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赤峰市白带异常多少钱内蒙古医院治疗腋臭狐臭多少钱Israel spies on the ed States more than any other ally does and these activities have reached an alarming level, Newsweek magazine reported on Tuesday.据法新社5日援引美囀?新闻周刊》消息称,以色列在美国的间谍活动比其它任何盟国都多,而且这些活动已经达到惊人地步。The main targets are US industrial and technical secrets, the weekly said. Newsweek said a congressional staffer familiar with a briefing last January called the testimony ;very sobering ... alarming ... even terrifying;, and ed another as saying the behavior was ;damaging.;《新闻周刊》援引机密简报称,以色列在美间谍活动的主要目标为美国的商业和科技机密。一位熟悉该简报的国会工作人员称这样的行为“十分严重……令人担忧……甚是震惊”,另外一人则称之“危害严重”;No other country close to the ed States continues to cross the line on espionage like the Israelis do,; said a former congressional staffer who attended another classified briefing in late 2013, according to Newsweek. The former congressional staffer said the intelligence agencies did not give specifics, but cited ;industrial espionage—folks coming over here on trade missions or with Israeli companies working in collaboration with American companies, [or] intelligence operatives being run directly by the government, which I assume meant out of the [Israeli] Embassy.;曾于2013年底参加闭门会议的前国会工作人员“没有任何一个与美国关系密切的国家像以色列这样如此过分地进行间谍活动。”据这位工作人员介绍,情报部门没有透露细节,但称“有的商业间谍跟随着与美国有合作的以色列公司而来,有的是直接由政府管理的情报人员,我觉得他们来自以色列大使馆。”Israels espionage activities in America are unrivaled and go far beyond activities by other close allies, such as Germany, France, Britain and Japan, counter-intelligence agents told members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees, Newsweek said.反情报机构向国会司法与外交事务委员会报告称,以色列在美国的间谍活动十分猖獗,远远超过德国、法囀?英囀?日本等其它美国盟友;I dont think anyone was surprised by these revelations,; the former aide was ed as saying.;But when you step back and hear ... that there are no other countries taking advantage of our security relationship the way the Israelis are for espionage purposes, it is quite shocking.;“我不认为大家会对这一消息感到惊讶,”这位前国会工作人员说,“但当你退一步想一下……没有其它任何一个国家像以色列这样利用与美国的安全关系用于间谍活动,这是十分令人震惊的。”Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman rejected the allegations. ;Were talking about lies and falsehood, simply libel which is baseless and unfounded,; he said. Lieberman added Israel was not involved in any form of espionage against the ed States, either direct or indirect in nature.对此,以色列外交部长阿维格多·利伯曼矢口否认,“这完全是缺乏事实根据的谎言与诽谤。”利伯曼还称,以色列从未在美国开展任何直接或间接的间谍活动。来 /201405/297344呼和浩特哪里可以做孕检 呼和浩特市第二医院治疗痔疮多少钱

托克托县有治疗前列腺炎吗MIAMI (AP) —Miss Colombia Paulina Vega, a relative pageant newcomer, has been crowned MissUniverse, beating out first runner-up Miss USA Nia Sanchez and contestants frommore than 80 other countries at Sundays pageant in Miami.哥伦比亚选手宝琳娜·维嘉,在周日于迈阿密举办的2014年环球决赛中,一举击败了亚军美国选手Nia Sanchez和其他超0个国家的参赛选手,当选了新一届环球冠军。Vega, a 22-year-oldstudent of business administration from Barranquilla, Colombia, said she wouldwear the crown with ;pride and excitement; as she heard the news thatfans in Colombia had taken to the streets to celebrate.维嘉今年22岁,来自哥伦比亚Barranquilla,是一名商务管理专业的学生。当听到哥伦比亚的粉丝们已经走上街道欢呼庆祝时,维嘉说她会带着“骄傲与兴奋”的心情戴上这顶桂冠。Although she was farfrom home, Vega said she still felt the support from local Latinos.虽然远离家乡,维嘉说她仍感受到了来自当地拉美同胞们的持;It felt likehome. I felt like I was in Colombia with my people. I felt that support inevery moment of the pageant,; she said, wearing a sparkling silver gownwith vertical stripes at a press conference after the competition.决赛后的新闻发布会上,维嘉身着一条闪耀夺目的银色条纹晚礼登场,她说道“我感觉就像在自己家一样,就像我和同胞们同在哥伦比亚,在决赛的每个瞬间我都感受到了他们的持。”Real estate mogul andreality TV star Donald Trump, who owns the pageant, said many predicted Vegawould take the crown a few weeks ago when contestants first arrived in Miamifor the festivities.环球比赛的创办者,美国地产大亨和真人秀明星DonaldTrump说,几个星期前,当参赛者刚刚为此次盛典到达迈阿密时,就有许多人预测维嘉会成为冠军;From the minuteshe walked in the building, people said, Shes a star,; Trump said.“从她走进来的那一刻起,人们就认定‘她是个巨星。”Trump说。Miss Colombia Paulina Vega reacts after hearing she has become MissUniverse at the Miss Universe pageant.哥伦比亚Paulina Vega在听到自己夺冠后的第一反应Trump said Colombiawas in the running to host next years pageant but noted China was also astrong candidate.Trump表示哥伦比亚正在角逐下一年度的环球决赛的举办权,同时他强调中国也是实力很强的候选国家。Vegas win keeps thetitle in the hands of another Latina reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler isfrom Venezuela. Beauty pageants are big business in Latin America, where girlsare groomed for the contests from a young age and where Vega said women find;a lot of pride; in representing their country.维嘉的获胜让另一位拉丁裔选手——来自委内瑞拉的上届环球冠军GabrielaIsler再次成为了新闻的焦点。在拉丁美洲,选美比赛是重要的生意,女孩们从小为选美而生,就像维嘉说的,那里的女人以能够代表自己的国家为骄傲。Crowd favorite MissVenezuela Migbelis Lynette Castellanos was cut after the top ten.She had tremendous support and pressure locally and back home. The Miami suburbof Doral, which was host to the women during their stay, is also known as;Doralzuela; for its many Venezuelan residents.最受观众喜爱奖花落委内瑞拉Migbelis LynetteCastellanos,她排名在前十以外,却收获了来自迈阿密当地和家乡的巨大持,同时也有压力。这是因为参赛选手们比赛期间的居住地是位于迈阿密郊区的多拉,这里有大量的委内瑞拉籍居民,因此这里又被称为“多内瑞拉”。Pageants andperformance run in Vegas family. Her grandmother, Elvira Castillo, was MissAtlántico 1953 (Colombia) and her grandfather is legendary tenor Gastón Vega.选美和表演是维嘉的家族传统。她的祖母,ElviraCastillo953年的哥伦比亚前大西洋。她的祖父是传奇男高音Gastón Vega。But the contestsleading up to Miss Universe were a first for Vega, who is one of eightchildren. She also said they would be her last, as she is eager to return toher business studies, saying: ;It gives me independence. I want to have myown company.;维嘉是家里的八个孩子之一,此次环球的竞选比赛是维嘉第一次参加选美。她表示这也会是最后一次,她已经迫不及待想要回到商业学习中。她表示:“比赛给了我自信,未来我想拥有我自己的公司。”Miss Colombia Paulina Vega poses during the Miss Universe pageantin Miami, Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015.哥伦比亚Paulina Vega在比赛中摆poseAfter Sanchez, the24-year-old Miss USA from Las Vegas, Nevada, the second runner-up was MissUkraine Diana Harkusha. Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell and Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen were also among the top five, emerging from the field of 88 contestants.来自内华达4岁的美国桑切斯摘得亚军,位于她之后获得季军的是乌克兰Diana Harkusha。前五名中还包括牙买加Kaci Fennell和荷兰Yasmin Verheijen,她们从88为参赛者中脱颖而出。Fennell stood out withher short, spiky haircut and feisty personality.牙买加Fennell以她直立的短发和好胜的性格而格外显眼;I dont havelong tresses like everyone else. Im just representing myself, and thats whatbeauty pageants are all about,; said Fennell, who wore a long, red beadedevening gown. ;You dont have to look a certain way ... and I feel like Irepresent that.;“我并没有其他人那样的长发,我只是代表我自己,我认为这就是选美的全部意义。Fennell说道,当晚她身着一条红色珠饰长款晚礼。“你不必用某种特定的方式来审看美,我认为我代表的就是美。”As Miss Universe, Vegawill receive an undisclosed salary, a luxury apartment in New York, a wardrobeand oodles of beauty products, and a one-year scholarship from the New YorkFilm Academy.作为环球,维嘉将收获一笔数额不详的薪水、一栋位于纽约的奢华公寓、一个大衣橱和数不清的美容用品,以及纽约电影学院一年的奖学金;It will be adream come true to represent the woman of today,; Vega said earlier in theweek. ;A woman that not only cares about being beautiful and beingglamorous, but also cares about being a professional, intelligent, hard-workingperson.;“能够代表今天的女性,一个不仅关心如何美丽和迷人,同时也关心如何成为一个职业的、智慧的、努力的女人,对我来说就好像实现了一个梦一样。”维嘉说。来 /201502/357687呼市二附院子宫肌瘤多少钱 A group monitoring the confilct in Syria says goverment airstrikes have killed at least 37 civilians in an area controlled by Islamic State fighters.The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says seven children and two women were among those killed in the attack on Al-Bab and the nearby town of Qabaseen.The British-based group had previously put the death toll from the Thursday airstrikes at 21.设在伦敦的人权组织叙利亚人权嘹望台说,政府军星期四空袭伊斯兰国武装分子控制地区巴卜和邻近城镇卡巴辛,造成至少37名平民死亡,其中包括7名儿童和2名妇女。此前该组织报告的死亡数字是21人。The area, northeast of Aleppo, is controlled by Islamic State extremists and has been the target of repeated government bombings.空袭地区位于阿勒颇东北方向,一直是政府军轰炸的目标。A U.S.-led campaign of airstrikes is also attempting to drive the rebels out of their strongholds in northeast Syria and northern Iraq.美国领导的空袭行动也试图将伊斯兰国武装分子赶出他们在叙利亚东北部和伊拉克北部的大本营。Earlier this week, Islamic State militants captured a Jordanian pilot whose coalition fighter jet went down near the Syrian town of Raqqa.本周早些时候,伊斯兰国武装分子抓获一名约旦飞行员,他驾驶的战机在叙利亚城镇拉卡附近坠毁。The U.S. and Jordanian militaries have acknowledged the plane crashed, but dispute militant claims that brought it down.美国和约旦军方承认飞机坠毁,但反驳了伊斯兰国武装分子有关他们击落了这架飞机的声称。来 /201412/351373呼和浩特第一人民医院流产多少钱

呼和浩特首大医院治疗慢性肠炎多少钱Saif al-Kasaesbeh, father of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh, sits with senior officers of Jordans military at the headquarters of his familys clan in the city of Karak Wednesday. Kasaesbeh is calling for revenge against ISIS for killing his son.Saif al-Kasaesbeh是约旦飞行员Muath al-Kasaesbeh的父亲,周三在位于Karak市的他的家族总部所在地,他和约旦军方高级将领坐在一起。Kasaesbeh号召为他被杀死的儿子向ISIS复仇。Responding to a horrific that shows one of its pilots being burned alive, Jordan has executed two jihadists, including a prisoner whose freedom had been sought by the self-declared Islamic State militant group. The father of Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh is calling for revenge.约旦已经处死了两名伊斯兰教圣战士——其中一名囚徒正是自封的伊斯兰国军方要求释放的——这是对一个恐怖视频的回应。在该视频中,众多飞行员中的一个被生生烧死。In Jordan, reactions to the pilots killing have ranged from sorrow to anger. Today, the pilots father said that ISIS must be eliminated.约旦国内对该名飞行员的思维的反应从悲伤到愤怒都有。今天,该飞行员的父亲说必须消灭ISIS;The execution today is only a small part of our revenge,; Saif al-Kasaesbeh said, according to NPRs Peter Kenyon. ;My sons blood is worth more than those two.; He added that the task is clear: ;to destroy this terrorist group.;据来NPR的彼得·坎雍报道,Saif al-Kasaesbeh说:“今天的处决只是我们复仇的一小部分。我儿子的血远远比(那两个囚犯)高贵。”同时他还说任务很清楚:“消灭这个恐怖组织。”He urged Muslims to fight ISIS, saying, ;they will destroy the image of our religion around the world.;他敦促穆斯林们向ISIS开战:“他们会在世界范围内摧毁我们宗教的图像。”From Beirut, NPRs Alison Meuse reports:NPR的阿里森·缪斯从贝鲁特报道;Muath al-Kaseasbehs father says he feels great pain for the loss of his son. He calls on fellow Jordanians to be patient, but he also wants the perpetrators punished. The dawn executions of two convicted Al-Qaeda members are not enough, he says on TV network Al-Arabiya, adding I expect the government to seek revenge for the blood of Muath against this horrid organization, which is far from the spirit of Islam.“Muath al-Kaseasbeh的父亲说他为失去儿子感到非常痛苦。他号召约旦人民要有耐心,但是他也要求惩罚行凶者。清晨处决的两名已定罪的基地组织成员还不够,他在Al-Arabiya电视台说:‘我希望政府为Muath流淌的血复仇,消灭这个恐怖的组织,它根本不是伊斯兰教的精神;When Muath was taken captive, his parents criticized Jordans participation in the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS. The father told NPR that Jordan shouldnt be going on the offensive and attacking fellow Muslims. But his tone has changed in the wake of the grisly which purports to shows his son being burned to death. Now he says the coalition must eradicate ISIS.;“当Muath被抓的时候,他的父母批评约旦参与美国领导的反ISIS的空袭。这位父亲告诉NPR,约旦不应该这样冒犯和攻击穆斯林。但是在被那令人毛骨悚然的视频惊醒之后,他的语气改变了,因为那个视频就是要显示他的儿子是如何被烧死的。现在他说联合政府必须根绝ISIS。”The brutal killing of al-Kaseasbeh shocked people in Jordan and elsewhere, as it followed a prolonged negotiation for his release in a prisoner exchange that also involved a Japanese journalist who was being held hostage.对al-Kaseasbeh的残酷杀戮震惊了约旦及其他地方的人民。而在此之前,为了他和另外一名被抓为人质的日本记者的释放,交换囚犯的谈判持续了很久。Adding more uncertainty to the picture, Jordanian state TV reported Tuesday that the pilot had been killed on Jan. 3, a month before the graphic was released. Jordan executed the prisoners early Wednesday.虽然画面有些不确定性,但是约旦国家电视台还是在周二报道该飞行员已在1日被处死,那是这个视频流传出来之前的一个月。NPRs Alice Fordham reports:NPR的爱丽丝·福德汉姆报道;The news of the two executions was announced on Jordans state television, which at all times has a picture of Kasesbeh in the corner of the screen.“两名处决犯的新闻在约旦国家电视台播出,而Kasesbeh一直在画面一角;One of those executed was Sajida al-Rishawi a woman connected with a hotel bombing 10 years ago, whom the extremists had demanded as part of a putative prisoner swap, also involving Japanese hostage Kenji Goto, who was beheaded last week. The other executed militant was Ziyad Karboli, identified on TV as an al Qaeda operative convicted of killing a Jordanian citizen.被处决的囚犯之一是一名叫做al-Rishawi的妇女,她于十年前一起饭店爆炸案有关,也被假定是极端分子要求的交换日本人质后藤建二的囚犯之一。这名日本人质已于上周被砍头。另一个被处决的激进分子是 Ziyad Karboli,该电视台说他是基地组织的一员,杀害过一名约旦公民;In a televised address, Jordans King Abdullah talked about the nations grief, despair and anger at the death of a hero, and called on the country to stand together in the face of the threat. Other Jordanian officials have promised revenge.;“在一个电视讲话中,约旦国王阿卜杜拉谈到这位英雄之死让举国悲伤、绝望和愤怒。他号召全国人民团结一致,面对威胁。其他约旦官员也承诺复仇。”The of al-Kaseasbehs death was released as King Abdullah was in Washington to meet with President Obama. He cut his visit to the U.S. short, but not before meeting with Obama and other American leaders.al-Kaseasbeh之死的视频是在阿普杜拉国王于华盛顿回见奥巴马总统时流传出来的。他缩短访美行程,但还是回见了奥巴马和其他美国领导人。Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who was among those who met with Abdullah, said Jordan will not be withdrawing from the fight against ISIS. Heres what Graham said:;All I can say is that the king feels like the gloves are off and that it is now time... you cant negotiate with these people, you are going to have to take it to them and I think its going to be more than Jordan. I mean were threatened by ISIL, thats what Im trying to get members of Congress to realize. This is not a regional problem, this is not a Middle Eastern problem. They have a desire to attack our homeland. They eventually will if they continue to have a safe haven to recruit foreign fighters. So its in our interest to join the region and go get these guys.;共和党人兼高级律师参议员林赛·格雷汉姆是参与回见阿卜杜拉的随行人员,她说约旦不会从与ISIS的战斗中撤出。下面是格雷汉姆的原话:“所有我能说的是国王已下定决心,就是现在……你无法和那些人谈判,你必须把他们要的给他们,我认为他们要的已经远远不止约旦。我的意思是我们被ISIL威胁了,那就是我试图让国会议员们意识到的。这不是宗教问题,这不是中东问题。他们要摧毁我们的家园。如果他们一直都有一个招募外国士兵安全避风港,他们最终将会(摧毁我们的家园)。所以,为了我们自己的利益,我们要加入该地区,抓住那些家伙。”来 /201502/358579 呼和浩特中医院盆腔炎多少钱赤峰市第一人民妇幼中医院看妇科炎症多少钱



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