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The holidays in my family are very diverse . Our custom is to celebrate Christmas every year as a religious observance, complete with Advent wreathes and Midnight Mass. Most of my in-laws observe Christmas purely as a secular holiday, with the focus on exchanging gifts, stockings, a Christmas tree, and other traditional customs. There is a lot of listening to Christmas music#818;Auml;icirc;my favorites are the carols sung by Nat King Cole #818;Auml;icirc;and sometimes even some eggnog. My nieces and nephews enjoy the day the most, especially when they get to open the gifts under the tree from Santa Claus . One of my brother-in-laws is Jewish, and so he celebrates Hanukkah, the festival of lights, when he lights a candle each of the eight nights on the menorah. My niece gets a small gift each night of Hanukkah and of course spins the dreidel. With both celebrations in the same family, we sometimes call it Chrismukkah.But the holidays are no longer just Christmas and Hanukkah in the ed States. More recently, there are some people who celebrate a new holiday, Kwanzaa. This is a mostly African- American event, with parades and other parties to highlight African-American heritage. Started here in Los Angeles, this celebration runs 1 week after Christmas, and is a mostly secular celebration.Whatever tradition you celebrate, December is always a festive time of year.背景链接: 87

In the late summer of that year we lived in a house in a village that looked across the river and the plain to the mountains.那年晚夏,我们住在乡村一幢房子里,望得见隔着河流和平原的那些高山In the bed of the river there were pebbles and boulders,河床里有鹅卵石和大圆石头,dry and white under the sun and the water is clear and swiftly moving and blue in the channels.在阳光下又干又白,河水清澈,河流湍急,深处一泓蔚蓝Troops went by the house and down the road and the dust they raised powdered he leaves of the trees.部队打从房子边走上大路,激起尘土,洒落在树叶上,连树干上也积满了尘埃The trunks of the trees too were dusty and theleaves fell early that year and we saw the troops marching along the road and the dust rising and leaves, stirred by the breeze,那年树叶早落,我们看着部队在路上开着走,尘土飞扬,falling and the soldiers marching and afterward the road bare and white except the leaves.树叶给微风吹得往下纷纷掉坠,士兵们开过之后,路上白晃晃,空空荡荡,只剩下一片落叶The plain was rich with crops;平原上有丰饶的庄稼;there were many orchards of fruit trees and beyond the plain the mountains were brown and bare.有许许多多的果树园,而平原外的山峦,则是一片光秃秃的褐色There was fighting in the mountains and at night we could see the flashes from the artillery.山峰间正在打仗,夜里我们看得见战炮的闪光 61

Levels of Communication 交际面面观Emotional communication involves sharing our emotions and feelings with another. We are sharing our inner-self when we allow others to know our heart. This is risky business! Societies place constraints upon the specific emotions (e.g., It good to express love; it bad to express hatred). We also have rules about when and how feelings can be expressed (;That was the wrong time and place arguing with your wife.;)情感交流:主要是和另一个人分享我们的情感和感觉当我想向其他人打开心门,我们会经常分享自己的真实感受,可是这是有风险的事!社会场合对情感表达是有限制的(比如,你可以表达美好的爱但是却不能表达憎恶)我们也被限定了说真心话的时间和说的方式(在社交场合和你的妻子争论是不合时宜的”)eg I deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity in helping me earlier.我非常感谢您之前对我的体贴和慷慨的帮助Im so frustrated with you!我对你感到很失望!I wish that I hadnt called you that name. I hope that youll give me.要是当初我没有叫您的名字就好了望您能原谅我He called me! Im so excited to see him again!他跟我打招呼!我为再次与他碰面感到兴奋!The greater the need to communicate our feelings, the harder it is to do. Indeed, sharing our opinions and emotions is risky business. We minimize the risk when we move through the levels of communication step by step. That is, each conversation ought to begin with phatic communication and move through the levels bee moving to the more intimate levels.越想通过语言传达我们的感情就越困难事实上,分享我们的观点和表达我们的情感是件有风险的事当我们循序渐进地通过不同层次的交流时,我们就能最大程度地降低风险这就是说,每次对话应该首先从简单的寒暄一步步递进到更亲密的层次Generally, we communicate at the same level. There is a social convention to match levels. If the other starts a conversation at the evaluative level, we often feel compelled to respond similarly.大体来说,我们交流都在同一水平上照社会惯例来匹配不同水平如果对方开始了一次评价性的交流,那么我们经常感到不得不作出相同的回应

To write or not to write拿起笔还是放下Writing is not easy. I do it everyday.写作非常不容易我每天都在写作And I can tell you, it’s quite a challenge.我可以告诉你,这是一个相当大的挑战But, the more I do it, the easier I get to just write.但是,我写作的越多,我就越会容易的感觉下笔如有神Sometimes, that’s the most difficult part starting.有时候,最困难的部分是开始When people ask me about writing---how they can write---I often suggest they brainstorm first.当人们问我关于写作-他们如何写作—我通常建议他们先作头脑风暴Writing the main ideas collected to a topic, usually produces some great things.写出收集到一个话题的主要思想,这个话题通常会产生一些伟大的东西If the things get organized, perhaps through an outline,如果条理化,也许会产生一份提纲,you can write something really great.你就可以写出一些非常棒的东西Most of the writings I do with spontaneous, I just start writing.大部分的作品我都是自然而然写出,我才刚开始写作I just stopped and done.我只是停下来做而已But I always go over what I wrote at least two times.但我总是至少两次重温自己所写的The first time I go over my writing is spell-check the word,第一次我检查写作中的词语拼写,It’s unacceptable to deliver a piece of writing with misspelling in it.我不能接受一篇文章里有拼写差错的问题出现The second time, I actually what I wrote aloud,第二次,我大声读出我所写的,and add things that may I missed,并添加可能我错过的东西,it could be a idea that seems incomplete or something else.它可能是一个似乎不完整或别的什么东西If you have the time, it’s good to put your writing down a little while,如果你有时间,最好让你的写作停下来一会儿,and it again later, and to see how you like it.再读一遍,看看你有多喜欢它You may have something you wish to add or subtract.你可能有一些想增加或者删减的东西If you have a serious paper to write,如果你想写些非常严肃的东西,and you have completed all of the things I talked about,那你一定要照我刚才谈到的所有的东西去做,the best thing to do--bee you return your paper--is to have someone to what you wrote and make comments on it.在你回到这篇文章前最好的事情就是有人读你写的东西并发表看法There is no doubt that practice makes perfect.毫无疑问,熟能生巧or at least better, so, if you want to be a better writer in Korean or English,至少会更好,所以,如果你想成为一位更好的韩语或英语作家,I recommend that you write as much as you can.我建议你写的越多越好 18358

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