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呼和浩特治早泄的价格是多少乌兰察布妇幼保健人民中心医院预约But right when Rockefeller sees the future of the oil industry...就在洛克菲勒看清了石油工业的未来时… No man could earn a million dollars honestly.没人能够诚实地赚到一百万美元An outside threat emerges.外部威胁出现了 I will tear down these trusts!我要毁掉这些托拉斯Who could destroy everything he and his rivals have built.这将有可能摧毁他和他的对手们 所建立起来的帝国 Do you hear me Carnegie?听到了吗 卡内基Do you hear me Rockefeller?听到了吗 洛克菲勒 As the 20th century approaches.随着二十世纪的临近J.P. Morgan and John Rockefeller have been locked in a battle pitting electricity against kerosene.J·P·根和约翰·洛克菲勒陷入了电同煤油的战争之中 Their rival, Andrew Carnegie, has stayed out of the fray.他们的对手安德鲁·卡内基则没有参与这场争夺Hes been quietly building his steel empire bigger than ever.他静静建立起了一个比任何时候都更强大的钢铁帝国 Including landing lucrative contracts with the U.S. Navy to provide steel for warships.包括获得利润丰厚的美国海军战舰用钢合同Making him one of the countrys first defense contractors.这也让他成为了国内第一个国防契约获得者 The great business icons its not that they were worth hundreds of millions, or billions, or trillions of dollars, its that they moved society forward.这些伟大的商业人物关键并不在于他们价值数亿 数十亿 甚至数万亿美元 而在于他们推动了社会进步Whatever their motivations, whatever it was, they being here and their lust for success, for power, for money, for fame moved us forward.无论动机是什么 他们的存在以及他们对成功 权力 金钱 名声的欲望让我们能够前进 201606/449745呼和浩特市第一人民妇幼中医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 Jungle rivers always more powerful than you imagine.丛林中河流的力量远远超乎你的想象Were across the river, though.虽然这样 我们还是穿过来了Ive made it through the rapids,but I still need to find a way out of here.虽已成功横渡急流 但我还需要找到出去的路Your best plan is to keep going north towards the mayan ruins in the jungle.最佳方案是一直向北前进 到达丛林中的玛雅遗迹Its where youre most likely to find people.在那里最有可能找到人的踪迹2,500 years ago,this part of Guatemala was the mayan heartland,and there are ruins all over the jungle.2500年前 危地马拉的这片区域 曾是玛雅文明心脏地带 玛雅遗迹遍布丛林四处Theyre always popular with tourists,and where theres people, theres gonna be salvation.那里深受游客喜爱 只要有人 就能获救Lets get down to this.This temple was built by the mayans to worship their gods.从这里下去吧 这座寺庙由玛雅人建造 用以供奉神明This could be a perfect place for a pick-up.这里是呼救的好地方Its a good clearing around, it as well.同时四周环境空旷 视野极佳But the mayans were also known for their grisly practice of human sacrifice,玛雅人因其残忍的活人祭祀 而闻名内外which involved cutting the hearts out of living victims.包括挖出活人祭品的心脏Gonna need some wood for a fire.需要找些木材生火A smoke signal is a great way to attract attention.烟雾信号是吸引注意的绝妙方法But never light a fire on an ancient monument unless its a true survival situation.除非遇到真正的生死关头的境地 否则绝不要在古迹上点火201609/467256Mr. Goodman. What makes you think youre qualified for this job?古德曼先生,是什么让你觉得你有资格竞聘这项工作?Oh, stop punching me!哦,不要打我了!Im not punching you.我没打你啊!Please I will... Ahhhhhhh.请不要...啊...Dont drown me. No!不要把我淹死啊,不要啊!No, not the fish. Not the...别碰那些鱼,不要…Dont touch me. Dont touch me. Dont throw me out! Next.不要碰我,不要碰我了!不要把我丢出去!下一位...Very serious, ah? Get it? Yeah.一脸严肃喔,有录取吗?耶!201704/503295呼和浩特有名的桥

乌兰察布市私密整形多少钱呼和浩特市治疗不孕不育多少钱 These steep slopes provide a sanctuary for the cubs.这些陡峭的斜坡也是小熊的庇护所A male bear would kill and eat them given the chance公熊只要有机会就会吃掉它们but big animals find it difficult to get about here.不过大型动物很难爬到这个地方Males may be twice the size of a female and even she can have problems.公熊体型可能是母熊的2倍,但即使是母熊也已是举步艰难Her cubs, however, make light of the snow and of life in general.可是它的幼崽在雪地里却是轻松自如,体型也和一般动物差不多But the mother faces a dilemma.母熊面临着一个进退两难的选择Its six months since she last fed and her milk is starting to run dry.它已经6个月没有吃东西了,它的乳汁也即将耗尽She must soon leave the safety of these nursery slopes and lead her cubs away from the mountain.它必须尽快离开这个安全的斜坡“托儿所”,把它的幼崽带离山地If she delays, the whole family will risk starvation.若是稍有耽搁,整个家族就会面临饥荒Summer reveals the true nature of the Rockies.夏天揭露了落基山的真实面目Stripped of snow, the peaks bare their sculpted forms.剥去雪层之后,山峰裸露出斧凿般的造型Only now can mountaineers reclaim the upper reaches.山地动物只有此时才能向更高的地方拓展疆土。201703/498842呼和浩特首大医院不孕不育症

鄂尔多斯市联系电话Hi my name is Valen and this lesson is on common English abbreviations that you would find in the workplace.大家好,我是Valen。在今天的课上,我们将学习职场常用英语缩写。So the abbreviation in English is a shortened form of a word or a phrase and we do this to save time and when were writing英语中的缩写是词或短语的缩写,以便在书面英语中节省时间and sometimes we use abbreviations when were speaking, too.有时在口语中也会用到缩写。So were going to do seven abbreviations and theyre all used commonly in business settings. So our first one is asap or ASAP.今天将学习7种商业常用缩写。第一个是asap或ASAP。So what ASAP means is as soon as possible. So in when were speaking, somebody might say to you,ASAP指尽快。在口语英语时,某人可能对你说,I need that report asap. They might also say I need that report ASAP. It means the same thing, it means I need that report as soon as possible. ASAP very very common.I need that report asap.也可能说I need that report ASAP. 两句意思相同,都是指尽快给我报告。ASAP,非常非常常见。The next abbreviation is RSVP and this stands for a French phrase, which is下一个缩写是RSVP,这是一句法语,意思是指repondez sil vous plait, which means in English, you dont really need to know the French, please respond. So RSVP means please respond.repondez sil vous plait, 你们没有必要记这句法语,它的英文意思是,请回复。RSVP,请回复。People would generally not say to you um... RSVP, they would more than likely write it so at the end of an email, at the end of an invitation usually to人们通常不会对你说RSVP,他们更愿意在邮件末尾、社交活动邀请函的末尾写上RSVP。a social event, people will ask you to RSVP by phone, by email, by regular mail.通常会让你通过电话、电子邮件或平邮回复。However, they want you to respond and theyll say RSVP and theyre asking you to respond and tell them whether or not you are attending the event. So RSVP.他们希望得到你的回复,会说RSVP。他们是请你回复他们并告知你是否会去参加活动。And in spoken conversation, sometimes someone might say to you, ;Oh are you going to so-and-sos wedding, have you RSVP, have you let them know that youre attending or not.在口语对话中,有时某人会问,“你去不去参加谁谁谁的婚礼呀,你回复他们了么,你告诉他们会不会去了么?The next one is not used in spoken English, but you will see this a lot especially on faxes in the workplace and what this stands for is attention.下一个缩写并不用于口语中,但是会在工作中,特别是在传真中常见。表示,注意。And what it means is if this fax is sent to, for example, what you would see is something like this ;ATTN: Joe Smith;.这是指,例如,这是一份给Joe Smith的传真,你会在传真中见到这样的表达“注意:Joe Smith”。What that means is that the fax is addressed to Joe Smith, its for his attention and you should forward the facts to him. so ATTN, attention and youre always saving capital letters.这是指这封传真是给Joe Smith的,望他注意,而你应将这封传真转给他。ATTN,注意。应保留大写字母。The next one is an important one, its CEO and what CEO means is chief executive officer. So CEO.下一个缩写很重要,CEO。指的是首席执行官。So the CEO, the chief executive officer is the boss of the company and the chairperson of a company, usually the boss。CEO,首席执行官是公司的老板、总裁。You say my companys CEO and you can say like that not co, CEO.当说公司的老板时,不应该说co而是CEO。The next thing you might see in the workplace is, um... is this. And it doesnt mean no, as in the opposite of yes.下一个可能在工作中见到的缩写是NO.。这不是指“不”的意思,不是“是”的反义词。It means number, so you might see something like this, No.1, same meaning like tihs, or same meaning just like 1.这个表示数字,你可能会见到这种表达,No.1或是“#1”、“1”。它们都是相同含义。When its expressed this way, like I said, it means number and not no. Thats in the office.这样表示时,是指数字而不是“不”。这可是在工作场合。All right, N/A. So its expressed in written English N/A, but we just say NA, and what it means is not applicable.下一个,N/A。书面英语中这样表示,N/A,但是口语中会说,NA。表示,不适用。So in general conversation, you wouldnt say, if someone asks you a question and it wasnt applicable question,在一般对话中,如果有人问了你一个不适用的问题,you wouldnt just say NA. Its more something that we use in written English. So for example, if you were filling out a questionnaire你不会直接说NA。通常这个缩写会用于书面英语。例如,在填写问卷调查时,and it said marital status like single or married and you click single and then it said name of spouse,婚姻状况这一栏,你选择的是单身,接着下一题是问你配偶的名字,well, if youre not married, you would write N/A, not applicable.如果你未婚,那么你会写N/A,不适用。All right, our last abbreviation is PR and what PR stands for is public relations.接下来,最后一个缩写是PR,指公共关系。So the public relations department is responsible for the flow of information between a company and the general public.公关部负责公司和群众之间的信息流动。And sometimes you will say, ;Oh the public relations department;, but its more common to hear people say, the PR department or有时会说,公共关系部,但是更常听到的是PR部或the people that work in PR, the people that work in public relations. And its expressed in writing like this, capital P, capital RPR工作人员,公关部工作人员。大写P和Ror by saying PR, not by saying pr. So PR, so public relations.或直接说PR,而不是pr。PR,公共关系。So the abbreviations we learn today are asap or ASAP, RSVP, ATTN, CEO and No, number, N/A and PR.今天所学的缩写有,尽快、请回复、注意、总裁、数字、不适用及公共关系。You can take the quiz and test your knowledge of business abbreviations at www.engvid.com.可以访问我们的网站www.engvid.com进行小测试哟。201707/515867 The hunt is on. Three dogs close in on one impala. Missed.狩猎开始。3只野紧追一只黑班羚。没捉到。The lead dog drives the impala towards the hidden flankers.头犬将黑斑羚赶向侧翼的埋伏区Anticipating their line, the leader cuts the corner and joins a flanker for the final assault.它估计了一下它们逃跑的路线,然后立刻从边角切入,从侧翼加入这次总攻Its all or nothing. One on one.成败在此一举。一对一。The dog has stamina, the impala has speed.野拥有耐力,而黑斑羚拥有速度Leaping into the lake is an act of desperation - impala can barely swim.跳入湖中是绝望的选择,黑斑羚可不太会游泳The dogs know their prey must come out or drown - now its a waiting game.野们知道它们的猎物迟早会上岸,否则就会淹死,现在,它们只需等待The rest of the pack are calling.群中的其它成员正在发出呼唤Theyve made a kill in the forest and this is an invitation to join in the meal.它们已在树丛中捕到了一只猎物,这是邀请它们加入宴席的信号The impala is in luck.这只黑斑羚非常走运A pack this size kills once a day and everything is shared.这种规模的群每天都得进行一次捕杀,并且一起分享猎物And this impala is reprieved.这只黑斑羚只不过被延缓了行刑的日子201702/492974内蒙古呼和浩特治疗阳痿多少钱回民区治疗痔疮哪家医院最好的



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