie about their height in a convincing fashion they must induce you to lie about your height as well. 男人们清楚这一点。他们知道身高六英尺可以让你跟约翰#12539;韦恩(John Wayne)和克林特#12539;伊斯特伍德(Clint Eastwood)一样没人敢找茬。所以,他们喜欢谎报身高。问题是,他们为了以一种令人信的方式谎报身高,必须诱使你也谎报你的身高。 #39;You must go about six-two, six-three, right?#39; men 3 inches shorter than me like to say. 那些比我矮三英寸的男人喜欢说:你肯定有六英尺两英寸,要不就是六英尺三英寸,是不是? #39;No, I am exactly 6-feet tall,#39; I reply. 我回答说:不,我六英尺整。 #39;No, I think you must be taller than that,#39; they insist. 他们会坚持说:不,我想你肯定不止六英尺。 #39;I#39;m 6-feet tall and I am exactly 6-feet tall,#39; I respond. #39;I can go get a tape measure if you like.#39; 我回答说:我六英尺,整六英尺;如果你愿意,我可以去拿尺子量量。 There are all sorts of things you can lie about with impunity. You can lie about your income or your military service or having seen Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. Assertions like this are too hard to verify, much less disprove, so you can usually get away with even the most bold-faced lies. 你可以在很多事情上说谎而不必担心受到惩罚。你可以谎报收入或兵役或曾在伍德斯托克看见过吉米#12539;亨德里克斯(Jimi Hendrix)。像这样的话很难去核实,更不用说去明是假的,所以,即使是最厚颜无耻的谎言通常也不会被揭穿。 No one is going to check to see if you really went to the Sorbonne or lost in the final rounds of a Quebec spelling bee because you misspelled #39;cauchemardesque.#39; 没人会去核实你是否真的上过索邦大学(Sorbonne),或是因拼错了“cauchemardesque”(法语,意为“噩梦似的”)一词而在魁北克拼字比赛的最后一轮中落败。 No one is going to check to see if you once decked the editor of Details with a single punch. Nor is anyone likely to check if you say that you once worked as an intern for Mike Huckabee or grew up in the same neighborhood as Trent Reznor. 没人会去核实你是否曾将Details杂志的主编一拳打倒在地。也没有人会去核实你是否曾给迈克#12539;赫克比(Mike Huckabee)做实习生,或是小时候与特伦特#12539;雷泽诺(Trent Reznor)住在同一个社区。 But you can#39;t lie about your height. Height is scientifically verifiable. Those of us who are authentically, certifiably 6-feet tall will call you out on it. We are not letting you into our club. It#39;s nothing personal. It#39;s just the way things are. 但你不能在身高问题上说谎。身高是可以用科学的方法验的。我们这些身高确确实实、且有凭有据为六英尺的人会揭穿你们。我们不会让你们进入我们的俱乐部。这丝毫不带个人感情成分。事情本来就是这样。 A while back, during a medical exam, the physician assistant told me that I was 6-foot-1. This was impossible. It would mean that I had grown an inch since my 50th birthday. Things like that do not happen on this planet. 前不久,在一次体检中,医生助手对我说,我身高六英尺一英寸。这是不可能的。这将意味着我50岁生日之后又长了一英寸。天底下绝不会发生这样的事。 Worse, it would mean that all the 5-foot-11 men I had accused of lying about their height had been telling the truth. So I would have to apologize to them. 更糟糕的是,这将意味着那些我指责其谎报身高的五英尺11英寸的人说的都是实话。所以,我将不得不向他们道歉。 #39;How tall are you?#39; I asked the man. 我问这名助手:你多高? #39;Six feet,#39; he replied, drawing himself up to his full 70 inches. 他努力将他自己五英尺10英寸身子挺直,回答说:六英尺。 #39;In your dreams,#39; I muttered under my breath. #39;In your dreams.#39; 我低声咕哝道:做梦去吧,做梦去吧。 /201309/255235呼和浩特市第一人民医院治疗女性疾病多少钱 Nearly 50% of Americans wear corrective glasses, according to the trade group Vision Council. And most of them are guilty of the biggest crime in lens care: Exhaling onto their lenses, then wiping the fog off with their shirt sleeves. But does this really damage your lenses? Teri Geist, an optometrist in Omaha, Neb., and chairwoman for the American Optometric Association, weighs in.行业组织VisionCouncil提供的数据显示,接近50%的美国人佩戴用于矫正视力的眼镜。他们中的大多数人在眼镜护理过程中都犯过一个最严重的错误:对着镜片哈一口气,然后用衬衫袖子把镜片上的雾擦掉。这真的会对镜片造成损害吗?美国验光学会主席、内布拉斯加州奥马哈市的验光师盖斯特(Teri Geist)对此进行了实验。Simple Solution简单方法Though there are countless products on the market claiming to wipe streaks away, the AOA recommends the most basic of options: kitchen-sink soap. The best way to clean your glasses, says Dr. Geist, is to run them under warm water and put a tiny drop of dishwashing detergent on the tip of your fingers to create a lather on the lens. Then rinse with warm water, and dry with a clean, soft cotton cloth.尽管市场上有无数产品声称可以擦掉眼镜镜片上的污痕,但美国验光学会(American Optometric Association)推荐的是最基本的选择:厨房洗洁精。美国验光学会主席盖斯特(Teri Geist)称,清洁眼镜的最佳方式是将其在温水下冲洗,在指尖滴一小滴洗洁精,在镜片上打出泡沫,然后用温水洗净,并用干净柔软的棉布擦干。#39;Everyone uses their shirt cloth─worst thing!#39; she says. #39;Your shirttail almost certainly carries dust, and that has the potential of scratching your lens.#39;她说:“很多人都用他们的衬衫下摆擦眼镜──这是最糟糕的做法!你的衬衣下摆几乎肯定沾有尘土,这可能会刮坏镜片。”Glass vs. Plastic玻璃镜片与树脂镜片Of the 69.1 million Americans who bought prescription spectacles last year, most purchased plastic lenses; glass has gone out of fashion as safety concerns have arisen. Unlike that hard surface, plastic is soft and can scratch easily.去年,6,910万美国人购买了处方眼镜,其中多数都是树脂镜片;由于对安全的担忧上升,玻璃镜片已经过时。与玻璃镜片坚硬的表面不同,树脂镜片柔软而且容易被刮坏。Once lenses are scraped up, #39;there is no way to buff that scratch out,#39; says Dr. Geist. Attempting to clean glasses when dry only exacerbates the problem, since a wet surface is slicker than a dry one. #39;People breathe on their glasses then grab a Kleenex or paper towel or napkin because they#39;re convenient, but the rough fibers that they#39;re comprised of might leave debris behind,#39; Dr. Geist says. She adds that special microfiber cloths are good for dry touch-ups during the day, but aren#39;t a stand-in for a thorough, soapy cleaning. Neither is your breath.盖斯特士说,一旦镜片有了刮痕,“就没有办法除去”。在镜片干燥时擦眼镜只会加剧问题,因为湿润的表面会比干燥的表面光滑一些。盖斯特士说:“人们在镜片上哈气,然后顺手抓起一张餐巾纸去擦眼镜,但构成餐巾纸的粗糙纤维可能会在镜片上留下碎屑。”她补充说,特殊的超细纤维布适于干擦镜片,但它不能替代彻底的皂液清洁方法。你的哈气也不行。Reflecting on the Problem涂层问题Lenses typically have some form of protective coating and should never come into contact with ammonia, bleach, vinegar or window cleaner. #39;Those chemicals can break down the coating or just strip them,#39; says Dr. Geist. #39;You know those bubbles you sometimes see on your lens? Those are caused by #39;cleansing#39; solutions.#39; Avoid the problem by requesting anti-glare and UV coatings that are embedded within the lens, which can cost about 0 more than regular-coated lenses.镜片通常有某种形式的防护涂层,因此不应接触氨、漂白剂、醋和窗户清洁剂。盖斯特士说:“这些化学物质会破坏或者洗掉涂层。你知道有时在镜片上看到的泡泡印是怎么回事吗?那就是用‘清洁剂’导致的。”要求在镜片中加入防眩光和紫外线涂层可以避免这个问题,这种镜片的价格比普通涂层镜片高出约100美元。Clean Lines清洁产品Natural oils from your hands, eyelashes and face can lead to a lot of buildup each day, reducing lenses#39; effectiveness. Leaving spectacles on a sink or vanity, where hair spray and perfume can fly through the air, adds to the residue. The AOA recommends washing glasses every morning, paying special attention to the frames and earpieces, where hair product and makeup tend to rub off. Whatever you do, don#39;t use the most handy form of water to clean your lenses. #39;Some people use spit, but don#39;t,#39; urges Dr. Geist. Though dirty glasses won#39;t cause an eye infection, saliva #39;is not the best hygiene method, and it just won#39;t work very well,#39; she says. Soap, warm water and a dry cloth are all you need, once a day, to keep glasses optimally clean and functional. #39;I have had patients who say they can#39;t see well, but it turns out it is just the scratches,#39; says Dr. Geist.手、睫毛和面部每天产生的天然油脂可能大量堆积在镜片上,降低镜片的透光性。将眼镜放在水池或卫生间台面等可能残留发胶和香水飞沫的地方会增加残留物。美国验光学会建议每天早上清洗眼镜,尤其应该注意镜框和镜脚等容易擦到护发品和化妆品的地方。无论你做什么,都不要用最现成的“水”来清洁镜片。盖斯特士说:“有些人用唾液,可千万别这么做。”尽管脏镜片不会导致眼部感染,但唾液“不是最卫生的方法,而且它的效果也不好”。你只需要每天用皂液、温水和一块干布,即可保持眼镜清洁好用。盖斯特士说:“我的患者中,有些人说他们看不清,结果只是镜片上有划痕。” /201303/228451The most accurate predictor of earning power is literacy. According to a number of international studies, it is a better indicator than years of education.Literacy does not just mean being able to , but also refers to how well you cope with the written language. This is greatly affected by the number of words you heard or as a child, or have learned since. For this reason, immigrants often have low literacy levels in the language of their new country. Improving literacy is something you can work on at any time, on your own, without going to school or taking special programs.Nearly all publications thus reduce the complexity of written communications, as measured by various ability indicators. This is undoubtedly a sensible idea for communicating with and appealing to the majority of people. However, if you as an individual want to improve your word power, you should head in the opposite direction. Time Magazine and Newsweek are only written at a Grade 10 level and most popular novels are at a Grade 7 to 10 level. If everything you is at a grade 10 level or less, your literacy level will stagnate. Try to more challenging material to increase your literacy fitness and earning power.Give yourself a literacy workout, regularly. Soon, you will see a difference in the way you use words and in the way people react to your input. Here's how:Find articles on the Internet: Look for articles that are interesting but a little difficult or complex to digest. There is almost no limit to the variety of content available on the web, at all levels of difficulty. BNET and Gutenberg are just some examples of great sources of articles and e-books.Push yourself beyond your comfort level. You may do most of your ing away from the computer, but the Internet is a great place to hone your skills. On the Internet you can identify the difficulty level of different types of ing, as I will explain. In addition you can access online dictionaries and other language resources which can help you.Know the complexity of your ing material: Find out where your comfort level is. Copy a sample page from a source or article that interests you and paste it into Google Documents. There you can go to File/Word Count and you will see several ability indicators. I use the Automated Reader Index which indicates the number of years of schooling required to understand a text.Now try to content that is a level or two higher, whatever that level is. Keep challenging yourself with harder and harder material until you are comfortable with content that is at an index of 12 or 15 or higher. Once you have an idea of the complexity of different types of ing you can target this kind of content for your off line ing too.Measure the richness of the vocabulary: While you have selected text still on your clipboard, go to Tom Cobb's Vocabulary Profiler. There you can see how many words are within the first 1000 most frequent words, how many are "academic" (AWL), and how many are Off-List words. Try to get to the point where you are comfortable ing material that has around 10% or more words in both the AWL and the Off-List categories. Don't hesitate to use online dictionaries and other word learning systems for increasing your vocabulary, if you need to.Listen and : If you want to train your brain to become comfortable with complex language content, seek out sites which offer audio with transcripts for free download. Voice of America, and Interesting Things of the Day are but two examples of such sites. To improve your ability to complex content, listen to the same content as you are ing. This is an effective way to learn languages, and works wonderfully for improving your ing skills, whatever your level.Writing that seemed unnecessarily complicated or confusing will gradually seem clear. If you are up to it, try something like James Joyce's Ulysses. I could never Proust, but I now enjoy him through audio books.Try an example. Listen to and this article on Biometrics. It has the following profile:Readability Index: 15 years of educationFirst 1000 frequency words: 70 %Academic Word List words: 8 %Off-List words: 13 %You can train yourself to get used to language that at first seems difficult to understand. As your language skills improve, you will find that your writing and oral expression will also improve. You will not need to take those remedial writing, or "higher level thinking" courses which are offered in college to students with poor literacy skills. And your earning potential will increase, for life. /200804/34781呼和浩特包皮过长手术的费用

呼和浩特清水河县治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好的The number of people around the world who are newly infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has dropped dramatically - by 30 percent - over the past several years. That#39;s according to the latest report from the ed Nations Program on HIV/AIDS.根据联合国关于艾滋病毒与艾滋病项目的最新报告,世界各地新感染艾滋病毒的人口数量在最近几年已大幅下降,降幅达到30%。Dr. Anthony Fauci at the U.S. National Institutes of Health has spent the last three decades trying to stem the pandemic. He says the biggest reason for the decline is people are getting treated.美国国立卫生研究院的安东尼#8226;福奇士,在过去的三十年中试图阻止艾滋病的大规模流行。他说,这一数据大幅下降的主要原因是人们开始接受治疗。;We know now, that when you put someone on treatment, not only is it lifesaving for them, but it also dramatically diminishes the likelihood that they will transmit their infection to their sexual partner, ; said Fauci.美国国立卫生研究院安东尼#8226;福奇说:“现在我们知道,当你让艾滋病毒感染者接受治疗,它不仅能够挽救他们的生命,也极大地削弱了他们将病毒传染给自己的性伴侣的可能性。”The cost of anti-AIDS drugs has dropped from , 000 per year to about 0, money Dr. Fauci says is well spent, even for low income countries.抗爱滋病药物的成本已经从每年1万美元跌至约140美元, 福奇士说, 即使是对低收入国家来说,是这些钱也是用得其所。;If you wait until they get sick, you have the cost of the medication, plus the very prohibitive cost of taking care of someone when they get sick, ; he said.福奇说:“如果你等到他们生病后再采取措施,你的成本将包括药物,再加上照顾患者的高昂费用。”Massive education campaigns have helped people change their behavior by using condoms and, for drug users, needle exchanges. These measures prevent people from exchanging blood or semen, which is how HIV commonly sps. Male circumcision reduces transmission and is becoming more common.大规模的教育活动,帮助人们改变自己的行为,比如使用避套,以及让吸毒者更换针具。这些措施防止人们交换血液或,而这是艾滋病病毒传播的主要途径。男性包皮环切手术也可以减少传播,并且正在变得越来越普遍。New infections have dropped in all age groups, but the greatest difference is seen among children. If pregnant women receive anti-viral medicine, their risk of passing HIV to their children drops below 5 percent.新的感染率下降已出现在所有年龄组,但对于儿童的影响最为明显。如果妇接受抗病毒药物,艾滋病毒传递给子女的危险性会下降到5%以下。The result is that over the past 10 years, the number of children infected with HIV has dropped by 50 percent.其结果是,在过去的10年中,感染艾滋病毒的儿童人数已经下降了50 %。World health officials talk about reaching the tipping point. Again, Dr. Fauci:卫生组织的官员谈到要达到一个临界点。;The tipping point is when the number of people who go on therapy is greater than the number of people who get newly infected, ; he said.福奇士解释说: “这个临界点是,当去接受治疗的人数超过新感染病毒的人数。”Dr. Fauci estimates that for every person who gets into treatment, up to two more are newly infected. Not all have access to the life-saving drugs, and not all people know how vulnerable they really are.士福奇估计,每当有一个新的感染者开始接受治疗,同时还有两个或以上新的病毒感染者。并非所有人都有接受治疗的机会,也不是所有人都知道他们的身体到底有多么的脆弱。African Americans are a key risk group. They make up 12 percent of the population, yet they account for more than 50 percent of new HIV infections.非裔美国人是一个重要的风险群体。他们只占美国总人口的12% ,但他们占新艾滋病毒感染者的50%以上。Thirty-five million people are living with HIV. As for an AIDS-free generation, Dr. Fauci says he would settle for another dramatic decrease over time.目前全球大约有三千五百万人感染了艾滋病毒。为了一个没有艾滋病的下一代,福奇士说,新增艾滋病毒感染率还需要在一段时间里继续大幅度下降。 /201312/268295呼和浩特最好性病医院 呼和浩特哪里能治比较好支原体感染

呼和浩特医院打胎多少钱When any market crashes, it’s a shock. Fora real nose dive it normally takes something unexpected and dramatic to kick itoff. Gold is misunderstood and it is viewed as “the mad metal”, so here arethree things to remember whether you love or hate gold.任何市场崩溃时都会有震荡。对于真正的一落千丈,它通常需要一些意想不到的戏剧性的事情来开启。黄金是误以为“疯狂的金属”,所以不管你对黄金是爱是恨这里有三件事情要记住。1. Gold is a commodity1.黄金是一种商品To many people gold is something special.It’s more than just another metal that comes out of the ground. This may wellbe because since the dawn of time gold has been a status symbol and status iswhat breeds success or simply just breeds.对许多人来说黄金是与众不同的。它不仅仅是来自地下的又一金属。这很可能是由于从黎明伊始,黄金一直是一种身份的象征,地位等同于育成功或只是简单的繁荣兴旺。Whatever you feel about gold, it is just ametal. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it doesn’t mean it needs to becheaper.无论你对黄金有何感受,它只是一种金属。这倒未必是件坏事,也并不意味着它需要更便宜。Gold supply has not kept up with demand soits price should rise. Where once gold was used on things that could be easilyrecycled. Now gold is used in things that don’t get recycled in a way that thegold is being recovered. So gold is being lost.黄金供不应求,所以它的价格应该上涨。曾经用于黄金的东西都可以很容易回收。现在黄金用在无法回收的东西上。所以黄金在流失。2. Gold is not a stable store of value2.黄金不是一种稳定的价值贮存体It is a myth to believe gold is a constantstore of value. Like anything else the price of gold is created by supply anddemand. When the Spanish pillaged South America and brought the gold and silverback to Europe, there was rampant inflation. More gold meant gold money wasworth less and the price of things in gold went up.认为黄金是一种恒性的价值贮存体是一个误区。像任何其他东西一样,黄金价格由供需决定。当西班牙掠夺南美,把金银带回欧洲,就产生了恶性通货膨胀。更多的黄金意味着黄金贬值,黄金加工物的价钱上升。3. Gold is volatile3.黄金具有挥发性Gold used to be worth a lot less than it istoday. As we have seen recently at ADVFN, you don’t have to look hard to see goldis as vulnerable to swings in values as any other commodity.黄金过去远没有今天这么值钱。正如我们最近在ADVFN所看到的,你无需很难才能看到黄金的价值像任何其他商品一样容易波动。The key to investing in gold is being ableto watch the gold price live. A free ADVFN account will allow you to follow itlive and direct at home or on your tablet or smartphone via our free app.投资黄金的关键在于能实时看到金价。一个免费的ADVFN帐户将允许您直接在家里或在你的平板电脑或智能手机上通过我们的免费应用程序进行实时跟踪。 /201305/239381 呼市第一附属医院专家挂号呼和浩特不孕不育症医院



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