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2018年02月25日 19:42:54 | 作者:预约挂号科普 | 来源:新华社
Current plans to raise the retirement age are not bold enough 目前提高退休年龄的计划不够大胆PUT aside the cruise brochures and let the garden retain that natural look for a few more years. Demography and declining investment returns are conspiring to keep you at your desk far longer than you ever expected.先将海上巡游的宣传册放一放,让花园的自然面貌多保持几年吧!人口结构和日益减少的投资回报导致你要工作长得多的时间,超出你以往的预期。This painful truth is no longer news in the rich world, and many governments have started to deal with the ageing problem. They have announced increases in the official retirement age that attempt to hold down the costs of state pensions while encouraging workers to stay in their jobs or get on their bikes and look for new ones. 这一痛苦的事实在发达国家已经不是什么新闻,许多政府已经开始处理老龄化问题。它们已经宣布提高正式的退休年龄,一方面试图控制国家养老金的成本,另一方面又鼓励工人坚守岗位或骑车寻找新的工作。Unfortunately, the boldest plans look inadequate. Older people are going to have to stay economically active longer than governments currently envisage; and that is going to require not just governments, but also employers and workers, to behave differently.不幸的是,最大胆的计划看上去也还不够。老年人要继续积极参与创造经济效应的时间要比政府当前设想的要长。这将要求各政府、雇主和工人都采取不同的行动。Trying, but not very hard在尝试,但未竭尽全力Since 1971 the life expectancy of the average 65-year-old in the rich world has improved by four to five years. By 2050, forecasts suggest, they will add a further three years on top of that. Until now, people have converted all that extra lifespan into leisure time. The average retirement age in the OECD in 2010 was 63, almost one year lower than in 1970. 自1971年以来,发达国家的平均预期寿命在65岁的基础上增加了4-5岁。到2050年,据预测,在此基础上将进一步增加3岁。迄今为止,人们把这些增加的寿命全部变成了休闲时间。2010年,经合组织成员国的平均退休年龄为63岁,几乎比1970年时低一岁。Living longer, and retiring early, might not be a problem if the supply of workers were increasing. But declining fertility rates imply that by 2050 there will be just 2.6 American workers supporting each pensioner and the figures for France, Germany and Italy will be 1.9, 1.6 and 1.5 respectively. The young will be shoring up pensions systems which, as our special report this week explains, are riddled with problems.要是工人的供应在增加,那么长寿命,早退休可能就不是问题了。但是下降的生育率表明,到2050年每位养老金领取者只有2.6个美国工人持了,法国、德国和意大利的这一数字到时将分别是1.9、1.6和1.5。年轻人将为养老金制度提供持,但正如我们的本周特别报道所述,养老金制度充满问题。201105/136494Clean water清洁水源Silver ths of life生命的银丝带A water filter that kills bacteria, rather than just removing them 新滤水器能够消灭细菌,而不单单是排除细菌MORE than a billion people lack clean water—and in most cases the lack is just of cleanliness, rather than of the water itself. The result is disease, particularly diarrhoea. This kills millions of children a year and stunts the growth of millions more. Better water filters, then, could save many lives and improve many others, and Yi Cui of Stanford University thinks he has come up with one.超过十亿人口缺少饮用水,并且在绝大多数情况下缺少的只是纯净的水,而不是水本身。其结果是给人们带来了疾病,特别是每年夺取数百万儿童性命并使更多的儿童生长发育受阻的腹泻。所以更好的滤水器就能挽救许多生命,提高人们的健康水平。而来自斯坦福大学的崔毅教授认为他已经研制出了这样的滤水器。 Traditional filters work by forcing water through pores to weed out bacteria. That needs power, as well as frequent changes of the filter element as the pores fill up with bugs. Dr Cui’s filter, though, does not screen the bacteria out. It kills them.传统的滤水器使水流流过微孔从而排除细菌。这需要消耗电力,而且由于微孔上积满了细菌,滤水器元件也需经常更换。但是崔教授研制的滤水器并不是将细菌排除出去,而是将其消灭。The filter element he and his team have designed is a mesh of tiny carbon cylinders, known as nanotubes, and silver wires laid on top of a thin strip of cotton cloth. Silver is well known to kill bacteria, so Dr Cui conjectured that forcing bugs to pass close to the metal without actually trapping them might lead to their destruction. He also suspected that running an electric current through the silver might help the process, because electrical fields have the ability to break down the membranes that surround bacterial cells. Though silver is a good conductor, carbon is cheaper, and the nanotubes provide the extra electrical conductivity needed.崔教授及其团队所设计的滤水器元件采用微小的碳圆柱形网状物,也就是碳纳米管。薄薄的棉布覆盖着碳纳米管一端,并用银丝固定。金属银因能够杀死细菌而为人所知。崔教授据此推测将细菌引至银丝附近而不是使其进入微孔,即可消灭细菌。他同时猜测,使银丝接通电流,将有助于整个过滤工序,因为电场具有穿透细菌细胞膜的特性。因此虽然银是良好导体,碳也很便宜,但是纳米管却可以额外提供必需的导电性。To make their new filter, the team first dipped strips of woven cotton into “ink” containing nanotubes. They then used pipettes to drop the silver wires, which were suspended in methanol, on to the surface of the strips. 制作新型滤水器,首先把棉布条浸入含有碳纳米管的“墨水“中,然后用吸管将浸泡在甲醇中的银丝滴在棉布条的表面。Once dried, the new filters were y to try. To do that Dr Cui connected them to a battery and ran water containing E. coli, a common bacterial contaminant of water, through them. A few drops of the filtered water from each experimental run were then scattered on an incubation plate to see what was left to grow.置干后,新的滤水器就可以工作了。崔教授将这些碳纳米管与电池相连接,并使含有导致水污染的一种常见细菌——大肠杆菌的水流经其中。随后每次过滤实验得到的几滴水被放在孵化盘中用以观察水中剩余物质的状况。As they report in the latest edition of Nano Letters, Dr Cui and his team found that when the filter was operated at -20 volts it killed 89% of the bacteria and that at +20 volts it killed 77%. At zero volts, most of the bacteria survived. In a follow-up experiment, in which contaminated water was run through three of the new filters in sequence, 98% of the bacteria were killed.正如在最新一期《纳米快报》中报道的一样,崔教授与其团队发现滤水器在-20伏的电压下工作时,可消灭89%的细菌,在+20伏的电压下工作时,可消灭77%的细菌。而在不通电的情况下,大部分细菌都得以存活。在进一步的实验中,受污染的水依次流经三个新型滤水器,结果98%的细菌被消灭了。Using silver this way might sound expensive, but it is not. The amount involved is minuscule, as is the quantity of electricity needed to keep the filter charged (a small solar panel would be sufficient to supply it). And the filter itself would be expected to last indefinitely.如此使用银乍听起来十分昂贵,实则不然。银的使用量非常小,与维持滤水器运转所需电量(一小块太阳能电池板就足够了)一般。此外,滤水器本身还可望永久使用。The next test, then, is to see if the new device kills the full range of dangerous bacteria found in polluted water. If it does then potable water, one of the necessities of life, may become easier for many people to obtain.随后的测试将明这种新型滤水器是否能消灭在受污染的水中所发现的各种有害细菌。如果确实如此,那么许多人就可以更容易获得生活的必需品——纯净的饮用水了。201110/157986Louboutin v YSL红底鞋之争Lay off my red-soled shoes离我的红底鞋远点!Can a colour be a trademark?单一的颜色也能成为注册商标吗?Aug 20th 2011 | from the print edition APPEARING on “So You Think You Can Dance”, an American TV show, Jennifer Lopez starts her song “Louboutins” by lying sulkily in sheets of red silk on a bed in a giant sparkly shoe and making a phone call. “Hello, Santa,” she says, batting her eyelashes, “I would like a shiny new pair of Louboutin shoes. You know, the ones with the high heels and red bottoms.”天后珍妮佛洛佩兹以一曲“Louboutins”亮相电视节目《舞林争霸》,开唱前, 台上一只巨大的闪闪发光的高跟鞋里放着一张床,床上铺着红丝绸,珍妮佛洛佩兹就气呼呼地躺在丝绸之上打电话:“喂,是圣诞老人嘛”她边说边眨了眨眼睛,“人家想要一双Louboutin的鞋子。你知道的,就是跟高高的,底红红的那种”。In the 20 years since Christian Louboutin made his first pair of ladies’ shoes with shiny red-lacquered soles, his vertiginously heeled, sexy, colourful and nearly unwearable creations have become an object of desire for celebrities like Ms Lopez, Angelina Jolie and Madonna, who even lets her daughter Lourdes wear a metal-studded number. Today the puckish Frenchman is the biggest star in high-fashion shoe design, selling about 240,000 pairs a year in America at prices ranging from 5 for espadrilles to as much as ,000 for a “super-platform” pump covered in crystals. The revenue of his company, Louboutin, is forecast at 5m this year.20年前,Christian Louboutin设计出了第一双漆皮红底的高跟鞋。他的设计鞋跟多变,性感撩人,色艳丽,但几乎是没法穿着行走的,不过洛佩兹,安吉丽娜朱莉,麦当娜等一干名流还是趋之若鹜,麦当娜甚至还为女儿洛德斯买了一双带铆钉的Louboutin。今天,这个乖戾的法国男人已经是高级时装界炙手可热的大人物。Louboutin在美国市场一年卖出了24万双鞋,不管是395美元一双的帆布草编鞋,还是价值6000美元镶满水晶的浅口高跟鞋都受到热烈追捧,预计Louboutin公司今年的营业额将达到1,34亿美元左右。Yet all this could be at risk, says Louboutin’s lawyer, if Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), another fashion firm, continues to gain the upper hand in a legal dispute between the two companies. On August 10th a district court in New York refused to grant a preliminary injunction stopping YSL from selling shoes with a red sole that Louboutin says infringe its trademark. The judge did not believe that a designer could trademark a colour. He asked both parties to appear again in court on August 19th to decide how to proceed with the case.不过Louboutin 的律师表示,如果伊夫圣罗兰时装公司在双方法律纠纷中继续占上风的话,Louboutin的好景可能不长了。8月10日纽约区法庭拒绝下达初步处罚令,禁止伊夫圣罗兰销售红底鞋,因为Louboutin称其商标侵权。法官认为设计师不能把某种颜色当成一个商标。他通知被告原告双方于8月19日再次出庭,到时再判定这个案子。“We don’t like it,” says Harley Lewin of McCarter amp; English, an American law firm which is representing Louboutin. The judge has overreached, according to Mr Lewin, by making this a case about the justification of Louboutin’s trademark rather than a ruling on a request for a temporary injunction prohibiting the sale of red-soled YSL shoes. He intends to appeal against the decision.美国McCarter amp; English律师事务所负责代理Louboutin,事务所的律师Harley Lewin说:“对审判结果我们感到很失望”。他还表示法官判定这个案子仅仅围绕在Louboutin商标的合法性上,对于向伊夫圣罗兰下达临时处分命令,禁止其销售红底鞋的请求根本不予受理。他表示会对这个审判结果提起上诉。201108/151085Little Optimism For Crucial Zimbabwe Negotiations津巴布韦三党谈判成败事关重大 Negotiators from Zimbabwe's three political parties are meeting in South Africa to try to reach agreement on an amendment to the constitution that would enable the formation of a government of national unity. In the streets of the capital many people are aware that this is a crucial make or break round of negotiations. 津巴布韦三个政党的谈判人员正会集在南非,试图就一项宪法修正案达成协议,该修正案将使全国团结政府得以组成。首都哈拉雷的街上有许多人都认识到这次谈判是成败的关键。In Harare's streets, many people know that a constitutional amendment is necessary to enable formation of a government of national unity. If it is agreed upon, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai will become prime minister of Zimbabwe.  在哈拉雷的街上,许多人知道,需要有一项宪法修正案才能组成全国团结政府。如果达成有关协议,那么争取民主变革运动主席茨万吉拉伊就将成为津巴布韦总理。Negotiators in South Africa are faced with two amendments, one written by the ministry of justice and one by Mr. Tsvangirai's MDC. 在南非的谈判人员面临两项修正案,一项是司法部拟写的,另一项是茨万吉拉伊的争取民主变革运动拟写的。The two are very different and this gap, analysts say, will be difficult to overcome, as the amendment has to accurately cover the Global Political Agreement signed on September 15 by leaders of the three parliamentary parties, Mr. Mugabe, Mr. Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara.  这两项修正案大不相同,分析人士说,将很难克它们之间的分歧,因为有关修正案必须确切地涵盖“全球政治协议”,这项协议是议会三党领导人,即穆加贝、茨万吉拉伊和穆坦巴拉在九月十五号签署的。Lawyers say that the 37-page MDC document is a well crafted piece of legislation which widens the democratic scope of the agreement, and addresses many of its imperfections. 律师说,长达37页的争取民主变革运动的文件是精心制定的一项立法,它扩大了有关协议的民主范畴,并且弥补了有关协议存在的许多不足之处。But they warn, some of the clauses, particularly those involving human rights, were not agreed by President Robert Mugabe during negotiations, and, therefore are likely to be rejected again by Mr. Mugabe's negotiators. 但是他们警告说,某些语句,尤其是涉及人权的言辞,在谈判中可能得不到穆加贝总统的赞同。所以穆加贝的谈判人员很可能会再次拒绝接受这一文件。In the streets of Harare, many people say they know these negotiations are crucial. 哈拉雷的街道上,许多人说,他们知道这些谈判至关重要。One professional man said while these negotiations represent hope, if the talks fail he believes the MDC will have to become more militant. 一位专业人士说,虽然这些谈判代表着希望,但是如果谈判失败,那么他认为争取民主变革运动将不得不采取更为激进的路线。"The next round of talks is a ray of light of hope to the ordinary Zimbabwean," he said. "This comes back to the core principles of the MDC of narrowing their options of removing the dictator through democratic means. Mugabe knows he cannot go it alone."  他说:“下一轮谈判对于津巴布韦平民百姓是一线希望的光芒。它返回到争取民主变革运动的核心原则,即缩小他们通过民主手段罢免独裁者的选择余地。穆加贝明白他不能一意孤行。”"The people are frustrated. They have been stretched to the limit. It needs a stimuli to put light into the frustrations of the people and that stimuli can only come about by the people in the MDC presidium to mobilize the people, in the bank queues everywhere, the people are ripe for change," he added. “人民极度失望。他们已经被压榨到了极限。需要有一种给陷于绝望的人民带来光明的刺激因素,而产生那种刺激因素的唯一途径是通过争取民主变革运动的领导人来调动民众,津巴布韦各地前都有人排成长队,民众要求变革的时机已经刻不容缓。”A clerk at a security company said that these talks were crucial Zimbabweans. 一家券公司的雇员说,这些谈判对津巴布韦人至关重要。"I think this should be the last round of talks, and if they are not going to agree upon that amendment, then I don't think that it will be of any use to have any other talks," the clerk said. 她说:“我认为这该是最后一轮谈判了,如果他们不能就有关修正案达成一致的话,那么我认为再举行谈判也是徒劳无益的了。”She was gloomy about the future should the talks on the amendment fail and said Zimbabweans would then have to wait until Mr. Mugabe, who is nearly 85, died.  她认为,如果这次谈判失败,则前景暗淡,她说津巴布韦人到时候只能等待现年八十五岁的穆加贝去世了。"It means we are going to suffer more than we are suffering right now if the UN is not going to do anything. If nature doesn't take its course we are going to die," she said. "We don't want to die and we don't want to fight anyone. Because we thought that he was going to listen to reason on his own, and now we don't know what to do." 她说:“那意味着如果联合国袖手旁观的话,我们就将比现在受更大的苦。如果自然不按照规律行事的话,那么我们会比他早死。我们不想死,而且我们也不想再斗争了。因为我们认为穆加贝只会独断独行,听不进他人意见。所以我们现在感到束手无策。”If these talks fail to produce a constitutional amendment there will then be no basis for establishing a government of national unity. 如果这些谈判不能产生一项宪法修正案,那就没有组成全国团结政府的基础。As a result, several people said they may have to go to war to end Mr. Mugabe's rule. 有几个人说,结果他们可能不得不为了推翻穆加贝的统治而打一场仗。A street vendor selling vouchers for mobile phones said people would have to change tactics and fight for a new government.  一个在街上卖手机卡的小贩说,人们可能必须改变策略,要为组成新政府而斗争。"People are dying and the issue of having another round of talks should come to an end and so many people are complaining about the credibility of the talks," the vendor noted. "Mugabe needs a militant approach if he fails the dialogue. The suffering and the crisis in Zimbabwe is unprecedented. This must come to an end as soon as possible."MDC spokesman Nelson Chamisa cautioned against any optimism about the outcome of the talks until all the party's demands were met.  争取民主变革运动的发言人沙米撒提醒人们,在本党的一切要求尚未得到满足之前,不要对这次谈判的结果盲目乐观。If the talks fail, no one is sure what the next step will be. If they succeed then Mr. Tsvangirai will be sworn into office. The amendment will be presented before parliament a month later where it will voted on. A two-thirds majority is needed in the parliament for a transitional government of national unity to be a reality. 如果这次谈判失败,谁也不知道下一步将发生什么。如果这轮谈判成功,那么茨万吉拉伊将宣誓就任总理。有关修正案将在一个月后被呈交议会进行表决。需要有议会中三分之二的多数才能真正建立全国团结政府的过渡政府。200811/57210

Asian, European Leaders Meet to Restore Confidence in Markets亚欧领导人北京集会讨论金融危机 Asian and European leaders are meeting in the Chinese capital to discuss ways to increase confidence in world markets. Chinese President Hu Jintao has said uncertainties and instability are increasing in China's economy as a result of the global financial crisis. 亚洲和欧洲国家领导人在北京召开会议,讨论如何增强全球市场的信心。中国国家主席胡锦涛说,由于全球金融危机的影响,中国市场的不确定性和不稳定日益增高。Leaders from over 40 European and Asian countries met in Beijing Friday to encourage solidarity in facing the crisis. 来自欧洲和亚洲四十多个国家的领导人星期五聚集在北京,互相鼓励在危机当前团结一致。Global financial problems were at the top of the agenda as they gathered for the first day of the two-day Asia-Europe Meeting, known as ASEM. 全球金融危机是这次为期两天的欧亚会议第一天会议的主要议程。China's President, Hu Jintao, addressed the opening ceremony carried live on national television. He said the crisis was increasing instability in China's economy and that concerted efforts were needed to shore-up their interdependent economies.  中国国家主席胡锦涛在全国直播的会议开幕式上发言。他说,危机增加了中国经济的不稳定。必须要采取一致行动,增强各国互相依赖的经济。He says China's economic growth faces various hardships and challenges. He says for China's economy to maintain a healthy state is itself an important contribution to global financial market stability and global economic development. 他说:“中国经济发展面临诸多困难和挑战。中国经济保持良好发展势头,本身就是对全球金融市场稳定和世界经济发展的重要贡献。”Earlier in the day Southeast Asian countries plus China, Japan, and South Korea, agreed to an billion regional emergency fund to battle the effects of the crisis. 星期五早些时候,东南亚国家联盟的成员国以及中国、日本和韩国同意设立一个800亿美元的地区性紧急基金,以应对全球金融危机的影响。Nonetheless, Asian stock prices continued to tumble. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index fell to a four-year low while China's benchmark stocks dropped to a two-year low. The Japanese and South Korean exchanges dropped to similar record lows. 但是,亚洲股票价格持续下跌。香港恒生指数下跌到四年来的最低点,中国股票下跌到两年来的最低点。日本和韩国股票交易价格下滑到类似的历史最低点。The European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, said Asia and Europe needed to work with world partners to restore growth, stability, and confidence.  欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐说,亚洲和欧洲需要同世界夥伴们一起努力恢复经济的增长、稳定和信心。"We cannot meet these challenges by closing the door and simply looking after our own house. We have all benefited from trade and an open business environment," Barroso said. "So, we should firmly resist calls for protectionism, isolation and economic nationalism. This would only harm us and our prospects for recovery." 他说:“我们不能靠关起门自保,来迎接这些挑战。贸易以及开放的经济环境,对我们大家都有利。因此,我们应该坚决拒绝保护主义、孤立主义以及经济民族主义的呼声。这些只会伤害我们,损害复苏的前景。”Despite the financial crisis topping the meeting agenda, Barroso said equally important was working together on a range of critical world issues. 巴罗佐表示,尽管金融危机是这次峰会的首要议题,但是在一系列至关重要的世界性议题上合作同等重要。The meeting is also to address cooperation on climate change, sustainable development, and energy security, among other issues. 这次峰会还将讨论在环境变化、可持续发展以及能源安全等其它领域进行合作的问题。Europe wants further commitments from advanced developing nations like China and India to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 欧洲希望中国和印度这些比较先进的发展中国家能够在减少温室气体排放方面作出进一步承诺。However, the Asia-Europe Meeting is a summit for discussion and demonstrations of cooperation and is not expected to produce any binding agreements. 但是,亚欧峰会只是为讨论问题和展示合作提供一个机会,预计,它不会达成具有约束力的协议。China's official Xinhua news agency says during the meeting Chinese officials are expected to put forward a proposal to build an "eco-city network" in Asia. It did not elaborate. 中国官方《新华社》的报导说,会议期间,中国官员预计将提出在亚洲建立一个“生态城市网路”的建议。但是,报导没有详细说明这个建议。200810/53930

Bush Promises Smooth White House Transition布什将与奥巴马会面讨论重大问题 U.S. President George Bush and President-elect Barack Obama will meet at the White House on Monday. Mr. Bush says they will discuss the major issues facing the nation. 美国总统布什和当选总统奥巴马星期一将在白宫会面。布什总统表示,他们将讨论美国面临的重大问题。Two days after the election, President Bush gathered his staff on the South Lawn of the White House and gave them instructions for the rest of his term in office. 在美国举行大选的两天之后,美国总统布什在白宫南草坪召集他的工作人员,向他们交待了他总统任期剩余时间的工作。He said a smooth transition is his top priority. 他说,平稳过渡是他的首要任务。"This seamless transfer of authority is one of the hallmarks of a true democracy," he said. 布什说:“平稳的权力移交是一个真正的民主国家的标志。”But Mr. Bush also made clear that they have plenty of other work to do besides preparing for the handover to the Obama administration. 不过,布什还明确表示,除了准备向奥巴马进行权力移交之外,他们还有很多其它工作。"We face economic challenges that will not pause to let a new president settle in," he said. "This will also be America's first wartime presidential transition in four decades. We're in a struggle against violent extremists determined to attack us. And they would like nothing more than to exploit this period of change to harm the American people."President Bush noted that key members of Senator Obama's team are aly being briefed on critical issues and that an effort is underway to provide them with all of the information they need. He said that throughout the executive branch of government, Bush administration officials will be working with the replacements chosen by the president-elect. 美国总统布什指出,奥巴马参议员团队的主要成员已经听取了关键问题的简报,同时也在努力向他们提供所有他们所需的信息。他说,整个政府行政部门以及布什政府官员都将和当选总统挑选的接管人员合作。"Taken together, these measures represent an unprecedented effort to ensure that the executive branch is prepared to fulfill its responsibilities at all times," President Bush said. 布什说:“所有这些措施加在一起,显示了一种前所未有的努力,以确保行政部门在任何时候都准备好履行职责。”Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, are coming to the White House on Monday. President Bush will meet with the president-elect, while Mrs. Obama gets a look at the historic mansion that will become their new home on January 20. 奥巴马和妻子米歇尔将于星期一来到白宫。即将卸任的美国总统布什将会见这位当选总统,而奥巴马夫人则能够看一下白宫这座具有历史性的建筑,这里将从明年1月20日开始成为他们的新家。Meanwhile, intelligence community officials have begun another presidential rite of passage. They have started to provide Mr. Obama with daily briefings on the global situation - the kind of briefings provided only to the president of the ed States. 与此同时,美国情报官员已经开始了另一个新总统例行事务。情报部门已开始向奥巴马提供只提供给美国总统的全球局势每日简报。200811/55344

On the eve of high-level economic and political talks between the ed States and China, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton highlighted the importance of strong economic and trade ties to both countries during a visit to China's commercial capital, Shanghai. During a visit to a Boeing aircraft maintenance facility in Shanghai, Secretary Clinton focused on issues important to the U.S. side in this week's economic talks. She said for trade to work in any economy, there must be a level playing field where domestic and international companies can compete freely. The top U.S. diplomat said, "For example, transparency in rule making and standard setting, non-discrimination, fair access to sales to private sector and government purchasers alike - and the strong enforcement of intellectual property rights - are all vitally important. That's what drives innovation, benefits consumers, and ultimately stimulates broad-based and sustainable growth." Saying it is a "win-win" situation for both countries, Clinton said American companies want to compete in China, selling goods made by American workers to Chinese consumers. "Greater economic engagement here and across Asia by U.S. companies - and especially rising exports - help create jobs for American workers, higher standards of living for Asian consumers, and a more balanced global economy, which is good for everyone," said Clinton. On Monday and Tuesday, nearly 200 U.S. officials from nearly every corner of American government will be in Beijing for high-level talks known as the Strategic and Economic Dialogue.  They will discuss pressing political issues, such as North Korea's attack on a South Korean naval ship, Iran's controversial nuclear program and China's spotty human rights record. They will also discuss issues of economic balance and competition.Secretary Clinton said there is aly progress on the Chinese-U.S. economic front. The U.S. remains the largest single country market for China's exports, while U.S. merchandise exports to China have more than tripled since 2001, and trends suggest that growth will continue. Standing in front of a Boeing 737 jetliner, colorfully painted with the logo of the World Expo now going on in Shanghai, Secretary Clinton said the aerospace industry is the ed States' leading export sector, with every billion in aviation sales translating into 11,000 jobs for American workers.Currently, more than half the commercial jetliners operating in China are made by Boeing, and some 450 more are on order. Secretary Clinton said they only represent a fraction of the 0 billion China is likely to spend on commercial jetliners if it triples its commercial aviation fleet by 2028 as projected.Secretary Clinton said, "If Boeing captures a significant portion of those sales, it will translate into tens of thousands of additional good jobs for American workers. And the growth of air travel in China and the region will create new jobs here and abroad. President Hu has rightly called Boeing's role in China a 'win-win' for both countries."During the coming days, that sort of economic cooperation will be taking center stage in Beijing.201005/104613

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