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听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Now that President Trump has signed the spending bill, Great Lakes funding is safe, at least for now.The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is funded in full for 2017. But Trump wants to eliminate this funding entirely in his 2018 budget proposal.Todd Ambs is the campaign director for the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition. He says projects that are funded under the GLRI will continue as planned for now.“The restoration initiative, now in its eighth year, will be able to move forward on a number of important ongoing projects and continue work to clean up toxic hot spots, and fight the sp of invasive species; spend on important projects to reduce excess nutrients that are flowing into the lakes,; he says.The EPAs funding stands to be cut by 31% in the 2018 budget proposal. Ambs says if those cuts go through, there will be many ripple effects on Great Lakes restoration work.;It would bring a lot of the restoration work to an absolute halt. Polluted runoff is the number one water quality problem in every Great Lakes state and yet the program through the EPA that provides all of those federal dollars is proposed for elimination under the Trump budget proposal,; he says. ;So it would simply bring to a halt efforts to reduce polluted runoff across the region.”201705/5081641.To be dressed up to the nines穿着非常时髦,穿得非常华丽[亦作 be dressed to death]The girls were dressed up to the nines and went to the party.姑娘们个个盛装打扮,前去赴宴。2.one-horse town--乡村小镇。这一短语源自美国,由小镇仅拥有一匹马而来。由此引申,one-horse现在可以表示 “极小的、简陋 的、次要的” 意思,如one-horse show(小型展览会)。由one组合成的习语。而又毫无 “一” 这一含义的习语还有:(1) He was one too many for me.我不是他的对手。(2) Number one -- 自己。由此而衍生to look after number one(自私,追求自己的利益)3.Two of a trade did never agree -- 同行相轻。这是一句古老的谚语.由two组合成的习语还有:(1) when two Fridays come together.“永远不”的遁词。(2) The two eyes of Greece.希腊古代的两座城市“雅典”和“斯巴达”。4.Three sheets in the wind -- 酩酊大醉。sheet 的一个词义是“系在帆下角的金属环上的帆脚索”。如果帆脚索没有系扣住时,船帆可以任意 随风飘扬。船员们称之为 in the wind。A sheet in the wind由此成为船员们一句口头语言,表示 tipsy(微醉)。Three sheets in the wind 自然是大醉特醉了。由three组合成的习语还有: Three score and ten --古稀之年。score在英语中是“二十”的意思。尽管这一习语中的数字加起来是七十,但在引喻中只是泛指老年而已。5.Four-letter words -- 粗俗的下流话。由此而衍生出four-letter man(专喜使用粗俗的下流话的人)。 /201110/158569

  Subject: Every dog has his day. 迷你对话A: Terry, you look invigorative these days!Terry,你最近看来很有精神。B: Thank you! Every dog has his day.谢谢!人人都有得意之时。 地道表达Every dog has his day. 1. 解词释义这个俗语的意思是“凡人皆有得意日。”常用来告诫人们不要小看他人。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Recently even Wilshon has become a popular actor, every dog has his day.近来就连威尔逊也成为一个受欢迎的演员,每个人都有时来运转的一天。e.g. Dont lose your hope. Every dog has his day.不要灰心,每个人都有转运的一天。e.g. Okay, so this publisher sent back your manuscript. There are plenty of other publishers. Youll find one wholl buy it--remember, every dog has his day!行了,就算这个出版商把你的手稿退了回来,那还有好多出版商呢。你会找到一个愿意接受你作品的出版商的。别忘了,人人都会有机会的。e.g. Darling, I know how upset you are that you didnt get the promotion. But dont take it too hard--your turn will come. You know what they say--every dog has his day!亲爱的,我知道你因为没有被提升而感到很不高兴。你可别把这件事看的太重了。你以后会有机会的。就像他们说的:人人都有得意之时嘛。 /201403/279925



  1. She was a straight A student at school. 考99分倒数第三大家好,欢迎来到,在100分为满分的试卷中,对于考到99分的人,我觉得这是学霸。“学霸”怎么说?——straight A student。Straight是“笔直的,直接的”意思,那么A代表什么呢?外国人的成绩常以AD等级来划分,得A已经是相当不错的成绩了。那么straight A student就是我们中国一直所说的“尖子生”,或者叫做“学霸”。She was a straight A student at school. 在学校里她是个学霸。或者我们也可以说She did straight A’ at school. 这里的A就相当于名词了,表示科目中得到的最好成绩,学霸几乎是每一科都很优秀的,所以在这个动词短语did staight A’s中,A加了s。如果你愿意,did也可以替换为make/got等等。2. She was the last but two in the examination yesterday.在广州某一学校,有个女孩子数学考了99分,竟然排倒数第三。这个“倒数”要如何用英语表达呢?我们来听一个句子:Tom was the last but one to arrive. 这个句子的意思是“汤姆是倒数第二个到达的”。句子中的the last but one就是“倒数第二”,如何来理解?首先我们得明确but在这里表示“除了”,the last but one是指“除了一个的最后一个”,这样听起来很别扭,去掉最后一名可不就是“倒数第二”了吗?同理,倒数第三就是除了两个的最后一个——the last but two. She was the last but two in the examination yesterday. 在昨天的考试中她得了倒数第三名。3. She was under a lot of stress during the examination.有位妈妈说有位妈妈说“我女儿99分已经是倒数第三低分了”,不管怎么鼓励,这个一年级的女儿还是非常失落,一直在读拼音,说明天语文一定要考100分。现在的小盆友真是压力山大。She was under a lot of stress. 表示某人有压力,我们通常都说be under pressure,压力山大形容人的压力像山一样大,我们可以加上a lot of(许多)来强调。当你要表达房贷、工作、婚姻等让你压力山大,都可以用上短语under a lot of pressure。那次考试给了他很大的压力。She was under a lot of stress during the examination. 这里是,每一期带给您实用英语知识,今天的节目就到这里,我们下期再见,拜拜!背景音乐:Owl City - Enchanted本节目属 /201412/350853

  We are back,we are with very talented Bruno Mars,thanks for being here.现在回来 坐在我身边的是天才歌手Bruno MarsCongratulations since you won a Grammy.thats right,thats right Ellen.恭喜你拿格莱美了 说得对 Ellennow its Grammy award winning.Grammy awar winning Bruno Mars,that sounds good现在可是格莱美得主 格莱美得主Bruno Mars 听上去很不错Look at my creep pic,look at that.No,I mean thats really exciting看我嘚瑟的照片 在那里 不 我真的觉得很激动thats what you aiming for,yeah I mean thats superball这是你梦寐以求的 对 这可是最重量级的It really is,and I thought you did an amazing job on Amy Winehouse on MTV VMAS.的确 我认为你在VMA颁奖上致敬Amy Winehouse的表演也很赞Thank you.That was beautifu,thank you.谢谢 很棒的表演 谢谢and she was a huge influence to you,right.yeah,you know what its fine you say that because I do a lot of interviews她对你影响很大 对么 是的 可以这么说 我曾做过好多访问and they ask me who influenced you and your music别人问我 谁影响了你的音乐I always go to the Prince,James Brown,Micheal Jackson,Beatles我总是说 Prince James Brown MJ 披头士and I kick myself I never said Amy Winehouse,because that album came out it did something to me突然我意识到 从来没有说Amy Winehouse 但是她的专辑的确影响过我Something I was trying to do when her songs came out of the way,its sounded other way一些非常想去尝试的东西 当她的歌曲问世的时候Mark Ronsen the producer some of the songs,It just amazing songs though还有制作人Mark Ronsen写的歌 都是非常好的歌曲Amy Winehouse thank you for your music,thank you so much.Amy Winehouse 感谢你带来的音乐 谢谢你 /201612/484715



  chill 寒冷;(人与人或者国家与国家之间)关系变的冷淡;人的热情减退a chill day 寒冷的一天The night air chilled his bones.夜间的寒气使他感到冰冷彻骨。After the conflict,the relation between the two countries suffered a sudden chill.冲突过后,两国的关系突然冷却The tough weather chilled our enthusiasm for climbing天气恶劣,我们登山的兴致大减。heyday最强盛的时期Women are said to reach their heyday at the age of 25.据说25岁时,女人将达到她们的鼎盛时期。The band sold millions of records in its heyday 这个乐队最火爆的时候,卖出过数百万张唱片 歌曲:better in time by leona lewis 觉得这首歌好好听~ /201007/110272

  Leave me alone. 别理我。Chin up. 别气馁 ,振作些。You never know. 世事难料。High jack! 举起手来(抢劫)!Why did she marry a man old enough to be her father?她为什么要嫁给一个年龄与她父亲相当的男人?I stay at home a lot. 我多半在家里。She'll be along in a few minutes. 她马上会过来。I'm not in a good mood. 没有心情(做某事)。He is a fast talker. 他是个吹牛大王。I'm bored to death. 我无聊死了。Bottoms up! 干杯!Here we are! 我们到了!I lost my way. 我迷路了。He is the pain on the neck. 他真让人讨厌。Do you have a straw? 你有吸管吗?For here or to go? / Stay or to go?在这儿吃还是带走?Combo 套餐(麦当劳)/ set meal 套餐 /201105/134488

  第一、迷你对话A: Has Robert ever missed coming to one of our parties?罗伯特没有参加我们的晚会吗?B: Only once or twice at the most.最多一两次吧。A: Do you know why? 你知道为什么吗?B: I have no idea.不知道。第二、地道表达【核心短语】at the most【解词释义】此语用于表达数字概念。其中the可以省略,也可加very以增强语气。此语的反义词为at the least。I pay only fifty dollars at (the) most.我顶破天能付50美元。I think he is fifteen at (the) most.我想他顶多有15岁。 We are to finish with the experiment in two months at the most.我们至多用两个月就能完成这项实验。We saw him for ten minutes at the most.我们能见他十分钟。词海拾贝miss doing:错过某事,未赶上做某事We only missed seeing each other by five minutes.我们只因五分钟之差而未能见面。The goalkeeper just missed stopping the ball.守门员只差一点儿就能把球接住了。come to something:来做某事I am getting married this weekend. Will you come to the wedding ?我这个周末结婚。你来参加结婚典礼好吗?He was down with the flu, and therefore couldnt come to the party.他患了流行性感冒,因此未能前来参加宴会。have no idea:不知道If you have no idea about it, consult a dictionary, please.要是你对这个问题不清楚,请你查字典得了。I have no idea (as to) what you mean.我一点儿也不明白你的意思。 /201309/258027

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