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  • Struggling to meet someone new? Following these simple yet insightful dating rules might be just be exactly what you need. 正在为和新朋友约会而发愁吗?照着以下这些见解非凡的简单法则去做的话,收获可能会超出你的期待。Love Yourself First首先要爱自己Have you ever noticed that happy people get more attention? And if you are happy with yourself, it shows. So in order to attract more people into your life for dating purposes, focus on the things that make you happy. Try writing a large piece of paper full of ideas that you can use in a pinch, such as taking a hot bath, going for a bike ride or filling your home with plants. Then, pick three items from this list every day with conscious effort, knowing that the time you take tending to increasing your own personal joy will increase the pull others feel to learn more about who you are.你是否注意到快乐的人更能吸引别人的注意呢?如果你自己感到快乐的话,就能收获更多的快乐。所以为了吸引更多人和你约会,努力让自己快乐起来吧。试着在一张纸上写满能让你快乐的主意,如泡个热水澡,骑车,将家里摆满盆栽植物。然后,每天在这张清单上挑三种方法,用心地去照着做,要知道你花在让自己快乐的时间越多,你就越能吸引别人想要更多的了解你。 /201008/111524
  • Try asking yourself some or all of these questions at the end of every day. Doing so should help you to become a more successful and a better person:每天临睡前试着问问自己一些问题。这样能使你成为一个更成功更好的人:1.What was the best thing that happened to me today?1.今天发生的最好的事情是什么?What was it that made you particularly proud, happy or grateful? Was there a moment of joy or accomplishment?什么使你今天特别的骄傲,开心或者感激?今天有你感到开心或者满足的时刻吗?Relive the feeling for an instant. We want more of those moments in our lives so let#39;s just think about something really positive and build on that. Too often we take good things for granted. We should enjoy them and be grateful. This question helps us to be positive, happy and appreciative.再一次体会回味下这种感觉。我们的人生需要更多这样的时刻。所以就让我们多去想想那些真正积极的事情。太多时候我们都把好事当做理所当然,而不是享受它们并心存感激。这个问题会让我们更积极,开心和充满感激。2.What could I have done better today?2.今天有什么我还能做得更好?What lessons can you learn from the day#39;s experiences? What mistake did you make that you will avoid in the future? How could you have handled a situation or conversation better? Think about ways to improve in this area in the future.今天的经历能让你学习些什么?你在将来想要避免什么样的错误?你如何能把某个情况或对话处理的更好?想想未来可以改进的方法吧。3.What is the most important thing I must accomplish tomorrow?3.明天我需要完成的最重要的事情是什么?What is the single task which will make the biggest difference? If you have a to-do list then this item will be on there - probably at the top. Think about how you are going to get this done early in the day. This question will help you focus on what is essential.哪个单个的任务会产生最大的不同效果?如果你有个清单,这件事应该是在第一位的。想想你应该如何在清早开始完成这件事。这个问题能帮你关注最重要的事情。4.What new thing can I try tomorrow?4.明天我能尝试什么新事物呢?Life is a journey of discovery. We need to keep trying new things every day, no matter our age. What new approach or experience can you try?生命是一个发现的旅程。我们需要每天都不断的尝试新鲜的事物。你明天能尝试什么新的方法或经历呢?5.Who is the most important person (or most important people) in my life and what am I doing for them?5.你人生中最重要的人(人们)是谁?你能为他们做些什么?Focus on someone you love - your partner, child, parent or other loved one. Have you told them and shown them how much you care? What can you do for them tomorrow to help, delight, and surprise them? We can be so busy that we neglect the most important people in our lives. This question can get you back on track.关注那些你爱的人——你的爱人、孩子、父母或其他的人。你告诉他们你对他们的关心了吗?你明天能做什么来帮助他们使他们开心带给他们惊喜?我们时常因为太过繁忙而忽视了自己最重要的人。这个问题能帮助你回到正常轨道上。That#39;s it. Five simple but powerful questions that can help you to improve your life. Try asking them before you go to bed tonight!就是这些了。这五个简单有力的问题能帮你改进自己的生活,今晚睡觉前就问问自己吧! /201208/194728
  • A boy begs his father to get him a Christmas tree this year. 一个孩子求他爸爸,说能不能今年为家里准备一棵圣诞树 Each year, the boy asks and the father tells him, ;I don#39;t want to pay for it.; 小男孩每年求他爸爸得到的都是同样的回答;我可不想为一棵树付钱。;(这个爸爸肯定不是基督教徒,而且还非常抠门) But the son kept begging. Unable to bear his son#39;s whining, he picks up his axe one day and heads out of the house. 但是小男孩不放弃的一直祈求,终于有一天,他爸被他的哀求折磨得受不了,他拿起一把斧子,直接冲出了门。 Thirty minutes later he returns with a great big Christmas tree. ;How did you cut it down so fast?; his son asks. 30分钟后,他爸爸带着一棵超大的圣诞树回到了加。他儿子问:;你怎么会砍得那么快?; ;I didn#39;t cut it down,; the father replies. 他爸爸回答到:;我不是砍的; ;I got it at a tree lot.; ;我是从一个圣诞树销售中心拿的; ;Then why did you bring an axe?; ;那你为什么还要带把斧子去呢?; ;Because I didn#39;t want to pay.; ;因为我不想付钱; /201201/167118
  • 1.Donate: To a good cause or save for a yard saleWhether giving away the goods or saving them for a sale, package them now in clearly marked cardboard boxes that can be stashed in the attic, a dry garage, or your basement until yard sale season commences, or until you have time to visit your local charity drop-off center. 捐赠:整理好自己淘汰的衣物或用品,以备捐赠给他人或者是廉价转售。2.Donate: Old clothes and bagsAny clean piece of clothing, bag, or shoes that you haven't worn in the last 18 months. Dressforsuccess.org will let you know where you can contribute business wear to aspiring career women in need. Or check your local Good Will or Salvation Army for specific drop off days, times and article restrictions.捐赠:旧书包和旧衣物有些你已经超过1年半没穿的衣,鞋子等,你可以将它们整理干净,送给需要的人。 /201001/94242
  • Get Proper Nutrition 获取合适的营养 While it's much easier to follow a healthy balanced diet with home cooking, it's often very challenging if you have to eat out for all of you daily meals during travel. Here are some ideas that may seem obvious, but I'd challenge you to think back to your last business trip. How many of these did you really follow? 在家里的时候,毫无疑问我们能够很容易的遵循一种健康并且平衡的饮食习惯,但在外旅行时想要做到这点就很难了,尤其是当你必须吃完旅途中的所有食物时。以下这些想法可能是很浅显易懂的,但我想问的是,在你记忆中的最后一次差旅,你真正做到了其中几点呢? Avoid hotel breakfasts loaded with fat and salt (sausages, bacon, pastries, fried potatoes) 避免吃宾馆的早餐,那些早餐含有过多的脂肪和盐分(比如腊肠,培根,糕饼,薯片)Start your day with fresh fruit, yogurt and cereals 以新鲜水果,酸奶和谷物麦片开始你新的一天Definitely pass on fast food breakfasts but don't skip a healthy one 早餐绝对要吃,而且要吃得健康,不要把快餐作为早餐Stay with lighter fare lunches especially if attending conferences all day 如果一整天都要参加大型会议,记得吃工作简餐Find good salads and lower fat, whole-wheat sandwiches for lunch 午餐吃一些优质色拉和一些低脂,全麦三明治Don't overeat at dinner, especially at buffets (or you'll feel it back in your hotel room) 不要吃得过饱,尤其是在吃自助餐时(否则等你回房后你会反胃)Minimize the amount of fried, fatty foods at restaurants 在餐馆吃饭时,尽量少吃那些油炸的,富含脂肪的食物Drink lots of water with your meals and limit alcohol (hangovers during travel are no fun) 在用餐的时可以多喝水,也可以适当得喝一点酒(但旅行期间宿醉就不好了)Don't overdo the trips to the coffee shops during the day 咖啡店不要去得太勤Avoid junk snacks - pick up some fresh fruit at local grocers instead 避免垃圾零食-你可以在当地的食品店里买一些新鲜的水果Pack enough multivitamins to last your entire trip as inexpensive diet insurance 在整个旅途中带上足够的复合维生素,这是一种非常经济的膳食保Exercise On The Road 旅途中的锻炼 As I remember all the big meetings and conferences I've attended, it's incredible just how few travelers stay active on the road. With overeating and inactivity, it's no wonder why many travelers end up gaining weight. So here are some tips to stay active on the road. 在我回忆起所有我参加过的大型会议时,我发现很少有人在旅途中还能够积极锻炼。因为暴饮暴食以及缺乏运动,许多旅行者的体重在旅行结束时都增加了。所以下面就介绍下有关旅途中锻炼的技巧。Use the hotel/cruise ship gym as even 20 minutes on a cardio machine will help prevent travel weight gain 充分利用旅馆或者游艇上的健身房,即使在有氧运动器材上锻炼20分钟也足够防止旅途中的体重增加Do laps in the hotel pool if there is one (always pack your swimwear) 如果旅馆有提供游泳池的话,去游上几个来回(所以记得带上你的泳衣)Use the hotel gym weights even if you have to modify some usual exercises 如果旅馆周边环境较好的话(去问问旅馆的工作人员),可以出去散散步If the neighborhood around the hotel is nice and safe (ask the concierge), take a brisk walk outside 如果没有健身房,可以在自己房间里进行一些简单的健美操和低强度的有氧运动If no gym, do basic calisthenics plus low impact cardio inside your hotel room 尽管由于社交需要有时候要熬夜,但请保持足够的睡眠 /201109/152820
  • 1. Create a 2-minute display. This flower and votive table-topper is so elegant, no one will believe you pulled it together last-minute. It’s as simple as inserting votive candles into tall glass containers and attaching a dahlia (or your favorite flower) to the outside.  把喜欢的花束插入精心设计的瓶子、装扮你的住所。 /201007/109592
  • 1. Soap is Bad for Your Skin. 香皂对皮肤有害。Traditionally, soap was a mix of animal fats and fruit or vegetable oils. This combination has a higb PH and is drying to skin, particularly to aging skin. These days, however, soaps are formulated with synthetic elements that are milder than traditional soap, and therefore suitable to cleanse skin. Most soaps have emollients(moisturisers) added, so they are beneficial for the skin. If you prefer the feeling cleansing with soap provides, don't let those purveyors of fine skincare bully you--there's nothing wrong with using soap.传统上,香皂是动物脂肪和水果油或植物油的混合体。这种化合物的PH值很大,会令皮肤,尤其是老化皮肤,变得干燥。如今,香皂的配方中加入了较传统香皂更为温和的人工合成成分,因而适合清洁皮肤。大多数香皂都添加了润肤剂(润肤霜),所以对肌肤有益。如果你更喜欢用香皂洁肤的那种感觉,就不要让那些高档护肤品经销商们把你给喊住了——使用香皂一点儿问题都没有。 /201005/104323
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