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呼和浩特做流产哪个医院比较好呼和浩特和林格尔县男科挂号乌兰察布市中蒙医院包皮手术怎么样 Peking-Duck Chain's IPO Starts Wave中国餐饮业上市潮一“鸭”当先The owner of China's oldest Peking-duck restaurant brand, Quanjude (Group) Co., is set to be the first in a wave of Chinese food-services chains that plan to go public.历史最悠久的北京烤鸭连锁店──中国全聚德(集团)股份有限公司(China Quanjude Group Co., 简称:全聚德)即将在中国饮食务连锁业的上市热潮中打响第一。The state-owned company was approved late last month for its third attempt at an initial public offering. It plans to issue as many as 36 million yuan-denominated Class A shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which increasingly lists small and midsize companies.这家国有企业的第三次首次公开募股(IPO)申请于上月晚些时候获得了批准。该公司计划在深圳交所发行至多3,600万股以人民币计价的A股。现在有越来越多的中小企业选择在深圳交所上市。The move could mark the beginning of a significant change in China's fragmented food-services sector.中国的饮食务业历来犹如一盘散沙,不过全聚德的上市标致着这种情况将出现明显改变。Analysts say other food-services companies will be watching closely to see what the IPO does for Quanjude's business. But they caution that it will still be difficult for the restaurant chain to overcome inherent difficulties that come with operating in China, where dining profit margins tend to be low and it remains difficult to build a brand with nationwide appeal.分析师表示,其它餐饮类企业将会密切关注IPO对全聚德业务的影响。但上述分析师也警告称,那些具有“中国特色”的固有难题将不会迎刃而解。在中国,饮食行业利润率较低,而且全国知名品牌的建立依旧颇有难度。Quanjude, a relatively higher-end traditional Chinese restaurant frequented by tourists, is famous for its Peking duck, or roasted duck that is sliced and eaten in a tortilla-like wrap. The dish, which was originated in Nanjing and later named for the former transliteration of the capital city of Beijing, is known throughout the world and considered one of China's most traditional specialties.全聚德在传统中餐饭店中处于相对高端的位置,其极富盛名的招牌菜北京烤鸭──荷叶饼卷烤鸭薄片──倍受游客青睐。这款菜肴起源于南京,后得名为北京烤鸭,并在全球范围内打响了知名度,被视为最具传统特色的中国美食之一。Touting a 143-year-old legacy dating to the Qing dynasty, the restaurant says it sells three million ducks a year, and posted a 56.66 million yuan (.5 million) net profit last year on sales of 665.64 million yuan. Sales and profit grew an average of 22% over the past three years.全聚德的开店时间可追溯至清朝年间,至今已拥有143年的历史,它表示自己每年出售的烤鸭多达300万只,去年的净利润和销售收入分别达到了人民币5,666万元(合750万美元)和人民币6.656亿元。过去三年中,全聚德的销售及利润增幅平均达到了22%。Quanjude has 10 restaurants, including outlets in Beijing and Shanghai, and 61 franchise restaurants, five of which are outside the mainland in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Myanmar. Sales for the first quarter this year totaled 188.4 million yuan, with a net profit of 25.62 million yuan. Year-earlier figures weren't available.全聚德在北京和上海拥有十家自营店,以及61家特许经营店,其中有五家开在了香港、东京及缅甸等中国大陆以外的市场。公司今年第一季度销售收入达到了人民币1.884亿元,净利润为2,562万元。公司并未披露上年同期的数据。When Quanjude completes its IPO, it will be one of the first mainland-based restaurant chains to have done so. Most restaurant chains in China are either independent family-run operations or completely state-owned.当全聚德完成IPO之后,它将成为中国大陆第一家上市的饭店连锁企业。在中国,绝大多数的饭店连锁企业要么是独立的家族式经营,要么完全属于国有。The company is hoping that the exposure and capital raised from its IPO will help it expand its empire by funding increases in food-processing capacity and investing more in its franchised restaurants, as well as renovations in two of its Beijing stores in time for the Olympics next year, according to its prospectus. The company declined to comment.全聚德在募股说明书中表示,公司希望通过上市来帮助自己扩展业务,运用所筹集资金提升食品加工能力、扩大在特许经营店中的投资,并在明年奥运会举行前整修两家位于北京的连锁店。该公司拒绝就此发表。Several other chains are planning to follow Quanjude's lead, including Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Co., which expects to list in Hong Kong early next year, and Donglaishun Group Co., which may plan its listing later this year or next year. Details of their offerings haven't been confirmed.还有几家连锁餐饮企业计划追随全聚德的上市脚步。它们当中包括,预计明年在香港上市的内蒙古小肥羊餐饮连锁有限公司(Inner Mongolia Little Sheep Catering Chain Ltd.),以及计划今年晚些时候或明年上市的东来顺集团(Donglaishun Group Co.)等。这些企业的上市相关细节信息都未获实。 /200803/30010The term diaosi originated as an insult for a poor, unattractive young person who stayed at home all day playing games, with dim prospects for the future -- in other words, a loser. Yet as the term went viral on the Internet, Chinese youth from all backgrounds began to embrace it.“屌丝”一词原是对那些既没钞票又没相貌,整天在宅家里打游戏,前途一片渺茫的年轻人的侮辱性称谓,换个词说就是失败者的意思。但随着这一词语走红网络,各种背景的中国年轻人都开始自嘲为“屌丝”。It has become a self-deprecating counter to the gaofushuai, or the ;tall-rich-handsome,; those with status, success, and bright futures. The number of people who refer to themselves as diaosi has continued to grow, and it is slowly transforming into a descriptor of the ordinary Chinese citizen who faces everyday struggles and hardships.和这一自贬词语相对的是“高富帅”,就是“个子高,有钱又有貌”的人,他们有地位,活得很成功,前途一片光明。而管自己叫“屌丝”的人越来越多,这一词语也渐渐演化成了中国市井小民的代名词,他们每天都要面对各种艰辛,努力谋生。This infographic, created by Sohu Business, posits that the time of the sought-after high-end Chinese consumer, drawn to high-end brands and other symbols of status, may be ending. In their place, the diaosi are poised to become the mainstream consumers in China. It also hints at a future turning point: China#39;s underdogs just may become the country#39;s mainstream.这些图表由搜狐财经制作,从中可以看出中国高端人群人热衷于名牌商标和其它象征高档地位商品的时代已经过去了,现在“屌丝”成了中国主流消费者;另一个转折点是,草根阶层成为中国的主流群体。Ever since GDP growth dropped to 7.8 percent in 2012, the Chinese economy hasn#39;t been quite as robust. Affected by the economic environment, China#39;s luxury goods consumption has substantially declined, giving business people a big headache.自2012年中国GDP增长下降至7.8个百分点之后,中国经济发展也趋向疲软。受经济环境影响,中国奢侈品消费量大幅下跌,商人对此大为头痛。We#39;ve heard that the diaosi#39;s main profession is ;moving bricks; , but this doesn#39;t seem to be the real situation ...我们知道屌丝的主要工作是“搬砖”,但事实好像并非如此……Programmers and media industry workers had the highest percentage of self-identified diaosi, but only fewer than 10 percent of civil servants self-identified as diaosi.自称为“屌丝”的人群中,有很大一部分人都在编程和传媒行业工作,只有不到10%的公务员自认为是“屌丝”。The diaosi identity is strongest in the 30 to 39 year-olds, with more than 80 percent identifying as such.自认为“屌丝”人大多是30至39岁的人,他们占到所有屌丝人口的80%以上。So, if you encounter a no-car, no-home, no-girlfriend, over 20, almost 30-year-old media worker or programmer, make no mistake -- he is a so-called diaosi.从上图可见,要是你遇见一个二十多岁马上奔三十的人,他没房没车没女友,不是程序员就是搞传媒的,那么他准保是个“屌丝”。Different incomes affect the degree of diaosi self-identification.不同的收入情况也影响到了“屌丝”的分布。In fact, survey respondents with incomes of 6,001-8,000 RMB for men and 3,001-6,000 RMB for women most identified with diaosi. Beijing residents#39; per capita disposable income is only 3,039 RMB, suggesting that the large majority of self-identified diaosi actually have incomes higher than the average income level of society. In addition, they do not need to care for cars or homes.事实上在受访人群中,月薪6001-8000元的男性和3001-6000元的女性更愿意把自己称作“屌丝”,而北京居民的人均可配收入只有3039元。这说明大部分“屌丝”的收入都要高于社会平均水平。而且,他们不用为买车买房担心。In consumer attitudes, diaosi value quality and fashion the most, while only fewer than 10 percent value necessities, suggesting that though everyone identifies as diaosi, they still want to pursue a high quality of life.在消费态度方面,“屌丝”最看重质量和时尚。只有不到10%的人关注日常所需。这意味着尽管人人自称为“屌丝”,他们都想拥有高品质生活。At the same time, diaosi really like to lounge around at home. At night they tend to stay home and use the Internet, and they especially love to play games. Thus, socializing is diaosis#39; biggest shortcoming and also their greatest demand.同时,“屌丝”真的很宅。他们晚上大都呆在家里上网,尤其热爱打游戏,因此社交是屌丝们的致命缺陷,也是他们的最大需求。The survey demonstrates that only one third of single diaosi have a significant other, or, on average only one in three males have a girlfriend. Additionally, the majority of diaosi are between 20-30 years old, the prime period for dating. Thus, socializing is truly the diaosi#39;s greatest demand.调查显示,只有三分之一的单身屌丝有“重要的另一半”,换句话说就是平均每三个男性中只有一个有女朋友。另外,大多数屌丝都在20到30岁之间,正是外出约会的黄金年龄。因此,社交沟通的确是屌丝的最大需求。In conclusion: those who identify as part of the diaosi subculture have gradually become a unique consumer group. They have strong purchasing power and rational consumption attitudes.总的说来,这些自认为属于“屌丝亚文化”的人正渐渐演化为独特的消费人群。他们有很强的购买力和理性的消费态度。The concept of pursuing the ;high-end, powerful, and upscale; is aly past; now we must direct our attention toward the diaosi concepts of ;quality, thoughtfulness, and creativity.; The diaosi could become the future mainstream consumers, inevitably giving rise to new business opportunities.购买“高端大气上档次”产品的观念已经成为过去;现在我们要将注意力转移到屌丝的购物理念上:“质量、体贴、有新意”。现在的屌丝有可能成为明天的主流消费者,必将带来新的商机。 /201307/246576内蒙古自治区人民医院妇科咨询

内蒙古医科大学第二附属医院好不好There are still a lot of ladies out there who believe it is, well, unladylike to ask out a man. Why is this still a thing? We can be strong and career-driven but we still have to wait around and hope a man asks us out in order to go on a date? That#39;s just crazy talk. If you#39;ve ever wanted to ask out a guy, or you ever do in the future, here are six reasons you should go for it.现在还有许多女性坚信,主动约男生是不够淑女的表现。为什么这还算个事儿呢?我们可以坚强,可以发展自己的事业,但我们还必须左顾右盼,指望男生来约我们出去约会?这简直是无稽之谈。如果你曾经想约一个男生,或者你以后可能会这么做,下面就是你应该这样做的6大原因。1. What doesn#39;t kill us makes us stronger.那些没有打败我们的,只会让我们更强大So it#39;s a little scary. So you#39;re afraid of rejection. And yes, getting rejected might make you a little sad. But in the end, getting rejected will just make you realize that it#39;s not a big deal. You lived through it, time to move on and ask out some more guys!这是有点害怕,你害怕被拒绝。是的,被拒绝也许会让你有点难过。但最终这会让你意识到,被拒绝没什么大不了的。你会挺过去,继续生活,再去约更多的男生!2. Because you want to.因为你想约他Unfortunately we can#39;t always get what we want. But you#39;ll never know unless you try. You should always go after the things you want, because they might not realize that you want them.不幸的是我们不能总是得到我们想要的。但如果不试你永远不知道。你应该去追求你想要的,因为他们也许根本不知道你想要约他们出来。 3. Because he#39;s been flirting with you and it#39;s driving you crazy.因为他一直在跟你调情,你快要发疯了Girl, listen. If this guy is flirting with you incessantly, he either likes you or he#39;s an asshole. If you ask him out and and he says yes, congratulations. I hope you guys end up being super compatible and have lots of babies together. If you ask him out and he says no, but continues to flirt with you, now you know he#39;s an asshole. You#39;re welcome.听好了女孩。如果这个男生总是跟你调情,他要么喜欢你,要么就是个混蛋。如果你约他出来,而他答应了,那么恭喜你。我喜欢你们最后能和睦相处,生很多孩子。如果你约他出来他却不答应,而且还继续和你调情,那么你现在就知道他是个混蛋了。别谢我。4. He might not even realize.他也许根本没有意识到Much like you are sitting there, have a good time with your friend who you#39;ve been pining after for years (or that guy you met tonight who is just SO cute and funny), over-analyzing everything, thinking if he hasn#39;t made a move by now he can#39;t possibly be interested, I#39;ve got a news flash for you: The guy could be thinking the same exact thing. Crazy, right? But true. So just ask. Or make your move. Because otherwise…像这样,你坐在那儿,和这个你喜欢了几年的朋友(或者是那个你今晚才认识,但是特别可爱有趣的人)度过一段美好的时光,把每件事都过度分析,想着如果他现在还不采取行动,他一定对你没有兴趣。我告诉你一件事吧:这个男生也许和你的想法完全一样。听上去很不可思议,对吗?但这是真的。所以问问他。或者你采取行动,不然的话……5. You#39;ll regret it if you don#39;t.如果你不主动会后悔的If you just keep flirting with him (or worse, just kind of existing near him) hoping he#39;ll ;get the hint; and nothing ever happens, you#39;ll regret it. You#39;ll always wonder. There is no hint quite as strong as, ;Do you wanna go out some time?;如果你只是继续和他调情(或者更糟糕的话,只是出现在他身边),希望他能够“明白你的暗示”,然而却什么都没有发生,你会后悔的。你会一直怀疑自己。没有什么比“你愿意和我一起出来玩吗” 更强烈的暗示了。6. You#39;ll probably never see him again, anyway.你也许再也不会见他了This doesn#39;t apply to every situation, but it does apply to most adult situations. So honestly, what could you possibly have to lose?并不是所有的情况都会如此,但对于大多数成年人的情况来说确实是这样。所以坦白说,你能有什么损失呢? /201307/249769呼市253医院检查妇科病多少钱 Mr. Brichter #39;has this ability to put himself in the shoes of a five-year-old who tells you in an elaborate language what he#39;s having a hard time doing,#39; says Mr. Leca, who now works at Google.目前就职于谷歌的勒卡说:“布里切特具备这样的能力,能够以一个五岁小孩的角度,用详尽的语言告诉你他觉得哪些地方不好用。”Mr. Brichter#39;s reputation is growing as simplicity and design become more important in the highly competitive apps business. Influencers like Mr. Brichter--as well as former Apple designers Mike Matas, who is now at Facebook, and Bret Victor--thus draw big followings.随着简约和设计在竞争异常激烈的应用程序行业变得愈加重要,布里切特的名声也与日俱增。像布里切特这样的有影响力的人物──还有前苹果公司的设计师、现在就职于脸谱公司的迈克#8226;马塔斯(Mike Matas)以及布雷特#8226;维克托(Bret Victor)──吸引了大批的跟风者。Their ideas often sp informally and rapidly. Rather than patenting and licensing their designs, developers ask each other permission to mimic an idea or do so on their own, sometimes using open-source technology.他们的点子经常以非正式的方式迅速传播。软件开发者没有为他们的设计申请专利和许可,而是互相征询模仿点子的许可,或者有时利用开源技术直接模仿。Mr. Brichter filed to patent the #39;pull-to refresh#39; feature before joining Twitter, and the patent application, expected to be issued soon, is now owned by Twitter. But he says there are ways to build this feature using open-source software, and he has long given anyone permission to use it #39;as long as they aren#39;t a d---.#39; Twitter lets the inventors of its patents veto using them in offensive lawsuits.布里切特在加盟推特公司之前为“下拉刷新”功能提出了专利申请,预计很快就会下达的专利申请书现在归推特公司所有。但是他说有办法通过使用开源软件来创建这种功能,他早就允许任何人使用这种功能,“只要他们不犯混”。推特让其专利的发明人通过法律诉讼禁止别人使用那些专利。Mr. Brichter, whose design aesthetic is inspired by information theorists like Edward Tufte, a proponent of minimizing extraneous information in graphic designs, says he thinks up new features for apps based on how people move objects in the real world.布里切特的设计美学受到了爱德华#8226;塔夫特(Edward Tufte)等信息理论家的启发,塔夫特主张在图形设计里将无关的信息减少到最小程度。布里切特说他是根据人们在现实世界里移动物体的方式构思出应用程序的新功能的。#39;Everything should come from somewhere and go somewhere,#39; he says, adding that he#39;s irked by apps that have s that pop up or collapse on themselves because the interactions aren#39;t real. #39;The most important thing is obviousness. The problem is overdesign.#39;他说:“任何事物都应该有来源有去处。”他还说自己很不喜欢那些菜单自己弹出或者收起的应用程序,因为那种互动是不真实的。“最重要的事情是要显而易见。问题出在过度设计上。”Mr. Brichter, whose favorite apps include the weather app Dark Sky and calendar app Fantastical, says he has been surprised by how much his work has been picked up. #39;It is more neat than anything,#39; he says.布里切特最喜欢的应用程序包括天气应用Dark Sky和日历应用Fantastical。他说自己的创意被那么多人使用让他感到意外。他说:“就是非常地简洁。”Not everything he does has caught on. A gesture for wiping a off a screen in Letterpress hasn#39;t gone anywhere, says Mr. Brichter, because he suspects it is buried in the app.并不是所有他设计的东西都流行起来了的。在Letterpress拼字游戏中,一个将菜单从屏幕上扫出去的动作就没有流传开来,布里切特说,他怀疑是因为这个动作隐藏得太深了。The son of a contractor and a restaurant owner, Mr. Brichter graduated from Tufts University with a degree in electrical engineering in 2006. He lives with his wife and two dogs, working from a small, tidy home office with a large Mac monitor and a framed chart of Tweetie#39;s second version topping the app store revenue chart, a Christmas gift from his father. (The .99 app achieved the status in 2009 while making about ,000 a day.)布里切特的父母分别是一名承包商和一名餐馆老板,他在2006年毕业于塔夫茨大学(Tufts University),获得了电气工程学位。他与妻子和两条生活在一起,工作的地方是一间小而整洁的家庭办公室,屋里摆着一台大屏幕的Mac显示器,还挂着一张裱装好的第二版Tweetie雄踞苹果应用软件商店收入排行冠军宝座的图表,这是他父亲送给他的圣诞礼物。(这款售价2.99美元的应用程序2009年荣登这一宝座,每天揽金五万美元。)Mr. Brichter also eschews conferences and networking gatherings, preferring Twitter and email. Short and fit, he is unassuming yet confident. His feedback and communication is direct, but sometimes tempered in email with a smiley face.布里切特还总是逃避开会和社交聚会,他更喜欢用推特和电子邮件与人交流。他个子不高,身材适中,待人谦和又不失自信。他给人的反馈和交流意见都是直言不讳的,但有时候他会在电子邮件里发一张笑脸来缓和气氛。 /201304/235052呼和浩特治疗精囊炎要多少钱

呼伦贝尔联系电话个高女性生双胞胎的几率大Taller women are more likely to have twins, according to a US study.Gary Steinman, an obstetrician at New York's Long Island Jewish Medical Center, compared the heights of 129 women who gave birth to twins or triplets with the average height of women in the ed States and found women with multiple-birth pregnancies averaged more than an inch taller.Steinman, whose study is being published in the September issue of the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, said the reason seems to be aninsulin-like growth factor, which has been positively linked to both height and twinning.Insulin-like growth factor is a protein that is released from the liver in response to growth hormone. It increases the sensitivity of the ovaries to follicle stimulating hormone, thereby increasing ovulation, the study said."Any circumstance that affects the amount of available insulin-like growth factor so as to modify the sensitivity of the ovary to follicle-stimulating hormone appears to govern the rate of spontaneous twinning," Steinman said in a statement.Previous studies have demonstrated that shorter people have significantly lower levels of this protein and that countries with taller women have higher rates of twinning compared to countries with shorter women.In a previous study, Steinman found that women who consume animal products, specifically dairy, were five times more likely to have twins. Cows, like humans, produce insulin-like growth factor in response to growth hormones and release it into the blood, and the protein makes its way into their milk.(Agencies)美国一项研究表明,个子高的女性生双胞胎的可能性较大。纽约长岛犹太医疗中心的妇产科医师加里·斯汀曼将129名生过双胞胎或三胞胎的女性的身高与美国女性的平均身高进行了对比,结果发现生过多胞胎的女性平均身高要高出2.54厘米。斯汀曼的此项研究结果在《生殖医学》的第九期上发表,他说,这可能和类胰岛素生长因子有关,类胰岛素生长因子与身高和孪生几率呈正相关关系。类胰岛素生长因子是人体肝脏在生长激素的作用下分泌出的一种蛋白质。研究表明,类胰岛素生长因子能增强卵巢对促卵泡激素的敏感度,从而促进排卵。斯汀曼在一份声明中提到:"任何能影响类胰岛素生长因子分泌量的因素都会改变卵巢对促卵泡激素的敏感度,从而影响自然孪生的几率。"之前已有研究表明,个矮的人体内分泌的类胰岛素生长因子量要低很多,此外,女性个子较高的国家比女性个子较矮的国家的双胞胎出生率高。斯汀曼在此前的一个研究中发现,常食用畜产品尤其是奶制品的女性生双胞胎的几率比不食用这些食品的女性大五倍。奶牛和人一样,也能在生长激素的作用下分泌类胰岛素生长因子,这种蛋白质被释放到血液里,从而进入到牛奶中。Vocabulary:insulin-like growth factor :类胰岛素生长因子(IGF) /200803/31407 How can I look slimer?平常出去买衣时,你是否也是喜欢挑选时尚杂志里苗条模特身上穿的那种?或是知道自己太胖,故意穿宽松大码的衣遮挡瑕疵?但是,这两种做法正确吗?英国《每日邮报》时尚编辑伊莉莎向体验者示范,正确的穿衣搭配能让你看上去瘦一英石(约6.4公斤),但错误的做法则会让你胖一英石。以下就是体验者的试验心得:平常出去买衣时,你是否也是喜欢挑选时尚杂志里苗条模特身上穿的那种?或是知道自己太胖,故意穿宽松大码的衣遮挡瑕疵?但是,这两种做法正确吗?英国《每日邮报》时尚编辑伊莉莎向体验者示范,正确的穿衣搭配能让你看上去瘦一英石(约6.4公斤),但错误的做法则会让你胖一英石。以下就是体验者的试验心得:FATTENING, PLEATED MAXI DRESS:令人发胖的百褶长裙:I feel like a Greek goddess in this halterneck maxi dress, but when I really look at my reflection, I realise that, sadly, I don’t resemble one. The halterneck that I believed was a failsafe flatterer makes my shoulders look broad.穿上这件露肩及踝裙时,我感觉自己就是个希腊女神,但照镜子后却悲催地发现没有哪个女神会像我这样。我本以为露肩设计能让我显得苗条,但实际上却使肩膀看上去更加宽厚壮实。I thought the loose shape would skim over my physique, but without a belt it makes me look shapeless. Perhaps if I were in my 20s, with slender arms, I might be able to carry off this dress. As it is, I just look as though I have rather a lot to hide. I’ve easily gained a stone just by putting this on.之前我认为宽松的版型能掩盖肥胖的身体曲线,但不带腰带的裙子使我更没身材了。要是我还是20多岁,有着细细长长的手臂,说不定能驾驭这条裙子,但现在看来,穿这种裙子就是为了遮挡很多肥肉。它使我看上去重了一英石。SLIMMING, ILLUSION PANEL DRESS:令人苗条的布块镶边裙:When even supermodels like Kate Moss wear illusion dresses to enhance their perfectly proportioned physiques, it would seem sensible to take notice. But I’ve never liked these dresses: they look a bit comical, somehow, and surely the optical illusion is too obvious to fool anyone?哪怕是凯特-莫斯那样的超级名模,都会穿令人产生视觉误差的裙子来彰显完美身材,那我也可以试一下。但我一直都不喜欢这类裙子:外观看上去滑稽可笑,所谓视觉误差设计真的骗过人的眼睛吗?But when Eliza finally convinces me to try this on, I really like it. It’s not too tight or revealing, but it is alluring. Importantly though, the dark panels at the sides definitely make me look thinner. A stone seems to have instantly vanished.当伊莉莎说我试穿一件时,我立刻就喜欢上了它。它既不紧也不暴露,却相当诱人。更重要的是,衣两侧的黑色镶边真的使我看上去瘦了好多。似乎立刻瘦了一英石。 /201308/251690呼和浩特市第一人民妇幼中医院药流多少钱鄂尔多斯妇幼保健人民中心医院看泌尿科怎么样



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