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2017年10月21日 23:47:09

呼和浩特治疗不孕不育多少钱As if WWDC didn’t give the Apple AAPL -0.28% bloggers enough to write about, Friday brought a fresh round of rumors about what everybody is calling the iWatch.似乎是因为苹果(Apple)的全球开发者大会没能为关注苹果的客写手们提供足够的写作素材,于是上周五,关于人们口中的苹果iWatch又出现了新的传闻。By Saturday, Techmeme had collected 68 stories on the topic. You can ignore 65 of them. They’re all based on the same three sources:到上周六,美国科技客聚合网站Techmeme已收集到68篇相关文。不过,其中65篇都可以忽略,因为它们的依据都是三个共同的来源:1. Nikkei Asian Review‘s Yuichiro Kanematsu, who reported Friday, citing an unnamed parts manufacturer, that the device will likely use a curved touchscreen, e-mail and collect such health-related data as calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood glucose and blood oxygen levels. “It is expected to hit the market in October,” he wrote, citing no source whatsoever, adding that Apple has ordered up enough parts to build 3-5 million a month.1、《日经亚洲》(Nikkei Asian Review)的兼松雄一郎。上周五,兼松雄一郎援引匿名零件制造商的消息报道称,iWatch设备可能采用曲面触摸屏、能阅读电子邮件并收集卡路里消耗、睡眠活动、血糖和血液含氧量等与健康有关的数据。兼松雄一郎自说自话地写道:“这款设备预计今年十月就会投放市场。” 他补充道,苹果公司已经订购的配件数量足够每月组装300-500万块iWatch。2. Re/Code‘s John Paczkowski, citing people familiar with Apple’s plans, gave weak support to the October date. His guys are saying that Apple “hopes to schedule a special event that month.” Then Paczkowski added a caveat: “Could things change between now and fall? That’s certainly possible.” “Whatever Nikkei said about the iWatch earlier today, I don’t care,” tweeted Stefan Constantine, who apparently missed the caveat. “When @JohnPaczkowski says October, it’s October.”2、科技网站Re/Code的约翰o帕克兹沃斯基。帕克兹沃斯基援引知情人士的消息,对苹果十月发布iWatch的说法提供了些许持。帕克兹沃斯基的消息源称,苹果希望在十月安排一场特别活动。随后,帕克兹沃斯基警告称:“秋季到来之前情况有没有可能发生变化?当然有可能。”不过,斯坦芬o康斯坦丁显然没注意到帕克兹沃斯基的上述表态。康斯坦丁在Twitter发消息称:“《日经》今天早些时候关于iWatch的报道,我根本不在乎。但假如约翰o帕克兹沃斯基说了是十月发布,那肯定错不了。”3. Cantor Fitzgerald‘s Brian White, citing one unnamed tech supply chain company, told clients Friday that he expects the watch to be unveiled in September, not October, and only as a companion to an iPhone 6. “Initial production of certain ‘iWatch’ components is scheduled to begin later this month and there are plans for a sharp acceleration into fall,” he wrote, adding that he expects several versions with a starting price in the 9-229 range.3、金融务公司Cantor Fitzgerald的布莱恩o怀特。上周五,怀特援引匿名高科技供应链公司的消息告诉客户,他预计iWatch将在九月、而不是十月发布,并且只是作为iPhone 6的伴侣。怀特写道:“iWatch部分部件的初期生产预定于本月晚些时候开始,并计划在秋天前大大加速。”他补充道,预计将推出多个版本的iWatch,起步价在199-229美元。Where there’s this much smoke, there’s probably some fire. I have nothing to add in terms of timing, price or production, but I’ve been watching this story long enough to get some sense of what we’re likely to see and what we’re not.这么多传闻恐怕不是空穴来风。关于iWatch的上市时间、定价以及生产情况,我没什么可补充的。但我关注这件事已经很长时间了,种种消息是真是假,我心里大致有些谱。Whatever it is, it’s not going to look the contraption pictured above: a pulse oximeter that plugs into an oversize watch. Apple’s solution will be elegant and wireless.不管怎样,iWatch绝对不会是上图中那个样子:脉搏血氧仪接入大号手表中。苹果给出的解决方案将是外形精致的无线设备。Apple will not be manufacturing pulse oximeters, glucose sticks, blood pressure monitors or any of those periperals. Apple needs partners, not competitors.苹果不会生产脉搏血氧仪、血糖棒、血压计或任何外设。苹果需要的是合作伙伴,而不是竞争对手。The primary market will be hospitals, not health clubs. The killer app is more likely to be one that warns a patient — and his doctor — that he’s about to have a heart attack.iWatch的主要市场将是医院,而不是健身俱乐部。它的杀手级应用更可能是警告病人——及其医生——他即将心脏病发作的一款应用。“The whole sensor field is going to explode,” Tim Cook said last year. Apple telegraphed its plans at Monday’s WWDC keynote when it unveiled HealthKit and announced a partnership with the Mayo Clinic, which is aly using remote sensors to track their patients’ vital signs after they leave the hospital.蒂姆o库克去年就曾表示:“整个传感器领域将出现爆炸式增长。”在上周一的全球开发者大会主题演讲中,苹果透露了自己的计划,发布了HealthKit平台,还宣布与著名医疗机构梅奥诊所(Mayo Clinic)合作。这家诊所已经在使用远程传感器,在病人出院后继续跟踪他们的生命体征。 /201406/304912乌兰察布市中蒙医院割包皮In announcing Facebook#39;s deal to acquire the mobile-messaging app WhatsApp for billion, Mark Zuckerberg said he#39;s #39;known Jan for a long time.#39; The rest of us, particularly people in the U.S., aren#39;t as familiar.在宣布Facebook以190亿美元收购移动消息应用公司WhatsApp的交易时,扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)说他很久以前就认识简#8226;库姆(Jan Koum)。但其他人,尤其是美国人,对简#8226;库姆可能不是那么熟悉。Jan Koum co-founded WhatsApp along with Brian Acton, a former colleague at Yahoo, and is the mobile-messaging company#39;s chief executive. He is taking on another big role: a Facebook board member.简#8226;库姆和他当年在雅虎(Yahoo)的同事布莱恩#8226;埃克顿(Brian Acton)共同创建了WhatsApp,并担任这家移动消息应用公司的首席执行长。库姆即将担任另一个重要职务:Facebook的董事。But on his LinkedIn page, the 37-year-old Koum flies more under-the-radar. He lists himself as a QA tester and a senior tweet manager. If you want to know much more, he suggests, go see Brian#39;s profile. During his decade at Yahoo, he worked in infrastructure and security engineering. By his own admission in listing his education -- barely graduating from MVHS in 1995 and dropping out of San Jose State University -- he had other things on his mind.但在LinkedIn的个人主页上,现年37岁的库姆有着更多不引人注目头衔和经历。资料显示他说自己是一名质量保检测员以及资深推特管理员。他建议,如果想了解他的更多情况,不妨去看看布莱恩的资料。库姆在雅虎的10年任职于基础设施和安全工程部门。他在介绍自己学历时承认,在学校就读的时候满脑子里装的都是其他事。他1995年勉强从山景城高中(MVHS)毕业,后来从圣何塞州立大学(San Jose State University)辍学。Like its founder, WhatsApp is a quiet company. Sequoia says WhatsApp didn#39;t spend a single penny on marketing and is a veritable stranger in the U.S. -- there is #39;no other home grown technology company that#39;s so widely loved overseas and so under appreciated at home,#39; the venture-capital firm said.和其创立者一样,WhatsApp也是个不事声张的公司。红杉资本(Sequoia Capital )称,WhatsApp没有在营销上花一分钱,在美国是个十足的生面孔。这家风投公司称,还没有其他一家本土科技公司在海外广受青睐却在自己的国家默默无闻。Not that WhatsApp didn#39;t toot its horn: Every two months the company announced its latest leap in monthly active users, usually to the tune of another 50 million. At last count, it had about 450 million active users.但并不是说WhatsApp自己取得的成就不显赫:每两个月该公司就会发布每月的新增活跃用户数,通常的增量为5,000万。最新数据显示,目前WhatsApp的活跃用户已经达到约4.5亿。In a December update, Koum said his company#39;s focus was on messaging and only messaging -- no games, no advertising, no gimmicks. WhatsApp wants #39;to get out of the way. We want to let people have a conversation.#39;在去年12月公布最新数据时,库姆说,他的公司关注的是消息,也只有消息,不是游戏,不是广告,不是华而不实的东西。他说,WhatsApp希望放弃不必要的东西,让人们顺利交流。In a Tumblr post on the deal Wednesday, WhatsApp investor Sequoia Capital talked about how Koum#39;s experience emigrating to the U.S. as a 16-year-old, and desire to keep in touch with family back in Russia and Ukraine, helped shape his focus on conversations.WhatsApp的投资者红杉资本周三在Tumblr上发文宣布上述交易时,提及了库姆以前的一段经历,说他16岁移民到美国时,非常渴望与远在俄罗斯和乌克兰的家人保持联络,这使他非常重视对话和交流。Last May, Koum spent 30 minutes onstage at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference in New York. He talked through why the company was averse to advertising and selling the company (he said as much again months later), and why the app means so much to different people.去年5月,库姆在纽约D: Dive Into Mobile大会上发表了30分钟的演讲。当时他讲到了为什么WhatsApp对广告和把公司出售非常反感(几个月之后他又说了这样的话),以及为什么这个应用对于各类人群都有非常重要的意义。 /201402/276704鄂尔多斯市妇科在线咨询

清水河县治疗妇科炎症多少钱呼和浩特怀孕3个月能做无痛人流吗The recent update to Apple’s tablet product line leaves open a number of questions, but the biggest one is ‘which iPad should I buy, the iPad Air or the new iPad mini?’ Having reviewed both the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina Display here on Forbes, it’s not an easy decision to make.苹果平板电脑产品线的最近更新留下了很多疑问,其中最大的疑问是:“应该买哪款iPad?是iPad Air,还是配备Retina显示屏的iPad mini(下简称iPad Mini 2)?”我已经在福布斯网站上分别发表了iPad Air和iPad Mini 2的评测文章,但至于究竟该买哪一款,这仍然是个艰难的决定。Of course there are two more iPads out there that need to be acknowledged. Apple has retained the iPad 2, and while it might be a non-threatening option for those coming to the tablet space, its age and similar price to the iPad mini with Retina Display rules it out for the majority of consumer sales. On reflection I suspect that the iPad 2 remains ranged due to the huge number of educational markets that are equipped with this variant of the tablet and a number of 30-pin dock connector accessories.当然,必须承认还有另外两款iPad可供选择。苹果仍然保留了iPad 2,但它不会对平板电脑新品构成威胁。iPad 2不仅发布时间较久,而且价格与带视网膜屏的iPad mini相近,这使它不会成为大多数消费者的选择。我猜测,iPad 2之所以仍未下架,原因之一是大量的教育机构都配备了这款平板电脑,还有其30针底座连接器的相应配件。The original iPad mini also remains ranged, and is the lowest priced iPad that Apple has on sale. As a second tablet for around the home, perhaps for younger members of the family, the iPad mini makes some commercial sense, especially if you have to buy multiple units. But unless price is a major concern, I would urge consumers to look up at the iPad mini with Retina Display or the iPad Air.初代iPad mini也未下架,是市面上最便宜的iPad产品。作为家里的备用(或是为家里小孩准备的)平板电脑,初代iPad mini在商业上仍然具有存在意义,尤其是在你不得不购买多台设备的情况下。但除非价格是主要考虑因素,否则我建议消费者选择iPad mini 2或者iPad Air。Both the 7.9 inch mini, and the 9.7 inch Air, have drawn elements from each other. The iPad mini with Retina Display has received a comparatively large jump in specifications, bringing it in line with the iPad Air. There is a very slight performance increase in the iPad Air’s A7 (it runs at 1.4GHz, compared to 1.3GHz on the iPad mini with Retina Display, and the iPhone 5S). This tiny bump aside, you no longer have to trade performance for the smaller size of the 2013 iPad mini edition.7.9英寸的iPad mini 2和9.7英寸的iPad Air都借鉴了彼此的元素。iPad mini 2的配置有较大提升,与iPad Air相差无几。iPad Air的A7处理器性能略强(运行频率为1.4GHz,而iPad mini 2和iPhone 5S为1.3GHz)。除了这个微小的差距以外,尺寸较小的2013版iPad mini在性能方面与iPad Air相比毫不逊色。In the same breath, the styling of the iPad Air owes far more to the design that debuted with the iPad mini last year than previous editions of the full-sized Apple tablet. With a much reduced bezel on the side of the screen, and a similar size at top and bottom, the iPad Air’s footprint is much reduced (and the thickness drops to 7.5 mm, which is astonishingly thin). It feels far more fashionable and well designed than the older generation, and of course matches up with the iPad mini to create an almost cohesive look when the iPad’s are all on sale together.同时,iPad Air的风格更像是去年iPad mini首次采用的那种设计,而不像是前几代的全尺寸苹果平板电脑。iPad Air的屏幕边框更窄,顶部和底部的大小与iPad mini类似,因此占用面积大大减少(而且厚度降至7.5毫米,薄得惊人)。与前代产品相比,iPad Air远远更加时尚、设计更加精美,但它还是能跟iPad mini实现外观上的完美衔接,使得所有iPad产品摆在一起时仍能形成和谐的整体外观。When you line up specifications, when capabilities are equal across the board, and when the back-end software and support are identical, there’s not a lot of distinction to make between the two tablets apart from size, and I think that’s where the decision has to be made.在配置相似、性能相当、后端软件和持相同的情况下,iPad Air和iPad mini 2没有太大区别,除了尺寸,而我认为,尺寸就是下决定的关键点。Think about how you would use a tablet throughout the day. If you are someone looking for a tablet to use while moving around, while standing up, and generally holding in one hand and operating it with the other, then the extra weight of the iPad Air over the iPad mini with Retina Display is eventually going to catch up with you. In which case the more mobile user should go for the iPad mini with Retina Display.想想你一天中都是如何使用平板电脑的。如果你想要一款可以在走动或站立时使用、通常只需单手握持用另一只手操作的平板电脑,那么iPad Air相对于iPad mini 2的额外重量最终会显现出来。在这种情况下,对移动性需求更强的用户就应该选择iPad mini 2。If your iPad is going to be used more at a desk, while sitting down, and where you have a chance to rest it somewhere, then I would go for the physically larger screen and longer battery life. Which means the iPad Air.如果你坐着在桌前使用iPad的时候更多,并且有机会在桌上找个地方撑iPad,那么我推荐屏幕尺寸更大的、续航时间更长的,也就是iPad Air。There’s not much in it, and I’d be interested to which decision you have come to. Is it the smaller mini, the larger Air, or one of the quirky older Apple tablets for you? And how did you come to that decision?就是这么简单。我很想知道读者会如何选择。是较小的mini,还是较大的Air,抑或是显得古怪的苹果前几代平板电脑之一?你是如何作出决定的? /201312/269574呼和浩特人工流产费用Air France is looking to China#39;s booming market for international travel for new sources of revenue, the company#39;s chief executive officer said Wednesday, as the carrier struggles to stem losses and slash costs globally.法国航空(Air France)董事长兼首席执行长加热(Frederic Gagey)周三表示,法国航空将目光投向了中国日益繁荣的国际旅游市场,将其视为新的收入来源之一。这家公司目前正忙于摆脱亏损并在全球削减成本。Air France Chairman and Chief Executive Frédéric Gagey said one measure will be to put bigger airplanes on key routes out of China. The company is targeting early 2015 for daily deployment of Airbus 380 aircraft on Shanghai to Paris flights, up from four a week currently. Air France introduced the superjumbos, which can carry more than 500 passengers, on the route last fall. A380 flights from Hong Kong will start May 27.加热说,该公司将采取的措施之一是在从中国起飞的关键航线上采用更大的飞机。该公司计划2015年初在上海飞巴黎的航线上每日都安排空客(Airbus) 380航班,而现阶段为一周四趟航班。法国航空去年秋季开始在该航线上安排这种超大型飞机,这种飞机可承载逾500名乘客。5月27日开始将在从香港起飞的航线上安排空客380航班。Air France said, Beijing also #39;could be a good candidate#39; for deployment, but gave no time frame, citing infrastructure considerations at the capital#39;s airport.法国航空表示,北京也是一个很好的备选航点,但考虑到首都机场的基础设施状况,目前还没有时间表。China is Air France#39;s second most important long-haul market after the U.S., accounting for around 10% of revenues from such flights.中国是法国航空一个重要的长途航空市场,重要性仅次于美国,在法国航空这类业务收入中,来自中国市场的收入占了约10%的比例。Brokerage CLSA estimates 200 million Chinese will venture abroad annually by 2020, double the 100 million in 2013. European capitals, including Paris and Amsterdam, are among the most popular destinations.里昂券(亚洲)(CLSA)预计,到2020年每年出境的中国人将达2亿人次,较2013年的1亿人次增加一倍。像巴黎和阿姆斯特丹等欧洲国家的首都都是最受欢迎的地方。Another possibility is to increase the frequency of flights from China#39;s secondary cities, many of which are located in the country#39;s interior.增加收入的另一个可能的办法就是增加中国二线城市的航班数,二线城市大多在中国内地。#39;There is a huge demand from all these provinces outside of big cities for a presence by European airlines,#39; said Mr. Gagey.加热说,大城市之外的这些省份存在着巨大的需求,有待欧洲的航空公司开发。In 2012, Air France began flying to Wuhan, a sprawling metropolis of more than eight million people and a hub of Sino-French investment. The capital of Hubei province is home to Dongfeng Motor Corp., which recently took a major stake in French struggling car maker Peugeot Citro#235;n.2012年,法国航空开设武汉航点,这是一个拥有超过800万人口的大都市,也是中法合作投资中心。作为湖北省的省会,这个城市还是东风汽车公司(Dongfeng Motor co.)所在地,这家汽车公司近期购买了法国标致雪铁龙(Peugeot Citroen)的股份。As a group, Air France-KLM SA, also flies to other emerging inland cities, such as Chengdu, and smaller coastal destinations, such as Hangzhou and Xiamen.作为一个集团,法国航空的母公司还在成都这样的内地其他新兴城市以及杭州和厦门这样的沿海城市开设航点。#39;Compared with big competitors out of Europe, development of their coverage of the Chinese market is far more limited,#39; he said.加热表示,与欧洲以外的大公司相比,法国航空对中国市场的开发远远不到位。The group operates 88 flights a week to Greater China--including Taipei and Hong Kong.法国航空的母公司每周飞往大中华区(包括台北和香港)的航班有88趟。Air France-KLM doesn#39;t serve all destinations daily and a goal was to increase frequency on these routes for optimized operations, he said.加热表示,法国航空的母公司并不是每天对所有的地点都开展务,其目标之一是提高航线的效率实现优化运营。Success in China could help the airline become profitable. In the first quarter, parent Air France-KLM SA, had operating losses narrow to EUR445 million (9 million) from EUR 532 million a year earlier. Revenue was EUR5.55 billion.在中国市场如果取得成功将有助于公司实现盈利。今年第一季度,法国航空的母公司运营亏损降至4.45亿欧元(合6.19亿美元),而上年同期为5.32亿欧元。收入则为55.5亿欧元。Last September the company said it was speeding up job cuts and moving more of its European routes to its low-cost Transavia.该公司去年9月份表示将加速裁员并将更多的欧洲航线转移到旗下低成本的航空公司Transavia。The carrier is also exploring other new destinations in China but has no concrete plans at this stage.该公司还在中国开发其他新的航点,但现阶段还没有具体计划。Air France-KLM#39;s general manager for greater China, Bas Gerressen, said a recent crackdown by the Chinese government that discourages ostentatious consumption by officials has influenced its business. Such officials were making fewer trips and more had downgraded to cheaper travel classes, he said.法国航空母公司的大中华区总经理顾瑞新(Bas Gerressen)表示,近期中国政府反腐倡廉风暴对公司的业务有影响。官员们减少了旅行活动,并且更多人选择了较为廉价的舱位。Still, overall the company could compensate by tapping other kinds of travelers such as entrepreneurs and China#39;s growing number of individual travelers. The group#39;s flights between China and Europe typically flew with more than 90% of seats occupied, Mr. Gerressen said.不过总体而言,中国不断增加的个人旅客以及企业家等群体可以弥补业务上的影响。顾瑞新表示,该集团中欧航线的上座率一般都会超过90%。 /201405/296541呼和浩特哪家包皮手术好

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