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乌兰察布市医院电话呼和浩特首大治疗尿道炎多少钱Apple’s design chief took a swipe at copycats as he explained some of the secretive group’s product development processes ahead of the launch of its Watch and latest iPads.苹果(Apple)首席设计师对模仿者作出了批评。在苹果即将推出Apple Watch和最新款iPad之前,乔纳森#8226;艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)介绍了这家善于保密的集团的某些产品开发流程。In an interview at Vanity Fair magazine’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, Sir Jonathan Ive admitted that he sounded “a little bit harsh and perhaps a little bit bitter” in his response to a question about whether imitation by Asian rivals such as Xiaomi was “flattering”.在《名利场》(Vanity Fair)杂志于旧金山举办的New Establishment峰会上,乔纳森爵士接受了采访。他坦承,在被问到小米(Xiaomi)等亚洲竞争对手的模仿是否“令他感到荣幸”时,他的回答听上去“有点刺耳,或许还有点愤愤不平”。He said: “I think it’s really straightforward. It really is theft, and it’s lazy, and I don’t think it’s OK at all.”他说:“我认为,这件事确实很简单。这么做就是偷窃,是偷懒,我根本不认为这样做没问题。”Apple has fought many legal battles over patent infringement of the iPhone’s technology and designs, including winning an initial bn verdict against Samsung in 2012. While it has been some time since Apple initiated any new cases, Sir Jonathan’s sensitivity to copying comes ahead of the release of Watch.苹果因为iPhone技术和设计专利遭到侵权的问题打过多次官司,其中包括在2012年首次告赢三星(Samsung)并获赔10亿美元。苹果已有一段时间没有再提起新的诉讼,但乔纳森爵士在苹果将推出智能手表之际对抄袭的问题依然十分敏感。“When we started working on it, it seemed like a very natural, obvious place for technology to end up,” he said.他说:“当我们开始设计这款产品的时候,它看起来就像是技术的一个自然、显而易见的终点。”This iPhone accessory, which will cost upwards of 0, was conceived after Steve Jobs’ death, but Sir Jonathan said he was trying to maintain Apple’s founding ethos of making technology more personal and accessible. “I do see that the Watch is a move away from what is traditionally understood as consumer electronics,” Sir Jonathan said.这款iPhone配件售价将超过350美元,是在史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)过世之后构想出来的。不过乔纳森爵士表示,他试图保持苹果的创立宗旨:让科技变得更加个人化和易于使用。他说:“我确实认为,相对于传统上人们理解的消费电子产品,苹果手表有所不同。”Apple is courting the fashion and luxury market with the device, including a showcase during Paris Fashion Week held at the chic boutique store Colette.苹果正在以这款设备取时尚和奢侈品市场的好感,包括在巴黎时装周(Paris Fashion Week)期间特意在柯莱特时尚店(Colette)陈列该产品。Sir Jonathan’s appearance came in the same week that Vogue China featured a model wearing Apple Watch, the first fashion magazine to style the watch on its cover.就在乔纳森爵士现身的同一周,《Vogue China》还登出了一位戴着苹果手表的模特,这是第一家在封面展示这款手表的时尚杂志。Vogue’s praise for the Watch is a far cry from Sir Jonathan’s first attempt at designing a phone, in the UK in the late 1980s. He won a Royal College of Arts competition with a contraption that reimagined the telephone, rearranging the speaker, mouthpiece and handle.《Vogue》对苹果手表的赞许与乔纳森首次尝试设计一部电话之时已不可同日而语,那是上世纪80年代末他在英国的时候。他以一款重新设计的电话赢得了英国皇家艺术学院(Royal College of Art)的一次竞赛。这款电话的扬声器、话筒和手柄都经过重新设计。Shown a photo of the clunky device on stage by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, Sir Jonathan blushed. “Obviously it wasn’t a good idea,” he said.《名利场》杂志主编格莱登#8226;卡特(Graydon Carter)在台上展示了这款笨重电话机的照片,乔纳森爵士有点难为情,他说:“显然,这不是个好的创意。”But the bursary he received from winning helped him, in 1989, to make his first trip to Silicon Valley. “I was just blown away by the optimism and enthusiasm that provided such a fantastic environment to try and develop new ideas,” Sir Jonathan told Mr Carter.不过,在比赛中拿到奖金后,他在1989年首次造访了硅谷。他告诉卡特:“那里的乐观和热情为尝试和研究新创意营造了绝妙的环境,我被深深打动了。”“It’s very difficult to develop new ideas in the context of cynicism and sarcasm. It makes for good comedy but it’s a horrible way of trying to develop products.”“在愤世嫉俗和冷嘲热讽的氛围中,人们很难提出新的创意。这种氛围容易催生出好的喜剧,然而对于产品开发来说是十分糟糕的。”Describing Apple’s product development processes, Sir Jonathan said his team of 16 designers gathered three or four times a week around its studio’s table, which resembles those that display products in its retail stores.在讲述苹果的产品开发流程时,乔纳森爵士表示他的团队由16名设计师组成,每周会围着工作室的桌子开三四次会,这种桌子与苹果门店中展示产品的桌子相似。“We draw, we still draw,” he said. The team also creates plastic or metal models of its concepts. “When there is an object to touch, everything shifts.”他说:“我们会画出设计图样,我们仍然会采用绘画方式。”除此以外,该团队还会根据其设计理念,制作出塑料或金属的模型。“一旦有了可触摸的实物,就一切都不同了。” /201410/335026呼和浩特早孕检查多少钱

呼和浩特做无痛人流要用多少钱赛罕区妇幼保健人民中医院泌尿科咨询During the World Cup games, many of us broke away from the workday to catch the emotional matches. At my office, like at many other companies large and small, we played the games’ live streams from the ESPN app on a big projector. Sure enough, the lag has been bad, as demand has swamped the servers. WatchESPN was outright crashing during theU.S.-Germany game last month.世界杯期间,我们中的许多人都在工作日抽身去看那些令人激动的比赛。和许多大大小小的公司一样,我们公司也用大投影仪通过ESPN客户端来收看实况转播。延迟很厉害,这是一定的,原因是需求让务器不堪重负。上个月美德大战时,ESPN的务器干脆崩溃了。I’m guessing nobody is really surprised, given, as some might recall, the Oscars livestream crashed; HBO Go fizzled during the True Detective finale and Veronica Mars movie backers couldn’t get their free digital downloads on time.我猜没有人真的感到意外,因为可能还有人记得,奥斯卡颁奖典礼的网络直播就崩溃过;《真探》(True Detective)大结局时,HBO的客户端也不能正常使用;《美眉校探》(Veronica Mars)电影版的拥趸同样无法顺利进行免费下载。We’re used to these delays. The Internet literally can’t handle the amount of TV we watch; the idea behind “TV everywhere,” where television broadcasters provide viewers with access to online content via live or on-demand, may be impossible with our current infrastructure.我们对这样的延迟已经习以为常。互联网确实处理不了我们观看的大量电视节目;“电视无处不在”的意思是电视台以直播或点播的方式向观众提供在线内容,但现在的基础设施可能无法实现这样的想法。Netflix NFLX -1.00% takes up about 30% of home Internet bandwidth in North America, and data from Procera estimates that anywhere from 6% to 10% of the online streaming service’s subscribers watched at least one episode of House of Cards Season 2 in its first weekend. Yet House of Cards doesn’t have nearly as many viewers as a moderately successful TV show. A total of 4.6 million people watched the premiere of USA’s Suits, for example, which for a series, is an impressive but not gargantuan hit (but one of my personal favorites!). And that’s not even broadcast, it’s cable. A highly anticipated episode of How I Met Your Mother could pull in close to 11 million viewers.Given such viewership, it seems the Internet literally cannot handle television.奈飞(Netflix)占据了北美约30%的家用互联网带宽。网络数据统计机构Procera估算,《纸牌屋》(House of Cards)第二季播出的首个周末,6%-10%的奈飞用户至少观看了一集。不过,这样的观众规模还赶不上一般成功的电视节目。比如说,美国电视网(USA Network)的《金装律师》(Suits)首次播出时的观众人数为460万。这样的观众规模对一部电视连续剧来说已经很可观,但还算不上火爆异常(不过这是我最喜欢的电视剧之一)。此外,这部电视剧甚至没有以无线形式播出,只是进入了有线电视网络。《老爸老妈的浪漫史》(How I Met Your Mother)中备受期待的一集可以引来近1100万观众。考虑到这样的收视规模,互联网似乎真的没办法承载电视。Because it takes up that whopping 30% of home Internet bandwidth, Netflix is disrupting traditional “peering” structures whereby two or more networks, which are required to be connected at a hardware level, exchange traffic for free. The networks that Netflix connects to are sending significantly more traffic to their peering partners than they’re receiving in return. The extra traffic forces many of these last-mile providers to either spend money to upgrade their infrastructure, or their users will suffer from a degraded viewing experience.由于掌握了高达30%的家用互联网带宽,奈飞打破了传统的对等直联结构,也就是两个或多个网络在硬件层面连接在一起,免费交换数据。奈飞连接的网络向对等网络发送的数据远远超过了从对方那里接收的数据。这些多出来的数据迫使许多这样的“最后一哩”务供应商升级自己的基础设施,否则,用户的收视体验就会打折。Earlier this year, Comcast CMCSA -0.69% and Netflix signed a paid peering agreement designed to improve Netflix’s performance, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are consistently at the limits of bandwidth when it comes to streaming high-quality . Sure enough, a few months later, images of Netflix error messages blaming Verizon for slow bandwidth started going viral online.今年早些时候,康卡斯特(Comcast)和奈飞签署了一份付费直联协议,旨在改善奈飞的节目播出效果,但这个举措并不能改变这样一个事实。那就是,播放高质量视频时我们对带宽的使用总是处于极限状态。可以肯定,几个月后奈飞指责威瑞森(Verizon)影响网速的报错信息截图就会像病毒一样在网上传播开来。I binge-watched the latest season of House of Cards.Even though my wife and I pay for an upgraded Verizon FiOS Internet package, every episode came through in painfully grainy quality. Every now and then, when the scenery barely moved, it would snap into much better focus, only to remind me how bad the viewing quality was. Obviously, as we later learned, the issue wasn’t Verizon to my house, but Netflix to Verizon.我一集不落地看了《纸牌屋》的最新一季。尽管我和我妻子购买了威瑞森的FiOS套餐升级版,每集的画质依然惨不忍睹。时不时地,每次画面基本定格的时候,清晰度就会明显上升,这只能让我想到画面质量究竟有多糟糕。就像我们后来了解到的那样,问题显然不是出在威瑞森到我们家这个环节,而是奈飞到威瑞森。The problem is potentially bigger: Cord-cutters like to talk about being free of the constraints of cable bundles, but the trend I’m seeing is that bandwidth deals could turn into bundles themselves. Imagine you move into a new neighborhood and have a choice of Internet service providers; before you select, you need to do some homework on who has deals in place with the content companies you like to watch over the Internet.问题可能会变得更严重:拒绝有线电视的人喜欢把摆脱有线电视套餐的束缚挂在嘴边,但我看到的趋势是,网络视频务本身也可能以套餐形式出现。想象一下,你搬了家,可以在一些网络务供应商之间进行选择;那么在你做出决定之前,你需要先考察一下,看看哪些网络公司可以提供你喜欢在线观看的视频内容。We truly want “TV everywhere.” Yet when most people talk about problems with Netflix and its ilk, they’re talking about concerns that their subscription rates are going to go up or that some studio is going to pull their favorite movies from on-demand streaming. With theAereo U.S. Supreme Court decision, cord-cutters are now quickly hunting down their next best options. But as long as these bandwidth problems are as glaring as they are (and getting worse) we’re not going to make the strides we need, and the industry won’t be able to deliver the experience that consumers are hungry for. And judging by the fact that Netflix more than doubled its Emmy nomination haul this year, I’d wager they (we) are pretty hungry.我们当然希望“电视无处不在”。然而,许多人谈到奈飞等公司的问题时担心的事情是收费上升,或者某些电影公司把他们最喜欢的电影撤出点播清单。随着美国最高法院裁定网络电视公司Aereo侵犯电视台版权,拒绝有线电视的消费者现在开始迅速寻找次优方案。但只要这些带宽问题一直这么突出(或者变得更糟),我们就没办法大步向前迈进,这个行业也就没办法为消费者提供他们渴望的那种体验。奈飞今年获得的艾美奖提名增加了一倍以上,我得说他们(也包括我们)的期待程度相当高。 /201407/312172乌兰察布市治疗腹胀多少钱鄂尔多斯市第一人民妇幼中医院治疗女性不孕多少钱

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