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Men spend more time getting y to go out than women, according to research.调查发现,男性出门前打扮的时间比女性更长。On average men spend 81 minutes a day on personal grooming, including cleansing, toning and moisturising, shaving, styling hair and choosing clothes, the study found.调查发现,男性平均每天花81分钟的时间来打理个人仪容,包括清洁、擦爽肤水和润肤露、刮胡须、弄发型和选择要穿的衣。Women have their beauty regime down to a fine art and get hair, clothes and make-up done in just 75 minutes.女性则能够在75分钟内将发型、衣和化妆都完美地搞定。The research, carried out for Travelodge, found that on an average morning men spend 23 minutes in the shower, compared to 22 minutes for women.为经济型酒店Travelodge开展的这一调查发现,男性平均每天早上花23分钟来冲澡,而女性只需22分钟。Men then take 18 minutes on their shaving regime, compared to 14 minutes for women despite them having to trim legs, armpits and bikini line.接着男性还要花18分钟来刮脸,而女性为双腿、腋下和比基尼线脱毛只需14分钟。Men take a minute longer ; 10 minutes ; on cleansing, toning and moisturising.男性要花10分钟来洗脸、擦爽肤水和润肤露;;比女性多1分钟。Choosing an outfit is also a time-consuming operation for men who want to look their best ; taking 13 minutes compared to 10 minutes for women.对于那些想呈现出自己完美一面的男士,选择装也是很耗费时间的,平均要花13分钟,而女性只需要10分钟。The study also found that the average British person does not have a clue regarding the true value of their toiletry bag.调查还发现,英国人一般都不清楚自己的洗漱化妆包的真实价值。When quizzed, the average adult estimated their wash bag with contents to be worth 52.23 when in reality the bag of essentials is worth nearly three times more at 156.69.在被问及洗漱包的价值时,英国成人的平均估价是52.23英镑,而实际上那包东西的价值是估价的近三倍,平均为156.69英镑。A spokeswoman for Travelodge said they had seen a rise in the number of toiletry bags being left behind in their 487 hotels.Travelodge的一名女发言人说,他们发现遗落在Travelodge的487家连锁酒店中的洗漱包越来越多。In the last 12 months, hotel staff have spent hundreds of hours uniting 10,000 wash bags with their owners.在过去12个月中,酒店员工为了将落在酒店的1万个洗漱包归还给他们的主人,花费了数百个小时。In one case a customer paid more than 100 for a courier to pick up her toiletry bag, which she had left behind in a London hotel - the designer wash bag had nearly 1,000 worth of toiletry items.曾经有一次,一位顾客花了100多英镑请专递员去取她遗落在一家伦敦酒店的洗漱包,这一名牌洗漱包内含价值近1000英镑的洗漱化妆用品。 /201111/162280Teenagers will be told to ;stand up for their elders; on public transport ; or risk losing their right to free travel.英国伦敦近日出台新规,要求青少年乘坐公共交通时主动给老人让座,否则会失去免费乘坐公交车的待遇。London Mayor Boris Johnson will unveil plans today to make youngsters sign a ;courtesy pledge; to promise to behave in a respectful manner when travelling in the capital.伦敦市长鲍里斯bull;约翰逊将于今日公布这一计划,促使青少年签署;文明宣言;,承诺在伦敦出行时讲文明讲礼貌。The three-point pledge states that they will give up their seats to the elderly, pregnant and disabled; refrain from using offensive or threatening language; and be courteous and polite to fellow passengers and staff.宣言包括三点内容:给老年人、妇和残疾人让座;不使用攻击性或威胁性语言;礼貌对待乘客与乘务人员。Those who refuse, or are caught behaving in a loutish manner, will have their free travel passes removed.不愿签署宣言或因行为不当被抓;现行;的青少年,将被没收免费乘车卡。The plan ; a key part of Mr Johnson#39;s re-election bid ; will initially affect the 400,000 11-to-15-year-olds in London who qualify for free travel cards, but Tory sources believe the idea could be used across the country.这是约翰逊竞选连任计划的重要组成部分,将首先涉及伦敦大约40万名11岁至15岁的青少年,这些青少年享有免费乘车卡,但英国保守党消息人士认为,这一举措也许可以推向全国。A Conservative insider said: ;The initiative chimes perfectly with the push to create a Big Society. It is about changing culture and expectations around behaviour to improve the atmosphere on buses and trains for everyone.;一位保守党知情人士说:;这一举措与当前英国正在倡导的创建;大社会;协调一致,通过改变青少年的行为文化和人们对此的期待值,来改善汽车和火车上的气氛。;Speaking before today#39;s launch, Mr Johnson said he was determined to tackle the anti-social behaviour of a ;minority of youngsters; on public transport.在今天宣布实行这一举措之前,约翰逊说,他有决心制止;少数青少年;在公共交通上的反社会行为。;When I was a boy, I was taught to stand up for those less able to,; he said. ;Youngsters enjoy the privilege of free travel, which is paid for by Londoners, but they have to understand that with that privilege comes responsibility.;他说:;我还是孩子时,大人们教导我要给行动不便的人让座。青少年享受免费乘车的便利,车费由伦敦市民买单。但他们应该明白,权利与义务相辅相成。;;Anyone who abuses this privilege will have it taken away, and will have to earn that right back.;;任何人若滥用,权利将被剥夺,必须付出努力才能重新得到。;Teenagers found guilty of a serious breach of the new behaviour code will lose their travel passes, and will have to carry out unpaid community work to have them restored.严重违反这一新规的青少年将被没收乘车卡,必须在社区做义工才能重新要回卡片。Mr Johnson is also introducing a ;two strikes and you#39;re out; policy to deal with repeat offenders, under which those committing a second serious breach of the code will lose their travel rights permanently.约翰逊表示对屡教不改的青少年,还将实行;二振出局;的政策。如果违反两次规定,乘车卡将被永久没收。The move follows an earlier initiative of Mr Johnson#39;s that banned the consumption of alcohol on public transport in the capital, which is credited with helping to drive down crime rates on buses and trains.约翰逊之前曾发起一项禁止在伦敦的公共交通上饮酒的措施,认为此举可以降低火车与公交车上的犯罪率。 /201203/175616

South African singer Larry Joe found in solitary confinement the peace of mind he needed to develop his talent. A producer helped him make a CD in a cell-turned-studio.南非歌手拉里#8226;乔在单独监禁时通过开发自身才能从而使自己内心得以平静,而这正是他所需要的。一位音乐制作人把牢房变成录音棚,帮助他录制了一张CD。Joe, 31, can see only seven stars in his small slice of sky. He has spent nearly three years with those stars outside his window in a prison in Douglas, South Africa, counting the days of his sentence for housebreaking.乔今年31岁,透过南非道格拉斯监狱的窗户,他只能看到只有7颗星星的狭小天空。他与窗外的星星相伴了近3年,苦捱着因入室盗窃而锒铛入狱的日子。But he has a guitar, his songs and a wild hope.但伴随他的还有吉他、歌曲和不灭的希望。“I want to be a bright, bright star.” His voice is wistful, as soft as velvet. “I want people, when they hear me, to see the darkness a little less.”“我想变成一颗明亮璀璨的星星。”他的惆怅的声音如丝绒般温柔。“我希望人们听到我的歌,能少看到一些黑暗。”The first seven months in prison he thought about “everything”: what he’d done, how things had gone so wrong.入狱后的头七个月,“每件事情”他都一一考虑过:自己曾做了什么,为什么事情会变得如此糟糕。Then he asked to be put into solitary confinement, where he spent many months, and he started to write songs.后来他要求单独拘禁,在那里待了几个月,并开始创作歌曲。“I started to put my feelings in words,” said Joe. “I wanted my guitar to sound exactly the way I felt.” 乔说:“我把我的真情实感融入歌词当中,希望我的吉他能恰到好处地传达出我的感受。”He strums his guitar and sings, his voice so sweet that it’s heartbreaking.他漫不经心地边弹边唱,声音如此甜美,令人心碎。 /201102/125450

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