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内蒙古呼和浩特做人流需要多少钱呼和浩特首大医院罗广承My clothes: ‘They wear me, in a way’我的衣:“在某种程度上,他们在穿我”Robert is 6ft 7in tall. A giant, without his heels. Very tall men are often intimidating; they use their height to enforce their status, to tell us how tough they are. Not Robert.罗伯特身高六尺七。不穿高跟鞋也是个巨人。非常高的人总是让人害怕,他们能够利用身高来强调身份地位,告诉我们他们有多强壮。但罗伯特不是。There is no obvious fight in him. Instead he plays with femininity, with fun, with ideas of home and away. He’s wearing a floral pinny, like an English country mum. He has some spring-like sprigs in his hair. These are domestic, rural, female references. But his top ventures further afield: there’s a palm tree, a turquoise sea, a sunny sky. Robert’s chest has gone on holiday abroad. And what of his shawl and trousers? Both a beautiful bright coral, they remind me of churidars under a tunic, a scarf for all occasions, of India, of South Asia, even further away than the seaside above his waist. 他身上没有明显的斗志。相反他具有女性的柔弱,趣味,有着家和远方的想法。他穿着用花装饰的围巾,像一位英国农村的母亲。他头发上有一些像春天的卡子。它们是家庭,农村和女性的象征。但是他朝着最高挑战又进了一步:一颗棕榈树,一片青绿色的海和晴朗的天空。罗伯特的胸部是海外度假的场景。那他的围巾和裤子呢?两个都是美丽闪光的珊瑚,它们使我想起束腰外衣下的印度长裤,想起一块适用于任何场合的围巾,想起印度,想起南亚,甚至想起他腰上方的海滨。Then there are his feet. Glitter fluff socks, suede court shoes, slightly wobbly stance. Robert’s feet are awkward, turned in, as easily embarrassed as a child. It’s as though he’s playing a part with his feet. As though the way he holds them was suggested by the shoes.接下来是他的脚。闪烁绒毛的袜子,绒面的球场鞋,微微歪斜的姿势。罗伯特的脚很笨拙,向内弯,像孩子一样局促不安。看起来好像他在和自己的脚玩耍。似乎他穿鞋的姿势是由鞋决定的。Robert’s clothes look cheap. They’re found or swapped rather than bought, which means their value is not in how much they cost but in how they are used. He uses them beautifully, with a quiet delight. He is one of the most unusually dressed people we’ve had in this column, but he isn’t wearing his clothes with show-off pride or check-me-out attitude. He’s just wearing them, like the rest of us do jeans and a sweatshirt. There is so much that’s unusual about Robert’s outfit, but the most remarkable thing about it is how he makes it all look so casual.罗伯特的衣看起来很廉价。它们不是买来的而是找来或交换来的,这意味着觉得它们价值的不是花费多少成本而是如何使用。他带着不起眼的愉悦,美妙地使用它们。他是这个专栏穿着最不寻常的人之一,但是他并没有炫耀似的骄傲或是想要被注意的态度。他只是穿着它们,就像我们穿牛仔裤和运动衫一样。罗伯特的饰有很多不寻常的地方,但最值得注意的是他如何让它们看起来那么随意。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201603/430233呼伦贝尔做人流需要多少钱 In a very candid interview, Princes William and Harry opened up about what they#39;ve learned from their father, but also made very personal revelations about their family, fatherhood and the friendship the two brothers share.在近日的一次采访中,威廉和哈里王子敞开心扉,畅谈父亲对他们的影响,两人同时还透露了王室家庭的一些生活细节,谈到了为父心得以及两兄弟情谊。The princes sat down at Kensington Palace for the a documentary celebrating 40 years of Prince Charles#39; charity The Prince#39;s Trust.两位王子在肯辛顿宫接受采访,录制庆祝查尔斯王储的“王储信托”慈善基金成立40周年纪录片。Prince William, 33, spoke movingly about how fatherhood has changed his life.33岁的威廉王子动情地表示,为人父改变了他的生活。;I#39;m a lot more emotional than I used to be, weirdly. I never used to get too wound up or worried about things,; he said, as he discussed how his children Prince George and Princess Charlotte have affected him.在谈及乔治小王子和夏洛特小公主对自己的影响时,他说道:“挺神奇的,我变得比过去更多愁善感了。过去,我从来不会因为什么事而过度兴奋或担心。”The death of Prince William’s mother Princess Diana when he was just 15 seemed to weigh heavily on his mind as he told the presenters that as a parent he has realized how ;precious life is.;威廉王子的母亲戴安娜王妃在他15岁时去世,此事似乎一直让他难以释怀。他告诉主持人,作为一名父亲,他已经意识到“生命有多么宝贵”。;But now the smallest little things, you well up a little more, you get affected by the sort of things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more, I think, as a father,; William said.威廉说:“现在,即使是最微小的事物,也会比以往更加触动你的心弦。你开始为世界上发生的很多事所触动。或者说,你开始从一位父亲的角度进行思考。”;Just because you realize how precious life is and it puts it all in perspective, the idea of not being around to see your children grow up and stuff like that,; he said.他还说:“正是因为你认识到生命的宝贵,它使你能够正确看待一些事物,比如担心不能看着孩子长大之类的问题。”William and Harry grew up with Charles and Diana in Kensington Palace and now both make their homes as neighbors. Harry, 31, clearly relishes his role as uncle to Prince George and his baby sister Princess Charlotte, describing their home as a ;giant playground; for his nephew and niece.威廉和哈里随查尔斯王储和戴安娜王妃在肯辛顿宫长大,现在两位王子住所相邻。作为乔治小王子与夏洛特小公主的叔叔,31岁的哈里王子显然十分享受这一角色。哈里称他们的房子是侄子和侄女的“大型游乐场”。;I can hear the wheels of those plastic tractors Prince George loves playing on,; he said.哈里表示:“小乔治喜欢玩塑料拖拉机,一听到轮子滚动的声音我就知道他来了。”William teased his younger brother, saying, ;He comes and scrounges food,; showing that even though he has his own family now, Harry is still a big part of their life.威廉王子挪揄弟弟说:“他(哈里)常过来蹭吃蹭喝。”可见虽然威廉有了自己的家庭,但哈里仍旧是他的家庭的重要一份子。”The documentary was shot over the last year with British presenters Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, better known as Ant and Dec.该纪录片摄于去年,主持人是英国人安东尼·麦克帕特林和德克兰·当纳利。人们常称这对搭档为安特和戴克。 /201601/421539内蒙古自治区第一附属医院做流产多少钱

乌兰察布市盟医院有治疗前列腺炎吗In a chilling turn of events, some taxi drivers in Japan are claiming to have picked up #39;ghost passengers#39; in the aftermath of the tsunami that devastated the nation in March 2011. As many as seven of the 100 drivers interviewed by Yuka Kudo, a student of sociology at Tohoku, admitted to having encountered phantom fares.2011年3月,东日本海域发生地震,席卷而来的大海啸重创全国。灾难过后,曾传出的士司机在灾区载到“鬼乘客”的报道,听来颇为骇人。就读日本东北大学社会学系的工藤优花采访了百位的士司机,七人承认曾载到过鬼魂。Kudo conducted the interviews as a part of her graduation thesis, traveling to the coastal town of Ishinomaki every week for a year to speak to taxi drivers waiting for fares. She asked over 100 drivers the same question: ;Did you have any unusual experiences after the disaster?; Many of them ignored her, some even got angry, but seven drivers agreed to describe their strange encounters.工藤优花每周都会前往海滨城市石卷,采访当地正在候客的的士司机,为自己的毕业论文做准备。一年来,她采访了一百多位的士司机,问题只有一个:“海啸过后,你碰到过什么离奇事件吗?”不少人闭口不谈,有些人甚至对她恶语相向,但其中有七人则向她讲述了自己的灵异遭遇。One driver recounted a particularly unsettling story—in the summer of 2011, a woman dressed in a coat climbed into his taxi near Ishinomaki station. She said, ;Please go to the Mianmihama Station.; When he pointed out that there was nothing left standing in the district, she asked him in a shivering voice, ;Have I died?” The driver immediately turned around, only to find the back seat empty.有位司机的故事格外惊悚。那是2011年的夏天,一位身着大衣的女士在石卷车站附近坐上了他的车,并告诉他:“麻烦去南滨车站。”这位司机告诉她,南滨已在海啸中被夷为平地了。听到这儿,女乘客哆嗦着问他:“我是不是已经死了?”一句话,吓得司机赶紧扭头,发现后座竟空无一人。Another driver recalled how a young man who looked to be in his 20s got into his taxi. When the driver looked in the rear-view mirror for directions, the man kept pointing towards the front. The driver then asked for a destination, to which he replied, ;Hiyoriyama; (mountain). When the taxi reached the area, the man had disappeared from the taxi.另一位司机回忆道,自己曾载过一名20多岁的男子。他盯着后视镜,问乘客要往哪儿开,可这名男子只是一直往前指。于是他不得不问了句,到底去哪儿?男子答道:“日和山。”当司机开到目的地时,发现男子早已无影无踪了。It’s easy to dismiss these stories as hallucinations or imaginations, but the drivers#39; logs are proof that they really might have occurred. When these #39;ghosts#39; got into their cabs, the drivers started the meter, which is recorded. So even though these passengers disappeared during the ride, they were still counted as clients. The drivers then had to pay their fares out of their own pockets. Some of the drivers even wrote down their experiences in their logs.不少人会说,他们一定是产生幻觉了,或者故事是编的。可的士上的计程仪不会骗人啊。“鬼乘客”一上车,计程仪便开始运作,记录着行车全程。哪怕乘客半路消失,依旧算一次行车记录,也就是说,司机们不得不自掏腰包,付车费。有些司机甚至在行车册上写下了他们的遭遇。All these phantom travelers were described to be young, which compels Kudo to believe that they were indeed victims of the 2011 tsunami. ;Young people feel strongly chagrined (at their deaths) when they cannot meet people they love,; she said. ;As they want to convey their bitterness, they may have chosen taxis, which are like private rooms, as a medium to do so.;据司机们的描述,所有的鬼乘客都是些年轻人,因此工藤优花认为,他们确实是2011年的海啸遇难者。“年轻人死不瞑目,放不下对爱人的牵挂,”她说,“为了宣泄痛苦,他们选择坐的士,因为的士空间密闭,是理想的载体。”Interestingly, none of the drivers reported feeling any fear, instead holding their special passengers in reverence. Having lost loved ones in the disaster themselves, they perceived the encounters as a spiritual experience, meant to be remembered and cherished forever. ;It is not strange to see a ghost here,; a driver said. If I encounter a ghost again, I will accept it as my passenger.”有趣的是,接受采访的司机纷纷表示,自己并不害怕,反而对这些特殊的乘客心生敬畏。不少司机也在海啸中失去了他们的至爱,因此,他们将搭载鬼乘客视作通灵的经历,值得铭记与珍惜。“在这里见鬼并不稀奇,”一位司机坦言,“如果我再载到鬼,肯定会送它到目的地。”Kudo herself was moved by the interviews. ;I learned that the death of each victim carries importance,; she said. ;I want to convey that to other people.;此番采访,让工藤优花深受感动。她说:“这些司机让我明白了,每一位遇难者的死都意义重大。我要让更多人了解这点。”According to official records, over 15,000 people died during the magnitude-9 earthquake that lasted for six minutes and triggered a 133-ft high tsunami that swept six miles inland. Numerous sightings of #39;ghosts#39; and #39;spectral figures#39; have been reported in residential districts in the affected areas in the aftermath of the disaster.官方资料称,东日本地震强度高达9级,虽仅持续6分钟,却引发了133英尺(约合40米)高的海啸,深入内陆达6英里(约合9.6公里),共造成1.5万多人丧生。海啸过后,多人曾在灾区目睹了“鬼魂”或“幽灵”出没。 /201601/424510内蒙古首大生殖医院看前列腺炎好吗 乌兰察布市泌尿科咨询

鄂尔多斯市做体检多少钱Chen Baxian, the founder of the Chen Dynasty, was born in a humble family of Changcheng WuXing ( now Changxing, Zhejiang province).陈朝的建立者陈霸先,吴兴郡长城(浙江长兴)人,出身寒微。He gained his prestige and power when suppressing Hou Jing, the traitor.侯景之乱爆发后,陈霸先起兵讨伐侯景,逐步取得了权位。Rising from the ruin of Liang, with Xiao Cha held Jiangling, Xiao Bo in Ling Nan and some newly-borned landlords claimed sovereign over localities, Chen government directed all his efforts in eliminating the separated regimes and rehabilitation of the social groups in the early period either by means of fighting or ingratiating.陈建国时,萧詧据有江陵,萧勃占据岭南,一些新兴起的土豪还各据一方。以后,陈用笼络和征伐兼用的办法,相继消灭许多割据势力。During the periods of emperors Wen and Xuan, Chen witnessed a more organized social orders and enhanced progress of economy.陈朝在文帝和宣帝时期,政治情况较梁末有所改善,江南经济逐渐得到了恢复。In 573, Wu Mingche, commander of Chen, taking the advantage of chaos in the Northern Qi, waged war against the Northern Qi and occupied Shouyang.公元573年(太建五年),陈将吴明彻乘北齐大乱之机北伐,攻占了寿阳等地。After the Northern Qi was destroyed by the Northern Zhou, Wu Mingche launched a second expenditure to the North and was captured in the battle in Pengcheng. Since then, the main force of Chen Dynasty was collapsed and the strength of the Southern Dynasties fell into a decline.北周灭北齐后,吴明彻再次北伐,在进攻彭城的战斗中失败被俘,陈军主力覆灭,南朝的力量更加衰弱了。In 583, the later emperor Chen Shubao came into the power, he paid no heed to the governments except hurling money on extravagant life and spectacular palace. The accumulation of the wealth was drained in the south.公元583年,后主陈叔宝继位,荒淫无道,不理政务,并且大修宫室,耗费了大量钱财,使经济又遭破坏。Meanwhile, the Suin the north grew strong.这时北方的隋朝已经强大起来。In 589,Sui directed their army southwards, entered Jian-kang and captured the last emperor. With the vanish of the Chen Dynasty, the separation which lasted for nearly three hundred years was over.公元589年,隋军大举 南下,攻入建康,俘后主,陈朝灭亡,结束了中国长达近300年的分裂局面。The Southern Dynasties saw the decline of power and influence of powerful families and gentry-lords. Due to the strengthened royal power, the powerful families and gentry-lords, despite their high social status, could no longer dominate the court.南朝的历史是门阀士族由盛而衰的历史,南朝的皇权比较强大,门阀士族社会地位虽然高贵,却不能完全左右政局。Meanwhile, further development of the area in the south of the Yangtze River gave the local people opportunities to rise in power, to take positions in the government and even to serve the emperor.随着江南开发的不断深人,土著寒人在政治上逐渐上升,步人官僚行列,为皇帝所倚重。Beginning at the time of the Xiao Liang and the Chen, the southern landlords also became overwhelming local powers.从梁陈之际开始,南方内地的土豪,也成为割据的一方势力。The Southern Dynasties was the second government established and ruled by Han nationality in the south following the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and its existence contributed to saving and developing Han culture.南朝是继东晋之后由汉族在南方建立起来的朝廷,虽然他们的存在都不过几十年,但其作为汉族的统治,使汉文化得以保存和发展。Without it, it was very likely that Han nationality would have been eliminated by other minorities and the brilliant cultures of Huaxia would have been taken to an end.如果没有它的存在,汉族则可能被其它的少数民族所消灭,华夏文明就此结束。Judging from this respect, the Southern Dynasties justified its position in Chinese history and its contribution to Huaxia culture was indelible.所以,南朝在中国历史上有 着极其重要的地位,为华夏文明的发展作出了不可磨灭的贡献。 /201601/421836 清水河县妇科怎么样呼和浩特首大医院治疗女性不孕多少钱



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