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An unmanned cargo ship destined for the International Space Station blew up minutes after launching from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Sunday morning, NASA said, raising questions about how the agency and its partners will continue keeping the station supplied.美国国家航空航天局(NASA)表示,周日上午,在从佛罗里达州的卡纳维拉尔角空军基地发射数分钟后,一艘前往国际空间站的无人驾驶货运飞船发生了爆炸。这对该机构及其合作伙伴将如何为空间站提供补给提出了疑问。The countdown had proceeded without a hitch or worries about weather, and the 208-foot-tall rocket lifted off at 10:21 a.m. Eastern time. But 2 minutes, 19 seconds later, just as George Diller, the commentator of NASA#39;s television broadcast, said, “Data coming back shows vehicle on course, on track,” a cloud of white smoke emerged from the rocket#39;s midsection, and then a rain of pieces started falling toward the Atlantic Ocean more than 20 miles below.倒计时进行得很顺利,天气方面也没有任何问题,208英尺(约合63.4米)高的火箭在美国东部时间上午10时21分升空。但是2分钟19秒后,正当NASA的电视直播员乔治·迪勒(George Diller)表示“传送回来的数据显示,飞船按计划在轨道上飞行”时,一团白色烟雾从火箭的中段冒出,然后雨点一般的碎片开始向20多英里之下的大西洋坠落。Elon Musk, the chief executive of SpaceX, reported on Twitter, “Falcon 9 experienced a problem shortly before first stage shutdown.” About an hour later, he added some preliminary analysis: “There was an overpressure event in the upper stage liquid oxygen tank. Data suggests counterintuitive cause.”SpaceX公司的首席执行官埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)在Twitter上表示:“‘猎鹰9号’在第一级燃料耗尽之前不久遇到了问题。”大约一个小时后,他又做了一些初步的分析:“火箭上一级的液氧罐有超压现象。数据表明,出现了有悖常理的原因。The more than 4,000 pounds of payload included a docking adapter needed for future crew capsules being developed by Boeing and SpaceX, student experiments and a camera to record meteors streaking into the earth#39;s atmosphere.这艘飞船4000多磅的有效载荷中包括波音(Boeing)和SpaceX共同研发的供未来的船员舱使用的一个对接接合器、一些学生实验用具,以及准备记录流星进入地球大气层状况的一台摄像机。It was first failure in 19 launchings of the Falcon 9 rocket built by Space Exploration Technologies of Hawthorne, California, better known as SpaceX.这是位于加利福尼亚州霍桑的太空探索技术公司(Space Exploration Technologies Corporation)——更多地被简称为SpaceX——制造的“猎鹰9号”火箭19次发射历史上的首次失败。Until now, SpaceX has had a charmed record with the Falcon 9, avoiding the “infant mortality” that usually afflicts new rocket designs.迄今为止,SpaceX的“猎鹰9号”火箭保持了骄人的记录,避免了通常会困扰新火箭设计的“早期故障期”。This episode follows the failures of two other cargo rockets. In October, an Antares rocket, built by Orbital ATK, exploded on the launching pad in Virginia. In April, a Russian Progress rocket spun out of control, unable to reach the space station.在此次事故发生之前,还有另外两枚运载火箭发射失败。去年10月,Orbital ATK制造的安塔尔(Antares)火箭在弗吉尼亚州的发射台上爆炸。今年4月,俄罗斯“进步号”(Progress)火箭失去控制,无法到达空间站。The three astronauts on the space station — Scott J. Kelly of NASA and two Russians, Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko — are not in any immediate danger, with sufficient supplies to last until October, Michael T. Suffredini, NASA#39;s space station program manager, said during a news conference on Friday.NASA空间站项目的负责人迈克尔·T·苏弗雷迪尼(Michael T. Suffredini)在周五的新闻发布会上表示,空间站的三名宇航员——NASA的斯科特·J·凯利(Scott J. Kelly)及两名俄罗斯人根纳季·帕达尔卡(Gennady Padalka)和米哈伊尔·科尔尼延科(Mikhail Kornienko)——暂时没有危险,他们的供给足以撑到10月。 /201507/383561An Italian woman who made anonymous calls to her lover#39;s wife to tell her of their affair has been told she must pay a 287 fine for harassment.意大利一名女子给情人的妻子打匿名电话,揭露他们的情事,被法院以骚扰罪判处300欧元的罚款。The woman, named locally as Annamaria D.R., also told her lover#39;s wife about other affairs her husband had allegedly been having in Bari and Potenza, southern Italy.这位名叫安娜玛利亚的女子同时还在电话里向情人的妻子揭露了其夫在意大利南部城市巴里和波坦察有过的风流韵事。She argued in court during an appeal hearing that because her lover#39;s wife did not hang up on her calls immediately, it was clear she was interested in what was being said.这名女子在法庭上诉中表示,情人的妻子并没有立即挂断她的电话,很明显是对自己所说的内容很感兴趣。The mistress tried to overturn a conviction of harassment originally issued by the Court of Potenza in 2013.这名女子试图推翻波坦察法院在2013年对其作出的骚扰罪判决。However, Italy#39;s Supreme Court in Rome ruled that the fact the wife did not interrupt the calls ;cannot be seen as acquiescence on the wife#39;s part, given the serious nature of what was being revealed.;不过,位于罗马的意大利最高法院判决称,“鉴于当时电话中所说事情的严重性,”那位妻子没有挂断电话“并不能被看做默许。”;The petulant and disturbing nature of the calls is shown in the anonymous forms they took,; said the ruling.判决书表示:“匿名电话的任性、骚扰本质已显露无疑。”The court upheld the original conviction of harassment, with judges saying that an anonymous call to reveal an affair is a reprehensible act regardless of whether the claim is true.法庭维持了原判,法官表示,用匿名电话揭露婚外情是一种不道德的行为,无论揭露的事实是否属实。The mistress called her lover#39;s wife a total of three times, once from her office phone and twice from her mobile, to tell her that her husband had betrayed her many times and continued to do so. One call lasted 28 minutes, another 11 minutes.这名女子一共给她情人的妻子打了三次电话,一次从办公室电话打出,两次用她的手机打出,在电话中她对那位妻子表示,她的丈夫已经背叛过她很多次,而且并未停手。有一通电话持续了28分钟,还有一通持续了11分钟。The wife, who cannot be named due to privacy laws, later decided to file a complaint and requested the examination of her phone records to trace the call.那位妻子,因为隐私法原因不能透露其姓名,后来决定提起诉讼,并要求对其通话记录进行彻查以追踪到呼叫人。According to a 2010 survey, half of Italians have extramarital affairs. The study by the Italian Association for Family Lawyers found that 55 per cent of men and 45 per cent of women cheat on their wives or husbands.据2010年的一项调查显示,半数意大利人有过婚外情。由意大利家庭律师协会进行的这项调查同时发现,55%的男性和45%的女性都曾出轨。In around half of cases, cheating partners are found out through indiscreet mobile phone text messages, emails betray one in five and a further one in 10 are given away by anonymous letters.在半数的出轨案件中,出轨一方是被言辞不检的手机短信出卖的,被邮件出卖者占五分之一,另有十分之一是被匿名信揭露的。 /201507/386273

Pope Francis continues his tour of South America in Boliva Wednesday, after urging the faithful to open their arms to the poor and preserve the environment for future generations during a pair of speeches in Ecuador.罗马天主教宗方济各继续南美之行,星期三在玻利维亚访问。此前,他在厄瓜多尔的两次讲话中敦促信众向穷人伸出援手,并且要为子孙后代保护环境。The pontiff told a group of business leaders and indigenous tribes in the capital city of Quito that ;the goods of the Earth are meant for everyone, and however much someone may parade his property, it has a social mortgage.;教宗在厄瓜多尔首都基多对一些商界领袖和土著部落成员说:“地球的资源是每个人的,不管一个人如何显示他的财产,这种财产都有社会成本。”His remarks on the environment were the first since he released his encyclical last month calling on world leaders to take immediate action to halt climate change, including ending the Earth#39;s reliance on fossil fuels.教宗上个月发表圣谕,呼吁世界各国领导人立即行动起来,制止气候变化,其中包括结束地球对化石燃料的依赖。教宗在基多的讲话是自那以来首次提到环境问题。Pope Francis has faced heated criticism among climate change skeptics for his stance, especially in the ed States, which he plans to visit in September. Conservatives have denounced him as ill-informed on the issue, and have called on him to drop the issue.对气候变化持怀疑态度的人、特别是美国国内持这种态度的人对教宗的立场提出尖锐批评。教宗计划今年9月访问美国。保守派指责教宗不了解气候变化,要求他不再提这个问题。 /201507/384964

Philip Wood was on a new adventure, preparing for an exciting move to Kuala Lumpur with his partner.菲利普#8226;伍德(Philip Wood)原本将开启一段新的人生旅程,他准备与自己的伴侣一起搬到吉隆坡去居住,对此他感到很兴奋。Mr. Wood recently landed a transfer within International Business Machines Corp. IBM -1.25% to Malaysia#39;s vibrant capital city, and he and partner Sarah Bajc have aly rented an apartment.伍德是国际商业机器公司(International Business Machines Corp., 简称IBM)的雇员,最近他的工作地点转到了一个充满活力的城市――马来西亚首都吉隆坡。伍德和他的女友萨拉#8226;巴伊茨(Sarah Bajc)已经在吉隆坡租了一栋公寓。Both divorced from 20-year-plus marriages, they share many things in common. They are both Americans-he grew up in Oklahoma and she in Michigan-and they are both travelers at heart. They ended up in Beijing, where their paths crossed in 2011 at a live music venue called Nashville. Certified scuba divers, the couple#39;s dating would take them from Beijing#39;s polluted air to the coral reefs and manta rays of Thailand and the Philippines. And they celebrated Mr. Wood#39;s recent birthday near the Great Wall.伍德和巴伊茨之前都有过一段长达20几年的婚姻,两人有许多共同之处。他们都是美国人,伍德在俄克拉荷马州长大,巴伊茨在密歇根州长大。在内心深处,两人都喜欢周游世界。2011年他们在北京一场名为“纳什维尔”(Nashville)的音乐现场演奏会上相遇。两人都拥有潜水,是潜水好手。他们会远离北京的雾霾,去泰国和菲律宾海滩度假,饱览那里的珊瑚礁和热带鱼。最近伍德过生日,两人在长城附近进行了庆祝。Mr. Wood, 51 years old, grew up in a deeply religious family, and spent his early childhood in tornado-prone Edmond, Okla., where playmate Susan Monan recalls, #39;I remember hunkering down in storm shelters together, going to church together.#39;现年51岁的伍德来自一个信奉宗教的家庭,他的童年早期在俄克拉荷马州埃德蒙度过。伍德小时候的玩伴苏珊#8226;莫南(Susan Monan)回忆说,“那里很容易遭受龙卷风肆虐,我记得我们一起躲避风暴,一起去教堂。”Mr. Wood went on to study computer science and math at Oklahoma Christian University. His father had taught the first computer course there, and his parents-Aubrey and Sondra Wood-co-founded a nondenominational church near the campus, Memorial Road Church of Christ.伍德后来在俄克拉荷马基督教会大学(Oklahoma Christian University)学习计算机和数学专业。他的父亲在那里讲授计算机课程。他的父母奥布里#8226;伍德(Aubrey)和桑德拉#8226;伍德(Sondra Wood)共同在校园附近创建了一座跨教派教堂――Memorial Road Church of Christ。#39;Some guys like that are nerds,#39; Ms. Monan says of computer science students. #39;But he was full of life, loved adventure.#39;莫南说,“念计算机专业的人,有的就是书呆子,但伍德不一样,他充满生气,热爱冒险。”He has an artistic side, though, loving to paint and draw, recalls Ted Norton, a classmate at Oklahoma Christian University. Mr. Wood designed a logo for the 1982-83 sweatshirt of Delta Gamma Sigma, a social service club on campus the two friends were in. Mr. Wood took his inspiration for the logo from a popular rock album at the time, #39;Ghost in the Machine,#39; by the Police.伍德在俄克拉荷马基督教会大学的同班同学特德#8226;诺顿(Ted Norton)回忆道,伍德也有艺术的一面,喜欢涂涂画画。他和伍德一起参加了校园社会务俱乐部Delta Gamma Sigma,伍德为该俱乐部1982-83年的T恤衫设计了一款标识。他的设计灵感来自警察乐队(The Police)的专辑《机器里的幽灵》(Ghost in the Machine)。当年这张专辑很流行。Mr. Norton found the sweatshirt in a closet upon learning his friend was on Flight 370, posting a photo of it on a tribute page at the university#39;s website.在听闻他的朋友伍德在马航370航班上后,诺顿在衣橱里找到了这件T恤衫,并将T恤衫的照片贴在俄克拉荷马基督教会大学网站的哀悼页面上。#39;We will miss Phil Wood,#39; he wrote. #39;May God comfort the Wood family.#39;他写道,我们会怀念菲尔#8226;伍德,愿上帝安慰伍德家人。In 1984, the year before graduation, Mr. Wood was on a summer internship at IBM#39;s Poughkeepsie facility―where his father worked―when he met his future wife Elaine, an IBM computer programmer, Elaine Wood told the Poughkeepsie Journal. The couple would move to Texas, where Mr. Wood took a job with IBM and they raised two sons, Chris and Nick.伍德的前妻伊莱恩#8226;伍德(Elaine Wood)向《波基普西日报》(Poughkeepsie Journal)表示,1984年,即大学毕业前一年,伍德到IBM的波基普西工厂进行暑期实习,那里是他父亲曾经工作过的地方,也是他和未来的妻子伊莱恩(IBM的电脑程序员)相遇的地方。这对夫妇后来搬到了德克萨斯州,伍德接受了IBM的工作,他们有两个儿子克里斯(Chris)和尼克(Nick)。Though they divorced last year, his former wife called him #39;a wonderful man#39; on Facebook after his jet went missing, adding, #39;Although we were no longer married, he is still family.#39;虽然他们去年离婚了,但在伍德所乘客机失联后,伊莱恩还在Facebook上写道伍德是一个“好男人”。她还写道:虽然我们离婚了,但伍德依然是我的家人。Earlier this month, Mr. Wood, who works as a #39;technical storage executive#39; for IBM in Kuala Lumpur, returned from Beijing to his family#39;s home in Keller, Texas, to catch up and attend a 76th birthday celebration for his father.伍德是IBM驻吉隆坡技术存储部门的高管。本月初,伍德从北京回到德克萨斯州凯勒的父母家中与家人团聚,同时为父亲76岁生日庆生。James Wood expresses gratitude for that opportunity to see his older brother before Flight 370.詹姆斯#8226;伍德(James Wood)对能在370航班失联之前有机会见到他哥哥心怀感激。#39;I looked up to him because he was so smart and so creative,#39; James Wood said, adding his brother would protect him when needed as they grew up but counsel him to apologize after disagreements with their mother. #39;He was always there for me when things got rough.#39;“他那么聪明、那么有想法,我一直很崇拜他,”詹姆斯#8226;伍德说。他还说,他们一起长大,哥哥总是在需要的时候出来保护他。但是,碰到和母亲发生争执的情况,哥哥就会劝他道歉。“有困难的时候,他总是在我身边。”Son Chris recalled in an interview with Dallas television station WFAA that his last moments on that visit with his father included a bear hug.伍德的儿子克里斯在接受达拉斯电视台WFAA采访的时候回忆起父亲这次回家探亲的片段,包括给他的一个熊抱。#39;I told him I love him,#39; his son said. #39;If he was here right now, he would comfort me and he would say, #39;Don#39;t be sad.#39;#39;我对他说我爱他,克里斯说,如果他此时此刻在这里的话,他一定会安慰我说,别难过。 /201403/280285

It’s easier to stumble on Taste of Northern China than to find it. The address is 88 East Broadway, but the storefront is around the corner, on Forsyth Street, with a mysterious 106 above the door (a suite number, it turns out). The name Taste of Northern China appears on the but not on the sign out front, or at least not in English — the Chinese characters translate roughly as Northern Delicacies, with the not-so-helpful English addendum China Local Cuisine.偶遇“北方美食”可能还容易些,专门去找反倒不易。它的地址是百老汇东88号,但是店面实际上在街角另一边的福赛斯街,正门上方有个神秘的106号(后来才知道是套房的编号)。菜单上有英文店名Taste of Northern China,门面上只有中文店名,旁边加的英文注释“China Local Cuisine”(中国地方美食)没有太大帮助。No matter. You’re here now, with a fistful of skewers in loose foil, smoky, salty and heady with cumin and chile: a talonlike whole green pepper, longer than the stick it’s impaled on and crazily hot; string beans cut into two-inch clips and speared horizontally, evoking vertebrae; beautifully tender little chicken hearts, lean and closer to steak than chicken; nubs of translucent beef tendon, to work the jaw; cauliflower freckled with char; a squid’s snaking arm.不管怎样,反正你已经来了,手里拿着一把烤串,它们用箔纸松散地包着,散发出烟熏味和咸味,上面撒着诱人的孜然和辣椒:整只尖青椒像爪子一样,比竹签还长,特别辣;四季豆切成两英寸长的条,横着串起来,让人想起脊椎;柔嫩的小鸡心含脂肪少,更像牛排,不像鸡肉;透明的牛筋块很有嚼头;花椰菜上布满碳烤的斑点;鱿鱼腿像蛇一样弯曲。Best is the griddle pancake, as it’s called on the , a disc of dense yet somehow still fluffy flatb that suggests an oversize English muffin, dusted (no, that’s too delicate a word — dredged) in more of that salt-cumin-chile mix and thrust on two skewers to stay upright. It is such a pleasure to carry it, like a lollipop, through the streets of Chinatown, taking small bites of the warm, fragrant b with the sheerest barbecue crust. Someone could serve these at Smorgasburg with artisanal salts and make a killing.最好吃的是烤馕,它是一种扁圆面包,筋道而又不失蓬松,有点像大号英式松饼,串在两根竹签上以保持直立,上面洒着(不对,应该说是涂着)更多盐、孜然和辣椒混合物。它就像个棒棒糖,拿着它走在唐人街的大街小巷上,咬一小口这温暖芳香的面包(外层像烧烤的脆皮),很有幸福感。要是有人在Smorgasburg美食跳蚤市场上供应这种烤饼,和艺术盐一起卖,一定会很畅销。A staple of the Uighur community in northwestern Xinjiang Province, the b appears elsewhere on the stuffed with long-braised, half-collapsed pork with flickers of ginger, garlic, cassia, cloves, coriander and star anise — a Chinese burger, or rou jia mo. It shows up in soup, too, chopped down to the size of mah-jongg tiles and bobbing among translucent mung-bean noodles and thin, pliant strips of lamb.这种馕是中国西北部新疆的维吾尔人的主食。它还出现在菜单的其他地方,比如肉夹馍,就是把猪肉用姜、蒜、桂皮、丁香、芫荽和大茴香炖得烂熟,用这种饼夹着。这种馕还出现在汤里,被切成麻将块大小,和透明的绿豆粉丝、柔韧的薄羊肉片一起在汤里浮动。The restaurant’s owner, a robust woman named Hui Jun Wang, is from Henan Province in the east, on the North China Plain. Seamed with rivers and railways, with six other provinces at its borders, Henan has been crossed by strangers from strange lands since Silk Road days. Perhaps accordingly, the here draws a wide map.这家餐馆的主人是个健壮的女人,名叫王慧君(音译),来自华北平原的河南省。该省河流与铁路线纵横交错,与六省接壤,从丝绸之路时起就有南来北往的旅人经过。也许这就是餐馆菜单融合了好几省美食的原因吧。From Hubei Province, Henan’s southern neighbor, comes re gan mian, or hot-dry noodles: muscular strands, clingy but not sticky, cooked the night before and doused with sesame oil, then cooked again and tumbled with sesame paste, salted chiles and scallions. This is breakfast in Wuhan, Hubei’s capital, and hot only in temperature, more punchy than spicy.热干面来自河南省南侧的湖北省:面条筋道,有黏性但不粘牙,前一晚煮好,淋上芝麻油,第二天早上再煮一下,加入芝麻酱、咸辣椒和葱花搅拌。它是湖北省省会武汉的早点,这里的“hot”是说面条是热的,并不太辣,很有嚼头。The former occupant of the shallow, stall-like space was Xi’an Famous Foods, now a thriving restaurant chain. A few Xi’an specialties, from Shaanxi Province to the west, are reprised here, including liang pi, gluten noodles in sesame paste and rousing vinegar, with the balance tilted toward the tang. Rugged hunks of gluten are tossed in, springy touches among crunchy sprouts, peanuts and cucumber.“北方美食”位于一处路边摊式的狭窄空间,以前属于一家名叫“西安名吃”(Xi’an Famous Foods)的餐馆,如今“西安名吃”已发展成一个兴隆的餐饮连锁公司。西安是河南省西侧的陕西省的省会,那里的几种特色小吃这里也有,比如凉皮,它是一种面筋面条,以芝麻酱和爽口的陈醋调味,两者相得益彰、味道浓郁,并配上粗糙、有弹性的面筋块以及脆脆的豆芽、花生和黄瓜。Qishan noodles, also from Shaanxi, are chewy bands in a hot-sour broth, topped by a chile-plowed heap of minced pork, carrot, wood-ear mushrooms and day-lily buds, with the faintest leavening from a crush of fresh parsley. “It looks like an exploded dumpling,” one of my companions said, and then we fell silent, chopsticks warring over it. (Note that this dish appears on the paper as “noodles with ingredients” and on the photo as simply “pork noodles.”)岐山臊子面也来自陕西,面条筋道,汤是酸辣味的,里面有辣味碎猪肉、胡萝卜、木耳和黄花菜混合物,新鲜的碎欧芹更为之增添风味。“看起来像是饺子爆炸了,”一个同伴说。说完我们都陷入沉默,开始用筷子跟面条大战。提醒一下,这种面在纸质菜单上写的是noodles with ingredients(带配料的面条),在配照片的菜单上只简单地写着pork noodles(猪肉面条)。The widest noodles of all lurk in a nearly red broth mobbed by hunks of beef, cabbage and whorls of onion, with the added vehemence of doubanjiang, hot fermented bean paste, in the style of Sichuan Province to the southwest.最宽的面条隐藏在近乎红色的汤里,被牛肉块、卷心菜和洋葱卷包围,调料是浓烈的豆瓣酱(来自中国西南部的四川省)。Yes, the tiles are slightly grubby. There are only a few stools along an orange wall. The Manhattan Bridge rattles above. You must pay in cash, but this is easy at .25 a skewer, with not a dish over .是的,瓷砖有点脏。只有几张凳子放在一面橘色的墙边。曼哈顿大桥的喧闹在头顶响起。必须用现金付,但这不是什么问题,因为一个烤串才1.25美元,一餐不会超过8美元。On a recent evening, after my friends and I had finished eating at the counter, Ms. Wang bustled out from behind the cash register, smiling and making shooing gestures. There were customers waiting on the sidewalk, and we’d lingered long enough.前不久的一个晚上,我和朋友们在柜台边用完餐,王女士急忙从收银台后面跑过来,微笑着示意我们离开。人行道上有顾客在等,我们逗留的时间太长了。 /201409/329878

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