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呼市附属自治区医院看妇科多少钱呼和浩特市男科医院在那儿Convicted sex offenders are barred from surfing at the famous pier in this Orange County city.在附近的戴纳波恩特市,他们被禁止在海港钓鱼。In nearby Dana Point, they are prohibited from casting a fishing line in the harbor.如果他们无意间走进米申维埃荷市的公园,他们可能会被送上船去蹲6个月监狱,因为市议会今年投票通过一个法案,禁止性侵犯者踏足儿童聚集的多个地方。And if they wander into a public park in Mission Viejo, they could be shipped back to jail for six months, following the City Council#39;s vote this year to ban them from a host of places where children congregate.橘子郡的地方检察官托尼#8226;拉考卡斯书告诉米申维埃荷市议会说:“我们需要保护我们的小孩。危险非常真实地存在着。”;We need to protect our kids,; the Orange County district attorney, Tony Rackauckas, had told the Mission Viejo City Council. ;The danger is very real.;橘子郡正迎来一系列限制性侵犯者行为的新法律。郡政府和十几个城市已经禁止性侵犯者踏足公园、海滩和海港,这一法规已经在这些城市附近的公园施行,覆盖了橘子郡近一半的公园。还有另外10个城市正考虑实施相近的法规。Orange County finds itself at the enter of a new wave of laws restricting the movement of sex offenders. The county government and a dozen cities here have banned sex offenders from even setting foot in public parks, on beaches and at harbors, rendering almost half the parks in Orange County closed to them. Ten more cities are considering similar legislation.实施这一法规的并不只有橘子郡。近些年来,美国各地的社区不但对性侵犯者的居住处进行限制,而且还开始禁止他们进出越来越多的公共场所。And Orange County is far from alone. In recent years, communities around the country have gone beyond regulating where sex offenders can live and begun banning them outright from a growing list of public places.从北卡罗来纳州到华盛顿州,社区将游泳池、公园和学校公车站设定为“儿童安全区”,禁止某些性侵犯者入内。马萨诸塞州有六个城市的图书馆都禁止性侵犯者进入,亚利桑那州的华楚卡小城的所有公共设施也都不对性侵犯者开放。From North Carolina to Washington State, communities have designated swimming pools, parks and school bus stops as ;child safety zones,; off limits to some sex offenders. They are barred from libraries in half a dozen Massachusetts cities, and from all public facilities in tiny Huachuca City, Ariz.约翰#8226;杰刑事司法学院的伊丽莎白#8226;杰格里克教授说:“越来越多的城市和郡县通过了‘儿童安全区’法案。现在对性侵犯者的限制越来越严格。他们不仅限制性侵犯者的居住地,还限制他们的行动。”;Child safety zones are being passed more and more at the city and county level,; said Elizabeth Jeglic, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. ;It#39;s becoming more and more restrictive. They#39;re not only limiting where sex offenders can live, but they#39;re limiting their movement as well.;这种限制令的推广反映出父母和立法者对于性侵犯者再次犯罪的潜在可能性的持续担忧。不过它也日益引发人们对其公平性和有效性的质疑。The proliferation of such restrictions reflects the continued concerns of parents and lawmakers about potential recidivism among sex offenders. But it has also increasingly raised questions about their effectiveness, as well as their fairness.反对者认为“儿童安全区”无法执行,称其只是为了突出政客打击犯罪的业绩、将性侵犯者赶出管辖区,而不会让孩子更安全。Opponents have dismissed ;child safety zones; as unenforceable, saying they are designed to make politicians look tough on crime and drive sex offenders from the area, not make children safer.橘子郡公设辩护律师事务所的律师艾琳#8226;派说,“儿童安全区”给父母一种错误的安全感,惩罚了许多不危险的性侵犯者,但是却不能真正阻止“捕食者”进入公园。Irene Pai, a lawyer with the Orange County public defender#39;s office, said ;child safety zones; give parents a false sense of security, punishing many offenders who are not dangerous without actually stopping predators from entering parks.曾被定罪的性侵犯者将被禁止在美国橘子郡的著名码头冲浪。 /201206/184936呼和浩特霉菌性龟头炎好治疗吗 乌海市药流多少钱

呼和浩特首大女子医院流产怎么样As the richest country in the world, you#39;d expect that Qatar would also be the happiest.你也许会认为卡塔尔作为世界上最富有的国家,幸福感也应该是最强的。And you#39;d also expect Japanese people to be extremely positive, seeing as though they have the highest life expectancy.你也许还认为日本人一定非常快乐,考虑到日本人的寿命是全世界最长的。But clearly wealth and good health do not guarantee happiness after both countries failed to make the top ten most positive countries.但显然财富和健康并不能保一定会带来幸福感,因为这两个国家都未能跻身全球最幸福国家前十名。The poll of nearly 150,000 people around the world found that seven of the world#39;s 10 countries with the most upbeat attitudes are in Latin America.这项对全球近15万人的调查发现,全球最快乐的十个国家中有七个在拉美地区。Gallup asked about 1,000 people in each of 148 countries if they were well-rested, had been treated with respect, smiled or laughed a lot, learned or did something interesting and felt feelings of enjoyment the previous day.盖洛普民调机构在148个国家中各调查了1000个人,询问他们是否休息得好、受到尊重,是否笑口常开、学到或从事有趣的事情,是否在过去的一天有快乐的感觉。In Panama and Paraguay, 85 percent of those polled said yes to all five, putting those countries at the top of the list. They were followed closely by El Salvador, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, Guatemala, the Philippines, Ecuador and Costa Rica.在巴拿马和巴拉圭,85%的被调查者对五个问题都给出了肯定的,因而高居榜首。紧随其后的幸福国家是萨尔瓦多、委内瑞拉、特立尼达和多巴哥、泰国、危地马拉、菲律宾、厄瓜多尔和哥斯达黎加。The people least likely to report positive emotions lived in Singapore, the wealthy and orderly city-state that ranks among the most developed in the world. Other wealthy countries also sat surprisingly low on the list. Germany and France tied with the poor African state of Somaliland for 47th place.最不容易感到快乐的人生活在新加坡——这个秩序井然的富裕城邦,也是全世界最发达的国家之一。其他富裕国家的排名也出奇的低。德国、法国与非洲的贫困国索马里兰一同排在第47位。Many of the seven countries which were most positive do poorly in traditional measures of well-being, like Guatemala, a country torn by decades of civil war followed by waves of gang-driven criminality that give it one of the highest homicide rates in the world.幸福感最强的七个国家当中,很多国家按传统的幸福衡量标准都表现很糟。像危地马拉这个被数十年内战搞得四分五裂的国家,战后因帮派猖獗导致犯罪活动频发,是全世界谋杀率最高的国家之一。Guatemala sits just above Iraq on the ed Nations#39; Human Development Index, a composite of life expectancy, education and per capita income. But it ranks seventh in positive emotions.在联合国的人类发展指数排名上,危地马拉排名仅在伊拉克之前,但幸福感却排在第七位。人类发展指数排名是对寿命、教育和人均收入的综合排名。#39;In Guatemala, it#39;s a culture of friendly people who are always smiling,#39; said Luz Castillo, a 30-year-old surfing instructor. #39;Despite all the problems that we#39;re facing, we#39;re surrounded by natural beauty that lets us get away from it all.#39;一位30岁的冲浪教练卢兹#8226;卡斯蒂罗说:“在危地马拉,人们很友好,总是面带微笑。尽管我们面临着所有这些问题,但美丽的大自然包围着我们,让我们可以逃离一切。”The poll shows that prosperous nations can also be deeply unhappy ones. And poverty-stricken ones are often awash in positivity, or at least a close approximation of it.调查显示,富裕的国家也可能是非常不快乐的国家。贫困的国家却经常充满着幸福感,至少离幸福感很近。 /201212/216350呼和浩特检查前列腺炎的费用 For Chinese parents who wrack their brains thinking of ways to send their kids to top universities, a recently released wealth list may make them think twice.对于那些绞尽脑汁想把孩子送往顶尖大学的中国父母来说,近期公布的一项财富排行表可能会让他们对此进行重新考虑。West gate of Peking University: Apparently not the door to riches.北京大学的西门:看起来并非通往财富的大门。According to a new list that tracks China’s young and wealthy, none of the wealthiest people born after 1980 graduated from Peking University or Tsinghua University, China’s top two universities. About two-thirds of the rich 32-years-old-or-younger graduated from non-key universities, including vocational colleges.根据一份最新的中国年轻人及富人排行榜(link),1980年之后出生的富豪们没有一个是毕业于北京大学或者清华大学(中国最顶尖的两所大学)的。 这些32岁及以下的年轻富豪中有2/3是毕业于非重点大学,包括高职院校。That’s a shift from the previous generation. Among 59 of those on the list born before 1980, five graduated from Peking University and two from Tsinghua. They include big-name entrepreneurs like Robin Li, chief executive of Baidu Inc., a graduate of Peking University, and Charles Zhang, CEO of Sohu.com Inc. of Tsinghua. More than half of billionaires in this age group graduated from first-tier universities in China.这相对于上一代来说是一个转变,在这个排行榜上有59位1980年之前出生的人士,其中有5位是毕业于北京大学,2位毕业于清华大学。他们包括知名企业家李彦宏,百度公司的 CEO,毕业于北京大学,还有张朝阳,搜狐公司的 CEO,毕业于清华大学。这个年龄段的亿万富翁中有超过一半的人是毕业于中国的名牌大学。This list names the top 100 Chinese multi-millionaires in yuan terms, plus their universities and majors. It was compiled by sdaxue.com, the website of Tiantian Xiangshang Corp., an online company based in China’s Jiangxi province. The company gathered information of individuals’ wealth from prominent rich lists including those from Forbes China Rich List and Hurun China Rich List , among others, while adding the educational background of those on the list.该排行榜列出了100位千万以上富翁(以元为单位),并加上了他们的毕业院校及专业。该榜单由 sdaxue.com 网站编辑,该网站属于天天向上科技公司(一家位于中国江西的网络公司)所有。该公司从一些著名的富豪榜上(包括福布斯中国富豪榜及胡润中国富豪榜)收集个人的财富信息,然后再加上他们的教育背景。The list ranks the wealthy by age. Ding Shiyuan, born in 1990, is the youngest person on the list. He graduated two years ago from a local vocational college in Shenzhen, and his event organizing business, Dingding Culture Industry Development Co.,LTD, has given him wealth of 12 million yuan ($ 1.8 million), according to the list.该榜单是按照年龄进行排序的,出生于1990年的丁仕源是该榜单上最年轻的一位。根据榜单上的信息,他两年前从深圳当地的一所职业高校毕业,而他成立的企业,丁叮文化产业发展有限公司已经使他拥有1200万元人民币的资产。“Major and university are not symbols of success. What makes me successful is working hard and being realistic,” Mr. Ding told China Real Time.“专业和大学并不能代表成功,使我成功的是努力工作和面对现实,”丁先生这样告诉中国实时报。Younger members of the list also mostly lack foreign education. Only six out of 100 people on the list have overseas experience in Japan, the U.S. or the UK, the list says.该榜单上较年轻的成员大多数也没有海外教育的经历。这100个人中只有6个人有过日本、美国或英国的教育经历。To be sure, the list – like all accountings of the wealthy — likely has serious gaps. For example, neither the Forbes not the Hurun list are comprehensive given how difficult it can be track wealth, particularly in China. The list also is heavily weighted toward those whose wealth comes from publicly listed companies, which report financial data that private companies don’t have to. It doesn’t appear to track wealthy Chinese who have left the country. And, of course, it doesn’t track those whose wealth comes from official or public positions.需要确认的一点是——如同所有的富豪榜一样——统计的数字会很不准确。比如,不管是福布斯还是胡润排行榜,都反映出计算财富非常困难,尤其是在中国。该榜单也严重偏向于上市公司造就的富翁,上市公司需要报告财务数据而私营企业则不必。而且,这上面看上去也没有列出身处他国的中国人。还有,当然,它没有列出公务员中的富豪。。。It also doesn’t take into account the future wealth of graduates of top schools or foreign-educated graduates, who could come to the list in increasing numbers as they grow older.它也没有将顶尖院校或者海外院校的毕业生将来可能拥有的财富统计在内,随着他们年龄的增长,他们在榜单中的数量将会增多。Majors of the rich vary, ranging from veterinary medicine and logistics to computer technology. About half of the people on the list are involved in information technology, online game and software development, and most of them studied related majors in universities.富人们的专业也各种各样,从兽医、物流到计算机技术等。榜单上大约一般的人涉及到信息技术、网络游戏及软件开发,而他们在大学里也是学习的相关专业。The list indicates that while many older wealthy became their own boss 10 years after graduation, many young entrepreneurs started only three to five years after graduation.该榜单显示出了,一些年长的富豪在毕业后10后才做上老板的同时,很多年轻企业家毕业后3-5年就做到了。“We note that many Chinese young entrepreneurs are following their peers in America by starting up early their during university years or even dropping out school to focus on business, ” said Chen Jiangping, product manager of sdaxue.com, who is in charge of compiling this list.“我们注意到,很多中国年轻企业家同美国人一样,在大学生活的早期就开始创业,甚至辍学专心投入到生意当中,”sdaxue.com的产品经历陈江平(音)说,他负责了该表单的编辑工作。“This list aims to provide an interesting reference for university applicants and those who are interested in China’s higher education and wealth,” said Mr. Chen.“该榜单的目的是为报考大学的学生及对于中国高等教育和财富有兴趣的人提供一个有趣的参考,”陈江平说。 /201212/211680呼和浩特市附院痛经多少钱

呼和浩特清水河县男科电话What’s the best Christmas present you ever got?你收到的最好的圣诞礼物是什么?For an Alabama father, his son delivered the most precious gift this Christmas – a ticket to the S national championship.对于来自美国阿拉巴马州这位父亲,这个圣诞他的儿子送给了他一份最珍贵的礼物—S美国大学橄榄球冠军联赛的门票。It was a heartwarming moment at the house of Daniel Buckhannan when he surprised his father, Don, with tickets to the title game between Alabama and Notre Dame.这是非常感人暖心的家庭场景:这个叫丹尼尔的小伙子给了父亲唐一个圣诞惊喜,他给父亲送了阿拉巴马大学和圣母大学橄榄球队冠军争夺战比赛门票。At first, Don was aly psyched after unwrapping a black fedora, a replica of the hat that Crimson Tide coach Bear Bryant used to wear.刚开始丹尼尔准备的的礼物是一顶黑色的软呢帽,这是模仿阿拉巴马大学久负盛名的Crimson Tide橄榄球队教练比尔·布赖恩特经常带的帽子,父亲唐看到就很高兴了。“Oh, I like it,” his dad said, trying the hat on.“噢,我喜欢这帽子。” 他父亲这样说道,然后还把帽子带上试了一下。But when Daniel asked Don to check what’s inside the hat, the ecstatic father turned emotional upon seeing tickets to the January 7 S Championship game.但是当丹尼尔让父亲检查一下帽子内部,这位父亲的喜悦变成满满的感动,因为他在帽子里发现了1月7日美国大学橄榄球冠军联赛的门票。An Alabama fan himself, Daniel understood that his dad also dreamed of going to the title game, although the cheapest ticket costs 5.丹尼尔和父亲一样都是阿拉巴马大学橄榄球队的球迷,所以他能理解父亲一直都梦想去看冠军总决赛,但是门票非常昂贵,最便宜的票价也要975美元。“We’re going to the game, Pop! We are going to the game!” Daniel told his dad, who was shedding manly tears over the unexpected present.“老爸,我们要去比赛啦!我们一起去!” 丹尼尔这样对父亲说。这样意外的礼物让唐感动得热泪盈眶。“Was blessed to be able to give my dad a ticket to the championship game,” Daniel wrote on the YouTube .丹尼尔在YouTube视频网站上写道:“可以带父亲一起看总决赛我觉得非常幸福。” /201212/217608 鄂尔多斯市治疗腋臭狐臭哪家医院最好的托克托县人工流产哪家医院最好的



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