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内蒙古自治区人民医院流产多少钱阿拉善盟看乳腺检查多少钱I found that very, very thought provoking,我发现这个视频非常有感染力and thats why I wanted to bring it here for you guys to see.于是我把它带来跟大家分享And what was interesting about it is the obvious choice我做这个选择很明显for me to talk about was graphics and audio.因为我所谈的都是计算机图形和声音But as you heard, Michael talked about all these other elements as well.而你们刚刚所看到的,Michael说了其他的元素Video games give an awful lot of other things too,还有很多其他的方面and thats why people get so addicted.这就是为什么有的人会那么热衷于玩游戏The most important one being fun.最重要的一点就是趣味性The name of this track is ;The Magic To Come.;我们这个主题叫做;即将到来的奇幻旅程;Who is that going to come from?谁会是它的制作人呢?Is it going to come from the best directors in the world as we thought it probably would?会是世界上最好的导演吗?就像我们想的那样I dont think so.我觉得不是I think its going to come from the children who are growing up now我觉得会是现在正在成长的孩子们that arent stuck with all of the stuff that we remember from the past.因为他们的脑子里没有被塞满我们以前被塞满的那些东西Theyre going to do it their way, using the tools that weve created.他们将会用他们的方法,用我们做的那些工具The same with students or highly creative people, writers and people like that.学生,善于创造的人,作家等等也是如此As far as colleges go, theres about 350 colleges around the world teaching game courses.到目前为止,全世界大概有350所大学教授游戏课程That means theres literally thousands of new ideas.这就意味着有成千上万的新想法Some of the ideas are really dful and some of them are great.有的想法很烂有的却很棒Theres nothing worse than having to listen to someone被逼无奈去听有的人给你讲一个非常糟糕的游戏点子try and pitch you a really bad game idea.是最让人受不了的事Youre off, youre off. Thats it.到时间了,你该下去了Hes out of time.他时间用完了Ive just got a little tiny bit more if youll indulge me.如果你允许的话,我还想再讲一点Go ahead. Im going to stay right here though.讲吧,不过我就在这儿站着This is just a cool shot, because this is students coming to school after class.这是一个很酷的画面,因为学生在放学后回到学校The school is closed; theyre coming back at midnight学校已经关了,他们在半夜里回来because they want to pitch their game ideas.因为他们想把他们的游戏点子描绘出来Im sitting at the front of the class,我当时就坐在教室最前面and theyre actually pitching their ideas.他们当时正在描绘他们的点子So its hard to get students to come back to class,让学生放学后回到教室是很难的but it is possible.但是是可能做到的This is my daughter, her names Emma, shes 17 months old.这是我女儿,她叫Emma,她有17个月大了And Ive been asking myself, what is Emma going to experience in the game world?我一直在问自己,Emma以后将会有什么样的游戏体验呢?And as Ive shown here, we have the audience.就像我在这里给大家看的,我们有观众Shes never going to know a world where you cant press a button她未来生活的世界中,只要轻轻按一个键and have millions of people y to play.便有成千上万的人蓄意待发(玩游戏)You know, we have the technology.我们已经拥有了技术Shes never going to know a world where the graphics just arent stunning and really immersive.她未来生活的世界中,的画面都将是完美和真实的And as the student showed, we can impact and move.就像那个学生做的视频里展现的,我们可以让游戏感动人Shes never going to know a world where games因此她生活的世界中的将会是充满感情的arent incredibly emotional and will probably make her cry.很可能会让她哭I just hope she likes games.我就是希望她会喜欢玩游戏So, my closing thought.我的总结是Games on the surface seem simple entertainment,游戏,表面上看起来是简单的but for those that like to look a little deeper,但是只要你稍微往深处看一点the new paradigm of games could open entirely new frontiers to creative minds that like to think big.这些新的游戏对于那些善于创新的眼光长远的人来说将会开拓出一个全新的领域Where better to challenge those minds than here at TED?有什么地方的人比TED上的你们更适合接受这个挑战呢?Thank you.谢谢201512/413423呼和浩特做人流医院哪家最好 Hi, everybody. 大家好!My top priority as President is doing everything I can to create more jobs and more opportunities for hardworking families to get ahead.作为总统,我最重要的任务就是尽我一切努力为所有辛勤付出的工薪家庭提供更多就业机会,让大家获得成功。On Friday, we learned that our economy created over 200,000 new jobs in July. 周五发布的统计数据显示今年7月,我们创造了20多万个就业岗位。Thats on top of about 300,000 new jobs in June. 这是继6月我们创造30万个就业岗位之后再创佳绩。Were now in a six-month streak with at least 200,000 new jobs each month.而最近连续6个月里,我们平均每个月至少创造20万个就业岗位。That hasnt happened since 1997. 这种情况是自1997年以来所没有出现过的。All told, our businesses have created 9.9 million jobs over the past 53 months. 在过去的4年5个月里,我们总共创造了990万个就业岗位。Thats the longest streak of private-sector job creation in our history.这是私营企业创造就业的新纪录。Because of you-because of your hard work and determination-America has recovered faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth. 这些成果的取得正是因为大家,因为你们的辛勤付出和坚强信念,让美国比其它发达国家更快复苏,更快发展。The economy is clearly getting stronger. 我们的经济正在显著增强。Things are clearly getting better. 所有的事情都在明显好转。And the decisions we make now can keep things moving in that direction.我们做出的决定现在正在让事情向着正确的方向前进。Thats whats at stake right now. 而当下十分重要的一点。Making sure our economy works for every working American. 要确保经济发展惠及每一个美国人。Making sure that people who work hard can get ahead. 要确保所有辛勤付出的人能够成功。Thats why Ive been pushing for common-sense ideas like rebuilding our infrastructure in a way that supports millions of good jobs and helps our businesses compete. 因此,我一直在推动一些正常的政策立法,比如重建基础设施,创造数百万就业岗位并帮助企业更好竞争;Raising the minimum wage. 提高最低工资标准;Making it easier for working folks to pay off their student loans. 减轻工薪阶层偿还助学贷款的压力;Thats why Ive been pushing for fair pay and paid leave.同工同酬和带薪产假等等,这都是我一直在推动的事情。These policies have two things in common. 这些政策都有两个共同点:All of them would help working families feel more stable and secure. 所有这些都将帮助工薪家庭获得更多稳定性和安全感;And all of them have been blocked or ignored by Republicans in Congress.所有这些都被国会的共和党人阻挠或无视掉。Thats why my administration keeps taking what actions we can on our own to help working families-because Congress is doing so little for working families. 正因如此,当局也一直在采取能够采取的措施,帮助工薪家庭,因为国会能帮到工薪家庭的真是微乎其微。House Republicans actually got together this week and voted to sue me for taking actions on my own. 众议院的共和党人这周倒是汇聚一起投票了,不过他们是要投票起诉我所采取的这些措施。And then they left town for the month without settling a bunch of unfinished business that matters to working families across America.接着他们就离开了国会山,开始一个多月的休假,留下一大堆没完成的事情,这些事情却事关全美工薪家庭的利益。The bottom line is this-weve come a long way these past five and a half years. 我的底线是,我们过去5年半的时间里取得了长足的进步。Our challenges are nowhere near as daunting as they were back then. 我们面临的挑战就如同他们的掣肘一样无处不在。But imagine how much farther along our economy would be-how much stronger our country would be-if Congress would do its job.但大家想像一下,如果国会做好了这些事情,我们的经济发展得是多块,我们的国家将是多么强大。Ill never stop trying to work with both parties to get things moving faster for the middle class. 我从来没有也不会放弃与两党的人士合作,推动这些事情更快得到落实,帮助中产阶级。And I could use your help. 而我也需要大家的帮助。If you see your Member of Congress around home this month, tell him or her whats on your mind. 如果你看见哪个议员回到你的家乡,请告诉你内心的想法。Ask them why they havent passed bills to raise the minimum wage or help with student loans or enact fair pay for women.问问他们为什么不通过提高最低工资标准的法案,帮组学生偿还助学贷款的法案和同工同酬法案。And when they return from vacation next month, instead of trying to pass partisan bills on party lines, hopefully we can come together with the sense of common purpose that you expect. 等到他们下个月他们回到这里,我们希望他们不是要通过站在党派立场上的法案,而是我们能够同心协力,达成共识,做好大家所期待的事情。And in the meantime, I will never stop doing whatever I can, whenever I can, not only to make sure that our economy succeeds, but that people like you succeed.同时,我也将永不停止,尽我一切能力,在任何可能的时机,不仅要推动经济更好的发展,还要保大家能够取得成功。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201408/319110I was one of the only kids in college who had a reason上大学时,我是唯一一个需要to go to the P.O. box at the end of the day,在一天结束的时候去开邮箱的人,and that was mainly because my mother has never believed主要是因为我妈妈从不信赖in email, in Facebook, in texting or cell phones in general.电子邮件、社交网站、短信,甚至电话。And so while other kids were BBM-ing their parents,于是,别人在和父母转短信的时候I was literally waiting by the mailbox我却等在邮箱旁边to get a letter from home to see how the weekend had gone,等待家书,了解家人怎么度过周末的,which was a little frustrating when Grandma was in the hospital,这在祖母住院的期间真让我有些抓狂,but I was just looking for some sort of scribble,我只能通过母亲手写的some unkempt cursive from my mother.有点潦草的只言片语来了解情况。And so when I moved to New York City after college所以在我大学毕业后,来到了纽约,and got completely sucker-punched in the face by depression,当时正经历人生的低谷,无法自拔,I did the only thing I could think of at the time.我做了唯一能想到的一件事。I wrote those same kinds of letters that my mother had written me就像妈妈给我手写家书一样for strangers, and tucked them all throughout the city,我也给遍布全城的陌生人写信。dozens and dozens of them. I left them everywhere,十多封十多封地写,我把它们留在城市的各个角落,in cafes and in libraries, at the U.N., everywhere.咖啡馆、图书馆,甚至联合国总部,到处都有。I blogged about those letters and the days我也在客中提过这些信件,when they were necessary, and I posed有时出于需要,我也会a kind of crazy promise to the Internet:在客上作疯狂的保:that if you asked me for a hand-written letter,如果你想我给你亲手写封信,I would write you one, no questions asked.我会给你写一封,不问任何问题。Overnight, my inbox morphed into this harbor of heartbreak --一夜之间,我的邮箱成了寄托心碎故事的港湾---a single mother in Sacramento, a girl being bullied住在萨克拉门托(美国加州首府)的单身妈妈、来自堪萨斯乡下的in rural Kansas, all asking me, a 22-year-old girl被欺负的女孩,都来问我这么一个22岁的who barely even knew her own coffee order,她们素未谋面,连点咖啡时都犹豫不决的女生,to write them a love letter and give them a reason给她们写一封情书,to wait by the mailbox.好让她们也有个理由守候在邮箱旁。Well, today I fuel a global organization今天我推行着一个国际组织,that is fueled by those trips to the mailbox,通过这些发往邮箱的信件,fueled by the ways in which we can harness social media通过这样的方式我们放慢新兴社交媒体的脚步,like never before to write and mail strangers letters在陌生人最需要的时候,when they need them most, but most of all,给他们写信寄信,但最重要的是fueled by crates of mail like this one, my trusty mail crate,通过这些邮箱,像我的这个可靠邮箱,filled with the scriptings of ordinary people,里面装满普通人的字迹,strangers writing letters to other strangers not because给素未谋面的陌生人写信不是因为theyre ever going to meet and laugh over a cup of coffee,他们会见面,一起喝咖啡聊聊天,but because they have found one another by way of letter-writing.而是因为通过写信而找到彼此。But, you know, the thing that always gets me你们知道吗,这些信件最常让我触动的地方是about these letters is that most of them have been written大多数的信件都是由by people that have never known themselves loved on a piece of paper.这些从来不知道情书为何物的人写来的。They could not tell you about the ink of their own love letters.他们压根不知道什么是手写情书。Theyre the ones from my generation,他们是我这一代的人,the ones of us that have grown up into a world在我们这一代成长的世界,where everything is paperless, and where some一切都是无纸化的,of our best conversations have happened upon a screen.而我们一些最好的对话都发生在屏幕里。We have learned to diary our pain onto Facebook,我们学会把伤心事记录在社交网站Facebook上,and we speak swiftly in 140 characters or less.我们的话精简在140个字符或以内。But what if its not about efficiency this time?但如果说写信无关效率呢?I was on the subway yesterday with this mail crate,我昨天提着这个邮箱坐地铁,which is a conversation starter, let me tell you.我跟你们说,它真是个搭讪利器。If you ever need one, just carry one of these.如果你想和别人搭讪,你就带一个邮箱在身边。And a man just stared at me, and he was like,有个男人看着我,像是说,;Well, why dont you use the Internet?;“你怎么不用网络呢?”And I thought, ;Well, sir, I am not a strategist,我想,“先生,我不是军事家,nor am I specialist. I am merely a storyteller.;我也不是专家。我只是个说故事的人。”And so I could tell you about a woman我可以告诉你们一个女人的故事,whose husband has just come home from Afghanistan,她的丈夫刚从阿富汗归来,and she is having a hard time unearthing this thing called conversation,她不知道该如何开展对话,and so she tucks love letters throughout the house所以她就把这些情书藏到屋子的各个角落,as a way to say, ;Come back to me.作为一种方式,说“回到我身边。Find me when you can.;随时来找我谈谈吧。”Or a girl who decides that she is going to leave love letters或是一个女孩的故事,她决定把情信around her campus in Dubuque, Iowa, only to find放在她所在位于爱荷华州迪比克的校园各处,her efforts ripple-effected the next day when she walks out第二天发现她的心思引起了涟漪效应onto the quad and finds love letters hanging她走进广场的时候发现树上挂有情信from the trees, tucked in the bushes and the benches.灌木丛中,长凳上也塞有情信。Or the man who decides that he is going to take his life,还有一个男子,他决定结束生命,uses Facebook as a way to say goodbye他在Facebook上面告别to friends and family.亲朋好友。Well, tonight he sleeps safely with a stack of letters而今他安然睡在一堆信件上面just like this one tucked beneath his pillow,就像说这样一封信塞在他的枕头下面,scripted by strangers who were there for him when.这些信是陌生人写的,他们在他最需要的时候持他。These are the kinds of stories that convinced me这些故事让我相信that letter-writing will never again need to flip back her hair这些手写信件永远都不需要挠首弄姿and talk about efficiency, because she is an art form now,讲究时效,因为她现在就是一种艺术形式,all the parts of her, the signing, the scripting, the mailing,她所有的一切,署名,手写体,邮寄,the doodles in the margins.页边的涂画都是艺术。The mere fact that somebody would even just sit down,事实上仅仅是有人会真的坐下来,pull out a piece of paper and think about someone摊开一张纸,花一天时间想念一个人,the whole way through, with an intention that is so much注意力是如此的集中harder to unearth when the browser is up and the iPhone甚至不知道浏览器开了,苹果手机在响,is pinging and weve got six conversations rolling in at once,有六个对话框在同时滚动,that is an art form就说明写信是一种艺术形式,that does not fall down to the Goliath of ;get faster,;不管我们加入了多少社交网络,no matter how many social networks we might join.写信不会是一种“更快速”的方式。We still clutch close these letters to our chest,我们依然会把这些信紧握胸前,to the words that speak louder than loud,大声说出想说的话,when we turn pages into palettes to say the things在信纸上尽情抒发that we have needed to say,我们需要说的话,the words that we have needed to write, to sisters写出我们需要写的文字,给们,and brothers and even to strangers, for far too long.兄弟们,甚至陌生人们,抒写情怀。Thank you.谢谢。201505/377196呼和浩特女子医院治疗便血多少钱

呼和浩特中医院专家挂号Hold on to your lily white butts!把你们的白屁股坐好了!In our fast-changing world, traditions like the White House Correspondents dinner are important.在这个瞬息万变的世界,白宫记者晚宴这种传统是很重要的。I mean, really!我是说,真的吗!What is this dinner?这晚宴是个啥玩意儿?And why am I required to come to it?为啥我被要求参加?Jeb Bush, do you really want to do this!杰布·布什,你真愿意做这个么!Because despite our differences, we count on the press to shed light on the most important issues of the day.因为,摒弃前嫌,我们依靠媒体来报道日常大事。And we can count on Fox News to terrify old white people with some nonsense!...我们可以指望福克斯新闻用一些胡说八道来恐吓白人老人!...That was ridiculous.这太扯淡了。We wont always see eye to eye.我们的观点不可能总能达成一致。And, CNN, thank you so much for the wall-to-wall Ebola coverage.CNN,十分谢谢你们铺天盖地的埃拉病毒报道。For two whole weeks, we were one step away from “The Walking Dead.”整整两个礼拜,我们差点儿就可以成为行尸走肉了。Then y all got up and just moved on to the next day.然后你们又起床开始了新的一天。That was awesome.这很棒。Oh, and by the way, if you havent noticed, you dont have Ebola!但是顺便说一句,你们可能没发现,你们根本都没感染埃拉好嘛!But I still deeply appreciate the work that you do.但是我依旧很感谢你们所做的一切。Y all remember when I had that big old hole in the bottom of the gulf of Mexico, and then I plugged it?你们还记得墨西哥湾海底泄漏么?是我给堵上的!Remember that?记得那个吗?Which Obamas Katrina was that one?那个是第几次奥巴马卡特里娜飓风?Was that 19 or was it 20, because I cant remember.是第19还是20次,我不记得了。Protecting our democracy is more important than ever.捍卫我们的民主比以往任何时候都重要。For example, the Supreme Court ruled that the donor who gave Ted Cruz million was just exercising free speech.例如,最高法院裁定,捐助了泰德·克鲁斯600万美元只是行使言论自由。Yes, its the kind of speech like this, I just wasted million.这话的意思就是,我只是浪费了600万美元。And its not just Republicans.这不仅限于共和党人。Hillary will have to raise huge sums of money too.希拉里也将不得不筹集大量的资金。Aw yeah, shes going to get that money!欧耶,她会得到钱的!Shes going to get all the money!她将得到所有的钱!Khaleesi is coming to Westeros!卡利熙来到维斯特洛了!Watch out! Woo!小心!喔!The non-stop focus on billionaire donors creates real problems for our democracy.对亿万富翁捐助者无休止的关注为我们的民主创建带来了真正的问题。And thats why were running for our third term!这就是我们为何要竞选第三届的原因!No, were not.不,我们没有。Were not?我们没有吗?No.没有。Who the hell said that!刚刚是哪个煞笔说的!But we need to focus on big challenges like climate changes.不过我们需要关注像气候变化一样的大挑战。Hey, folks, if you havent noticed, California is bone dry.嘿,筒子们,如果你们注意到了的话,加州已经干透了。It looks like a trailer for the new “Mad Max” movie up in there.那里看起来简直像一部《疯狂的麦克斯》电影的新预告片。You all think that Bradley Cooper came here because he wants to talk to Chuck Todd?你们都认为布拉德利·库珀来到这里,是因为他想跟查克·托德谈天说地?He needed a glass of water!他需要的是一杯水!Come on.来吧。201512/416978乌兰察布妇幼保健人民中医院地址 And what really mattered to me-it wasnt only women in the corporate world,even though I did hear from a lot of them, and it did impact a lot of them,it was also people of all different circumstances.对我来说真正重要的是 并不只是企业界的女性。尽管我听闻她们受到很多影响-而且大家在各种情况下也被影响了。There was a doctor I met who was an attending physician at Johns Hopkins, and he said that until he saw my TED Talk, it never really occurred to him that even though half the students in his med school classes were women,they werent speaking as much as the men as he did his rounds.我认识一个内科医生 他在约翰.霍普金斯医院当主治。他说在看到我的 TED 演说之前从未想到虽然在医学院里他的班一半都是女生,而在巡视病人时,她们说话也比男生少。So he started paying attention, and as he waited for raised hands, he realized the mens hands were up.所以他开始注意,每当学生回答问题 而发现只有男生举手时。So he started encouraging the women to raise their hands more, and it still didnt work.他就鼓励女生多举手然而这没什么用。So he told everyone, no more hand raising, Im cold-calling.那么他和所有人说 不要举手了,我来点名。So he could call evenly on men and women. And what he proved to himself was that the women knew the answers just as well or better,and he was able to go back to them and tell them that.然后轮流点名男生和女生,他发现女生的和 男生的一样好甚至更好。然后他就回去告诉她们。And then there was the woman, stay-at-home mom, lives in a really difficult neighborhood, with not a great school, she said that TED Talk-shes never had a corporate job,but that TED Talk inspired her to go to her school and fight for a better teacher for her child.还有个家庭主妇 她住在一个不太好的社区。那里没有好学校,她说那个TED演说— 她从没在企业里工作过。但是那场TED演说使她鼓起勇气到学校去为孩子争取更好的老师。And I guess it was part of was finding my own voice.这演说让我找到自己的声音。And I realized that other women and men could find their voice through it,which is why I went from the talk to the book.我想其他女性和男性 也能通过它找到自己的声音,这就是我为什么決定 那场演说外又写书的原因。PM: And in the book, you not only found your voice, which is clear and strong in the book,but you also share what youve learned-the experiences of other people in the lessons.在书里你不仅找到自己的声音 声音清晰并强而有力。而且你还分享了一些心得,加入了别人的经历。And thats what Im thinking about in terms of putting yourself in a-you became a sort of expert in how you lean in.这正是我所说的 当你把自己放到...你就成为一个向前一步的专家。So what did that feel like, and become like in your life?那么这感觉如何?在日常生活中?To launch not just a book, not just a best-selling, best-viewed talk,but a movement, where people began to literally describe their actions at work as,Im leaning in.不局限在写畅销书,做最受欢迎的演讲而是提出一个行为 大家开始真正形容他们的工作为。我要向前一步。I mean, Im grateful, Im honored, Im happy, and its the very beginning.我很感激、很荣幸、很开心 这是一个开始。So I dont know if Im an expert, or if anyone is an expert. I certainly have done a lot of research.所以我不知道自己或任何人 是否一个专家 我确实做了大量研究。I have every study, I have pored over the materials,and the lessons are very clear. Because heres what we know:我阅读了每一篇研究 研读了各种材料,结论很清楚 因为这些都是我们知道的。What we know is that stereotypes are holding women back from leadership roles all over the world.我们知道性別偏見阻碍女性 取得领导角色 这现象遍布全球。Its so striking. Lean In is very global, Ive been all over the world,这现象很明显向前一步是非常国际化的概念。talking about it, and-cultures are so different.我曾在不同地方谈论它 ─ 各地文化是如此不同。Even within our own country, to Japan, to Korea, to China, to Asia, Europe,theyre so different. Except for one thing: gender.即使在我们的国家内部也不同 从日本、韩国、中国、亚洲、欧洲,它们都完全不同 除了一件事就是性别。All over the world, no matter what our cultures are, we think men should be strong, assertive, aggressive, have voice;在世界上任何地方 无論我們的文化是什么,我们都认为男人该强壮、武断、进取 有自己的想法。We think women should speak when spoken to, help others.我们认为女性只有其他人跟她说话时 才该说话,要帮助他人。Now we have, all over the world, women are called bossy. There is a word for bossy,如今在任何地方,我们都听到女人被称为专横跋扈。for little girls, in every language theres one.这个形容小女孩的词汇 在每一种语言里也存在。Its a word thats pretty much not used for little boys, because if a little boy leads, theres no negative word for it.这个词却很少用在男孩子身上因为没人会反对男孩子发号施令。Its expected. But if a little girl leads, shes bossy.这是意料中事,但如果女孩子 发号施令的话,她就是专横。201501/351763内蒙古首大生殖医院做孕检多少钱

呼和浩特治疗龟头炎的价格We use those in my field of bone marrow transplantation.我们把这些干细胞用于骨髓移植领域。Geron, just last year, started the first trial using human embryonic stem cells to treat spinal cord injuries.杰龙去年开始第一次尝试用人类的胚胎干细胞治疗脊髓疾病。Still a Phase I trial, but evolving.仍在试验阶段,但是不断进展。Weve been actually using adult stem cells now in clinical trials for about 15 years to approach a whole range of topics, particularly in cardiovascular disease.我们已经应用成体干细胞在临床试验大约15年了,在不同的课题,尤其是心血管病。We take our own bone marrow cells and treat a patient with a heart attack,我们取出自己的骨髓细胞治疗心脏病人,we can see much improved heart function and actually better survival using our own bone marrow drive cells after a heart attack.我们可以看到心脏功能改善了并且存活率提高了在心脏病发作后用我们自己的骨髓细胞。I invented a device called the MarrowMiner,a much less invasive way for harvesting bone marrow.我发明了一种装置叫骨髓采集器MarrowMiner,一种温和得多的收集骨髓的方式。Its now been FDA approved,and itll hopefully be on the market in the next year or so. 它已经被FDA认,将会在一两年内投放市场。Hopefully you can appreciate the device there curving through the patients body and removing the patients bone marrow,instead of with 200 punctures, with just a single puncture under local anesthesia. 希望你能重视这种装置,它沿着患者的身体曲线获取患者的骨髓,以前需要200次穿刺,现在在局部麻醉的情况下只要一次穿刺。But where is stem cell therapy really going?但是干细胞治疗的前景会怎样?If you think about it, every cell in your body has the same DNA as you had when you were an embryo.如果你考虑一下,身体里的每个细胞有同样的DNA在你还是胚胎的时候就形成了。We can now reprogram your skin cells to actually act like a pluripotent embryonic stem cell and to utilize those potentially to treat multiple organs in that same patient making your own personalized stem cell lines.我们现在能重新构造你的皮肤细胞就像一个多能的胚胎干细胞,利用这种技术可能治疗同一个患者的多个器官制造你自己个人化的干细胞系。And I think theyll be a new era of your own stem cell banking to have in the freezer your own cardiac cells,myocytes and neural cells to use them in the future, should you need them. 我认为这将是你自己干细胞库的新时代把你自己的心肌细胞存放在冰箱中,还可以是肌肉细胞和神经细胞在你将来需要它们的时候用。And were integrating this now with a whole era of cellular engineering,and integrating exponential technologies for essentially 3D organ printing replacing the ink with cells and essentially building and reconstructing a 3D organ.我们现在集成这些技术作为一整个细胞工程学时代。集成指数技术对于3D器官复制,用细胞替代墨水最终重建一个3D器官。Thats where things are going to head-still very early days.这是未来的展望;仍然在初始阶段。But I think, as integration of exponential technologies,this is the example. 但是我认为,作为指数技术集成,这是一个例子。So in close, as you think about technology trends and how to impact health and medicine,were entering an era of miniaturization,decentralization and personalization. 近期,当你考虑技术趋势怎样影响健康和医学,我们正进入小型化分散化和个性化时代。And I think by pulling these things together,if we can start to think about how to understand and leverage these,were going to empower the patient,enable the doctor, enhance wellness and begin to cure the well before they get sick. 我认为把这些特性结合在一起,如果我们能开始思考怎样了解和利用这些技术,我们将会使患者恢复地更好,医生更有能力,增强福利防患于未然。Because I know as a doctor, if someone comes to me with Stage I disease,Im thrilled-we can often cure them.因为作为医生我知道,如果某人在患病初期找到我,我很高兴-我们通常能治愈他们。But often its too late and its Stage III or IV cancer, for example.但是经常太晚了,比方说癌症3期或者4期。So by leveraging these technologies together,I think well enter a new era that I like to call Stage 0 medicine. 通过集成这些技术,我认为我们将进入一个新时代我愿意叫它零阶段医学。And as a cancer doctor, Im looking forward to being out of a job.作为一名癌症医生,我期待失业。Thanks very much.非常感谢。Host: Thank you. Thank you.主持人:谢谢。谢谢。Take a bow. Take a bow.鞠躬。鞠躬。201504/370599 内蒙古自治区第一附属医院做孕检多少钱内蒙古医学院第二附属医院挂号



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