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  • A New York City entrepreneur is seeking investors for his “No Bark” startup. With enough investment money, Ty Cobb says, he will be able to discover the melodies that, when played, will instantly quiet barking dogs. Because dogs hear sound frequencies that humans cannot hear, the melodies will be unheard by humans.“There’s a huge market for this service,” Cobb declared. “There’s about 30 million dogs in this country, probably 2 million right here in the city. And what do these dogs love to do more than anything? Bark, that’s what! And what do people hate more than anything? Barking dogs, that’s what!”Cobb says that he went to India to study how snake charmers control the deadly cobra with music. He figured that if they could use music to prevent a deadly cobra from striking out at humans, he could use the same music to prevent a dog from barking. So he learned how to play the pungi, the snake charmer’s flute. And he learned many of the same tunes that the snake charmers played.He returned to New York, where he practiced the tunes on his dog. At first, his dog simply barked along with the music. After hours of modifying tunes, Cobb discovered one that actually caused his dog to stop barking.He was jubilant. He had discovered a melody that would shut dogs up. He would be rich beyond his wildest dreams! Unfortunately, the melody worked on his dog, but not on his neighbor’s dog. Nor on several other dogs in the neighborhood.Cobb figures that computers will help him find the right melodies at the right frequencies to shut up any dog on Earth. “My dream, of course,” he said, “is to discover one melody that will shut up a whole block of barking dogs. That might rank right up there with the discovery of penicillin!” Article/201105/136474
  • 4 The Cheshire Cat第4章 切舍猫There was a boy outside the door,with a large letter in his hand.(He was dressed like a boy,but his face was very like a fish,Alice thought.)The Fish-Boy knocked at the door,and a second later a large plate came flying out of an open window.门外站着一个男孩,手里拿着好大的一封信。(他穿得像个男孩,爱丽丝觉得他的脸却很像一条鱼。)鱼孩敲了一下门,眨眼功夫一个大盘子从一扇打开的窗户飞了出来。;A letter for the Duchess,;the Fish-Boy shouted.He pushed the letter under the door and went away.;有封给公爵夫人的信,;鱼孩大喊道。他把信从门下塞了进去,然后走开了。Alice went up to the door and knocked,but there was a lot of noise inside and nobody answered.So she opened the door and walked in.爱丽丝走上前去敲了敲门,里面一片嘈杂声,却无人应门。于是她打开门,走了进去。She found herself in a kitchen,which was full of smoke.There was a very angry cook by the fire,and in the middle of the room sat the Duchess,holding a screaming baby.Every few minutes a plate crashed to the floor.There was also a large cat,which was sitting on a chair and grinning from ear to ear.她发现自己在一个小厨房里,厨房里尽是烟。火边有一个厨师,气哼哼地;在房间中央坐着公爵夫人,抱着一个正尖声大叫的婴儿。每隔几分钟就有一个盘子摔到地上。椅子上坐着一只很大的猫,正咧着大嘴笑呢。;Please,;Alice said politely to the Duchess,;why does your cat grin like that?;;请问,;爱丽丝客客气气地对公爵夫人说,;你的猫为什么那样咧着嘴笑?;;It#39;s a Cheshire Cat,;said the Duchess.;That#39;s why.;;这是一只切舍猫,;公爵夫人说,;这就是原因。;;I didn#39;t know that cats could grin,;said Alice.;我不知道猫会咧着嘴笑,;爱丽丝说。;Well,you don#39;t know much,;said the Duchess.Another plate crashed to the floor and Alice jumped.;Here!;the Duchess went on.;You can hold the baby for a bit,if you like.The Queen has invited me to play croquet,and I must go and get y.;She pushed the baby into Alice#39;s arms and hurried out of the room.;你不知道的事多着呢,;公爵夫人说。又有一只盘子摔到地上,爱丽丝跳了起来。;来!;公爵夫人接着说:;要是你愿意,这个孩子给你抱一会儿吧。王后请我打槌球,现在我得去准备一下。;她把孩子塞到爱丽丝的怀里,急匆匆地走出去了。;Oh,the poor little thing!;said Alice,looking at the baby,which had a very strange face.She took it outside into the wood and walked around under the trees.Then the baby began to make strange noises,and Alice looked into its face again.Its eyes were really very small for a baby,and its nose now looked very like the nose of a pig.;噢,可怜的小东西!;爱丽丝说。她看了看孩子的脸,真是张很奇怪的脸。她带着它出了门,在树林里转了转。它开始发出一种奇怪的声音,爱丽丝又看看它的脸。眼睛很小,不像婴孩的眼睛,鼻子看起来像猪鼻子。;Don#39;t make noises like that,my dear,;said Alice.;It#39;s not polite.You#39;re beginning to sound like a pig.;;亲爱的,别那样出声,;爱丽丝说。;这很不礼貌,听起来会像头猪一样。;But a few minutes later,there was no mistake.It was a pig.Alice put it carefully on the ground,and it ran quietly away on its four legs into the wood.但过了一会儿这就算不上一个错误了。它确实是只猪。爱丽丝小心地把它放在地上,它四条腿着地,静静地跑进森林里去了。;I#39;m pleased about that,;Alice said to herself.;It will be a good-looking pig,but it would be terrible to be a child with a face like that.;;我很高兴,;爱丽丝自言自语道。;它会是只漂亮的猪,可小孩要长这么一张脸就太可怕了。;She was thinking about pigs and children when she suddenly saw the Cheshire Cat in a tree.The Cat grinned at her,and she went nearer to it.正当她想着猪和小孩时,突然看见切舍猫正坐在一棵树上。猫冲她咧嘴一笑,爱丽丝向它靠了靠。;Please,;she said,;can you tell me which way to go from here?;她说:;请你告诉我,从这儿我该往哪条路走?;;But where do you want to get to?;said the Cat.;可你要上哪儿去呀?;猫问。;It doesn#39;t really matter;;began Alice.;去哪儿倒无所谓;;;爱丽丝答道。;Then it doesn#39;t matter which way you go,;said the Cat.;那你走哪条路都行。;猫说。;But I would like to get somewhere,;Alice explained.;但我想去个什么地方。;爱丽丝解释道。;If you just go on walking,;said the Cat,;in the end you#39;ll arrive somewhere.;;如果你一直走,你总会到个什么地方的。;猫说。 Article/201203/174584
  • Love or Money? 钱可以买到幸福吗?There is a Web site called the “World Database of Happiness.” It combines and analyzes the results of hundreds of surveys from around the world that have been conducted on life satisfaction. Most of the findings are predictable, but a few are surprising.The database makes it clear that there is not a strong connection between material wealth and general contentment. It is a cliché to say that money can’t buy happiness, but the old saying seems to be supported by research. Many people still cling to the belief that gaining riches will be the answer to all their problems, yet they are probably mistaken.Studies have been carried out on people who acquired sudden wealth, such as lottery winners. In most cases, after the initial joy had worn off, people were not left with a sense of lasting happiness. In fact, they tended to revert to the way they felt before they became rich. Previously contented people continue to be contented, while those who were miserable before sink back into misery. If material wealth does not bring happiness, then what does? Perhaps happiness has something to do with where you live. The authorities at the World Database on Happiness have surveyed levels of happiness in different countries. Apparently, people in America, Canada, and Singapore are very happy; people living in India and Russia, not surprisingly, are not happy. Other surveys consistently point to the importance of relationships. Family relationships in particular seem to be the key to long-term contentment. The Web site suggests that falling in love and having children are two of the situations that bring the greatest happiness. Nowadays people look to technology as an alternative source of satisfaction. People increasingly spend more time alone watching TV or surfing the Internet rather than spending time with family. Can technology truly make people happy? It is too difficult to tell, but one thing is sure: If the Web site’s research is accurate, time spent with your family is a better investment than time spent making money. 有一个网站叫 “世界幸福数据库”。它综合并分析了来自世界各地对生活满意度所做的上百个调查得出的结果。大多数结果都在意料之中,不过也有一些意外。这个数据库表明物质生活的富裕和整体的满意度并没有太大的联系。虽然 “金钱买不到幸福”已是陈词,但研究结果似乎实这句俗话。许多人仍然坚信得到财富就可以解决他们所有的问题,但他们可能错了。研究一夕致富的人,比如赢得票奖金的人,在大多数情形下,最初的欣喜逐渐消失后,人们心中并没有留下持久幸福的感觉。事实上,他们往往又回到致富前的心理状态。过去满足的人仍然很满足,而那些在过去郁郁寡欢的人则又重拾悲伤。如果物质生活的富裕无法带来快乐,那么到底什么才能使人快乐呢?也许快乐和你居住的地方有关。 “世界幸福数据库”的专家调查了不同国家的快乐程度。显而易见,美国,加拿大和新加坡的人非常快乐,而住在印度和俄罗斯的人,毫不意外地并不快乐。其它调查结果一致指出各种人际关系的重要性。尤其家庭关系似乎是令人能长久感到满足的关键。这个网站指出坠入情网和生儿育女是给人们带来最大幸福的两大源泉。现在人们指望科技能成为满足感的另一个来源。人们把越来越多的时间花在一个人看电视或上网,而并非与家人共聚。科技真的能使人幸福吗?这很难说,但有一件事是可以确定的:如果这个网站的研究结果精确,和赚钱花的时间相比,与家人共度的时光是更好的投资。 Article/200803/28868
  • 有声名著之秘密花园 Chapter16暂无文本 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200810/51313
  • To protect celebrities from the photographers who hound them, the mayor of Malibu has made a decision. “All professional photographers who want to take photos of celebrities in Malibu must be licensed. The license will cost ,000 a year,” said Mayor Eddie Arnold. “I know that sounds like a lot, but these people can make a lot of money off one photo.”In fact, a recent photo of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s new baby sold for million. They had contracted with a magazine for the photo, and then donated the money to a charity for children. A couple of years before that, a photo of Brad and Angelina walking along an African beach sold for 0,000. So celebrity photos, contracted or candid, can make a photographer wealthy. But the stalking that goes on can make a celebrity crazy; recently, an actor punched out a photographer.Stalking can be dangerous to the public, too. Recently, paparazzi in nine different cars chased after Britney Spears as she left a friend's house to go to a nearby restaurant. The driver of one car, intent on beating his competitors, struck a man in a crosswalk. The man was taken to the hospital with two broken legs. Nobody took his photo.That accident prompted the mayor’s decision. The very cost of the license, he said, would reduce the number of photographers who hang around in Malibu. “Good riddance,” said one restaurant owner. “Some of them hang around my restaurant every Saturday. They never buy lunch or dinner. They just use my rest room all day long.”The paparazzi, of course, were angry. “We’re just little people trying to make a buck,” said Ansel Adams. “Most of us never have big paydays. Malibu should collect the ,000 only if we actually sell a photo.” Article/201108/150531
  • Roland was a carpenter in Virginia. He and Sheila had three kids—two boys and baby Jessica. The baby had been in and out of the hospital for the last year because of infections and other problems. She was very weak and sick. The doctors were not confident that she would live another year.Taking care of Jessica was expensive. The family was deep in debt. Roland, an independent subcontractor, had medical insurance, but he had very high deductibles.Things were bad. Roland saw no light at the end of this tunnel. Then he saw an ad in the newspaper: “Security guards/contract workers wanted. 0,000 a year. First ,000 tax free. ,000 bonus for extending contract an extra year.” He called the number. The line was busy, but he kept calling and finally got through. He was worried that the jobs were all taken, but they told him plenty of jobs were still available. They said they would give him two weeks of training in Texas. Then they would fly him to Iraq for his assignment.Roland told Sheila he had to take this job. He knew it was dangerous; he might get injured or killed, but the money was too good. Plus, the family would have full medical benefits, which would enable the baby to get the care she needed. Roland said if he survived the first year, he would probably sign up for the bonus and a second year.Sheila was worried. She asked, “What if you get killed? What are we going to do without you?”“You can’t think like that, honey,” he said. “You’ve got to think positive. Think about how well off we’ll be in two or three years after I bring back all that money. This is the best thing I could do for this family.”Sheila hugged him and sobbed. “I don’t want you to go.”Roland flew to Houston five days later. Article/201107/145409
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