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I met Pooja Sankar two years ago after she founded Piazza, a collaboration platform that facilitates class discussion among students and teachers. Starting with a few students at Stanford, Piazza now is used at top universities such as Stanford and Princeton and MIT and in 25 countries around the world. With .5 million in funding from Sequoia Capital and Bessemer Ventures, Sankar, 32, aspires to play a key role in the transformation of education. But before other entrepreneurs get too revolutionary in this field, she thinks we need to reassess technology#39;s role in education. Following an epiphany at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Sankar shares her view in this Guest Post.两年前,我见过普加·桑卡尔,当时她已创立了促进师生间课堂讨论的协作平台Piazza。起初,这个平台只是在斯坦福大学(Stanford)的一些学生中使用。如今,Piazza已被斯坦福大学、普林斯顿大学(Princeton)以及麻省理工学院(MIT)等顶尖大学所采用,并在全球25个国家得到应用。获得红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)和贝西默风投(Bessemer Ventures)的750万美元融资后,32岁的桑卡尔希望能在教育改革中大展拳脚。但在其他企业家涉足这一极具变革性的领域之前,她认为我们需要重新审视技术在教育中发挥的作用。根据对达沃斯世界经济论坛(the World Economic Forum)的感悟,桑卡尔在本期客座文章中分享了她的观点。As the founder and CEO of Piazza, I#39;m used to cheerleading for technology in higher education. But in the midst of an almost utopian optimism about online education that I witnessed in Davos, I found myself playing an unaccustomed role: gadfly.作为Piazza的创始人兼首席执行官,我习惯于为高等教育中出现的技术摇旗呐喊。在达沃斯目睹了大家对网络教育近乎乌托邦式的乐观后,我发现自已要扮演一个很不习惯的角色:牛虻。And since returning from Davos, I#39;ve distilled my heresies to this: Education is a personal journey, and right now we#39;re offering students an online jumble.从达沃斯回来后,我一直在酝酿着自己对这个领域的异端邪说:教育是一段个人旅程,而现在我们为学生提供的网络内容却杂乱无章。I rode into Davos on a spouse#39;s pass, and I#39;m not to the manner born. I came of age in interior India, where for seven years I didn#39;t talk to a single boy outside my family. Many girls in my town were married off by their parents at 16, some of them barely literate. The reason I got out? My father, an educated man, demanded that I study. He painted a picture of a life that was different from the one I could see just beyond the wall that separated our home from the street. Without that guidance, I would never have gone to IIT, Indian Institute of Technology.我在得到丈夫的允许后才来到达沃斯,而且我也不是天生就适合这一行。我在印度长大成人,其间有七年时间我从未与家人之外的任何一个男孩子说过话。我们镇上很多女孩子16岁就嫁人了,一些女孩子几乎不怎么识字。我为什么能摆脱这种生活呢?因为,我父亲受过教育,他要求我学习。他为我描绘了一种我从未见过的生活,一种不困囿于高墙大院的生活。如果没有他的指引,我就不可能到印度理工学院(Indian Institute of Technology)求学。At a session in Davos, Salesforce.com (CRM) CEO Marc Benioff and Sean Parker of Facebook (FB) and Napster fame hosted a roundtable focused on the question, ;What#39;s one global change you#39;d want to see?; Our panel focused on education, and all agreed that online courses showed great potential. The words ;disrupt; and ;revolutionize; were spoken solemnly and often. Then someone asked me -- as the person at the table least removed from the proverbial mud hut -- whether online education would have broadened my childhood horizons.在达沃斯论坛上,销售力网络公司(Salesforce.com)首席执行官马克·贝尼奥夫和社交网站Facebook前总裁、音乐交换网站纳普斯特联合创始人肖恩·帕克主持了一次圆桌会议,关注的问题是:“你希望看到怎样一种全球变化?”我们这个座谈小组关注的是教育问题,大家都一致认为网络课程潜力巨大。“颠覆”和“变革”是被人们频频郑重提及的两个词。当时有人问我——因为我至少已经走出了俗话所说的小土屋——网络教育是否本可以开阔我童年时期的视野。I had to answer, ;No.; What was really most important in my education was that at key moments, I was able to envision to the next step. And usually I did it with the help of a mentor, or at least someone who#39;d taken that next step before I had. The journey was personal, but guided. And that, more than access to any particular class or bit of educational content, was what saved me from the fate of early marriage and poverty that befell so many others.我的回答只能是否定的。回忆我的教育历程,真正重要的是,在许多关键时刻,我能憧憬自己的未来。它往往是得益于良师的帮助,或者至少得到过某个先驱的启发。这就是我的个人经历,好在有过他人的指引。这些指引比上任何特定课程或学习任何教育内容都更为重要,正是这些指引使我摆脱了像许多人那样早早嫁人和陷于贫困的命运。In the wealthy world, we have an oddly romantic view of students in the global south: If we can just put educational stuff in front of them, they#39;ll devour just as they would eat food if we airdropped it in during a famine.发达国家的人对第三世界国家的学生有一种奇怪的、不切实际的看法:只要把教育内容摆在他们面前,他们就会像灾荒时期收到空降食物那样饥不择食地吞下去。That#39;s the dream. The reality is: If online education is going to change outcomes on a global scale, we must think more broadly about students#39; actual needs. We need to think about their entire educational journey, not just the content or the classes we provide.这只是梦想。现实是:要使网络教育在全球范围带来变革,我们必须从更广泛的角度考虑学生的切实需求。我们需要考虑他们的整个教育历程,而不仅仅是提供教学内容或学习课程。Every student needs three things:每个学生都需要以下三点:First, the plan. Imagine a child in Africa trying to cobble together an educational plan out of a series of online courses. It#39;s impossible. Consider that Harvard and MIT have pledged million for online education. In addition to building online classes, some of that money should go toward helping students make iterative plans for their education, with help from advisory staff or current students. Who better than Harvard and MIT to help students around the world put together educational plans?第一,学习计划。试想,身在非洲的一个孩子正想方设法地从一大堆网络课程中胡乱拼凑出一个学习计划。这是不可能完成的。再来看看这个,哈佛大学(Harvard)和麻省理工学院已联手投资6,000万美元推广网络教育。除开设网络课程外,这些资金还将用于帮助学生制订学习计划,由教研人员或现有学生为他们提供咨询建议。这两家学府正通过努力帮助世界各地的学生制订教育计划,试问,还有谁比它们做得更好?Second, the peer group. If students don#39;t have peers struggling with the same material at the same time, they#39;re likely to feel alienated and hopeless. At Piazza, we see spontaneous peer group formation every time we run large online classes. Online educational software must become more social and immediate and fun. Imagine what a gift it would be to a girl in rural India to connect with other girls studying the same material in other parts of the world.第二,同龄群体。如果没有同龄群体一起学习、一起奋斗,他们会感到疏离和无望。在Piazza平台,每每开设大班学习课程时,我们总能看到学生们自发组成学习小组。网络教育软件必须越来越社会化、即时化和趣味化。试想,要是印度农村的小女孩能与世界上其他地方的小女孩一起学习同样的内容,那该是怎样的惠益啊。Third. the mentors. Last fall, I helped create WitsOn, an online community connecting 500 professional women with thousands of college students. Students asked the women questions about how they had managed their lives and careers. Interestingly, we saw many of the professionals eagerly learning from the students, many of whom were more accomplished than they were in certain facets of technology. This suggests a giant network of learners, with mentors and mentees learning simultaneously.第三,导师。去年秋天,我创建了网络社区WitsOn,为500位职业女性和上千名大学生搭建了沟通的桥梁。学生们踊跃提问,了解如何平衡自己的生活和工作。有趣的是,这些职场女性中有很多人热切地向学生们学习,她们发现很多学生在某些科技领域比她们更有作为。这就是一个庞大的学习者网络。三人行必有我师,大家自发地相互学习。I#39;m a big fan of learning online. But we aren#39;t being ambitious enough. If children in the developed world fall off the educational track, giving them computers is not going to help most of them. Education is more than lectures, assignments, and exams. It#39;s a means to envision a different life from the one you#39;re living. Let#39;s give every student a shot at that.我非常热衷于网络学习。但是,我们的目标不够远大。试想,在发达国家,如果有孩子脱离了教育的轨道,那么对大多数这样的孩子来说,仅为他们提供电脑是不足以帮助他们的。教育不只是听课、作业和考试。教育是憧憬未来、改变现有生存状态的一种方式。就让我们为每个学生都提供一次这样的机会吧。 /201302/226614。

Facebook网络公司被控限制其使用者来源:Times Onlime 编辑:VickiFacebook网络公司是否希望垄断网络市场?成立不久的网络公司Power.com近日将Facebook告上法庭,称其限制使用者转载自己的资料。Vachani先生认为Facebook公司这样做无异于电话公司锁定自己用户的电话号码并收取高中端费用。当然这种比较有点言重,毕竟用户可以在Facebook上与自己的朋友聊天,而且Facebook暂时并没有向自己的用户收费。Facebook accused of restricting its usersIs Facebook monopolising(垄断) the social networking market? That is the claim levelled in a lawsuit(诉讼) filed on Friday by Power.com, a fledgling (幼鸟,无经验的)website that lets users interact on multiple social networks. Users of Facebook put work into developing their profiles(简介,概况). They upload pictures, put in their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and connect with friends who have done the same. For those with hundreds of friends, Facebook becomes a rich personal directory(人名地址簿).But once that information is on Facebook, it is impossible to get it off. Users cannot export their own photos, or even a contact list of their friends, much less move that information to another site.The lawsuit, filed in the US district court of northern California, is a response to a suit Facebook filed against Power.com in December. Power.com alleges(宣称) that Facebook restricts users and stifles (遏制)competition, and is in violation of California’s unfair competition laws and US antitrust(反垄断) laws.“They’re blocking users from accessing their data freely,” said Steve Vachani, Power.com chief executive. “And they are blocking companies that are trying to innovate around their service.”Facebook sued Power.com for “scraping” data off its site and storing the user names and passwords of users who tried to access their Facebook accounts through Power.com, in violation of Facebook’s terms of service.At issue is “data portability(数据可携带性)”, the ability for users to take their information from one website to another freely. Facebook has been criticised for flouting(藐视) this freedom, and preventing users from interacting with the broader web.But while Facebook does not allow users to export their contacts to other sites, it has begun to work with groups that advocate(主张) open standards.It has joined the Data Portability Project, which promotes open information standards, and is on the board of the OpenID Foundation, which is working towards a universal login system.Through a new service, Facebook Connect, it allows users to log in and interact on more than 10,000 other sites.“They’re doing everything they can to be open while remaining closed,” said Marc Canter, chief executive of Broadband Mechanics and an expert on data portability.On Friday, Facebook said Power.com’s charges were baseless(毫无根据的). “We have made numerous attempts to work with Power.com but, after making commitments to comply with our policies, they continued to put Facebook user data at risk,” it said.“The claims asserted by Power.com in its countersuit are without merit and we will fight them aggressively.”Power.com, which was founded in Brazil, has funding from venture capitalist firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson. After it launched to a positive reception last year, traffic to the site fell off a cliff. Just 14,000 people in the US visited Power.com last month, according to analytics(分析学) firm Compete.Facebook’s restrictive data portability standards might be inconvenient to some. But proving that these practices are illegal could be very difficult. There are no good legal precedents(引用单元) to call upon, and Facebook’s terms of service, which all users tacitly agree to when using the site, essentially grant Facebook licence to restrict outside access to user data.“What Facebook is doing is not necessarily illegal,” said Mr Canter. But the issue of data portability was an important one, and he hoped Power.com would pursue the case because that would provide a forum to air issues of data portability and privacy.“They will have to go the long haul(持久), and it will be a multi-year case,” he said. “Otherwise it just looks like a publicity stunt(作秀).”Mr Vachani said Facebook’s restrictions on users’ data were comparable to wireless phone companies(无线电话公司) locking customers’ mobile phones and charging high termination fees. But that analogy(类比) goes only so far. Facebook does not charge its users any fees, and through Facebook Connect it is enabling people to interact with their Facebook friends on other sites.“A less contentious(引起争论的) but more analogous(可比拟的) comparison would be e-mail,” said Chris Saad, head of communications for the Data Portability Project(数据可移植性项目). “E-mail used to be a bunch of locked-in services; you couldn’t e-mail from one service to another. But the web wouldn’t have taken off if they didn’t start talking to one another.”The same is now true for companies such as Facebook as they work to develop the “social web”, an online world where a user’s friends can be with them everywhere they go online.“Ultimately, for social networking to be fully ingrained (牢固的)in the internet, no one company is going to own it,” Mr Saad said. “It’s going to be an inexorable(不可变更的) march towards openness.”Keke View:Facebook是一个社会化网络站点。它于2004年2月4日上线。  Facebook的创始人是Mark Zuckerberg,毕业于Phillips Exeter Academy,并继承了Exeter的传统进入了哈佛大学。最初,网站的注册仅限于哈佛学院(译者注:哈佛大学的本科生部)的学生。在之 后的两个月内,注册扩展到波士顿地区的其他高校(波士顿学院 Boston College、波士顿大学 Boston University、麻省理工学院 MIT、特福茨大学 Tufts)以及罗切斯特大学 Rochester、斯坦福 Stanford、纽约大学 NYU、西北大学和所有的长春藤名校。第二年,很多其他学校也被加入进来。最终,在全球范围内有一个大学后缀电子邮箱的人(如 .edu, .ac.uk等)都可以注册。之后,在Facebook中也可以建立起高中和公司的社会化网络。而从2006年9月11日起,任何用户输入有效电子邮件地址和自己的年龄段,即可加入。用户可以选择加入一个或多个网络,比如中学的、公司的、或地区的。 /200907/77410。

With about 10 million new iPhone 6s ordered in the initial days on the market, a whole lot of old iPhones are destined for the scrap heap. Sure, you could sell, donate or recycle your old Apple iPhone, but you probably will not. And there are better things to do with it.鉴于新款iPhone 6在上市后的最初几天内,就被订购了大约1,000万部,许许多多的旧iPhone注定要被扔进垃圾堆。当然,你可以出售、捐赠或回收你的旧iPhone,但还可以有更好的处置办法。One creative example: At the Missouri University of Science and Technology, a biology class is making old iPhones into microscopes. Using less than worth of supplies, the old phones are mounted onto a lens and can magnify an object to 175 times its size.一个富有创意的例子发生在美国的密苏里科技大学(Missouri University of Science and Technology),这里有一堂生物课正在把旧iPhone改装成显微镜来使用。利用价值不到10美元的零部件,便可将这些旧手机安装在一片透镜上,把观察对象放大到原始大小的175倍。Even an old phone with a cracked screen can be repurposed, says Josh Smith, editor of GottaBeMobile.com. “You’re only really limited by your imagination,” Smith says.网站GottaBeMobile.com的编辑乔什o史密斯说,即便是屏幕破裂的旧手机也可以被赋予新的用途:“事实上,唯一限制你的只有自己的想象力。”Here are 10 smart – and cheap – uses for old iPhones.以下是旧iPhones的10种巧妙又廉价的用途。Clock时钟Set your old phone on a dock or a stand and use a clock app. With Standard Time (.99), you will have a timepiece unlike any other. With this app, your clock is a non-stop time lapse of construction workers switching out pieces of lumber to shape the actual time. “It’s mesmerizing,” says Shawn Roberts, 47, an Oakland, California, marketing executive.把旧手机安设在一个接口坞或架上,并且使用一款时钟应用程序。借助于《标准时间》(Standard Time)这款应用程序(3.99美元),你就会拥有一款与众不同的时钟。使用这款应用程序后,你的时钟就会变成一部不间断的延时视频,画面显示建筑工人不断地把几段木材摆成表示实际时间的形状。加州奥克兰的一位营销主管、现年47岁的肖恩o罗伯茨说:“这很有吸引力。”You can also set up flexible alarms and get the phone to play soothing white noise as you go to sleep. Set it close enough to the bed, and it can be a sleep tracker, too, with an app like SleepBot (free).你还可以灵活设置闹钟,并且在你睡觉时让手机播放舒缓的白噪音。此外,如果把它放在离床足够近的地方,它还可以被用作睡眠追踪器,当然这要利用像SleepBot(免费)这样的一款应用程序。Music for your car在汽车内播放音乐Take your music library on the road. Some cars come equipped with docking ports for iPhones and have dashboard screens so you can navigate your musical options hands-free. Or you can just use the cigarette lighter for power.带上你的音乐库一起上路吧。部分汽车配备了用于iPhone的对接口,而且还有仪表屏,所以你可以以免提方式浏览音乐选择。或者,你也可以用汽车里的点烟器来给手机提供电力。Remote Control遥控器Televisions, speakers and other devices now have apps that allow users to make their iPhones into sleek remotes. Carm Lyman, 42, of Napa, California, converted his iPhone 4 into a remote for his household sound system after his iPhone 5 arrived. Lyman can control the audio levels and activate speakers in various parts of his home as well as access different music services.电视机、扬声器及其他设备现在都有相应的应用程序,让用户能够把iPhone变成时尚遥控器。加州纳帕的卡姆o莱曼现年42岁,他在收到iPhone 5之后,便把自己的iPhone 4改成遥控器,来控制他的家用音响系统。莱曼可以在家里的各个角落控制音响系统的音频水平,并且使用不同的音乐务。Surveillance System监控系统Apps can convert an old iPhone that has access to WiFi into a surveillance camera and motion detector. Presence, which is a free app, provides a live stream from the area you want to monitor. You can set it up to record clips when it detects motion, too.应用程序可以把一部可接入WiFi的旧iPhone变成一个监控摄像头兼动作检测器。作为一款免费应用程序,Presence提供你想要监视地区的实时监控视频。此外,你还可以把它设置成检测到动作的同时开始录制视频剪辑。If you buy a robotic viewing stand for about 0, you can move the camera 360 degrees rather than stick with a stationary view.只要购置一款价格大约为100美元的机械观测架,你就可以让这个监控摄像头转动360度,而不需要一直保持固定视域。Cookbook菜谱No need to go through recipe books or hunt around for other devices when you have a kitchen iPhone. Download a cookbook app, such as My Recipe Book (99 cents) or Big Oven (free), and just leave the device on the kitchen counter. It takes up almost no space and will hold far more recipes than any book.如果你有一部厨房iPhone,那么就没有必要翻阅烹饪书或者寻找其他设备。下载一款菜谱软件,比如《我的烹饪书》(My Recipe Book,99美分)或者《大烤箱》(Big Oven,免费),然后只需把手机留在厨房柜台上。它几乎不占用任何空间,而且可容纳的菜谱远远多于任何一本烹饪书。Extra Storage额外的存储空间Need a place to store old photos and music or other files? Turn your old phone into a storage drive using a free app like USB amp; Wi-Fi Flash Drive.需要有个地方来存储旧照片和音乐或者其它文件吗?那就利用一款像《USB和Wi-Fi闪存驱动器》(USB amp; Wi-Fi Flash Drive)这样的免费应用程序,把你的旧手机变成一台存储驱动器吧。Voice Recorder语音记录器Why buy a digital voice recorder when you have a retired iPhone? Using any of several free apps, including Voice Recorder and Voice Record Pro, you will have a designated memo recorder or a device to record interviews and speeches.如果你有一部退役的iPhone,为什么还要购买数码录音机呢?使用几款免费应用程序中的任何一款,比如Voice Recorder和Voice Record Pro,你就会拥有一部专用的记录录音机或一部设备,来录下采访和演讲。Document Scanner文档扫描仪Genius Scan and Doc Scan are two apps that will turn an iPhone into a handy portable scanner that you can use for work, school reports, genealogical research, or recording receipts. And they will not cost you a penny. For and up, you can buy a stand that makes your iPhone into a stationary scanner.Genius Scan和Doc Scan这两款应用程序可以把iPhone变成一部方便的便携式扫描仪,你可以用于工作、学校报告、家谱研究或者记录菜谱。而且这两款应用程序不会花你一分钱。你可以购买一个架,让iPhone变成一台固定扫描仪,架最便宜的价格为20美元。Baby Monitor婴儿监视器Sure, you can spend 0 or more on a baby monitor, or you can just set your old iPhone up to watch streaming of your baby as well as hear and even talk to him or her. Cloud Baby Monitor (.99) also allows parents to receive the signal on a wireless network or on WiFi so they do not have to be within a certain number of feet of the monitor.当然,你可以花费100多美元购买一部婴儿监视器,或者你可以把旧iPhone设置成观看宝宝实时监视视频,并且监听宝宝动静,甚至和宝宝说话。《云婴儿监视器》(Cloud Baby Monitor,3.99 美元) 也可以让家长在无线网络或WiFi上收到视频信号,这样他们就不必局限在距离监视器几英尺的范围之内了。Vehicle Tracker车辆追踪器Whether you need to find your car if it is stolen, record where you have traveled, or spy on your teenage driver, the built-in GPS in your phone can be used as a tracking device. An app like InstaMapper (.99) lets you watch the vehicle in real-time and have a record of it. Of course, you may end up taking the simple path of letting a child use your old iPhone as an iPod Touch. Keep in mind that the phone can still dial 911, even if it does not have cellular service, Smith said.无论你是要在自己的汽车被盗之后需要找回汽车,还是记录下自己曾经开车经过哪里,或者是暗中监视你十几岁小孩的驾车情况,你手机的内置GPS(全球定位系统)均可被用来当作一部追踪装置。像InstaMapper(2.99美元)这样的一款应用程序让你能够实时监视车辆,并且把情况录制下来。当然,你可能最终采取简单的办法,那就是让小孩把你的旧iPhone当作iPod Touch。史密斯说,记住,即便没有移动务,旧iPhone仍然可以拨打911。You can also use your old phone as a back-up in case your new model suffers irreparable harm. That said, the battery of a phone that sits in a drawer unused could drain to the point where it is no longer viable.此外,你还可以把旧手机当作新款手机遭受不可弥补的损害时的备用手机。即便如此,如果把手机电池放在抽屉里不使用,那么过了一段时间电池里的电量会耗尽到再也无法使用的地步。 /201410/332272。

“With such amazing and innovative products, strong executive team and labor force, loyal customer base, significant capacity for debt, 9 billion of cash in marketable securities, it is surprising that Tim Cook has not aly initiated a leveraged management buyout of the company.”“苹果公司有着绝佳的创新性产品、强有力的高管团队和劳动力、忠诚的客户群以及超强的负债能力,同时还坐拥价值1090亿美元的畅销有价券。这么好的条件,蒂姆o库克竟然还没有启动对苹果的管理层杠杆收购,真是令人吃惊。”So writes Marwaan Karame of IDG Capital Group in a provocative Seeking Alpha article backed with eleven spsheets, seven graphs and two Monte Carlo simulations.在给美国财经资讯网站Seeking Alpha撰写的一篇挑衅性文章中,IDG Capital Group的玛万o喀拉密写下了上面这段话。喀拉密在文中用了11个电子表格、7个图表和两个统计试验法模拟来佐自己的观点。You can his analysis at Apple’s Leveraged Management Buyout Potential. But don’t miss the lively back and forth in the comment stream.各位可以在《苹果公司管理层杠杆收购的潜在可能》(Apple’s Leveraged Management Buyout Potential)一文中看到喀拉密的分析。但是,千万别错过区精的唇舌战。A sample:部分神回复摘录如下:– alistairt: One of the best examples I’ve seen to date of someone mindlessly applying a LBO model without consideration of the underlying business reality.- alistairt:这是我迄今见过的生搬硬套杠杆收购模型,而丝毫不考虑根本商业现实的最好例子。– relayer75: Not going to happen. The largest LBO in history was RJR Nabisco, at billion. This would be 18x that amount.- relayer75:根本不可能。历史上最大的杠杆收购案例是美国雷诺兹-纳贝斯克公司(RJR Nabisco),收购价为310亿美元。假如苹果被收购,规模将是雷诺兹-纳贝斯克收购案的18倍。– rroo: Cook is a level-headed guy, more like Gates or Buffet. LBO (money and power) are for those infected with megalomania.- rroo:库克头脑冷静,这一点有些像盖茨或巴菲特。而只有自大狂才会对杠杆收购(金钱和权力)念念不忘。– rsbduff: This is the same attitude that has ruined many a company. They buy them…load them up with debt…rape them…then dump them on stupid investors…once again- rsbduff:这种态度已经毁掉了许多公司。他们将公司买下来……欠下一屁股债……把公司搜刮的干干净净……然后又让傻呼呼的投资者来接盘– Timmiesregular: There are some benefits to being public — especially if you are profitable. Going private is only done when the company needs to be out of the public eye – like Dell.- Timmiesregular:上市公司能享受到不少好处——特别是如果公司盈利的话更是如此。公司私有化通常是公司需要淡出公众视线时的权宜之计,戴尔就是一个很好的例子。– Hank890: An AAPL LBO would be a major GIFT to any I-bank tasked with handling it. But it is not clear that the customers or employees would get much out of it. Just because an LBO is possible does not mean it is advisable.- Hank890:如果苹果被杠杆收购,那负责这笔交易的投行就赚大了。但客户或公司员工不见得有太大的好处。杠杆收购有可能不代表就是明智之举。– wdchil: An LBO might have almost have made sense when Apple was below 0 but it certainly doesn’t now. The debt would be in the “sketchy junk” arena.- wdchil:苹果股价低于400美元的时候,杠杆收购似乎讲得通,但现在绝对不合适。假如此时苹果进行杠杆收购,它的债务将基本等同于垃圾债。– petergrayhill: This latest surge from high 400′s to 635 will end badly for the millions of mom’n’pop retail investors as well — head fake to trade. LBO is a certainty within 5 years.- petergrayhill:苹果股价从400多美元一路上涨到635美元的最新一波上涨行情最后会死得很难看,数百万散户投资者也将没有好果子吃——交易的障眼法。杠杆收购5年内一定会发生。– alexkeywest: An LBO of this company is delusional at best.- alexkeywest:苹果将被杠杆收购简直是痴人说梦。– doc: “Its a wonder that Tim Cook has not pursued a leveraged management buyout aly” He doesn’t live in a theoretical world with too much time on his hands.- doc:“蒂姆o库克没有寻求进行管理层杠杆收购,实在是令人吃惊。”因为库克没那么闲,没工夫在那儿纸上谈兵。– brittlerock: Does SA pay people to write this junk?- brittlerock:Seeking Alpha花钱请人写这种垃圾文章?To answer brittlerock: Seeking Alpha’s rates are A NEW contraceptive pill that lets women go four months without a period will go on sale this week.一种可以让女性四个月只来一次月经的新型避药将于本周上市发售。Yaz Flex comes in packs of 120 pills and women who use it continuously will have three periods a year.这种名为Yaz Flex的药品每盒有120片,长期用的女性一年只会来三次月经。The pill comes with a palm-sized dispenser that records usage, notices when a tablet has been missed and provides an alert that alternative contraception must be used.盛装药片的盒子仅有手掌大小,可以记录使用量,如果有漏则会马上发出警报,通知使用者必须利用其它避方式。The Clyk digital tablet dispenser can be programmed to sound a daily alarm to remind women to take the pill.这种名为Clyk的药剂数字分发盒可以根据使用者的设置,每天自动报警提醒药。More than 80 per cent of women admit to forgetting to take their contraceptive pill at some stage and 31 per cent forget it once a month, according to a survey funded by Bayer, the drug company that makes Yaz.根据生产这种新型避药的拜尔药物公司资助的调查,超过80%的女性承认曾经漏避药,31%的女性一个月就会漏一次。Alex Trevor, who has used the new pill for a week, loves the new digital dispenser which ;keeps me on track;. ;There have been times when I#39;ve forgotten to take the pill in the past,; she said.亚历克斯-特雷弗已经用这种新药一周了,她很喜欢使用新型的数字药剂分发盒,这种分发盒可以使她的药更有规律。她说:“我以前经常忘记药。”Yaz Flex is a new version of the existing monthly contraceptive pill Yaz and both contain a combination of hormones that over time help reduce acne. Australia is the launch market for the pill, which is made in Germany.Yaz Flex的前身是每月用的避药Yaz,两种药物都含有一种复合激素,长期用时可以帮助治疗青春痘。Yaz Flex由德国制造,但在澳大利亚首先发售。Associate professor and gynaecologist Dr Rod Baber said many medical studies had found skipping periods was safe and it could be useful for women who have heavy periods, their periods are painful or they get migraine associated with menstruation.副教授兼妇科学家罗德-巴伯尔说,诸多药物研究发现,减少月经次数很安全,对月经量大的女性来说尤其有用,她们经常痛经,或者患上经期偏头痛。Ms Trevor, whose mother Dr Christine Read works for Bayer, said she had skipped periods on her old pill but Yaz Flex with its digital dispenser made it easier to keep track of where she was in her cycle.特雷弗说,她用之前的避药也可以减少月经次数,但Yaz Flex配有药剂数字分发盒,这让她能很清楚自己的周期。她的母亲克里斯汀-里德就在拜尔公司工作。Common side effects of Yaz Flex include nausea, depression, headache, breast pain and unscheduled bleeding.Yaz Flex的常见副作用包括恶心、抑郁、头痛、胸痛、以及不定期出血。Women using it also face twice the risk of a blood clot as women using older versions of oral contraceptives, but Dr Baber said the risk was still low - 2.7 in 100,000 women. In pregnancy the risk of a blood clot is six in 100,000.而且与其他用旧式避药的女性相比,用Yaz Flex的女性患上血栓的风险是其两倍。但巴伯尔士说,这种风险(10万分之2.7)仍然很低。妇患上血栓的风险是10万分之六。 /201209/201906.01 per page view. Authors of PRO articles receive a minimum guaranteed payment of 0-500.回复brittlerock:Seeking Alpha的稿费费率是,页面点击量的单价为0.01美元。专业文章的作者每篇文章保能获得150-500美元的保底收入。 /201406/304258。

It has been a rough week for Samsung. The South Korean electronics giant, known for its televisions and tablet computers, acknowledged Monday that it expects its quarterly profits to be its lowest in three years. The world’s leading smartphone maker finds itself increasingly weighed down by a dual-front war in which its lucrative phones are losing ground to Apple’s iPhone at the high end of the market and an array of Chinese models at the low end.过去一周对于三星公司(Samsung)而言并不太平。这家以电视机和平板电脑著称的韩国电子巨头于周一承认,上季度盈利预计将处于三年来最低水平。这家全球领先的智能手机制造商发现自己越来越陷入双线作战的泥潭——其利润丰厚的手机业务在高端市场上正在不断输给苹果公司(Apple)的 iPhone ,而在低端市场上则正被中国的一大批手机品牌攻城掠地。“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right,” the company seems to be singing to its flagship Galaxy S5 phone. “Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”“我左边有小丑,右边有大小王,”该公司似乎在为自己的旗舰手机Galaxy S5 而唱,“我正被困在中间动弹不得。”A Reuters report is more damning: “Many analysts and investors believe the best days are behind Samsung’s mobile division as it will need to sacrifice margins to keep cheaper Chinese handsets grabbing more of its turf, even though new products like the Galaxy Note 4 will help nudge profits higher in the current quarter.”路透社(Reuters)发表的一篇报道更加言之凿凿:“许多分析师和投资者都认为,三星旗下的手机业务部门已经告别了自己最美好的时光,就算Galaxy Note 4这样的新产品将会有助于推高该公司本季度的盈利,它也依然需要牺牲利润率,才能阻止价位更低的中国手机抢走更多的地盘。”As that war wages on, Samsung seeks to start another as it looks to new revenue streams for growth—namely, by serving large businesses. On Tuesday, the company’s mobile division introduced a portfolio of business services that it believes will help it appeal to Fortune 1000 companies across the globe. The package, called Samsung 360 Services for Business, includes software, services, and technical support. It’s intended to be a one-stop shop for businesses that seek to manage mobile devices in the workplace.随着手机市场的竞争在继续,三星试图发动另一场竞争。为了提振业绩增长态势,该公司把目光转向新的收入来源——也就是向企业提供务。周二,该公司的手机部门发布了一组企业务,它认为这组务将有助于吸引全球各地的财富1000强企业的注意。这套解决方案被称为“三星360企业务”(Samsung 360 Services for Business),内容包括软件、 务和技术持,目标客户是那些想要对职场内部使用的移动设备加以管理的公司,旨在为他们提供一套一站式的务。For Samsung, which has long had enterprise-focused services but lacked a cohesive strategy, the effort is significant. In January, it hired Robin Bienfait, the former chief information officer of BlackBerry, to lead a newly formed team. “Samsung has been in the enterprise business for well over 15 years,” she told me. “In the past four-plus years, mobility as part of their portfolio has really gotten bigger and bigger. They’ve got a lot of partners and capability, but they really wanted a closer relationship with the enterprise customer.”三星在很久以前就推出了主要面向企业级客户的多项务,但一直缺乏一套统一的战略,对它来说,这一次的举动具有重要意义。今年1月份,该公司聘请曾任黑莓公司(BlackBerry)首席信息官的罗宾o比恩菲特来领导一新组建的团队。“三星在已经在企业级业务市场上耕耘了15 年,”她告诉我说,“最近这四年多来,移动性在他们的产品组合中所占的分量实在已经变得越来越重。他们拥有大量的合作伙伴和相关能力,但他们真的还想与企业客户建立起一种更加密切的关系。”Most businesses are at an “inflection point of transformation,” Bienfait said. They know they need technology to move into the future; they just don’t know where to begin or how to manage it.比恩菲特说,大多数的企业都正处于“转型的拐点”上。他们知道他们需要技术来帮助自己迈入未来;他们只是不知道该从何处着手或者如何加以管理。For a long time, BlackBerry BBRY -3.15% —the former Research In Motion—and its ultra-secure services were the answer to this. But the company’s own mismanagement left it unable to capitalize on the trend. Samsung was one of the early winners in the rise of the modern smartphone; now that its devices are ubiquitous at home and in the office, it hopes to develop a more formal relationship with large organizations.很长时间以来,黑莓(公司原名为Research In Motion)及其超安全的务一直是应对这项问题的解决办法。但该公司本身管理不善,导致无法充分借力于这一趋势。在现代智能手机的崛起过程中,三星曾经是早期获益者中的一员;该公司的电子产品在日常生活和职场中均随处可见,因而希望进一步与那些大型机构建立起一种更加正式的关系。Of course, so do other companies. IBM’s IBM -1.76% announcement of a partnership with Apple AAPL -0.87% —for many industry veterans, hell frozen over—in July signaled Cupertino’s interest in fostering a similar relationship (despite a lack of enterprise experience) and Armonk’s affirmation that it’s not in the business of making consumer hardware. BlackBerry CEO John Chen has since acknowledged that his now-small company was in search of partnerships for the same purpose. Microsoft MSFT -1.22% CEO Satya Nadella has been unequivocal in his embrace of the same target customer. On a quarterly earnings call in January, Google GOOG -2.36% CFO Patrick Pichette called its Enterprise group a strategic growth opportunity.当然,其他公司也有同样企图。今年7月份,IBM宣布与苹果公司建立合作关系(在许多业内资深人士看来,这项合作关系已经“完全封冻”)。这表明,总部位于美国加州库比蒂诺的苹果也有兴趣培养类似关系(尽管它缺乏务企业级客户的经验),而总部位于纽约州阿蒙克的IBM则实,自己不会从事制造消费电子类产品件的业务。在那之后,黑莓首席执行官(CEO)程守宗也已承认,他掌管的这间如今已规模不再的公司正在出于同样的目的寻求合作伙伴。微软(Microsoft)CEO 萨蒂亚o纳德拉也已明确表明,他也在热切锁定同样的目标客户。今年1月份的一次季度财报电话会议上,谷歌(Google)首席财务官(CFO)帕特里克o皮切特也将公司的企业级业务部门称作是战略性的增长机遇。In other words, the war has only just begun.换句话说,企业级市场上的这场竞争才刚刚开始。Samsung will launch its 360 Services in “early 2015,” starting in the U.S. It plans to expand to Europe and Asia in short order. Until then, it will be engaged in a pilot program with financial services, health care, and government organizations that will last through the end of the year. Bienfait said the company comes to the negotiating table with three assets: first, the Samsung brand reputation; second, a cross-platform approach; and third, a promise to be entirely turnkey—no extra contracts necessary.三星将在“2015年初”推出这项360企业务,第一站先定在了美国。该公司计划将此项务迅速扩展到欧洲和亚洲地区。在那之前,三星将与金融务机构、 医疗保健机构以及政府机构开展一个试点项目,该项目将一直持续到今年年底。比恩菲特说:三星在谈判桌上拥有三大优势: 第一,三星的品牌口碑;第二,跨平台的合作方式 ;第三,包圆式解决方案的承诺——不需要客户签署额外的合同。“We don’t want to do all this ourselves,” Bienfait said, “but we want to be the hand to shake.”“我们并不想靠自己来提供所有的这些务,”比恩菲特说,“但我们希望客户的直接对接对象是我们。” /201410/334021。