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Millions of Americans enjoy playing golf. But golf courses are not known to be environmentally friendly. They demand a lot of fresh water, fertilizers and herbicides to keep them looking green. That’s true of most golf courses. But let’s look at one that is trying something different. This is the Miami Beach Golf Club. The grass used here is called “seashore paspalum”. “It’s the most environmentally friendly grass in the world.” Dr. Ron Duncan is a turf researcher at the University of Georgia and a leading expert on seashore paspalum. “And environmentally friendly from the standpoint that you can save the potable water use from the human side and utilize all other alternative water sources like brackish water or water out of sewage plants to irrigate this grass. Also you have a reduced management budget because it requires about half the fertilizers that you normally use on the other grasses. Also you can save on pesticide use.” What makes seashore paspalum so special is that it can survive and thrive in high-salt environments. So brackish water or partially salty water can be used to irrigate this grass. This translates into big savings for the golf course. “We estimate at this point we are gonna reduce our dependency on fresh water by about 65-75%, that'll save us somewhere, in a range of 175-200 thousand dollars annually on fresh water.” Steve Forrest is the architect who designed this golf course. He says seashore paspalum has other advantages besides being environmentally friendly. “This grass is able to provide a striping pattern and the black you would see on a football field or if you are vacuuming your carpet. This grass is also greener or darker green in texture, so you can again have different contrast in color throughout the golf course which is desirable from the architectural standpoint of view.” So do golfers rate seashore paspalum as a birdie or a bogie? “I will definitely come back and I was very impressed to it." "We've come down the play three rounds and we've played at three different courses and this is by far the best.” “The end use is here, it’s not in my research plot, it’s not at the University of Georgia. It’s where it's gonna be used. And the acceptance of the golfers now, and various people trying this grass in a lot of different areas, that’s the pleasure that I’m getting.”Seashore paspalum appears to be a green solution that's par for the course.参考中文翻译:许多美国人喜欢打高尔夫球。但是高尔夫球场对环境不是那么好,因为需要许多淡水,肥料和除草剂使球场保持绿色。对许多高尔夫球场来说却是需要这样。但是看一下这个高尔夫球场,他们正在尝试一些不同的方法。这就是迈阿密沙滩高尔夫俱乐部。这里用的草叫做海滨雀稗(“seashore paspalum”)。“这是世界上最环保的草。”Dr. Ron Duncan是佐治亚大学的草地研究者,也是海滨雀稗方面的领先专家。“这种草比较环保是从以下角度来讲的,可以为人类节约可饮用水,可以利用其它水源,比如咸水或者污水厂的水来灌溉这种草。同时可以减少预算管理,因为这种草只需要相当于其他草一半的肥料,还可以减少杀虫剂的用量。”海滨雀稗如此特别是因为它可以在高盐度的环境中生存繁荣,所以咸水可以用来灌溉。这可以为高尔夫球场节约很多费用。“从这一点来看,我们估计可以减少淡水用量65%到75%,在淡水方面每年可以为我们节约17.5到20万美元。”Steve Forrest是设计高尔夫球场的建筑师。他说海滨雀稗除了对环境比较好之外还有其他方面的优势。“这种草可以提供一种条形图案,在足球场上或者对地毯进行真空处理的时候可以看到。在质地方面,这种草颜色更绿,或者说颜色更深,所以从建筑的角度来讲,也可以从颜色方面和其他高尔夫球场进行对比。”那么打高尔夫球的人对海滨雀稗评价如何呢?“我以后一定还会再来,我对这种球场印象非常深刻。”“我们在三个不同的球场打了三场球,这绝对是最好的一次。”“使用终端是在这里,而不是在我的研究点佐治亚大学。这是应该利用的地方。被打高尔夫球队人接受,并且很多人尝试在其他不同的场所使用这种草是我最高兴的地方。”海滨雀稗似乎是高尔夫球场的绿色解决方案。 200812/57787Asian Markets Tumble Over Lingering Concerns About Economy亚洲股市忧虑全球经济前景纷暴跌 Concerns about prospects for the global economy sent Asian shares falling, reversing gains made after Barack Obama became the U.S. president-elect. Markets in South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan all fell, although in Australia, a senior member of the government said the worst of the financial crisis has passed. 由于对全球经济前景的担忧,亚洲股市星期四损失惨重。奥巴马当选美国总统后对亚洲股市上涨的利好消息一扫而光。韩国、香港、日本股市纷纷暴跌。不过,澳大利亚政府一名高级官员说,金融危机的最艰难时刻已经过去。The share market euphoria that greeted Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election did not last long. 奥巴马赢得美国总统大选后带给亚洲股市的短暂欢愉并没有持续很久。Asian markets tumbled Thursday, a day after celebrating the Illinois senator's historic win, because of lingering concerns about fundamental flaws in the global economy. Most Asian markets had risen Wednesday on the election results. 由于投资者对全球经济存在的根本性问题的担忧挥之不去,在庆祝奥巴马这位美国伊利诺伊拉州参议员赢得历史性胜利的一天之后,亚洲股市星期四暴跌。而星期三,在美国的选举结果出台后,亚洲许多股市应声上涨。South Korea's main Kospi index lost more than seven percent, and steel and auto exporters were the big losers - a sobering reversal after five sessions of gains. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index fell almost as much and Japan's Nikkei also slumped by more than 6.5 percent. 韩国综合股价指数在经历了连续五个交易日上涨后出现下跌,跌幅超过7%,其中钢铁和汽车出口类股跌幅最大。香港恒生指数出现差不多的跌幅。日本日经指数下跌超过6.5%。Japanese carmakers suffered. Shares in Toyota plunged more than 10 percent on worries about sliding earnings. The company cut its profit forecast for the current year by more than half to 550 billion yen. Shares in rival Isuzu Motors also fell. 日本汽车制造业损失惨重。丰田股价惨跌10%以上,原因是投资者担心赢利下滑。丰田公司此前预测今年利润将下降过半,为5500亿日圆。五十铃汽车股价也下跌。The global gloom followed the release of economic data in the ed States that showed deep cuts in employment in October. 在股市一片愁云惨淡之前,美国公布经济数据显示10月份的就业显著减少。Despite such widesp pessimism, Australian Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner thinks the worst of the global financial crisis is over. 尽管大多数人被一片悲观情绪笼罩,澳大利亚联邦财政部长坦纳却认为,全球危机最糟糕的时刻已经过去。"Nobody can predict what these international pressures will do. I'm optimistic that things have improved and that we've have seen the worst of these circumstances in the ed States and in Europe," said Tanner. "But we will be doing everything we can to push back against these very powerful economic forces." 他说:“没有人能预测这些国际压力会带来什么样的后果。我很乐观,我认为问题已经得到改善。我们已经看到了欧洲和美国最糟糕的时刻。我们将尽自己的一切所能,减少这些经济力量带来的影响。”Australia's main stock index closed down more than four percent Thursday after post-election jitters about the American economy sent Wall Street into a nosedive overnight. 澳大利亚主要股指星期四下跌了4%以上,原因是选举后对美国经济担忧让华尔街一夜之间暴跌。The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than five percent because of renewed concerns over a deep recession in the ed States. 由于投资者再次担心美国经济进一步衰退,道琼斯工业指数下跌5%以上。200811/55347Hu's coup胡的精囊妙计Why a tiny deal by a Chinese bank in America matters为什么中国的小小生意能够影响美国THE price is so trivial it will not have a discernible impact on the buyer, IC, the Chinese bank that is the world’s biggest by value. By the time the acquisition is approved, it may well have been forgotten by most outsiders. And yet, it could be a transformative deal whose full implications will take years to emerge.如此微不足道的价格,对于坐拥世界最大市值的中国工商这种买家来说恐怕没什么显而易见的影响。等它的战略价值被众所周知的时候,这笔买卖可能早就已经被大多数局外人抛诸脑后了。但它的变革性意义将在数年之后完整地突显出来。Almost lost amid the many transactions signed on January 21st to coincide with the visit of China’s President Hu Jintao to America was an agreement by IC to buy 80% of the Bank of East Asia’s small, almost profitless, retail-branch network in New York and California for 0m. If approved, the transaction would be significant because for the first time a Chinese mainland bank would have activities operating under America’s regulatory framework. But its importance goes beyond that. A tick in the box by American regulators, expected by the end of the year, would mean that they have endorsed the soundness of China’s government controlled and politically directed banking system. That has been a barrier to Chinese banks expanding in America.中国工商将以1亿4000万美元购得东亚于纽约和加利福尼亚的两家小到几乎毫无收益可言的零售业务及其运营网络。这份于1月21日签署的合同几乎被遗忘在随中国国家主席胡锦涛的美国之行而来的众多交易之中。然而一旦其获准生效,这笔交易将是有意义的,因为这是中国大陆首次于美国控制的框架下运营。而且它的重要性远不止于此。这对于美国的管理者来说是一个标志,这意味着到今年末的时候,他们就等于赞同了中国政府控制,政治导向的系统。而这在过去一直是中国在美国扩展的阻碍。In recent years American supervisors have stopped short of granting full approval for Chinese firms, instead allowing them only to provide wholesale services to companies. Even then, in at least one case, supervisors have insisted that the permit be contingent on further improvements in the Chinese firm’s operating procedures. A licence for a retail operation must pass a higher threshold since local branches will be covered by America’s deposit-insurance umbrella. That, in turn, involves approving not only the operations of the bank that is entering America but also its home regulator, to ensure it is shipshape—in the jargon, that it can provide “consolidated comprehensive supervision”. In theory, the Federal Reserve’s examiners will now need access to the operations not only of China’s largest bank but of its regulators.近年来美国监管者已经停止了对中国公司完整授权许可的短缺控制,取而代之的是仅仅允许他们为其他公司提供大规模金融批发务。即使那样,至少在个案来说,监管者们已经坚持了颁发许可取决于中国企业自身运营状况的程序。由于本土分机构位于美国储蓄保险的保护伞下,取得零售金融务的执照必须通过更高的门槛。如此一来,获准进入美国市场不仅关乎自身的运作,还关乎它本国的管理者是否能够保它的“整洁干净”——用行业术语来说,就是它能够提供“牢靠并且系统的监管”。理论上来说,联邦储备审查官员现在需要批准的运营系统不仅属于中国最大的,还属于它的母国管理者。201107/143691

New Mexicorsquo;s governor新墨西哥州州长How to grab them怎样赢得人心Susana Martinez shows how Republicans might one day woo Latinos苏珊娜bull;马丁内斯的作为表明,也许有一天共和党会迎合拉美裔人The Republicansrsquo; new weapon共和党的新武器TORIBIO ORTEGA, who supposedly fired the first shot in the Mexican Revolution a century ago, would have been surprised if told that a descendant of his would one day run an American state. So would Adolfo Martinez, another Mexican revolutionary, who crossed the sparsely patrolled border into America in the 1920s (whether legally or not is unclear from census records). But today Susana Martinez of New Mexico, great-granddaughter of the former and granddaughter of the latter, does just that: she is Americarsquo;s first Latina governor.一般认为,是托里比奥bull;奥尔特加打响了一个世纪以前墨西哥革命的第一。这名革命者如果知道有一天他的后人会当上美国州长,一定会惊讶得目瞪口呆。要是换成阿道夫bull;马丁内斯,也会一样惊讶。他也是墨西哥革命者,在上个世纪二十年代穿越了防备松懈的边境进入美国(从人口普查数据无法得知此次越境是否合法)。而今天,奥尔特加的曾外孙女,同时也是马丁内斯的孙女,苏珊娜bull;马丁内斯确实做到了:她当上了新墨西哥州州长,成为了美国历史上第一位拉丁裔女州长。Her Democratic predecessor, Bill Richardson, is of Mexican descent on his motherrsquo;s side. And Brian Sandoval in Nevada is both Latino and Republican. But Ms Martinez is the only governor who is simultaneously Hispanic, female and Republican. As such, she seems well on the way to embodying the partyrsquo;s hoped-for future as a conservative movement that can appeal to, rather than repel, Latinos, Americarsquo;s fastest-growing main ethnic group.前任州长、民主党人比尔bull;理查森的母亲是墨西哥人。内华达州州长布莱恩bull;桑多瓦尔既是拉丁裔又是共和党人。但是马丁内斯是唯一一名共和党拉丁裔的女性州长。由于她的特殊身份,马丁内斯似乎正在成为一种形象,代表着共和党所希望的未来:即把共和党转变为一个吸引,而不是压制美国增长最快的主要民族群体-拉美裔人的保守派运动。This is why many Republican strategists are now studying her. New Mexico, which has the highest share (almost half) of Latinos of any state in the country, is, along with Colorado and Nevada, an important swing state for 2012. John McCain, the Republican candidate last time and a senator from Arizona, thinks that Latinos are up for grabs in these states and even in his own, if Republicans will just change their nativist tone.这就是为什么现在有众多共和党战略家研究她的策略。新墨西哥州人口中拉美裔的比例全国最高,接近总人口的一半。它和科罗拉多以及内华达州一样,都是2012年大选中重要的;摇摆州;(swing state,竞选双方势均力敌,都没有明显优势的州)。上一届总统选举时共和党总统候选人、亚利桑那州参议员约翰bull;麦凯恩认为,如果共和党改变他们排斥移民的本土主义论调,那么上述三个州、甚至亚利桑那州的拉美裔人都是可以争取到的。This is old news to Ms Martinez. Sitting in Santa Fersquo;s remarkably informal Roundhouse, as the state capitol is nicknamed in homage to old Navajo hogans, she describes her conversion to Republicanism as a Damascene moment. Like most Latinos, she and her husband, Chuck Franco, started out as Democrats ;because our parents were;. Then, one day in the 1990s, she and Mr Franco had lunch with two local Republicans. ;They just asked questions, never asked us to switch party,; recalls Ms Martinez. And yet, as they sat in the car after the lunch, Ms Martinez turned to her husband and said, ;Chuck, wersquo;re Republicans. What do we do now?;这种说法对于马丁内斯来说已经是陈词滥调。她正坐在圣达菲的带有强烈异族风格的名为;圆屋;的州议会大厦中;;起这个名字是为了纪念印第安纳瓦霍的古老的木条泥屋;;描述她从一名民主党人转变成一名共和党人的过程,说这是一次信仰的颠覆。像大多数的拉丁裔人一样,她和丈夫查克bull;弗朗哥一开始都是民主党人;因为我们的双亲都是民主党人;。上个世纪九十年代的某一天,夫妻俩和当地的两名共和党共进午餐。;他们只是问一些问题,但是根本没有让我们改变党派。;马丁内斯回忆说。然而,午餐后夫妻俩回到车中,马丁内斯转向丈夫,说:;查克,我觉得我们现在是共和党人了。怎么办?;She is only now beginning to work out her answer. Last year, when she ran for governor, she focused less on philosophy and more [colorRed]on fatigue with Mr Richardson, a Democrat who was termed out of office but had a reputation for sleaze. (A probe by a grand jury, the latest of several, is investigating alleged campaign-finance problems dating to his run for president in 2008.)而直到现在她才开始寻找这个问题的。去年竞选州长时,她没有过分宣传自己的理念,而是主要利用人们对理查森的厌倦争取持。民主党人理查森带着昭著的臭名期满离任。(一个大陪审团已经对他展开调查,最近的是调查他2008年参加总统竞选时的竞选融资问题。)So Ms Martinez, so far, has simply tried to represent clean government. Her most photogenic act was to sell the state jet, a Cessna Citation Bravo, which Mr Richardson, she implied, had used as ;a personal air taxi;. She even fired his cooks.因此,到目前为止马丁内斯都只是在努力建立一个清廉的政府。她最值得夸耀的举动就是卖掉了州政府中的Cessna Citation Bravo 喷气机,她说理查森曾经将这架喷气机用作;私人空中的士;。她甚至还解雇了理查森的厨师。165639

President Obama says the tax cut compromise reached with Republicans will help grow the U.S. economy.奥巴马总统说,与共和党人在减税方面达成的妥协措施将帮助美国经济增长。"Independent experts have concluded that, taken together, this package of tax cuts will significantly accelerate the pace of our economic recovery, spurring additional jobs and growth," said President Obama.他说:“独立专家们得出的结论认为,总的说来,这一减税方案将加快我国经济复苏的速度,增加更多的就业机会,并且促进经济增长。”Mr. Obama encouraged business owners to take advantage of a new incentive included in the legislation that allows any business to write off the full cost of most of their capital investments for one year.奥巴马鼓励企业主利用这一立法的一项新的刺激措施,该措施允许任何企业在一年内注销大多数资本投资的全部金额。The president said this will make it more affordable for businesses to expand and hire, a goal he said should be the government's focus in the coming months.奥巴马总统说,这使得企业更有经济能力进行扩展,并且雇佣新雇员,他说这该是美国政府今后几个月的重点目标。"Our fundamental mission must be to accelerate hiring and growth, while we do the things we know are necessary to insure America’s leadership in an increasingly competitive world and build an economy that will provide opportunity to any American willing to work for it," added Obama.奥巴马说:“我们的根本使命必须是加快雇佣新人并且促使经济增长,与此同时,我们做我们知道必须要做的工作,以确保美国在竞争日益激烈的世界上维持主导地位、并且建设美国经济,为乐意付出努力的美国人提供良机。”He also said the package will result in higher paychecks for workers and more money for families, and benefit millions of students through a continued tuition tax credit.他还说,该方案将提高人们的工资,使家庭有更多的钱,并且通过延续学费税务优惠而有利于几百万学生。Many Democrats in Congress had objected strongly to continuing all tax cuts for the richest Americans, and complained that Mr. Obama had sacrificed his principles to get an agreement. 国会内的许多民主党人曾经强烈反对为最富有的美国人延续所有的减税措施,并且抱怨说,奥巴马为了达成协议而牺牲了他的原则。201101/122968

Why horses have skinny legs? Whatrsquo;s the use of a skinny leg? The answer is Running. The skinniest lower legs belong to the fastest runners. Think of how a deer can move, as opposed to a tortoise. Why is that? Itrsquo;s because when you run, or indeed walk, you are constantly swinging the bottom halves of your legs. For humans, one foot is stopped and essentially resting on the ground while the other is moving twice as fast as your overall speed.为什么马的腿很细?一个瘦小的腿有什么用?是奔跑。最快的奔跑着长着最细的腿属。想想鹿是怎样移动的,它和龟完全不一样。这是为什么?这是因为当你奔跑或行走是,你会不断摆动腿的下半部。对于人类来说,一只脚已停止,实际上是停留在地面上休息,而另只脚正以整体速度的两倍移动。skinny adj. 皮包骨头的, 很瘦的tortoise n. 龟, 行动迟缓的人essentially adv. 实质上overall adj. 从头到尾的; 总的164031

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