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贾斯汀比伯电影《Justin Bieber's Believe -- :8:1 来源: 贾斯汀比伯电影《Justin Bieber's Believe贾斯汀比伯宣称人们“忘记了我也是个人”他说他的第二部纪录片《Justin Bieber's Believe显示了被媒体“欺侮”后他是怎样重回顶端的Justin Bieber claims people "get he is a human being."The 'Confident' star says his second documentary film, 'Justin Bieber's Believe', shows how he has risen back to the top after being "bullied" by the media.Speaking to radio show 'On Air with Ryan Seacrest', he said: "People don't get to see me living as a 19-year-old boy. I'm still finding myself and when I have the media attacking me everyday, it's no [different] than bullying that happens in school. "I think this movie really shows who I am as a person ... of course I make mistakes growing up. And I'm not perfect ... people get I'm a human being [and] I have to make mistakes and grow stronger."Justin - who has had an eventful year which has seen him criticised spraying graffiti in Brazil and getting into trouble swearing at customs officers in Australia - also said he uses his large collection of tattoos as a way to express his feelings, although he admits getting them inked always hurts.He added: "My arm is pretty much filled up now. It's a way to express myself a little bit, little moments in my life I go through. "I've gone through about eight to ten sessions of about two hours each of work. Each time I get them I'm always thinking 'Man, what was I thinking, I don't remember this [pain] last time.'"I design them myself, each one and the placement. I'm really an animal guy. I feel like my expression is a tiger, that's why I have a big tiger." 贾斯汀比伯电影 Justin Bieber's Believe《纸牌屋第三季五个看点指路 -- ::19 来源:   I have managed to watch the first four episodes of the 3rd season you, to give you a preview. This preview gives you just enough to know what's going on, but not enough to ruin anything. And there are no spoilers here.  我看了第三季的前集,给大家一个预告这个预告只会告诉你大致发生了什么,但不会剧透任何细节  1. Faster, Leaner Quicker  1.节奏更快  The biggest problem with "House of Cards" Season 1, is that it was incredibly slow, like first season of "Breaking Bad" slow. Season got a little better on pacing but the plot still meandered near the 3rd act.  该剧第一季最大的问题就是节奏太慢,和《绝命毒师的第一季一样慢第二季的时候稍微好点了,但是剧情结构依然松松散散  Like any good trilogy "House of Cards" seems to have worked out the bugs in this third season. The stories are much more self-contained and the pacing is better.  和其他经典的三季剧集一样,《纸牌屋似乎在第三季中将之前出现的所有问题都解决了剧情更加独立完整,节奏恰到好处  . Everybody Hates Frank  .大家都讨厌弗兰克  Until this season Frank Underwood was like the Batman of Washington D.C. Somehow, someway this congressman from South Carolina always managed to outsmart, outplan and outwit superpower foes and allies alike despite being a mortal man. It was cute in the first season but by season it just got ridiculous.  到这季为止,弗兰克·安德伍德就像是华盛顿的蝙蝠侠不知怎的,这位来自南卡罗来纳州的国会议员尽管只是一个普通人,可却处总能在各个方面超过他的对手和同盟第一季的时候感觉很可爱,可第二季时就开始有点可笑  tunately Season 3 begins with a bit of course correction. While Claire and Frank's plans are just as diabolical as in the past, everyone else in the show seems to have grown up and wised up. So while there are fewer over the top mind games, the show is actually more complex as Frank has to deal with real power dynamics and not a punch of political straw men.  好在第三季开始的时候有所改善除了克莱尔和弗兰克的计划依然和以前一样残忍之外,剧中的其他人似乎都成熟了、觉醒了所以虽然智力上的较量不多,但该季剧情实际上更加复杂了,因为弗兰克开始需要对付真正的强大对手了,而不再只是一群政治假想敌  3. Bring On The Think Pieces  3.引发更多的思考  "House of Cards" is a political phenomenon that gives journalists, pundits and commentators the Rorschach test they always dream of. This season can be seen from several vastly different political angles.  《纸牌屋是一种政治现象,它给了记者、员们一个类似做罗夏墨迹测验的机会这一季也不例外,可以从多个不同的政治角度来看  It was clear that the original British program from 1990 was a critique of the final years of Margaret Thatcher but Season 3 seems much less about skewering a particular administration than it is about telling Frank's unique journey.  很明显,1990年该剧的英国原版是对撒切尔夫人作为英国首相的最后几年的一种批判,但是美版第三季中似乎没有针对任何一个具体的政府,而只是简单讲述弗兰克这个人物的故事  . Breakout Permances  .两个亮点  Just four episodes in, there are two definitive stand outs in season 3. The first is Lars Mikkelsen who plays fictional Russian President Victor Petrov. He is outstanding in his portrayal of what is likely the most realistic and fascinating depiction of Vladimir Putin, interacting with a U.S. president.  虽然只看了前集,但已经能看出第三季中的两个亮点第一个是扮演剧中俄罗斯总统的拉斯·米科尔森他的外形与现任俄罗斯总统普京确实非常像,而且他在角色的刻画以及与剧中美国总统的互动方面都表演的非常到位  The second breakout is Elizabeth Marvel as Heather Dunbar, the solicitor general who brought down president Walker and is now taking on a major role in the third season. Her depiction of power and savvy, and the lectures she gives to Frank Underwood in the Oval office will resonate throughout this entire series.  第二个亮点是扮演希瑟·邓巴的伊丽莎白·马弗尔,这位将前总统沃克拉下台的司法部副部长在第三季中成为了主要角色她对权力和机智的刻画,以及她在椭圆形办公室向弗兰克·安德伍德做的演讲贯穿整个剧集  5. Predictions  5. 预测  I must admit, that to fulfill my "House of Cards" longing during the summer of , I cheated a bit and watched the final season of the original British version of the show, "House of Cards: the Final Cut." The seasons are playing out a bit differently in partbecause the UK seasons were only about episodes a piece and the American version is episodes long.  我必须承认,去年夏天为了满足我自己对《纸牌屋的期望,我去看了这部剧英国版本的最后一季两个版本有不同之处,英版一季只有集,而美版一季有集  Further, the cast of characters in the American version are much more varied and the show is much less satirical and more of a straight drama than the original version. That said, all signs point to a less than stellar end Frank and Clare Underwood.  另外美版的角色也更多,相比英国原版,讽刺性没那么强所有迹象都表明弗兰克和克莱尔·安德伍德的结局不会特别好 纸牌 看点 季五个

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 How to get rid of procrastination? 如何摆脱拖延症?Finish it.坚持完成Not taking the first step to start accomplishing something can make you feel bad. 没有迈开第一步去完成某事会让你感到糟糕,但没有完成已经开始的事情也会让你变得情绪低落But not finishing what you have started can also leave you in a sort of negative funk. 你会感到疲倦或压力重重,有时你甚至也搞不懂到底怎么了You feel fatigued or stressed and sometimes you don’t even know why. It’s like someone zapped your inner power.就好像有什么东西掏空了你内心的力量一样If that is the case, go over tasks and projects what you are currently involved in. 如果你遇到了这种情况,那就去回顾一下自己已经着手的任务或项目吧Is there something there you know you want to finish but haven’t yet? Try to get that finished as soon as you can you will start to feel a whole lot better.你是不是有什么想完成的事情、但一直还没去做?试着尽快去搞定它吧,搞定后你肯定会感到大为畅快的! accomplish 完成; 达到(目的); 走完(路程、距离等); 使完美例句:He is a man who will spoil rather than accomplish things.他这个人成事不足,坏事有余 involve in 使参与[陷入,牵扯到]; 婵媛例句:They expostulate with him about the risk involve in his plan.他们指出他的计划有风险,劝他放弃 更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 3375

上学第一天怎么样- :55:37 A:Hey! How was your first day of class? I’m in level two and I’m loving my class this semester! It’s great being in a class of international students!嘿!上学第一天怎么样?我在第年级,我喜欢这学期的课在一个满是国际生的班级中感觉很棒B:Mine was ok, except that no one in my class speaks English. I guess it will ce me to converse in Chinese more in class so at least I should improve a lot this semester.我还可以,就是班里没人说英语我想那会迫使我在课堂上多用中文交流,至少这学期我会大幅度提高中文水平A:That’s both tunate and untunate. It’s the ed Nations in my class! We have people from all over the world! There are three Germans, a Pole, a Scottish, two French, an American, a Brazilian, 那既是幸运的又是不幸的我们班就是个小联合国学生来自全世界各地有3个希腊人,1个波兰人,1个英国人,个法国人,1个美国,1个巴西人,1个智利人,1个新西兰人尽管他更愿称自己是Kiwi人还有别国得人吗?还有1个洛哥人,1个多哥人,1个巴基斯坦人,个印尼人B:That’s quite the array of nationalities. Everyone in my class is from Asia, except me. There are a few South Koreans, several Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Singaporean, Filipino, Kazakhstani, and o有这么多国籍我们班的每个人除了我都来自亚洲,有些韩国人,一些日本人,还有马来西亚人,泰国人,新加坡人,菲律宾人,哈萨克斯坦人,以及一个俄国人A:Well, I think you’re pretty lucky actually. You’ll have the opporty to learn so much about Asian culture.我认为你很幸运你有机会来学习亚洲的文化B:I guess so, but I think it’s going to be hard to relate to my classmates, especially with the language barrier. I think I might change classes.我也这么想,但我想和同学们交流有点难度,尤其是有语言障碍我想我得换班A:Don’t! Stay the course! Your spoken Chinese will be eternally grateful. I bet you it will even surpass mine with all that practice.别要坚持到最后你说汉语的口语能力最终一定很强我打赌在如此多的练习下你会超过我的汉语水平B:I highly doubt it. Your girlfriend is Chinese.我对此很怀疑你女朋友是中国人A:Well, there is that, yes.确实是

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