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A 9-year-old Minneapolis boy was able to get through security and onto a plane at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport without a ticket, an airport spokesman said Sunday.机场发言人在上周日10月6号称,一名未持机票的9岁男孩在明尼阿波利斯市的保罗国际机场逃过安检登上了飞机。Security officials screened the boy at airport shortly after 10:30 a.m. Thursday, Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesman Patrick Hogan said. The boy then boarded Delta Flight 1651, which left for Las Vegas at 11:15 a.m.大都会机场委员会发言人帕特里克·霍根称,安检官员在周四上午10点半左右就通过监控录像发现了男孩,接着这名男孩登上了11点15分开往的三角洲1651航班。The flight was not full, Hogan said, and the flight crew became suspicious mid-flight because the boy was not on their list of unattended minors. The crew contacted Las Vegas police, who met them upon landing and transferred the boy to child protection services, Hogan said.霍根说,当时机上还有空位,机组人员很快就对这个不在无人看管未成年人的名单上的男孩产生了怀疑。机组人员联系了警方,后者在飞机着陆后就将男孩送到局里看管起来了。Minneapolis Police went to his residence. Parents told officers they “hadn’t seen much of him today.”明尼阿波利斯市警方去男孩家调查。父母对警方称他们“今天没怎么看到孩子。”“The child was screened along with all other passengers to ensure that he was not a threat to the aircraft,” said the TSA spokesperson.一名运输安全的发言人称,“我们给这个孩子以及其他乘客都进行了身份扫描,以确保他不会对飞机构成威胁。”They added that of the boy at the checkpoint has been reviewed, and they are “investigating whether we should reconfigure barriers to prevent another incident like this one.”该局发言人同时称,他们已经反复查看过了男孩通过验票口时候的机场录像,并且该局“正在研究是否应该应该重新设置检票口的隔栏,以防止出现类似事故。”Video also shows the boy at the airport Wednesday, Hogan said. He grabbed a bag from the carousel and ordered lunch at a restaurant outside of the security checkpoints, Hogan said. He ate and then told the server he had to use the bathroom, left the bag and never returned to pay.霍根称,机场摄像头还拍摄到了男孩于周四现身机场的录像,当时他从行李旋转带上取走了一个拎包,还在检票口外面的餐厅里点了一份午餐。The owner of the bag was identified, and the bag was returned to him, Hogan said. Nothing was stolen.霍根称,被孩子拿走的拎包已经找到了失主并原物奉还,失主并没有丢东西。The boy became ;violent; and was hospitalized in Las Vegas, where hospital staff reported he was ;uncontrollable; at first but eventually calmed down, it said.男孩被发现后反应相当“剧烈”,人们将他送到了的医院。医护人员反应男孩入院时“难以控制”,但后来最终冷静下来了。A hearing in Las Vegas about the boy#39;s case was scheduled for Tuesday.在本周二举行了关于男孩的听会。The boy has been suspended several times at school, most recently since Sept. 21 for fighting, the father said. “He’s not an honor student; he has his ups, he has his downs,” he said, adding he met with the principal and “we put in a plan,” but the son’s misbehavior continued.据男孩的父亲说,这个9岁的孩子曾经多次被学校停学,最近的一次是在9月21日因为打架被学习停学。“他并不是一个三好学生;他有自己的优点,也有自己的缺点。”the boy is known to county staff as a “challenging” child. Since December 2012, the county has four times assessed the boy’s family for protective services.社区官员称这个孩子一直是一个“具有挑战性”的孩子。自2012年12月以来,社区已经有四次就儿童保护性问题走访过这家人。The boy also has a history of riding light-rail trains to a Bloomington water park, where he “waits until a large family is entering and joins them”. Of county interactions with the child, it said, “Typically, staff can tell if a child is lying, but with this child, they are unsure what is going on.”这个男孩还曾经乘坐轻轨列车到布卢明顿的水上公园去玩过,他在车站“等着一大家子人检票如站,然后和他们站在一起。”据社区官员说,他们在与男孩交流的时候,“官员们能明显的感觉到这孩子在说谎,但是他毕竟还是个孩子,他们无从得知他到底干了些什么。”Now, after the boy’s most dramatic wayward act, his father desperately pleaded for help for the son he hasn’t been able to speak to since last week.在男孩戏剧性的出格事件之后,他的父亲已经一周未能和男孩通话了。现在他正迫切的呼吁社会帮助。“He’s a 9-year-old child,” he said. “I don’t want to see my son hurt.”The father said the plane episode has been “a heartache” for the family. “We didn’t know he’d got on a plane until my fiancée called the police … it came back that he was in Las Vegas,” he said.男孩的父亲说,“他只是个九岁的孩子。我不想看到自己的孩子受伤。” 据他称,机场时间已经成了全家人的“心头大患”。“我们根本不知道他去了机场。后来我的未婚妻报了警,才知道他在。” /201310/260385。

When I was 17, I a e that went something like: #39;If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you#39;ll most certainly be right.#39; It made an impression on me, and since then, for the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: #39;If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?#39; And whenever the answer has been #39;no#39; for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.1、我十七岁时,读到了一句格言,如果你把每天都当作生命中最后一天,总有一天你会发现你是正确的。从那时起,我每天早晨对着镜子问自己,如果今天是你生命中最后一,你愿意做什么,为什么这是今天要做的。It#39;s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don#39;t know what they want until you show it to them.2、很多时候,人们并不知道他们想要什么,直到你展示给他们,告诉他们想要的的东西。I want to put a ding in the universe.3、我要在宇宙中留下脚印。Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven#39;t found it yet, keep looking. Don#39;t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you#39;ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don#39;t settle.4、不要半途而废,你的工作会占据你生命中相当大一部分,能够让你真正满意的唯一方法就是做你相信是伟大的工作,而唯一伟大的工作就是爱你所做的事。如果你还没有找到它,那么继续找,不要停。用心去找,你会知道何时能够找到它。如同任何伟大的关系一样,它只会在时间的明之下越来越好,所以继续找,不要停,直到你找到它。I#39;m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.5、我相信一半成功的企业家和另一半不成功的企业家的区别在于纯粹的毅力。Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn#39;t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.6、创造力就是找到事物之间的联系。当你询问有创意的人他们是如何做事时,他们觉得有点内疚,因为他们并没有真的这么做,他们只是看到了其中一些关系。这种感觉在他们过后看来会很明显。Getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.7、被苹果解雇可能是发生在我身上的最好事情。追求成功之重被重新上路之轻取代。它让我这辈子自由进入最有创意的年代。Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are aly naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.8、提醒生命有限,避免掉入陷阱的最好办法,就是你光身,没有理由跟随自己的内心。Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.9、质量比数量更重要。Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren#39;t used to an environment where excellence is expected.10、成为卓越的代名词。#39;I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what#39;s next.#39;11、我想如果你做了某些事,结果顺利圆满,那么你应该选择转去做别的事情,别专注在美好的事情上太久,只要保持寻找下一个目标。You can#39;t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.12、真正对我有意义的事,就是在晚上睡觉前说上一句:“我已经做了一些非常棒的事”,这才是我最在乎的。Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn#39;t matter to me ... Going to bed at night saying we#39;ve done something wonderful ... that#39;s what matters to me.13、你无法在展望未来时串联点滴,你只能在回顾过去时将其升华。所以你要相信,这些点滴片段会在未来以某种方式串联起来。你要相信某种东西——直觉也好,命运也好,生命也好,或者因缘甚至是其他一切。这种方法从来没有让我失望,在我的生活中,这种意念造就了我的与众不同。I#39;m as proud of many of the things we haven#39;t done as the things we have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things.14、我引以为豪是,许多我们所做的事情变成我们还没有完成的事,创新就是对一千件事情说“不”。 /201410/335720。

Got a difficult decision to make? Why not mull it over auf deutsch?面临艰难的抉择?为什么不试试用德语来思考?A new study suggested that people are prone to make more sound, less risky decisions if they are thinking in a language other than their native tongue.一项新的研究结果显示,当人们用母语之外的语言思考的时候,往往更能做出理智而非轻率的决定。The series of experiments, conducted by Boaz Keysar of the University of Chicago, led the scientists to believe that ‘using a foreign language reduces decision-making bias,’ Dr Keysar’s team wrote.美国芝加哥大学的宝姿·凯莎教授带领其学生进行了相关研究,他们的研究成果向科学界实——如凯莎教授的研究团队在发表的文章中所述——“使用外语能够减少决策过程中的母语偏见。”Their findings, published in an April 18 Psychological Science study, say that human reasoning is shaped by both systematic, rational ideas, and another that’s emotionally-charged and rapid.他们的研究报告刊登在4月18日的《心理科学研究》中,报告指出,人的逻辑思维分成两个部分,其一是系统的、理性的思维,另一种是情感充裕、迅速的思维。The team gathered 54 UC students who knew Spanish as a second language to place bets on a coin toss.研究团队对芝加哥大学内54名以西班牙语为第二语言的学生进行了调查,参加实验的学生被要求参加猜硬币正反面的游戏。Each student was given in dollar bills, and could bet at a time on either heads or tails. If they bet and won, they could win .50, and lost nothing if they did not bet.每名参与调查的学生都有15美元可下注,每次用1美元猜抛出的硬币是正面还是反面。如果他们猜对了,就可以赢得1.5美元。如果他们不下注,就不会损失任何钱。When they were given the experiment in English, the students acted narrow-mindedly, and took the bet only about half of the time.当这些学生们在实验过程中说英语的时候,他们思路狭窄,在游戏中有一半的时间内并没有下注。But when the same students heard instructions in Spanish, they bet 74 per cent of the time.但是当研究者们用西班牙语讲述游戏规则的时候,这些参与调查的学生在游戏74%的时间里都愿意下注。The conclusion, then, these scientists believe, is that thinking in a foreign language distances people from snap emotional decisions, allowing decisions to be more logical.研究者们相信,这项实验明,使用外语思考能够避免人们在做决定时感情用事,过于轻率,从而使人们做出更符合逻辑的决定。The hope, they wrote, is that people can think in foreign languages to make more prudent financial and economic decisions.研究人们表示,他们希望人们在进行金融和经济方面的决策时,通过运用外语思考来做出更理智的决定。 /201404/293873。

A South African couple rowed into the record books on Friday after becoming the first team to cross the Atlantic from Africa to the U.S.一对南非情侣周五创造了世界纪录,他们成为第一组从非洲划船横渡大西洋到达美国的人。It took Riaan Manser and his girlfriend Vasti Geldenhuys 153-days to make the journey in their custom-built 23ft row boat.里安·曼泽和女友瓦斯蒂奇·赫尔登赫伊斯在他们的定制船上漂泊了153天时间,终于完成这段旅程。The couple celebrated their accomplishment with a kiss as they passed the Statue of Liberty, after enduring a 6,500-mile journey with no support crew and limited supplies.情侣二人在没有后勤人员和储备有限的条件下漂流了6500英里,抵达自由女神像标志着他们完成了此行,二人拥吻以庆祝旅行成功。Manser and Geldenhuys, who started their journey on December 30, estimate that it took 3.6 million rows for them to make it to New York City.曼泽和赫尔登赫伊斯的旅行是在去年12月30日开始的,估计完成此行他们划了360万次船桨。They carried only essentials on board, and kept themselves fed and watered by fishing and using a salt-water convertor.他们在船上只带了重要的必备品,饿了就吃海里捕来的鱼、渴了就喝海水转换器过滤出来的水。A GPS system helped them - and their friends and family - keep track of their progress as they crossed the Atlantic, and made their way up from the Bahamas and Miami, to New York.他们用GPS帮忙定位,从巴哈马群岛取道迈阿密最终到达纽约;同时他们和亲朋好友保持联系,在二人横渡大西洋期间亲人和朋友们跟踪记录他们的行程进展。When they reached Manhattan the couple became the first crew to have rowed from mainland Africa to the mainland of North America.这对情侣最终成功到达曼哈顿,从而成为第一组从非洲大陆划船到达北美大陆的人。 /201406/307778。

A new bar in Beijing billing itself as the world#39;s first dedicated to baijiu hopes to change people#39;s minds about China#39;s fiery national drink.北京有一家新开的酒吧号称是全世界首个以白酒为主打的酒吧,这家酒吧希望改变人们对于这种火辣的中国饮品的印象。#39;A lot of people have had bad experiences at banquets#39; where they might be coerced into drinking shot after shot of the colorless liquor distilled from sorghum and rice, says American William Isler, one of Capital Spirits#39; owners. #39;They throw up and say, #39;Never again.#39;#39;首都酒坊(Capital Spirits)的所有者之一美国人艾斯勒(William Isler)表示,很多人都有这样的不愉快经历:在宴会上被逼左一杯右一杯地饮下这种由高粱和大米蒸馏的无色液体。艾斯勒说,一些人喝过之后一边吐一边表示决不再碰白酒。Capital Spirits has the vibe of a speakeasy, with muted lighting, plenty of antique wood and a stainless-steel still in the corner churning out distilled beer and wine. There#39;s no sign on the door, although a ledge outside is set up with small wooden chairs, low tables and candles.首都酒坊带有一种酒吧的气氛。这里灯光幽微,布置多采用古 的木材,在拐角处一个不锈钢的蒸馏器中正在源源不断地生产啤酒和红酒。酒坊的门上没有标志,但外面的平台上放置着小小的木椅、矮桌以及蜡烛。Tentative drinkers can sample flights of more than two dozen varieties of baijiu. Like a flight of wine, the thimble-sized samples go from the lightest, rice-based baijius to one with a #39;sauce#39; fragrance, a smell some compare to paint thinner. One highlight is a snake-infused baijiu from Guangdong, a drink that may serve as more of a bragging point than an actual best-seller. For the less adventurous, the bar also offers several baijiu-based cocktails, including a baijiu sour and a Crab Island Iced Tea, as well as craft liquor and beer. The bar will eventually sell wine too.品酒者可以尝试几十种白酒,样品和顶针差不多大小,从浓度最低的、以大米为原料的白酒到酱香型白酒(有人认为其气味和涂料稀释剂类似)都可以尝到。其中的一个亮点是一种来自广东的浸泡过蛇的白酒,这种白酒更多地是作为一种噱头,而并不是说这种酒最畅销。对于那些不那么喜欢挑战的品酒者,首都酒坊也准备了一些白酒勾兑的鸡尾酒,其中包括酸味白酒、蟹岛冰茶、工艺白酒和啤酒。这家酒吧也出售红酒。On a recent night at the bar, patron Henry Proudlove, a Beijing-based animation designer who grew up in England, admits he wasn#39;t walking down the street and suddenly feeling in the mood for baijiu. But #39;it#39;s nice to have other options,#39; he says as he drinks a beer and samples the occasional flight of baijiu.近日的一个晚上,从小在英国长大、现居北京的动画师普劳洛夫(Henry Proudlove)在酒吧里说,他并非沿着街道散步、突然心血来潮想喝一杯白酒才进来的;有其他选择总是好的。他当时一边啤酒,一边偶尔尝上一口白酒。The bar#39;s owners say they were inspired by a talk and baijiu-tasting earlier this year by Derek Sandhaus, author of #39;Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits.酒吧的几位主人说,他们是今年早些时候跟桑德豪斯(Derek Sandhaus)谈话、品尝白酒时获得的开店灵感。桑德豪斯是《白酒:中国烈酒必备指南》(Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits)一书的作者。#39;I thought, maybe there#39;s an interest in presenting baijiu in a Western-style bar environment where you have baijiu by the glass, not by the bottle,#39; says Mr. Isler.艾斯勒说:“我觉得,或许在西方风格的酒吧里提供白酒是件挺有意思的事,在这里,你用玻璃杯品尝白酒,而不是对着酒瓶子喝。”Mr. Sandhaus, for his part, says he couldn#39;t be more proud. It#39;s #39;akin to what a more upstanding citizen would feel upon the birth of their first child,#39; he said by email.桑德豪斯在邮件中说,他对此非常自豪,这种感觉就好像是第一个孩子出生时的那种喜悦。The space, which fits about 30 people, features exposed brick, wood-beam ceilings and low lighting.首都酒坊店里可以坐大约30人,室内可以看到裸露出来的砖块,顶部有木质房梁,灯吊得很低。Architect Anna Pipilis, who helped design the bar, says an interior wall was removed and she scoured local stores for old wood and low tables to create more traditional Chinese-style seating. #39;I wanted to do something representing Beijing a little bit,#39; she says. She insisted on the lower tables because #39;you see so many people outside doing things with friends, and they#39;re always sitting low.#39;帮助设计这家酒吧的建筑师皮皮利斯(Anna Pipilis)称,酒吧的内墙被拆除了,她从当地的商店里搜到了旧木头和矮凳,以打造更传统的中国式座位。她说,她希望酒吧能带点北京味。她坚持用矮桌子,她说,看外面这么多人和朋友们在一起时总是坐得很低。Jim Boyce, who blogs about food and drink in Beijing, says he#39;s surprised no one has come up with the concept before. The bar, he says, #39;will be good for those who live here and want to go beyond the full-on ganbei experience, and for those visiting and interested in trying Chinese spirits.#39;写北京食物和饮料方面的客的主伊斯(Jim Boyce)表示,他感到惊讶的是,为什么之前就没人想到过要开一间以白酒为主打的酒吧。他说,对于那些在此居住并想有除干杯之外的其他体验,以及那些到此访问并有兴趣尝尝中国白酒的人而言,这家酒吧非常有帮助。Russian architect Valerie Pestereva, visiting the bar recently for her second time, says the bar#39;s owners have helped her find an appreciation for the potent grain alcohol. #39;The last time I came here, it definitely changed my opinion about baijiu. Each time, they told the story and everything suddenly gained a value.#39;俄罗斯建筑师Valerie Pestereva近来第二次造访了这家酒吧。她说,酒吧的主人让她学会了如何品尝酒劲十足的白酒。她还说,第二次来这家酒吧时,她对白酒的看法完全改变了,每次来的时候,酒吧的主人都会讲述白酒的故事,一切都突然有了价值。#39;People come in saying they don#39;t want baijiu,#39; says Simon Dang, one of the bar#39;s co-founders. #39;And they leave loving it.#39;该酒吧的联合创始人之一Simon Dang表示,客人们来的时候都说不要白酒,但走的时候已经爱上白酒了。 /201408/321609。

There’s a reason they call them “investment pieces.” At ,000 for a Proenza Schouler tote or ,000 for aRalph Lauren dress, luxury goods are meant to last a lifetime and hold their value. That’s why the market for used designer goods is the most attractive category for online consignment.奢侈品被称为“投资品”自然有其理由。不论是22,000美元一件的普罗恩萨o施罗(Proenza Schouler)手提包,还是9,000美元一件的拉夫o劳伦(Ralph Lauren)裙子,奢侈品的本意是终生保值。因此,二手的设计师商品成了最具有吸引力的在线寄售商品类别。One such marketplace, a website called The RealReal, is on track to do 0 million in sales this year. (The company takes a cut of each sale.) The RealReal recently tapped its database of 500,000 luxury goods from 500 designer brands to find which brands have the highest resale value, and which ones hold their value the longest. The startup found that Chanel, Christian Louboutin, and Hermès hold their value the longest. Tod’s and Versace lose their value the fastest.一家叫做The RealReal的网站今年的销售额将达到1亿美元。(这家公司从每笔销售中抽成。)最近,这个网站对来自500个设计师品牌的500,000件奢侈品进行了研究,希望找出转售价值最高的品牌和保值时间最长的品牌。这家初创公司发现,香奈儿(Chanel)、克里斯提o鲁布托(Christian Louboutin)和爱马仕(Hermès)保值时间最长。托德斯(Tod’s)与范思哲(Versace)则贬值最快。Perhaps more surprising is which brands carry the highest and lowest resale value. Items from Givenchy, Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Olympia and Alexander McQueen all sell for much closer to their original price than goods from Marni, Alexander Wang, 3.1 Philip Lim, and Marc Jacobs.而更令人意外的,或许是转售价值最高和最低的品牌。相比玛尼(Marni)、亚历山大o王(Alexander Wang)、菲利林3.1(3.1 Philip Lim)和马克o雅各布(Marc Jacobs)等品牌,纪梵希(Givenchy)、维多利亚o贝克汉姆(Victoria Beckham)、夏洛特o奥林匹亚(Charlotte Olympia)和亚历山大o麦昆(Alexander McQueen)等品牌奢侈品的转售价格更接近原价。Resale values of fashion or luxury goods can fluctuate depending on buzz around a certain designer, particularly if a fashion houses hires a a new creative director or chief executive, according to Rati Levesque, Chief Merchant at The RealReal. “When Phoebe Philo joined Céline as the creative director, it added more resale value to the brand,” she says.The RealReal首席商务官拉蒂o莱维斯克表示,装或奢侈品的转售价值会因为与设计师有关的传闻而出现波动,尤其是时装公司聘用新的创意总监或首席执行官的情况下。她道:“菲比o菲络加入赛琳(Céline)担任创意总监就提高了这个品牌的转售价值。”But more important than buzz is availability and discounting. If a luxury brand frequently discounts its goods at outlet stores or online via flash sales, consumers will perceive that they don’t have to pay full price for that brand, says Milton Pedraza, CEO of Luxury Institute, a luxury industry research group. While baby boomer shoppers tend to research something online and then buy it in the store, millennials do it the other way around. They “showroom,” the term for checking out an item in the store before finding the best deal for it online.但比设计师的流动更重要的是奢饰品的可获得性与折扣。据奢侈品行业调研机构奢侈品协会(Luxury Institute)CEO米尔顿o佩德瑞扎表示,如果一个奢侈品牌经常在名品折扣店或通过限时抢购的方式在线打折出售,消费者会认为,他们就没有必要全价购买这个品牌的商品。婴儿潮一代会在线搜索某件商品,然后到店铺中购买,但千禧一代的做法却截然相反。他们会事先到店铺中查看一款商品,然后在网上以最划算的价格购买。“These days you can find ways to arbitrage the brands, because you have so much information and the market is inefficient,” Pedraza says. “Brands have to be careful where they allow their product to be sold.”佩德瑞扎说:“如今,消费者可以通过各种方式,利用奢侈品进行套利交易。因为消费者可以得到海量的信息,而市场却效率低下。所以,奢侈品牌要决定允许哪些渠道销售自己的商品时,必须慎重。”For example: Chanel and Hermès do not hold sales in their stores and they have a limited number of outlet stores. Chanel doesn’t even sell its goods online, with the exception of beauty products. “In that sense, it creates a perception of purity,” Pedraza says.” The brands then “back it up with design quality and heritage,” he says. “If I buy something, I will think, ‘Wow it has long term investment value.’”举例来说:香奈儿和爱马仕从来不在店铺中举行特价活动,而且名品折扣店的数量也极其有限。除了化妆品,香奈儿甚至从来不在网上出售自己的商品。佩德瑞扎说:“这在某种意义上给人一种纯粹的感觉。”他说:“再加上这些品牌的设计品质和底蕴,如果我购买一件这些品牌的奢侈品,我会想:‘哇哦,它肯定具备长期的投资价值。’”Below are some luxury brands that fall on both sides of the spectrum.下面是调查结果中排在首尾的部分奢侈品牌。(财富中文网)Brands that hold their value the best (and longest)保值价值最高(且最长久)的品牌Chanel, Louis Vuitton (pictured), Hermès, Christian Louboutin, Cartier, David Yurman, Alaia, Van Cleef amp; Arpels, Goyard.香奈儿,路易威登,爱马仕,克里斯提o鲁布托,卡地亚,大卫o雅曼,Alaia,梵克雅宝,戈雅Brands that lose value the fastest贬值最快的品牌Valextra, Tod’s, Versace (pictured), Etro.Valextra,托德斯,范思哲,艾特罗Brands with surprisingly high resale value具有极高转售价值的品牌Givenchy, Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Olympia, Alexander McQueen (pictured).纪梵希,维多利亚·贝克汉姆,夏洛特·奥林匹亚,亚历山大·麦昆Brands with surprisingly low resale value转售价值极低的品牌Marni, Alexander Wang, 3.1 Philip Lim, Marc Jacobs(pictured).玛尼,亚历山大·王,菲利林3.1,马克·雅各布 /201407/311635。

WE ALL DREAM of flying first class. Admit it, when the plane pushes back from the gate and begins its taxi to the runway, those of us not quite as close to the cockpit as we had hoped begin to entertain envious thoughts about those up front, sipping vintage Champagne and nibbling their smoked salmon and Osetra caviar.我们都向往乘坐头等舱。承认吧,当飞机驶离登机门、开始滑向跑道时,我们这些觉得自己座位距离驾驶舱不顾近的人,就会开始对那些坐在前面的人各种嫉妒嫉妒恨:他们可以啜着陈年香槟,细细品味烟熏三文鱼和奥斯特拉鲟(Osetra)鱼子酱。I#39;m one of those who still experience a little pang of excitement as the catering trolley makes its way down the aisle. But such has been the downgrading of air travel in recent years that food is no longer a given, let alone wine. To compound matters, modern aviation regulations mean the oenophile hasn#39;t a hope of bringing his favorite bottle on board.我属于那种见到餐车推上过道心里依然会稍稍激动的人。不过,近些年航空旅行体验开始逐渐降格,机上食物不再免费,酒就更别提了。让事情变得更复杂的是,受到现代航运规定的限制,爱酒之人不可能把自己最喜欢的美酒带上飞机了。I#39;m always reminded of the final scene of #39;Hannibal#39; (2001) when Anthony Hopkins, flying in economy, takes delivery of a Dean amp; Deluca hamper complete with a half-bottle of 1996 Ch#226;teau Phélan Ségur from Saint-Estèphe, an assortment of fruits, caviar and cheese and, infamously, a tiny pot of brain.互动图:头等舱美酒我总是回想起电影《汉尼拔》(Hannibal,2001年)的最后一幕,搭乘经济舱的安东尼·霍普金斯(Anthony Hopkins)提着高档食品杂货店Dean amp; Deluca的食品包,外加半瓶源自 埃斯泰夫(Saint-Estephe)产区的飞龙世家酒庄(Chateau Phelan Segur) 1996年的美酒,以及水果、鱼子酱和奶酪等各式食品——不甚光的是,他还带了一小罐人脑。Not that I would recommend drinking such a delicate wine in such a small glass at 35,000 feet. Wines taste very different in the air; a combination of altitude and low humidity tends to accentuate a wine#39;s acidity and alcohol. Meanwhile, the cabin#39;s dry atmosphere will make the tannins--the bitter-tasting compounds found in red wine--more pronounced. And it#39;s not just the wines that are affected. The way we taste things also changes at altitude. As the recycled cabin air dries the mucus in our nasal passages, our sense of smell diminishes, wreaking havoc with our olfactory appreciation.我并不是要推荐在35,000英尺(约合10,668米)的高空用那么小的杯子享用如此精美的葡萄酒。葡萄酒在高空品起来味道非常不同,高空环境及低湿度会凸显出葡萄酒的酸度和酒精度。同时,机舱内干燥的环境会让单宁——红酒中那种味道涩口的物质——的味道变得更为浓烈。此外,受影响的不只是酒本身。我们品尝东西的方式在高空也会发生变化。由于机舱内的循环空气让我们鼻道中的黏液变干,我们的嗅觉会随之变弱,对气味的辨识会因此遭到破坏。Saint-Estèphe is known for producing wines with plenty of tannins and acidity in their youth--Dr. Lecter would be advised to plump for something a little riper and softer to pair with his brain; maybe an Australian Shiraz.埃斯泰夫以出产在年轻期就单宁丰富和酸度高的葡萄酒而闻名——所以这里要建议莱克特士(Dr. Lecter)选择成熟一些、更柔和的葡萄酒来搭配他的人脑餐。澳大利亚的设拉子(Shiraz)葡萄酒或许是一个选择。Which brings me to Australia and its flagship carrier, Qantas, which has, for the second year running, picked up a string of prizes in the annual #39;Cellars in the Sky#39; awards. The airline was judged to have the best overall wine cellar, above Emirates, which won silver, and El-Al and Cathay Pacific, which shared bronze.这让我想到了澳大利亚及其旗舰航空公司——澳洲航空(Qantas)。该公司连续第二年在一年一度的“空中窖藏奖”(Cellars in the Sky)评选中摘得了一系列奖项。它被评为最佳的葡萄酒整体窖藏,位列获得银奖的阿联酋航空(Emirates)及共享铜奖的以色列航空(El-Al)与国泰航空(Cathay Pacific)之上。Qantas says its success lies in its wine panel, created in 2003 and comprising three Australian winemakers: Vanya Cullen, Stephen Pannell and Tom Carson. They meet several times a year and assess hundreds of wines, asking questions such as, does it represent a premium wine? Is it a benchmark of its style? Is it drinking well and will it show well under flying conditions?澳洲航空称,其成功得益于它的葡萄酒专门小组。该小组成立于2003年,由三名澳大利亚葡萄酒生产商组成:万尼亚·库伦(Vanya Cullen)、斯蒂芬·潘内尔(Stephen Pannell)和汤姆·卡森(Tom Carson)。他们一年会面几次,对数百种葡萄酒进行评估,并且提出一系列问题如:它是否是优质葡萄酒?是否是该类葡萄酒的标杆?口感是否上乘?以及它在飞行条件下的表现是否出色?。A spokesman for the panel says altitude dulls a wine#39;s aroma, potentially ruining a good bottle of wine. Soft fruit and citrus flavors are reduced, whereas wines with riper, red-berried fruit tend not to be so badly affected. Meanwhile, a young wine can seem hard whereas older wines tend to taste better.该小组的一名发言人称,高空环境会减淡葡萄酒的芳香,可能会毁掉一瓶好酒。柔和的水果及柑橘味会减淡,而更成熟、红色浆果味的葡萄酒受到的影响则没那么严重。与此同时,较年轻的葡萄酒可能会显得苦烈,而较成熟的葡萄酒的味道往往会更好。With its mainly Australian wine list, Qantas has got it right. My advice to fliers has always been to opt for those wines that are bigger, riper and more expressive, with low acidity. Something like a Merlot, Pinotage or Shiraz for reds or Chardonnay, Semillon and Viognier for whites.在这个方面,主要配备本国葡萄酒的澳洲航空公司做对了。我对航空旅客的建议一直是选择那些更浓香、更成熟、更具特色且酸度更低的葡萄酒。红酒的话可选择梅洛(Merlot)、品诺塔吉(Pinotage)或设拉子,白葡萄酒则可选择霞多丽(Chardonnay)、赛美蓉(Semillon)和维欧尼(Viognier)。It does seem a shame, though, that some of the finest wines in the world are consumed under such poor conditions. Having said that, if I were traveling first class and were handed a cool glass of effervescent vintage Krug after takeoff, I#39;d take it.然而,一些世界最好的葡萄酒却要在如此糟糕的条件下品饮,这着实可惜。话虽如此,假如我坐上了头等舱,空乘在飞机起飞后递给我一杯沁凉的陈年Krug起泡酒,我还是会接受的。WILL LYONSWILL LYONS /201404/290976。