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2017年10月24日 19:15:24来源:华西百科

  • When it comes to fashion, just about anything goes. Citizens in Chengdu, the capital of south west China#39;s Sichuan province have been spotted sporting quirky antenna hairpins.所谓时尚,只有你想不到的,没有做不到的。有人注意到,在中国西南部四川省的省会城市,成都市民玩起了新奇的“豆芽花”发卡。Around 100 different designs are available for the unusual hair accessories, which have been worn by the young and old, reported People#39;s Daily Online. Many of the hairpins are different varieties of plastic flowers. From afar, it looks like a plant has germinated from the top of a person#39;s head. Upon closer inspection, it looks more like an antenna.据人民网报道,这款新奇发饰老少通吃,有近百种不同设计,其中不少都是塑料花,远看像从头顶上发芽长出的植物,近看更像天线。According to reports, the antenna hairpins have appeared all over Chengdu recently. Initially they were restricted to touristy areas but have since sp to other parts of the city.据报道,“豆芽花”发卡近日风靡成都的大街小巷,最初,这种发卡只出现在成都的旅游景点,之后流传到其他地方。Many people are wearing them because they thought the hairpins made them look cute, and it#39;s not just restricted to women or children. One man has told reporters: #39;I saw them and thought they were interesting so I bought one. People look cute when wearing it.#39;很多人都戴上了“豆芽花”发卡,因为他们认为这样很萌,而且戴的人已经不局限于女性、儿童了。一名男子告诉记者:“看到就买了一个,觉得很有意思,戴上去显得挺可爱。”His views are not shared by everyone however. Another man thought the hair pieces were silly. He said: #39;There are middle-aged men wearing the hairpins. They just look ridiculous.#39;不过,也有人表示异议,一名男子认为这种发卡很幼稚,他说:“有的中年男子戴起,感觉不伦不类。”People have also taken to the web to discuss this bizarre new trend. One said: #39;Everyone is wearing it in Kuan Zhai Alley. I saw someone wearing it on the underground today. It feels like they might be able to transmit WI-FI signals.#39;还有人在网上讨论这种怪异新潮,一名网友:“宽窄巷子一条街全是,今天坐地铁还遇到一个,感觉可以感应WiFi。”But street vendors are glad of the trend. They are sold for 5 yuan by vendors but can be found online for as little as 0.3 yuan. As a vendor can sell over a hundred of the hairpins each day, they stand to make hundreds of yuan.不过,街头小贩倒是很高兴。网售最低3毛钱,街头小贩卖5元一个,一天卖上百个,也能挣个几百元。 /201508/396086。
  • You cannot keep all of the people happy all of the time. China’s latest restructuring of a state-owned enterprise is likely to make only a small number of people very happy – and upset a great deal more.你不可能总是令所有人满意。中国一家国有企业的最新改制很可能只会让一小部分人极为满意,却让大部分人沮丧。Over the weekend, state-owned China Petrochemical Corp (Sinopec Group) announced two deals which will hurt shareholders who own its Hong Kong subsidiary, Sinopec. First, Sinopec will sell a 30 per cent stake in its fuel retailing business. Chinese white goods maker Haier, finance companies and domestic investment funds are paying .5bn for assets Bernstein thinks could be worth bn.上周末,国有的中国石油化工集团公司(Sinopec Group)宣布了两笔交易,这两笔交易将对其香港子公司中国石化(Sinopec)的股东造成伤害。第一笔交易中,中石化将出售其销售公司近30%的股权。中国的白色家电制造商海尔(Haier)、金融公司及国内投资基金以175亿美元购入这些股权,而伯恩斯坦(Bernstein)认为这些股权可能价值220亿美元。The second deal will save the group from a writedown on its 40 per cent stake in affiliate Yizheng Chemical. Under mainland rules, lossmaking Yizheng faced delisting next year, resulting in a writedown for Sinopec of as much as .7bn. To save Yizheng from delisting, the Sinopec Group parent will inject its profitable oil services group into Yizheng in return for just under bn in new shares of Yizheng. The price Yizheng will pay for this new business, at 10 times 2014 earnings, looks cheap – especially for a company expecting to increase earnings by nearly one half next year.第二笔交易将让集团免于减记旗下子公司仪征化纤(Yizheng Chemical) 40%的股权。根据内地规定,亏损企业仪征化纤面临着明年退市,导致中石化资产减记多达17亿美元。为保仪征化纤免于退市,母公司中石化将把旗下利润丰厚的石油务公司注入仪征化纤,换取近40亿美元的仪征化纤新股票。仪征化纤为这一新业务付出的金额是其2014年盈利的10倍,看起来很便宜,尤其是所购入公司预计明年盈利会增加近一半。Good news – but the Hong Kong shareholders will not have exposure to the new Yizheng. Their company is selling its 40 per cent stake in Yizheng back to Yizheng for just over bn in cash (an 80 per cent premium to the previous close) – and buying Yizheng’s old, lossmaking assets for just over bn. The transaction is only a marginal cash outlay for Sinopec but leaves it with poor assets in a fibre business and no exposure to the newly revitalised oil services company. Investors in Hong Kong quickly had their say on the fairness of the deal. Sinopec’s shares fell 8 per cent.这是一个好消息,但中国石化的香港股东将不会受益于仪征化纤的新股票。中石化将以略高于10亿美元(相对于此前收盘价格有80%溢价)让仪征化纤回购中石化所持的40%股份,并以10亿美元多一点买下仪征原有的亏损资产。这笔交易在中石化只是一小笔出,但给其留下一家化纤企业的不良资产,而且对新近重振的石油务公司没有敞口。香港投资者很快就对这笔交易的公平性表了态——中国石化股价下跌了8%。China is committed to allowing market forces to play a bigger role in economic development. Deals of this sort seem to be driven by market forces with Chinese characteristics.中国致力于让市场力量在经济发展中发挥更大作用。这类交易似乎受到中国特色市场力量的推动。 /201409/328661。
  • China’s public servants are in no mood to be festive this lunar new year. They dare not take bribes, but that is just the half of it.中国的公职人员在今年春节前夕的心情可不怎么样。他们不敢收受贿赂,但这还只是心情不好的一部分原因。Plenty of the more innocent perks of the season have also been quashed: no more taxpayer-funded office feasts or galas; no more #173;lavish new year raffles.很多比较无伤大雅的节日福利也被撤销:不再有由纳税人买单的办公室盛宴或节日晚会,也不再有奢华的新年抽奖。Even the most insignificant treats – from fruit baskets to sunflower seeds, calendars to cooking oil – have been curbed in the name of the new leaner, cleaner, more abstemious China.即便是最微不足道的待遇——从果篮到瓜子,从挂历到食用油——也在更精简、更清洁、更节制的新名义下受到遏制。Lunar new year has been the high point of work life in China for decades. But last year many government departments and state-owned enterprises cancelled year-end office parties after a flurry of edicts from Beijing. This year, the January 31 celebrations are taking frugality further.几十年来,春节一直是中国人职场生活中比较令人兴奋的时刻。但去年许多政府部门和国有企业在接到高层的一连串指示后,取消了年底的办公室聚会。今年,在1月31日的农历新年到来前夕,各单位的节俭程度进一步提高。“We aly moved our nianhui (new year office party) from a five-star hotel ballroom to our canteen, where the food is terrible. But what I hate the most is, they cancelled the prize-giving,” says a disgruntled employee of state-owned China Mobile in Guangzhou, who would not give their name. “They kept the traditional lottery as a kind of game, but whoever wins it gets no gift!”“我们已经把年会(新年办公室聚会)的地点从一家五星级酒店的宴会厅改到了我们的食堂,食堂的东西很难吃。但最讨厌的是,他们取消了发奖。”国有的中国移动(China Mobile)在广州的一名不满的员工(此人要求匿名)表示,“他们保留了传统的抽奖作为一种游戏,但者将得不到任何礼物!”Some also complain of the cancellation of traditional year-end subsidies, sometimes in the form of grocery gift cards used to defray the expenses of celebrating the spring festival at home.还有人抱怨传统的年终补贴被取消,这种补贴有时以超市购物卡形式发放,用于贴补家里过年的花销。“I understand that the higher levels of government worry that, once they loosen their grip, people under them will find a loophole. But to cancel such nianhui hurts department cohesiveness,” says a junior civil servant in Shanghai.“据我所知,政府高层担心,一旦他们放松规定,下面的人就会找到漏洞。但是撤销这种年会不利于部门凝聚力,”上海一名初级公务员表示。But little things irk: “We planned to have a tea party in our own canteen with sunflower seeds, candies, singing and games, but our superiors wouldn’t approve it,” says one staff member at a state oil company.令人心烦的是,“小意思”也往往遭到否决:“我们计划在自己的食堂开个茶话会,提供瓜子、糖果,唱唱歌、做做游戏,可我们的上级竟然不批准,”某国有石油公司的一名职员表示。An employee in a state-owned financial services company says a ban on the printing of calendars bothers him most. Another told the Beijing News his state-owned company replaced new year gifts such as iPads with toothpaste.某国有金融务公司的一名雇员表示,禁止印刷挂历的规定最让他心烦。另一名人士告诉《新京报》,他所在的国企将新年礼物从往年的iPad降格为牙膏。But some public servants say there is a silver lining.但是,一些公职人员表示,他们看到了一些积极的方面。The employee whose planned canteen party was not authorised says: “I was half wishing that they would not approve it, because it’s not really fun. I actually felt relieved.” Some say they are also relieved to avoid the heavy drinking at government banquets.食堂茶话会计划未获批准的那名职员表示:“我本来就暗地里希望他们不会批准,因为这真的没什么意思。我其实松了一口气。”有些人说,不用在政府宴会上豪饮,也让他们松了一口气。The ministries of public security, civil affairs and culture must live without their own new year galas screened on China Central Television this year, according to Xinhua. Even spending public funds on firework displays, the most traditional new year activity, has been banned.据新华社报道,公安、民政、文化等部今年不得举办在中国中央电视台播放的春节晚会。放烟花爆竹是过年时最传统的活动,但今年就连用公款购买烟花爆竹也被禁止。 /201401/273670。
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