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呼和浩特市第一人民妇幼中医院人流多少钱托克托县阳痿早泄价格呼市妇幼保健医院收费好不好 Many travel agencies have introduced semi-guided travel packages to attract travelers for the upcoming 3-day New Year#39;s Day holiday.近日,多家旅行社针对即将到来的3天元旦假期推出;半自由行;旅游套餐吸引游客。The packages usually include return air or train tickets and accommodation at the destination.这种套餐通常包含往返机票或火车票及目的地住宿。Tourists spend part of the time traveling with a guide while also enjoying free time to do what interests them at their own pace.游客花一部分时间跟导游旅游,同时还可以享受自由时光,按照自己的节奏去做感兴趣的事。The most popular semi-guided tour destinations for this New Year#39;s Day holiday are Xiamen, Sanya, Singapore and Thailand.厦门、三亚、新加坡、泰国是这个元旦假期最热门的半自由行目的地。The popular packages are 4-6 days, as many people prefer to take a couple of days off to extend the holiday.由于许多人倾向于休几天假以延长假期,热门套餐团期为4-6天。Despite the convenience, insiders remind tourists that they should plan arrangements well in advance, as tickets and accommodation usually cannot be changed on these tours.业内人士提醒游客,虽然半自由行非常方便,但也要提前做好安排,因为这类旅游中的车票和住宿往往无法更改。During outbound travel, participants of semi-guided tours should also exit and enter the border all together as a group.出境游期间,半自由行参团游客出入境时也应团进团出。 /201612/486057内蒙古医科大学附属医院治疗慢性肠炎多少钱

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呼市妇幼保健医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 Merriam-Webster defines a princess as a member of a royal family, the wife of a prince or usually an attractive girl or woman who is treated with special attention.《韦氏词典》将公主一词定义为王室的一员、王子的妻子或者是引人注目的魅力女孩/女人。Nowhere in that traditional definition do the words *spunk, drive or determination appear. 在这一传统定义中,我们完全找不到诸如勇气、干劲、决心等这样的字眼。And yet the latest Walt Disney animation Moana seems determined to *redefine what a princess is all about.但迪士尼最新动画电影《海洋奇缘》则决心要重新定义公主这个词。The last few *reincarnations of Disney princesses, beginning with the book-smart Belle and leading up to the *feisty Frozen sisters, all have the independent streak and desire to break out of the mold they were born into. 从书虫贝拉,到充满活力的冰雪奇缘花,迪士尼近年所创造的公主角色都有一种独立的特质,渴望打破生来的窠臼。However, all still had that handsome guy waiting in the wings to help save the day. 然而,公主们仍然有英俊的男主在身旁守护,帮助她们化险为夷。In Moana, Disney’s latest movie provides a positive spin on the princess spirit. 而《海洋奇缘》这部最新的迪士尼电影则对公主精神做出了更为积极的诠释。The CG (Computer Graphics) -animated musical film follows the adventures of the headstrong teenage daughter of a Pacific Island chief and her struggles to find her identity.这部由电脑制作的音乐动画电影讲述了一名任性少女的历险故事。她是太平洋海岛上一个部落酋长的女儿,苦苦探寻着真实的自我。As the daughter of Chief Tui, Moana is expected to follow her village’s traditions and rules, including the one her father has emphasized since she was an infant: Don’t go beyond the reef.作为酋长图伊的女儿,莫阿娜一直被要求遵循部落的一系列传统和规矩,包括从小她父亲就时常强调的那条:不要越过岛周围的礁石。Unfortunately for Moana – whose name just happens to be the word for ocean in many *Polynesian languages – she is drawn to the water, which she finds *wondrous and exciting.好巧不巧的是,莫阿娜的名字在波里尼西亚的众多语言中都是海洋的意思,而海水也对她有种深深的吸引力,让她感到奇妙又刺激。When the food supply for the island suddenly becomes depleted, 突然有一天,岛上的食物开始短缺。Moana sets forth on a journey inspired by *ancestral tales of once-mighty *demigod Maui who may help her save her island home.莫阿娜听说曾经强大的半身毛伊或许能够帮她拯救家园。受到这一远古神话的启发,她踏上了征程。The story, inspired by the history and traditions of the Pacific, is a breath of fresh ocean air for everyone exhausted by the too-familiar princess-on-a-mission Disney trope. 这个基于太平洋历史和传统的故事,为所有受够了迪士尼公主冒险套路的人们,带来了一丝海洋的清新。From birth, Moana is a respected part of her community, 从出生那时起,莫阿娜便被视为部落的一份子。and her parents and grandmother are proud of who she is and the fact that she will one day make a fantastic chief, just like her father and his father before him. 她的父母和祖母都为她感到骄傲,而她有朝一日也会成为一位伟大的酋长,就像她父亲和先祖那样。There is no love interest for Moana – she doesn’t need one.莫阿娜的身上并没有爱情故事——她也并不需要。Moana pays *homage to Pacific Islanders by introducing us to a strong female character unlike any we’ve seen in mainstream films – a hero who is both smart and *sympathetic, strong and compassionate, independent yet belongs to a group. 《海洋奇缘》通过向我们呈现一位坚强的女性角色,表达了对太平洋岛民的敬意。For *eons, we’ve been bombarded by images of princesses based on the beauty standards of Europeans. 这一角色和我们在主流电影中所见的截然不同 —— 她集智慧、善良、坚强、同情心与独立于一身,对她的部族有着深深的归属感。Why not bring forth a new face for fierceness?长久以来,我们一直被符合欧洲人审美标准的公主形象所轰炸,那为什么就不能有一个刚烈的新面孔出现呢?More importantly, when mothers and fathers tell their daughters what it means to be a princess, the words adventurous, *tenacious and compassionate can now be added to the definition.更重要的是,现在,当父母向自己的女儿解释公主的含义时,他们也可以用上爱冒险的、顽强的、富于同情心的这样的字眼来形容。 /201612/481683呼和浩特首大男科医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱呼和浩特妇幼保健人民中心医院不孕不育多少钱



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