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呼和浩特回民区男性专科清水河县耳鼻喉科France#39;s government on Wednesday asked a health watchdog to carry out a probe, possibly leading to EU suspension of a genetically-modified corn, after a study in rats linked the grain to cancer.法国政府本周三要求健康监管机构开展针对转基因玉米的一项调查,这有可能导致欧盟暂停进口这种转基因玉米。此前一项研究表明,转基因玉米会使实验鼠患上肿瘤。Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll, Ecology Minister Delphine Batho and Health and Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine said they had asked the National Agency for Health Safety (ANSES) to investigate the finding.法国农业部长史蒂芬-勒弗尔、环境部长黛尔菲那-巴多,以及社会事务部部长玛利索尔-图雷纳均表示,已要求法国健康安全局对这项研究成果进行调查。;Depending on ANSES#39; opinion, the government will urge the European authorities to take all necessary measures to protect human and animal health,; they said in a joint statement.他们在一份联合声明中说,“根据法国健康安全局的意见,政府将敦促欧盟采取一切必要措施,保护人类和动物健康。Earlier, French scientists led by Gilles-Eric Seralini at the University of Caen in Normandy unveiled a study that said rats fed with NK603 corn or exposed to the weedkiller used with it developed tumours.不久前,法国诺曼底凯恩大学以吉勒斯-埃瑞克#8226;瑟兰尼为首的科学家公布的研究结果称,用转基因玉米NK603喂养、或者接触了用于该谷物的除草剂的实验鼠患上了肿瘤。NK603 is a corn, also called maize, made by US agribusiness giant Monsanto. It has been engineered to make it resistant to Monsanto#39;s herbicide Roundup.NK603是一种转基因玉米,也称为玉蜀黍,是由美国农业巨头孟山都公司生产的,对该公司出品的草甘膦除草剂具有抗药性。This enables farmers to douse fields with the weedkiller in a single go, thus offering substantial savings.这使得农民可以放心使用这种除草剂,节省了大量费用。The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, says it is the first to look at rats over their normal lifespan of two years.这一研究成果已刊发在行业期刊《食品化学毒物学》上。研究称,这是首次用长达两年的时间在实验鼠身上开展这一研究,而两年也是实验鼠的自然寿命。Two hundred male and female rats were split into 10 groups of 10 animals. One was a ;control; group which was given ordinary rat food that contained 33 percent non-GM corn, and plain water.在实验中,200只雄性和雌性实验鼠各自被分成十组,每组十只。其中一组被作为“对比组”,喂食含有33%非转基因谷物的普通饲料和白水。Three groups were given ordinary rat food and water with increasing doses of Roundup, reflecting various concentrations of the herbicide in the food chain.另外三组被喂食含有较大剂量草甘膦除草剂的饲料和水,反映出食物链中除草剂的不同浓度。The other six were fed rat food of which 11, 22 or 33 percent comprised NK603 corn, either treated or not with Roundup when the corn was grown.而另外六组则被喂食含有不同比例NK603的饲料,分别为11%、22%和33%。在谷物生长过程中有些接触过除草剂,有些则没有。The researchers found that NK603 and Roundup both caused similar damage to the rats#39; health, whether they were consumed together or on their own.研究人员发现,不管是同时食用还是单独食用,NK603和草甘膦除草剂都对实验鼠的健康造成了相似的危害。Premature deaths and sickness were concentrated especially among females. Males which fell sick suffered liver damage, developed kidney and skin tumours and digestive problems.尤其在雌性实验鼠中,幼鼠夭折和患病的比例特别高。患病的雄性鼠一般是患上肝损害,或肾肿瘤、皮肤肿瘤以及消化系统疾病。At the 14-month stage of experiment, no animals in the control groups showed any signs of cancer, but among females in the ;treated; groups, tumours affected between 10 and 30 percent of the rodents.在为期14个月的试验中,对照组的实验鼠没有一例发现患癌,而在被喂食含有NK603和草甘膦除草剂饲料的组别中,有10%到30%的实验鼠患上了肿瘤。 /201209/201249兴安盟妇幼保健人民中心医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 Science and technology.科技。The search for alien life寻找外星生物Twinkle, twinkle, little planet闪烁吧,小行星An undervalued optical trick may help to find life in other solar systems一个不被人重视的光学方法可能能帮助寻找其他太阳系的生命MOST astronomical telescopes employ reflection to focus starlight. A concave mirror creates an image from this light using a design pioneered in the 17th century, by Sir Isaac Newton. Those telescopes that do not employ reflection use refraction. They have a system of lenses, an idea first used to look at the stars by Galileo.大部分天文望远镜都是运用的焦点星光的反射原理。早在17世纪,艾萨克.牛顿就开创性的利用这个光,让凹透镜产生了一个图像。那些不利用反射的望远镜利用的是折射。他们有透镜系统。利用透镜系统的想法最早是伽利略用来观测星星的。But there is a third way to focus light. A century and a half after Newton, and more than two after Galileo, a Frenchman called Augustin-Jean Fresnel worked out that you can do it using diffraction. A set of concentric rings, alternately transparent and opaque, will scatter and sp light waves in a manner that causes them to reinforce each other some distance away, and thus form an image. The rings are known as a zone plate. And Fresnel#39;s countryman, Laurent Koechlin, of the Midi-Pyrenees observatory, thinks zone plates are the way to find out if there is life on other planets.但还存在第三种聚焦光源的方法。在牛顿利用星光的150年后,伽利略的透镜系统的两百多年后,一个名叫奥古斯丁.让.菲涅尔的法国人想到也可以利用衍射来达到目的。一组兼有透明和不透明的同轴环可以分散和传播光波,并且在稍远的地方可以再使他们重新聚焦,由此形成一个图像。这些环被称作波带片。法国南比利牛斯天文台劳伦.凯什兰认为波带片可以用来寻找其他星球上是否存在生命。Seeing oxygen in another planet#39;s atmosphere would be a giveaway of biological activity because the gas is so reactive that it needs to be continuously renewed. That would almost certainly mean something akin to photosynthesis was going on, for no known non-biological process can produce oxygen from common materials in sufficient quantity. Looking at such an atmosphere, though, is tricky. Stars are so much brighter than the planets which orbit them that their light overwhelms the small amount reflected from a planet#39;s surface. And this is where Fresnel comes in.在其他星球的大气层发现氧气则表明这个星球上有生物活动,因为氧气是一种非常活跃的气体,所以他需要不停的更新。而这也就基本上意味着星球上进行着某些类似于光合作用的活动,因为在我们已知的非生物学过程中,没有一种过程可以在普通材料供应充足的情况下产生氧气。然而,观测到这样的大气层也是非常难的。恒星比以他们为轨道运行的行星亮得多。他们的光盖过了从行星表面上反射过来的少量光。而这也就是菲涅尔的突破口。Fresnel telescopes have not been developed in the past because the image formed by one that was large enough to rival a useful-sized reflecting telescope would be several kilometres from the zone plate. But Dr Koechlin does not worry about that, because his Fresnel telescope will be in space. Free of the confounding effects of the Earth#39;s own atmosphere, it will be able to isolate images of alien planets, make spectra of the light from their air, and examine those spectra for the characteristic dark lines that are caused by part of the light being absorbed by particular gases-oxygen among them.过去,菲涅尔设计的望远镜还制造不出来,因为要想使衍射望远镜的大小和正常使用的反射望远镜大小相同,它所产生的图像就会距离波带片数千米远。然而,凯什兰士并不为此担心,因为他的菲涅尔望远镜将会在太空中。脱离了地球大气层的混淆效应,望远镜将能够分离外星生物的图像,在他们的大气中制作出来光谱,并且为这些有特点的暗线检查光谱。这些暗线部分是由特殊气体——大气中的氧气——所吸收的光产生的。Plate tectonics行星构造地质学Space telescopes are nothing new, of course, and several more are in the works (see article). But existing plans to photograph extrasolar planets in this way involve orbiting arrays of reflecting telescopes all pointing in exactly the same direction. An array is needed because a single mirror big enough to do the job of separating star from planet would be too large to launch. The problem is the word ;exactly;. It means just that. The formation would have to fly with a precision of a few billionths of a metre.当然,太空望远镜并不是什么新事物,并且已经有几个已经在使用中了(见文章)。但是在现在的计划中,利用这种方法给太阳系以外的行星拍照就需要让多组的反射望远镜在轨道运行的时候全部精准的朝向同一个方向。由于一个体积足够大到能够将恒星与行星分开的单一镜面将会由于体积太庞大而无法发射,因此一组反射望远镜就是必须的。而问题就出在;精准;上。它就如字面意思一样,要精准到十亿分之一米。Using a zone plate instead of a mirror gets around this. Because the plate is flat, it can be made of plastic and folded up for launch. Size thus ceases to be an issue. And although a second satellite containing the ;eyepiece; (a special lens that also uses Fresnel optics, and a camera to record the image) must fly at the focus, the accuracy required is only hundredths of a metre, not billionths. That, Dr Koechlin reckons, gives Fresnel optics a big advantage over Newtonian ones.用波带片代替镜面在轨道运行。因为波带片表面是平的,他可以用塑料制作而成,然后折叠起来发射。而尺寸大小就不再是问题。并且,尽管还必须有一个含有;目镜;(也是一种运用菲涅尔视觉的特殊透镜,也是一种记录图像的相机)的卫星在焦点上运行,所需要的精准度也只是百分之一米。凯什兰士认为,这将是菲涅尔视觉超越牛顿的设计的一大优点。To test the idea, he and an international consortium of his colleagues have built a ground-based prototype. This is a piece of copper foil 20cm square that has 696 rings, a portion of which is reproduced above. Because it is this small, its focal length is only 18 metres. In order that the foil does not fall apart, each transparent ring is actually a series of curved slots in the copper rather than a continuous gap. This, though, does not affect the system#39;s optical properties and it can, indeed, see small, faint objects that are near large, bright ones.为了检测这一想法,他和他各国的同事建立了一个陆基的雏形。这是一片20平方厘米的铜箔,它有696个环。铜箔的一部分是再生的。因为它体积偏小,所以它的聚焦只有18米。为了不让铜箔散开,每一个透明的环实际上都是铜箔里的一系列的曲线轮槽,而不是连续的空隙。尽管如此,这并不影响整个系统的视觉特性,并且,它也确实能够看见巨大且明亮的恒星旁边那些小型且微弱的物体。When Dr Koechlin and his team pointed it at Mars they could distinguish that planet#39;s two tiny moons-a task which would require a Newtonian telescope with a mirror at least 30cm across. And when they aimed at Sirius they could see the dim white-dwarf which orbits what is the brightest star in the night sky. Extrapolating from these results, they think that an orbiting zone plate measuring somewhere between 15 metres and 40 metres across will be enough to distinguish the spectrum of an Earthlike planet at a distance of 30 light-years. With that, they should be able to find out if mankind really does have any next-door neighbours, and Fresnel will have come into his own at last.当凯什兰士和他的团队观测火星时,他们可以分辨火星的两个微小卫星——这样的任务如果是利用牛顿的望远镜则需要一个直径最少长达30厘米的镜面。并且,当他们观测天王星时,他们能够看见暗淡的白矮星。它围绕着夜空中最亮的那颗星运行。从这些结果推测,他们认为,一个直径在15到40米、并且在轨道上运行的波带片足够在30光年以外的距离分辨一个与地球相似的行星的光谱。如此一来,他们就应该能够找到人类是否还有其他邻居,而菲涅尔也最终能实现自己的想法。 /201208/194545Ford, Jaguar and Aston Martin are seemingly unrelated car companies, but they’re unified by a pair of designers whose iconic look has carried through each brand over the last 20 years. That look could soon be coming to an end for Aston Martin. New business deals and a recent announcement of investment in a new sports car line, promise change for the company. Could the 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, the nearly perfect British muscle car, be one of the last of the iconic Aston shape?福特(Ford)、捷豹(Jaguar)和阿斯顿马丁(Aston Martin)看起来好像是三家不相关的汽车公司,但实际上它们背后站着两个相同的设计师,他们为这三个品牌设计的车身外观已经各自沿袭了20多年。不过我们熟悉的阿斯顿马丁的外观风格可能就要 “变脸”了。随着阿斯顿马丁公司与其它公司建立新的合作关系,同时宣布将投产一条新的跑车生产线,它预计也将迎来一系列变化。作为一款近乎完美的英式肌肉车,2015款的阿斯顿马丁V12 Vantage S跑车在外观上是否将成为20多年来阿斯顿马丁标志性风格的谢幕之作?When Ford F -0.66% purchased a stake in Aston Martin in 1987, it was on the precipice of collapse. At that time designer Ian Callum, a former junior designer at the American automaker, was working for a consulting company Ford had hired to revitalize the struggling brand. His resulting design, the DB7, a car made famous by James Bond, helped Aston get back on its feet. Fast forward to 2001, when designer and future hybrid luxury car manufacturer Henrik Fisker became the design director for Aston Martin. Fisker is credited with turning Callum’s design into the V8 Vantage, and together, they developed the characteristic Aston Martin look as we know it today.1987年,福特汽车公司购入阿斯顿马丁公司部分股份时,后者正处于濒临崩溃的边缘。当时还是一名初级设计师的严凯伦正在一家咨询公司工作,福特聘请了严凯伦所在的公司来拯救这块摇摇欲坠的招牌。严凯伦为阿斯顿马丁设计的一款车型,也就是后来凭《007》名噪全球的DB7,果然起到了挽狂澜于既倒的效果,让阿斯顿马丁重新站稳了脚跟。时间快进到2001年,阿斯顿马丁的设计总监已经变成了知名设计师、未来派混合动力豪车生产商亨里克o菲斯克(Henrik Fisker)。菲斯科对阿斯顿马丁的最大贡献,是将严凯伦的设计改进为一辆V8发动机的Vantange跑车。在二人的合力下,开发出了今天为我们熟知的标志性的“阿斯顿”风格。The 2015 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S takes that classic look and pushes it to an extreme level of performance. It is Aston Martin’s equivalent of a British muscle car. Designed to appeal to sports car buyers with around 0,000 to spend, the V12 Vantage S is positioned amongst the likes of the Porsche Turbo S and the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, and it plays well in this group. With a base price starting around 5,000, the V12 Vantage S is well positioned .2015款阿斯顿马丁V12 Vantage S继承了这个品牌的经典外观,同时将性能推向了极致。它也是阿斯顿马丁推出的一台标准的英式肌肉车。这个车型的价格区间定位在20万美元左右,预计将与保时捷Turbo S和梅赛德斯奔驰S63 AMG争雄,不过阿斯顿马丁在这个细分市场向来游刃有余。以18.5万美元的起价来看,V12 Vantage S的定位可以说是很不错的。Aston took its smallest, entry-level sports car, the Vantage, lightened it by 33 pounds, and dropped a 565 horsepower V-12 engine into it to create the mind-bendingly gorgeous V12 Vantage S. It is Aston Martin’s fastest series production model yet, with the exception of the One-77, and every bit the head-turner.阿斯顿马丁选择旗下体型最小的入门级跑车Vantage作为原型,减掉33磅的重量,然后安装了一部高达565马力的V12引擎,打造出这样一部令人目炫神摇的“神车”。它是阿斯顿马丁最快的量产车型(这一点或许只有旗舰车型One-77能胜过它),而且通体上下每一个角落都赚足了回头率。Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I would pedal an Aston Martin if I had to. There is just something about the classic design that Callum and Fisker created that I find incredibly appealing. Maybe it’s the lipstick lines around the front grill and the curve of the hip, but when you add the rumble of a V12 engine under the bonnet (no, it’s not a hood in British parlance), it makes me positively weak in the knees. The V12 Vantage S offers the roar of a track car, with a bit of British refinement and reserve.我首先得承认,如果有机会的话我一定要驾驶阿斯顿马丁。严凯伦和菲斯科的设计中有些东西让我觉得特别有吸引力,或许是前格栅周围的唇线和尾部的曲线太迷人的缘故。但是一旦你点着了引擎盖下方那台V12引擎,它的轰鸣声几乎让我膝盖发软。这台V12引擎的轰鸣就像一台专业赛车,但又带着一丝英伦范儿的精致和含蓄。My test car, however, was not exactly reserved in the color department. It was a beautifully blinding blue that Aston calls “Flugplatz Blue.” Flugplatz is German for “airfield” and a nod to Aston Martin’s racing heritage and a section of track on the Nurburgring known as “the flying place.” The color is aptly named, as the Vantage S spent two years in testing, both on track and off, and a near-production model competed in one of the most grueling races in the world in 2013; the 24 Hours of Nurburgring.我的这部测试车在色上却绝不含蓄,它的车漆是一种惊艳夺目的蓝色,阿斯顿马丁公司称其为“Flugplatz Blue”。Flugplatz在德语里是“飞机场”的意思,它也是对阿斯顿马丁的赛车传统以及在有“飞翔之地”的纽伯林赛道进行测试的一种致敬。这个颜色的命名很适当,因为Vantage S跑车足足花了两年时间在赛道和普通道路上进行测试。2013年,一辆接近量产的车型还参加了全球最有挑战性的赛事之一——纽伯林24小时拉力赛。Starting the car is a visceral experience. Hop in the cockpit, press the glass-tipped “Emotion Control ” into the center of the dash and the engine roars to life, waking the neighbors. It is anything but subtle. In fact, more than a few times, pedestrians and fellow drivers alike craned their necks to get a better look at the bright blue car making all that glorious noise. The V12 Vantage S boasts 0-60 times of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 205 mph. Steering is direct, but not as direct as it should be in a car that boasts more than 400 ft lbs of torque. The carbon ceramic brakes are more than sufficient in hauling the 3600+-lb car down to a standstill.光是启动这辆跑车就已经是一次感官的体验。跳进驾驶舱,将玻璃钥匙(阿斯顿马丁给它起了个拉风的名字,叫“情绪控制单元”)仪表台中间,引擎便在咆哮中苏醒,瞬间就能吵醒你的邻居们。这时的Vantage S跟精致等词儿丝毫沾不上边。事实上,有很多次,路上的行人和其他司机纷纷伸长了脖子,想更仔细地看看这辆发出诱人噪音的蓝色豪车。V12 Vantage S从静止加速到每小时60英里只需3.7秒,最高时速可达每小时205英里。它的操控非常精准,但是作为一台扭矩据说超过400英尺磅的跑车来说似乎还稍嫌不够。碳瓷刹车盘在对这台3600多磅重的机器进行制动时,它的表现可以用游刃有余来形容。The biggest drawback, however, is the transmission. The engine is paired with Aston Martin’s Sportshift III transmission, a single-clutch, seven-speed automated manual. In sport mode, paddles mounted on the steering column allow you to control gearing. In automatic, the shifts are controlled for you and they are rough. The car seems to slip the clutch to get under way and then dump out early just as you get on it. After a few rough shifts, I gave up on automatic and drove the car in sport mode, modulating the gas pedal when I wanted to ease the gear shift and avoid jolting my passenger. One additional word of warning; that engine hanging out front weighs a lot and if you push the car to its limits, as I had a chance to do on a track in Palm Beach in December, the rear end can get a bit light. This makes the car incredibly fun, but drivers new to performance cars should be cautious.这台跑车最大的软肋是变速箱。阿斯顿马丁为这台V12引擎搭配了一台自家生产的基于手动变速器、加入自动换档机制的七速Sportshift III变速箱。在运动模式下,你可以利用转向柱两侧的换档拨片控制档位。但是在自动模式下,换档的顿挫感比较强,给人的感觉就像踩放离合器都有点过早。在体验了几次换档的顿挫感后,我放弃了自动模式,开始用运动模式进行驾驶,在减档之前先松油门,避免让乘客感觉到降档的震动。另外需要提醒的一点是,这台前置12缸引擎的份量着实不轻,如果你想体验它的极限速度,这一点千万要注意。去年12月,我曾经有机会在棕榈滩的一个赛道上体验过。当它的速度升至很高时,车子会有一些头重脚轻的感觉。这也使这台车变得特别有意思,但刚接触性能车的新手来说还是要小心。The cockpit is comfortable, albeit a bit dated, in comparison to other sports cars staring at 0K. The steering wheel and seats are Alcantara, making for a luxurious hand and an added level of function—take a corner fast and you won’t slide around in the seats or lose grip of the steering wheel. Buttons on the dash allow you to control both ride and transmission and range from Track to Automatic, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. The stereo and navigation interface could use a bit of a technology refresh, but overall the interior of the V12 Vantage S is sleek and functional.这台跑车的驾驶舱很舒,虽然与其它18万美元区间的跑车相比,视觉上可能有些过时。方向盘和座椅采用的是一种叫Alcantara的高级面料,既具备奢华的触感,又有一项额外的用处——在急转弯时让你不会滑向座椅的一边,也不会失去对方向盘的掌控。仪表盘中间的按钮可以控制变速箱,到底是选择运动模式,还是自动模式,就看你有多爱冒险了。车内的音响和导航系统或许可以来一点技术升级,但总体上看,V12 Vantage S的内饰依然相当简洁、实用。All this could change very soon, however. Aston Martin recently finalized a partnership with Daimler and Mercedes-Benz AMG, who will provide engines and some electronics to Aston. That means that the slap-happy transmission may soon get an update. Aston Martin also recently announced a ?100 million (about 0 million) investment their Gaydon manufacturing headquarters with more to come. “Aston Martin (will be) implementing the biggest investment programme in the 101-year history of the brand, with a plan to inject over ?500m (0 million) into the company’s next generation of high performance sports cars,” CFO Hanno Kirner said in a release last month. All this is with the goal of becoming the “number one British luxury sports car brand.”不过,这一切可能很快就会发生变化。阿斯顿马丁最近与戴姆勒和梅塞德斯奔驰公司(Daimler and Mercedes-Benz AMG)达成了一项合作,后者将向阿斯顿马丁提供发动机和部分电子元件。这也就意味着那台换档逻辑不太善解人意的变速箱可能很快就会迎来升级。另外,阿斯顿马丁公司还宣布将向它位于盖登的生产总部投入首批1亿英镑(约合1.7亿美元)的资金,后续还会有更多投资跟进。阿斯顿马丁的财务总监汉诺o柯尔纳上个月在一次新闻发布会上透露:“阿斯顿马丁将会进行101年的品牌史上最大的投资项目,我们计划向公司下一代的高性能跑车项目注入超过5亿英镑(约合8.5亿美元)的资金。”这些都是为了让阿斯顿马丁成为“英国豪车第一品牌”。That means that Ian Callum’s and Henrik Fisker’s iconic shape could become part of Aston’s history, and the V-12 Vanquish S could be one of the last of the Astons on the current platform.这也意味着严凯伦和菲斯科的经典设计可能即将成为历史,而V12 Vanquish S跑车也将成为阿斯顿马丁在当前平台上的最后一款车型。For the time being, however, the V12 Vantage S remains not only the fastest street legal car that Aston Martin has made (with the exception of the One-77), it is also one of the most distinctively gorgeous sports cars you can own.但是暂时来说,V12 Vantage S不仅是阿斯顿马丁生产的最快的量产车(或许只有One-77能出其右),也是你值得拥有的最独特、最华贵的跑车之一。 /201407/308789内蒙古医学院附属医院月经不调多少钱

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