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呼和浩特男科电话呼和浩特土默特左旗引产哪家医院最好的呼和浩特龟头炎治疗 Acne:the scourge of adolescence.粉刺:青春期的灾难。Most people endure it atsome point, and cant wait to be rid of the combination of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, andpustules that comprise the skin condition that affects over 80% of teenagers and nearly 20% ofadults.许多人都在忍受它带来的麻烦,迫切地想要摆脱白头、黑头、丘疹、脓疱的困扰。这些问题滋扰着超过80%的年轻人和近20%的成人。Acne begins with the pores from which hair grows.粉刺在毛发生长的毛孔上出现,These pores contain sebaceous glands thatproduce a type of oil that lubricates hair and skin.这些毛孔包含了皮脂腺,而皮脂腺能产生可以滋润毛发和皮肤的油。When the glands produce the right amount ofoil, theres usually no trouble.当这些腺体产生适量油脂的时候,通常不会出现问题。But, when a pore gets clogged with too much oil and dead skin cells, problems arise.但是,当一个毛孔被过多的油脂和死去的皮肤细胞堵塞,问题出现了。The onset ofpuberty in most kids involves the production of hormones.许多孩子的青春期伴随着荷尔蒙的产生。These hormones cause the sebaceousglands to make excess oil.这些激素导致皮脂腺分泌多余的油脂。Too much oil clogs pores and attracts bacteria, which feed on the oiland begin to multiply.过多的油脂会堵塞毛孔并滋生细菌,细菌靠这些油脂生存和繁殖。A clogged pore can only stand so much internal pressure before its wallsbreak, allowing the oil and bacteria to seep under the surrounding skin.一个堵塞的毛孔的承载量是有限的,当压力过大时毛壁会破裂,油脂和细菌会渗漏到附近的皮肤上。This gives rise tosomething every teen ds: a pimple.每个年轻人的噩梦-粉刺产生了。Contrary to popular belief, eating foods such as pizza and chocolate does not cause or exacerbateacne.不同于大众的认知,吃诸如披萨和巧克力之类的食物并不会导致或者恶化粉刺。Whether or not a person will have acne as a teenager or adult is largely a matter of genetics:if your parents had it, theres a good chance you will too.不管是青少年还是成年人,人们产生粉刺的原因在于基因:如果你的父母有过粉刺,你很可能也会有。Although there is no cure for acne, simple remedies to prevent a build-up of oil in pores, such aswashing your face with soap and warm water and using oil-free cosmetics, can help.尽管没有根治粉刺的方法,但有办法可以防止毛孔的油脂堆积:比如用温水和肥皂洗脸,使用不含油脂的化妆品。201403/278303The film industry电影业Rated “P” for persistent被评定为代表执着的“P”Time Warners boss may not find Rupert Murdochs overtures so unwelcome时代华纳公司的老板也许会喜欢鲁伯特.默多克的提议RUPERT MURDOCH is a man who does not mind walking in his own footsteps. In the 1980s he tried and failed to gain control of the parent company of the Warner Bros. film studio. This week it emerged that Mr Murdochs 21st Century Fox had made an billion bid for the companys modern incarnation, Time Warner, which also owns cable networks such as CNN and HBO. He was rebuffed, but when has that stopped him?鲁伯特默多克是一个不介意师心自用的人。在20世纪80年代他曾试图控制华纳兄弟电影制片厂的母公司,但失败了。本周有消息称默多克的21世纪福克斯公司出价800亿竞购该公司的现代化身—时代华纳公司,其同时拥有有线电视网络,如CNN和HBO。默多克被断然拒绝了,但是他什么时候才会死心?Such a deal is simpler now than it would have been until recently. Last year Mr Murdoch split Fox from its former parent, News Corp, and earlier this month Time Inc, Time Warners magazine arm, became a separate, publicly traded firm. A merged Fox and Time Warner would have more bargaining-power with its customers, from pay-TV operators like Comcast to online distributors such as Netflix.直到最近,这一交易才变得比原来简单。去年默多克将福克斯公司从其前母公司—新闻集团分离出来,且本月初,时代华纳公司的杂志部门—时代公司转变为独立的上市公司。合并后的福克斯和时代华纳公司将获得更多与其客户讨价还价的资本,包括Comcast这样的付费电视运营商到Netflix这样的在线分销商。However, a deal would put immense programming power in the hands of one company. Since Fox aly has a cable-news network, CNN would reportedly be sold to make the deal more palatable. Even so, regulators still might not find the proposal “fair and balanced”.然而,一个交易将使得强大的编程能力落入一个公司手中。由于福克斯公司已经拥有有线新闻网络,CNN将按照此前报道的那样被出售,以使这一交易更易被接受。即便如此,监管机构可能依然无法认可这一提案的“公平和平衡”。If a marriage does occur, it will not necessarily be with Fox. Jeff Bewkes, the boss of Time Warner, may be playing hard to get while waiting to see if other suitors emerge. The head of a rival media firm muses that Mr Bewkes, who is 62, has been cutting off the undesirable parts of his apple, and has deliberately kept the most alluring bits with the hope of being able to sell it and retire. As for Mr Murdoch, who is 83, he may yet get one of the apples of his eye—after 30 years of trying.如果合并真的发生,也不一定是与福克斯公司。时代华纳公司的总裁杰夫比克斯也许是耍了欲擒故纵的把戏,等待着是否有其他的求购公司出现。作为竞争对手的一家媒体公司的负责人揣62岁的比克斯正切除其公司的不良部分,故意保留其最诱人的部分,以期能将其公司卖掉并退休。至于83岁的默多克在奋斗了30个年头后,也许还未曾得到任何一样他梦寐以求之物。 /201407/314009呼和浩特市附院挂号网

呼市中医院阳痿早泄价格Books and Arts; American art museums; A hinterland beauty;文艺;书评;美国艺术物馆; 腹地美景;Moshe Safdie and some intelligent curatorial work have produced a rural gem;西·萨夫迪和一些聪明的策展工作创造了一个田园珍品;The Ozarks are Americas least appreciated mountain range. Lacking the majesty of the Rockies, the bth of the Appalachians or the mournful grandeur of the Cascades, there they sit, somewhere in the middle of the country, south of the Midwest, north of the south, east of the mountainous west. They have long drawn fishermen and hikers; until now, however, art fanciers have had little reason to visit.欧扎克斯是美国受到赞赏最少的山脉,缺乏落基山脉的威严、阿巴拉契亚山脉的广袤以及喀斯咯特山脉的悲壮,它们坐落在那里,坐落在美国中部的某个地方,在中西部以南、南部以北、西部山区以东。长期以来,它们吸引着渔民和远足者,然而现在,艺术爱好者也有足够的理由光顾了。That changes with the opening of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art on November 11th. With 120 acres (48.6 hectares) of forests and gardens and long hiking trails connecting it with downtown Bentonville, Crystal Bridges is not just in but also of the Ozarks. Its patron, Alice Walton, is the scion of the Ozarks first family: her father, Sam Walton, opened a discount store called Wal-Mart in nearby Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962. Today Walmart (which officially went hyphenless in 2008) is Americas largest private employer. The Walton Family Foundation gave the museum a .2 billion endowment and Ms Walton and the museum have been on something of a buying spree for several years.这种改变是随着水晶桥美国艺术物馆11月11日的开幕而来的。水晶桥拥有占地120亩(48.6公顷)的森林和花园,以及连接本顿维尔市中心的远足小径,它不仅位于欧扎克斯,也属于欧扎克斯。水晶桥的赞助人爱丽丝·沃尔顿是欧扎克斯第一家族的后裔,她的父亲山姆·沃尔顿1962年在阿肯色州罗杰斯附近开了一家折扣店沃-尔玛。如今沃尔玛(2008年正式去除了其中的连字符)已是美国最大的私人雇主。沃尔顿家族基金会给物馆提供了12亿美元的捐助,几年来沃尔顿女士和物馆抢购得有点疯狂。The museum is not simply Ms Waltons own private collection. Like Nancy Aldrich Rockefeller she has been the driving force behind its creation. Ms Walton has long spoken of wanting to bring art to a region that has little of it, and in that ambition she has without question succeeded. Though admission is free thanks to a m bequest, the museum sells membership; roughly 4,600 of the 5,000 memberships have been bought by Arkansans.物馆不单是沃尔顿女士自己的私人收藏。象南希·爱德里奇·洛克菲勒一样,她一直是创建物馆的背后推力。沃尔顿女士一直希望把艺术带到这个几乎没有艺术的地区,毫无疑问她成功地达成了这个雄心。虽然有2000万美元的遗赠而不收入场券,但物馆出售会员资格,5000名会员中大约有4600名已被阿肯色人买去了。Crystal Bridges takes its name from Crystal Spring, which flows on the grounds, and from the multiple bridges around which the museum is designed. The architect is Moshe Safdie, best known for his half-brutalist, half-playful Habitat 67 complex in Montreal. Crystal Bridges comprises several discrete but linked structures that meander around and above two spring-fed reflecting ponds, a design that Mr Safdie says is meant to echo the surrounding topography. Much of the museums roofing is copper, which currently has the umbral hue of the foliage around it—the leaves dying in autumn, the copper brand new—but which will of course gradually darken, turning a deep rust red and then dark brown before taking on the familiar light green patina in years to come.水晶桥得名自水晶泉和多处桥梁,水晶泉在地面上流淌,而物馆是围绕着桥梁设计的。建筑师是西·萨夫迪,以其作品蒙特利尔的半野兽派、半俏皮的人居67生态公寓而闻名。水晶桥由几个分立但有连接的建筑物组成,这些建筑物迂回曲折地悬绕在泉水供给的两个倒影池上方和周围,据萨夫迪说这样设计是为了呼应周围的地形结构。物馆的屋顶大部分是紫铜色,通常映有物馆周围植物的荫影,秋天树叶掉光了,紫铜色烙上新。当然了紫铜色会逐渐变暗,转为深铁锈红,然后再转为深棕色,几年后会染上大家熟悉的浅绿的铜锈色。And just as the buildings nestle into and hug their surroundings, with few right angles, so the roofs arch and swoop and fall, mimicking the regions mountains. Trees surround the museum; as they grow they will enshroud it with leaves in full summer and expose it in winter. Crystal Bridges does not look like a traditional Japanese structure, but something of the Japanese aesthetic—simplicity and cleanness of design, reverence for nature, the impulse to build in harmony with rather than atop the natural world—pervades it.正因为建筑物嵌进了周围的环境,与周围的环境浑然一体,所以屋顶呈弧形猛扑而下,模拟这个地区的山脉。树木环绕着物馆,随着树木的生长,整个夏天它们会用树叶遮蔽住物馆,而在冬季则露出物馆。水晶桥看起来不像日本的传统建筑物,但日本美学的某些东西,如设计上的简朴和清洁、对自然的敬畏、建筑与自然和谐而不是凌驾在自然之上的驱策等等,在物馆的建筑上随处可见。The museums collection manages to be both thorough and surprising. Those who wish to see works by major American artists such as Winslow Homer, Thomas Hart Benton and Robert Rauschenberg will not be disappointed. But Don Bacigalupi, the museum director, says that in building a collection at this late date he looked at “identifying new scholarship and new research that led us toward artists and moments less well discovered”. That has inspired a particularly strong focus on women in American art—as patrons, subjects and creators. Janet Sobel, who made drip paintings several years before Jackson Pollock, gets her due. Among the museums first-rate collection of portraits, nothing exceeds Dennis Miller Bunkers sombre, haunting image of Anne Page (pictured above); and in its contemporary galleries Alison Elizabeth Taylors marquetry “Room” is, like the museum itself, a chamber of wonders in an unexpected place.物馆的收藏尽量做到既彻底又令人惊讶。那些希望看到温斯洛·荷马、托马斯·哈特·本顿以及罗伯特·劳森伯格等主要美国艺术家作品的人不会失望。但物馆馆长唐·巴奇加卢皮表示,营造这么一个晚期的收藏,就他看来是“让我们确认早没发现的艺术家的新学术成就,以及确认早没发现的时刻的新研究”。特别是激发了对美国艺术中妇女的强烈关注,比如妇女赞助人、妇女题材和妇女创作者。珍妮特·索贝尔得到了应得的权益,她比杰克逊·波洛克早几年就创作出了滴画。在物馆一流的画像收藏当中,当属丹尼斯·米勒·邦克令人难忘的忧郁画像安妮·蓓姬(见上图),而在物馆的当代画廊中,艾莉森·伊丽莎白·泰勒镶嵌细工的“展室”就象物馆本身,在意想不到的地方展示了一室的奇观。 /201307/246013呼和浩特妇保医院包皮手术怎么样 Finance and economics财经商业Monetary policy in America美国的货币政策Taper tiger逐渐变弱的老虎The Federal Reserve surprises everyone by changing nothing美国联邦储备委员保持政策不变让人们感到惊奇SHORTLY after the Federal Reserve hinted in May that it might start to ease its monetary stimulus, rich-country bond yields shot up; emerging-market currencies and stockmarkets cratered.在美联储5月暗示可能会退出货币刺激政策后不久,富裕国家的债券收益率飙升,新兴市场货币和股市出现震荡。Was it all for nothing?难道这没有原因吗?On September 18th, at the end of a closely watched meeting, the Federal Open Market Committee, the Feds policy-setting body, chose not to taper.9月18日,在一个被密切关注的会议结束时,美联储的政策制定机构联邦公开市场委员会没有选择退出。Instead, it said it would keep buying 85 billion a month of Treasury and mortgage bonds with newly created money.相反,表示将用新创造的货币继续每月购买85亿的国债和抵押债券。Although the Fed had never actually promised to act in September, all the signals pointed in that direction.虽然美联储从来没有承诺在9月份采取行动,但是所有的信号都指向这个方向。QE would stop, it had said when the latest bout of bond-buying began last September,when the labour-market outlook had improved substantially.去年9月开始的新一轮购买债券时表示,当劳动力市场的前景已经大幅改善时QE会停下来。Since then, the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.3% from 8.1% and private employment has risen by 2.3m, or 2%.从那时起,失业率从8.1%下降至7.3%,私营部门就业增加了2.3或2%。In June Ben Bernanke, the Fed chairman, said the Fed would probably start to taper by year-end, and stop QE when unemployment hit 7%, which it expected by mid-2014.在6月,美联储主席本?伯南克表示,美联储可能会开始在今年年底如果失业率达到7%就停止量化宽松政策,预计是在2014年中期。So what has now held it back?那么是什么原因导致倒退?First, the pace of job growth has recently flagged; the drop in unemployment has been flattered by the number of people no longer looking for work.首先,就业增长速度最近开始减弱,失业人数的下降是被不再找工作的人数粉饰过的。The labour-market participation rate sank to 63.2% in August, a 35-year low.劳动力市场参与率8月下跌至63.2%,是35年来的新低。Second, fiscal policy continues to work at cross-purposes to monetary policy.其次,财政政策将继续为多个货币政策目的起作用。Higher taxes and spending cuts have subtracted at least a full percentage point from growth this year.更高的税收和削减开至少降低了今年经济增长整整一个百分点。The prospect that spending caps may be lifted when the new fiscal year begins on October 1st has melted away.在10月1日新的财政年度开始时可能会取消出上限的预期已经没有了。With Republicans in Congress and Barack Obama unable to agree on how to fund the government or raise the Treasurys statutory debt ceiling, the risk of a government shutdown loomed large in the minds of Fed officials.随着共和党在国会和奥巴马政府在如何资助或提高财政部的法定债务上限上谈不拢,在美联储的官员看来政府有很大的关闭风险。But the third and most important restraint on the Fed was the unexpected effect on financial markets of a prospective change in monetary stance.但是,对美联储的第三个也是最重要的约束是变动的货币政策对金融市场的意想不到的影响。The central bank had always emphasised that tapering did not mean tightening.央行此前一直强调退出并不意味着紧缩。Provided asset purchases remained above zero, the Feds balance-sheet would keep growing and monetary policy would still be loosening.倘若资产购买仍高于零,美联储的资产负债表将保持增长和货币政策仍然会松动。Separately, the Fed never wavered from its pledge to keep the federal-funds rate near zero at least until unemployment had fallen to 6.5%.另外,美联储从来没有动摇其承诺保持联邦基金利率接近零直到到失业率下降至6.5%。Nonetheless, investors radically repriced their expectations of Fed policy and fled positions predicated on a policy of QE ever after.尽管如此,投资者从根本上重新定价他们对美联储政策的预期,并从量化宽松的政策以后改变了定位。Bond yields have risen by slightly less than a percentage point since May, mortgage rates by slightly more.从五月以来债券收益率上升了约一个百分点,住房抵押贷款利率上涨更高一些。Mr Bernanke fretted that this rapid tightening of financial conditions in recent months could have the effect of slowing growth, a problem that would be exacerbated if conditions tighten further.伯南克担忧最近几个月这种快速紧缩财政的情况会使经济增长放缓问题是继续紧缩会使情况更糟。The euphoric market response to the FOMCs decision this week would seem to vindicate that judgment.这周市场对联邦公开市场委员会决定的积极反应明了这个判断。But it leaves wide open the question of when the Fed will taper.但它留下宽泛的问题,美联储什么时候开始紧缩。The FOMC trimmed its projections for growth this year and next by about a quarter of a percentage point from its June forecast, to 2.2% in 2013 and 3% in 2014.联邦公开市场委员会对今年和明年经济增长四分之一个百分点的6月份的预测进行了修改,2013年增长2.2%,2014年增长3%。It also changed its unemployment projections, which it now expects to hit 7% early in 2014 and 6.5% later that same year.它也改变了失业率的预测,它现在预计2014年上半年将达到7%,和下半年6.5%。Mr Bernanke was at pains this week to stress that the 7% unemployment target for ending QE and 6.5% threshold for raising rates have never been automatic triggers.伯南克本周煞费苦心的强调,达到7%的失业率时退出QE政策和6.5%时提高利率从来没有自动进行。It all depends on what else is happening in the economy.这一切都取决于经济体中发生的其他事情。It is entirely sensible for the Fed not to be slavishly bound by its guidance,对于美联储不会盲目的遵从指导是完全合理的,but that raises questions over how useful such guidance is.但对这种指导有多大用处有人提出了疑问。Most Fed officials expect to raise rates by 2015, for example,大多数美联储官员预计2015年升息,例如,but Mr Bernanke said rates are unlikely to rise if inflation is below its 2% target, which the Feds new projections suggest could be the case until 2016.但伯南克表示如果通胀率低于2%的目标利率不太可能上升,美联储新的预测显示直到2016年才会实行。The start of tapering could conceivably come at the end of October if data reassure the Fed that the economy has brushed off higher bond yields and if a fiscal train wreck has been avoided.如果经济降低债券收益率的数据和财政列车已避免脱轨能够使美联储相信,紧缩计划能够真的在10月底开始。But there are no clear signposts, which will irk investors.但目前还没有明确的标志,这将会使投资者感到恼怒。Their frustration pales next to that of the Fed itself, which has blown its balance-sheet up to 3.6 trillion and held rates at zero since 2008 but achieved underwhelming results in return.美联储本身相形见绌,资产负债表为3.6万亿美元,并从2008年开始维持利率为零,但并没有取得让人满意的回报。On September 17th the federal Census Bureau reported that real household incomes in America, which had fallen by 8% between 2007 and 2011, did not fall further in 2012.联邦人口普查局9月17日报道,在美国2007年和2011年之间家庭实际收入下降了8%,在2012年并没有进一步下跌。That this counts as good news is telling.这算作一个好消息。Income inequality, meanwhile, is worsening on some measures.同时收入不平等使一些措施恶化。Emmanuel Saez at the University of California, Berkeley, reckons the top 10% grabbed its largest share of total incomes since 1917 last year.加州大学伯克利分校的埃马纽埃尔?赛斯估计自1917年以来,去年前10%的人在总的收入份额中占有最大的部分。This is partly due to QE, which has been very good for the stockmarket and thus the wealthy.部分原因是由于量化宽松政策,有利于股市,使某些人更富裕。QE works in part by boosting household wealth and thus spending and jobs, but the effects have not yet filtered through strongly to the wider economy.QE促进家庭财富增加,消费和就业,但效果尚未渗透到更广泛的经济领域。The taps will be open a while longer yet.水龙头在未来的一段时间继续打开。 /201310/259343赛罕区不孕不育医院哪家好

内蒙古自治区第一附属医院处女膜修复手术多少钱How money works钱是如何运作的Gold rush淘金热A good guide to the stuff in our pockets一本关于我们囊中物的优秀指南Money: The Unauthorised Biography. By Felix Martin.《金钱:非授权自传》。作者:Felix Martin。ONE story in this surprisingly entertaining book on the nature of money is about the Irish banking crisis. The countrys bank system ground to a complete stop, with branches closed, the clearing system suspended and customers unable to withdraw or deposit money. As cash ran out, people had to find a way of paying their regular bills, or even just stumping up for a pint of stout in a pub. What actually happened was that businesses started accepting IOUs or cheques for everything, even though there was no telling when the cash would be forthcoming. It helped that a lot of Irish life is lived locally: builders, greengrocers, mechanics and barmen all turned out to be dab hands at personal credit profiling.这本关于金钱性质的书出乎意料地有趣,其中一个故事与爱尔兰危机有关。爱尔兰的系统完全瘫痪,各分行全部关闭,清算系统被暂停,顾客无法存取款。在现金用完后,人们不得不想办法付日常账单,就连在酒吧为一品脱烈性黑啤埋单也是如此。结果商家开始接受欠条或票,虽然没人知道现金何时会来。还好爱尔兰人的生活起居很大程度上都可以在当地解决:建筑工、零售店主、机械师和酒保摇身变成了个人信用建档的行家 。In short, Ireland developed a new class of money. Its currency was not backed by any central bank, but based solely on informal if surprisingly accurate credit scoring. And the currency was transferable: if certain people said the bond was good, then the bond was good.总之,爱尔兰发展出一种新的钱种类。其货币不被任何央行持,仅仅基于非正式却出奇准确的信用记录。并且这种货币是可流通的,如果某些人说债券有效,那么债券就有效。This particular Irish banking crisis might seem vaguely familiar, but only vaguely. It took place more than 40 years ago, when the Irish financial sector came to a seven-month halt as a result of a national labour dispute. The point of the story is that it supports two of the authors main contentions—first that money is not currency and that sovereign support for currency is not particularly important, and second that financial crises are endemic. No sooner has the last one been put to bed than the next is waking up.这个奇特的爱尔兰危机听起来可能隐约有些熟悉,但也只是隐约而已。那次危机发生在40多年前,当时爱尔兰金融业因全国劳动争议瘫痪了七个月。讲这个故事是因为它持了作者的两点主张——第一,钱不是货币,并且主权对货币的持并非特别重要;第二,金融危机是普遍的,刚刚解决一个危机,另一个危机又出现了。For some people, money is merely something underwritten by the state and designed to enhance a basic barter economy. Felix Martin, an economist and fund manager, goes further. Early societies, such as the Babylonians and the ancient Egyptians, were static, with a fixed hierarchy of social obligations. They had no need of money or currency. Money was the instrument through which later societies unshackled themselves from preordained social orders and became individualistic.对于一些人来说,金钱仅仅是国家担保的东西,用于增强基本的物物交换。经济学家、基金经理Felix Martin对金钱的理解更进了一步。早期社会,例如巴比伦和古埃及,是静止的,每个阶层承担的社会责任固定不变。这些社会不需要金钱或货币。金钱将之后的社会从上天安排的社会制度中解放出来,变为个人主义。With money came speculation, bringing in turn those endemic financial crises. To ensure greater stability, Mr Martin would like to see the introduction of an ultra-simple version of “limited-purpose banking”. Money must be “shorn of its specious promise” he says; let the state underwrite a tiny core of deposit-taking banks. Everything else—from interest-rate derivatives to collateralised debt obligations should carry on unregulated and uninsured. If you lose your dough, tough. You knew the risks. It is a solution that will attract anyone seeking a clean, clear, fair way of managing financial markets. Until they lose their money, of course.有金钱就有投机,有投机就有普遍的金融危机。为确保稳定性,Martin希望引入超简版的“限制用途”。他说,必须“去除”金钱“似是而非的承诺”;让国家为储蓄极少的核心业务担保。其他业务—从利率衍生工具到债务抵押债券—应继续不受监管,不受保护。如果你输了钱,糟糕。不过你本来就知道风险的。这个解决方法会吸引寻求以干净、清楚、公正的方式管理金融市场的人。当然在他们自己输钱以前。 /201405/294177 呼和浩特首大男科医院有泌尿科吗呼和浩特首大生殖专科治疗便秘多少钱




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