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Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari Wins Nobel Peace Prize阿赫蒂萨里荣获今年诺贝尔和平奖  Norway's Nobel committee tapped former Finnish president and peace advocate Martti Ahtisaari as this year's peace laureate. The 71-year-old politician - and his distinguished career.挪威的诺贝尔奖委员会宣布前芬兰总统及和平事业倡导者马尔蒂.阿赫蒂萨里获得今年的诺贝尔和平奖。这位政治家现年71岁,为和平事业做了杰出的工作。Norway's Nobel committee praised Martti Ahtisaari for his efforts to help secure peace in a number of conflict torn countries during his lengthy career as U.N. diplomat, Finnish president and later, peace activist with his organization, the Crisis Management Initiative.挪威诺贝尔奖委员会赞扬马尔蒂.阿赫蒂萨里在漫长的职业生涯中,作为联合国外交官、芬兰总统、以及他后来组成的“危机管理倡议”组织的和平倡导人,在一些战乱国家协助确保实现和平。Over the past 20 years, the Nobel statement said, Ahtisaari has played a prominent role in resolving serious and long-lasting conflicts in Namibia, Indonesia, Kosovo and Iraq - among other areas.诺贝尔奖委员会的声明说,在过去20年里,阿赫蒂萨里为解决纳米比亚、印度尼西亚、科索沃和伊拉克等地旷日持久的严重冲突发挥了无与伦比的作用。In an interview on Norwegian television, Ahtisaari cited peace talks in 1989-1990 in the southwestern African nation of Namibia as his greatest achievement. Those talks helped pave the way for Namibia's independence from south Africa.阿赫蒂萨里在接受挪威电视台采访时说,1989年到1990年在非洲西南部国家纳米比亚的和平谈判是自己最大的成就。那些会谈帮助铺平了纳米比亚脱离南非统治、走向独立的道路。Ahtisaari began his career as a school teacher before joining Finland's foreign ministry. He served as a ed Nations undersecretary and secretary of state for the Finnish foreign ministry before being elected president of Finland in 1994. 阿赫蒂萨里最初的职业是教师,随后他到芬兰外交部工作。他曾担任联合国副秘书长、芬兰外交部国务秘书,在1994年当选芬兰总统。Ahtisaari founded the Crisis Management Initiative in 2000. The Helsinki-based non-profit organization provides solutions for ending conflicts around the world.阿赫蒂萨里在2000年创建了“危机管理倡议”组织。这个非营利组织设在赫尔辛基,为结束世界各地的冲突提供解决途径。Former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore won last year's Nobel peace prize along with the U.N. panel on climate change for their work on raising attention to the threat of global warming.前美国副总统戈尔与联合国气候变化论坛小组一起赢得了去年的诺贝尔和平奖,因为他们让人们关注全球气候变暖形成的威胁。200810/52536US Fed Chief Defends Investment Bank Bailout伯南克为美联储救助贝尔斯登辩护Top U.S. financial officials say the markets could have been thrown into chaos if the government had not taken strong action to rescue a big investment bank that was falling into bankruptcy. But critics say the move put billions of dollars at risk, and unfairly helps large investors at a time when ordinary people facing home foreclosure get little aid.  美国负责金融工作的高级官员表示,如果政府没有采取强有力的行动挽救一家濒临破产的大投资的话,金融市场可能会出现混乱。不过批评人士说,这个举动存在使数十亿美元遭受损失的风险,而且在那些面临丧失房屋赎回权的老百姓没有得到什么帮助的时候,给大的投资机构提供了不公平的帮助。 Bear Stearns, one of the biggest investment banks in the country, was on the verge of bankruptcy last month, until the U.S. central bank stepped in to help JP Morgan arrange to buy the struggling bank, something critics say put billions of dollars of taxpayers' money at risk. 美国最大的投资之一贝尔斯登上个月处于破产的边缘,后来美国的中央出面介入帮助根大通做出收购这家挣扎之中的的安排。批评人士说,这种做法可能使纳税人的数十亿美元付诸东流。But Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee the Bear Stearns rescue was justified because the collapse of the firm would hurt confidence and stall trading in markets that are aly troubled. 不过,美联储主席伯南克星期四在参议院的委员会作时表示,出手救助贝尔斯登的行动是合理的,因为这家公司的倒闭会损害投资人信心而且使已经麻烦不断的市场交易活动出现停滞。"The damage caused by a default by Bear Stearns could have been severe and extremely difficult to contain," he said. 他说:“贝尔斯登的违约所引起的伤害可能会非常严重而且极难控制。”New York Federal Reserve Bank President Tim Geithner played a key role in the effort to prop up Bear Stearns and says officials took the action reluctantly, but decided the cost of inaction was too high. 纽约联邦储备行长盖特纳在救助贝尔斯登的努力中扮演了一个关键的角色。他说,有关官员在采取救助行动的时候并不情愿,但是认定不采取任何行动的代价太高了。"Americans would face lower incomes, lower home values, higher borrowing costs for housing, education and other living expenses, lower retirement savings, and rising unemployment," he said. 他说:“美国人将面临更低的收入,更低的房价,在住房、教育和其他生活出方面都面临更高的借贷成本,更少的退休金和日益上涨的失业率。”Several senators urged officials to avoid similar problems in the future by speeding efforts to streamline and improve regulation and oversight of the financial system. 好几位参议员敦促金融官员通过加快精简和改善金融体系的管制和监督来避免今后出现类似的问题。Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd agreed that rescuing Bear Stears was necessary because the failure of a large institution would be a risk to the financial system. 参议院委员会主席、康涅狄克州的民主党参议员多德也认为,救助贝尔斯登是必要的,因为一个大的金融机构的倒闭将会给整个金融体系造成威胁。But he said the government should be just as quick and generous in helping throngs of troubled homeowners facing foreclosure for the same reason officials came to the aid of the big investment bank. 不过他说,在帮助大量因为同样的原因而面临丧失房屋赎回权的屋主方面,政府也应该向帮助大的投资那样迅速和慷慨。"Thousands and thousands and thousands of foreclosures create as much systemic risk as one investment bank," Senator Dodd said. 他说:“上百万的房屋被收回所带来的系统性风险与一家投资倒闭带来的风险一样多。”Home foreclosures have put the U.S. housing industry in a state of turmoil, and has hurt the overall economy here and elsewhere. 大量的房屋被收回导致美国的住房业陷入动荡而且对美国以及其他地方的整体经济造成损害。A bill designed to help avert some foreclosures has been under discussion by senators this week. One version of the plan would expand counseling services for families in danger of losing their homes, give local governments grants to buy foreclosed properties, and offer tax breaks for people who buy them. It would also give tax breaks to some homebuilders. 参议院这个星期已经开始讨论一个旨在帮助避免一些房屋被收回的法案。该项计划的一个版本将扩大给那些可能失去房子的家庭提供的咨询务,给地方政府提供资金来购买赎回权被收回的房产以及给那些购买这些地产的人提供税收上的优惠。这个文本的法案还将给一些房屋建筑商提供税收上的减免。200804/33399

Yes, I understand.是的,我懂。I’m sorry to hear youre not happy with our price… but hopefully we can sort something out?很抱歉听到你不满意我们的价位,但是希望我们可以解决此事?Oh yes?是吗?You are a valued customer and your business is very important to us…你是重要的客户并且你的生意对我们很重要,and we would love to see our Imperial Lemons on display in the restaurants and shops of France.我们很乐意看到皇家柠檬展示在法国的餐馆和商店里。Thats a nice touch Anna, well done!干得漂亮,安娜,做得好!So?所以呢?So, Ive done some calculations and we can offer you a better price.所以我做了一些计算,我们可以给你提供更好的价位。But Tutti Fruity can offer us a good price.但Tutti Fruity提供给我们的价格非常好。Im sure they can but… we… we…我肯定他们会这样,但我们……Yes Anna?怎么样,安娜?…at Tip Top Trading we pride ourselves on quality products and good value and I think we can match Tutti Fruitys price… in fact I know we can beat it.Tip Top Trading以优质的产品和物有所值的价格为豪。我认为我们能给出Tutti Fruity匹配的价格。事实上我们可以超过他们。I see. Thats good to hear but…我明白了,听你这么说很好但……Well give you an extra 10% discount – but obviously we would like you to make a bigger order.我们另外给你10%的折扣,但显然我们希望你的订单量更大。Oh, a bigger order.更大的订单。I will have to have a think about this.我会考虑一下的。Yes, of course, but please let me know as soon as you can before someone else snaps up this offer.当然,但是请在别人抢先取得这份订单前尽快通知我。Merci. Au revoir. Ah, merci, au revoir.谢谢,再见。谢谢,再见。Excellent work Anna!干得好,安娜!I can see why shes got the job now.我知道为何她能得到这份工作了。But will her sales tactics pay off?但她的销售策略能成功吗?Lets remind ourselves of some of the great lines that Anna used in trying to resolve a tricky sales deal…让我们回顾一下安娜在处理棘手的销售订单时用到的好句子。 /201704/506745

Asian Region Faces Political Pressures from Rising Inflation亚洲各国面临通胀高财政吃紧压力  Rising inflation is putting pressure on governments all over Asia, as angry citizens protest spiraling food and fuel costs and politicians bicker over how to handle new fiscal constraints. 日益增长的通货膨胀以及民众针对不断攀升的食品以及燃油价格的不满和抗议,加之政界人士对于如何因应新形势下财政紧缩的意见分歧,给亚洲各国政府带来很大压力。India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea - just a few countries in Asia where residents angry at surging fuel and food costs say they have had enough. Protests have gained steam in the past month, with demonstrators blocking traffic and in some cases disrupting the flow of fuel and food supplies.  在印度、印度尼西亚、马来西亚、泰国以及韩国等国家,民众们对于大幅度攀升的食品以及燃油价格,表示强烈的不满,说他们已经“受够了”。过去一个月里,各地的抗议活动此起彼伏,抗议人士在一些地方阻断了交通,有的时候还迫使食品以及燃油的运输不得不中断。Politicians in many of these countries also are struggling with inflation. Rising costs have forced governments throughout the region to reduce the subsidies they have long given on fuel.  在这些国家里,政界人士也在为通货膨胀感到头疼。不断攀升的价格迫使亚洲地区各国政府不得不削减长期以来给予消费者的燃油补贴。Mark Thirlwell, program director for international economy at the Lowy Institute for International Policy in Australia, says subsidy cuts were bound to happen with oil prices holding over 0 dollars a barrel. 澳大利亚洛伊国际政策研究所(Lowy Institute for International Policy)的项目负责人瑟尔威尔表示,在原油价格持续在130多美元一桶的情况下,各国政府削减补贴势在必行。"Their initial reaction in many cases is to use subsidies to defray the impact of higher fuel prices, higher food prices," Thirlwell explained. "As that situation has been sustained for longer and longer and as you've actually seen prices bid up higher and higher, the budgetary burden has gotten greater in each case." 他说:“那些政府最初的反应是利用补贴来抵消燃油和食品价格的攀升所带来的负面影响,随著这种局势的持续发展,实际上价格越来越高,各国政府面临的财政压力也越来越大。”The problem for many governments is that most of the inflation problem is global, not local. High worldwide demand, supply bottlenecks and international monetary policy all help push up oil prices. And food prices are soaring because of tight supplies and rising demand. 对很多国家的政府来说,通货膨胀带来的问题是全球性的,而不是地区性的。世界范围内的高需求,货源不足以及国际货币政策都是迫使石油价格上涨的因素。食品价格的上升则是供不应求造成的。That leaves governments with little room to maneuver, and in countries that have long subsidized fuel or food for their citizens, budgets are being overburdened, forcing leaders to do such things as cut subsidies, raise taxes or accept growing deficits.  在这种情况下,各国政府应对的空间非常有限。在那些长期以来对食品或者是燃油实行补贴政策的国家里,政府在财政出方面,呈现出负担过重的情形,迫使政府当中的决策人士不得不削减补贴、增加税收或者是面临不断增多的赤字。In Malaysia, for example, government leaders recently raised fuel prices by 41 percent after being faced with billion-bill to underwrite fuel subsidies. In a country used to cheap subsidized gasoline, protests erupted quickly. 比如说,在马来西亚,政府间的领导人最近就面临著要拿出170亿美元进行燃油补贴,随后被迫把燃油的价格提高了41%。马来西亚的民众长期以来习惯了由政府提供补助的廉价汽油;面对新的形势,抗议活动随之而起。In India, politicians are desperate to tame inflation - now at a seven-year high. If they fail, a voter backlash in next year's national elections is likely. Thirlwell says government leaders there are caught in a very difficult situation. 在印度,通货膨胀率现在是七年来最高的,政界人士千方百计想要控制住这种趋势。假如不成功的话,民众很有可能就将在明年的全国大选当中,用选票说话。瑟尔威尔说,印度的领导人现在面临著非常困难的处境。Thirlwell says governments that cut subsidies, or are not fiscally strong enough to handle the burden of rising inflation, face the strongest protests, and the strongest risks of political upheaval. 他说,那些决定削减补贴的政府、或者是财政方面不够强大、不足以承受通货膨胀所带来的压力的政府,面临著最严峻的抗议,也面临著政治动荡。"On the one hand, it's fiscal pressures which say well our ability to sort of defray or provide subsidies or ameliorate these price increases is limited, on the other hand we know there is real political cost involved here if we let inflation get out of control because the voters will punish us for this," Thirlwell said. 他说:“一方面,是财政上的压力,政府提供补贴或者是通过其他方式控制价格上涨的能力有限,另一方面,要是控制不住通货膨胀的话,执政党的前途就很成问题,选民们会用选票说话的。”Robert Broadfoot of the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy in Hong Kong says several governments are making a number of mistakes in handling inflation, and public concerns. 香港政治和经济风险资讯公司的罗伯特.布罗德福特表示,有几个国家的政府在处理通货膨胀问题上的做法是错误的。"In India, you have elections coming up and members of the ruling coalition don't want anything that is going to cost them votes, which means don't get rid of the subsidies," he said. "So the politicians are making mistakes and this is a time when the countries really can't afford it." 他说:“印度马上就要举行选举,执政联盟的成员不希望因为冒然行事而失去选票,这意味著补贴不能取消。 政界人士这么做是错误的,这是这个国家实在不能承担得起的。”Broadfoot says the Indian government's bill for fuel subsidies is expected to be almost billion this year, because the retail price remains far below the cost of oil. He says considering that citizens aly have taken to the streets to protest recent price increases, the Indian government can expect more strife if it is forced to slash subsidies again. 布罗德福特表示,预计印度政府今年的燃料补贴费用大约为600亿美元,因为零售价格依然远远低于石油的成本。他说,考虑到公民们已经走上街头抗议最近的价格上涨,如果印度政府再次被迫大幅度削减补贴,那么,可以预计印度政府将会面临更多的冲突。Soaring fuel and food costs also are taking a toll on developed economies such as Hong Kong, where groups are demanding that the government freeze prices or reduce taxes. In South Korea, truck drivers blocked roads to air their frustration over rising fuel prices and lower incomes. Some countries are handling the problems better than others. Broadfoot says Indonesia should be applauded, despite recent protests over cuts to fuel subsidies. 但是,有些国家在这方面的表现比其它国家要好。布罗德福特表示,尽管印尼最近因为削减燃油补贴也出现了抗议活动,但是,印尼政府的做法却值得称道。"The current president is taking some hard decisions, like they've really reduced their subsidies on fuel and yet he's done it in a way that's made it digestible for the population," Broadfoot noted. "He's giving poor Indonesian cash handouts, which make it a lot easier. So there have been protests but not of a scale that can bring the government down." 他说:“现任总统正在作出一些艰难的决定,虽然印尼减少了对燃油的补贴,但采取的方式却为大众所接受。印尼总统给穷人提供现金补助,这使决定执行起来顺利得多。虽然也出现抗议,但没有闹到把政府赶下台的地步。”Indonesia raised retail fuel prices by 30 percent last month. 上个月,印尼还把燃料的零售价格提高了百分之30。Many people, including government leaders, hope that relief will soon be in sight. But Thirlwell, like many analysts, warns not to expect inflation to slow. 许多人,包括政府领导人在内,都希望很快就能有一个救济办法出台。但是,和很多其他分析人士一样,瑟尔威尔警告人们不要期望通货膨胀会放慢。"Over time, high prices will produce a supply response, and we'll see some of the sting out of current prices come out," Thirlwell said. "But, there are all these question marks of well if there is any disruption to supply, any questions on supply, then rather than a sort of a slight retreat in prices we actually have the potential for another big spike." 他说:“随著时间的推移,高价格会导致供应的回馈。我们会看到,目前价格高涨造成的问题有些的确会消失。但是,不确定的因素依旧存在,例如一旦供应中断,或者供应出现问题,那么价格不但不会下降,实际上还有可能出现另一次上涨。”A number of Asian countries, including India and Indonesia, face elections in the coming year. How each government handles inflation will likely affect the next campaigns. Being popular with the public is usually a top priority for elected leaders. But many economists and political analysts warn such popularity can come at a higher price than some countries can afford. 包括印度和印尼在内的一些亚洲国家明年都面临选举。对每个政府来说,通货膨胀问题解决的好坏有可能影响下一次竞选。得到大众的持对当选领导人来说通常是当务之急。但是,许多经济学家和政治分析家警告说,这么做所付出高昂的代价是某些国家所承受不起的。200806/42338

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