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1 Tone down your fashions. First impressions do count. You can still wear brightly colored clothes, but look at the fit and the style.Wear more tailored clothing, more put together.不再那么在乎外表。当你发现自己不再盲目的喜欢跟风似的和一群人混在一起,开始尊重自己的意愿做自己需要做的事情,开始安排自己的种种计划,规划自己的方向,自己的独处也变得充满意义。 2 Use manners. Try to be courteous without being stuffy or inflexible. When meeting new people, shake their hand. A solid grip, but not too hard, two pumps of the hand and let go. Don't look at your hands; look them in the eye. Repeat their name and make an effort to remember it.Avoid interrupting people during conversation; people find this irritating.Don't play with things, look away, or fidget.注意自己的仪态。心态,健全平和的心态是始终贯穿成功之路的筹码。正确地树立前进的目标,让生活目标而不是在沉重氛围的度过,记住,任何时候都不要把自己搞得太累,生活的价值就完全失去了。 /201001/95201威尔森表示,调情女、和享乐人这三类人最平易近人;酷哥、冰美人、壁花与闲聊女则不容易对付;而吹胡子瞪眼男最好敬而远之。 Dr. Wilson said: "The simple act of holding a drink displays a lot more about us than we realise. "威尔森士说:“拿酒杯这样简单的动作实际上透露的信息比人们意识到的要多得多。”But he warned: "The next time you're in a bar, it might be worth thinking about what you're saying to the people around you, just by the way you're holding your glass."他提醒:“下次你在酒吧的时候,除了该想想自己对身边的人说些什么话,还要看看自己是怎么握酒杯的。”The eight types identified are : 八大类型的基本特点如下 :THE FLIRT 调情女This is usually a woman, who holds her glass with dainty, splayed fingers and uses it in a provocative way.此类人多为女性。此类人通常五指分开优雅地手持酒杯。She may position it over her cleavage so as to draw attention to her attributes or peer over the rim to make eye contact when taking a sip--and she may "tease" the rim of the glass with her finger, perhaps dipping it into the drink and sucking it dry.她可能将酒杯贴进胸部,以此将他人的注意力吸引;或者在小酌的同时将目光瞟向对方。她可能用手指“轻抚”酒杯口,或许将手指沾入酒杯,然后轻吮手指。Assuming her agenda is appealing, the best way to approach is with reciprocal flirtatious gestures.假设她的意图是为了引起注意,那么接近这类女性最好的方式就是还以同样具有挑逗性的姿势。 /200912/91002IT IS a time parents relish: their child's afternoon nap. But it seems that napping may not be such a good idea after all. Preliminary studies suggest that daytime napping in young children may be linked to poorer sleep and mental functioning than in their peers who only sleep at night. The big question is whether napping is the cause of the problem, or the result.John Harsh at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg and his colleagues asked the parents of 738 children aged between 2 and 12 about their children's sleeping habits. Children who took long daytime naps fell asleep at night an average of 39 minutes later and slept later at the weekend than those who did not nap. The effect was more pronounced in older children (over a quarter of 10 to 12-year-olds still took afternoon naps).The problem came during the following week, when children had to wake up at set times to get to school or to meet the demands of their parents' work schedules. The napping children continued to stay up later, meaning they spent less time in bed at night than their counterparts. "Napping children not only had a difficult time getting to bed, they had a harder time falling asleep, and they had a harder time getting up in the morning," says study author Alyssa Cairns, who presented the work at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Minneapolis earlier this month.The findings are backed by a study by Kazuhiko Fukuda of Fukushima University in Japan. He compared children who attended all-day pre-schools in Japan, where 90-minute naps are compulsory, with children of the same age who napped only when they needed to. As well as going to bed an average of 30 minutes later, the children who took obligatory naps were more likely to be moody in the morning and resist going to school, according to their parents. These behaviours lasted even after the children moved on to elementary school and stopped napping, perhaps because of the lasting influence of napping on their sleep and wake cycles, Fukuda suggests (Sleep and Biological Rhythms, vol 2, p 129).Napping may also affect mental performance, according to Joe McNamara and his colleagues at the University of Florida in Gainesville, who also presented their results in Minneapolis. McNamara measured how well 27 kindergarteners could solve puzzles that measure planning and organisational skills. Children who took longer naps completed fewer puzzles successfully, and the later they went to bed, the less well they performed.These findings pose a chicken and egg problem, says Harsh. "It could be that children are getting less sleep at night because they're napping, or they could be napping because they're getting less sleep at night," he says. Nevertheless, though napping and non-napping children in McNamara and Harsh's studies slept for the same amount of time in total "napping is not a substitute for night-time sleep", McNamara says. 父母们往往喜欢让孩子们午睡,可现在看来,午睡恐怕并不像他们以为的那么有益。以往的研究发现,白天打盹的儿童比起没这习惯的孩子,往往睡得更差,大脑机能也更弱。问题是,在这种关联中,午休习惯究竟是因,还是果。 南密西西比大学John Harsh士和他的同事们询问了738名2至12岁儿童的父母,了解他们孩子的睡眠习惯。有长时间午睡习惯的小孩比不午睡的孩子晚上入睡平均晚39分钟,周末则睡得更迟。这在较大的孩子中体现得更明显(有四分之一10至12岁儿童仍然午睡)。当周末过去,因为自己上学和父母工作,孩子们没有懒觉可睡,这时问题就出现了:有午睡习惯的孩子晚上依然睡得更迟,结果他们的睡眠时间也就更短。“午睡的孩子不仅很难哄上床,入睡和起床也都更不容易。”Alyssa Cairns说。Alyssa Cairns本月早些时候在明尼阿波利斯的专业睡眠协会年会上发表过研究成果。 日本福岛大学福田一彦士的一项研究持了这些发现。他比较了在日本有90分钟午休要求的全日制幼儿园的儿童和其他只在需要时打盹的同龄儿童。根据父母们的反馈,每天午睡的儿童晚上同样平均晚睡30分钟,早上起床上学时也更容易闹脾气,表现得很抗拒。甚至当这些孩子升入小学,不再每天午睡,仍然如此。福田认为,这也许是午睡习惯对他们生物钟的持续影响使然。 午睡还可能影响智力表现。同样在明尼阿波利斯发表过成果,来自福罗里达大学的Joe McNamara及其同事对此有所研究。McNamara为27名学龄前儿童安排了针对计划与组织能力的难题,评价他们的表现。结果午睡时间较长的孩子普遍解出较少,而且晚上睡觉越晚的孩子往往表现得越差。 Harsh说,这些发现提出的还是一个先有鸡还是先有蛋的问题。他说:“可以说孩子们晚上睡得少是因为白天打过盹,也可以说他们之所以白天打盹是因为晚上没睡够。”McNamara和Harsh统计过的孩子,不论有无午睡习惯,一天的睡眠时间还是大致相当的,按McNamara的话说,“在白天打个盹是不能替代夜间的睡眠的”。 /200809/48444

According to Britain#39;s national happiness survey, having children brings an increased sense of meaning into people#39;s lives, the Daily Mail reported.《每日邮报》报道,英国的全国幸福感调查显示,养孩子可使人们感到生活更有意义。The latest measure of the country#39;s well-being Thursday revealed that having children does not necessarily make people happier or more satisfied with their lot. But it does make them feel they have more of a reason for living.这项最新的调查显示,养孩子不一定能让人们更幸福,对自己的生活更加满意,却能使他们感到生活更有意义。The survey, carried out among 80,000 people, asked four questions: how satisfied they were with their lives, to what extent their lives were worthwhile, how happy they were yesterday, and how anxious they felt yesterday.有8万人参与了该调查。他们被问的4个问题包括:对生活的满意度如何、生活的意义有多大、昨天有多幸福以及昨天有多焦虑。It was conducted by the Office for National Statistics.调查由国家统计局负责。The researchers also acknowledged for the first time that the figures show that married people are happier than everyone else, and that the most miserable are those who are divorced or separated.研究人员还首次承认,他们的数据显示,结婚的人比其他任何人更幸福,而最痛苦的是离异或分手的人。;People who are married or in civil partnerships reported the highest average levels of life satisfaction, significantly higher than cohabiting couples. The lowest average rating was reported by people who are divorced or separated, including those who have dissolved civil partnerships,; the report said.报告说:“结婚或有民事伴侣关系的人平均满意度水平最高,比同居的伴侣要高很多。离异或分手的平均打分则最低,包括终止民事伴侣关系的人。” /201205/180221Most people learn over time, but often learning comes too late to be fully useful. There are certainly many things that I know now that would have been extremely useful to me earlier in my life; things that could have saved me from many of the mistakes and hurts I suffered over the years—and most of those that I inflicted on others too。   随着时间的流逝我们一直在获得新的知识,但是这些学问却往往在我们需要它的时候姗姗来迟。很多对我早期生活应该极其有用的事情我却现在才知道,它们本可以帮助我在那些年里避免很多错误跟伤害--大部分事情我也曾经强加于别人身上过。  I don’t buy the romantic notion that my life has been somehow richer or more interesting because of all the times I screwed up; nor that the mistakes were “put” there to help me learn. I made them myself—through ignorance, fear, and a dumb wish to have everyone like me—and life and work would have been less stressful and more enjoyable (and certainly more successful) without them. So here are some of the things I wish I had learned long ago. I hope they may help a few of you avoid the mistakes that I made back then.   我不相信生活会无故地变得富裕而有情趣,那只是浪漫的妄想。因为我一生都充满动荡和不安。也不同意错误是已经存在于某个地方好帮助我们学习的。那些错误都是我自己犯的- ---出于无知、害怕还有希望所有人都喜欢自己的愚蠢愿望----没有了它们我们的生活工作就会有更少的压力更多的快乐(当然还包括成功)。下面有几点是我很久以前就希望自己能够了解的。期待它们能帮助大家,即使是小部份人,能够避免重蹈我的覆辙。  1. Most of it doesn’t matter.So much of what I got excited about, anxious about, or wasted my time and energy on, turned out not to matter. There are only a few things that truly count for a happy life. I wish I had known to concentrate on those and ignore the rest。  1。拥有一颗平常心。  太多我曾经为其兴奋,为其焦虑,亦或是浪费了我时间以及精力的事情到最后却被明是无关紧要的。它们只是幸福生活里极其微小的一部分。我多么希望早点知道这些,以便能把精力都投入到这些关乎幸福的事,而不是其他。 /200912/91347

Women see masculine-looking men as more unsuitable long-term partners but men with more feminine features are seen as more committed and less likely to stray, researchers said Wednesday. Scientists at the universities of Durham and St Andrews came to the conclusion by asking more than 400 British men and women to make judgments on character after looking at digitally-altered pictures of men's faces. The web-based test asked participants to rate the face for traits such as dominance, ambition, wealth, faithfulness, commitment, parenting skills, and warmth. Men with square jaws, larger noses and smaller eyes were classed as significantly more dominant, less faithful, worse parents and as having less warm personalities. Those with finer facial features, fuller lips, wide eyes and more curved eyebrows on the other hand were viewed as a better bet for long-term relationships. Older faces were generally viewed more positively compared to younger ones. The scientists said there was a "high amount of agreement" between women about what they see in terms of personality when seeing a man's face and they may well use their impression to decide whether or not to engage with him. "That decision-making process all depends on what a woman is looking for in a relationship at that time of her life," said Lynda Boothroyd, from Durham University's Department of Psychology. Her colleague, David Perrett from St Andrews, said: "Our results contradict claims that machismo denotes fitness and disease immunity. Masculinity may buy you dominance but not necessarily tip top physical condition. "Instead women see a healthy guy as the source of wealth, and fit for family life." The research is published in the latest edition of the journal "Personality and Individual Differences". 据研究人员本周三介绍,女性认为较有“男人味”的男性不大适合做长期伴侣,而较为阴柔的男性则更加忠诚,出轨的可能性较小。 这一结论由英国达勒姆大学和圣#8226;安德鲁斯大学的科学家们得出。他们让400多名英国男女观看经数码处理的男性面部照片后判断照片中人的性格特征。 该项在网上进行的测试要求调查对象根据男性的面部特征对他们的控制力、野心、财富、忠诚度、责任感、育儿能力及亲切感等特征进行评分。 方下巴、大鼻子、小眼睛的男人被认为更具控制力、不够忠诚、育儿能力较差以及性格不够温和。 长相较好、嘴唇较厚、眼睛较大、眉毛较弯的男性则被认为更适合作长期伴侣。 较成熟的面庞普遍比年轻的面庞更受青睐。 据科学家介绍,女性看到一个男人的面部后对他们性格特征的判断“十分一致”,而且她们很可能会根据这种印象来决定是否与这个男人结合。 达勒姆大学心理学系的林达#8226;布斯罗伊德说:“这一做决定的过程完全取决于一个女人在她人生的那个阶段需要从一份感情中得到些什么。” 她的同事、圣#8226;安德鲁大学的大卫#8226;皮雷特说:“我们的结果与‘男人味意味着身体健康和疾病免疫力较强’一说相矛盾。男子气概可能能让你赢得控制力,但不一定表明身体状况很好。” “而女性则认为健康的男人能赚钱,也有利于家庭生活。” 该研究在最新一期《个性与个体差异》发表。 /201111/159911

These 10 habits of highly successful women range from maintaining your hormonal balance to letting go of the past -- and they will positively affect your mind, body, and soul。   成功女士的这十个好习惯会保持你的荷尔蒙平衡,放开过去的事情,能够对你的想法,身体,甚至灵魂产生积极的影响。   Taking action is a crucial habit of successful women…and so is dreaming! Don't let go of your passions。   采取行动是成功女人的好习惯之一,梦想也是。不要忘却了你的热情。   1. Maintain your hormonal balance。   保持你的内分泌平衡。   Are you moody, exhausted, irritable, or sad? Check your hormones. If they're out of whack, then you'll struggle to be successful! Make sure you're getting enough protein and vitamins, and decrease your refined sugars and carbohydrates。   你是否是个喜怒无常,疲惫,急躁,忧郁的人?检查下你的内分泌情况吧,如果失衡的话,你就很难成功。确保你每天都摄入足够的蛋白质和维他命,减少糖分和碳水化合物的吸收。 /200911/89562如果你到西方国家去,越是在大都市,乞丐就越多,这些乞丐“鱼龙混杂”——有真正的乞丐,也有骗钱的乞丐,在这些乞丐中尤以老人、孩子为多,但是细心的你也会发现,没有人喂养的老动物要比没有人照料的老人少得多,难道人心真的堕落到“同类不相怜”的地步了? 当然是否定的,为什么呢? 都是“宠物文化”惹的祸。 人们在生活中,不可避免地接触到各种动物,不同的民族有自己不同的“图腾”(totem) 动物,也就是说每个民族都有自己喜爱的动物,所以“宠物文化”具有鲜明的民族性、地域性。中国人养是为了看门防盗,素有“看门”之说,西方人养是为了陪伴自己,人们把视为宠物,视为忠实的朋友,所以在中西方人的眼里,对的感情就截然不同。中国人一般厌恶的习性,鄙视,常用来形容坏人坏事,诸如:狼心肺、眼看人低、改不了吃屎…… 西方人看中的跟随与忠诚,喜爱它,赞美它,把它喻作人,亲切地称之为he,英语中关于的习语远远超过汉语中的的习语,诸如:a lucky dog (幸运儿)、a clever dog (聪明小孩,伶俐的小伙子)、gay (jolly) dog (快活的人)、work like a dog (拼命工作)、Every dog has his / its day. (凡人皆有得意日。) 等等。 /200905/69788

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