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Chinese President Xi Jinping said China#39;s days of breakneck growth are over as the world#39;s No. 2 economy tries to balance expansion with sustainability and increasing environmental awareness.中国国家主席习近平周一对参加鳌论坛的商界领袖表示,中国经济的超高速增长时代已经结束,中国将寻求在经济增长与可持续发展及增强环保意识之间找到平衡点。Speaking before business leaders at the Boao Forum for Asia in southern China on Monday, Mr. Xi said #39;it#39;s not impossible to grow faster, #39; but added, #39;we don#39;t want to grow too fast.#39;习近平表示,中国经济增长速度再快一点,非不能也,而不为也。#39;I don#39;t think China can sustain super-high or ultra-high-speed growth, #39; he said, citing the need to balance economic growth with other issues. He said China#39;s slowdown last year to 7.8% economic growth is #39;partially due to our efforts to control the speed of growth.#39;习近平称,中国经济增长超高水平就不会保持了,也不必要保持,也不能保持,这是因为需要将经济增长与其他因素结合起来考虑。他表示,中国去年经济增速放缓至7.8%,这在一定程度上是中国主动控制速度的结果。Last year#39;s growth was the slowest pace since 1999 due to weakened global demand for its exports as well as officials#39; efforts to rein in growth to more sustainable levels. Those efforts included limiting lending in the first half of last year and tightening controls on the property market to quell rising housing costs.由于全球需求下滑,同时中国采取了一些为经济增速降温的措施,去年中国经济增速为1999年以来最慢。中国在去年上半年对信贷进行了控制,此外还加强了对房地产市场的调控。Chinese officials have signaled in recent years that the nation#39;s superfast growth streak wasn#39;t sustainable. Beijing over the past two years has kept its growth target at 7.5% compared with the 8% of previous years.中国官员近几年已暗示,中国超高速的经济增长不是可持续的。过去两年,中国政府将经济增长目标维持在7.5%,而之前几年一直都是8%。While China regularly surpasses its growth target, the drop sends a signal that Beijing is seeking a controlled slowdown.尽管中国经济实际增速通常会超过目标,但下调增长目标本身传递出中国希望为经济降温的信号。Mr. Xi#39;s comments come as China grapples with a host of environmental issues that result from its surging growth, such as hazardous air in Beijing and other parts of the country and persistent water pollution -- a problem highlighted with the discovery of thousands of dead pigs last month in waterways that fill taps in Shanghai.中国经济高速增长的同时也带来了一系列环境问题,例如北京及全国其他地区严重的雾霾和水资源污染等问题。China is also moving to tap more of its growth from consumption and rely less on the big-ticket investment projects like highways and airports that have led to growth in previous years -- a shift economists both inside and outside the country say is required to ensure steady future growth.中国正逐步转向内需拉动型经济增长模式,减少公路、机场等投资项目的依赖,国内外经济学家称均认为,中国需要转变增长模式来确保未来的稳定增长。Speaking at a roundtable discussion with Asian and global business leaders at the Boao forum, Mr. Xi said China will sustain #39;relatively high#39; growth but will also look at fostering green development. #39;Realizing those goals will bring vitality and strength to China#39;s economy, #39; he said.习近平在出席鳌论坛的中外企业家代表座谈会时表示,中国经济增速完全可能继续保持较高的水平,但也将下大力气推进绿色发展,实现这些目标将给中国经济源源不断注入新的活力和动力。Mr. Xi said the global economic recovery is #39;fraught with instability and uncertainty, #39; alluding to the sovereign-debt crisis in Europe and high unemployment in Western economies.习近平表示,当前世界经济复苏仍然充满不稳定和不确定因素。这暗指欧洲主权债务危机和西方经济体的高失业率局面。By contrast, he said #39;China#39;s economy is in good shape#39; and its upward trajectory can be sustained #39;for a long period of time.#39;在谈到中国经济时,习近平称,中国发展形势总的是好的,中国在今后相当长时期仍处于发展的上升期,工业化、信息化、城镇化、农业现代化带来的发展空间还很大。 /201304/235971ON A snowy trail that cuts around the trees is a neat line of paw prints which look as though they were made by a domestic dog. But Heidi Garbe, a research scientist with the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, can tell that they were made by a special kind of dog: Canis latrans, the coyote. Its footprint is more oval and its tracks more linear than those made by any household pet.树周围的雪地上有一行清晰可见的爪印,看上去像是家养留下的。但是 Max McGraw野生动物基金会的研究科学家Heidi Garbe却能分辨出这是一种特别的的足迹——郊狼,即丛林狼。他们的爪印更椭圆,留下的踪迹比任何家养宠物都更直。Around 2,000 coyotes are reckoned to live in Chicago and its suburbs, and it seems likely that the animal is thriving in many other built-up parts of the country. Once restricted to the south-western ed States, it sp across the continent during the 20th century and more recently made its way into large metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Boston and even New York. In 2010 a particularly intrepid specimen was caught in a parking lot in Tribeca, a trendy neighbourhood in Manhattan.芝加哥市内和郊外发现了大约2000头丛林狼, 它们似乎也在美国其他建筑物多的城市里迅速繁衍。它们曾经在限制在美国的西南部生活,在20世纪在美洲大陆扩散开来,现在又进入大都市比如洛杉矶、波士顿甚至纽约。2010年,人们在翠贝卡 Tribeca的一个停车场抓到一只胆大的,这里可是曼哈顿附近一个热闹的街区啊。In Chicago, the Cook County Coyote Project has been trying to understand how the species is conquering the metropolis. Part of the answer is that the coyote is clever, extremely adaptable and reproduces quickly. They are opportunistic eaters and will eagerly consume rabbits, rats, Canada geese, fruit, insects and family pets. They may also be filling an empty niche for a top predator that was once filled by wolves.在芝加哥,库克丛林狼项目试图研究这个物种是如何侵占到大都市里来的。丛林狼的聪明是其中一个原因,他们具有极强的适应性和快速繁殖的能力。他们是机会主义食者,什么都吃,兔子、老鼠、加拿大雁、水果、昆虫还有宠物。他们可能填补了曾经是狼的顶级掠食者的空缺。Scientists on the project are also trying to investigate how the urban animals differ from their rural cousins. For example, the city slickers have smaller territories, live at higher densities and live for longer than their rustic cousins. Such discoveries suggest that the coyote is probably thriving in American cities rather than clinging on at its edges.项目的科学家还试图研究城市里的动物和它们在农村的表亲有何不同。比如,城市佬们地盘更小,居住密度更大,更长寿。这些发现表明丛林狼在城市里蓬勃发展,而不是处在生存的边缘。In rural America the coyote remains strongly disliked—partly because it attacks livestock—and is often hunted or trapped. By contrast, urban America is developing quite an affection for the animal. In February a hunting contest in Modoc County, California, drew thousands of complaints to the authorities (it went ahead anyway)在美国农村地区,丛林狼仍是非常地不受欢迎,往往被人们追捕或设陷阱捉住。因此相比之下,它们就更喜欢城市了。2月在加州莫多克郡举行了狩猎比赛引起几千人对当地政府的抗议,但仍没能阻止比赛。Coyotes rarely attack humans. Between 1960 and 2006 there were only 159 reported cases of bites across North America. By comparison in 2012 there were 5,000 reported bites by domestic dogs in Cook County, which contains Chicago, alone. Nonetheless, in 2009 a young woman was killed by coyotes while hiking in Nova Scotia; scientists do not understand why. One suggestion is that the animals found in eastern America are a coyote-wolf hybrid that hunt more frequently in packs and can take down larger prey.丛林狼几乎从不攻击人类。1960年到2006年期间,北美只报告了159例丛林狼咬人的案件。而仅在2012年,芝加哥所在的库克郡就报告了5000例家养咬人的案件。但是2009年一个年轻女子在新斯科舍爬山的时候被一只丛林狼杀害,科学家至今没有找到合理的解释。有一种猜测是美国东部有丛林狼和狼的杂交物种,它们经常集体捕猎,能够搞定大型的猎物。In America’s cities the key to the coyote’s success is its virtual invisibility, and sightings of the animal during the recent mating season were unusual enough to have been the subject of news reports. This is no accident. Those who watch the beasts say that the coyote is more nocturnal when it lives in cities than when it is in the wild, which has undoubtedly helped its quiet conquest of parts of metropolitan America. Most people do not actually know they have coyotes living in their neighbourhood, says Ms Garbe, and conflicts only arise when an individual becomes a problem—perhaps having developed a taste for kitchen scraps or possibly Tiddles the cat. Once known as the “ghosts of the plains” coyotes are increasingly known as the “ghosts of the cities”. But as long as they stick to the shadows their future looks secure.丛林狼在美国城市之所以能成功生存下来是因为它们擅长隐藏自己,我们能在丛林狼的交配季节在新闻报道中读到它们的信息已经是不寻常了。这不是偶然。观察过丛林狼的人会知道,它们在城市的时候会倾向于夜行,这点无疑帮助了它们悄悄地占领美国的大都市。根据 Garbe先生,大部分人甚至不知道他们周围有丛林狼,只有当它们中的个别成为问题,比如他们爱上吃剩饭或者宠物猫的时候,与人的矛盾才会激化。曾经被称为“平原幽灵”的丛林狼已经逐渐变成了“城市幽灵”,但只要他们保持低调,未来的生活还是很有安全的。 /201303/229129

1st transmission of electricityNovember 16,1896, First transmission of electricity between a power plant and a city was sent from the Niagara Falls hydroelectric plant to industries in Buffalo, New York.首次电力传输1896年的11月16日,尼亚加拉瀑布水力发电站与位于纽约州布法罗的工业区间进行了首次发电站与城市间的电力传输。Vacuum tube is inventedNovember 16,1904, John Ambrose Fleming invents the vacuum tube.真空管被发明 1904年的11月16日,约翰·安布鲁斯·弗莱明发明了真空管。46th U.S. stateNovember 16,1907, Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory become Oklahoma and are admitted as the 46th U.S. state. 美国第四十六州 1907年的11月16日,印第安与俄克拉荷马领土被归入俄克拉荷马并被承认为美国的第46个州。Fed of the U.S. officially opensNovember 16,1914, The Federal Reserve Bank of the ed States officially opens. 美联储开行1914年的11月16日,美国联邦储备正式开行。Australian Qantas is registeredNovember 16,1920, Qantas, the national airline of Australia is registered as an aerial carrier under the name of “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited”. Only KLM (now part of Air France-KLM) is older. 澳大利亚Oantas公司注册 1920年的11月16日,澳大利亚的国家航空空司Qantas注册为一家空运公司,全名为“昆士兰与北部领土航空务有限公司”。只有荷兰航空公司要比其历史长(现为法国航空公司的一部分)。U.S. and the SU establish diplomatic relationsNovember 16,1933, The ed States and the Soviet Union establish formal diplomatic relations. 美苏建交 1933年的11月16日,美国与苏联建立了正式外交关系。1st serving President to visit VietnamNovember 16,2000, Bill Clinton becomes the first serving U.S. President to visit Vietnam. 首位造访越南的在职美国总统 2000年的11月16日,比尔·克林顿成为首位在在职期间访问越南的美国总统。 1st Harry Potter movie releasedNovember 16,2001, The first Harry Potter movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the ed States) released in theatres in the ed Kingdom, ed States, and Canada. 首部《哈利·波特》电影上映 2001年的11月16日,首部哈利·波特电影《哈利·波特与魔法石》在英国、美国与加拿大的电影院中上映。 /201011/118306

They'll probably meet the news with a typically Gallic shrug, but the French are the saddest nation on the planet. It's not just their strings of onions that make our friends across the Channel cry - they top the charts for being the most pessimistic people looking ahead to 2011. The World Cup humiliation, which saw players sent home in disgrace and the team fail to win a game, won't have helped and nor does the handling of the economy by the enigmatic PM Nicolas Sarkozy.   也许听到了这个消息之后,法国人会给你一个不以为然的法式耸肩,但是很遗憾,经过调查,全世界浪漫之都--法国竟然是最容易感到悲伤的国家!这次不是法式洋葱让法国人掉眼泪,也不仅仅是世界杯法国队球员集体内讧让法国人感到失望,法国成功当选最容易感到悲伤的国家与经济低迷的大环境脱不开关系。   People in developing economies, by contrast, tend to view the coming year more positively. Now that the fireworks have been put out and the New Year’s bubbly downed, Europeans are ringing in 2011 in a far more downbeat mood, with the French the most pessimistic of them all.   这项调查囊括了发达国家,与2011年的新年焰火形成鲜明反应,多数欧洲人在表达对已经到来的2011年的期望中表的了悲观、失落以及沮丧等兴趣,在这么多国家里,数法国人最失望!   A BVA-Gallup poll of 53 countries found the French the world champions of scepticism, with 61per cent of respondents saying 2011 will be 'a year of economic difficulty.' Britons were not far behind on 52 per cent, Spaniards 48 per cent and Italians 41 per cent.The poll found that 67 per cent of French respondents believed unemployment would rise over the next 12 months.   调查很有趣,针对53个国家展开,在“最悲伤的国家”榜单的榜首法国人中,他们以61%的民众对2011年表现出极度悲观的情绪。英国以52%的人感到失落紧随其后,接下来第3难过的是西班牙人,他们以48%得票率名列榜单第三!在调查中,有67%的法国人对2011的失业率、低迷的经济形式表现出悲伤情绪。   In Brazil, India and China, 49 per cent of respondents said they believed 2011 would be economically prosperous, with only 14 per cent predicting hardship. Vietnam topped the optimism rating with 70 per cent Vietnamese expressing confidence in the economic outlook for 2011.   令人感到奇怪的是,这项对2011期望的调查中,发展中国家的人民表现出的“相对乐观”的情绪让人“大跌眼镜”!在巴西、印度以及中国,只有14%的民众对2011的经济形式担忧,而最最乐观的国家竟然是越南!越南民众对2011表现出极大热情,他们有70%的民众对2011有信心呢!   Even in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, respondents appeared to look forward to a brighter future with only 14 per cent of Afghans and 12 per cent of Iraqis fearing a deterioration of their situation.   即使是在战乱的国家,比如说阿富汗、伊拉克等,他们也比发达国观得多,担忧的民众只占到14%左右!都说“穷开心”,看来还是穷人的开心来得比较简单! /201101/122816

当鹰号登月舱着陆来源:The Wall Street Journal 编辑:Vicki现在全世界都已经知道第一批登月者阿姆斯特兰等人,在40年后的历史今天,我们再次纪念这个人类创举。几十年来,这个创举也激励了一批又一批的作家为此做出了很多的创作。现在又有三本新书面世了,一起来关注一下吧。When the Eagle Landed Now that the world’s most notorious (臭名昭著的)moonwalker is dead and memorialized, let us turn our attention to the original, entirely admirable moonwalkers, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (with Michael Collins circling overhead), just in time for the 40th anniversary of their historic stroll on the Sea of Tranquility. Not since the walk up Calvary (which followed a reported trek (徒步旅行)on the Sea of Galilee) has an ambulation (移动,步行)attracted such attention, though the July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 lunar walk benefited from a much larger support staff, budget and audience. At least 600 million people watched Neil shy;Armstrong take his “giant leap for mankind.”Four decades on, the sheer shy;magnitude (重大,巨大)of the mission is still shy;stunning(令人震惊的), inspiring a handful of books that also remind us how much the world has changed since the Eagle shy;lunar module(鹰登月舱) touched down at 3:20 p.m. CST that summer Sunday.Craig Nelson’s “Rocket Men” is a broad and often entertaining account. Based on 23,000 pages of NASA (美国宇航局)oral histories, interviews and other shy;documentation, the book is also a fact-junkie’s dream, starting with its opening description of getting the Apollo-tipped Saturn V (土星五号)rocket from NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch site.The 129-million-cubic-foot shy;building had doors 45 stories high and a 10,000-ton air conditioner, without which, Mr. Nelson writes, clouds would form inside the building—followed by intermittent showers. The “crawler” that lugged (用力拉)the 363-foot rocket five miles to the pad (at one mile per hour) was the world’s largest land vehicle, weighing in at six million pounds. It was almost as heavy as the Apollo-Saturn V rocket, which weighed just under 6.5 million pounds, was built with six million parts and represented the combined effort of 400,000 people and 12,000 companies.The jaw-dropping numbers just keep coming: At takeoff, the Saturn V’s engines consumed 10,000 pounds of fuel per second, and to break free of Earth’s gravity the rocket hit 24,182 miles per hour “over ten times faster than the bullet of a shy;Winchester .270.” In the carbon- footprint competition, Apollo 11 was a true Sasquatch(北美野人).Mr. Nelson, who has written books about Thomas Paine and the Doolittle bombing raid on Japan in World War II, provides plenty of shy;historical perspective. He notes that while President John F. Kennedy, who announced in 1961 the mission to put a man on the moon, may not have been a full-blown (盛开的,成熟的)“space cadet(年轻宇航员),” he worried deeply about falling behind the Soviet Union.Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy’s vice president, lit a fire under those fears. “Control of space means control of the world,” he thundered. “From space the masters of infinity would have the power to control the Earth’s weather, to cause droughts and floods, to change the tides and raise the level of the sea, divert the Gulf stream and change the temperature climates to frigid.” (What is it with vice presidents and climate change?)The project had other fathers, shy;including rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, whose genius had been put to evil use by Adolf Hitler. shy;Comedian Mort Sahl, an occasional contributor to Kennedy’s speeches, once said that during World War II von Braun “aimed at the stars, but often hit London.” After the war, von Braun came to the U.S. and shy;experienced a religious conversion(变换), joining the Church of the Nazarene and even reciting the Lord’s Prayer at Apollo 11’s lift-off. Then he turned to a colleague and said: “You give me ten billion dollars and ten years, and I’ll have a man on Mars.”Mr. Nelson offers an often shy;gripping narrative of the roughly 240,000-mile flight (each direction), along the way answering several questions likely to pop up in the minds of landlubbers. Claustrophobia? He es astronaut Frank shy;Borman: “Here on Earth usually, when you’re trapped in something, what’s good is on the outside. In a spacecraft, what’s good is on the shy;inside and what’s outside is death.”Regarding the “facilities” issue, we’re reminded that amazing feats of science are often undertaken by men wearing diapers, at least part of the time, though in space even the most mundane matters take on a magical air. After explaining that liquids shy;discarded (抛弃)in outer space(太空) freeze in a “shower of glistening ice crystals,” Mr. Nelson es an unnamed shy;astronaut who says that the most beautiful thing he saw while gazing out of a space-capsule(太空船) window was a “urine dump at sunset.”We also learn that no matter how far you travel from Earth, you can’t escape the nags. Mr. Aldrin celebrated a brief Communion after touching down on the moon, though he kept it secret to avoid inflaming the militant atheist (无神论者)Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who had filed a lawsuit after moon-orbiting astronauts on Apollo 8 in 1968 from the Book of shy;Genesis. The courts rejected her shy;separation-of-church-and-state complaint, pleading lack of jurisdiction(司法权) in matters of church and space.Then there were the news media, which sometimes seemed intent on proving that journalism isn’t exactly rocket science. While Mr. Armstrong wowed the world with his “one small step” pronouncement(声明,公告), Walter Cronkite marked the event with: “Phew! Wow, boy! Man on the moon!” Reporters, of course, endlessly asked the astronauts how they “felt.” The best reply they could wring from Michael Collins: “It’s not within our ken to share emotions or utter extraneous information(额外信息).” Neil Armstrong was no more eager to rise to the bait. Asked what it felt like to walk on the moon, he replied: “Pilots take no special joy in walking. Pilots like flying.”Some astronauts are a bit more forthcoming, as we find in Andrew Chaikin’s “Voices From the Moon,” based on interviews with nearly two-dozen Apollo astronauts. Even then, the chatter is not exactly an emotive Oprahfest. Alan Bean, who traveled to the moon on Apollo 12 four months after Apollo 11’s journey, recalls how astonished he was to look up from the lunar surface and see the Earth. “I’m really here,” he thought, before quickly scolding himself: “I’ve got to quit doing this . . . because when I’m doing this I’m not looking for rocks.”What goes up must come down, and after the return of Apollo 11, Mr. Armstrong, and especially Mr. Aldrin, hit some low points. (Mr. Collins shy;enjoyed a relatively smooth post-shy;astronaut transition, joining the State Department and later becoming first director of the National Air and Space Museum.) Looking at the moon may inspire romance, but to judge from the experiences of Messrs. shy;Armstrong and Aldrin, it seems that walking on it has the opposite effect. Mr. Armstrong—who moved in the 1970s to a dairy farm in Ohio, where he was a professor of aerospace shy;engineering at the University of shy;Cincinnati—was divorced by his wife of 38 years in 1994, three years after he suffered a heart attack. Mr. Aldrin had double the marriage trouble, plus some, which he chronicles in shy;“Magnificent Desolation.” It’s a breezy (轻松愉快的), and it shows that Mr. shy;Aldrin has traveled a long way—from astronaut-terseness (简洁,精炼)to the self-revelation demanded of authors today.“What does a man do for an shy;encore (再来一个)after walking on the moon?” he asks early on. For him the answer was: crash. In the 1970s, he wrestled with alcohol and depression, sometimes rising from bed primarily to down a bottle of Scotch or Jack shy;Daniel’s. At one point he took a job working at a Cadillac dealership.Yet Mr. Aldrin eventually broke free from booze’s orbit. He gave it up in October 1978 and went on to marry—apparently very happily this time—a woman named Lois Driggs, on Valentine’s Day 1988. Nowadays one of Mr. Aldrin’s primary passions is encouraging private-enterprise space exploration so that civilians can experience the magnificent shy;desolation he once knew.Keke View:阿波罗计划(Apollo Project),又称阿波罗工程,是美国从1961年到1972年从事的一系列载人登月飞行任务。   1969年7月16日,巨大的“土星5号”火箭载着“阿波罗11号”飞船从美国肯尼迪角发射场点火升空,开始了人类首次登月的太空征程。美国宇航员尼尔·阿姆斯特朗、埃德温·奥尔德林、迈克尔·科林斯驾驶着阿波罗11号宇宙飞船跨过38万公里的征程,承载着全人类的梦想踏上了月球表面。这确实是一个人的小小一步,但是整个人类的伟大一步。他们见了从地球到月球梦想的实现,这一步跨过了5000年的时光。 /200907/77546

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