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星级典句:第一句: I want to make an appointment to see a doctor.我想要预约看医生A: This is Lina. I want to make an appointment to see a doctor.我是李娜 我要预约看医生B: What the problem?哪里不舒?A: I have a fever and a pain in my abdomen.我发烧,而且肚子疼第二句: Is he available this afternoon?今天下午他有空吗?A: Is he available this afternoon?今天下午他有空吗?B: He is available at 3:00 to :00 this afternoon.他今天下午三点到四点间有空其他表达法:I have a sore throat.我喉咙疼My stomach is upset.我反胃 5鄂尔多斯妇幼保健人民中心医院治疗脱肛多少钱In the Park在公园Kathy and Evan are relaxing in Vondel Park.凯西和艾凡正在梵代尔公园休息K:You know, Evan, we really lucked out. I cant believe how great the weather has been while weve been here.凯西:艾凡,你知道,我们真的很幸运真难以相信我们在这里的这段时间天气一直都这么棒E:You can say that again. It made to order. 艾凡:你说得对极了简直就像是为我们特别订做的Remember tonight well visit my mom relatives. 记得哦,今天晚上我们要去看我妈妈的亲戚They live just north of the city, so well drive out there. 他们就住在这个城市的北方,所以我们可以开车到那儿去Theyre taking us out to dinner.他们要带我们到外面吃晚餐K:I cant wait to meet them. Uh, do they speak English?凯西:我迫不及待地想和他们见面呃,他们会讲英语吗?E:Not bad. Well have no trouble communicating. 艾凡:讲得不差哦我们沟通不会有困难的One of my cousins teaches English in high school.我的一位表哥在高中教英文K:That a relief. I can hardly speak my own language.凯西:太好了我几乎不太会说自己的语言了E:I know.艾凡:这我知道K:What? Ill get you that, mister!凯西:什么?我饶不了你的,老兄!E:Just kidding, sweetie. 艾凡:开个玩笑而已嘛,甜心Tomorrow we can see a movie and do a little souvenir shopping, 明天我们可以去看场电影和买些纪念品,and the next day there a concert in the park if the weather is good.后天天气好的话,公园里会有演唱会K:And then we have to go. Oh, I aly miss Holland!凯西:那我们一定要参加哦,我已经开始想念荷兰了!E:Dont worry. Were coming back in August. Remember?艾凡:别担心我们八月份会再回来,记得吗? 5651锡林郭勒盟第一人民妇幼中医院治疗宫颈炎多少钱It looks like a cross between Noah's Ark and something out of a 1970s science-fiction film. The futuristic Ark Hotel has been designed to withstand floods caused by rising sea levels. The floating behemoth is a 'biosphere' conceived as a safe, self-contained haven in case of disaster. Boasting a green, self-sustaining environment for guests, the shell-shaped hotel would withstand tidal waves and other natural disasters. 在好莱坞罗兰·艾默里奇著名的电影012》中,我们看到了在电影人脑海中那气宇轩昂的“中国制造”诺亚方舟,如今有建筑师“设计”出在内部有完整生物圈、生态系统的超级奢华蛋形“诺亚方舟酒店”,这个酒店号称可以抵御任何自然灾害的袭击,比如洪水、地震,比如在电012中看到的海平面升高造成的悲剧,因为设计图中看到的酒店造型太过梦幻,有人把它联想到诺亚方舟The design uses solar panels and a rainwater collection system to provide inhabitants with power and water. The greenhouse-like environment also provides for lush vegetation to help with air quality and provide food sources.Because of the see-through structure enough daylight is filtered through internal rooms to reduce the need for lighting. And to ensure quality of light, the frame is protected with a self-cleaning layer. 设计者称,该诺亚方舟酒店应用了太阳胀?以及雨水自动采集等新能源手段,在能源供应上完全实现“自己供能”状态,无需外界的电力持。有人担心酒店因封闭化设置店内的空气会因不能通风而浑浊不堪,其实设计者早已经预料到这个问题,他把酒店设计成一个“温室大棚”,在棚内种植大量植物确保空气质量清晰以及酒店内新鲜蔬菜果实的供应。在采光上,诺亚方舟酒店实现“全透明”化设计,这样在白天阳光就可以直接射入棚内,确保了采光的质量。即使在阴天,设计师贴心设计了可以自动调节的图层,确保光线让顾客满意The Ark has been designed by Russian firm Remistudio with the assistance of the International Union of Architects' program Architecture For Disaster Relief. Alexander Remizov, of Remistudio, said: 'For architecture there are two major concerns. 'The first is maintenance of security and precautions against extreme environmental conditions and climate changes. The second one is protection of natural environment from human activities. 有趣的是,这个诺亚方舟酒店的设计部分来自于俄罗斯建筑师事务所Remistudio之手。其实是国际建筑师联合会提出一个名为“灾难救援建筑”项目,结果Remistudio的未来设计最符合主题。Remistudio的“方舟酒店”提议一经提出,就受到一致好评。因为可透过太阳能板和雨水收集系统,为住客提供水电的“环保酒店”很有可能成为未来酒店的雏形 /201101/123405North Korea’s formerly powerful number two, the ill-fated Jang Song Thaek, was very publicly and brutally executed, along with key aides either as part of leader Kim Jong Un’s plan to consolidate his unrivalled power; as retaliation for fomenting a military coup against the boy leader; or as punishment for simply “not clapping with sufficient enthusiasm(as mentioned in the litany of charges against him).朝鲜曾经的二号人物、结局不佳的张成泽(Jang Song-Taek)及其一些重要助手被公开而无情地处决,这或者是金正Kim Jong-un)巩固其无可匹敌权力的计划的一部分,或者是对张成泽企图煽动军事政变、推翻年轻领导人的报复,或者是对其“勉强拍手应付”的惩罚(官方在对张成泽的冗长指控中提到了这一点)。The state’s propaganda organs were in rare form when they denounced him: “Despicable human scum Jang, who was worse than a dog, perpetrated thrice-cursed acts of treachery,pronounced the official news agency. “Every sentence of the decision served as a sledgehammer blow brought down by our angry service personnel and people on the head of Jang, an anti-party, counter-revolutionary, factional element and despicable political careerist and trickster.”官方宣传机构以不留余地的最强烈措辞谴责张成泽:“不如的人间渣滓张成泽背叛党和领袖天大的信任和深恩的栽培,犯下了令人发指的大逆行为,”官方的朝鲜中央通讯社宣告。“判决书的每句是朝鲜军民给予反党反革命分子、恶毒的政治野心家、阴谋家张成泽的狠狠的铁锤。”The problem with closed, totalitarian states is that we cannot truly know why things happen. Jang’s sentence was handed down perhaps because of some combination of the above or it could have been because the “Great Successor(as Kim Jong Un is occasionally called, to remind all of his lineage) did not like the look in his eye during a sideways glance at a military parade. This macabre exhibition both appals us and draws us to look more closely: how is this Asian hybrid of Hobbes and Orwell even possible in 21st century northeast Asia, the veritable cockpit of the global economy?封闭的极权国家的问题是,我们不可能真正知道事情的来龙去脉。张成泽得到的判决,或许是因为上述原因的某种组合,也可能是因为“伟大继承人”(金正恩有时被冠以这个称号,以便向天下提醒他的血统)在检阅阅兵期间侧头一瞥时,不喜欢他的眼神。这种可怕的展示既让我们感到惊惧,也促使我们更仔细地观察:在东北亚已成为全球经济驾驶舱的21世纪,这种亚洲特色的霍布Hobbes)和奥威尔(Orwell)的混合体怎么有可能存在?Jang was seen in China and in the South Korean security establishment as a kind of human bellwether for North Korea’s trajectory. How he went would tell us how the country goes. He had long been viewed as the most experienced, cosmopolitan member of the elite and the one best positioned to perhaps help embark the cloistered country on a path towards gradual opening and reform. Married to the aunt of Kim Jong Un and bestowed with military honours and privilege, he was regarded by some as almost family, which did not save him from the executioner. In truth, he was the favoured son of China, the only senior official in Pyongyang in whom Beijing had any confidence or indeed hope. Now that he has been dispatched, the anxiety levels have crept up perceptively along Beijing’s corridors of power.张成泽生前被中国和韩国安全部门视为观察朝鲜走向的某种风向标式的人物。他的沉浮将告诉我们这个国家的走向。他长期被视为朝鲜精英阶层中经验最丰富、最具世界眼光的成员,也是置身于最有利地位的官员,或许有可能帮助这个与世隔绝的国家逐步走上开放和改革之路。张成泽与金正恩的姑姑结婚并被授予军事荣誉和特权,被某些人认为几乎就是金氏家族的人,而这并未让他免于一死。实际上,他是中国的宠儿,是北京方面唯一抱有信心(或者期待)的平壤高官。既然他已被处决,北京高层的不安情绪明显上升。There are indications that China has grown steadily more concerned by the brutal goings-on in Pyongyang and the provocations staged against its neighbours. Jang’s elimination will only add to the worry. The repeated nuclear tests, the sinking of a South Korean warship, the shelling of disputed island territories, and repeated missile tests and military exercises have dialled up tensions in China’s immediate neighbourhood. They have served as the driving force behind defence modernisation and military deployments for the US and its friends certainly not in a rising-China’s best interests. There have been many reasons posited for China’s reluctance to entertain regime change in the North. There is, of course, the desire to maintain a kind of buffer state on its periphery, and the fear of instability immediately on the border. There is also the very reasonable fear of North Korean instability triggering the intervention of outside powers, with the potential for profound geopolitical miscalculations and large armies clashing.有迹象表明,平壤的野蛮举动及其对邻国的挑衅越来越让中国感到担忧。张成泽的下场只会加剧这种担忧。屡次进行核试验、击沉韩国军舰、炮轰争议岛屿以及多次进行导弹试验和军事演习,加剧了中国周边地区的紧张局势。它们成为美国及其盟友展开防务现代化和军事部署背后的驱动因素,这当然不符合一个正在崛起的中国的最佳利益。人们提出了很多理由,说明中国不愿持朝鲜政权更迭。中国当然希望朝鲜充当某种意义上的境外缓冲,并担心本国边境地区陷入不稳定。此外,中国还合理地担忧朝鲜局势动荡引发外部势力的干预,导致深远的地缘政治误判和大规模军事冲突。But there is also, in all likelihood, a kind of recognition and form of empathy in Beijing for the bizarre machinations and public trials of Pyongyang. Strip away the hereditary power transitions and unique qualities of juche (a North Korean concept of self-reliance verging of deprivation), and North Korea most resembles Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s China going through the horrors of the cultural revolution. Surely it would be painful even for the current generation of modern, technocratic Chinese leaders to consider abandoning a fraternal progeny, even one as horribly deformed and so belonging on the ash heap of history as North Korea. No, China will not cast away its ideological cousin and comrades from the Korean war, but instead continue to counsel patience, gradual reform and restraint and, bluntly put, hope for the best.但北京方面多半也会对平壤的离奇阴谋和公开审判怀有某种认可和同情。剔除权力世袭和“主体思想”(juche,接近赤贫的朝鲜特色自力更生概念)的独特特征后,朝鲜就像是斯大林领导下的苏联或者毛泽东领导下的文化大革命时期的中国。即便对于当代中国的技术官僚式领导人来说,考虑放弃革命兄弟的后代肯定会感到痛苦,即便是像朝鲜这种极度扭曲,应当被扫进历史垃圾堆的国家。不,中国不会抛弃其意识形态表亲和朝鲜战争中的战友,而是会继续建议耐心、渐进式改革,以及克制,说白了就是往好处想。Jang obviously did not survive this hoping for the best, and looks remarkably like an Asian version of Arthur Koestler’s protagonist in Darkness at Noon. Jang, like the old Bolshevik Rubashov, probably had an inkling of his destiny. Before he is carefully excised from all the photographic history of North Korea, examine one of the few existing pictures of Jang with Kim Jong Un. There he is at a factory site with the young genius still with his baby fat, standing just in the background, uncomfortable, knowing his ultimate fate, but still hoping for the best.张成泽显然未能靠这种“往好处想”的策略保住老命,他看起来就像是阿瑟#8226;凯斯特勒(Arthur Koestler)在其著作《中午的黑暗Darkness at Noon)中描述的主角。与那位名叫卢巴雪夫(Rubashov)的老布尔什维克一样,张成泽或许隐隐约约知道自己的下场。在朝鲜周密地删掉张成泽的所有历史影像之前,认真研究一下张成泽与金正恩的一张合影(现在两人的合影已经没有多少了)。在这张张成泽陪同那位仍然胖乎乎的年轻天才访问一家工厂的照片上,张成泽表情不安地站在后面,似乎知道自己的最终命运,但仍然抱着侥幸心理。Kurt Campbell is chairman and chief executive of The Asia Group and on the board of the Center for a New American Security. From -13 he served as the assistant US secretary of state for east Asian and Pacific affairs本文作者是亚洲集团(The Asia Group)主席兼首席执行官、新美国安全中心(Center for a New American Security)董事会成员,曾在年至2013年担任美国东亚及太平洋事务助理国务卿 /201312/269287锡林郭勒盟治疗直肠炎哪家医院最好的

巴彦淖尔市第一人民妇幼中医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱呼和浩特玉泉区割包皮多少钱第一句:Where do you intend to take a trip today?您今天想到什么地方去旅游呢?A: Where do you intend to take a trip today?您今天想到什么地方去旅游呢?B: I suppose wed better go to the famous Yu Yuan Garden which is located in the southern part of the city of Shanghai.我想我们最好去有名的豫园,它坐落在上海老城的南端第二句:Please allow me to inquire about the history of this famous garden, would you?请允许我打听一下这个著名花园的历史A: Please allow me to inquire about the history of this famous garden, would you?请允许我打听一下这个著名花园的历史B: The first thing I would like to tell you is that it was constructed and built up in the Ming Dynasty.首先,我要告诉你的是这座花园修建于明朝其他表达法:The garden has an area of only several hectares.此花园面积仅几公顷visitors are struck by its ingenious architecture and exotic layout.来访者都被它独创性的建筑风格和奇异的布局所吸引Here rare and precious cultural relics are kept.这里保存着珍贵的文化遗迹 501呼和浩特做无痛流产手术的医院乌兰察布市人流手术多少钱

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