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The King of Prediction欧洲杯预测帝–“巫师猪”Remember Paul, the legendary octopus who correctly predicted the outcome of the 2010 World Cup? Two years later in Kiev, a psychic pig takes over where Paul the Octopus has left off. Khryak is the latest addition to the Ukrainian squad to tip the winners of the Euro 2012 matches. Although not the most photogenic among the psychic, organizers say his telepathic abilities are real. Kiev Euro 2012 PR Director, Official Kiev Euro 2012 Fan Zone Pr Director Svitlana Bovkun, saying (Russian) “We checked over two weeks his ability to predict outcomes of local and international matches and well… he has a psychic ability, we would not have taken him otherwise. We’ll see how accurate he is in just a few days.” Khryak’s powers will be officially tested on June 8th when the European soccer championships kick off in Poland and Ukraine. And even if Khryak miss-sniffs the winner of a match, organizers promise that he’ll be safe from the butcher’s knife. Elly Park, Reuters.你还记得传奇章鱼保罗正确预测2010年世界杯结果吗?两年后,在Kiev,一只神算猪接管了保罗的任务。神算猪Khryak(赫里亚克)是乌克兰队最近引进来预测欧洲杯赛果的。尽管它不是最上镜的,但组织者说他感应能力是真实的。2012年欧洲杯Kiev球迷区公关总监Bovkun Svitlana说:“我们对它预测当地及国际比赛的能力进行了两个礼拜的核查,他有通灵的能力,否则我们也不会选它,再过几天我们将看看它预测的准确性。Khryak的能力将在欧洲足球锦标赛波兰与乌克的开场赛中进行官方测试。组织者承诺,即使Khryak未能准确预测比赛结果,它也不会成为我们的盘中餐。在前六场比赛中,乌克兰预言猪曾准确命中了4场,但在随后的小组赛中神奇不再,逐渐跌下神坛;不过进入淘汰赛阶段,预言猪虽然受到了骚扰,但是神奇再现。The curse of the European champions预测之路–欧洲杯冠军的魔咒Spain will begin UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying in high spirits as both reigning champions and FIFA World Cup holders, but if they are to triumph in Poland and Ukraine, they must perform an unprecedented feat.作为欧洲杯和世界杯的双料冠军,西班牙队将充满斗志地投入到欧洲杯赛事中。若是他们想在本届杯赛上夺冠,他们必将完成一项前无古人的壮举。While there has been a successful title defence in every other existing UEFA national-team championship – three for men, three for women plus one for futsal – no country has triumphed in the flagship tournament twice in succession. In fact, by the time the final is played in Kyiv on 1 July it will be 36 years since the previous occasion the holders even made it that far.在欧足联的各种级别的国家队赛事(包括三项男足赛事,三项女足赛事和一项五人制足球比赛)中,有些球队能实现卫冕。但是没有一个国家能连续两届在欧洲杯这项最顶级的赛事上夺得冠军。事实上,在今年7月1日在基辅进行的决赛前,整整36年不曾有卫冕球队能在下一届杯赛中打进决赛。The first attempt to retain the European title was nearly a success. Having won the inaugural 1960 edition, the Soviet Union travelled to Spain four years later and reached the final, only to lose 2-1 to the hosts with a goal six minutes from time. As holders, Spain themselves and then Italy, the 1968 champions, missed out on the following four-team final tournament after suffering two-legged quarter-final defeats.欧洲杯首届冠军尝试卫冕的努力几近成功。前苏联赢得了1960年的杯赛冠军,四年后他们在西班牙打入了决赛,他们在开场6分钟打入一个进球,最后仅仅以1-2负于东道主。而夺冠的西班牙队和1968年的冠军意大利队在之后一届杯赛中,在两回合的1/4比赛中都失利,错失进入四强的机会。This is a uniquely European phenomenon with other senior continental competitions featuring at least one successful defence at some point – in fact the same team triumphed at the first two editions of the CONMEBOL Copa América (Uruguay), CAF Africa Cup of Nations (Egypt) and AFC Asia Cup (Korea Republic).这是一个和奇特的欧洲杯现象。在其他的洲际大赛中,至少有一个冠军能成功实现卫冕 —— 事实上,乌拉圭就在成功地连拿两届美洲杯(最早的两届),埃及卫冕过非洲杯,而韩国卫冕过亚洲杯。 /201207/189028

You have probably seen it in movies: When the moon is full, a man turns into a hairy, frightening creature and runs around the city, tearing people to pieces. You may laugh at stories of wolf men, but have you ever wondered where the association of a full moon with crazy goings-on came from?你可能曾在电影中看到:月圆时分,一个男人变成毛茸茸的骇人怪物在城市里四处横行,把人撕成碎片。你也许对狼人的故事感到好笑,但你可曾好奇过满月与疯狂举动之间的联系从何而来?Such notionshave been around a lot longer than scary movies. The word lunacy, meaning ;madness,; is derivedfrom Luna, the Latin name for the Roman goddess of the moon. And, a hundred years ago in some European hospitals, fear of violence during full moons led doctors to chain uppatients thought to be lunatics.这种观念在恐怖电影出现之前便已流传许久。“lunacy”这个表示“疯狂”的词源自“Luna ”一罗马神话中月光女神的拉丁名。一百年前,欧洲的一些医院在月圆时因为担心会出现暴力行为,而用链子绑住那些被认为是疯子的患者。It is surprising how many people still believe that the moon can affect human behavior in unusual ways. For example, many medical workers are convinced that the number of emergency cases increases during a full moon. Considerable research has been conducted to establish a link between the cycle of the moon and the biological clocks of humans and other animals, with varying results.令人惊讶的是现在仍有很多人相信月亮会让人行为失常。例如,许多医务工作者相信月圆时急诊病例会增多。很多研究工作已着手进行以建立月亮圆缺与人类和其它动物生物钟之间的联系,而且得到了各种不同的结果。One study in the ed States found that people drink less alcohol and eat more during a full moon. Italian researchers found that more babies seem to be born in the one or two days following a full moon. And Britain#39;s largest telecommunications company claims that Internet use increases during the seven days before a full moon.美国一项研究发现人们在满月时饮酒量减少而食量增加。意大利研究人员发现,月圆后的一两天内,婴儿的出生人数较多。而英国最大的电讯公司则宣称,在月圆的前7天,网络使用率会增加。Other researchers, however, have found serious methodologicalflaws in some of the studies that claim to demonstrate a relationship between a full moon and human behavior. Also, no research has yet found a direct link between the phases of the moon and attacks of depression or mania.然而其他研究人员发现,某些宣称能明月圆与人类行为有关的研究存在方法上的严重错误。而且没有一项研究发现月亮圆缺与人类忧郁症或颠狂症的发作有直接联系。With only weak scientific evidence relating madness to the moon, perhaps the best way to explain the existence of this myth is to call it a relicof the past: Long before electricity, bright moonlight was an invitation for extra nighttime activity. And for some people, even just one night without sleep is enough to induce mania in them—whether or not they have hair on their hands.只有微弱的科学据能明疯狂举动与月亮有关,也许解释这个说法存在的最好方法是把它当作一种过去的遗俗。在发明电之前很长一段时间,皎洁的月光会诱发特别的夜间活动。对一些人来说,即使只是一晚不睡,也足以让他们发狂──不管他们手上有没有长毛。 /201205/183331

My clothes are too heavy!我的衣太重了!

We might like to think we#39;re not influenced by other people, but a new study into the group;buying mechanisms ; like those used on coupon sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial ; reveals that telling buyers who come later to the offer how many have aly signed up increases the number of purchasers.我们也许认为我们不会受到他人的影响,但一项针对团购机制(正如Groupon和LivingSocial等团购网站的机制一样)的研究表明,告诉后来的买家已经有多少人报名参加能够增加购买者的人数。Researchers at the University of Toronto#39;s Rotman School of Management wanted to understand why group buying sites that have entered the market recently have enjoyed greater success than those operating a decade ago, such as Mercata and MobShop.多伦多大学罗特曼管理学院的研究人员想要知道为什么近期进入市场的团购网站比十年前的Mercata和MobShop等团购网站经营更成功。Earlier attempts typically left potential buyers waiting for days before confirming whether or not they had got the offer they had signed up for.团购网站过去总是让潜在的买家在报名后等上好多天,才能确认是否能享受到折扣品。;We think one of the reasons group;buying has been successful recently is because of the short time horizon,; says Rotman Professor Ming Hu, who co;wrote the study with Professor Mengze Shi and PhD student Jiahua Wu. ;It allows for a herding effect.;罗特曼商学院的教授胡明(音)说:;我们认为近期团购网站成功的原因之一是较短的时限。这就出现了羊群效应。;他和石梦泽(音)教授以及士生吴嘉华(音)共同撰写了该研究报告。Another reason is the use of an information structure that discloses to later arrivals how many have aly signed onto the deal.另一个原因是使用了一种信息结构,让后来者看到已经有多少人下单购买。Researchers looked at two ways of designing the purchasing mechanism for a group buy: a simultaneous mechanism, where no one knows how many buyers have come before them, and a sequential mechanism, where a second group of buyers has the advantage of knowing the size of the first group.研究人员研究了设计团购机制的两种方式,一种是同步机制,没人知道之前有多少人来过;另一种是顺序机制,第二拨买主能够知晓第一拨买主的规模。The researchers#39; analytical model shows the most successful mechanism is the sequential one because it eliminates uncertainty for those coming later to the deal, and improves the confidence of those who sign on early, as they#39;re able to track the numbers of those who come after them.研究人员的分析模型显示,第二种机制最成功,因为这为后来的买家消除了不确定性,并增进了先前买家的信心,因为他们也可以看到随后买家的数量。;That boosts confidence,; says Professor Hu, who teaches operations management. Deals for ;luxury; services, versus everyday items, work better in a group buy scenario because they offer consumers a greater benefit.胡教授说:;这增进了自信。;他教授运营管理课程。与日常商品相比,;奢华;务类商品团购效果更好,因为消费者能得到更大实惠。 /201202/172436

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