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You are perfectly capable of driving a girl crazy. Show them who really doesnt need who.你绝对有能力让一个女孩抓狂。让他们明白,谁也不需要谁。You Will Need你需要An attitude态度Sunglasses墨镜A cell phone手机A computer with internet access能上网的电脑A Facebook accountFacebook帐号Another girl另外一个女孩Distracting entertainment转移注意力的活动Steps步骤STEP 1 Stare past her1.不要看她Disappoint the girl who wants to be the center of attention by not listening to her and staring past her, wearing sunglasses.不要听她说话,不要看她,戴上墨镜,让这个想要成为焦点的女孩失望。STEP 2 Act like you dont need her2.表现得好像你不需要她Get the girls attention by acting like you dont need it.表现得好像你不需要,欲擒故从,以此来获得女孩的注意。STEP 3 Get busy3.保持忙碌Keep to yourself and avoid contact by acting busy, pretending to be on your cell phone, or in a hurry to get somewhere.Adopt a schedule that allows no time for the girl.限制交际,避免接触,保持忙碌,假装在打电话,或者匆匆忙忙地去某个地方。STEP 4 Ignore calls and confrontations4.忽略电话和冲突Ignore her incessant calls and texts simply because youre busy. Dont invite her to be a friend on Facebook.忽略她锲而不舍的来电和短信,只因为你很忙。不要邀请她成为你的Facebook好友。STEP 5 Spend time with another5.和他人在一起Spend time with another girl. Go to public places and display affection so word gets around.花费点时间和另外一个女孩在一起。去公共场合,表达爱意,这样消息比较容易传播。STEP 6 Immerse yourself6.活动Immerse yourself in entertainment – music, movies, TV, games – in your own private space to avoid places where you will encounter her.在自己私密的地方沉浸于活动,比如音乐,电影,等等,避免可能会遇到她的地方。In one study with 168 participants watching clips of couples, single people were better able than those in relationships to identify which ones were in love.在一项调查中,168人观看了与情侣有关的视频,单身人士比恋爱中的人更容易分别出那些人坠入爱河。视频听力译文由。201409/331664Is this the right...Apple Computer?Yeah, this is us. Yeah.You expecting something else?我没走错吧...这是Apple电脑公司?是 正是我们 没错。你以为会看到别的景象?Uh, no. Well, yeah, maybe something a little less Manson Family.Its a startup. Yeah.没 嗯 也许没想到有这么多宅男。我们还在创业的起步阶段 是的Im Mike Markkula.Steve. Jobs.Steve. I heard a lot about you.我叫麦克·马库拉。我是史蒂夫·乔布斯。史蒂夫 久仰大名You spoke to Don Valentine on the phone.He and I are old colleagues of sorts.The VC from Atari.董 瓦伦泰恩在电话里提过你。我们是老同事。Atari的投资人Yeah, Valentine. He said you called him 150 times.Jesus.是的 瓦伦泰恩 他说你打了150多通电话给他。我靠 了你了He practically begged me to come and look at your outfit here.他差点跪下来求我 要我过来看一眼Called in a personal favor.Well, Mark.Mike.Mike.我就当帮他个忙吧。那好 马克。是麦克。麦克Welcome to Apple Computer.Thank you. Yeah, is this...欢迎来到Apple电脑公司。谢谢了 是的 这是? ...This is everything?Yes. No.No. Were, were in six stores in the greater area.这就是你所有的家当?是的 才怪。不 我们在更好的位置还有6家零售店Well be launching the Apple ll in about a month.In a few months. Its close.Gentlemen, is there some place we can talk?我们大约一个月内会发布Apple II 电脑。还有好几个月 很接近。各位 有地方能坐下来好好谈谈吗? /201404/292076This was an Augustus forever powerful, forever young. His deft, some might say devious, mix of patronage and military power, which he concealed behind the familiar offices and titles of the old Republic, has served as a model and a master-class for ambitious rulers ever since. He built new roads and developed a highly effective courier system, so that the empire could be effectively ruled from the centre and so that he could be visible to his subjects everywhere. He reinvigorated the formidable Roman army to defend and extend the Imperial borders, and he established a long-lasting peace during his 40 years of steady rule, initiating a golden period of stability and prosperity famously known as the Pax Romana. Hed brutally fought and negotiated his way to the top, but now he was there, he wanted to reassure people that he would not be a tyrant. So he set to work to make people believe in him, and more astonishingly want to follow him, brilliantly turning subjects into supporters. We asked Boris Johnson, a classicist and a political leader, how he rated Augustus:这就是力量与青春永驻的奥古斯都。他仍保留了罗马共和国的表面形式,执政手段灵活狡黠,恩威并施,成为后世野心勃勃的统治者们的榜样。他铺设新的道路,建立了更高效的邮递系统,使帝国的中央控制更为有力,他的形象也变得随处可见。他整治并加强原本就战无不胜的军力,保卫疆土,扩大版图。在他统治的40年中,政治稳定,国内战火平息,罗马进入了长期稳定并繁荣发展的黄金时期,史称罗马和平时期。在通往权利顶峰的途中,奥古斯都曾经经历过残暴的斗争,但在成为君主之后,他并不希望百姓将自己看作暴君。他用了种种措施来获取百姓的信任,最终成为他们所爱戴的君主。我曾问过古典文化学者兼政治领袖鲍里斯约翰逊对于奥古斯都的看法:;He became a vital part of the glue that held the whole Roman Empire together. You could be out there in Spain or Gaul or Cyrenaica-you could be all over the world-and you could go to a temple and you would find women, with images of Augustus, of this man, in this bust sewn onto their cowls. People at dinner parties in Rome would have busts exactly like this above their mantelpieces-that was how he was able to infuse the entire Roman Empire with that sense of loyalty and adherence to Rome. If you wanted to become a local politician, in the Roman Empire, you became a priest in the cult of Augustus.;他是罗马帝国团结一致的关键。在西班牙和高卢,无论走进哪座神庙,都能看到随身佩戴奥古斯都头像,或将他的半身像缝在自己衣上的女性。罗马人举行晚宴时,旁边的壁炉架上摆放着他的半身像,就像这座一样。他能让整个帝国完全效忠于他的政府。事实上,成为罗马帝国的官员,便意味着你成为奥古斯都教的一名神父。201412/346612Lets be honest: No one wants everyone they know keeping tabs on them on Facebook. Heres how to handle those awkward friend requests tactfully.让我们诚实一点:大家不想自己认识的任何人都进入自己的社交网站空间。下面是技巧地拒绝尴尬的好友请求的方法。You Will Need你需要Privacy settings隐私设置Discretion谨慎Steps步骤STEP 1 Pre-empt requests1.先发制人Avoid awkward friend requests altogether by blocking someone preemptively. Search for their name and click Report/Block This Person. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.提前设置阻止某人访问,避免尴尬的好友请求。搜索他们的名字,点击报告或阻止此人。一分预防胜过十分治疗。STEP 2 Deny exes and bosses2.拒绝前任和老板Unwanted friend request come through? Decline if its coming from an ex or your boss -- the former is undoubtedly stalking you, and the latter could put a damper on any ;not safe for work; updates. Keep in mind that if you deny a friend request the person will not be notified.不想要的好友请求?如果来自前任或你的老板,直接拒绝——前者毫无疑问是在追踪你,后者会导致你不敢更新一些对工作不利的内容。记住,如果你拒绝好友请求的话,对方不会收到通知。If youre worried your boss will take offense, send a polite message saying youd rather keep your personal and professional lives separate.如果你担心老板会被惹恼,发送一条礼貌的消息,说希望私事和工作能够分开。STEP 3 Deal with requests later3.晚点处理Someone you just met a little overzealous in friending you? Click Not Now to hide the request until you decide their friendship fate.你刚刚认识的某个人过分热心地想加你为好友?点击“稍后处理”来隐藏该请求,直到你决定是否接受他们为好友。Deleting the request will prompt a message asking if you know this person outside of Facebook -- choosing Yes will allow that person to add you again; choosing No will bar them sending you further requests.删除该请求会收到一条信息,问你在社交网络外是否认识此人——选择“是”会允许此人再次申请加你为好友;选择“否”可以禁止他再次发送好友请求。STEP 4 Limit your profile4.限制资料When it comes to family members, friends of your parents, or anyone else you cant reject outright but who could spell total disaster for your Facebook rep, limit what they can view on your profile by customizing your options under Sharing on Facebook in your Privacy Settings.如果是家人,父母的朋友,或者你不能直接拒绝的人,但是你又不想让他们对你的空间一览无余,在资料的隐私设置中限制权限。STEP 5 Make a Limited Profile list5.限制资料列表Make it easier to restrict what certain people can see with a ;Limited Profile; Friend List. Under your Account , click Edit Friends, then Create a List. Once youve added friends and titled the list, you can adjust your privacy settings in bulk. Now that you’ve got those awkward friend requests in check, you can post pics, s, and updates worry-free!在“限制简介”好友列表中直接限制哪些人可以访问,这样更加简单。在菜单中点击“编辑好友”然后创建列表。一旦添加了朋友,你可以批量调整隐私设置。现在,你已经过滤了那些尴尬的好友请求,你可以随心所欲地发布照片,视频和其他更新了。In a 2010 survey, 56% of Americans said it’s ;irresponsible; to be Facebook friends with your boss.在2010年一项调查中,56%的美国人表示与老板成为社交网站好友是不靠谱的。视频听力译文由。201404/289495我们已经习惯了Justin Bieber身边围着一群狂人的小萝莉,如果把小萝莉换成老男人们,是不是有些恐怖,Justin Bieber在梅西百货推广的“黑色星期五”广告中,我们就可以看到Justin Bieber一路让大叔像小女生般尖叫。2011年感恩节,又到了Macy’s(梅西百货)最为有名的感恩节大游行。这次还吸引来了大名鼎鼎的Justin Bieber,看看大家的反应吧。不知道是因为Justin Bieber尖叫,还是Macy’s。以下是广告词的中英对照:Justin Bieber:Yo, Im going to Macys Black Friday sale.嘿,我要去梅西百货的黑色星期五促销。Cab Driver:AAHHHHH! (screams)啊.......(尖叫)Justin Bieber:Ya, I know its pretty cool it starts at midnight.嗯,我知道那很酷,促销活动午夜开始。Cab Driver:AAHHHHH! (screams)啊.......(尖叫)Justin Bieber:Is this the right way?是这条路吗?Packing Employees:AAHHHHH! (screams)啊.......(尖叫)Justin Bieber:Ill take that as a yes.我就当你那是默认了吧。Packing Employees:AAHHHHH! (screams)啊.......(尖叫)Warehouse Manager:(sees Justin) AAHHHHH! (screams)啊.......(尖叫)Justin Bieber:I guess you are excited too.我猜你也很兴奋Get Justin Biebers Someday Gift Set and well donate .00 dollars to the Make-A-Wish Foundation only at Macys. The Black Friday Sale Starts at Midnight.)购买Justin Bieber Someday香水礼品套装,我们将捐出2美元到梅西百货的许愿基金会。梅西百货的黑色星期五大促销就在午夜。201404/285805

The shallows are only a tiny part of the marine world.浅水区仅占海洋世界的一小部90% of it is open water.其中九成都是大海Its currents carry life for thousands of miles.海流带着生物走过数千公里The masters of this nomadic existence are jellyfish.水母正是这种流浪生活的大师A life spent drifting in the empty ocean could be a lonely one...漂流在空荡海洋的生活很寂寞but not for this jellyfish.但这种水母例外Aurelia.这是海月水母Swarms like this are not accidental.它们聚集成群并非意外These individuals all hatched together水温和水流都恰好时when the temperature and currents were just right.这些水母会一起孵化Their timing has ensured that they can make the most这个时机能确保它们 得以饱餐一顿,赶上浮游生物of feeding on a late-summer plankton bloom.在夏季最后一次大量出现201310/259492

And much to Bill and Microsofts credit they used that fantastic opportunity to create more opportunities for themselves. 比尔和微软抓住了机会,创造成了更多机会Most people dont remember but until 1984 with the Mac, Microsoft was not in the application business, which dominated by Lotus. 人们忘了微软在1984年之前根本不做应用软件,那时是Lotus的天下And Microsoft took a big gamble, to write for the Mac. 微软确实很有胆量,冒险为Mac编写应用程序And they came out with applications that were terrible. 刚开始他们的应用程序非常糟But they kept at it and make them better. And eventually, they dominated the Macintosh application market, 但他们不断改进,最终占领了Mac的应用市场and then used the spring board of Windows to get into the PC market with the same applications.然后借助Windows这块跳板,打开了PC市场的大门And now they dominated the application business in the PC space too. So they have 2 characteristics. 现在他们已经占领了PC市场,我觉得他们有两大优势:I think they are very strong opportunists. And I dont mean that in a bad way. 首先,擅长捕捉机会And two, they are like the Japanese. They just keep on coming. 其次,像日本人一样锲而不舍And now, they were able to do that because of the revenue stream from the IBM deal. 他们起家全靠跟IBM合作But nonetheless they made the most of it and I gave them a lot of credit for that. The only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. 但是他们很擅长利用机会,这一点我很佩They have absolutely no taste, and what that means is... I dont mean that in a small way, I meant that in a big way in the sense that they dont think of original ideas,微软唯一的问题是没品位,完全没有品位可言,只会一味模仿 and they dont bring much culture into their products.产品缺少文化和内涵,And you say why is that important为什么这很重要?well, proportionally spaced fonts come from typesetting and beautiful books. 比例字体的灵感来自字体设计和精美书籍Thats where one gets the idea. If it werent for the Mac, they would have never had that in their products.如果没有Mac,微软永远不会想到这些And, so I guess, Im saddened not by Microsofts success. I have no problem with their success. 让我难过的并非微软的成功,我一点不嫉妒他们Theyve earned their success, for the most part. 他们的成功基本上是靠勤奋工作换来的I have the problem with the fact that they just make really third-rate products.我难过的是他们做的是三流产品 /201307/248403

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