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内蒙古省呼和浩特首大医院治疗宫颈肥大多少钱呼和浩特治疗便秘多少钱'Porn mode' threatens Web ads 浏览器威胁网络广告模式 InPrivate, a new privacy feature dubbed 'porn mode,' could jeopardize the advertising model of Web search engines. With just a few clicks you can now make sure the computer you're searching the web on has no trace of your activity. The feature known as "inprivate browsing" is part of the test version of Microsoft's newest browser, Internet Explorer 8. Bloggers have been critical inprivate the porn mode, since anyone using the computer afterwards should not be able to retrace a user's virtual steps.While it activated inprivate browsing, this'll appear here and that means that internet explorer would be prevented from saving any data about your browsing session.Internet Explorer 8 also introduces inprivate blocking. This alerts users when third party sides are tracking browsing activity; this is where google might be affected.Banner adser often display based on what google or yahoo think a user might be interested in depending on the sites visited.Blocking third parties from browsing activity could disrupt that business model.When people are in inprivate browsing and inprivate blocking, they will be given a list of companies that made aware of who else is seeing the conversation. They can then opt in or opt out, if having those people continue to provide and stream new information and data onto the websites.Microsoft controls around 70% of the browser market while Apple aly has the privacy feature and it can also be added to the popular Firefox 3 browser. A Google spokesman told CNN it's too early to tell how the Internet Explorer 8 features work and what their impact on the search giant might be.Microsoft says there're plenty of things inprivate browsing does not do.It does not necessarily make you anonymous on the web so the sites you visit can record your information. And if you're using a network at the office, your IT apartment can still see what you're up to while you surf on a company PC.Jim /, CNN London.200811/55623乌兰察布妇幼保健人民中心医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱 Pakistani Forces Deploy in New Region Infiltrated by Taliban巴基斯坦向塔利班控制区增派兵力 Militants in Pakistan have ambushed paramilitary forces who were being rushed to a region near the capital that was recently overrun by Taliban forces from the nearby Swat valley. Witnesses say gunmen in Buner district, killed at least one of the paramilitary troops. Despite the latest clashes, political leaders say they continue to favor diplomacy in dealing with the militants.巴基斯坦激进分子伏击了奉命紧急赶往首都附近布内尔地区的准军事部队。那里最近被来自斯瓦特山谷的塔利班势力占领。目击者说,武装分子在布内尔区打死至少一名准军事部队军人。尽管发生这些最新的冲突事件,巴基斯坦政界领导人仍然表示继续持通过外交手段跟激进分子打交道。Troops take up key positionsLocals in Buner district, which is only about 100 kilometers from the Pakistani capital, say security forces began arriving Wednesday, taking up positions around government buildings and key roads. It is unclear how many additional forces have been ordered to Buner. Local officials say as many as eight platoons, or about 400 paramilitary troops have arrived in the mountainous region.布内尔区当地人说,安全部队星期三开始到达那里,把守政府办公楼周围的阵地和重要道路。布内尔距离巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡只有大约100公里。目前还不清楚还要向布内尔区增派多少兵力。当地官员说,多达8个排的兵力,也就是大约400名准军事部队军人已经到达这个山区。Sher Akbar, a retired lawmaker who represented Buner in parliament, tells VOA that Taliban fighters are now patrolling parts of the district and local police have not been seen in public.在巴基斯坦议会中曾经代表布内尔区的退休议员谢尔.阿克巴尔告诉美国之音记者,塔利班武装分子目前正在这个区的部分地方巡逻,公开场合根本看不见当地警察。Taliban controls BunerSpeaking by phone from Buner he says the Taliban are totally in control of the district and the local government has lost authority over the region.阿克巴尔在布内尔通过电话对记者说,塔利班现在完全控制了这个区,当地政府已经失去了对这个区的控制。Pakistani news media have reported government officials and aid groups have abandoned local offices. Sher Akbar says many in Buner are worried that fighting could break out soon between security forces and militants, and some people are preparing to leave.巴基斯坦新闻媒体报导说,政府官员和救援组织已经离开当地的办公地点。阿克巴尔说,布内尔区有许多人担心安全部队跟激进分子很快就会打起来,一些人正在准备逃离。Groups of militants infiltrated Buner last week, shortly after the government signed a peace deal to establish Islamic law in nearby Swat valley and other parts of the northwest. Local officials estimate more than 500,000 people live in the Buner area.在政府签署和平协议,同意在附近的斯瓦特山谷以及西北部其它地区实行伊斯兰法不久之后,几伙激进分子上星期渗透到布内尔区。当地官员估计,布内尔地区有50多万人。Since the Taliban's arrival, fighters have clashed with local police and armed tribal militias that initially tried to repel them from the area. Local leaders had reportedly asked the provincial government earlier for extra police and paramilitary troops when the controversial peace agreement in Swat was being negotiated but the request was ignored.自从塔利班来到布内尔区,武装分子跟起初试图赶走他们的当地警察和部落民兵发生了战斗。据说,在有争议的斯瓦特山谷和平协议还在磋商的过程中,当地领导人早些时候曾请求省政府增派警力和准军事部队,但这个要求没有受到重视。Clinton: situation poses 'mortal threat' to USThe government's peace agreement in the northwest, and subsequent Taliban expansion into nearby areas including Buner, has drawn intense concern in Washington. On Wednesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused the Pakistani government of ceding more and more territory to the Taliban. She said the deteriorating situation poses what she called a "mortal threat" to the ed States and the world.政府在西北部地区的和平协议以及塔利班随后在包括布内尔区在内的附近地区的扩张引起华盛顿的密切关注。星期三,美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿指责巴基斯坦政府把越来越多的领土割让给塔利班。她说,局势的日益恶化对美国和全世界构成“致命威胁”。"I think that we cannot underscore the seriousness of the existential threat posed to the state of Pakistan by the continuing advances, now within hours of Islamabad, that are being made by the loosely confederated group of terrorists and others who are seeking the overthrow of the Pakistani state, which is, as we all know, a nuclear-armed state," she said.克林顿说:“我认为,巴基斯坦目前存在的威胁的严重性不言而喻。组织松散的恐怖分子组织正在继续向首都伊斯兰堡推进,目前距离首都只有几个小时的行程,他们企图推翻巴基斯坦,而我们都清楚这是一个拥有核武器的国家。”Pakistan defends anti-Taliban strategyWhen asked about the criticism on Thursday, Pakistan's prime minister defended the government's strategy, saying officials continue to favor pursuing talks with mediator Sufi Muhammad in dealing with the situation.记者星期四向巴基斯坦总理吉拉尼问起克林顿的上述指责,吉拉尼为巴基斯坦政府的战略辩解说,巴基斯坦官员继续持通过跟调解人苏菲.穆罕默德谈判,解决目前的局势。"In case peace is not restored, then naturally the mandate is the provincial government - they will discuss with the jirga, with all of the political forces of their province, they will discuss with Sufi Muhammad. And if the provincial government decides otherwise or if peace is not restored, certainly we have to review our policy," said Prime Minister Gilani. 吉拉尼说:“万一和平没有恢复,那么通常省政府就要承担起责任,他们将跟族长会议,他们所在省的所有政治力量进行磋商,也要跟穆罕默德进行讨论。如果省政府做出不同的决定,或者如果没有恢复和平,我们当然要重新审视我们的政策。”The Islamic courts have drawn criticism among lawmakers in recent days after Taliban fighters refused to disarm and Sufi Muhammad said militants believe the new courts will not be integrated into Pakistan's legal system. Political leaders have said the creation of a parallel legal system is unacceptable and a violation of the peace agreement.塔利班武装分子拒绝放下武器,而且穆罕默德也说,激进分子认为新的法庭不会被纳入巴基斯坦司法体系,这使伊斯兰法庭招致议员们的指责。巴基斯坦政界领导人说,建立两个平行的司法制度是不可接受的,也违反了和平协议。04/68046Revellers get red-faced in mushy Spanish tomato festTens of thousands of revellers from around the world pelted each other with tonnes of tomatoes Wednesday in a mushy festival in the eastern Spanish town of Bunol.The one-hour bloodless battle, known as the Tomatina, left the town awash in a sea of tomato pulp.The town council brought in some 100 tonnes of ripe tomatoes on trucks for the estimated 40,000 tourists who descended on the town of just 9,000 inhabitants for the annual festival, which has taken place for more than 60 years.Many of the participants were shirtless while others wore old clothes, hard hats or goggles.Afterwards, workers hosed down the walls and streets to remove the tomato pulp.Spanish media said the tomatoes cost the town council around 28,000 euros (35,000 dollars), about one third of the overall budget of 70,000 euros for the festival, most of which goes to pay for security, cleaning services, mobile toilets and civil protection.More than 100 police and 120 civil protection volunteers were on hand in case of incidents.The "Tomatina" is held each year in Bunol, located in a fertile region some 40 kilometres (25 miles) north of the coastal city of Valencia, Spain's third-largest city, on the last Wednesday in August.The origins of the event are unclear although it is thought to have its roots in a food fight between childhood friends in the mid-1940s in the city.It has grown in size as international press coverage brought more and more people to the festival.Vocabulary:pelt: throw sth. at(投掷物件以撞击某人或某物)hose down:用水管里的水冲洗on hand: 在场背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112312呼和浩特妇科大夫

呼和浩特治疗妇科医院Chinese internet companies中国互联网企业An internet with Chinese characteristics中国特色互联网Online business in China is growing even faster than the offline sort. Local tastes and needs, as well as the state, are endowing it with distinctive features中国网上业务较网下业务发展更为迅猛。本土风味与需求,还有政府,正赋予其鲜明特色。Jul 30th 2011 | HANGZHOU | from the print editionWHEN Huang Bing graduated from university in 2005, he promised himself he would make his first 1m yuan (about 5,000) within three years. It took him a bit longer, but no matter: if his business, a collection of online cosmetics stores, maintains its current trajectory, he will soon count his first billion. In a few years he expects annual revenues to reach 10 billion yuan.黄冰(音译)2005年大学毕业时,决心在三年内赚到首个100万(约15.5万美元)。现下看来,达成目标尚需时日,但不要紧,倘若其化妆品网店生意照现在这种趋势发展下去,首个100万很快就会赚到,且有望在数年后年收入达1000万元。Mr Huang’s company, ed Cosmetics International, is only one of thousands on Taobao Mall, a huge online shopping centre. He spotted a demand from women in China’s hinterland for branded cosmetics—and advice on how to use them. “A lot of women in rural areas don’t have access to quality products,” he explains, guiding visitors through the firm’s headquarters in the outskirts of Hangzhou, two hours’ drive south-west of Shanghai. On several floors, at desk after desk, “beauty consultants” busily type answers for customers.大型网上交易中心“淘宝商城”入驻企业成千上万,黄冰的“联合化妆品国际公司”(ed Cosmetics International)仅是其中之一。他看准了中国内地女性热衷名牌化妆品、渴望了解其使用方法的需求。“许多身处偏僻地区的女性没法接触到优质化妆品”,他一边领着来宾参观公司总部,一边解释道。其总部位于杭州郊区,距上海西南部两小时车程。几层楼上,桌子一张挨着一张,“美容顾问”忙着敲打电脑键盘,在线为顾客解疑答惑。 As goes ed Cosmetics, so goes the Chinese internet. It is growing by leaps and bounds (see chart 1), as ever more people log on from phones, homes or offices, or in huge internet cafés (pictured). The China Internet Network Information Centre reckons that the online population, aly the world’s biggest, has risen by 6% to 485m this year. And almost two-thirds of people are not yet online.“联合化妆品公司”所走之路,便是中国互联网成长之途。随着越来越多的人用手机入网,或在家中、办公室及大型网吧(见照片)上网,其发展突飞猛进。“中国互联网络信息中心”估计,已排名世界第一的中国网民数,今年又增加了6%,达4.85亿人。并且还有近三分之二的人尚未上网。201108/146939呼和浩特市立医院治疗阳痿早泄 Senate Republicans Vow to Block Aid to US Automakers美救助汽车业计划参院前景不明朗 Congressional Democrats say they have reached agreement with the White House on a deal to give U.S. automakers billions of dollars in loans and require the companies to restructure to stay competitive in the global marketplace. Although the deal has wide support in the House of Representatives, but its fate remains unclear in the Senate, where Republicans say the measure does not go far enough to force the industry to reform. 美国国会的民主党议员说,他们与白宫就出资帮助美国汽车工业的问题达成了一致,由联邦政府向三大汽车公司提供140亿美元的贷款,同时要求这些陷入困境的公司进行企业重组,从而在全球市场上保持各自的竞争力。尽管在众议院,拯救汽车工业的计划得到广泛持,但是在参议院,有关计划的命运尚不明朗,因为共和党的一些参议员认为,目前的拯救计划并不足以推动汽车工业进行改革。The proposal would make billion in loans immediately available to General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford to help shore up the beleaguered automakers through March. The loans would come from aly-appropriated money. 根据这项计划,联邦政府将立即向积弱不振的通用、克莱斯勒和福特3家汽车制造公司发放140亿美元的紧急贷款,帮助这三大汽车公司至少维持到明年3月。这笔钱将来自已经划拨的资金。In return, by the end of March the companies would have to submit a restructuring plan to achieve long-term viability and international competitiveness.  作为贷款条件,三大汽车公司必须在明年3月底之前拿出一套企业重组计划,以取得长期的生存能力和国际竞争力。Some Senate Republicans were quick to express their opposition to the plan. They argue that giving automakers money first and then demanding that they restructure is the wrong approach. 一些共和党参议员立即表示反对这个计划。他们争辩说,先给这些汽车公司钱,然后再要求他们重组,这种做法是错误的。Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama is among several Republicans who are vowing to block the bill from advancing in the Senate. 来自阿拉巴马州的理查德.谢尔比参议员就是持反对意见的共和党人之一。他坚决地表示要阻止有关法案在参议院获得通过。"Unless Chrysler, Ford and General Motors become lean and innovative and competitive in the marketplace, this is only delaying their funeral," he said. 他说:“除非克莱斯勒、福特和通用汽车精简、创新并在市场具有竞争力,这种做法不过是为他们推迟举行葬礼而已。”But Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, the state where the automakers are based, warns that if one or more of the companies go bankrupt, millions of jobs would be lost - further harming a U.S. economy, which is aly in recession. 但是来自美国汽车工业基地密西根州的民主党参议员黛比.斯塔班诺警告说,三大汽车公司只要有一家破产,就将导致数以百万计的工人失去工作,这对已经陷入衰退的美国经济来说是雪上加霜。"This is more than just penalizing a company that you are mad at. This is about the underpinnings of our economy, and fundamentally whether we are going to compete with every other country and make things in an advanced, manufacturing economy," said Stabenov. 她说:“这将远远超过惩罚一个你感到不满的公司。这关系到我国经济的根基。从根本上讲,这关系到我们能否跟其他国家竞争,能否使一个先进的制造业经济起死回生。”At the White House, Deputy Chief of Staff Joel Kaplan says President Bush would be in touch with individual Republican lawmakers to win their support for the plan. 在白宫,副幕僚长乔尔.卡普兰说,布什总统会与一些共和党议员保持接触,以便赢得他们对汽车业拯救计划的持。"We wanted to make sure that it was tough and that this was not a bridge financing to nowhere, that we could look these members in the eye, and we could look the American people in the eye and say that this measure gives these companies a chance and their stakeholders a chance, but its not a lifeline to continue with bad management and a bad business plan," said Kaplan. 他说:“我们要让他们确信,这的确很困难,但这并不是一座财务奈何桥。我们要面对这些议员、面对美国人民说:这个措施会给这些公司一个机会,给它们的持股人一个机会,但这并不是一个让他们继续进行糟糕的管理和继续糟糕的商业计划的救命稻草。”The plan also calls for the president to appoint a so-called "car czar", someone to oversee the loans and monitor the companies' progress toward reforming. 这项计划还要求总统任命一位“汽车总管”,监督贷款的使用和公司的改革进度。200812/58528乌兰察布市中蒙医院做体检多少钱

呼和浩特首大生殖专科医院流产手术多少钱US Signals Flexibility With Moscow on Missile Defense美在导弹防御问题上显示灵活性 A senior State department official has told Moscow the ed States is open to reconfiguring a European missile-defense program - aimed at Iran - that has generated Russian concerns. The third-ranking State Department official - Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns - held talks on the issue this week in Moscow. 美国国务院第三号人物、负责政治事务的国务次卿威廉.伯恩斯告诉莫斯科,美国对修改针对伊朗的欧洲导弹防御计划持开放态度,这项计划引起俄罗斯的关切。伯恩斯这个星期就这一问题在莫斯科跟俄罗斯官员举行了会谈。Officials here are giving no details of Burns's talks in Moscow. But they do not contest remarks attributed to him by Russia's Interfax news agency that the Obama administration is seeking Russian cooperation based on what Burns described as a "new configuration" on missile defense that would use resources both countries have.  美国国务院官员没有透露伯恩斯在莫斯科会谈的详细情况。不过他们也没有对俄罗斯国际文传电讯社有关伯恩斯的进行争辩,这个通讯社的报导说,伯恩斯表示,在导弹防御系统问题上,奥巴马政府正在根据“新构想”寻求俄罗斯的合作,这个“新构想”将利用两国拥有的资源。Repairing the US-Russian riftU.S.-Russian relations soured last year, due in part to a push by the former Bush administration for a missile defense system in central Europe aimed at what was framed as a looming long-range missile threat from so-called "rogue states,' principally Iran. 美国和俄罗斯的关系去年变坏,部分原因是前总统布什的政府急于在中欧部署导弹防御体系,声称这套防御体系是要对付主要来自伊朗等所谓“无赖”国家迫在眉睫的远程导弹威胁。The Bush plan called for stationing of 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a related radar system in the Czech Republic. Though the Bush administration offered Moscow transparency measures including on-site inspections, Russia adamantly opposed the program as a threat to its own missile deterrence. 布什政府的导弹防御计划要在波兰部署10枚拦截导弹,在捷克共和国部署配套的雷达系统。尽管当时的布什政府采取了允许莫斯科到现场进行核查等透明措施,俄罗斯仍然坚决反对这项计划,认为这是对俄罗斯导弹威慑力量的威胁。Russia's Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin told the Reuters new agency Moscow would wait to see how the ed States follows-up on Burns's remarks but he said if the Obama administration does review its missile defense plan, it would be a big gift to the region.  俄罗斯驻北约组织代表罗戈辛对路透社说,莫斯科要看看在伯恩斯发表上述言论之后,美国到底如何行动。不过,罗戈辛表示,如果奥巴马政府的确重新审议导弹防御计划,那将是送给该地区的一份厚礼。Diplomacy vs. missilesAt a news briefing, State Department Deputy Spokesman Gordon Duguid said it is heartening that Burn's remarks in Moscow were seemingly well-received. 美国国务院副发言人戈登.杜吉德在新闻发布会上说,伯恩斯在莫斯科的这番话似乎受到欢迎,令人鼓舞。He said the new U.S. administration still supports missile defense, provided it is threat-specific and that the technology for it proves feasible and cost-effective. 杜吉德说,新一届美国政府仍然持导弹防御计划,前提是针对具体的威胁,而且防御系统技术行之有效,费用适当。Duguid also said the need for a missile-defense system would diminish if efforts by the ed States, Russia and other major powers to dissuade Iran from developing nuclear weapons can show success. 杜吉德还说,如果美国、俄罗斯等主要国家阻止伊朗发展核武器的努力能够取得成功,那么建立导弹防御系统的必要性就会减小。"We will pursue the issue of missile defense but obviously we are going to take into account a number of factors. One is whether the system works. Another is whether it is cost-effective. Another is the nature of the threat. If through strong diplomacy we and our other partners, including Russia can reduce or eliminate the threat, it obviously shapes the way we look at missile defense and its deployment," he said. 杜吉德说:“我们将实施导弹防御计划,不过很显然,我们会考虑几个因素。其中之一是这套体系是否行之有效,另一个因素是这套系统是否费用适当。再有就是我们面临的威胁的性质。如果通过强有力的外交工作,我们和俄罗斯等合作伙伴国家能够降低或者消除这种威胁,那显然就达到了我们考虑导弹防御体系和部署这套系统所要达到的目的。”The ed States along with the other permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany - the P-5+1 - have offered Iran various incentives to stop a uranium-enrichment program U.S. and European officials believe is weapons-related. 美国和联合国安理会其它几个常任理事国以及德国向伊朗提出了各种激励方案,以换取伊朗停止铀浓缩计划,美国和欧洲官员认为伊朗的铀浓缩计划跟武器有关。Iran, which says its nuclear program is peaceful, has ignored three Security Council sanctions resolutions on the issue. The Bush administration wanted even tougher sanctions though Russia and China have to date resisted the idea. 伊朗对安理会就其铀浓缩计划通过的三项制裁决议置之不理,声称其核计划用于和平目的。布什政府曾希望对伊朗进行更加严厉的制裁,但是俄罗斯和中国到目前为止一直反对这样做。Undersecretary Burns and his P-5+1 colleagues held their first meeting on Iran since the new U.S. administration took office last week in Germany. 美国国务次卿伯恩斯以及五加一国家中的同行上星期在德国就伊朗问题举行了新一届美国政府上任以来的首次会议。Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has not yet had a face-to-face meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. But European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana said in Washington Friday they will meet March 6 in Geneva, a day after a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels. 美国国务卿希拉里.克林顿还没有跟俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫举行面对面会谈。不过欧盟负责外交政策的官员索拉纳星期五在华盛顿表示,两人3月6号将在日内瓦会晤,也就是北约外长布鲁塞尔会议结束后的第二天。02/62397 Obama Confers with US Governors on Economy, Health Care and Education奥巴马与州长们磋商经济医保和教育问题U.S. President Barack Obama is turning to the nation's governors for help in meeting his domestic priorities. State leaders came to the White House for closed-door discussions on the economy, health care and education.The private meeting began with a few public remarks by the president, in which he focused on issues of vital interest to the governors. He said they are working together to rebuild the economy, after a series of emergency measures to end the recession and help key industries survive.在这次私下会议开始时,奥巴马总统公开发表讲话,着重谈到州长们最关心的一些问题。奥巴马说,在采取了一系列紧急措施来结束经济衰退,并帮助主要行业生存下来之后,他们正在共同努力重建经济。Mr. Obama said he understands the toll the recession took on state governments that found themselves with less tax revenue and a rising need for services.奥巴马说,他明白经济衰退给州政府带来的影响,主要是税收的减少以及务需求的增加。"Overall, the economy is in a better place than it was a year ago," he said. "We were contracting by six percent. We are now growing by six percent. But I know that your states are still in a very tough situation and too many Americans still have not felt the recovery in their own lives."奥巴马说:“总的来说,经济形势相比一年前有好转。那时我们的经济收缩了6%,而现在我们的经济增长率为6%。但是我知道,各州仍然面临很严峻的形势,很多美国人仍然无法在自己的生活中感受到经济复苏。”The president spoke about ongoing efforts to create jobs. He also talked about actions to put America on a stronger economic footing in the future, by improving education standards across the country.奥巴马总统谈到创造就业机会的持续努力。他也谈到了通过提高全国的教育水准为美国未来更强大的经济奠定基础而采取的行动。201002/97068呼和浩特白色念珠菌龟头炎呼和浩特赛罕区男性专科



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