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Archaeologists were captivated by these tales and, just over a hundred years ago, when Arthur Evans explored the island and decided to dig at Knossos, the bulls and monsters, palaces and labyrinths of Crete, familiar from Greek myth, were still very much in his mind.迷人的传说吸引着考古学家。一百多年前,亚瑟埃文斯开始在克诺索斯进行考古发掘的时候,公牛、野兽、克里特的宫殿与迷宫在他的脑海里盘桓不去。So although we have no idea what the people of this rich civilisation around 1700 actually called themselves, Evans, believing he was uncovering the world of Minos, called them quite simply Minoans, and Minoans theyve remained ever since.我们不知道这一公元前一千七百年的发达文明中人们 如何称呼自己,但亚瑟坚信自己发掘的是米诺斯的世界,便将他们称为米诺斯人,从此考古学界便沿用了这一称呼。In his extensive excavations, Evans uncovered the remains of a vast building complex; finding pottery and jewellery, carved stone seals, ivory, gold and bronze, and colourful frescoes, often depicting bulls.在全面挖掘的过程中,亚瑟发现了一座大型建筑的遗址,其中的陶罐、珠宝、雕刻石章、象牙、 黄金、青铜以及色的壁画中常有公牛的形象。Evans was eager to reconstruct the role that the animals might have played in the islands economic and ceremonial life, so he was particularly interested in a discovery-made somewhere else on the island-of a small bronze sculpture of a bull with a figure leaping over it.他想用古老的神话来解释这些发现,迫切地希望了解公牛在岛上的经济生活与宗教仪式中发挥的作用。因此,他对在克诺索斯不远处发掘的这尊米诺斯跳牛飞人极感兴趣。Its now one of the highlights of the British Museums Minoan collection.它现在是大英物馆克里特文明集合的一个亮点。The bull and the leaper are both made of bronze, and together theyre about six inches long and four or five inches high.公牛和跳跃者都是铜做的,和他们一起长约6英寸,四、五英寸高。The bull is in full gallop-legs outstretched and head raised-and the figure is leaping over it in a great arching somersault.公牛完全疾驰,腿伸展,头,这个数字是跳跃在在一个伟大的拱起筋斗。Its probably a young man.这可能是一个年轻人。Hes seized the bulls horns and thrown his body right over, so that we see him at the point where his body has completely flipped.他抓住了公牛的角,抛出他的身体就在,所以,我们看到他,他的身体已经完全翻。201407/311144Dont let your fears or your naivete stop you from having fun in the city. Find out what others have learned to become street savvy.不要让你的恐惧或无知妨碍你享受大城市的乐趣。看看其他人是怎样自由穿梭在城市四通八达的道路上的。You Will Need你需要A map地图Walking shoes步行鞋A cell phone手机The right attitude正确的态度A confident walk自信的脚步Awareness警觉Trust in your instincts相信你的本能Caution谨慎A cross-shoulder bag (optional)挎包(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Map out the day1.在地图上标记Map out the day, literally. If youre headed for parts unknown, consult your map and write down directions. Take the map with you in case you need it again.在地图上准确地绘制出路线。如果你向不认识的地方走,查看地图,写下方向。随身携带地图,以防再次需要。STEP 2 Dress for your adventure2.得体着装Dress simply and wear comfortable walking shoes. Leave the jewelry at home. Pack a fully charged cell phone and slip extra money into a front pocket. Never put valuables in your back pocket.简单着装,穿舒适的步行鞋。把珠宝留在家里。手机充满电,前面的口袋里多装一点钱备用。背包里不要放贵重物品。Women should hold their purses close to their bodies or use cross-shoulder bags instead. Its convenient and a great organizer; and also easy to slip off quickly in a tight situation.女性的钱包应该贴身存放,或者使用挎包。这更加方便,更容易整理,紧急情况下也更容易逃生。STEP 3 Get an attitude3.正确的态度Prepare yourself mentally before you open your door to leave. Adopt an attitude that projects confidence.出门前精神方面做好准备。采取自信的态度。STEP 4 Act the attitude4.表现自信Act the attitude. Let the attitude show in how carry yourself. Walk briskly and with purpose. Put a little swagger into your step. And, for heavens sake, dont pull out your map until youre in a store recess, out of view.行为也要有正确的态度。让你的态度表现在行为上。脚步轻快,有目标。脚步中多一点趾高气扬。不要随时随地拿出地图,除非走到商场别人看不到的地方。Experts recommend never making eye contact with strangers in a big city.专家建议,在大城市里不要和陌生人目光接触。STEP 5 Always be aware of your surroundings5.注意周围环境Stay on well-lit streets. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. If your instincts give you a nudge, pay attention and move away.待在光线比较好的街道上。时刻注意周围的环境和人。如果你的本能告诉你有危险,一定要引起注意,立即走开。Watch out for sudden activity or commotion by one or more persons – it may be the start of a con to distract you so someone can pick your pocket or snatch your purse.要注意一人或多人突然的行动或暴乱——这或许是为了转移你的注意力的骗局,从而方便别人偷你的钱包。STEP 6 Exercise caution on public transportation6.公共交通上保持警惕Exercise caution when using public transportation. Sit near the driver on a bus and in the conductors car on a train or subway, especially during off-peak hours.使用公共交通工具时要保持警惕。在公交车上要坐在司机附近,在火车或地铁上坐在售票员车厢,尤其是非高峰期。Sit in the center of the car – seats near the doors are vulnerable to a purse snatch when the doors open.如果你坐在汽车中心——接近车门的位置,停车开门时你的钱包很容易被偷。STEP 7 Cross the street if someones following you7.如果有人跟踪你,穿过马路Cross the street or change direction if you think someone is following you. If they continue to follow you, head for the nearest open store or restaurant, and dont be afraid to yell for help.如果你觉得有人在追踪你,穿过马路或改变方向。如果他们继续跟踪你,前往最近的开放商场或餐馆,不要害怕大喊求助。STEP 8 Enjoy yourself8.畅享自由Dont forget to enjoy yourself. Now that youre armed with street smarts, you can take on the city.不要忘记享受乐趣。现在你已经了解了逛街必备小贴士了,可以走向城市街头了。Crimes are typical in Hogans Alley, a tiny ;mock; city in Virginia built by the FBI in 1987, to train new recruits and local, state, and Federal law enforcement in investigative techniques, firearms, and defensive tactics.佛吉尼亚州的Hogans Alley犯罪非常常见。这是FBI于1987年建立的一个小型模拟城市,是为了训练新招募人员,地方,州级和联邦执法人员的调查技巧,械和防御策略。201501/351530

Nothing says summer fun more than a picnic in the park, so don’t let spoiled food, sunburns, or bugs ruin your day.没有什么比在公园野餐更具夏日趣味的了,所以,不要让变质的食物,太阳晒伤或虫子破坏了你的一天。You Will Need你需要Sandwiches三明治Dressings调味品Salads and sides沙拉和配菜Plastic bowls and bags塑料碗和塑料袋Fruit水果Coolers冷藏箱Carrying bags袋子Sunscreen and bug spray防晒霜或驱虫喷雾Hats帽子Sunglasses太阳眼镜A first aid kit急救箱A plastic table cloth塑料桌布Plastic plates, cups, and flatware塑料盘,杯和餐具Wipes抹布Towels毛巾Garbage bags垃圾袋Balls球A Frisbee飞盘Bubbles肥皂泡Ice or cold packs冰袋A beverage cooler (optional)饮料冷藏箱(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Plan 1.计划菜单Plan your picnic . Barbecuing means carrying and cleaning up more, so it is easier to pack sandwiches.计划野餐菜单。烧烤意味着带的东西更多,打扫的工作更繁重,所以打包一些三明治更容易。Make your sandwiches ahead of time but put the dressing on just before you eat them.提前制作三明治,但是在吃之前再加调味品。STEP 2 Pack side items in plastic bowls and bags2.用塑料碗和塑料袋打包配菜Pack side salads and side items in plastic bowls and bags.用塑料碗和塑料袋打包配菜沙拉和沙拉用品。STEP 3 Cut fruit ahead of time3.提前切水果Cut fruit before you leave to save a mess at your party. Pack in plastic containers.出发之前切好水果,以免野餐派对上手忙脚乱。用塑料容器打包。STEP 4 Get coolers and a few other bags4.带冷藏箱和多余的袋子Grab your coolers and a couple of other carrying bags. Grocery store bags or clothing bags with handles work well.带上冷藏箱和几个便携袋。杂货袋或有提手的装衣的袋子比较适用。Use a separate cooler for drinks since people will be in and out of that one the most.使用单独的冷藏箱来装饮料,因为这个冷藏箱被人们打开和关闭的频率最高。STEP 5 Pack extra bags with necessities5.用多余的袋子打包必需品Fill a bag with sunscreen, bug spray, hats, sunglasses and a first aid kit. Put a plastic tablecloth, plastic plates and cups, plastic silverware, wipes, dry towels, and garbage bags in a second bag. Fill a third bag with balls, a Frisbee, bubbles, and other toys for the kids.用一个袋子装防晒霜,驱虫喷雾,帽子,太阳眼镜和急救箱。第二个袋子里装塑料桌布,塑料盘,杯子,塑料餐具,抹布,干毛巾和垃圾袋。第三个袋子里装球,飞盘,肥皂泡和孩子的其他玩具。STEP 6 Layer ice and food in cooler6.冷藏箱中放入冰和食品Line the bottom of your cooler with a layer of ice or cold packs and pack perishable food items, dessert at the bottom. With each layer add ice or more cold packs.在冷藏箱的底部放上一层冰,或者冰袋,然后装入易腐烂的食品,和甜品。每一层都铺上一层冰或冰袋。STEP 7 Pack car7.装车Load up the car and save room for the family.把所有物品都装上车,留下家人乘坐的空间。Did you know? The word picnic comes from the French word piquenique meaning to pick or peck.你知道吗?野餐这个词来自法语词汇piquenique,意思是野餐或郊游。视频听力译文由。201406/308540

The rivers of Zhangjiajie flow northeast into the Yangtse floodplain known as the land of fish and rice. On an island in a lake in Anhui province, a dragon is stirring.张家界的河流向东北注入以鱼米之乡闻名的长江平原。在安徽省一个湖泊的小岛上,一只小龙蠢蠢欲动。This is the ancestral home of Chinas largest and rarest reptile.这里是中国最大最稀有爬行动物的古老家园。A creature of mystery and legend. Dragon eggs are greatly prized, these babies need to hatch out quick.一种传说中的神秘生物。龙卵是非常珍贵的,这些孩子们需要快点孵化出来。It would seem someone is on their trail. For a helpless baby reptile, imprisoned in a leathery membrane inside a choky shell, a process of hatching is a titanic struggle.看起来有人正在进行搜寻。对一只无助的爬行类幼仔来说,囚禁在令人窒息的蛋壳的坚韧隔膜里,在孵化过程中需要拼尽全力挣扎。And time is running out.而时间正在不断流逝。 注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 /201407/312323

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