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My May Day --19 :: 来源: Hello, today is May Day. I and My father, mother and sister went shopping. We bought, lollipops, ice creams, cornflakes, toasts, butter, orange, milk and rolls. And my mother bought toys me. Such as: train, ball, balloon, car, doll, plane and skateboard. After that we went to zoo. I saw rabbit, tigers, snails, and lions, hamsters, budgies and zebras. My sister asked me “what do your like?” I answered “I like skipping rope. That’s very nice.” She said “Here is you prize, Sunny!” “Oh, thank you! I love it!” I shouted. We sat under a tree. After lunch we drank some milk. Today I am very happy!。

秋天的颜色 The Colour of Autumn --19 :19:9 来源: The Colour of AutumnAutumn comes , it gets cooler and cooler. The sky is blue and the clouds are white. You would say autumn is blue and white.Look ! Birds are flying from the north to the south. The leaves are yellow. Some are hanging on the trees, some are on the ground ,some are dancing in the wind. Someone would say autumn is yellow.There are so many fruits in autumn in Xinxing . Pears ,peaches. Mangos, oranges and so on. They’re fresh and healthy.Oh! I see. Autumn is a harvest season. Autumn is colourful. What a beautiful season !。

Macao -- 3:33:57 来源: Macao   Macao is in the southeast of China. It has an area of square kilometers, and it has a population of over 00 thousand.  It is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter in Macao. The temperature is about in January and in July. It rains a lot during the months of May and Swptember.  Macao is a famous city travelling. Many people visit Macao every year.  The Chinese people are sure to make Macao richer and stronger in the future.  位于中国的东南部它的面积是平方公里,人口是0多万  夏天不热,冬天不冷一月份的温度约度,七月份的温度是度五月份和九月份经常下雨  是一座以旅游闻名的城市,每年都有许多人来旅游  中国人民坚信的未来会更富强。

我最喜欢的水果,我喜欢苹果 -- ::7 来源: 我最喜欢的水果,我喜欢苹果I like fruits,among which i like best is theapple.The apple is red and round,like a beautiful and young face ,it tastes juicy and sweet.I like it very much.Besides,it's good health,as the old saying goes " An apple a day keeps the doctor away."I like apples,i like eating apples.我喜欢水果,而水果当中我最喜欢的是苹果苹果又圆又红,像一张年轻的漂亮脸蛋,吃起来汁多,味甜,我非常喜欢此外,苹果有益于身体健康,俗话说“一天一个苹果,疾病远离我”我喜欢苹果,我喜欢吃苹果。

经典英文电影台词0句 -- 1::37 来源: 经典英文电影台词0句1,Frankly,my dear,I don't give a damn.坦白说,亲爱的,我一点也不在乎(《乱世佳人1939),I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse.我会给他点好处,他无法拒绝(《教父197)3,You don't understand!Icoulda had class.I coulda been a contender.I could've been somebody,instead of a bum, which is what I am.你根本不能明白!我本可以获得社会地位,我本可以是个竞争者,我本可以是任何有头有脸的人而不是一个毫无价值的游民! (《码头风云195),Toto,I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.托托,我想我们再也回不去堪萨斯了(《绿野仙踪1939)5,Here's looking at you,kid.就看你的了,孩子(《卡萨布兰卡19)6,Go ahead,make my day.来吧,让我也高兴高兴(《拨云见日1983)7,All right,Mr.DeMille,I'm y my close-up.好了,德米勒先生,我已经准备好拍摄我的特写镜头了(《日落大道1950)8,May the ce be with you.愿原力与你同在(《星球大战1977)9,Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night.系紧你的安全带,这将是一个颠簸的夜晚(《彗星美人1950),You talking to me?你是在和我说话吗?(《出租车司机1976)、原文:“Would you be shocked if I changed into something more comtable?”出处:琼·哈罗(Jean Harlow),《地狱天使Hell's Angels,1930译文:“假如我换一身更舒的衣你会觉得震惊吗?” ,I love the smell of napalm in the morning.我喜欢闻弥漫在清晨空气中的汽油弹味道(《现代启示录1979),Love means never having to say you're sorry.爱就是永远不必说对不起(《爱情故事1970)、原文:“I could dance with you'til the cows come home. On second thought, I'd rather dance with the cows until you came home.”出处:格罗克·马克思(Groucho Marx),《容易事Duck Soup,1933译文:“我可以和你一起跳舞直到母牛回家如果再想想,我宁愿和母牛一起跳舞直到你回家”、原文:“You talking'to me?”出处:罗伯特·德尼罗,《出租汽车司机Taxi Driver,1976译文:“你在跟我说话吗?”、原文:“Gif me a visky, ginger ale on the side, and don'be stingy, baby.”出处:葛丽泰·嘉宝,《安娜·克里斯蒂Anna Christie,1930译文:“给我一杯威士忌,里面兑一些姜味汽水宝贝儿,别太吝啬了”、原文:“life was like a box a chocolates, never know what you're gonna get.”出处:汤姆·汉克斯,《阿甘正传rest Gump,199译文:“生活就像一盒巧克力:你永远不知道你会得到什么”18,Made it,Ma!Top of the world!好好去做吧,站在世界之巅!(《歼匪喋血战199)19,I'm as mad as hell,and I'm not going to take this anymore!我疯狂得如同地狱中的恶魔,我不会再这样继续下去了!(《电视台风云1976),Louis,I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.路易斯,我认为这是一段美好友谊的开始(《卡萨布兰卡19)1、原文:“It's not the men in your life that counts, it's the life in your men.”出处:米·威斯特(Mae West),《我不是天使I'm No Angel,1933译文:“并不是你生活中的男人有价值,而是你与男人在一起的生活”,Bond.James Bond.邦德,詹姆士邦德(《诺士196)3,There's no place like home.没有一个地方可以和家相提并论(《绿野仙踪1939),I am big!It's the pictures that got small.我是巨大的!是这些照片让我变得渺小了(《日落大道1950)5,Show me the money!让我看到钱!(《甜心先生1996),Play it,Sam. Play'As Time Goes By'.弹这首,山姆,就弹“时光流逝”(《卡萨布兰卡19)9,You can't handle the truth!你不能操纵事实!(《义海雄风199)30,I want to be alone.我想一个人呆着(《大饭店193)31,After all,tomorrow is another day!毕竟,明天又是新的一天!(《乱世佳人1939)33,I'll have what she's having.我会拥有她所拥有的(《当哈里遇上萨莉1989)37,I'll be back.我会回来的(《终结者198)38,Today,I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.现在,我想我是这个世界上最幸运的人(《扬基的骄傲19)0,Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.妈妈说生活就像一盒巧克力,你永远都不知道你会得到什么(《阿甘正传199)3,We'll always have Paris.我们永远都怀念巴黎(那段美好的时光)(《卡萨布兰卡19)6,Oh,Jerry,don't let's ask the moon.We have the stars.噢,杰瑞,不要再乞求能得到月亮了,我们已经拥有星星了(《扬帆19)8,Well,nobody's perfect.人无完人(《热情似火1959)51,You've got to ask yourself one question:″Do I feel lucky?″Well,do ya,punk?你应该问你自己一个问题:“我是幸运的吗?”快点去做,年轻人,无知的年轻人(《警探哈里1971)5,You had me at″hello.″当你说“你好”的那一刻起就拥有我了(《甜心先生1996)5,There's no crying in baseball!在棒球运动中没有哭泣!(《红粉联盟199)56,A boy's best friend is his mother.一个男孩最好的朋友是他的母亲(《惊魂记1960)57,Greed, lack of a better word,is good.没有比“贪婪”更好的词语了(《华尔街1987)58,Keep your friends close,but your enemies closer.亲近你的朋友,但更要亲近你的敌人(《教父II197)59,As God is my witness,I'll never be hungry again.上帝为我作,我不会再让自己挨饿了(《乱世佳人1939)63,Mrs.Robinson,you're trying to seduceme.Aren't you?罗宾逊太太,你是在引诱我,对吗?(《毕业生1967)67,Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world,she walks into mine.世界上有那么多的城镇,城镇中有那么多的酒馆,她却走进了我的(酒馆)(《卡萨布兰卡19)71,Wait a minute,wait a minute.You ain't heard nothin'yet!等一会儿,等一会儿你肯定听到了什么!(《爵士歌手197)75,I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.我总是非常依赖陌生人的仁慈(《欲望号街车1951)83,Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.快点来听!黑夜中孩子的声音是他们缔造的美妙音乐(《吸血鬼1931)9,I feel the need-the need speed!我感到一种需要,一种加速的需要!(《壮志凌云1986)95,Carpe diem. Seize the day,boys. Make your lives extraordinary.人生就应该是快乐的,要抓住每一天,孩子们让你们的生活变得非凡起来(《死亡诗社1989)0,I'm king of the world!我是世界之王!(《泰坦尼克号1997) 英文 台词 经典。

Pets 宠物 -- 3:3:19 来源: Pets 宠物  Pets are usually small animals, and we keep them at home. Pets give us happiess, and they are our good friends. A pet may be another baby to the mother, a stster or brother to an only child, and a grandchild to the old people.  Many people say that their pets can understand them very well.  Pets are very important us children, because we can learn a lot about the world. A pet in the family keeps people in touch with the animal world. We should be good to pets.  宠物通常是小动物,我们把它们养在家里宠物给我们快乐,它们是我们的好朋友对于母亲,宠物可能是另一个孩子;对于独生子女,宠物可能是兄弟;对于老人,宠物可能是孙子孙女  许多人说他们的宠物很理解别人  宠物对我们儿童来说也很重要,因为我们可以学到很多关于世界的知识家里养个宠物可以使人们保持通动物世界的联系我们应该善待宠物。

介绍 --3 :9:31 来源: 介绍dave:this is my mother mom,this is linhailaihai:nice to meet you mom:nice to meet you, laihai! dave:and these are my grandparentsgrandparents:hi,laihai! laihai:hello! dave:and this is my siter,maryand this is my brother,jim。

我爱我的家庭(I love my family) -- 1:: 来源: 我爱我的家庭(I love my family)i have a happy family.there are three people in my family.my father,mother and i.i am in nan chang shi nian middle shool, class ,grade 7.my father is a doctor he very busy.my mother is teacher.she has studies very much.my father is thrity-three years old.my mother is thrity-three years old,too. i love my big family.。

My holiday --1 18:31:9 来源: My holiday I’m going to the sun on my holiday. I will go there by a spaceship. I will take a big blue spaceship.Then I’ll pilot the spaceship to the sun. The sun is very hot. So I put on the super-shirt. In the morning, I will have some sun burger my breakfast.At eight o’clock, I will play with my friends there. They are super dog and super girl. Super dog is white and black. Super girl is very clever. Super girl and super dog like to play with me. So I play with them ty minutes. Then I do my homework in my little red room on a small blue table. After my home work, I will have my lunch. I will eat sun salad. I will make some red toy bear to the sun babies. I will have red juice, red fish and red rice. All the things are red. Then I need a lot of water on the sun because the sun is too hot. So I will walk to the spaceship. I’ll pilot the spaceship to the earth.This is a good holiday on the sun.。

海南旅游景点南山文化旅游区英文介绍 -- 19:3: 来源: 海南旅游景点南山文化旅游区英文介绍 Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone is famous Buddhist culture and beauty. Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone is famous Buddhist culture and beauty. Millions of visitors go every year. The zone features three theme parks: Buddhism Culture Park, Blessing and Longevity Park and Hainan Custom Culture Park. It is also home to Nanshan Temple and the statue of the South China Sea Kwan-yin Bodhisattva. The giant sea-side statue of Kwan-yin stands 1 meters and was constructed out of gold, diamonds and jade.Admission: 0 yuanHours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.Get there: Bus from downtown Sanya台湾旅游景点西门町英文介绍 海南 南山文化旅游区 旅游景点。